Syrian President Says ISIS Is Stronger Than Ever

In an interview with 60 Minutes’ Charlie Rose, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that American airstrikes were not having much of an effect on the strength of the Islamic State.

“Sometimes you could have local benefit,” said Assad, “but in general if you want to talk in terms of ISIS, actually ISIS has expanded since the beginning of the strikes. Not like some American wants to sugar coat the situation to say that it’s getting better. ISIS is being defeated and so on. Actually, no, you have more recruits. Some estimates that they have 1,000 recruits every month in Syria. And Iraq, they are expanding in Libya and many other al Qaeda affiliate organizations have announced their allegiance to ISIS. So that’s the situation.”

It would be easy to dismiss out of hand anything that comes from the mouth of a lying, murderous dictator like Assad, but what he says about ISIS matches what we’ve heard from Middle Eastern experts from across the spectrum. Only the Obama administration continues to propagate this claim that their actions against ISIS have been effective. In March, Secretary of State John Kerry once again defended the administration’s course.

“ISIL’s momentum has been diminished,” Kerry said in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “It is clear that even while savage attacks continue, there’s the beginning of a process to cut off their supply level, to take out their leaders, to cut off their finances, to reduce the foreign fighters, and to counter the messaging that has brought some of those fighters to this effort.”

One can establish at a glance the game Kerry is playing, though, even without the slightest familiarity with the situation in Iraq and Syria. With words like “diminished” and “the beginning of a process,” Kerry is basically saying that very little has been accomplished so far. Reports from NBC have said that ISIS is replenishing their forces at a faster rate than airstrikes are killing them. And now Assad has confirmed that, as far as he has seen, there has been little impact.

Still, the U.S. claims that everything is going just swimmingly. A top military commander characterized ISIS has having gone into “a defensive crouch” in Iraq, even as reports of Tikrit being liberated from the terrorist group appear to have been premature.

Meanwhile, back in the States, the Army has issued a “security awareness message” to its soldiers, encouraging them to protect themselves, their homes, and their social media accounts from attacks by ISIS. Included in the message are several safety steps like using the peephole before opening the door and toning down internet postings so terrorists don’t have access to their comings and goings.

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  1. He is partially right. ISIS will eventually be defeated – but another terrorist movement will rapidly take its place unless the tyrannical Arab nations deal with the underlying problem – of hopelessness among 40 percent of its unemployed youth.

    • Do you think we could offer them employment?

      • We should try the Nukes first and if that doesn’t work send Burger King & Starbucks over to set up shop and start hiring?

      • In my state the Liberal politicians have set up a deal with Somalia, it does concern employment as in Employment Checks minus the work, now some of these wonderful people have decided to take a job with ISIS. I suppose their checks will follow them, providing they left a forwarding address. I can only imagine how heartbroken their sponsors must be one being Al Franken

        • Apolloone, this is all insantity! Al Franken was never funny even when he was a “comedian,” and now there is nothing funny or makes any sense about his actions. Please don’t forget, we now only have 655 days more of the Obamanation of America. Happy Easter and God bless America!

      • the african pretender and the nitwits that voted for kenyan boyo would like to…maybe picking cotton, I hear that no Americans want to do that job..

    • Not if the NUKES are dropped in the right place(s). Should expect 50 to 100 years of real Peace…..

    • Prayer will defeat all of them. It is a gift that God and Jesus gave to us to use. Why do you think Netanyahoo is still prime minister of Israel? For sure it didn’t happen due to American president backing him but the prayers of the Saints. Believers. Amen

      • Another wonderful suggestion ! Lets put a priest in the White House – dump the House and Senate – and seek spiritual guidance for everything governmental. It might be much cheaper – after all God gives all advice free.

      • Oh, goody. Another one. Show me where prayer alone will do anything. Frankly, all prayer is talking to oneself.

    • That’s THEIR problem, not ours.

  2. Tell us something we didn’t know. Obviously, these uncivilized savages are running wild in the Middle East, because they know the U.S. is not going to do one thing about it.

