Ted Cruz’s Chance to Look Presidential

By the looks of it, Ted Cruz is not going to fare well in New York on April 19. Coming off a huge win in Wisconsin, Cruz’s momentum will be stopped in a state where Donald Trump was always going to dominate. And of course, Cruz didn’t make it any easier for himself – Trump wasn’t in the state for a millisecond before bringing up his challenger’s “New York values” line from January.

In a debate prior to the Iowa caucuses, Cruz hit Trump for embodying those values, setting the billionaire up for what might have been his single-most brilliant moment in the campaign. In a sober soliloquy, Trump told the audience how the people of New York rallied together in the aftermath of 9/11, drawing an ovation. Cruz, with a frozen smile on his face, appeared to instantly understand that he’d stepped in it.

The exchange didn’t hurt Cruz in Iowa, but he had to know it was going to come back when the campaign moved to New York. Trump has made it a central part of his stump speech, and the media is gleefully defending their city.

“He said New York values are about money and they’re about media,” said reporter Jeffrey Toobin on CNN. “That’s an anti-Semitic trope from a hundred years ago. It’s been around for a very long time.”

On Fox News, Geraldo Rivera agreed. “Aside from the stinking anti-Semitic implications that I see in that whole ‘New York values’ money-and-media coded message that he put out there pandering to those Iowa voters, he also voted against Hurricane Sandy relief,” Rivera told Bill O’Reilly. “He also voted against compensation for 9/11 victims. This is a man whose interests are absolutely antithetical to New York.”

So, it’s not enough to just make it a Cruz vs. New York thing; they have to pretend that Cruz is a closet Jew-hater that is sending dog-whistles to likeminded conservatives. As if there is some documented, longstanding vein of anti-Semitism among Republican voters. As if Israel has any stronger ally in the race than Cruz. As if there is a single person in America who doesn’t know exactly what Cruz meant.

And the idea that people are really offended by this is insulting. If you’re a New York conservative, you know better than anyone what Cruz is talking about. If you’re a New York liberal, you already despised Ted Cruz, so it doesn’t matter.

Unless Trump makes an enormous blunder between now and April 19, Cruz has almost no shot of winning in New York. But that gives him a subtle opportunity that he should take advantage of.

Hillary Clinton is extraordinarily polarizing. Ditto Trump. Now, those familiar with Ted Cruz know that he is polarizing as well. But that’s the thing – he’s not nearly as well known as Trump or Clinton. Many Americans are just now getting to know him. Stuck in a state he can neither abandon nor win, Cruz might be wise to use this time to show how presidential, unifying, positive, and serious he can be. In a year where millions of voters dislike the two big name candidates, the notoriously “unlikable” Cruz could invent a brand new reputation.


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  1. I can speak for myself only. I know what Cruz meant, and he meant it only for New York City people. People in the rest of the state are just fine. The only people in America who are as crass and rude as New Yorkers in my experience are those in San Francisco.

    • Don’t get around much, do you? Chicago, Detroit, Newark and other big metropolitan areas across America are just as urban in philosophy as NYC.
      In fact, IMO, the people of California and New York, in general, have very different lifestyles and ways about them. Most ethnic NY’ers won’t eat avocados. California pizza? Ugh…LOL

      • Trump will win NY because he IS NY. All of it. Cruz may have a big problem in NJ also. A few “R” stronghold county chairs that usually always go the “establishment line” have also sided with Trump. This will get interesting. You’re right about CA pizza, too.

        • We can only hope but with the 2 parties in 1, GOP/RNC/ROVE/RINOS paying for voter cheating in now many states, lately Utah, Wisconsin and now CO, our Trump votes are not being allowed, counted, etc., etc. This means be prepared to write in Trump’s name, make sure you use a paper ballot or Absentee Ballot and personally put it in the Ballot Box and hope and pray it is counted in the USA and not in Soros’ company in Spain! We must fight back or face THE DAY AMERICA DIED!

      • lol MOST people don’t eat what you eat either, coneyro. Ugh.. (what YOU eat)

    • Perception is an unusual thing. Two people can see the same thing or hear the same statement and perceive it to mean totally different things. You may interpret that to mean only NYC people but others may see it as meaning all of NY. The beauty is in the eye of the perceiver.

  2. S Francisco people are all fags and lesbos.. or murderers.

    • No they’re not. That’s a liberal style generality that’s uncalled for.

    • That’s as silly and ridiculous as saying that all commenters called Wilson offer less than sensible or legitimate views.
      If you have nothing intelligent to offer, don’t bother churping in with your BS.
      Have a nice day in your homophobic world….

    • I live an hour away from SF and unfortunately it is the home of Pelosi, a sanctuary city (going against our laws), has a lot of gays and many ill and depending on us to pay for their healthcare/drugs, and obviously a lot of stupid people to have allowed their city to be overtaken by the sickos in the Democrat party. We stopped going there some time ago because of filth, lousy food, extremely high prices on everything, and letting the city rot- reminds of me of NYC in so many ways. When I first came to CA, SF was a lovely, gracious and clean city with great department stores, restaurants, could walk around without filthy streets, storefronts, bums, panhandlers, etc. That city no longer exists but the residue remains in local, state and federal government such as Newsom, moonbeam, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc.

  3. Easy does it ex-tex ,I am 3rd generation America of Greek heritage in NYC. I do take offense of you lumping me in with these filthy,fag/muslime loving,jackboot,liberatard,illegal,scumsucking ,dirtbags. An Extreme Right Wing Conservative ,Constitutional adherent, Orthodox Christian.

  4. Too bad cruz’ goldman sachs connections, loans, and his citizenship issues will be fodder for the clinton/bern attack during the general election. No amount of clarification will matter to the media and the socialists when they attack him without end and plant that seed of doubt with the feckless who will then stay home on election day and give true evil another 4 years of the presidency.

    • If they attack Cruz on Goldman Sachs and do not attack Hillary on her connections, the hypocrisy will completely discredit the Lefts news media…

      Fight liberal New MEDIA at: http://www.madashellboycott.com

      • I don’t care about clinton and the already discredited news media. Everybody knows about them and who they are. Cruz is running as an “outsider” which he may be on some issues but his goldman sachs connections and dealings put a cloud of his “anti-establishment” stance. He is connected with bandits both with his family ties and his loans from them. His residency will be brought up time and again even if he gets a “ruling” by any other court other than the US Supreme Court. The “R”s don’t bring knives to gunfights. They bring pillows. They will fold like romney and mc cain did the first broadside they receive from the media hacks. At least Trump will kick them in the nuts if they try that b.s. with him.

        • Besides being rhetoric specifically, what if anything is illegal about any dealing Cruz has with Goldman…not everybody was born into money and able to self fund you know.

          • Cruz was deceptive about the Goldman Sach’s loan terms. He got granted a loan after he had liquidated his retirement fund account. What he told the public was that his retirement fund account was collateral for the loan. Also, his wife Heidi was the author of a secret NAFTA side agreement that dramatically and negatively impacts the job market for job seekers in this country.

          • I think you misunderstood what I asked, so I will reiterate.”What if anything is ILLEGAL about the dealing Cruz had with Goldman”. As for Heidi, she’s not running, so I will gladly overlook the fact that Melania could potentially be our first nude centerfold First “Lady” also.

          • Cruz was already under Fed. Election Commission officials scrutiny for misrepresenting all of the particulars about his loan arrangement with Goldman Sachs, especially since wifey Heidi is a former Goldman Sachs executive. In addition, Heidi, is a past CFR member and both Heidi and Cruz are very tight with Bush family members and enterprises. He’s been representing himself as the ultimate outsider, he’s not. At least Melania hasn’t been involved with structuring international agreements that are detrimental to the U.S.economy and U.S. job market and job prospects for citizens.

        • If everybody knows about the discredited news media, why does the media continue its practice?

          You might want to consider who and where you get the rhetoric that you repeat…. Could it possibly be from that MEDIA you say is discredited?

          Just like the trolls that spew hate and division on conservative web sites… Question all sources…

      • It is hypocrisy, but Ted isn’t gonna be much better. He’s a bad man too. Trust me. I’ve communicated with him and his campaign crew dozens of times and they REFUSE to address critical issues and instead write back with one of those broad vague answers that doesn’t answer the question and tells me one of two things. Either he’s uninformed or being evasive.

        • More than likely he is being evasive… Politicians seem to pick that up as a way to be everything to everybody. I don’t like that either.

          • I agree that’s more likely but either way it doesn’t work for me. I finally asked him to kindly piss off and stop asking me for money. He asked for money when they accused him of using his kids for campaign puppets. So I pointed out in a retort that’s exactly what he was doing when asking for money in defense of his children being attacked. He proved them RIGHT!. Lmao!

          • I agree, the persistent money thing is definitely a pain in the you know what.

        • To be perfectly honest, the only person that was in the running that I never saw being evasive was Ben Carson, I don’t think that Trump has really been evasive either. He kind of tells it like it is, and unlike all politicians I’ve known, isn’t afraid to speak his mind. But neither one of them have been career politicians.

          • Which I vote in any way I can for Trump. We are sick and tired of the same old, same old and nothing for America from bought and sold politicians sucking up the almighty donor dollar to ruin MY country. Having lived and worked outside the USA, I see that we now have become a third world country when we are told for whom we should vote! Well, I for one am voting Trump and I am sick and tired of the open voter cheating in many states via the 2 parties in 1 with the goal of owning/selling my country to the NWO/One World Government and the latter is part of the Ted/Heidi Cruz plan and being paid for by our taxes!

          • I really like Ben. I think he will be working with trump if he gets in.

          • I think we can count on it ! He’s come to the understanding of just how corrupt both parties are, as they only play by the rules they make of the day. I like your previous post about playing music over loudspeakers while flying over ISIS, I think the appropriate song would be the same one that Robert Duval played in Apocalypse Now, “The Ride of the Valkyries”.

          • And “the rover” too-there’s a lot of meaning in that, then we’ll get them rocking out to The Ocean and stuff;)

          • I can only assume you’re referring to Zeppelin’s version, and not Jethro Tulls. If that’s the case, I’ve done plenty of it up and down the CA coast, to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Cozumel and Cancun to name a few. Almost got thrown out of Cabo Wabo, Sammy Hagar’s bar. Gee, now you’re bringing back some thoughts of Barbara Striesand from her song called “Memories” !

          • Yes, Zeppelin, (read carefully, not sure if my interpretetation is right but I don’t know what else jr could mean, they’re very smart worldly guys-it’s not all about drugs).

            I’ve been to London, seen seven wonders, I know to trip is just to fall, I used to rock iit sometimes I’d role it, I always knew what it was for. There can be no denyin’ that the wind will shake ’em down, and the flat world’s flying, there’s a new plague (sounds like flag sung and I see UN flag) on the land. If we could just join hands…
            Traversed the planet when heaven sent me, I saw the Kings who rule them all, still by the firelight, and purple moonlight, (always has been the same and they have rituals)I hear the rested (again sung like rusted reminding me of something biblical)) rivers call. And the wind is cryin’ from a love that won’t grow cold, my lover she is lying, on the dark side of the globe, if we could just join hands…
            You got me rockin’ , when I ought to be rolling won’t you tell me darling which way to go you keep me rockin’ baby then you keep me stolen, darling won’t tell me tell me which way to go, that’s right…
            Oh how I wonder, oh how I worry, and I would dearly like to know, if all thiis plunder of earthly wonder (no joke about the plunder) will leave us anything to show, And our time is flying, see the candle burning low,(anyone awake can feel time is shorter-the world IS spinning faster)
            Is the the new world rising from the shambles of the old? (think about that one!) If we could just join hands…
            That’s all it takes, that’s all it takes…

            Okay, so you seem like a fun mission accomplice;) Maybe we should take a blimp instead of a plane (too slow tho)? Let me know when you’re ready to go. I’ll get the donations.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Why do you think he endorsed him I really liked Ben Carson but he wasn’t ready to be President yet some day but not yet

          • He sees the bigger picture. He actually tried to explain it (I think on fox) in a interview where he was relentlessly drilled for forgiving trump! Can you imagine? He sees the big picture, is a good forgiving Christian man, thinks Trump’s policies are best, that although he’s abrasive his heart is in the right place. He truly wants to fix this broken nation. That’s why he endorsed him. If Ted actually gave a S***, he would work with him as well. In fact, that’s kind of how I guage ones intentions and true colors. Are they willing to work with even a total opposite for the greater good? I have a girlfriend that’s a lot like Trump. Wealthy, very self assured, abrasive when something rubs her the wrong way, sometimes speaks before thinking (but doesn’t ACT without a lot of thought. She’s actually has a heart of gold, would do whatever she could to help someone in need and often does without the expectation that you “owe” her anything. She just has a mouth that fires a little too fast sometimes, but she admits when she is wrong, and I know her intentions are pure, so I can overlook the abrasion some can’t and we can joke about it openly. I can say to her, you’re being a bitc* to (whoever), and we laugh and she corrects it. She’s my “Trump”, I’m her “Carson”.

          • Until Dr. Carson dropped out, he was my #1 choice for president. Whoever gets elected, sure hope he’s put in charge of HHS. I think he’d be terrific there. Howsomever, no democrat would ever choose him for any administration position. Not flaming liberal.

    • Obama had citizenship issues and he became President, in name only that is.

    • A very recent court decision rendered after a suit was brought against Cruz’s name on the PA ballot, by a PA court, stated that Cruz is a qualified U.S. citizen, eligible for highest office in this country. I’m surprised that the media hasn’t reported that, except in the briefest of a statements. The case was dismissed in PA about a week ago.

      • Not just the MEDIA, people in these posts that do not like Cruz continue to spread the stuff. You can do a lot of damage when you spread destructive lies.


        • I guess it all starts with what an old-time news reporter told me over 40 years ago.
          His statement was that too many people are “suckers” for the printed word, and it seems as though that “printed word” is also what’s typed-out on PC keyboards.
          Then, that’s what causes so many folks to “go-off half-cocked.” They don’t confirm, of course if they favor a certain candidate, they’re content to spread a rumor.

          • People are lazy, they want their news spoon fed to them. In the old days, they expected their news reporters to have INTEGRITY, and report that news honestly…

            Today, the news is full of a lot of people that do not report honestly. That is why http://www.madashellboycott.com was started. To hold the TV news propagandists accountable.

            We all have to do our homework, use common sense and vote our conscience.

        • Many opinions of the people are formed by conditioning from media’s reporting. When Cruz started his filibuster on the Senate floor, he was totally alone, but two other Senators relieved him periodicly so he could rest a bit. One Senator was a conservative, the other a Libertarian. Both short-timers in the Senate like Cruz has been. The public resented Cruz for that, after all he stole “precious time from the Senate’s busy, constructive schedule!”

          Then, there was Cruz calling Senate Majority Leader McConnell a liar, in full view of the other Senators! If he had enemies in the Senate before that confrontation, it was twice as bad after it. Any Senator not well versed in the Constitution took sides with poor McConnell whom Cruz had insulted. After all, McConnell gained his Senate perch by fighting the Democrats and President, I think that’s how it goes! :):) What a viper’s nest is that group of career derelicts. And then, there are the Senate Democrats, represented by Reid, Schumer, and Leahy.,

          • If McConnell hadn’t lied, Cruz would not have called him a liar.

            In general, the MEDIA is corrupt and no longer reports the news, it does the work of Goebbels for the Liberal Progressives. Cruz to date has not bowed down to them, so they will ALWAYS use their MEDIA power to make Cruz look bad.

            Fight the MEDIA at: http://www.madashellboycott.com

  5. If you live in NY and you take offense at Cruz’s NY values comment, you were never going to vote for Cruz anyway. Trump and the left will milk the negative publicity to its fullest extent…

    What else is new?

    • They milk it because they have the morons under their trance and smoke and mirrors of lies

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      • Niko, your comments show who the real moron is. Tacky, tacky.

      • Though it’s true there are those who are deceived, please don’t call them names. Let’s show some grace for each other and maybe more people will listen to truth.

    • but what’s she gonna do with Ted’s thumb??

    • Sadly that is how politics are and have been for centuries. I think we can all predict they will not change anytime soon.

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    • Please vote for Trump who is born here in USA. Ted Cruz is a Canadian taking advantage of dumb Repubs and TPs leaders like Karl Rove and Glenn Beck who are school drop-outs. Cruz wants to make USA as province of Canada which under Liz, the Queen of England. Cruz was not USA citizen till last May when he thought would run as Commander-In-Chief for USA army. You really trust a foreigner to run USA army? You and GOPers are surely dumb.

