Ted Cruz: Iran Bought Their Missiles Using Obama’s Pallet Money

Appearing on Fox News just as reports were coming in about Iran’s missile attack on U.S. forces in Iraq, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) went off on the Obama administration, arguing that the Islamic Republic would not have been able to afford such a strike had it not been for that president’s decision to hand over $150 billion in cash and assets.

“If you look at Iran policy I think you’ve seen a dramatic shift. Under Barack Obama, the policy was appeasement,” Cruz said. “The policy under the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal under Obama was to give over $100 billion to Iran. They literally flew $1.7 billion in cash in unmarked bills on pallets in the dead of night into Iran.

“In a very real sense, the missiles that we saw fired on U.S. service men and women tonight were paid for by the billions the Obama administration flooded the Ayatollah with and if history teaches anything, it’s don’t give billions of dollars who hate you and want to kill you,” Cruz said.

Host Sean Hannity said that while the left was busy freaking out about President Trump’s decisive strike against Soleimani and the aftermath, he saw it as the finest example of U.S. strategical power.

“You don’t get to shoot American drones out of the sky,” said Hannity. “You don’t get to take an American hostage to disrupt the lifeblood of the world economy; You don’t get to kill Americans like they did at the end of December; You don’t get to attack our embassy to kill Americans and our interests abroad; You don’t get to be the number one state sponsor of terror; You don’t fight proxy wars; You don’t get to take over the entire region and threaten to wipe Israel off the map and act the way they are acting without expecting a response. I don’t want a war. I don’t think you do either, senator. But there has to be a response, doesn’t there?”

Cruz agreed: “Sean, I think that’s exactly right. Iran is exceptionally dangerous. If you look at Soleimani, taking Soleimani out, he was the most dangerous terrorist in the world. The Department of Defense has told us that he was directly responsible for the deaths of at least 603 U.S. servicemen and women. He has directed terror groups across the globe, including Hamas, including Hezbollah, targeting Americans, targeting civilians and taking him out has made America safer.”

What might have made America safer still would have been to avoid putting Barack Obama in charge of this country’s stewardship for eight long, misguided years.

Hopefully, we won’t make an even worse mistake this November.

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