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BLM Activist Bought Dog for $40,000 Using Donation Money

Stealing funds has become so common with the Black Lives Matter movement that BLM can easily mean Big Looters of Money. The latest in this series of endless stealing is the reported use of over $40 thousand by BLM activist Shaun King to buy a dog. As reported in The Washington Examiner (August 02, 2022), King spent more than $40,000 ...

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Win for BLM: Uninvolved ‘George Floyd Cop’ Sentenced

A federal judge sentenced former Minneapolis police Officer Thomas Lane to 2 1/2 years in prison Thursday for violating George Floyd’s civil rights, calling Lane’s role in the restraint that killed Floyd “a very serious offense in which a life was lost” but handing down a sentence well below what prosecutors and Floyd’s family sought. Judge Paul Magnuson’s sentence was just slightly ...

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BLM Protester Threatens Driver With Gun During Riot

Far-left protesters surround a car on a street at the Black Lives Matter protest Saturday in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and threatened to shoot the driver. Of the BLM militants cocked a gun and kicked the car during the BLM demonstration protesting the police-involved death of Patrick Lyoya, a black man with a long criminal history who was shot in the ...

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