Teacher of the Year Explains (Badly) Why She Kneeled for Anthem

It’s 2020, and we should have hoped that by now, people would have moved past the awful Colin Kaepernick-inspired trend of kneeling for the national anthem. If there’s anyone in the country who has more thoroughly outed himself as an anti-American, racist piece of garbage than Kaepernick, we’d be hard pressed to name them. He’s not an example for anyone to follow, much less someone who was just named Minnesota’s 2019 Teacher of the Year.

But that’s exactly what Kelly Holstine did on Monday when she took a knee at the college football championship game during a ceremony where she was being honored alongside other teachers in New Orleans. That she did it with President Donald Trump in attendance was probably not a coincidence. In an interview with The Hill this week, Holstine was pretty clear about how she feels about the president.

“I just decided that it felt like the right thing to do, to have a very respectful protest,” Holstine said, disregarding the millions of Americans who feel justifiably disrespected by this particular form of protest. “I think the current environment that is being created and has been created in his tenure definitely adds to my feelings of wanting to support individuals who are not being supported. I really feel like our country is not serving the needs of all its inhabitants. So many humans right now that are not being given the respect and the rights that they deserve.”

So, a couple of things: First, who is “not being supported” by this administration? Black Americans, who are currently enjoying a better economic picture than EVER BEFORE in this country’s history? Second, who are these humans who are not getting “the rights that they deserve?” What are these rights, exactly? Let us guess, the right to have an abortion in your first period high school class? Or maybe the right to immigrate to the U.S. whenever you feel like it? Spare us.

What irritated us the most was her quote of Martin Luther King Jr. on Twitter: “No one is free until we are all free.”

Uh, yeah. We’re all free, Kelly.

But more than that, you’re supporting a movement – call it social justice, call it intersectionalism, call it Black Lives Matter, whatever – that goes against every single thing that MLK stood for. You may remember King’s “dream” that we should one day put racial bias behind us and judge each other by our respective words and deeds. This is the opposite of the left’s modern mission, which is centered around minimizing anything OTHER than a person’s “identity,” be it black, gay, trans, female, or, worst of all, straight and white.

It’s disturbing enough that a woman who has internalized these beliefs is a teacher; that she’s the absolute best that Minnesota has to offer is downright horrifying.

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