Teacher Conducts Racial Experiment on First-Graders

A teacher in Minneola, Florida is under fire for a lesson in racism she gave to students returning from the Martin Luther King holiday. The teacher, who works at a charter school called Minneola Elementary, conducted a social experiment meant to show her children the dangers of discrimination. One problem: The kids are only in the first grade. Second problem: She didn’t clear the lesson with administrators. Third problem: She didn’t notify parents until after the lesson had taken place.

This trio of problems has her in hot water with parents, to say nothing of Principal Sherry Watts. Watts said that the teacher did not receive authorization to conduct the experiment, which involved separating children by eye color and then giving preferential treatment – candy, hugs – to children with blue eyes and depriving the children with brown eyes.

“The experiment shouldn’t have taken place at all. It’s not appropriate for first grade,” Watts said. “It was not in her lesson plans.”

While parents said they understood that the teacher probably had good intentions, they sharply disagreed with her methods.

“I think the teacher probably meant, intended good for it, but the only problem with that is that the kids being so young and not understanding the point she was trying to bring across,” parent Michael Ruffin said.

Another parent, Lychelle Bland, wasn’t quite as sympathetic. “It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard that a teacher did to teach a child something,” Bland said.

To be sure, this one-day lesson is unlikely to traumatize these kids to the point where they’ll need therapy, but that’s not the point. The point is that we’re not going to get rid of our societal problems of racism in this way. You think first-graders are harboring all of this discriminatory racism in their hearts? Of course not. This stuff has to be learned, and you can teach it to them in more ways than actually being racist. You can also teach it to them by making such a big deal about it like this lesson aims to do. How can any generation escape the sins of the last if that’s all they hear about?

Maybe this teacher performed the experiment with the best of intentions and maybe she didn’t. This kind of crap is happening in schools across the country, where administrators and teachers think it’s so important to make children “check their privilege”. And it’s just nonsense. Let’s stop passing our racism down to the next generation. Let’s let them figure it out on their own. Maybe we can finally end these tiresome social divides if we just stop talking about them.

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  1. “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
    —- Lenin

    It is a simple matter of trust. Do you trust liberal progressive socialists to teach your children?

    If not, Home School your kids immediately.

    • Adolph Hitler said something similar . about “”give me young minds and i will mold them to my way of thinking””

      • “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
        along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”
        Karl Marx

    • And what if the government says, “No public education degree, no employment!”?

      • That would be discrimination and against our current Constitution….

        Why is that what the socialists have planned to force people in for their social indoctrination?

        Which do you prefer?

        He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.
        ——Adolf Hitler

        Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

  2. If she has been teaching first grade for any period of time, she should know the limits of young childrens’ understanding. If she doesn’t know this, she should NOT be teaching first graders.

  3. Get the Federal government out of the education system and return it to the place it was first meant to be, a State’s Right issue. The education of our children is in free-fall and we are now graduating about 50% of our basic education students aka: Public schooling; as functionally illiterate when they have completed the 12 years of public education. We no longer educate our children, we now indoctrinate them to progressive socialism.

    • Your last sentence describes the goal of commie core perfectly!

    • School was originally intended to make sure that everyone could read and understand the Bible. We have indeed moved a long way from there. We have slipped internationally and like you said which is very accurate, we are graduating functional illiterates. I worked in the reading lab in college to get the kids up to reading at a college level. They were reading at a 6th grade or lower level and understanding. I remember one of the young men in there was huge about 6’5 or so and probably around 280 pounds of pure muscle. He was carrying around a letter in his pocket for a few days, and it wasn’t opened so I asked him about it. He gave it to me and asked what it said. It was a full ride football scholarship to a major university. He was unable to read it. This was back in the early 70’sand things have degraded since then. The school has moved even further away from truly teaching children how to do the basics like reading, writing, math and history etc for a total indoctrination into PC mumbo jumbo. Like in sports when a team is messing up really bad, you go back to basics. That is what needs to be done in schools.

      • Check out the test given in Kansas over 100 years ago and you can see how much dumber kids are now. Without computers, I-pads, etc; what would they do.

