Teacher Gets a Time Out for Saying “It’s Awesome” That Rush Limbaugh is Dying

Milwaukee English teacher Travis Sarandos has been put on administrative leave after weighing in on Rush Limbaugh’s lung cancer diagnosis on Twitter. Demonstrating the compassion and empathy that we’ve come to expect from the virulent left on social media, Sarandos took exception to another Twitter user who expressed hope that the conservative legend would “make a speedy recovery.”

“Limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer,” tweeted Sarandos, who teaches at Milwaukee High School of the Arts. “It’s awesome that he’s dying, and hopefully it is as quick as it is painful.”

We’re all for freedom of speech, but when you have a high school teacher with this level of unhinged hatred in his heart, does he really need to be in a public school classroom? Does he really need to be teaching the next generation of leaders, artists, businessmen, and, you know, teachers?

Administrators with Milwaukee Public Schools apparently feel that this is a question worth pondering. They’ve put Sarandos on leave pending an investigation. We’re not sure what there is to investigate – “Mr. Sarandos, do you or do you not have a soul?” – but we’re pretty sure this is just something officials say when they need some time to figure out what to do. Or, to put it another way, to see if the controversy sticks or just blows over.

The specific fate of this specific teacher doesn’t interest us all that much, but we’re continually amazed by how little humanity the left can muster up in the face of Limbaugh’s tragic diagnosis. We get that the guy has spent thirty years turning your idiotic ideology into mincemeat on the radio, but some of these comments…

“Rush Limbaugh has spent decades spewing dangerous anti-Black racism,” wrote activist Tariq Nasheed. “Now he has cancer. I know we shouldn’t celebrate one’s misfortunes…but #PartyOverHere.”

If this kills Rush, then give him a state funeral so that every willing American can have a chance to pay their respects by kicking his corpse as hard as they can,” wrote former Sports Illustrated writer Jon Tayler in the immediate aftermath of Limbaugh’s announcement. “Rush Limbaugh is, without a doubt, one of the most hateful, awful people of the last half century, and one who had one of the most negative impacts possible on this country. It’s only fitting that this cancer upon the world should be stricken by it.”

Yeah, we know there are some hateful trolls on the right, but most of them don’t have blue checkmarks by their name on Twitter. They don’t write for major newspapers, and they don’t teach our children in public schools. The right may have a lunatic fringe, but for the left, the lunatic fringe is the whole thing.

Just miserable, miserable people.

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