      • It might just serve you well to check your facts prior to spouting them out as being remotely factually based. Get off your MSN-LSD source of information. For one, Karl Rove has never been a TP’er. It all goes to show once again of your sheer ignorance of facts and your continued willingness to accept any of the garbage that the liberal media spews out !

        • I guess you did not see the commotion Glenn Beck caused in 2010-He was head of TPs. May TPs now in Congress were birthed by Beck commotions.

          • Glen Beck is being paid off by a Super Pac to spend 95% of his airtime hurling crap at Donald Trump. This morning, he said that the country would be better off under Hilary than Trump. What a deluded, bought off charlatan, and a discredit to the LDS.

          • Any of the candidates running on the GOP/Conservative side would do less damage than any of the liberals/socialists on the left. A liberal has never found a fact that they like or can deal with.

          • That Trump is running as a Republican, does not make him a conservative who fully supports the U.S. Constitution.

            Trump has been giving money to progressives (progressively socialist…) in both parties, especially to the most progressive Democrats for over 40 years.

            Trump talks out of both sides of him mouth, often in the same conversation, and sometimes even in the same sentence.

            Trump says he takes advantage of deals, and we’ve seen through his history, it’s to the demise of ordinary citizens. The U.S. presidency might sound like a good deal to him.

          • Trump is a salesman.
            He’ll say, do anything to close the deal.

          • Then you must be an ultra-liberal

          • If it’s between Hillary or Trump, I don’t know who would be worse. Their long history seems to show they are birds of a feather.

          • Hillary is the devil you know. We really don’t know if Trump has angel wings, or devil horns, so at least we would have a chance. Hillary will never battle illegal immigration, or stand up to Islamic terrorism, or fight against trade deals that kill American jobs and manufacturing. Those are not leftist positions. Most people who mistrust Trump do so because of his past positions, not necessarily what he states he is for and against today.

            At least in my opinion. This is why I would vote for either Trump or Cruz. I don’t think either one is a perfect candidate, and I doubt that either one can be trusted to do all he says he will do.

        • John Doe,
          I am a fan of Ted Cruz. But you are wrong abut his eligibility to be President. Unfortunately we could be on a path to two illegal Presidents. We have one now.

          • I don’t recall saying I’m necessarily supporting him, as my opinions have ebbed and flowed. I respect him but I truly doubt that he would ever be disqualified due to citizenship issues. I mean if he was, all the libs would have to acknowledge the illegality of Obummer. I know all too well that not only Trump and the entire liberal pack of Hyena’s will continue to throw that up, but I just don’t think it will stick.

          • There is a double standard, and much hypocrisy on the left, as well as the right. The libs could say Cruz is disqualified, and never acknowlege Obama’s birth issues. In fact, I would almost guarantee they would do that. To the liberals, the law is there to use/misuse to promote their progressive agenda.

          • There are no birth issues for either Obama or Cruz.

          • Flunked high school civics too – I see. Natural Born Citizen must have TWO US citizen parents. The SCOTUS was bribed to accept barrack !

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Amen to that we the people paid for this idiot to be our president

          • False.
            Learn how your government actually works.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Oh my god she wrote something else and it is not false go back to you’re hole where you belong you can go back to Kenya with Obama you’re just as stupid as he is

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Obama was born in Kenya and is not a u s citizen

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Well if it isn’t stupid on line again I’m not lying guess if you’d read reports they are true go back in you’re home where you belong

          • I wonder how they would void out Obama’s presidency if he was not qualified either. Everything his pen touched would be void including his 2 Supreme Court justices picks while in was living the lie for over 7 years.

          • John,
            That is precisely why I have not dropped my support of Cruz. I seriously doubt that liberals will bring the issue up because of Obama’s questionable position. I do not especially like it as I am a strong supporter of the Constitution. The Constitution spells out three qualifications:
            1. President
            2. Congress
            3. Citizenship
            Each are different. Citizenship has gone through numerous changes over the years. The other two have not.

          • DotDot,
            Thanks for the included info. The real problem is that Congress has not really investigated the qualifications issue and proposed any amendment to change the Constitution if it is really deemed necessary. As a result we are stuck with what the Constitution does say. There are three levels of qualifictions in the Constitution:
            1. President
            2. Congress
            3. Citizenship.
            Of the three, only one has changed significantly and that is Citizenship.
            You state the Law of Nations and that is a correct response. But it is far from the only one. Europe had a fear of a foreigner getting control of their military. So did the writers of the Constitution. The College of William and Mary has a huge file of data on the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention. Over the past 60 years I have lost my copies of what I had garnered from the archives.
            The bottom line is that both Washington and Franklin had a copy of the Law of Nations. But in a letter by John Jay to George Washington, he brings up this very issue. That is proof to me that such a concern was considered.
            The Constitution specifically says that the qualifications for President is to be a natural born citizen.
            The Law of Nations adds that the child must be born in the US and that the father has to be a US citizen as well. That is where the concept for the wording of the Constitution come from. Based on that data, neither Cruz nor Obama is legal. There is no legitimate argument for anything else, period. But if we attack Cruz, we must also attack Obama. No liberal is going to do that. So, if it is OK with liberals it has to be OK for conservatives. That is a sorry answer but difficult to unravel after 7 years of an illegal president.
            But we have strayed away from the Constitution a lot by both parties since.

          • Not since the adoption of the US Constitution has this republic elected a US president proven to be born in a foreign country that was one of its citizens. All elected US presidents for more than 170 years have been born in the United States. Why would anyone defy America’s history and find it acceptable to elect a US president born in a foreign country they were a citizen of, NOW? How can any court dismiss over 170 years of precedence and claim it to be merely a coincidence?

          • JKH,
            That is my point as well. But it goes step farther than that. A child is the citizen of the Country his father is a resident of, also. That means Obama, Cruz and Rubio are not qualified. But how do we undo such as mess currently without a new amendment to make changes we wish to make? Why do we not make that clear before we get into the middle of an election year?

          • Parent — either mother or father.

          • AKLady,
            That has some merit for citizenship. But it does not for qualifications for President or Congress as provided in the Constitution. You need to understand the difference.

          • Without genetic testing there is no way to prove Paternal parentage, the only parent that has was a definitive, at least prior to surrogacy, is the mother.

          • imbuzystitchin,
            In today’s society what you say is true. But in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s women were not considered an equal of men. That has to be applied to the issue at hand in order to understand the real meaning of the topic.

          • That was true, females were property. But, it does not change the fact that parentage was only certain though the maternal line.

          • imbzystitchin,
            I cannot argue with your biology. I have two daughters who are biologists.

          • False.
            Only one parent must be an American citizen.

          • AKLady,
            Article II, Section 1, says natural born citizen. That is all it says. In 1787 that meant born in the US, period. I have absolutely documented proof of that. Show me any new federal amendment to the Constitution that says otherwise.
            The 14th Amendment in 1868 was concerning black people, period.
            Liberals seem to think that because we have done nothing to change the Constitution that treatment of the First Amendment is OK. It is not.

          • Sorry, Jerry, your opinion is not a valid legal decision.

            Four principles were asserted in the text of the 14th amendment. They were:

            State and federal citizenship for all persons regardless of race both born or naturalized in the United States was reaffirmed.

            No state would be allowed to abridge the “privileges and immunities” of citizens.

            No person was allowed to be deprived of life, liberty,or property without “due process of law.”

            No person could be denied “equal protection of the laws.”

          • AKLady,
            When was the 14th Amendment ratified? 1868. What was the major issue and the reason for it? Slavery.
            That was the context of it. We cannot just take every issue and make it uniform for everything. We have to stick to the content at the time of the passing of the Amendment.

          • The Legislature writes laws. The Courts decide how they are legally defined and applied.

          • AKLAdy,
            I left out a very important part. Citizenship is not a part of qualifications. Those are three different issues. Citizenship has been changed numerous times.. Qualifications have never been changed. What the 14th Amendment does is alter the older citizenship laws, many of which were for white only. They said so. But that deals only with citizenship, not qualifications for office. Both the latter say, qualifications, not citizenship.

          • Your mumbo jumbo simply does not hold water.

            The U.S. Supreme Court put your argument to bed many decades in the past.

          • AKLady,
            My information is historical FACT and not making assumptions. I am sick of both parties NOT following the Constitution. I have in writing everything I have stated.

          • You think all children of military families, born overseas, should be disqualoified?
            Get a life.

          • That question was answered by Senate Resolution 511 in 2008. That resolution stated John McCain to be a “natural born Citizen”. McCain was born in Panama to US citizen parents. His father was serving in the armed services at that time. If the Senate found it necessary to make this special resolution for McCain, it would also be necessary for Canadian born Cruz. If you don’t like what the naturalization laws state, petition Congress to change them.

          • There was no “special resolution.” Congress simply confirmed how “natural born citizen” is defined.

          • This resolution was specifically made for McCain only. That is what made it special. A simple confirmation defining a “natural born Citizen” would include a class or group of individuals that would qualify to meet “natural born Citizen” standards. Congress would not have made this special resolution if McCain, born in a foreign country, was already a “natural born Citizen”. If the Senate found it necessary to designate a certain individual eligible to run for president that was born overseas to a US military family, it would surely be necessary for the Senate to designate Cruz a “natural born Citizen” that was born out of the limits of the US to only one US citizen parent that was NOT in the US military while in Canada.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            She’s an idiot don’t reply to her she knows nothing about nothing

          • They are born American citizens as per US law. Keep yapping though. Your ignorance is entertaining.

          • Their ignorance is an embarassment to all Americans.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Yes aklady stop you’re idiot statements you know nothing

          • “All elected US presidents for more than 170 years have been born in the United States. ” Au contraire, there is one earlier example. When James Buchanan ran for president, there were murmurings and questions about his eligibility, but because document were easier to hide back in the mid 1800’s, the issue was never resolved, and it was reported that before he passed away, Buchanan personally burned all of his personal papers.

          • Cruz is an American citizen.

          • Cruz is a naturalized US citizen by naturalization law 8 U.S.C. 1401. Since he is a naturalized US citizen, he can NOT be a “natural born Citizen”.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Good job JHK tell her how it is because she sure doesn’t know anything

          • Only in your imagination.

          • AKLAdy,
            How so? You are making a lot of statements without any backup.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I keep telling you don’t answer this stupid women she knows nothing

          • Virginia,
            I correspond with several people that are at odds with what I know or think. I am a moderate Republican who is not always in agreement with far right conservatives or liberals, either, I also have emailed with atheists and even foreign people. I stay polite but back up what I say. Sometimes I win one.

          • You need to consult the U.S. Immigration laws before granting legitimacy to that article. It always pays to check sources a article is based on. As a researcher, this is a given.

          • Dual citizenship does not disqualify anyone.
            If it did, then no child of military parents born overseas could be President.
            If it did, John McCain would not qualify.

          • Oh yes dual citizenship does disqualify someone from running for president in the U.S.. Why do you think Ted Cruz denounced his Canadian citizenship in May 2014 after 43 years?

            It is possible for a child to be born outside of the United States, and still acquire legal U.S. citizenship at birth through a parent, according to U.S. Naturalization codes pertaining to “Citizenship at Birth for Children Born Outside the U.S. and its Territories.” If the related conditions are met, a child born outside of the United States to one U.S. Citizen parent, the parents can file for and receive U.S. Citizenship for the child by filing a CRBA form with a U.S. Consulate at the time of birth.

            A child born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent or parents may acquire U.S. citizenship at birth if certain statutory requirements are met. The child’s parents should contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America (CRBA) to document that the child is a U.S. citizen. If the U.S. embassy or consulate determines that the child acquired U.S. citizenship at birth, a consular officer will approve the CRBA application and the Department of State will issue a CRBA, also called a Form FS-240, in the child’s name. This applies to McCain’s birth.

          • Cite the law, paragraph and chapter.

            No such disqualifying law exists.

          • Look it up yourself on the internet. You’ll find that dual citizenship disqualifies you from being president of the U.S. That way you’ll know for sure!!

          • No such disqualifying law exists.

          • Cruz is an American citizen.

          • There is no Obama questionable citizenship.

          • AKLady,
            I just answered that statement.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            You didn’t answer anything because you know nothing

          • Virginia,
            What I am dealing with concerning AKLady I have documented. It is 3 pages long and is all factual historical data. That is what real historians do. I am college educated in history as well as secondery education and have worked in the historical academic field for some 40 years.
            What do you know that I do not?

          • So barracks BC (written in 1961) saying his daddy was born in kenya (3 years before kenya existed) is ok with you ! When kenya didn’t exist until 1965 ? Ole barrack was born in 1961 – kenya in 1961 was British East Africa scooter ! you an ole barry got some serious brain damage.

          • Wrong.

            Kenya became independent on December 12, 1963.

            Kenya Crown Colony came into being when the British East Africa Company, the established direct rule through the East African Protectorate in 1895.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            The hell there isn’t you’re to stupid. You think Obama as good as slice bread he’s a Muslim from Kenya the Democrats wanted him to be President so they wouldn’t let anyone vet him he was the first black man to be President but is he really black??? He’s a Muslim that’s why his skin is dark

          • TRUMP and his “hyena’s” will rain on the parade of the elites and stop their corruption! They know that, for they are running scared like jackrabbits jumping around in panic. Any thinking person would figure this out.

          • Trump is an elite.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Yes he’s an elite bully

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Trump is a big fat bully

          • Trump has been a participant in the corruption. Cruz has spent his career fighting for our freedoms. He wants to return power to the states. He has a plan. Trump has generalizations and slogans. Step back, take an objective look, he is the Republican version of Obama. A nice slogan with no real specific plans. Examine how he is managing his campaign and the primary rules, has he given us any reason to believe he will do a better job with the federal government?

          • Your reasons for bring unhappy with and opposed to Trump sound pretty reasonable to me. As for Cruz, here’s some food for thought, from Cruz’s Harvard law professor, Laurence Tribe: http://tinyurl.com/zph2scv

          • I remember getting a survey call about my support for a Republican candidate, this was WELL before this campaign began, and I told the person that my first choice would be Ted Cruz but I wasn’t sure he was eligible. Since then, I have read ALOT of people’s opinions on the matter. I now believe he is eligible and that there is case law to support it. There were a couple of cases in the late 1800’s that support Cruz’s position on Naturalized. Maybe the biggest reason I now support him is because I CAN NOT believe he would do all this without KNOWING that he is eligible and would have the information at his finger tips to prove it if need be. I do what area of law the professor teaches since the article does not say, and does he remember Obama being in his class, since not one of the people who where supposed in class with Obama remember him being there.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Hell no he’s a Democrat go back to you’re towers he will not make American great again

          • Well, your knowledge of citzenship law is nill, none, nothing …

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            You’re not as smart as you think you are

          • Neither the Republicrats nor the Demoncans want this issue to surface. Doesn’t serve the purposes of the elite globalists who are hoping that the majority of uSA citizens will continue to merrily skip down the path of side-swiping and side-lining the Constitution, to the point that one day it will be thrown up to us that that useless old document has been ignored for so long so as to have rendered it permanently shelved.

          • And that would be Cruz, the election cheater! No way Cruz as anything but in prison along with all the cheaters in this government and the parties!

          • Rosech,
            He is no different than Obama.

          • We the people do not elect a president.
            We never have.
            We cannot — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

          • The PA State Supreme Court stated that Cruz is a “natural born” US citizen.

          • cal3301,
            The PA Supreme court is not correct. Read the Constitution for yourself. The history of what the Constitution says is the correct opinion. At no time in the writing of the Constitution did women have the rights we claim today. We have only two amendments on that topic. One make black women citizenship and one gives them the right to vote. as such, we need an amendment to clarify the issues for women. But right now they do not exist.
            I know the drill all too well. Women should have equal rights with men. The Frist Amendment suggests that. But nowhere does the Constitution say that the mother’s birthplace is considered legitimate for citizenship..
            However, if we are not going to toss Obama out, who is very unqualified to be President, then we have to allow Cruz as precedent. On that basis, I support Cruz but I am skating on very this ice.

          • Tell it to the Supreme Court and the many single mother’s out their that they have no rights. You might want to read about England’s common laws at the time of our forefathers and the several early US Presidents that did not meet your standards. The first nine were born under British colony laws.

          • cal3301,
            I am pretty sure the Declaration of Independence made all those living and born in the US as US citizens. I also have documentation that England also held that any elected top official had to be a natural born citizen, meaning born in England whose parents were also English citizens for the same reason. They did not want a foreigner in charge of their military or ruling the country.. This was a common European issue. The Law of Nations also held the same concept and was an issue in the Constitutional Convention.
            as for the Supreme Court, I believe they have ruled before on this issue but I lost my copy of it.
            As for the Supreme Court, I disagree with them on many issues including same sex marriage. I also do not agree that we have adequate language in any amendment to protect the rights of women as the Constitutional Convention did not recognize the right of women. We have ASSUMED over time that women have equal rights and they do but it is not in any amendment but two and even then it is limited.