        • I have seen many of those tests and they are much much tougher than anything today, in fact I think I can safely say that these tests in elementary school are tougher than many I had in college. You actually had to know something.

      • Don’t forget about “Common Core”. It has nothing whatsoever to do about teaching “core proficiencies” . It injects some of the most bazaar tactics and methods into learning. These are socialist ideas not created by educators but by social engineers. The methods are totally out of control an aimed at forcing methods even parents can’t understand or comprehend. The reasons are obvious; government does not want parents to be able to help their children so the government will be in total control. Common Core and it’s promoters must be eliminated from the education process. Congress should be forced to defund anything that has to do with Common Core and the DOE as well.

        • Commie core is just part of the picture of failure.

        • Amen! Common Core is so ridiculous, I’m still trying to understand the “logic”. I’m not stupid either, and I’m pretty good with math, but after looking at a common core math equation, I was baffled!

          • What has surprised me the most is the number of teachers that are opposed to it. I’m sure most of those opposed are teaching in private schools but there must even be some from the socialist school systems.

        • Ignorance is said to be blissful.
          You seem quite blissful.
          Common Core is intended to insure every American child recieves a good basic education. That is not what has happened in this country since it began. The poor are neglected, the rich are provided excellence — a system which ensures there will be a classed society, almost as strictly enforved as the Indian Caste System was, and still is in some parts of that country.

          You, and those like you, are being used to guarantee the Amerixan caste sustem remains in place. Your brainwashing is compelete, however, the source was not the government.

          • Go Get Bent , You are a Soros/Obama/Dem-O-Commie Shrill! Yeah, I Know it’s Shill, But Not in Your Case! ShRill is Correct!

          • Have you any evidence to back your word salad up or are you usually intoxicated this early in the day??

          • If anyone is ignorant that would be you dearie. If you have children I hope they went through school before CC came about otherwise they will be living in your house till you expire.

      • My 8 year old granddaughter wrote a book and we wanted a signed copy. She had to practice cursive writing for a week before we could even read her name. What are they going to have to do, sign with an x again and have someone else witness again that it is really them signing? They no long believe that cursive is essential to be taught. I just voted no one a school levy because our school system now teach common core. The superintendent’s office I called was shocked I would even ask if was being taught, even more shocked when I said I was voting no on their levy.

        • That is so sad. I would recommend, if at all possible, that she be home schooled. If that is not feasible then the next thing I would recommend is a private Christian school where the children will be pushed and will come out educated.I know it is sad that children are graduating from HS and are functional illiterates. IMHO children that do not reach a standard of learning through out a semester or year needs there salary to be lowered. Those that are over the designated standard need a raise based on performance. If a teacher doesn’t meet standards within 3 years and stays at that level they are terminated. I remember a teacher back in CA who took a HS remedial math class and motivated them and got them through Calculus. They made a movie about his success with the kids. His name was Mr. Escalante. He took the time to help and encourage the kids. He actually put the kids first. He is the quality of teacher that all school systems need not some of the garbage that we now have. We do have some excellent teachers but we also have many unqualified one. IMHO all of the teachers who didn’t show up for work in WI during the crying time up there should have been fired. They proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they didn’t care about the kids only there own selfish wants and desires.

      • School was originally intended to make sure that everyone could read. The intention was an America which had a literate workforce and literate voters.

        In a 1786 letter to George Wythe, Thomas Jefferson remarked that “the most important bill in our whole code, is that for the diffusion of knowledge among the people.” He believed that “no other sure foundation can be devised for the preservation of freedom and happiness” and that failing to provide public education would “leave the people in ignorance.

        You have more assumptions than actual knowledge. It is a shame.

      • “School was originally intended to make sure that everyone could read and understand the Bible.”
        WRONG! All but the last four words are correct! The Bible was never intended to be read in any school setting… that is wishful thinking! Reading, writing, and arithmetic wouldn’t get you into 7th grade today. Our world has changed so much in the last 55 years subject-wise, even a high school diploma is worthless today! The wave of today and the future is to continue education in a technical trade so young people have a choice besides higher education! Your kind know NOTHING about today’s education and its problems!

