Taking Nuclear Annihilation Seriously

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, 59 percent of Americans favor Obama’s impending – if consistently delayed – deal with Iran. Americans want to see a deal struck that would restrict Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for loosened sanctions against the Islamic regime. Disturbingly, however, that exact percentage also believes that the deal will probably not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Huh.

The only possible takeaway from that is that at least 59 percent of Americans hold views that must be similar to President Obama’s. The view that it’s more important to make a show of diplomacy than to actually get anything done. That may be a permissible approach to take with a country like Cuba, but the stakes are a little higher with Iran. Perhaps we should be a little more concerned about the ramifications of putting nuclear weaponry in the hands of a country that wants nothing less than the total annihilation of America and Israel. Just a thought.

The deal, the deadline for which has now been pushed back to June, has come under intense criticism from Republicans in Congress, to say nothing of Arab and French leaders. The fact that there has been very little debate in the United States about what it would mean to have a nuclear-armed Iran in the Middle East is a sign that our nation’s media has abandoned their responsibilities. Not that we needed another sign of that.

There are other factors at play, though. We are now further removed than ever from the nuclear scares of the 1950s and 1960s. Many Americans were not alive at a time when the country lived under the everpresent threat of a global nuclear war. We barely talk about these disastrous weapons anymore, even though the world is littered with them. We regard the prospect of Iran getting their hands on such a weapon as unfortunate, but not as the global threat that it really is. This is a country whose chief Islamic leader said just last week – “Of course, death to America.” But we’re supposed to brush such a statement under the rug. Just politics, assures the Obama administration. Nothing to see here.

We’ve seen the devastation that Islamic radicals can do with conventional weapons. We’ve seen what they can do when armed with nothing more than box cutters. And yet we think it’s just fine to play around with negotiations that could give Iran the means to build the most destructive type of bomb ever conceived by man. A country driven by the same type of hardline, Islamic fundamentalism responsible for the bloodbath in Iraq and Syria. That we even deem such a state worthy of talks is a sign of how dangerously loose this administration is playing with our national security.


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