Target Promotes Transgenderism With New Clothing Line

With Pride month right around the corner, Target is letting its rainbow flag fly with a new LGBTQ+ clothing line that includes breast binders and packing underwear.

According to Target, the new collection features underwear, activewear, and swimwear by queer brands TomboyX and Humankind and includes products that are worn to alter one’s physical appearance.”

Included among the array of Pride merchandise Target is hawking are binders for women to compress their breasts, so their chest appears more masculine.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh called the new product line “abhorrent and insane.”

“Target is selling chest binders for gender dysphoric girls so they can crush their breasts to try and appear more like boys,” he tweeted. “This is no different than Walgreens selling laxatives specifically for people with anorexia.”

Reporter Jon Miller said the body-altering garments were “barbaric.”

“I can’t believe this is called progress,” Miller said. “You know in China they used to bind women’s feet! History does not look kindly on that fad and it will be the same for this. Not healthy. At least Chinese still got to keep a healthy mind. Very SICK!”

According to health professionals, chest binding presents significant health complications.

The pro-transgender health site Clue notes that binding can cause breathing problems, can affect “skin elasticity,” and could have a negative impact on “surgical outcomes” after a voluntary double-mastectomy of healthy breasts.

WebMD states that chest-binding restricts breathing, causes skin irritation, causes skin to “break” around the edges of the binder, can cause overheating, and can lead to bruised or fractured ribs.

Target is also selling packing underwear, which is used by females to wear a packer, which gives the appearance of having a penis.

Concerned Women for America LAC tweeted, “This dangerous ideology is so deeply embedded in mainstream culture that young girls can now buy chest binders at their local @Target. Praying for our children.”

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  1. Another good reason not to shop at Target! I haven’t been in a Target since they started banning the Salvation Army Bell Ringers outside their stores!!!

  2. Old Feeble Joe

    Another woke company contributing to the mental illness of people that don’t believe in science and insist they’re the opposite sex.

  3. How disgusting. No longer a Target shopper.

  4. SOME people are just too STUPID to learn !!!!!!!!!!!!! “GO WOKE, GO BROKE” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just another company that is as stupid as Biden thinks they are. Liberal people who support this administration are just as stupid.

  6. Disgusting

    One more reason to NOT shop at Target!!

  7. Sharon Brackin

    This is disgusting! Just one more reason I won’t shop in Target! To carry this line of clothing in a family department store is just gross!!


  9. I haven’t darkened a Target doorway in more than 6 years. This WOKE crap solidifies my resolve.

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