    • What do you think we should ‘do about it’ ?

      • Before they are imported over here, kill them!

        • Sounds like you are all geared up for a massive killing spree. You know that 25 percent of the human populace are Muslims ? So I guess you are dying to see WW3 begin ?

          • No, but I don’t want to have to fight them myself in America. They are probably better armed than I.

          • Most likely. Your grammar is so precise, you must be a real wussie.

          • Look shithead, if you think I’m a wussie, you are more than welcome to personally find out!

          • Good reply, next if can catch you in a mistake like using the wrong word such as Here when you meant Hear, or Idle for Idol

          • No doubt many are already here, According to a retired CIA agent a few years ago he said there are sleeper cells in place he also said we don’t know how many nor do we know for sure what they brought with them and what they might be stockpiling. The government’s main function is to protect us from a foreign invasion, not only are they failing miserably but seem to be setting us up for war inside the country. But no matter if that happens it wont be Dear Leaders fault, Either these fools are totally stupid believing he stands for the good of this country or they believe Communism is a good form of government that just needs a little tweaking and Obama is the man that can do the job of tweaking but either belief makes them fools

          • Of course these uncivilized savages are stronger than ever! We have a Muslim Islamist extremist in the White House doing all he can to help these evil barbarians. Does any thinking human being doubt that? Notice I said “thinking human beings.” Democrats suffer from the Democrat Derangement Syndrome (DDS), which renders them thoughtless and clueless. BTW, as of today, we have 656 days left of the Obamanation of America!

          • LOL: “DDS”

          • Glad it gave you a laugh, because that’s how I refer to them (DDS’s) in my new book UPS and DOWNS That’s Life on Earth! The publisher and I went around and around about chapter 18, because at first they said it was hate speech, whatever the heck that is–George Orwell was right! After a few days, they finally capitulated. BTW, we now have 653 more days of the Obamanation of America!

          • The Prophet Daniel was given many prophecies and the number of years when the prophecies would take place, the birth and death of the Messiah was so accurate that the Bible Scoffers claimed that Daniel was written after the fact, but the Dead Sea Scrools shut them up; for awhile anyway. The math that Daniel was given points to the Dome of the Rock being built precisely, there are other calculations that Islam fits the end-time Abomination, the Antichrist, Islam even fits the Deadly Wound and Islam has been healed and is on a world Caliphate, I’m only saying that Islam fits perfectly. One thing is very clear though, there are two very large religions in the latter days one turns on the other and destroys the other. Since Islam never belonged to God and can never fit the definition of Spiritual Whore then this means it’sIslam will destroy th

          • If you believe the prophecies in the Bible, as you and I do, your explanation seems quite plausible.

          • I disagree that Islam will be prevailing religion. They worship death & therefore are really Satanic like. Jesus will return with one foot on the Mount of Olives & I believe the other on Mt Moriah which is under the Dome of the Rock. There will be a “peacemaker” who will reign for 3 1/2 years, as his time will be cut short. In the end Christianity will prevail & the Jews will look on Jesus & mourn because they will know they rejected the true Messiah. I think the Bible says 1/3 of the earths population will perish & God will destroy His enemies. He will reclaim Jerusalem. It seems the timeline has accelerated greatly. Woe to the nations that reject Israel.

          • Islam is the fastest growing religions and is antichrist by the definition given by the Apostle John. The Bible is middle eastern specific, this includes Israel just before the return of Jesus Israel will be invaded for the last time, in the meantime Islamic forces are out to set up a world Caliphate by their own admission they must to do this as per their prophet Muhammad. Moderate Muslims just do a different Jihad than their violent brothers, Violent Jihadists and Stealth Jihadists are basically one and the same. When I hear professing Christians claim we worship the same God I just shake my head, a study of their Qur’an will prove they don’t, even Muhammad believe the being he met in that cave was Satan but his wife and family convinced him it was an angel from God. I definitely agree with Muhammad’s first thoughts.