          • All the sources routinely used to interpret the Constitution confirm that the phrase “natural born Citizen” has a specific meaning: namely, someone who was a U.S. citizen at birth with no need to go through a naturalization proceeding at some later time. And Congress has made equally clear from the time of the framing of the Constitution to the current day that, subject to certain residency requirements on the parents, someone born to a U.S. citizen parent generally becomes a U.S. citizen.
            As to the British practice, laws in force in the 1700’s recognized that children born outside of the British Empire to subjects of the Crown were subjects themselves and explicitly used “natural born” to encompass such children.These statutes provided that children born abroad to subjects of the British Empire were “natural-born Subjects . . . to all Intents, Constructions, and Purposes whatsoever.”
            The US Supreme Court has never made a ruling, but here’s the case in PA….

          • cal3301,
            The statement for qualification in the Constitution says natural born citizen. That was discussed at the Constitutional Convention. it is based on the Law of Nations, as I have said, which also means that the parents are to be from the same country. Furthermore, it says that if the FATHER is of another country, the child is a citizen of the father’s country. There is no mention of mother except it says parents, plural, of the child are to be US citizens.
            I am dealing in historical facts and not legal stuff.

          • If that was the case, our first 9 Presidents would not qualify. They and their parents were under British rule. We did not become a true country until 1789, after our Constitution was adopted in 1787. You also need to read our current laws on US citizenship. You might learn something.

            Natural born citizen
            “A phrase denoting one of the requirements for becoming President or Vice-President of the United States. Anyone born after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1787 must be a “natural born Citizen” of the United States to constitutionally fill the office of President or Vice-President. See U.S. Const. art. II, § 1; id. at amend. XII.
            Some debate exists as to the meaning of this phrase. Consensus exists that anyone born on U.S. soil is a “natural born Citizen.” One may also be a “natural born Citizen” if, despite a birth on foreign soil, U.S. citizenship immediately passes from the person’s parent/parents.”

            You are dealing with your bigotry, not facts or legal stuff!!!

          • cal301,
            Sorry, sir but you need to read the last paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. It states that all citizens of colonies are no longer British citizens but citizens of the several colonies.
            Understand that what I am relating to you comes directly from reliable historical sources and involves both parties. It is not bigoted toward either party nor to one specific race. Obama, Cruz and Rubio all fall under the same qualifications. No partiality ion my part. Do you understand the reasoning behind the qualifications? Are you sure you want to turn our government over to a foreigner as well as our military? Think before typing.

          • First, I am not a sir and secondly, I am an Independent. Lastly, I am very well acquainted with the laws of this country, have researched this very subject for several years, AND GREW UP ON MILITARY BASES FROM THE EAST TO THE WEST. Until the treaty of Paris was signed, they were still under British rule. Although the declaration was signed in 1776, declaring their independence, they had not won it, yet. It would have been a different story if they lost. Our first 9 Presidents were foreign born, yet they served this country with distinction. I would expect no less of Cruz if elected. He taught and knows Constitutional law, which is something Obama has proved to us that he, himself doesn’t.
            Under the Constitution, you are a “natural born” citizen, either by blood, or by soil, depending under the jurisdiction of where your allegiance lays. In Cruz’s case, it is by blood. His mother’s allegiance and that of his father, were sworn to the U.S. His father had also established the US residency requirements prior to Ted’s birth. FYI, Cruz and his parents did not find out about the Canadian citizenship until a Dallas paper wrote about it. They then investigated it and filed the papers and had it denounced. (note: Cruz’s father came to the US on a student visa and then applied for political asylum, and was granted)
            On Rubio, although he was born here(basically an anchor baby), his parents had not yet become citizens at the time of his birth and his mother had made 4 trips to Cuba after Castro took over. Both his parents became naturalized in 1975. The question there is under what jurisdiction did their allegiance lay prior to his birth. The Constitution does not allow foreign dignitary children, US citizenship, even when they are born here.
            Obama is another can of worms. There were several relatives that state he was born in Kenya. A book he wrote claims he was born in Kenya on the dust cover. His birth certificate was proven by his own lawyers’ own person that verifies documents, to be CG. His mother denounced this country and was a full fledged Communist, along with her parents. Her husbands never established the required residence and he attended schools here as a foreign exchange student. On another note, there is no evidence of Michelle Obama ever being pregnant and in a speech, he can be heard calling her Michael, several times.

          • Kool your jets, lady. What I contend is historically factual and I am not picking on Cruz. I began this back when Obama’s qualifications were questioned. He is not qualified either and neither is Marco Rubio.
            The original Constitution, article II, Section 1, says, “natural born citizen”. Why does it say that? Because at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, the issue of presidential qualifications came up due to the fact that European countries including England and France feared that a foreign person could become the leader of their country without such a law and take control of the country and its military. That was the concern of the Continental Congress. Both George Washington and Benjamin Franklin present an article called the Law of Nations, written as a broad document to be used in European countries and it was. While I no longer have a copy of those documents, I went to the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, which was the home of the Continental Congress. I went there about 1956. Today I have a letter by John Jay to George Washington on this very topic. He says she was going to change the wording to simply “Citizen” but changed his mind and stuck with the original “Natural born Citizen”.
            No Constitutional Amendment since then has changed that qualification to date.
            Today we have strayed away from the Constitution by both parties. I am one of those who says we either abide by what it says or amend it to the 21st Century. I abhor that idea. But if we amend eh Constitution on this issue we have to stop and think about the same concerns that the Constitutional Convention considered. Do we want to open ourselves up to a foreigner getting control of the government and the military? I personally do not. We have been in serious enough danger with the foreigner we have now.

          • You forgot the Naturalization Act of 1790 to cover foreign born children to US citizens giving them citizenship at birth. It has been changed several times over the years but still grants citizenship at birth to foreign born children of US citizens and denying citizenship to foreign dignitaries’ children.
            Cruz’s mother was a U.S. citizen and his father was a U.S. resident, “Cruz has been a citizen from birth and is thus a ‘natural born Citizen’ within the meaning of the Constitution” and the “Naturalization Act of 1790.”They also point to British common law and enactments by the First Congress, both of which have been cited by the Supreme Court.
            Do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself with the US citizenship laws that are on the book. They meet all the Constitutional requirements.

          • cal3310,
            The Naturalization Law of 1790 and 1802 were both for whites only. That was the reason for the 14th Amendment. It freed the black slaves.
            I wish yhou could realize that I am not out to do in Cruz. I am very supportive of him and voted for him in our primary. My concern is that neither party wants to follow the Constitution. that displeases me big time.

          • We have had several more Naturalization Laws since then. The 14th only gave second class citizenship to the newly freed slaves and their heirs apparent. It still did not give them the same rights of a White man. Who you voted for is your own concern, not mine. I cannot vote until the general election in my state. If you are worried about the Constitution, I suggest that you and your friends vote for the most conservative people on your ballot. That is the only way to preserve our country. The Democrats and people like Bernie, will only further destroy it.

          • cal3301,
            On that topic, I am in total agreement. I live in the reddest state in the US and have been a Republican for now 60 years. I am more of a moderate but GOP all the way. Whoever gets the nomination, I will vote for.
            My concern is that both parties do not pay attention to the Constitution as they should. By the way, I also do not agree with the Supreme Court on certain issues, either.

          • The Democrats throughout history, have always fought against the Constitution. The Republicans have lost their backbone, because of the lies the Dems keep repeating. They’re afraid to go against them. The Supreme Court we have now are making laws and that is not their job or what they are there for. They are suppose to follow the Constitutional aspects of them.

          • cal3301,
            Basically we agree on these issues.

          • It appears, so!

          • cal3301,
            I forgot something. I am a staunch supporter of Ted Cruz except for the issue of his qualifications. I voted for him in our primary. As long as no one files case against him, he is a better choice. He is, by his long standing behavior, more American than about any other candidate and he is conservative as well. I also was favoring Rubio, who is also not qualified. at least he was born in the US. So, pleas do not get the idea that I am some sort of liberal.

          • Cruz won on qualification with the PA Supreme Court and in Jersey. Several other states threw the cases out on the people had no grounds. According to these courts, he’s eligible to run.

          • cal3302,
            This issue has never gone to the supreme Court after all these years. It should. But I am expecting no opposition for Cruz since if that happened and was done by liberals, the GOP would go after Obama big time. Actually I am sad that I did not get involved in my historical studies on this issue back in 2008. I can only hope that Cruz does get elected but I very much dislike the abuse of eh Constitution by both parties.

          • Considering the facts and new rights that have been established since the writing of the Constitution and the fact that we have had nine foreign Presidents so to speak, Cruz is the most Constitution protecting candidate that we have running and well within his rights, to run.

          • cal3301,
            We have had NO foreign presidents until Obama. He is the only one who does NOT meet the qualifications for office now. The last paragraph of he Declaration of Independence answers this by stating that all citizens of he several colonies are no longer British citizens by citizens of the several colonies. That is what a declaration of and for independence does. Therefore, George Washington and his successors fall into that category. Or do we ignore that document like we try to do the Constitution?

          • We do if you count the first nine as they were under British rule. They were also “natural born” citizens to the British sovereignty, by the English Common Laws. The Declaration of Independence did not and could not sever their foreign ties as it goes back to their parents jurisdiction at their time of birth, if you want to be technical. Putting it in writing doesn’t make it so, because they had not yet won their independence. If our forefathers had lost, it would be another story. A declaration does not hold water. It is only a piece of paper declaring your intentions. Below is part of my favorite take on it. You keep talking about the end it, but is states “is and ought to be totally dissolved”. Ought will get you nothing without the backing.

            “On July 4, 1776, the day of birth for the new country, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence on behalf of the people living in the American colonies. The Declaration served a number of purposes for the newly formed United States. With regard to the power politics of the day, it functioned as a propaganda statement intended to build support for American independence abroad, particularly in France, from which the Americans hoped to have support in their struggle for independence. Similarly, it served as a clear message of intention to the British. Even more important for the later Republic of the United States, it functioned as a statement of governmental ideals.
            In keeping with its immediate diplomatic purposes, most of the Declaration consists of a list of 30 grievances against acts of the British monarch George III. Many of these were traditional and legitimate grievances under British Constitutional Law. The Declaration firmly announces that British actions had established “an absolute Tyranny over these States.” Britain’s acts of despotism, according to the Declaration’s list, included taxation of Americans without representation in Parliament; imposition of standing armies on American communities; establishment of the military above the civil power; obstruction of the right to trial by jury; interference with the operation of colonial legislatures; and cutting off of trade with the rest of the world. The Declaration ends with the decisive resolution that “these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved.”

          • cal3301,
            I think you missed some of the last paragraph. It specifically says that the citizens of the colonies were no longer British citizens but citizens of the individual colonies. That made all citizens US citizens in 1776.

          • You are missing the legal point. The point I am trying to make is the fact that we had not yet won our freedom and no matter what we declared, did not make it so. If we had lost the revolution, where would we be? Still citizens of the crown. Another point you miss is the fact that to be a “natural born” citizen depends on what country’s jurisdiction your parents were under at the time of your birth. In their case, it would be England. The fact is, in reality, there was no 14th Amendment at the time that they served as resident.
            From Senator Howard
            “Many have argued that the 14th Amendment infers automatic citizenship upon any person born within the United States, even if the person’s parents are in the country illegally. This has led to the use of the term “anchor babies” to describe such persons, as the citizenship they are granted upon birth acts as an anchor to keep the family from being deported, despite their lack of legal status. But that simply isn’t what was intended by the 14th Amendment, as proven by the words of the very man who authored the amendment in 1866, Michigan Sen. Jacob M. Howard. According to The Federalist Papers Project, Howard wrote, in part, “that every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States.” But Howard continued, “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.” The 14th Amendment was created to confer citizenship upon only the former slaves who had recently been freed during the Civil War. It was not intended to be make a citizen of any person who just so happened to be born on U.S. soil to foreign parents in the country, legally or otherwise.”

          • cal3301,
            I agree with Mr. Howard. The 14th Amendment of 1868 was for the freedom of slaves.
            The rest is what I said it was. The Declaration of Independence did give everyone including George Washington the legal right to be President.

          • It is what you call a grey area, as it is neither black or white, if we had lost. They in all legality were not U.S. citizens at the time of their birth. That country did no exist. The Declaration gave them the right to hold office, but they were still foreign born by law. Not “natural born”. Again, all would have been mute, if the British had won.
            Enough stated on this subject, but here is an article you might like…….

          • cal3301,
            I read through the article you sent. It sounds like a lot of liberal “political correctness” to me. The very solid reason for the wording was spelled out by several countries in Europe prior to the US Constitution. I know of three. It was a huge concern to European countries that they had to guard against a foreigner getting control of their country and especially their armed forces. That was the real reason for the term, “natural born citizen”. That possibility still exists.

          • Britain called them natural born subjects. The Roman appear to be the ones that gave us the term citizen. I liked the fact that the terms were used interchangeably by our forefathers.

          • cal3301,
            The two words mean the same thing so what’s the difference?

          • According to some of our forefathers, it wasn’t. A “subject” did not have the freedoms that a “citizen” had. You might want to reread that article again, as it talks about that.

          • cal3301,
            What I read was baloney liberal crap. What I have are documented facts.

          • You are still not getting it. On another note, that is not a Liberal site.

          • cal3301,
            I don’t care what the source was. It does NOT match up to the historical facts. It sounded like a lot of speculative , off the cuff statements by individuals who did not represent any government. I was already aware that the British referred to people as subject to the crown. We refer to people as citizens. So did the Romans. People are the same thing under different words. That does NOT alter the fact that Europe and even the colonies were concerned with a foreigner getting control of the country and the military. That was the specific reason why the issue came up during the Constitutional Convention. I gave you a reference to John Jay who wrote to George Washington on that very issue. I have that letter. This is not something I made up but sought to learn about it by finding as much documentation as I could.

          • My point is…..According to most of our forefathers, they preferred the word citizen over the word subjects, as those that are subjects, do not have the freedoms of a citizen.

          • cal3301,
            OK, I got that. Subjects, at least in England, were subject to a king. A citizen of the US is not subject to a human but t agrees to adopt a written document. So, in that context, we are on the same page. Duh! Me just poor ignorant savage!

          • THANK YOU!!!!!

          • Women were not mentioned in those times because they had no rights. We are talking about the 1970’s here! Women gained rights, mostly, in the early decades of the 20th century. You cannot confuse the ongoing legal development of over 200 years!

          • EH,
            I just answered this in my previous post. We are outdated and need to rethink where we are and where we are going.

          • You’re mixing constitutional and statutory precepts. Statutory law may, and often does clarify constitutional, but cannot substantially change or replace it.

          • Sorry, but I’m not. I am referring to the current laws on the books.

          • I am pretty sure you are wrong. The Declaration of Independence has nothing, whatsoever, to do with citizenship.

          • AKLady,
            I did give you one bum steer. The correct location for the Presidential qualifications is in Article II, Section 1. I will give you more on he Declaration of Independence.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Go away idiot you nothing about nothing you’re all hot air

          • “as for the Supreme Court, I believe they have ruled before on this issue but I lost my copy of it.” There are a handful of S.Ct. cases on the citizenship issue, but none specifically looking at the “natural born citizen” term. The closest examination (on U.S. citizenship) was the Wong v. Ark case.

          • I tecolote,
            I have since checked and I cannot find any Supreme Court rulings on this issue.

          • In WND’s report today of the NJ Cruz’ citizenship decision, the most relevant S.Ct. citizenship decisions are listed. Sad to say, the value of the Constitution is just about consigned to the dustbin of history. There are still 3 slim hopeful opportunities remaining. This judicial ruling passes on to the NJ secretary of state. Could then be reviewed by the NJ Supreme Ct. Only remaining chance after that would be the U.S. Supreme Ct., but with its current makeup of two Obama selectees and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the chances of a decision faithful to the Constitution would be, IMHO, a miracle.

          • I_tecolote,
            Based on what I have found, the Supreme Court seems to pass this issue on to the states. to decide. That can result in 50 different rulings that can lead to chaos. The issue needs a Supreme Court ruling badly but what it needs is an amendment to clarify in 21st century terms what rules we are going to follow today.

          • What you say about English Common Law history has some flaws. Many foreign immigrants were NOT awarded the same rights as English born Christians, for example. As an idea of what mean, the right to work in some professions were denied to them or even where they could reside, as well as other inequalties existed well into the 20th century!