    • I was in college in the mid-60’s, studying to be a band director, until they told me as a senior what I would be making as a school teacher, but that’s a story for another time. One thing I remember from an education class was a reading assignment. The book was written sometime late 40’s maybe early 50’s, and I don’t remember the title or author, but I have never forgotten one passage. The author’s concern was the increasing involvment of the government in education, and he wrote, “The aim is no longer to produce men and women of letters, but rather to produce a docile work force.” Looking back from today, seems he was a pretty damn good prophet.

      • America education went to heII the minute teachers were allowed to unionize. That’s when the number of people paying dues was more important than the task of providing education to the pupil. Unions in other careers helped provide safe work environments, reasonable hours etc. Unions in education provided nothing beneficial to the career path. It promoted medicre employees that could not be fired, and the typical bullying unions in factories were famous for. Unions destroyed it and made it a government monopoly like they have done in the other industries to the point of driving those industries out of business.

        • Exactly, Maxx. They have even admitted by their actions, that when it comes down to money or students, the students lose every time.

      • Sounds Like a Dewey quote- That has been the focus of public education since the 20’s/30’s. When schools were locally controlled and neighborhood based and the Bible was one of the primary texts used, we had a higher literacy rate than we have today. If you can find it, I dare you to take the 1895 8th grade Final Exam. College seniors today would be hard pressed to be successful on that piece! And on this page is a test for certifying school teachers from Zanesville, Ohio in the late 1870’s: at the bottom of this page-

        • Don’t remember it being Dewey, but that was a good 50 years ago, so who knows. I do know that the cirriculum and basic content of the education system, as well as the student challenge level, has been systematically dismantled even from the time I was in college. When I went from elementary school to high school, I had been taught all the political “Isms”, could do simple math in my head, and read novels, which was one of my leisure time hobbies. Now high school students in the fast food jobs struggle to make change if the register doesn’t do it for them. God help us, . . and them.

          • I’m from a time, when working at my father’s gas station at the age of 10, gas was 24.9 a gal. But then they introduced what they called, “white gas” and it was 26.9… Don’t I really miss those wonderful days, especially after serving in
            VIETNAM!! As pop used to say, “Too soon old, too late smart!”

          • Amen, Michael. I never dreamed that I would see the country I love virtually disappear in my lifetime and I find myself using my dad’s favorite saying a lot, “The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn anything from history.” Be well.

          • Congrats on winning that war, btw!

      • Well, College in the early 60’s, you in the middle 60’s and then……..”We woke-up Old”! Ain’t Life a Hoot! But, we are the lucky ones, we went to school when we were required to actually “learn something, and then prove it”! Be well…………….

        • Yep. Ain’t that the truth, James. I was surprised one day when I looked in the mirror and my dad was staring back at me. At 73 now, it’s amazing and sad to see the decline our country and its education system have gone through just in my lifetime. Now it’s clear what my folks were talking about in the “Good ole days.” Be well, my friend.

          • Being that it looks like we were both born in 1942 we both understand the folks who gave us life and then made us understand what the “true price” of freedom is. I remember not meeting my Father until I was 4 years old because of that “little mix-up” going on around the world. The generations of these days have been given everything, at no apparent cost, and they seem to believe that all the “free stuff” is really free! I wish they would understand that the “cost of the free stuff” will be taken from them for all the working years of their lives, which is also being sold as “income equality”! And, that is the explanation of the current education system, “making up make believe”!

          • Yep, we were both 1942 babies. My dad came back from the Philippines when I was about 4 also. I had to get to know a total stranger, but this gentle man who demanded dicipline tempered with love and fun times taught me about the world and how that, if you wanted something, it was up to you to work and get it, and if you wanted it bad enough, the work was no problem. Today’s crop of parents, never having known conflict unless they were in the military, have allowed their kids the soft life, content to be their friends instead of parents. Thank God we still have great yong men who understand their heritage and are willing to fight to preserve it. I fear those days might be numbered. Be well, my friend.

          • Your Dad and my Dad would have been “Great Friends”. My Dad spent 30 years of his life, which was only 58 years, defending this Nation. All of my “Older relatives served this Nation, and that is why their generation is known as “The Greatest Generation”! Enjoy a life well worked for and be Blessed!

