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Kim Potter Found Guilty of Manslaughter in Killing of Daunte Wright!

Soon after ex-police officer Kim Potter shot Daunte Wright mistaking her handgun for her taser she said, “I’m going to jail.” Her words turned out to be prophetic as the former Minnesota cop was convicted of two counts of manslaughter.   Potter was convicted of manslaughter and she is now facing up to 11 years in prison for pulling her gun ...

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Ghislaine Maxwell Says She Believes That Epstein’s Death Was Murder

As the defense is presenting their case in the trial of Jeffrey Epstein’s madam and confidant, Ghislaine Maxwell, her brother says that she told him that she believes Epstein was murdered.  Maxwell’s brother Ian made those charges in an interview with Spectator’s Americano podcast. He also railed against US authorities and staunchly maintained his sister’s innocence in the 24-minute exchange. ...

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