            As a comment, the laws written by men most often reflect their time in history and were often written by, and for certain classes or status. For example, many laws, even in the Americas, were only for the land-owning classes. Too, only those classes, males, could vote!

            This debate about the Presidential runners, cannot be taken out of context as it suits the argument. You would be going around in circles and end up nowhere. The Constitution was written in a time when political beliefs were far different from now, and has been the reason legislation and ammendments have been attached as the years progressed from one century to another. Life and situations and needs of the nation grew as the population became more diverse and required legal growth and broadening. You cannot argue and debate two totally different times and experiences and expect a satisfying answer.

          • EH,
            I am a historian by education and a writer. I document what I write about. What I have said is documented fact. Yes, people in the 1700’s had different thoughts on many things. Women’s rights were not among them. We have done little since then to rectify the stance of women legally. Most of it is assumed rights. But we are dealing with a historical string of thought and behavior, not 21st century thinking. While I have stuck to my historical documentation, I have also made a case for women’s rights being updated.

          • Well, et tu Brutus! We are both Historians; B.A. History with Honors, MA in English History (I presented the curriculum and was approved by faculty) and, a Ph.d in History. Researcher for and published, including U.S. Government. Member: Phi Alpha Theta. So, now that we have established our ability to speak to the subject matter, our understanding of both times, thought and writings is now a matter of subjectivity.

          • EH,
            Doggies, a real historian. we could sure cha ta lot.
            I have a BA in history from Boise State and lack only student teaching of having a BA in Secondary Education.
            I spent a decade in the Oregon Trail Society and hen 14 years working on the gold rush in the Boise Basin. I still do work with the Oregon Trail folks on occasion. I specialized in Native Americans after college and have done considerable research and writing on them. I am also an accomplished photographer so I do all my own photography for magazine and newspaper articles. I am working on a series of books on the gold rush as I was raised in the county where the gold rush and the subsequent .century of mining happened.

          • The word “citizen” appears only once in the Declaration: “…He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country …”

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Here’s the crazy on line again

          • Early on in the primary I remember reading that there is case law from the late 1800’s that supports Cruz’s eligibility. I also believe he is way to smart to do this without being certain he is qualified, unlike Obama he is not spending millions fighting having his birth certificate released.

          • “I remember reading that there is case law from the late 1800’s that supports Cruz’s eligibility.”
            That was the Wong v. Ark case Wong was a Chinese immigrant who was born in the uSA, and after many years of residence, was fighting deportation back to China (if I’m remembering correctly. Anyway, the decision was specific to U.S. citizenship, and not about the “natural born citizen” term and status.
            I also believe he is way to smart to do this without being certain he is qualified, unlike Obama he is not spending millions fighting having his birth certificate released.
            That horse is already out of that barn. Cruz released his certified Canadian birth certificate about a year ago.

          • imbzystitchin,
            I don’t know what Cruz is thinking. There is no Supreme Court ruling on this issue that I can find, which is surprising to me. Modern day thinking says that women are the equal of men. That was not the situation when the Constitution was written, as I stated in my last post.

          • The statement that only male parentage can determine citizenship rights when born outside of the U.S., was penned in a period of history denied women the right to vote, and much more. Consequently, amendments were made, for that reason and includex in the Immigration Laws.

            In other words, it would be a weak argument in this Century to apply the rights of citizenship, as it was stated in the time it originated, and appliy it to an American Mother in the latter 20th century.

          • EH,
            I agree with our points. But we have done nothing to bring us into the 21st. Century yet. As it stands we are still dealing with 18th Century positions on women. I have raised this issue before.
            But the issue in1787 as well as now is, do we want a president who is not a US citizen by any means in control of our government and our military? Before we jump off into the deep end of the pool we best know where we are jumping.

          • For my part, I would trust Cruz over Trump any day. I think Cruz has the U.S. national interests and safety at heart, even “if ” he is not considered a full and proper Citizen.

            It is a well known fact that most legal immigrants are highly enthusiastic in supporting this nation, and without that enthusiasm and their hard work we would not have come as far as we did in a very few hundred years!

            Trump is responsible for a lot of this distrust against Cruz. If he did not feel the man a threat to his ego goal, he would not have raised the citizenship question publically! On the other hand, considering Trump’s background and whispers about family involvement in some touchy organizations, I think a smear campaign would be a number one attack to undermine Cruz from taking the White House and redirect the spotlight off of him and to his opponent. Apparently, Trump does not feel concern about the third Pres. Contestant . . . Why?

            The third member of the Presidential race is a spoiler, much like Perot in a prior race for the White House. Who’s money is supporting #3 man? Could this be another way to undermine Cruz?

          • EH,
            I like Cruz as a candidate better than anyone else. But I am stuck with the Constitutionality of his background.

          • I don’t think the PA court ruled…they just tossed it out. The founders of our Constitution did not want someone with divided loyalties leading our country. With obama it was kind of murky, but it is perfectly clear with cruz that he ISN’T eligible.

          • Obama’s citizenship have never been “murky”.

            Obama’s mother was a citizen. He was born in Hawaii.

            Cruz’s mother was a citizen at the time of hsi birth.

          • How many years was she in Hawaii? Did Hawaii become a state in the 1950’s? Not sure.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Yes it has he’s a crook just like killer Hillary

          • He clearly stated, several times, he is an American citizen. His citizenship was based on his Mother, who was a citizen. I, too, had a child in another country and she is, was, is, an American citizen based on her father’s American birth and continuous citizenship.

            Anyone who is an American citizen can be out of the country for a specifiic period of time and then return by that time limit without losing that citizenship! I do not believe that has changed. Check the law on this, please.

            An example of this is studying or research abroad. As long as they return wthin a given time period and have engaged in anti-American activities, such people can return without loss of status.

            P.S: this only includes legitimate reasons and not terrorist or immigrant protestors who were not citizens to begin with. Also, a LEGITIMATE immigrant, one who has applied and is granted a legal status, can leave the countryonly for

          • EH,
            You are correct on citizenship but the qualification for President is one and only one and that is a natural born citizen. Congress has the option of natural born and naturalized citizenship. Am I nitpicking? Yes, because citizenship is separate from qualifications for office. That is why I am lobbying for a change, if we so desire, in qualifications for federal office.

          • All U.S. statutory law is one level below the Constitution, and only a constitutional amendment or a supreme court decision on the issue can make any kind of a change to the Constitution. Congress can tweak laws about u.s. citizenship and the naturalized process, but not the Constitution itself, without proposing a constitutional amendment that was later approved by 3/4ths of union states legislatures.

          • I_tecolte,
            You are precisely correct.

          • EH,
            I am excited to find a historian I can converse with. Mt email address is” jwb686@hotmail.com

          • The constitution nowhere defines the meaning of the words “citizen” and/or “natural born citizen”], either by way of inclusion or of exclusion, except in so far as this is done by the affirmative declaration that ‘all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States

          • Why do you keep arguing with everyone about factual, sound and legally based, explanations?

          • Jerry did make the distinction between the citizen and Presidential law correctly, AK.

          • If you have a U.S. citizan parent, you are a natural born citizen.

          • AKLAdy.
            That statement does NOT exist anywhere in the Constitution.

          • Three relevant commentaries about Ted Cruz and his eligibility to be president, including his own opinion from a few years ago about the issue:

          • Total lie.
            Completely false.
            Dual citizenship is not an issue.

            U.S. Law does not contain a “natural born” definition.

          • I did, indeed, read the articles. Most interesting. Thank you for the posting.

            One aspect did hit me in regard to his birth and the fact that documents are held under the FOIA. Going back to Cruz’s father and his life, over and over I have read he was a great and enthusiastic supporter of the U.S. and against Cuba and Communism.

            Taking these possible “facts” into consideration, I suspect the elder Cruz was involved in the Bay of Pigs, in some way. Or, he could also have worked for the U.S. in some capacity. If this has the slightest bit of truth, then this would explain a great deal. It would explain some of Cruz’s political and social bent. It would certainly explain why certain documents are held under the FOIA.

            As an additional comment, there are many Americans as well as foreign and immigrant supporters that sacrifice their lives for this country. Most receive no recognition due to the sensitivity of their work.

            We really do not know what or why Cruz’s Mother was in Canada to begin with, nor what or why his father was doing there? The largest Cuban community, formed after Castro’s 1950 takeover, was in Florida; so why Canada?

            Actually, the article’s pose more questions than answers on both the legitimacy or not of Cruz’s Citizenship, regardless of the documentation available to the public.

          • A citizen remains a citizen for life, unless they take concrete steps to denounce that status.


          • Yes, true, But, if a citizen leaves the country and stays away for a period of years (5+), they would have to reapply for citizenship. The paperwork is probably different to that for a first-time immigrant application.

            The question of Cruz’s mother is not clear on that point . . . How long was she in Canada and why did she go? Was she a student, for example. Too many questions not asked, so absolute opinions are not really given substance as to whether Cruz was or not a Citizen.

            Under certain nation’s law, a person born to an American citizen can, as in England and, I believe in Canada, hold DUAL nationality and can claim citizenship for one them. My daughter was in this dual situation, and claimed her American citizenship through that law. The time limits may have changed over the years when a person must make a decision to do so. Cruz could have come under this Dual citizen law!

          • You belief regarding five (5) years is false.

          • That an American can be this brainwashed is so terribly sad.

            Cruz is a natural born U.S. citizen.

            Obama is a natual born citizen.

          • AKLady,
            Sorry but historical facts are historical facts. Try reading the Constitution, Article V, Sectrion1. Clause 5. It specifically says natural born citizen, period. That means born in the US. I have documentation of this issue from several historical sources. It is three pages long.

          • Sorry, Jerry, you are incorrect.
            The laws of other nations do not apply to America.

          • AKLady,
            I specifically said the Law of Nations was the source of the concept for the leadership of the country. Benjamin Franklin and George Washington each had a copy of that document. That info I got from the library at College of William and Mary about 1956 or 1957. I have since lost it. But what I do have at this point is a short response by John Jay to George Washington stating the need for such requirements for the office of President. He specifically urged the adoption of that statement which was included in the Constitution. The concern was that the writers of the Constitution did not want a foreigner in charge of the military.
            Here is the correct text for the qualifications for President as found in he Constitution, Article II, Section 1.

            The last paragraph of the Declaration of Independence states that the Colonies were declaring their independence from England and that they were no longer citizens of England but of the Colonies. Therefore anyone who resided in the Colonies were from then on, citizens of those colonies. If they were born in a colony they were natural born citizens of that colony.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            JB you can keep telling AKlady she’ll never get it she’s to stupid

          • Virginia,
            I have a three page outline of data on the issue of qualifications for the president, vice-president and members of Congress. I also have documented the various laws and amendments on citizenship. If she or you wants to see the documentation, say so.

          • Check out this guardian.com article: http://tinyurl.com/zph2scv

          • I_tecolote,
            I did and thanks. While I am holding to my position based on my historical research I am also saying that we ned to update ourselves into the 21at Century. However, the question back then was whether we wanted a President who was a foreign born individual in control of our government and military.

          • The Guardian newspaper is so Left it cannot write sitting up! Many years ago it was considered as fairly truthful. No longer a fact. Read Times or Daily Mail, you might get a smaller dose of Socialism.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I don’t know as much as you do I so enjoy all the knowledge you report I just can’t stand AKlady because she tepeats the same stuff and knows nothing as far as I’m concerned. Thank you for all your reports I so enjoy learning

          • Virginia,
            Knowledge is useless if it is not passed on. I am determined to defend the Constitution, which is what drives me.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I so enjoy reading all the knowledge you have I only wish I had half the history that you know keep up the good work you’re one special person

          • Virginia,
            Thank you very much. As I said before, I am determined to support the Constitution.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            To bad the people in Washington DC don’t abide by it.

        • Well, if you think Cruz is legal then you will some day get this

          • You are so confused.

            Causes of Citizenship Loss
            citizens are subject to loss of citizenship if they perform certain acts
            voluntarily and with the intention to relinquish U.S. citizenship. These acts

            Obtaining naturalization in a foreign state;

            Taking an oath, affirmation or other formal declaration to a foreign state
            or its political subdivisions;

            Entering or serving in the armed forces of a foreign state engaged in
            hostilities against the U.S. or serving as a commissioned or non-commissioned
            officer in the armed forces of a foreign state;

            Accepting employment with a foreign government if (a) one has the
            nationality of that foreign state or (b) a declaration of allegiance is required
            in accepting the position;

            Formally renouncing U.S. citizenship before a U.S. consular officer outside
            the United States;

            Formally renouncing U.S. citizenship within the U.S. (but only “in time of

            Conviction for an act of treason.

          • Excellent !!. However,he does have a royal title. and that would preclude him from legal acceptance as a U.S. citizen. Would have to relinquish the title. If he were ever to agree to the undignified naturalization process (for any royal family member), it would be incompatible with his Jordanian societal position

          • But even though they told you Obama was born on US soil, there is no records of his birth in that Hawaii hospital he claims to be born in. Obama’s grandmother said he was born in Kenya, Michelle said he was born in Kenya, Obama’s book said he was born in Kenya and his student ID said he was a foreign exchange student. So we have a president born on foreign soil with a Mother that was a US citizen and a Father that was not plus on top of that, Obama lied about it and hired a lawyer to seal his records.

          • Your understanding is correct. Presidential candidates must have been born on US soil, and both parents of said candidate must have been born on US soil.

      • I doubt that Cruz as Prez would be able to much of anything! He is disliked by his fellow Senators, and they won’t work with him.
        Trump 2016

        • That might change. When someone has as much power as a modern day President, people usually start lining up to work with him, because if they scratch his back, he will scratch theirs.

        • No Cruz, no Trump — they are both scraping from the bottom of the pond.

          • And like Bernie and Hillary aren’t? Will you even vote this year?

          • Why do you lie ? Do you find being a liar acceptable ? Do you get some kind of sexual pleasure by displaying you’re ignorance in public ? Are you a closet pervert ? Or are you really just naturally dumber then a hubcap ?

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Are you talking about Obama or killer Hillary?????

          • No Bernie no Hillary. Communist has never worked.hillary will do the Obama thing which all around the world Germany Brussels France London live in hell. Like Obama said its easier to die in bath tub then by a terrorist. Hahaha! That’s really smart.

          • Oh! They are down there with you, so you know them. What is the bottom of the barrel like in your experience? I expect you see the majority of the Repub and Demo leadership there with you also. Are you good friends with them?

        • If you check the stats, Cruz is one of the top producing members of the Senate, I believe he was top 11% and I certain he was top 25%, so the can’t get anyone to work with him isn’t really true.

        • Political necessities have a miraculous way of converting strident political oponents into “bosom buddies”

        • Patricia A Galle

          He may be disliked because he will not go along with the party over the people, but he is respected for his brilliance and achievements.

        • Virginia Hornibrook

          Yes they will they’ll work with the Senate where Trump will just as Obama does on his own because he thinks his brain is better than anyone else vote Cruz as we don’t need a cry baby Trump in my white house vote Republican vote Cruz

        • They like Trump less than they like Cruz but the reason is Congress really likes working with the Democrats. The Congress can make themselves a lot wealthier than with a Republican president because of the spending sprees of the Democrats. If either Ted or Donald wins, they all will get a life style change.

          • I had my doubts about Trump until the elites started dumping on him bigtime! Now, I plan to vote for him.
            I think the electorates will try to dump both Trump and/or Cruz and bring in one of their own for Prez. We will see.

        • Check Cruz voting record on the military. Voted down to raise their wages. He talks a good talk about the military especially here in SC but votes down budget on military.
          Trump 2016

      • AGREED, I can’t trust a foreigner to run the US Army, I’ve seen how horribly our current Indonesian-Chicago dictator has done it. I’m not so sure you could include Ted Cruz in the same hemisphere as barry soetoro, however. At least he grew up in the US, and after barry’s dubious past, I don’t consider Cruz’s past as unqualified as ‘king’ BS’s (Barry Soetoro’s)

        • Obama was raised raised in Indonesia to parents who did not seem to teach him to love America or her system of government. Also, if Obama was adopted by his Indonesian father-in-law, he would not have lost his U.S. citizenship according to present law: http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-supreme-court/307/325.html

          Ted Cruz was born a U.S. citizen in Canada, and did not have to be naturalized.

          Raphael Edward “Ted” Cruz was born on December 22, 1970. His mother moved with him to Texas when he was about the age of 3, and he was raised in Texas to love God and the U.S. Constitution. He has won legal battles to protect the U.S. Constitution. He also won a legal battle to protect the sovereignty of Texas and the U.S.A. from the U.N.