      • The aim of education shifted to do this to the people….. And it seems to be working.


    • Kids used to go to school to learn reading, writing, and math.

      Our schools began their rapid decline when educators stated teaching children like lab rats to run their social engineering experiments on.

      We could turn our schools around in a heartbeat if we returned to the fundamentals of education and stop experimenting on children.

    • Exactly my thoughts…good read.

    • And ban the Common Core, a communist/muslim indoctrination system to dumb down our kids. Horrible and demoralizing. Have you looked at a simple math problem done the Common Core way?? Back to the BASICS, which includes the history of our founding, the basic reading skills, and even cursive writing. They are doing our children a grave disservice. A POX on the regime!

    • Roger that! DOE is only one of the many government agencies that the citizens were never offered any input into their need or creation. Most should be abolished and if there is a need for these services it should be up to the states to administer them. The BLM should never have been created in the first place. The government claims it owns about 60% of some western states territory. How the heII does this happen without a revolution taking place? This is government tyranny at it’s best.

      • The PEOPLE of the United States own the PUBLIC lands of the West and some in the East also.
        They are managed for the benefit of the PEOPLE of the U.S. and should not be alienated from the PEOPLE! And eat your heart out–In some states 80-90 percent of the land is PUBLIC land and that is a fine and dandy arrangement for the PEOPLE of the U.S. Low lifes like the trespassing welfare cowboy, Cliven Bundy, and his tribe of criminals need to GET OFF the PEOPLE’s land!!!

      • Read the book “Crimes of the Educators”. It will make your head explode. And it is not about the teachers, dead-smack on the Administrators and the Federal government!

      • The arrogance and intransigence of the great/gross majority of peoples’ comments here is the very reason that education is not left up to the States alone. The difference in the levels of logic astounds even the lowest IQs of you people. Be grateful you have even attained the level of education you’ve assimilated!

    • That is because parents demanded their children not be subjected to the embarassment of faling a grade. They claimed it was psylogically damaging.

  4. Great idea, now their TEACHING racism. What went wrong in that brain?

    • Americans Wake Up

      You need a brain for something to go wrong in it. Undoubtedly she doesn’t have one.

    • It’s following their teachers’ dictates. (Marx, Lenin, Alinsky, Jarret, et al.), and it is obviously working, unless good people stand for themselves. As “madashell.com” 001 & JamesinTexas below mentions, do you trust the left to indoctrinate our children?

  5. Did anyone stop to think that she possibly saw the beginning of racism in some children and decided to teach them how wrong it is to discriminate? I applaud her for trying to nip it in the bud stage.

    • If that was true, the teacher should have discussed it with the school administrators first then run it by the parents to avoid any impression that “indoctrination” was the intent. We all know what’s going on in the schools. Many are breeding grounds for the progressive thought police.

    • Oh shut up! You idiots think personal preference is racism. You have no idea what real racism is. People like you voted for Obama because of the color of his skin and YOU want to call the rest if us racists?
      Go look in the mirror!

    • disqus_XiPHq3JlXk

      Wow, you’re saying a college level experiment which proved nothing beyond idiocy was ok to do on first graders.
      The only thing I applaud ‘you’ for, is proving that liberal lunacy supports hatred, bigotry, and discrimination…. and making innocent children suffer….for ‘your’ racist agenda.
      You, sir …are a disgrace.

    • That is a project used in COLLEGE – not on first graders. It is also used in businesses – not elementary schools. This “person” and I refuse to use the word teacher, should have her teaching license revoked. How dare she traumatize little first graders like that! They are just learning to come to school, to read, to write, to do math, to follow class rules, to find the bathrooms, to find the cafeteria. This is disgusting. FIRE HER for proselytizing!

    • Racism is only directed at white people….it has been an unwritten rule at the justice department for decades, ” they will never prosecute a hate crime committed against white people “, if she tried to demonstrate how racist and violent blacks are she would have been crucified on national TV ….but that never happened, it was her job to further this soon coming state sponsored genocide of white people, and that is exactly what she did…..

    • Frist grade give me a break, of course if the little Shiite was a Muslim it might be true!

