Tall, Gay, And A Dem’s Worst Nightmare

By Ernest Dempsey

Liberals can’t drool enough over openly gay men who also happen to be environmental activists, but not Scott Presler, whom they can’t ignore enough. So what exactly is it about this guy that scares the left?

The 33-year-old, tall, lean, white conservative from Virginia, who campaigned for Donald Trump in 2016 and through 2020, came out as gay after the Pulse nightclub terrorist attack, as he revealed in a tweet in January 2020.

Standing nearly 6.5 feet tall with long silky hair flying around his shoulders, Presler surprised both sides of the political divide in America with his public support for President Trump in 2016. On his Twitter profile, called #ThePersistence, he proudly wears this laurel as someone who helped defeat Hillary.

The quotation on his cover image refers to a sign that he held up in Virginia Beach in his early days of activism. 3 men threw what can be assumed to be trash at him and the aftermath of the event was recorded for hundreds of thousands to see.

The left’s response to Presler was politically correct and calculated—ignoring the dude. Even the mouthy leftist media had to keep its hands and tongues off him. Bashing a young gay guy having a certain public charm could work against their political slogan of speaking for the LGBT community. Besides, in trying to make him famous, they feared losing some more of their LGBT people to the right. Presler was the domino that could start a train of political walkouts from people they had tirelessly worked to convince that the Democratic Party was their only political bastion.

Still, more than one liberal media outlet lost its cool over Presler’s untiring conservative activism. As he started to engage the layman in cleaning up garbage off the streets in leftist-run cities, starting with Baltimore, some liberal media sources called him a “right-wing extremist” who was simply acting as “a political ploy for Trump.”

Presler’s activism, both political and environmental, continued past the 2020 campaign. He advocated vigorously in the Stop the Steal movement against the widely reported and recorded voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. For his activism against election fraud, the left-leaning publication The Daily Beast awarded Presler the title of “Nutty MAGA Conspiracy Theorist.”

Like millions of other conservatives, Scott Presler stands for conservative American values through word and action every single day of his life, using both social media and his activist’s boots on the ground. His recent voter registration events are an example of this.

The left hates him but lives with the political fear of trashing him; the right loves him but exhibits some shyness in putting him in the front row. Conservative media has acknowledged him as recently as this month among the 25 most influential conservative figures over the next quarter of a century. At the crossroads of left’s identity politics and conservative ideological movement, Scott Presler remains steady in his persistence, wearing his American flag T-shirt, a MAGA hat, and carrying his slogan: life, liberty, and due process.

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