          In 1986, his mother, Eleanor Elizabeth (Wilson) Cruz, filed papers with the U.S. consulate, showing where she gave birth to him. He then was able to attend a high school trip to England. Eleanor did this well before his 18th birthday, December 22, 1988, which was the deadline. If she had waited until that date, he would have then needed to be naturalized.

          • ..
            Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Why do you need to have a closed mind to facts.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Can you do something other then print the same crap get a life you idiot

        • Obama was born in Hawaii and you morons, including Trump went to investigate and came out with same answer. Obama was born to an American and African in Hawaii. Cruz is born in Canada to a Cuban father. And you morons want to vote for Cruz. Unbelievable!

          • When did we morons go to Hawaii? What was the answer we got? Oh, yes, the lady who could verify was sole observer of birth record and sole descedent of single plane crash, hospital records were then unavailable, but seen by the Hawaii state DOH official who was able to send a copy that was determined to be a forgery. Pmbalele, you’re making it really hard to believe, not to mention the multi-million dollar secrecy of all of his middle-year records. I wish I was as simple that I could trust “those with something to hide.”

          • ???
            Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Same crap

          • It would seem reasonable that the Hawaiian hospital where Obama was born would proudly claim the honor. However, no hospital in Hawaii has produced documentation of Obama’s birth at their institution. In fact all Hawaiian hospitals have been silent on the issue, and both Obama and his half-sister have claimed two different hospitals as the institution of his birth. Can you explain that one?

          • You’re a hypocrite. Why did you want Obama to produce his birth certificate to be eligible for the WH job when you knew his mother was American-born? Now you’re quiet and allowing Ted Cruz to run for the WH job when you know he is an alien born in Canada? Double standard. That means you hate Obama for being an African-American and for ruling this Country. You make me sick of you and others who think you’re more of human beings than us Blacks. Somebody lied to you to regard yourselves as better than Blacks.

          • You’re a hypocrite. “That means you hate Obama for being an African-American”
            You have no rational basis for these two allegations, and they’re out in left field. I’ve happily voted for candidates for public office whose skin color is darker than Obama’s, who happens to be half-white.
            “You make me sick of . . . you who think you’re more of human beings than us Blacks.”
            Find where I’ve made any statement that would substantiate your accusation.
            For all you know, I could be blacker than the Ace of Spades.

            Why did you want Obama to produce his birth certificate to be eligible for the WH job. Why not?. Presidential candidates are expected to practically strip their souls bare with the release of tax returns and a myriad of other documents.
            “Now you’re quiet and allowing Ted Cruz to run for the WH job when you know he is an alien born in Canada?
            If you’d been paying any kind of attention to my comment postings, you would have seen that I’ve been very vocal and consistent about Cruz’s ineligibility, and will not vote for this traitor to the Constitution. Nor will I vote for lying Hitlary. These two are both poison for different reasons.

        • Why do you need to tell this lie?

          Why do you embarrass America this way?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        • Eleanor Cummings

          Follow the links in my reply earlier to Arizona Don. You just might reconsider like I had to after checking it out.

      • You are using that old meme against Cruz who is every bit as American as any of us. It gets a little tiring to hear that same old tirade trottted out as the only way to support the Donald, who has never done anything political in his life until he simply up and decided one day to be the president.

        • Well Francie maybe you are only 26 years of age? Assuming that is the truth then you were still in diapers when Mr. Trump was asked to come speak before Congress. Please look up the one hour video of Donald Trump discussing tax law and real estate before a congressional committee in 1991. The man has had to cut through red tape to operate a business in the US for decades. If that doesn’t make him a bit of an expert on politics and how it really works then you are kidding yourself!

          Just like Mitt from the GOP in 2012 plus all the other democrats/republicans they all wanted to be associated with the Donald….. That is until he calls them all out for being lazy. Majority of these career politicians let the lobbyists pay them off instead of doing their job as elected officials and run America in the best interests of its citizens.

        • You will be sooooorie if you vote for Cruz. He is not a citizen by birth. Ask the people of Wisconsin who voted for Walker. I had warned them before that Walker is greedy and feels inferiority among college graduates. When Wis elected Walker, Walker promised to get rid of Universities as retaliation for being kicked out college for bad behavior.

        • I have no idea why Republican women are so dumb. First is to be in GOP. GOP males abuse and take them for granted. Second, GOP Memo attacks women’s right to their bodies. I do not understand that. I know – I have been a male and man all my life. Therefore I cannot know what women think when they are abused in a party.

        • “It gets a little tiring to hear that same old tirade”, Well, Laurence Tribe, Cruz’s Harvard law professor, and one of uSA’s foremost constitutional legal scholars, has a different opinon here: http://tinyurl.com/zph2scv

      • Cruz was given US citizenship at birth because his mother IS A US CITIZEN AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN. SHE WAS BORN IN DELAWARE. HIS FATHER MET THE US RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO HIS BIRTH. They did not know of the Canadian citizenship until Aug. of 2014 when a Texas newspaper wrote about it. Upon further investigation and filling the required forms, his Canadian citizenship was dissolved between March and April.
        You can also read how the PA State Supreme Court deemed him a “natural born” US citizen. Cruz is not a foreigner and most likely speaks better English and has a greater understanding of this country’s Constitution, than you do.
        You appear to be the only dumb one.

      • Ted Cruz was born a U.S. citizen in Canada, and did not have to be naturalized.

        Raphael Edward “Ted” Cruz was born on December 22, 1970. His mother moved with him to Texas when he was about the age of 3, and he was raised in Texas to love God and country and to defend both in the legal system.

        In 1986, his mother, Eleanor Elizabeth (Wilson) Cruz, filed papers with the U.S. consulate, showing where she gave birth to him. He then was able to attend a high school trip to England. Eleanor did this well before his 18th birthday, December 22, 1988, which was the deadline. If she had waited until that date, he would have then needed to be naturalized.

        • What -Cruz did not have to be naturalized. Cruz filled his green card or migrant labor forms in April last year. He was naturalized in August. Please read Isabella posting above.

      • pmbalele; You are right.I don’t agree 100% with Trump, but we have to recognise, he is the only one, to save America.Sure, everybody is free to vote for whom they want but, NOW ,it’s about AMERICA. CRUZ, is not a natural born citizen, Obama, also wasn;t, but he beat the system, the Constitution. To ellect one other non natural born citizen, is very dangerous. What will happen if, tomorrow, one other none narural born citizen , Russian,Chines or any other, ask to be the president of the USA. What will happen? Foxs Channel, show this morning, a navy officer, born in Taiwan, was cought selling information to China? That you want for America?If, that you want , walk over the Constitution of the USA as many America haters, do with the American Flag. Transform USA, in a” zombi” country.

        • Thanks. I have been telling TPs and Repubs to think again about Cruz. The guy always goes to Canada for vacation. Obama goes to Hawaii or to NY Vine Yard.

      • Cruz is a natural born U.S. citizen as are all children of U.S. citizen parents. His mother was a citizen at the time f his birth.

        • You must have flunked History 101 or you do not know Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father.

        • Reports have been circulating for a while that both of Cruz’ parents voted in Canadian elections before he was born in 1970, and that to do so they had to declare that they were Canadian citizens. Too much controversy about Cruz’ eligibility, including his own comment some years ago that he, like Obama, was ineligible. Either there’s fidelity to the Constitution and its prohibitions, or we lose it. Is one’s preferred candidate more important than preservation of the Constitution?

          • Neither Obama nor Cruz are ineligible.

            Both are children of an American citizen parent. Neither have surrendered their American citizenship.

            Where did you study law — any law, let alone Constitutional law?

          • I’v been a legal and constitutional history researcher for more than 30 years. Besides, it doesn’t take a genius to read and understand law. More necessary is being meticulous enough to understand the research and apply it logically and appropriately. I know enough about law to have enabled my husband to win a lawsuit and judgment that conflicted with an earlier judgment issued by the same judge. That is an almost impossible to achieve occurrence.
            Regarding your opinion about Obama’s citizenship status (“U.S.” rather than “American” (there is a legal difference), Congress passed statutory citizenship law some years ago requiring that a parent claiming U.S citizenship for their child have met a minimum number of years of residency in the United States by the time of the child’s birth. Obama’s mom years of residency fell short of that minimum number. And his father, never changed his status as a student visa holder, and was later deported back to Kenya.

        • Wrong. Even Cruz, not many years ago publicly agreed that both he and Obama were ineligible. If he was a U.S. citizen (which is different from the “natural born citizen” status, he would not have had Canadian citizenship to renounce, and that’s a matter of public record. Even Cruz’ Harvard law school professor (Laurence Tribe) who’s recognized as about the most respected constitutional scholar in the uSA, has opined that his former student is ineligible. See this Guardian.com news report: http://tinyurl.com/zph2scv

      • Eleanor Cummings

        I don’t think everyone realizes what Cruz and his Christian sect of 7 Mountains Dominions are actually aiming for. (follow link in my reply to Arizona Don). When Ted talks about maintaining our borders, he is talking about borders that include Canada, the USA, and Mexico!! It’s a tug of war between who’ll take over the USA – Obama’s Islamics or the NWO through others, including our republican elites, RINO’S and the rest of the anti-Trump liberal establishment. Bush, Cruz, Rand, Murdoch, etc, etc. look up what they have to say about multi-Cultures and the NWO!!

      • Patricia A Galle

        Ted Cruz was ruled, for the 5th time since Trump started lying about him, in New Jersey today to be a natural born citizen by blood. If you are an American citizen and have a baby, it is natural born by blood no matter where you are. The Naturalization Law of 1790 made that clear. Two judges threw the case out, for no value. Do you really think one of the most respected constitutional minds in America doesn’t know if he is eligible to run. That was settled in Texas long ago, when he ran for the Senate.

        • What – “that was settled in Texas long ago, when he ran for the Senate.” I believe you do not know Cruz lied he was from Delaware. They later found he was from Canada. The case is still alive in Texas.

          • Patricia A Galle

            I was born and have lived in Texas all of my life. I have been a Ted Cruz supporter all of his life. There is no unsettled case in Texas. He is loved and respected for all the great things he has done for us. He has received over 9 million is small donations from people like me.

        • You will be soooorie -When he loses GOP nomination, he will dump you and move back to run as PM of Canada. Don’t call me, we will call you when you cry-“what went wrong Cruz moved to Canada?

          • Patricia A Galle

            Ted Cruz is our great state of Texas Senator. He is loved and respected here for all the great things he has done for the people. I don’t see how Trump can win when 75% of women will never vote for him. 65% of Christians won’t vote for him. His own kids can’t vote for him in New York because they forgot to change their party in time, so they can only vote in the Democrat’s Primary. Trump is a liberal Democrat and he can’t beat his dear friend Hillary.

          • You don’t see how Trump can win when 75% of women will never vote for him! You’re listening to Megan Kelly who was rejected by Trump. She is a big mouth and should be fired to go back to her profession – lying.

      • Virginia Hornibrook

        He’d do a hell of a better job than the illegal president Obama but our wonderful Democrats wanted him to our President and took the phoney paper that he gave us. Obama was born in Kenya not in Hawaii he’s taken our country back to a 3 rd world country Cruz is a u s citizen vote Republican vote cruz

        • You will be sooorie! Cruz does not care if this country goes down. He is Canadian-Cuban. He has promised his uncle Castro that he will make USA province of Canada and Cuba. Did you say Obama “has taken this country back to a 3rd world? Sorry for you. All rich Repubs and CEOs such as Romney, Ted Cruz etc. took their money to Swiss, China, Japan, Malaysia where they meet their mistresses leaving their wrinkled wives here. So your friends invested in foreign counties. Talk to Paul Ryan, he will tell you the truth. Thank God, North Carolina has filed a lawsuit to disqualify Cruz. After he is ugly.

        • Virginia Hornibrook

          You say Cruz is Canadian/ Cuban so this makes the crook lair in the white house is Muslim and was born in Kenya vote Republican vote cruz

      • Are you going to vote for Trump???

      • Trump who was Born to a father who held dual citizenships. And a mother who had lived in the US for 18 years before ever applying for citizenship. She who was born in Scotland. Giving birth to Donald 2 years prior to her citizenship. That is fact according to the National archives of Immigration an Naturalization. Reshearched By CNN .

    • do you know any christian Area in long island city Queens?

    • Fight FIRE WITH FIRE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • FYI: ALL the candidates are on the left, including Cruz!

      • Jenny,
        How did you come to that conclusion?

        I believe that the ESTABLISHMENT of both parties are now controlled by the left. But I do not see all the Candidates as in the tank for the left…

        We have to look at the candidates actions to see if they are on the left or not.. Cruz has always fought the establishment. I would say he is on the conservative side.

        • Cruz is not constitutionally eligible as a candidate for president of the USA. His qualifications are being challenged in several states, including California.
          He’s a naturalized citizen, not a natural born citizen of the USA. His dad is Cuban and fought along side Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in the the communist takeover of Cuba.

        • A little Cruz history.

          Ted Cruz’ dad fought along side Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in the communist takeover of Cuba. Ted Cruz’ wife is a VP at Goldman Sachs. Raphael “Ted” Cruz was born in Canada and was NOT naturalized in the USA until 2014. He wasn’t eligible for senator much less president.

          • Jenny, Thanks for sharing. I can see you have done a considerable amount of homework.

            Ted Cruz’ dad fled Cuba for a better life elsewhere. Many a good person have been duped by the Castro’s.

            Ted Cruz’s wife committed no crimes at Goldman Sachs.

            While I find your arguments about his naturalization status compelling, several courts have thought otherwise about his eligibility….


            With all the infighting these days, I find it very hard to sift through all the facts and find what is real and what is not real.

          • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ae07f0e276c04511780889ed2e43d81468970e440e348cef0856d5fc8e99143.jpg

            Heidi Cruz works for one of the “too big to fail” banks that declared bankruptcy in 2008. Heidi may not have done anything wrong but her employer sure did – and they’re looking for loop holes so they can do it again.

            Vattel’s Law of Nations, which was the reference material the Framers of the US Constitution used, says that a natural born citizen is one that was born in this country of TWO parents that were also born in this country.

          • What a bunch of horse droppings your propaganda is…

            I believe that the too big to fail companies or crony capitalism, is the same as crony socialism, which is the same as communism.

            When you complain about cronyism, it is just big government creeping into capitalism, which is the very definition of communism.

            I also believe that both political parties have been taken over by socialist/communists/liberal progressives… These two controlling entities must keep the people divided to keep the power away from the people.

            0bama has already broken Vattel’s Law of nations… Get over it, the damage is done. It may take a second wrong to make a right in this case because the socialists have been conditioning (brainwashing) the people so long that the number of fools that believe in socialism is almost as many as those that believe in Capitalism…

            The problem is Socialism is a form of slavery, and you do not have the right to make me a slave.

          • “They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in… It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.”

            – George Washington

            “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews.

            In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.”

            – Benjamin Franklin


            [Note: Some Zionists have admitted that they worship Lucifer. Michael A. Hoffman presents convincing evidence in his massive 1100 page tome, Judaism Discovered (2008), that Judaism is a self worship, racist, pagan construct. A brash, 29 year old Zionist egotist, Harold W. Rosenthal, then administrative assistance to Senator Jacob Javits of New York, revealed in a remarkably candid 1976 interview with Walter White Jr (who was viciously attacked and beaten on March 13, 1978 as a consequence of its publication) that Judaism is a Lucifer worshipping cult:

            “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer — so I wasn’t lying — and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.”


            The Communist Takeover Of
            America – 45 Declared Goals

            Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

            1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

            2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.

            3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

            4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

            5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.

            6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

            7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.

            8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.

            9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.

            10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.

            11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

            12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

            13. Do away with all loyalty oaths. (Kol Nidre oath voids all other other oaths taken previously, including the Hippocratic oath.)

            14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

            16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

            *17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

            18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

            19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

            20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

            *21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

            *22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

            23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

            *24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

            *25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

            *26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

            *27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

            *28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

            *29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

            *30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

            *31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

            *32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

            *33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

            *34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

            35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

            *36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

            *37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

            *38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

            *39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals. (Freud created psychology for this purpose.)

            *40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

            *41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

            *42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.

            *43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

            *44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.

            *45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

          • The entire agenda item list was originally disclosed in the book, “The Naked Communist”, and it has been adopted by liberal progressives that control the MEDIA, Schools, both political parties, big businesses, and most important the entire Democrat Party.

            Your enemies are not Jews, they are liberal progressive socialists.

          • The Jews ARE the “liberal progressive socialists” also known as Communists. The Naked Communist wrote about the 45 declared goals for America, which was recorded in the Congressional Records in 1963. It describes the steps the communists will take to overthrow the American government – which they have already done. It also describes the takeover of morality in America – and they’ve succeeded in that, too.