  6. Proving once again that the “road to Hell is paved with good intentions,” this goofy teacher, probably another liberal loon, introduced a subject into the minds of 5 and 6 year olds that is beyond their capacity to understand. Can’t we just teach them the primers in reading, writing and arithmetic at this early age? Must the indoctrination into socialism begin before some have even mastered potty training?

  7. First graders have already been taught what ‘preferential’ treatment is by that age. This lesson was not to teach racism- my gosh, it was eye color, not skin color- but too teach how it felt to be deprived or rewarded because of differences beyond one’s control…..It was a good way to teach ‘anti-racism’ if both sides of the eyes felt the reward and the deprivation.

    • disqus_XiPHq3JlXk

      Your ‘view’ of the lesson (according to the article) is ‘not’ what happened.
      What that teacher did was out of line! The hag should be fired, and her teaching credentials ‘stripped’… so she can never do this to another child!

  8. This filthy brain dead leftard “teacher” should be conducted right out of the classroom – for good!

  9. Michelle Minze-Bryant

    Really? Simple solution to racism, make everyone know “the golden rule” and live it. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    That would be a marvelous thing, put biblical values back in schools, don’t tell the libs where they came from though.

  10. If you make racism an issue, it becomes an issue. If you let children develop their own friendships and teach them to behave with respect for each other as they grow we all be better off. And, YES, get the Feds out of it.

    • I grew up in Pacoima, in the San Fernando Valley. My reference to rainbow was about the idea that my peers were all different colors and faiths. It was not until years after we moved away that I realized one of my friends David Redman was probably of native American descent. Pete was the guy you wanted on your team, since he could smack a softball over the paper tree for a home run. It didn’t matter what color he was.
      This experiment has been around for a while, but certainly has no place in grade school.

  11. It doesn’t sound like the teacher had good intentions involved in this experiment. This sounds like something obama would encourage. We have enough racial tensions already and don’t need for it to be taught to first graders. TEACHERS AND PARENTS: PLEASE JUST LET THE KIDS BE KIDS FOR A LITTLE WHILE LONGER. THEY GROW UP FAST ENOUGH ALREADY AND WILL LEARN ALL THIS UGLY STUFF SOON ENOUGH.

  12. This is a very “old” experiment for teaching social justice to students. But, the students have always been high schoolers. I have a bigger problem with the heavily regimented “teaching” being done in the classroom. With common core it seems you cannot teach any of the oldies, I.e. nursery rhymes. They have to teach the new stuff. One problem … the new stuff is not as well written and misses many of the teaching elements. Change is not always better. Sometimes it is worse.

  13. Fire this teacher. Disgusting and mismanaged is an understatement.

  14. There is only one way that demonstrates to children that we mean business on a subject, SHOW THEM BY EXAMPLE. I teach university level management subjects; LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT is best shown by living it with a good example.

    In this case none of the above occurred; the teacher showed inappropriate skills in her teaching ability and was obviously not held accountable to the point needed to get the point across by management who just gave it lip servive when confronted to not do this again in the future…where was the punishment for traumatizing these children.

  15. Thank goodness kids are resilient. It was caught and nipped in the butt so to speak. Parents encourage your kids that we are all human beings so treat other the way you would like to be treated. Yes as they grow older they will find their own way but it is OUR responsibility as parents to guide them to a positive direction not a hateful way. These youngsters will be just fine. I don’t believe any permanent damage has occurred. Stupid person teaching ridiculousness to these kids. Shame on her

  16. This ‘experiment’, and that’s what is, ‘educators’ think of your kids as Lab Rats to test their theories, enrages me.

    I’ve always said if my kid came home and told me this had been done to him I would have been in the parking lot the next morning with a baseball bat.

    Two things would happen.

    1. I would go to jail.
    2. No teacher would ever run this experiment on kids again.

  17. Dah, What actually was the experiment? What were the results? Waste of my time piece…

  18. Does the teacher really have to get every lesson approved by parents. The parents heard about it because the kids were excited and learning something. Good job teacher. Stay out of the classroom parents.

    • This is exactly why our schools are failing.

      Instead of teaching reading, writing, and math our public schools have become systems of social engineering.

      Do you believe children should be treated like ‘lab rats’? Do you believe educators should run any ‘experiment’ on kids without the knowledge, approval, and consent of the parents?

