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Kamala-Biden Rift Begins to Surface

Rumors are flying that some of President Joe Biden’s allies have at least looked into the idea of replacing Vice President Kamala Harris. In a scathing piece published by Newsweek, Darragh Roche wrote that “Harris is suffering stubbornly low approval ratings and has been the subject of a series of damaging news stories, including an exodus of staff from her office late ...

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Did Biden Announce That He Has Cancer?

Constantly proving he can’t handle speaking or reading a teleprompter, Biden has yet again managed to embarrass himself and confuse a crowd in one of his most bizarre gaffes yet. As he starts rambling about his mother using windshield wipers to “get literally the oil slick on the window”, he casually reveals that he has cancer. WATCH: Joe Biden leaves ...

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Caller Tells Biden “Let’s Go Brandon” on Livestreamed Call

Those in the know, know that the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” is really  code for “F*ck Joe Biden. A caller in a Christmas Eve livestream call-in event used the not-so-flattering euphemism to close a call with the President himself. The caller from Oregon who had the opportunity to participate in a live stream Christmas Eve Phone call with President Biden ...

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