          • Insinuating that any group like the Jews or Blacks or Koreans, or whatever ARE the liberal progressive socialists is not productive.

            I would say that all groups including Jews have people that are sympathetic to the communist cause… We must fight all sources.

          • I’m not insinuating – it’s a FACT!! The Bolshevik Jews that took over Russia are now called Zionists and they are taking over America. Actually, they are taking over the world!! Guns have been banned England, Canada and Australia, and they’re attempting to ban guns in America. (All white countries.) Why do you suppose they’re doing that? How many unarmed citizens of Russia did Stalin murder? Or, how about Mao Tse Tung? Or, Pol Pot? Or Castro? Zionists Jews have a vendetta against white Christians, and they mean to rid the world of them.

          • I understand and agree with where you are going with this, but feel that leaving the Jew label off your comments will have more impact…

            Liberal Progressives want the guns for only one reason….

            “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          • The reality is – Cruz isn’t in the race anymore. And that is how it should be.

            Goldman Sach is searching for ways to rip off their customers via their bank accounts. The whole thing should become more apparent with the passage of time. Also, I believe I read where Congress has given itself access to ‘other people’s money’ via 401K and IRA’s.

          • Shame on all of us for falling for the same old tricks from politicians and businessmen that send out slanderous lies.

            Did you know that Trumps new campaign finance manager is from Goldman Sachs? So much for Trump not being a hypocrite.


          • Peatro Giorgio

            Yes the reality is Cruz suspended his campaign but now Trump is taking campaign money From Goldman Sachs lobbyist, and every other big money donor and PAC money sponsers. So much for Your crap’ola theory That Trump won’t be bought off or Trump won’t be owned..

          • I never said Trump couldn’t be bought off. In fact I have said that I won’t be voting in this primary because I don’t like any of the candidates – Trump included. Trump owes the Jews numerous favors and if he’s elected president, they’ll be calling in those favors.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Jenny ! Have you taken a close hard look at the two remaining , Conservative’s still seeking their parties nomination in the presidential race, Yes they are both far more conservative then either of the two major parties presumptive nominees .Yes they are both also Libertarians. Their popularity polls national are now at 11 plus % and rising. I as a fiscal conservative with libertarian leanings, a tea-party activist, a Constitutional convention of states Promoter, And for the last 12 plus years 100% independent voter. .As one who often votes for the republican. Like many of members of my family, friends and associates are now looking toward one or the other of the Libertarian parties nominees . Highly recommend anyone who is dissatisfied with either major party selection. Look To the libertarians, Gary Johnson & ex Governor Is looking pretty dam good right now.

          • I didn’t say Trump couldn’t be bought off, however, it’s Ted Cruz’s wife who works for Goldman Sach.

            Trump may not be on the inside with the Skull and Bones but he’s still associated with them. I believe that, like Joe Biden, Trump is a Zionist.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Jenny equating Heide Cruz’s employment with political corupption. Is at best idiotic ..Here why At age 14 I took on a part time summer job To clean a Barber shop twice a week. That barber was also the family friend an barber..One day while I was cleaning the counters . The Da an police came in an Arrested the barber for his ties to organized crime an his participation in those criminal activities. I was not even questioned by the authorities. Two weeks later. Found myself a part time summer job. For a Fish market. The owner also arrested six months later. For conspiracy to extort an book making ..Here again I wasn’t questioned..But the word on the street was I was a rat.. well low an behold. Once court proceedings took place. It was soon discovered. The real rats were forced to testify in open court. Turns out it was customers an long time associates..of both owners . So you see your anology is very much laced with Crappy enuenuedo An all it is is crap. With no more validity then the rumors once spread in reference to me..Certainly I had an idea of what was going on..But that doesn’t mean I was involved neither was I going to rat for I had not known enough. To rat. Further more Both owners were long time family friend. O an neither of the Two men were ever convicted.. Seems in both cases. The desicions of The DA to offer immunity to some highly dishonest corrupt individual .So that they might testify iN exchange for not charming them..Didn’t work out so well for said DA.

    • Are NY values better the Texas values, the RN stole 34 delegates from the people in Denver to give to Ted?
      Now where I’m from the persons receiving stolen merchandise is as guilty as the persons doing the stealing?

      • You need to look into the definition of stolen…

        Trump got caught with his guard down in Colorado. But those delegates were not stolen by Cruz.

        I might add that the Republican elites WANT Hillary in office. They want the Trump people to fight with the Cruz people. A divided electorate is the only way the Republican elite can win.

        If Trump ends up on top, I will vote for Trump. If Cruz ends up on Top, I will vote for Cruz.

        I will never vote for Socialism, and a non vote is a vote for socialism.

        • Well I’m sure glad 34 decided what the Coloradans wanted, taxation without representation is always good in my book!

          I guess it saved the RNC millions on that possess, but if I was a Coloradoan I’d be freak’en furious, as Trumpel I am!

          If the RNC keeps stealing Trumps Delegates I see no where for him to go but to bring back the wig party.

          • What do you mean by taxation without representation??? That is happening but only because the elites count the votes… And they will total the votes in Hillary’s favor… In the Primaries and Presidential election against Trump or Cruz.

            As I look at it, neither Cruz nor Trump is on the RNC elites list. In fact if you believe the way I do that the Republican elite = Democrat elite = Communist, the only candidate that the RNC elites have in the race is HILLARY.

            Right now, the only way the elites win is if the elites can split the Republicans like they did last time with Romney…


          • The reason Romney lost is he took a dive, he never challenge chett, he was bought and paid for by the elite Puppet Masters.

            He showed more fight to derail Trump then he did against Obummer, beside big media was in their prime which didn’t help! I’ll always remember Mitt as Chevy Chase in vacation, who forgot to untie the dog from the bumper before heading out on the family vacation!

            Wish I could convince U otherwise about Cruz but must rely on my gut!

            Maybe it’s the Republican party that’s the problem?

            The one thing i’ll say about Cruz is he is a fighter, a dirty one but a fighter!

          • I think you are right. Romney was told to take a dive by the puppet masters and he did. Like the good puppet that he is. The puppet masters control the election results, so the reality is, Romney really didn’t have a choice… It simply wasn’t Romney’s or more importantly, the Republicans turn…

            I believe that the Republican elite collude with the Democrat elite and all are Communist/Socialists in nature. The R elite are socialists in conservative clothing. They are spies, turncoats, and traitors to conservative causes. I believe Crony Capitalism is the same as Crony Socialism, that is the same as Communism. As in Communism, for the elites, it is all about control of the people.

            The same elites that control both political parties, control the MEDIA…I believe the MEDIA is the elites strongest brainwashing and controlling tool right now. They use bias by omission to control public opinion, and the very practice of bias by omission leaves propaganda as the results of their actions.

            That is why I fight the MEDIA at http://www.madashellboycott.com.

            My biggest concern right now is that the entire election processes is fixed. The People’s votes are no longer counted. I believe that the MEDIA will call the election close, and the elites will feed the MEDIA the election results the ELITES want… The elites will not leave this election up to chance… Hillary has already won in their mind, all they have to do is find a way for the MEDIA to present that win in a plausible manor that the majority of the people do not put up a fight.

          • They have a new definition that pretty much covers them all, “Globalists” (communist , socialist, Demarcates, too big to fail, federal bank, Big corporations, super packs UN, NATO, Republicans depopulation advocates , illuminati, the elite and their One World Order. Excluding U and me!
            I believe we’re seeing evidence of the fix as they fine tune the process in the primaries.

          • You might just be right.

            I believe the elites want a brokered convention as well as a split Republican party. With a split republican party, the elites can easily convince the people that Hillary will win…

            Which is all they have to do is make it plausible that Hillary will win, and she is going to win…

          • You know what they say? It’s not over until the fat lady sings, or in killary’s case, until the wicked witch gaggle’s.

          • Keep fighting my friend.

        • Shifty eyed Cruz sure is eating it up like candy. He does like to Gloat at being their globalist Puppet, they must have promised him something along with Numb Rod Kasich? “Something’s not right in Denver??”

          • If the table was turned, don’t you think Trump would gobble it up like candy too? Maybe even gloat a little himself?

            This ain’t over. It ain’t over for Trump, it ain’t over for Cruz. Come on, both men have ego’s the size of Jupiter. They are going to gloat.

          • If Cruz would have said to the RNC no thank U, I want a primary to win them fair and square. I would embrace Cruz but instead he goes mine! Mine, all mine!

            So to even find out if Trump is anything like Cruz the RNC will have to give Trump all of California’s Delegates without having a primary just to see if Trump goes “mine, mine, all mine! But we both know that will never happen!

          • Again, Trump would have done the same. As Trump is finding out, politics is an ugly and mean spirited blood sport. There are no participation trophies.

            I think you can look back at the previous states where each candidate that won took the votes and say that Trump would do exactly what Cruz did in CO…. No need to look at CA to make that decision. You are correct, that will never happen.

            But again, I don’t see wanting to win as a negative in either candidate.

          • We’ll have to see how it develops as it sets I don’t see cutting Americans out of the process as a good thing no matter who is appointed King!

    • Yours is the best argument! People from NYC and ‘burbs had no plans on voting for Cruz, whether he mentioned NY values or not. Consider whom they’ve elected as Mayor, Hillary as a U.S. Senator when she was a very brief resident of NY, Rep. Weiner, Chuck Schumer, etc. The Upstate folks and those from mid-state to north don’t vote like NYC’ers.

      • That is if the people vote at all…. I live in CA, which is just as bad as NY. My vote hasn’t been counted in a long time.

        Liberal Progressives control the MEDIA, and BOTH political parties. Liberal progressives count the votes in CA, and they probably do the same in NY,

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin

        More than likely, the Liberal Progressives are going to count the votes this time during the Presidential Election, and if so, Hillary will win, even if she is in jail.

  6. If Cruz tries that bible thumping, holy roller scenario in New York City, he’ll be thrown into the East River. New Yorkers are too hip to his line of hypocritical BS.
    I’m not a Trump lover, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d pick Trump.
    As a former NY’er, I understand his language, and where Trump is coming from, although I disagree with his egotism, misogyny, xenophobia and narcissistic personality.

    • Large egos and Narcissistic personalities seem to be a common trait among People who run for office. In this case, while I am not always thrilled with the Messenger I am opting for The Trump message and the fact I do not think his ego will allow him to fail.

      • Good point!

      • That is true, but sometimes when you have a person who uses those traits to do good, it works. There are disproportionately more spec ops who have sociopathic traits but use that fearless, warrior like, confident mentality to serve the nation and can kill without coming to pieces. There’s something called pds – post deployment syndrome. Parts have to do with difficulty adjusting to civilian life because some of these guys are simply made to live off adrenaline. When they lose that positive outlet, they don’t quite know what to do with themselves and will do destructive things unless given another positive outlet. So there are some narcassits and sociopaths who want to work for the greater good (they may not always know what drives them either way), but it can be bad when they’re not given a good outlet that fits their alpha male personality. Just a study I did. Tried so hard to get a disabled vet back into the kind of work I’m certain he would have excelled at where there personality needs would have been met, but not having much luck because the deficiencies needed to be addressed first, and I think it was too embarrassing to open up that dialogue with me. Maybe a male would be able to address it better, but I think he could still do great things for the nation due to an incredibly sharp intellect and past training. Trying not to give up. Never let a good mind go to waste.

    • You sound to me like you are describing Obomba…

    • So.. umm.. you reside in San Francisco now? The Land of Turkeys; a “gobbler” on every corner.

    • All your adjectives for Trump are exactly the adjectives most of us apply, especially since we have been in NY more than once and have people we know living in the state. I do pray that outside NYCity, that the people there have more brains and vote for Trump and from what I have been reading/hearing, they are voting Trump because they can see communism coming fast to America and that means their territory as well – like di Blasio in NY City. We want Trump and the others want a cheating Cruz. Simple as that. I hope all the states now investigating voter cheater come forth NOW! and let us know the real cheating and for whom, which apparently is Cruz!

  7. I think Cruz might do better in New York State than most seem to think. He might not have been welcomed in the Bronx, but people who live in New York away from the actual ‘New York City’ seem to understand what he meant by what he said. I wouldn’t be caught dead in the Bronx,… as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t send my dead cat to New York City.

    • Outside of Manhatten and the immediate Buroughs surrounding it, I found New Yorkers more Conservative the further away from the Big Apple they were. There has always been a lot of resentment toward the easy spending and taxing habits of the Metro area and felt like it was a blood-sucking leach living off them.

      For that reason alone and becauseTrump being a BIG NY City fellow, they would be more inclined toward voting for Cruz.

      Do not sell Cruz’ fate in NY STATE short based on the Metro area!

      • Sorry to disagree, but outside of NYCity AND NY Cities (Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, Binghamton, Utica, Jamestown) it is more rational. The NY cities elected commie-Cuomo governor twice (54%forDemocrat AC/40% for Republican RA) while the population upstate-downstate is 38%/62% .

      • Yes SIR! That’s the kind of good information I like to hear!!

    • He did not say New York City values. He said New York values!

      • Well, for those with a lack of comprehension skills perhaps Cruz should have clarified that Trump doesn’t live in ALL of New York.

    • Nor my dead dog.


  9. I like many others have no love for NYC, however, I do not criticize those who do. I think it is a damn good thing everyone does not like the same thing. I was stationed in the Army in up state NY, in the finger lakes area (Geneva, Waterloo and Seneca Falls). Beautiful country and very nice people. I married a girl from there and tried to live there for a few years after separated from the Army. It was to damn cold for me so I came back to Arizona.

    I find it difficult to support Ted Cruz for president at this time. I could see him as VP and if he proved out (and eligible) maybe he would make a good president down the road a few years. He is young enough. Right now no, I do not think so. Actually I’m appalled by what I see going on in politics right now but Donald is not the cause it is the establishment. The chamber of commerce, the business round table and the big money bankers they are the ones imposing their control on the politicians and we allow them to be the puppet masters. But Donald knows this and they see their control slipping away. However, I have news for them. They have been exposed, thanks to Trump, and sooner or later they are going to lose their hold on America. Make no mistake their days are limited. No matter what!

    • Eleanor Cummings

      Cruz was a favorite of mine on a Trump/Cruz ticket up to around February. I’ll not say he has done NO good at all, but his agenda is diferent than most people know. Because I am retired disabled l’ve had time to do extensive research, starting around July last year, ALL candidates and ALL parties . Yes, I was VERY disappointed in Ted, but then, such is life.
      Some things he did because of NWO. He is the appointed messiah/savior of the radical Christian sect of 7 Mountains Dominionism that seeks to place their members in control of our culture and create a NWO though the domination of business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family, and religion. Check it out. (https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2016/01/12/cruz-and-his-seven-mountain-dominionism/
      Ted Cruz has only been a citizen of the U.S. for about 19 months! He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014 so he could run for president. His father didn’t even get his citizenship to the US until Cruz decided to run for Senate. All this bull about his escaping Cuba and coming to the USA? He moved to Canada. Isn’t it something – we have two Cubans running for President of the USA, Cruz and Rubio, and both are questionable at best. There are also other reasons that he is not constitutionally eligible, including the fact that both of his parents were NOT U.S. Citizens when he was born, only his mother was. ( I look for the RNC to use Cruz to draw delegates away from Trump, then they’ll prove him ineligible and hold their “brokered convention”, nominating easily controlled Jeb Bush)
      Cruz will also do anything to take the spotlight off the fact that he is IN THE POCKET OF THE BIG BANKS (including Souros) that gave him MILLIONS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT! (A wise man said “When a poor man gives to a politician it’s a donation When a rich man gives to a politician it’s an investment”.) Furthermore, Cruz certainly doesn’t want the AMERICAN PUBLIC to know that his wife Heidi is a MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND VOTED TO MERGE AMERICA, MEXICO AND CANADA!! Which explains his WEAK position on Immigration! (This part I found scary)! Wise up, he’s not who you think he is but claims to be!
      Ted Cruz has only been a citizen of the U.S. for about 19 months! He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014 so he could run for president. Look up “67 reasons not to vote for Cruz”. Is he even a legal senator???
      Cruz will also do anything to take the spotlight off the fact that he is IN THE POCKET OF THE BIG BANKS (including Soros) that gave him MILLIONS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT! (A wise man said “When a poor man gives to a politician it’s a donation When a rich man gives to a politician it’s an investment”.) Furthermore, Cruz certainly doesn’t want the AMERICAN PUBLIC to know that his wife Heidi is a MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND VOTED TO MERGE AMERICA, MEXICO AND CANADA!! Which explains his WEAK position on Immigration! (This part I found scary)! Wise up, he’s not who you think he is but claims to be!
      Now go back and listen to his ORIGINAL speeches when his campaign first started, especially what his stance was on immigration and open borders. THEN LISTEN TO TRUMP’S ORIGINAL SPEECHES!! A bit of plagiarizing on Ted’s part, wouldn’t you say? He stole Trump’s speeches, almost word for word. Now that takes guts!!