      The parents have the absolute right to know everything their children are being taught.

    • MOMMY, what’s white trailer Trash?

  19. Put her in the street

  20. A more realistic lesson would have been asking some of the highest performing students to step outside the classroom in order to benefit some of the lower level students.

  21. fire the teacher

  22. The bottom line:

    Educators see your children as lab rats to run their social engineering experiments.

  23. As Vladimir Illyich Lenin said , “give me a generation of your youth and I will give you a communist nation”, the communist international bankers known as the Fed are behind all of the racism in this country….from the world communist convention in Moscow in 1928 , with Stalin in attendance, they had been studying the race issue for a long time and decided to use their control of our press to keep the race issue continually before the public. Through this means they would vilify white people at every opportunity, attack their history, education , government, and religious beliefs, make them responsible for every problem on this planet. They would then establish a Black Soviet State in the southeast region of this country. This was all accomplished through MLK , he was an extremely vile ,perverted and racist individual, his entire history was prepared for him by the NAZI/CIA , his whole public persona, just like Hollywood actors, it’s all a lie. Atlanta is the black supremacist capital of the fascist state. The next phase calls for blacks to rise up and start killing white people especially white Christians and take over their land, as Ferguson and Baltimore attest, they are very close to this last phase. They have state sponsored genocide planned for white people.This is exactly what happened in Egypt 3500 years ago. Black supremacists enslaved and butchered white people, Israelites, to such a degree that had Jesus not come down to deliver , these blacks would have exterminated the white race. Divine Retribution is coming upon this nation very rapidly. White people in Europe are being vilified likewise, the wonton attacks and rape by these alleged “refugees” , is proof of this. Anyone who speaks out against these Muslim criminal bastards or the wide open borders is labeled a racist, the media and the powers that be erupt immediately…This is irrefutable proof that white people are under attack and whether it is the Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, homosexuals ,lesbians, transsexuals, etc…who are screaming and shaking their fist at whites ……it is the government who is employing and funding them, this fascist demonic UN is going to be destroyed, this is all over the prophecies in the Bible.

  24. This teacher is an a$$hole and should be stripped of her teaching credentials.

  25. Our children do not stand a chance of being taught what is right and what is wrong in our nation today under the tutelage of people such as this misguided individual, and it seems that most of those in positions as educators in our country today are just as misguided as this one. Is it any wonder that our country is in decline in every way possible morally and educationally, it is just the tip of the iceberg showing.

  26. That filthy whore of a libretard piece of shit teacher ,should be burned alive at the stake. How would that be for a ” social experiment ”

  27. I think her original intention was to show how stupid, hurtful and unfair racism is. If the children did learn a lesson that way, it is something I’m sure they’ll never forget. I don’t condone what she did, though. She should have discussed her plan with other teachers and the administration before conducting this “lesson” in racism. After all, racism is a harsh reality of the world we live in. Always has been, and probably always will be. We really DO need to teach our children at a young age how wrong it is, but this might have been a bit over the top.

  28. Most of today’s teaching staffs are dropouts from life. They are so undereducated that they are not qualified for any other jobs. The only thing they qualify for is to teach socialist rhetoric and racism. Dumb down our children
    to a socialist menial task level and feudalism and oligarchies are reborn.

  29. Just fire her tired of this crap.

  30. How much damage did the teacher do to those with dark eyes? We really won’t know the answer to that question until the kids are older.

  31. Fire the dumbass and send her to Chicago so she can work a corner.

  32. For all of the below, Ditto.! Old book, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”. Common Core continues the downward spiral of the education of our children.

  33. I noticed something years ago. If you take a room full of 5 year olds and leave them to play with each other without trying to sway them one way or another they do not notice the race of other children. All they care about is playing and having fun with the other children. Adults teach racism and hatred. Children are not born racist but learn to be racist from the adults much as is going on now with Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and the BLM idiots. If all children were removed from people who push hatred of a person due to their race it wouldn’t take long to end racism. As it is we have idiot teachers and leaders preaching hatred and racism daily to our youth and we have fallen back to the 50’s and 60’s with race relations due to it.

