TDS: Cartoonist Sneaks Profane Anti-Trump Message Into Newspapers

Syndicated cartoonist Wiley Miller, the author of the nationally-read Non Sequitur comics, is apparently suffering from an advanced case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. So debilitating is this illness that it convinced Miller to hide a profane anti-Trump message in the Sunday edition of his cartoon – a coloring edition which appears to have been geared towards children. But parents were probably not happy to see their kids taking crayons to Miller’s “Bearaissance” characters when they discovered that Miller had written “Go f**k yourself Trump” in difficult-to-read script halfway down the three-panel edition.

Also not happy about the message: The editors of the Pennsylvania Butler Eagle. They announced this week that as a result of Miller’s little prank, they will no longer carry the Non Sequitur cartoon in their newspaper.

“A reader brought to our attention that one of the syndicated comic strips which appears in the Sunday Butler Eagle may contain a hidden message which was apparently placed there by someone in the creative department of the creator of the comic strip or the syndication which controls it,” said Ron Vodenichar, the publisher of the paper. “Neither the Butler Eagle nor any other newspaper that includes this strip had an opportunity to remove it even if they had discovered it before distribution.

“We apologize that such a disgusting trick was perpetuated on the reading public. The Butler Eagle will discontinue that comic immediately,” Vodenichar continued.

Miller tried to hide the message in the cartoon (seen below), but he wasn’t trying all THAT hard. After all, he was kind enough to tweet out encouragement for readers to go looking for the message: “Some of my sharp-eyed readers have spotted a little Easter egg,” he wrote. “Can you find it?”

Non Sequitur is currently published by roughly 700 newspapers across the country. It remains to be seen if the Butler Eagle will be the first and last newspaper to decide that they don’t need this kind of political profanity in their comic section.

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