      • You’ve spoken the Whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Just got to keep repeating these truths to the uninformed and unwisely swayed voters.

      • Thank you for the heads up on some of your research. Somehow I missed a lot of that especially the Marshall report.

        I’m certain the DNC and hillary will both sue Ted Cruz over eligibly if he is the nominee in July. I further think you analogy could be right about getting him either to resign if nominated or prove he is ineligible to hold office.

        I do believe Donald is correct when he says he is the one hillary and the DNC “do not” want to run against. Cruz they will annihilate there is too much he is hiding. I also understand many of his records he has at least attempted to hide somewhat like obama.

        If anything however, the GOP/RNC despise him more then Trump and will somehow get him out of the way. They will also not install Kasich. At least that is the way I see it.

        Nice chatting with you.

  10. Tying it to anti-Semitic is a democratic trick not a fact. Only muslims and New York Democrats are anti-semetic. the rest of us have little contact with Jews.Jerry Rivers tried that and was exposed as a fraud.

    • Most NYC Jews ARE Democrats. If you live and work in the area, most EVERYONE has contact with Jewish people, as well as various other ethnic groups. Anti-Semitism isn’t that big a problem in NYC either.
      Leave Geraldo alone. Being both a Jew and Puero Rican is a double “burden” to bear..LOL..
      What little hole in the wall do you come from, where you have little contact with Jewish folk? Just asking…

      • I am Jewish and we do not like nor appreciate those in NY calling themselves Jews because they have blemished America and hate America. Can’t even find good Jewish food in NY. Hate it each time I have to go there, and so glad my Jewish family members escaping the pogrom in Russian went on to PA, MA and the Mid-West. Of them, I am proud. Of you, not so much!

        • Boy, have you disrespected the wrong person, here. I am a proud JEW! Yes, that’s right, and all my NY Jews call themselves that, loud and clear.
          I come from the same Russian background as you. Born and bred in Brooklyn. Moved down south a few years ago, but only because of health reasons.
          Grew up in a close Jewish community. My son went to Yeshiva. Don’t know what people you’re referring to, but the Yehudim, in my experience, love America, defended it in war, and are most patriotic.
          I guess you haven’t been to the right neighborhoods or restaurants. There are plenty of Kosher delis, Israeli/Jewish foodstores, and other related businesses throughout the boroughs. Still some primarily Yiddishgeit areas, like Borough Park, as well. Easy to find, if you cared to look.
          Glad your family is happy where they are.
          The best part of my life was spent in New York. Wouldn’t have traded it with anywhere else.
          With wishes to you, and your mishpuchah, for a Kosher Pesach.

  11. Cruz won’t win ny for a lot of reason because he’s not the right person for the w.h. and he’s running dirty and he’s not from the united states he’s from canada and at least one parent is Cuban,you see what happened the last time you got a president that wasn’t from the u.s.which by the way makes you illegal to even run for president you got obama …go TRUMP2016 go hillary to prison 2016

  12. Ted cannot fix our problems. He’s not going to rid DC of corruption or make it easy for those insiders too afraid to speak out who know what’s going on. It’ll just be more of the same. We need a purge, not like obamas who got rid of anyone who told the truth, but the opposite and a reinstatement of all the wrongly purged men who “knew too much” under Obama. Ted won’t do that. Trump no matter how much he gets under your skin, I believe will unless this is the biggest snow job in history.

  13. The attack on the Twin Towers took place on Sept. 11,2001. A news report stated that Donald Trump visited the site of the tragedy this past Sunday, April 10,2016. Supposedly, it was his first visit to that site. That’s hard to believe, it was 14 and 1/2 years ago. He has been living in NYC long before and after 9/11/2001. How can that be possible? Yet, that came over a CBS NYC radio station.
    New York is not just NYC, which is in the SE corner of the state adjacent to NJ, there’s also a whole state where plenty of Republicans and conservative people live. There’s always been reference to “New York values” meant to mean NYC and its immediate suburbs, which has been traditionally Democrat. Making no distinction between NYC and areas like Albany or Buffalo, other locales outside of NYC, has been a common error for a long time, and it would appear that Cruz made that same mistake when the words were “NY values.” Trump would have won at least the larger portion of the state in any case, IMHO.

    • I can fully understand why anyone in NYC would not visit the site – it literally made me sick and nothing built there will ever erase the fact that our governments have allowed to happen. As this came over a bought and paid MSM station, I will not credit this to be even a particle of the truth. Anything to cast aspersions is the leftist way and that is why our country is in dire need of a real leader and that is Trump! No more politicians sucking at the donor tit, no more perks and pork to supposed senators and representatives, no more outrageous money spent on the Obama’s vacations, parties, meals, etc., no more government departments creating their own world but not our America, etc., etc. I chose Trump because he speaks the truth, has the ability and skills to clear and clean up the messes we have allowed, and will get the end result done in saving America from being dead and owned by outsiders!

      • Roseach Levy:
        What is it with you? I was very curious about the news report which in the most brief of terms stated that Trump would visit that site for the first time. Does that require you to rush to his defense when the comment I made was strictly out of curiosity? How curious is such a visit only after he needs all the notoriety he can get after passing up Ground Zero for more than 14 years? And, you’re nuts enough to defend that! How disgusting, Levy!
        Whom you’ll vote for is your business, I don’t need to know about it. Obviously, your guilt is such that you have to sermonize with a lot of extraneous crap about your feelings, for which I couldn’t care less. If a response from you follows, it will be summarily deleted.

    • Pretty incredible, and self-serving for “the Donald” to now make his first homage to the 2011 disaster site. There have been a considerable number of public respect event there since 2011, so I’m unimpressed that only now, he finally decides to visit during campaign season. That being said, I’m thoroughly underwhelmed by Cruz.

      • I just found it difficult to believe, I live a few states away from NYC, but felt I had to get there, and that was years ago. How does one live there and not go, after so many New Yorkers lost a or gave their lives in that awful tragedy?

  14. The candates for Repub or Demos are all just actors and really do the bidding of their friends and money people. Soros is the worst of all people in politic’s. He just wants to distroy and nothing else. What monsters we Americans have created.

  15. The further this election cycle goes the more convinced I have become that we, the citizens of this United States, have pretty much lost our country to the one world government tyrants. It seems that we no longer have the right to elect our representatives in our government, which has now been taken over by the career politicians who would be kings and queens. How was it even possible that a person, such as the person presently holding the office of president of the United States, can seal his personal records from the view of the people of the United States and does not have to prove, his true name, his true nationallity, his true religious beliefs, his true social security number, or any of his true personal records? And now we have a second one, a person who admits that he was born in a foreign country, Canada, to parents who were registered voters in Canada, meaning that they were then Canadian citizens, and who has sealed his personal records from the view of the american people who have an absolute right to know exactly who they are asked to vote for. Then you have to look at the democrats. Both of their candidates are true socialists, which is not an american ideal, and one of whom has been indicted for criminal behavior in the past and has a long history of criminal activity, including violating the laws of our country concerning the protection of national secrets. Are there that many people in our country who do not care whether they are to become slaves to a political elite? I look also to the fact that Obama, who will have been in office for a short eight (8) years, and a person who has spent many millions of dollars on himself for his so called vacations on a monthly basis, has requested to raise his, and other past and future presidents, retirement pay by Five Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars, ($550,000.00) per year, while at the same time he and the rest of the career politicians are passing laws that substantially reduce the retirement pay of common citizens who have worked all their lives for the right to receive that money. There are many many other examples to numerous to try to mention here but the people of this country cannot afford another un-american president. Ted Cruz, like it or not, is just like the person who calls himself Obama and the other democrat candidates. Actions speak much more clearly than words. Our citizens had better pay attention today as there may not be another chance to save our nation.

  16. New Yorkers Let’s Go All The Way To D.C. helping Mr. Trump To Become President!

  17. Wrong.. It is ONLY saying that opinions vary. Mine, yours, and all others. For YOU to insert YOUR opinion fashioned as criticism of MY opinion and thereby justifying or making superior YOUR opinion, indicates that you are a fag, a butt-plugger. “Me thinks thou doth protest too much”. You even look like a fag.

    • You don’t need to be a part of a specific group, to not condone other people saying horrible, vile and hateful comments.
      Think these terrible things if you want, it’s your right. But to subject decent people to the tone and disgusting language you’ve displayed on many of your rantings on various sites, is NOT OK.
      Do you get off, or get some kind of high taking out your frustrations online because no one knows who you are?
      Do you spew this hatred to people in real life. Have you ever been punched out for it? If not, you’re very lucky.
      No, I don’t live in San Francisco, and am not gay. I reside in the Southeast.
      In the future try to put words together that have valid points to make, rather than your malicious, nonsensical commentary.
      You might feel better. I know your fellow bloggers will.

      • Again, opinions vary. My opinion is firm. Crippled, twisted, perverted persons are like a disease. My opinion. A male who would insert his private into another man’s anus, and then put that private in his mouth, is crippled, twisted, perverted. Mentally ill, dangerously so. Most a clinical sociopaths.. a.k.a “psychotics”. It is a simple thing to further elucidate, provide evidentiar scientific substantiation to this, but.. your mind is closed and your position is the dichotomy of mine. Why debate the old horse and water syndrome? Pointless. We simply agree to disagree. You defend something that I condemn. Does not make you bad and me good, nor the reverse. Good luck to you. Maybe you now reside in S. Alabama. Does not matter.

  18. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    All states have values and we have those who don’t know what value means. So they think like a wild bunch of dogs in heat.

  19. If you want to know who is Ted Cruz and what he did ​as US Senator by Texas, please read fallowing lines…

    There’re many reasons to know he is a filibuster and enemy of USA, like Obama, Hillary, Sander and other….he is one of them because we have 20 reasons to get the opinion for who and what he had been working…

    Ted Cruz Supports Giving Fast Track Authority on Trade to Obama.

    Mar 13, 2016 – The Cruz campaign on Thursday told WND that the senator supported Congress giving​ ​President Obama “Trade Promotion Authority,” TPA, … (Obama’s team work)

    Cruz voted NAY, against congressional approval of additional countries joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.Nov 11, 2015 – Senator Ted Cruz voted for Cloture on TPA Fast track trade authority … On another bill HR 1314 Cruz voted against an amendment to the … Senate Amendment 1251 “To require the approval ofCongress before additional countries may join theTrans-Pacific Partnership Agreement”… … Cruz voted NAY.

    Ted Cruz voted with Democrats/establishment on spending plan. (Danger and Nasty)

    Ted Cruz voted for Obamacare.Sep 25, 2013 – Ted Cruz votes with Democrats after trying to block spending plan …. This is a fight to get the Washington establishment, the empire, to listen to … (Very Nasty vote)

    Ted Cruz voted with democrats/establishment for CISA.Oct 23, 2015 – … Republican Party · TheEstablishment Clause and Angry Anti-Theists · Liberty is Worth Fighting For …. Ted Cruz Doesn’t Read CISA, Votes For It Anyways … It certainly appears that Ted Cruz voted to curtail our internet freedom without reading the … Bernie Sanders, Karl Marx, and “Democratic Socialism.”.

    Ted Cruz defends GMO’s.That’s mean choosing Monsanto over the health and food freedom of the American people, Ted Cruz joins Hillary Clinton as a Frankenfood pusher who believes that Americans should not only be fed cancer-causing herbicide chemicals that are being banned all across the globe; he also apparently believes that the American people have no right to know whether they’re even eating toxic GMOs.

    As Natural News readers know very well, I am a supporter of the Second Amendment and believe that the right for law-abiding citizens to acquire firearms shall not be infringed by government. Ted Cruz agrees with this particular position, but he opposes the right of citizens to have access to honest food labels that describe the GMO content of the food they’re buying. And in this, he is demonstrating his disturbing failure to think with consistency.

    In effect, Ted Cruz believes that Americans have the right to buy a gun, but not to read a label. Apparently GMOs are far more dangerous than guns in the mind of Ted Cruz, because GMOs must be hidden from the public even as guns are readily accessible.

    While people like Ted Cruz routinely invoke the right of self defense against violence as one justification for access to firearms, he simultaneously denies the right of self defense against chemical violence ​by failing to support the public’s access to accurate GMO labels. (You can have a GUN, in other words, but you’re not allowed to have a LABEL.)

    Ted Cruz legislation attacks homeschooling – lockstep with United Nations World Education agenda. ​Senator Cruz is at it again saying one thing and pushing a secret agenda. This time it involves you and your kids. His Proposed Bill, S306 “Enhancing Educational Opportunities for all Students Act” offers what is called Title 1 Money to all parents who home school. What he isn’t telling you is – all Title 1 Money comes with a string attached….that string is Federal Control over your choice in how your child is educated. We are now learning that every thing Cruz presents needs to be lifted up and looked under, as well as shaken up to see what might fall out or crawl out because he sure isn’t going to tell you.

    Ted Cruz’s Federal Education “Choice” is a deceptive term that really means your choice to home school will now fall under the classification of “private school” with all the Federal bells and whistles tacked on the end, including the United Nations mandates of cooperation for world education. (more on that later) Now that we are aware of how Rafael Cruz always announces his seedy hidden agenda programs as though they each were the staff of life….we know how to read between the lines. But in his case we now know to always check the amendments he tags on to the end at the last minute. ​(Very Danger)

    Ted Cruz refuses to attend Audit the Fed vote.Jan 13, 2016 – After bragging about being a co-sponsor of Audit the Fed legislation back in … Wants To Waterboard, He Better Bring His Own Bucket, CIA​ ​Won’t Cooperate … Ted Cruz Doesn’t Show Up For Audit the Fed Bill, Vote Falls Short.

    Ted Cruz sides with BLM and Feds on land grabs.Oct 16, 2015 – The short answer: Maybe they’re attempting a land grab, but it’s not likely to … Land disputes between private citizens and the federal … dispute a land grab on the part of the Bureau of Land Management, … When the story broke last year, everyone from Rick Perry to Ted Cruz to Patterson to then-Attorney …

    Teddy Cruz also supports eminent domain. NATIONAL EMINENT DOMAIN POWER Overview ”The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution says ‘nor shall private property be taken for public use, without.(hypocrite)

    Ted Cruz top contributors: Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Lawyers.

    Source of Funds (Campaign Cmte Only), 2011-2016

    • And what further underlines your blog is that he is accepting voter cheating in Utah, Wisconsin and now in CO proving he is part of the problem in America and not any solution. He is the GOP/RNC/ROVE/RINOS patsy because I believe at the moment in the convention when their chosen candidate wins. We must stop the Electoral College being purchased and write in Trump and push for the group above mentioned demise and never again telling us for whom to vote! They are all bought and paid for and we are not. We are the Government, not they, and we have a great Constitutional right to right the America ship if we want to do it and are prepared to do it.

  20. legend

    legend Individual Contributions About Size of Contributions

    – Small Individual Contributions

    – Large Individual Contributions $66,200,512

    $27,600,458 (41%)

    $38,600,055 (58%) (99%)

    legend PAC Contributions $79,902 (0%)

    legend Candidate self-financing $0 (0%)

    legend Other $417,133 (1%)

    NOTE: All the numbers on this page are for 2011-2016 and based on Federal Election Commission data available electronically on April 03, 2016 (for Fundraising totals, Source of Funds and Total Raised vs Average) and on March 29, 2016 for Top Contributors and Industries. In the “Source of Funds” chart, “Large Individual Contributions” refer to all contributions from unique individuals aggregating to more than $200 within a cycle, and “Small Individual Contributions” refer to all contributions from unique individuals totaling $200 or less within a cycle. (“Help! The numbers don’t add up…”)

    The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organizations’ PACs, their individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

    Why (and How) We Use Donors’ Employer/Occupation Information

    Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics. For permission to reprint for commercial uses, such as textbooks, contact the Center.

  21. Eleanore Whitaker

    Cruz is being used by the GOP as he has been since he was chosen to be the Keystone Pipeline Broker by Alberta’s then Premier Ralph Klein and Big Oil Texas. He is not a natural born U.S. Citizen. He was born in Calgary Alberta. His mother’s citizenship status has NO bearing on his eligibility to be president. But…the GOP knew this all along and was milking it for all its worth.

  22. Kasich will stomp Cruz in NY.

    • I sure in heck hope not as neither have qualities nor values to even be running and both bought and paid for and will be ignored at the convention for another nothing!