  34. Close public schools until such time as we can reform them all…

  35. I think the teacher needs a lesson on how to teach, and she needs to re-educate herself and stop using children for her stupid experiments or be fired.

  36. I think the young children pretty much has this “racism” under control, they know how to respect & get along with each others race!! It’s the grown-ups that need the “teaching” more-so than the kids!! If the adults would just quit their “racist” ranting around the children, then “racism” would finally die-out on it’s own! Children don’t HATE until they are taught to hate by the adults!!!

  37. I thought teachers were hired to teach…not indoctrinate.

  38. let the kids read the Dr Seuss story…The Sneetches…
    go look it up if you are not familiar…

  39. I think the first time this lesson plan was used was in 1968. Check this out; http://www.janeelliott.com/

  40. Should I dare say that the teacher was black. If it had been a white teacher then obummer, jesse hijackson and al sharptongue would have been up in everyone’s faces.

  41. This is seven kinds of stupid. It has never been the place of the schools to teach anyone morals or values, it is the responsibility of the parents. This may sound strange, but I wonder if perhaps this may have placed a seed of resentment in the heart of those brown eyed children against blue eyed ones. I remember things that happened when I was three that I later had to overcome. A first grade brain is much too easily molded for such an action as this is.

  42. Yet an example of how our colleges and their liberalism make their graduates stupid and lacking in knowledge. She should be fired!

  43. Fact: children are not born with any concept of discrimination whatsoever. Racism is a subspecies of discrimination. Racism is learned by being directly taught or by observance of it. Don’t be too quick to assume this teacher “had good intentions”. Whatever this teachers race is it is not her job to teach anyone about racism, especially first graders. But what is going on in schools today is the teaching of “white privilege” which is a form of racism. School boards all over the country are spending school funds to send teachers to conferences to be trained on how to push the “white privledge” agenda. This teacher needs to be sent to “sensitivity training” classes first. Then she needs to be schooled on what her job entails. I’m sure “social studies” are not part of any first grade curriculum. Firing her might be a way of teaching her a lesson, but that probably won’t happen.

  44. Common Core stinks

  45. ‘…giving preferential treatment – candy, hugs – to children with blue eyes and depriving the children with brown eyes.” [?] We’ve been doing that all along! The ‘experiment’, in our opinion, should have been opposite – depriving blue & preferential treatment to brown! But maybe that’s just us…in our discerning, discriminatory experience, we have spent a lifetime preferential towards light eyes! We rationalize that our personal prejudices are fully legitimate to satisfy our own acquired preferences. People like us could NEVER own a grocery store or run any kind of restaurant with our ‘Soup Nazi’ attitudes to refuse service to the obese, proliferate profits of plastic pollution & deal with public stupidity. Our vasectomy 40 years ago was an act of refusal to contribute to these grievous back-ass-ward academics. Oh well, Happy Leap Year anyway!

  46. I sense this was a planned “brainwashing” technique. It plants the idea in a young child’s mind that it is OK to oppose or “hate”, based solely upon “differences” that are uncontrollable or otherwise insignificant—-I will wager that the program had a Muslim/Islamic origin and backing. Many children, especially those that were “rewarded”, will try and use these techniques to obtain or deny other objectives, including “religion”. Ask that teacher, under oath, (polygraph?) where she obtained this idea and who provided the specific “materials”.

  47. Liberals now run the school system, and crap like this is what it results in. At least the administrators aand parents slapped her down.

  48. This experiment was done first by Jane Elliot in 1970 (I was lucky to meet her and got her to speak to the teachers in MN) Jane caught hell from many of the children’s parents of the students who had blues. Her experiment was a way to give children the feeling of how it feels to be discriminated against. Jane conduct classes for the adults teachers to show them their latent racism. One or two teachers would leave. This exercise should be done on ALL jr & high school students to reduce the present high level of racism today in the USA.
    Jane Elliott’s Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise
    Jane Elliott, internationally known teacher, lecturer, diversity trainer, and recipient of the National Mental Health Association Award for Excellence in Education …
    Workshop Lectures Learning Materials Typical Statements Contact Jane

  49. Hello Congress! Please defund the illegal dept of indoctrination (used to be education). It has done much more damage than good.

