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The Clintons Predict the End of Democracy If Republicans Win

In separate interviews conducted in separate settings, former President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton both issued dire warnings. If America keeps voting Republican and moving to the right, it will spell the end of Democracy in our nation.  According to Bill Clinton, there is a “fair chance” the United States could “completely lose our constitutional democracy.” In Hillary’s words, we ...

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Trump Wants Bill Clinton Judge Recused on Hillary’s RICO Case

Citing “virulent prejudice,” former president Donald Trump wants the judge overseeing his RICO case against Hillary Clinton to recuse himself because he was appointed by Bill Clinton! Trump sued Hillary Clinton last month, accusing her — and several other defendants linked to her 2016 campaign, including the Democratic Party, the DOJ, and the FBI — of carrying out an “unthinkable plot” ...

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Hillary Shares Her Would Be “Victory Speech” and Blames Everyone But Herself for Her Stunning 2016 Loss to Trump

In an online class, two-time loser Hillary Clinton has shared her would-be victory speech had she defeated Donald Trump in 2016 as she expected.  The former Secretary of State and First Lady has previously revealed that she never wrote a concession speech ahead of Election Day 2016, saying that although the last 10 days of the campaign were littered with ...

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