  23. http://endingthefed.com/breaking-massive-cruz-corruption-scandal-just-exposed-gop-elites-panic-vid.html
    The problem I have with Cruz is he knows the election in WI was crooked with people complaining their votes changed from Trump to Cruz and others that machines in some polling spots would not except a Trump vote but he had no problem with the peoples voice not being heard and now we have CO with delegates coming out and saying they were taken off the ballots because they were for Trump and the only ones on it were for Cruz even to the point of doubling the numbers for Cruz such as two 378’s to make the numbers come out right. One delegate that refused to change from Trump and had his name scratch burned his republican registration card. They screwed him and he tossed them to the curb like the trash they are.

  24. Well, since it is clear that not only in Utah, but Wisconsin, and now CO and other states investigating voter cheating and Cruz well aware of them all, that you have chosen to support a One World Government/NWO creep. More and more is coming out about how establishment owned Cruz is and the 2 parties in 1 are pushing the cheating so we lose America. Now is the time to say NO to the Electoral College and take on DIRECT voting with IDs to prove you are eligible. The cheating will continue until America is gone. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL has never been made more clear that we patriotic Americans must step up and take the action allowed us under OUR Constitution. Cruz obviously says he is a constitutionalist but he is showing his true I am bought colors by accepting delegates from illegal votes even after seeing it openly. His smooth talking reminds me of our current “dictator” and look where that has gotten America – closer to THE DAY AMERICA DIED! They are all so afraid of Trump because he will stop the money flow, the criminality, etc. Call your representatives and senators home NOW and tell them they are FIRED! This goes for local legislatures, ie. CAL where they are following the same Obama path. I am an ongoing election officer and this is appalling! Can we let this continue? I sure pray to God not!

  25. bushes voting for Hillary? Not a surprise.corrupt Colorado stealing millions of peoples votes. Shame on Cruz who didn’t win by votes but the corrupt delegates.trump is here to blow the trumpet to open eyes to the corruption in the white house.you people who judge him are dead wrong.He knows what’s going on. VOTES DONT COUNT. Obama says our votes are not what matters he says it to white. I Dont want the one world order. That’s what’s up. Trump doesn’t want it either. He asks pastors to pray that God well help him in his decisions. good hearted man who really cares. We all need to unite or forget America.

  26. Won’t it be nice to have this “nasty” garbage throwing election over? I, for one, am tired of the put downs each candidate is constantly pitching at the other guy between Cruz and Trump. And the Democrats have their own pathetic battle of who can kill the American Dream the fastest – for the good of all, of course.

    What’s with Kadish still hanging on by a thread and refusing to quit the race? He thinks by staying on and pulling any votes from Trump, he might take Trump”s place? He recently stated that he knows the GOP would choose him over either Trump or Cruz. So tell me, what’s Kadish been smoking to give him that idea? Keep that man away from his Pot stash. He’s gone over the edge and needs to be removed forcibly from the race and “committed” to a place with padded walls and no sharp instruments!

    If the Powers that be have anything to do about this race, I believe they would choose Cruz – only because he is a politician first and short on the federal govt experience, so easily swayed by the big shots. But there is a quandry abt this campaign and that’s because a HUGE majority of Americans support Trump, trust Trump, and DO NOT TRUST ANYONE “ESTABLISHMENT”, especially the GOP!

    So what’s the GOP to do? Anyone ready for a Revolution if the GOP chooses anyone but Trump? It can come to that. Are you ready while liberal America stops for coffee at Starbucks, Conservatives will be checking weaponry and ammunition. There are the dreamers and there are the realists. Where do you stand?

  27. TODD YOUNG FASCIST for Indiana US SENATE ’16…owned by the Chamber of Commerce .

  28. If more people really know what spilling the beans on Cruz wife was all about….. She is a Political Whore just like Cruz… If the price is right … well, then nuff said

  29. Then showboat Trump trumped over to the 9/11 memorial to really bring it home. Trumpf is such a phony.

  30. teddy cruz looking presidential is just like Ogayarb doing it. It is a fraud.
    Nether one had both parents US Citizens at the time of their birth. This disqualifies them since a natural born citizen has both parents as Citizens at the time of their birth

  31. Liar Cruz cannot and will not win nomination; it’s either Trump or some dark horse the Big Money will soon throw into the mix, IMHO

  32. For those challenging Cruz’s eligibility, here is from the PA Supreme Court- “U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, will be on the April 26 primary ballot in Pennsylvania now that the state’s Supreme Court has affirmed a ruling deeming Cruz a “natural-born citizen.”
    In a one-paragraph order Thursday, the Supreme Court denied a request for oral argument in Carmon Elliott’s challenge to Cruz’s ballot eligibility. The court instead affirmed a single-judge Commonwealth Court ruling that rejected the argument Cruz was not eligible to run for president because he was born on Canadian soil.
    The Supreme Court had set an aggressive timetable for Elliott’s appeal of the lower court ruling, taking the briefs last week and entertaining requests for oral argument and requests to intervene or file amicus briefs from three law professors.
    Elliott’s attorney, David Farrell of Norristown, was not immediately available for comment. Cruz’s lawyer, Robert Feltoon of Conrad O’Brien, said he was “very pleased with the outcome of the appeal” and that he wished the senator well in the upcoming primary.
    In a March 9 ruling, Commonwealth Court Senior Judge Dan Pellegrini ­rejected Elliott’s claim that Cruz was not a “natural-born citizen” as defined by the U.S. Constitution because he was born in Canada to a mother who was a citizen of the United States.
    Pellegrini spent half of his decision in Elliott v. Cruz determining whether the judiciary had jurisdiction over questions of eligibility to run for president. Cruz argued it was a question only for the Electoral College or Congress to determine, and that the court should be barred from hearing it under the political-question doctrine. But Pellegrini rejected that contention, finding there was no support for it under various sections of the U.S. Constitution, nor under the 12th Amendment.
    The dispute as to whether Cruz was a ­citizen eligible for the presidency came down to the interpretation of Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution, which states that “‘no person except a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the United States … shall be eligible to the office of president.'”
    Pellegrini said the term “natural-born ­citizen” was not defined and the U.S. Supreme Court has never addressed its meaning within the context of the eligibility of a candidate.
    Elliott, a registered Republican voter from Pittsburgh, argued “natural-born citizen” required a candidate to be born within the geographical boundaries of the United States to be eligible. Cruz, on the other hand, argued he was a natural-born citizen regardless of where he was born because his mother was a U.S. citizen when he was born and Cruz was therefore a U.S. citizen from the time of his birth, Pellegrini said.
    The parties agreed that Cruz was born Dec. 22, 1970, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His mother, Eleanor Darragh, was born Nov. 23, 1934, in Delaware and has always been a U.S. citizen, the parties agreed. The parties also agreed Cruz was a citizen from the moment of his birth.
    Pellegrini looked to cases challenging ­ballot eligibility dating back to 1916 and as recent as challenges to John McCain’s eligibility given he was born on a U.S. military base in the Panama Canal Zone. Pellegrini also relied on an article by former U.S. solicitors general Neal Katyal and Paul Clement, who wrote that “natural-born citizen” means ­anyone who was a U.S. citizen from birth.
    While he acknowledged other writings that have argued candidates in Cruz’s ­position would not be eligible, Pellegrini sided with the definition adopted by Katyal, Clement and others.
    “Having extensively reviewed all articles cited in this opinion, as well as many others, this court holds, consistent with the common-law precedent and statutory history, that a ‘natural-born citizen’ includes any person who is a U.S. citizen from birth,” Pellegrini said.”
    Other courts around the country have rejected similar challenges to Cruz’s ballot eligibility, but have done so on procedural grounds.

    • “Pellegrini said the term “natural-born ­citizen” was not defined and the U.S. Supreme Court has never addressed its meaning within the context of the eligibility of a candidate.”
      The term “natural-born ­citizen” is defined precisely, in Vattel’s respected study, “Law of Nations” which was the reference used by the Constitution’s authors.
      The PA supreme Ct. twisted its legal logic into a pretzel to come up with this ruling. Statutory law is not constitutional, and U.S. citizenship is a level below “natural born.”
      Resolution of this thorny problem lies squarely at the feet of the U.S. Supreme Ct. The closest the S.Ct. has come to this issue is the ruling in the Wong v. Ark case, which looked at the circumstances of qualifying for U.S. citizenship, which is different from the “natural born citizen status.

      • It has not been defined by either the US Supreme Court or Congress. The only two that have the authority to do so. Vattel’s “Law of Nations” have nothing to do with it. The term was first used in the English Common Laws, of which our founders were well aware of.
        FYI, don’t bother to reply, just read what I wrote to your friend Jerry. If it went by you two, our first nine Presidents would be excluded, they and their parents were under British law at the time of their birth. Our Constitution was not written until 1787 and we did not become the United States of America until 1789. DO THE MATH!!!!

        • “It has not been defined by either the US Supreme Court or Congress.”
          I already addressed the lack of a S.Ct. decision about “natural born” citizenship. The only way Congress could clarify, modify or change the constitutional term “natural born citizen” is with a constitutional amendment.
          “just read what I wrote to your friend Jerry. If it went by you two, our first nine Presidents would be excluded,”
          I know nothing about “friend” Jerry … I do know that your knowledge of the Constitution is abysmal. The Constitution’s authors were keenly aware of the problematic situation of British subjecthood relative to ascension to the presidency and carefully and specifically included a legally worded way around the prospective prohibition. Do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with the Constitution.

  33. Everyone knows (if their head is above the sand) that Mr. Cruz was referring to the interview where Mr. Trump espoused his “New York Values” as pretty liberal, and Mr. Trump had his “Lois Griffin” moment and retorted 911.

  34. Heads up trump supporters! Colorado corruption. They took millions of voters and spit on there face. Shame on these so called delegates. They kicked off people for trump. All planned. I live in colo. I seen the tweet it said no trump. We did it.they had a meter that said how to stop trump. Cruz didn’t get the votes trump did. 50% And over.im angry. So are the ones that got kicked off.

  35. Ouça os gerentes e subgerentes e prefeitos e vici prefeitos, e todos os envolvidos a qua já tinha mencionados, anteriormente e SEDEX e carteiros e AGENCIAS de CORREIOS. E FINANCEIRA e JORNAL ZERO HORA e todos os envolvidos e também falsificarao os meus chips da vivo N: +555198100119 e chip da claro N: +555193272835 e tem outros numeros, de celular que eles estão falsificando, só pra fazer a lavagem de dinheiro, e passar pras contas de laranjas eles estão usando os meus dados e usando. Um rapaz parecido com eu é por isso que eles estão, planejando TRAMÓIAS contra mim só pra esse suposto falcatrua, que se parece comigo ele fazer os saques, por mim e depois repartir com todos os envolvidos, e falcatruas e corruptos, e todos os mencionados anteriormente, que estão envolvidos e todos os gerentes e subgerentes, de todos os BANCOS de Novo Hamburgo, e São Leopoldo, Porto Alegre e demais região e localidades e paises. É pra prender todos e torturar pra confessarem todas as suas TRAMÓIAS e matar os gerentes, e subgerentes de bancos e de agencias e prefeitos e vici prefeitos, e todos os envolvidos e substituir, por gente qualificado de fora do Brasil. Estamos entendidos sim ou não. ASSINADO GOVERNAMENTAL.GENERATION.NELSON NUNES, DA U.S. E TAMBÉM PATRIOTA MILITAR DA U.S. E DA EUROPA EXECUÇÃO CONFIRMADO DA ORDE AGORA.

    • Translate from Google indicated Portuguese
      Listen managers and assistant managers and mayors and vice mayors, and all involved to wed had mentioned earlier and SEDEX and postmen and post offices. AND FINANCIAL and ZERO HORA NEWSPAPER and all involved and also falsify my live of chips N: +555198100119 and chip of course N: +555193272835 and have other numbers, cell they are faking, just to make money laundering, and pass purchases oranges accounts they are using my data and using. I want to leave a warning they are paying people, Novo Hamburgo and São Leopoldo and Porto Alegre and other cities and regions and across the Rio Grande do Sul, and throughout Brazil. To lie to this is the real Governamental.Generation.Nelson Nunes, the US Patriot and Military US and EUROPE they are singing, information and counterfeit chips N: +555198100119 and chips of course N: +555193272835 and other chips cloned, they It has representatives and lawyers, and accountants. And doctors and nurses, they arrumarao to a wedding, just to fake supposed frajuta wife, tidy why has my last name she sign all the paperwork. Open your eyes and ears, I told my girlfriend is from abroad, outside Brazil. I have not even a girlfriend or wife here in Novo Hamburgo, or São Leopoldo, or Porto Alegre or Rio grande do sul, or Brazil. I have no girlfriend or wife, the alleged wife who says my wife is ruse and corrupt and is part of the stakeholders who are involved together, arranging the information and my information to this ruse, and corrupt man like me is why they are, planning machinations against me just for this alleged scam, which it looks like it make withdrawals for me and then share with everyone involved, and swindles and corrupt, and all the previously mentioned television network Rede Globo Network TV record holder, SBT television network, and agencies within the Rio Grande do Sul television networks, Brazil. They are all frauds and Corrupt involved and all managers and assistant managers of all New BANKS Hamburg and Sao Leopoldo, Porto Alegre and other region and cities and countries. It is to hold everyone and torture to confess all their machinations and kill the managers and assistant managers of banks and agencies and mayors and mayors vici, and all involved and replaced by qualified people from outside Brazil. And put us here in Novo Hamburgo and São Leopoldo, Porto Alegre and that is not corrupt, and not be gathered together and form non-current. Of racketeering and corrupt and are not plotting, scheming against me and are not paying, trickster to pass for me or oranges, paid if caught they get the out, who gets the blame are the oranges. What forao paid trillion dollars or EURO or Real if caught, or arrested or tortured. To not deliver them, can release to Novo Hamburgo and São Leopoldo and Porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, the Military Patriotic Army, the US and Japan the army and agents of Japan’s INTERPOL, and agents FBI Nazis, who do not sell and are not allies. Neither these swindles and corrupt, sends urgently. To Novo Hamburgo, São Leopoldo and Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil want a war armed soldiers corporation, rifle walking up and down with the army trucks. Why they will not stop getting scheming machinations against me behind my back and together with these shenanigans and corrupt which had already mentioned and again mentioned. I want together with those CORPORATIONS, DEVELOPAMENTO agencies, working within it to meet me, and me get through the provision of services, and also make my cards, credits in each cities mentioned Corrupt. I want to now today not for tomorrow. Are we clear yes or no. SIGNED GOVERNAMENTAL.GENERATION.NELSON NUNES, THE PATRIOT U.S. AND ALSO MILITARY U.S. AND EUROPE CONFIRMED THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ORDE NOW.

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  37. Cruz might be able to look Presidential but he can’t be President. He can’t change the rules. He needs to have both parents American citizens and he only has one. He isn’t eligible to be President. Obama isn’t eligible either as he has the same as Cruz, only one parent was an American Citizen.

  38. I would rather see Cruz as president then Trump. Cruz is a lot smarter than Trump. Trump would have to hire
    an entourage of people to meet the intelligent level of Cruz. That was obvious during the debates and that
    is why Trump will not go one on one with Cruz. Trump knows that Cruz knows so much more about government laws, the Constitution and international issue. Trump may be a smart business man and can make a real estate deal but he is not smart enough to be president of the United States AND IT SHOWS because the Donald would be totally lost in the White House relying on others to make the decisions and tell him what to do. He would be another puppet that is a Hot Head ready to explode .

  39. This is what happens when someone running for president doesn’t know the laws. Maybe we don’t like them but you should have the brains to do your homework if your running for president and those complaining that they thought Cruz cheated, need to get a book and do some reading up on it too. Cruz doesn’t make the laws for each state but he knows the law obviously more than Trump. Why do you people blame Cruz when he has nothing to do with the laws in each state. Why did all the delegates go to Trump in Florida when Trump only got 47% of the vote. What about the votes of the other 53% of the people, they didn’t have a thing to say about their vote. I didn’t hear Cruz screaming and crying and didn’t hear Trump complaining about that since Trump won all the delegates. Cruz knows the laws in each state are different. Trump knows nothing about that. This makes Trump look stupid along with the people blaming Cruz. This just shows Cruz has more brains than Trump and the louder Trump yells, the dumber he looks. .

  40. Have you noticed that the only thing Cruz talks about is trump. Trump trump trump trump.hes united with the no more trump people.its not real classy. Its ridicules.trump is a good man you who judge falsely it comes back to you.

  41. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    We do need a change and if we don’t get it then you’ll SEE AMERICA FALL.

  42. Clemuel Quackenbush

    why don’t you just listen to the words as they are not put your own weird definitions. most of the time the words are just as used nothing more.

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