Taylor Swift Fans Demand Comment On Gaza Conflict

Jana Zills, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – Global popstar Taylor Swift is preparing for the Madrid leg of her Eras Tour, however, some fans are calling for her to break her silence and speak up about the violence unfolding in Gaza. 

Ahead of her concert on Wednesday, there was a rise in the #SwiftiesForPalestine on social media platform X. This was one of the top and most popular hashtags relating to the concert ahead of the show. Many posts were calling for those who would attend the event to show up carrying Palestinian flags in an attempt to have Swift notice and speak up about the violence. 

On Thursday morning, the hashtag continued to grow in popularity with over 133,000 posts, many of which have come from Swift fan accounts that have been active for years. 

People have been calling for celebrities with a large fan base, such as Swift, to mobilize and speak up against the Israeli military offensive in Rafah following the recent airstrike at a refugee camp. The burned encampment has resulted in graphic images from the aftermath being shared online. 

The Israel Defense Forces have stated that their attack was targeting two senior Hamas militants and that the encampment had not been in their immediate vicinity. 

One Swifty from Belgium, Sarah Smits, who runs a fan account with over 56,000 followers, argued that seeing the images that emerged from Rafah has awoken them to the situation and that they would love to see Taylor’s support. She pointed out that many people were starting to speak out, including people with influence, and that it was having an effect. 

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