  50. disqus_2AF1QOhOSp

    First graders no nothing of discrimination. They most likely can’t even spell it. Its heartbreaking the amount of innocence that the left has taken away from children and their agenda is not only immoral but its criminal.

  51. One fail after another! Let’s grade our public schools……A+ for indoctrination, A+ for social engineering, A+ for political Correctness! F for English, F for Math., F for Geography. Ask your school board how much these failures get when they retire.

  52. The one and only way to stop this bullshit is to get ride of that so called day off,and black history month ,or give a history month for each race there is in America ! ! ! ! ! !

  53. Would I be giving away my age if I say that in kindergarten, when we had cookie & milk break (of which was 5 cents) – class said a prayer – together – out loud.

  54. AmericanPatriot67

    The biggest mistake made in the history of the American system of education was the Federal aid to education act passed during the Kennedy Administration. It opened the door to Federal takeover of education WIDE OPEN!!!!

  55. Best solution is to fire the teacher, and hire one with common sense and no agendas.

  56. My kid didn’t verbalize or seem to even notice any differences in people at that age. Example:. If he was trying to tell me something about a black woman he didn’t know, he’d say, you see the lady with the red dress holding her little boy putting groceries in the car. I was so happy and proud of this. Then of course the TV blasts it, it’s in school as he got older. It’s everywhere but in reality. Then it’s shown to them by others. I’m sure she meant well too, but children are the least discriminatory and will play along well with anyone UNTIL SOMEONE puts those thoughts in their sweet innocent little minds.

  57. How about the teacher sticks to reading, writing, and arithmetic? We aren’t sending our children to school for social experiments. By what authority does a teacher decide to do something like this? The teacher should be severely reprimanded if not fired. This is why our children can’t read or write, teachers aren’t doing the job we pay them for.

  58. Stupid. That’s what it was.
    Politically correct minded individuals trying to indoctrinate our kids into thinking like them.
    Unfortunately, there’s too many of them. Take a look at what’s happening in our colleges and universities. That should really raise your hackles.

  59. In the mid 18th century when out Founding Fathers graduated from colleges, the academic requirements to get into the colleges exceeded the academic requirements for a PhD today.

  60. Get that teacher out of that First Grade Classroom! Any “good” teacher knows what age specific lessons to teach and that one was NOT for 6 year old children. What was she thinking?

    That day many children got mixed messages ABOUT THEMSELVES, NOT about discrimination which is a subject matter too confusing for a young child. Their world still revolves around themselves so when the teacher hugged some and ignored others, she was sending the ignored children a message that something was wrong with “THEM”, not anyone else. That lesson was too sophisticated for a child of 6.

    What she did was so inappropriate and totally confusing for that age group yet she did it anyway? Without approval from the School? Or the parents? THAT’S A HUGE “NO NO” and she needs more than a slap on the hand…perhaps a career change.

    She has no business teaching that age group – maybe 6th graders, but never 1st graders. What else has she taught them that was inappropriate?

  61. “Good intentions” BS. Fire the female dog now.

  62. There’s nothing NEW about this. I used it in a classroom in 1971. But you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT use this with a class of racially mixed people.

  63. Having been in the teaching profession for 50 years and Christian ordained ministry for 15 years, I’m less worried about teachers than I am about conservative religious/political extremists! We need MORE talking and less right wing scare tactics!

  64. This bi*ch should be fired. How dare she think it is her job to teach about racism.. that is for the parents or clergy. Her bias will affect the outcome. I do not want some idiot teacher telling my first grader how to think. Stupid !

  65. I say we give them the damn race war they want!!! This way we can purge our society of these racist and progressive democrats for good, one bullet at a time!

  66. They need to fire that teacher. This is why parents should home school if possible. I know quite a few home schooled kid’s and they very intelligent.

  67. Yes, there is no end to the moronic shenanigans of Democrats.

  68. Best of intensions my ass! These parents should unite and threaten to withhold their good little future commies from attending this indoctrination camp until this brainwashing Leftist sicko is shown the door! Sheeple had better start getting their heads in the game while they still have them as our Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” is successfully making “US” into his caliphate!

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