          • I believe Jimmy Carter has said that we worship the same God. He got what he deserved when Netanyahu & the Israeli president refused to meet with him. After all he believes Hamas is a nice group of people worshipping the same God. I have read many sections of the Qur’an & the Hadith. David Wood who has the website is also a professor & is an excellent resource on Islam. The Israelis just want to be left alone. I’m so sick of the terrorists destroying everything & killing. What a waste of humanity.

          • Thanks that’s a good site for finding out the many crimes these vile people commit. Since it’s not politically correct for the so-called news media to let people know the type of Vermin there are in this religion I will start posting this website. Walid Shoebat has a good website he was a former Muslim Terrorist who became a Christian

          • Yes, I like Walid Shoebat. I also get links to MEMRI TV. It’s mostly in Arabic with English subtitles. The Israeli websites are filled with Middle East news & will link to Muslim websites do you can see & hear for yourself when the Imams rant
            & chant “Death to America” & Death to Israel”. I heard Abbas say to Hamas “Don’t worry, I agree with you but I have to pretend I don’t so I can get funding from America,” Every westerner should become familiar with Taqqiya. Basically a Muslim lie to us which is promoted in the Qur’an & perfectly acceptable. A gentle & wonderful Christian friend of mine, introduced me to some Israeli sites & I’ve since added others. I usually know news from abroad 2 or more days in advance of here. I do get frustrated when our news doesn’t give us the whole story. I read 90% of my news & watch Fox for opinion & entertainment. O’Reilly seems clueless when it comes to Obama & his ilk. I think Megyn Kelly does the best all around info in that area. Did you know over 25% of sanctions, resolutions & complaints at UN are directed at Israel. They rarely mention North Korea, Somalia, Sudan & the worst of the worst. Israel is about.01% of land mass but are constantly harassed. What have Muslims done lately? They are stuck in 7th century where they started!

          • I too like Walid Shoebat. Although, I’m not sure I believe the story about him being a “former terrorist” (but I do think he sincerely believes it). What I find more plausible is that Satan sank claws into his soul deeply enough to scare the $#|t out of him.

            He does seem to have now an extraordinary level of insight, and courage — almost a unique perspective.

          • I don’t know his background because I haven’t ever researched him. I have personally heard from some former Muslim terrorists who are no longer doing that. One of the most well known was a son of the Hamas leader. They are brainwashed from toddlers to hate Jews & killing themselves is a glorious thing. They are taught that the Holocaust never happened & Jews were never in Israel until after WWII, which is blatantly false. Just yesterdsy the UN condemned Israel for attacking schools in Gaza. But UN knew Hamas was stocking weapons in schools & hospitals. I watched Hamas move their rocket launchers when they thought no one was looking but some brave reporters filmed them moving them.

          • I would suggest that you read Shoebat’s postings at his website and elsewhere. He has unusual insight and a keen moral sense, as well as info not available elsewhere AFAIK.

          • Jesus said His flock would be small in numbers, Broad is the gate that leads to destruction, just check out the things that are being taught in the Churches today, in many countries Mosques are replacing Churches, also you might check out the number of people that has risen in America that don’t believe the Scriptures. Jesus asked a rhetorical question when He asked His disciples if He would find the faith on earth when He came back.

          • I have heard that Islam fits “the pale Horse” in Revelations. Pale was wrongly translated and should be green. The color of Islam is green. Some Bible translations actually have green instead of pale.

          • There is no doubt that Islam is playing and will be playing a bigger role in the near future. Check out Walid Shoebat’s website, he was a former Muslim terrorist who found Jesus, he says Islam is the Great Whore, I disagree with that because Islam hasn’t changed and never belonged to God in the first place to commit Spiritual Adultery.

          • I agree, Islam is not the great whore, but I believe Islam was at least partly created by the Great Whore. Conversion by sword, bead counting in prayers, etc. came from someplace…

          • Hello again Truthtester; I’m wondering if you have considered who the End Time Nation is that God gave His Prophets many prophecies about. The majority of Bible scholars agree that this nation is singular and concerns the end times, they believe this ETN is yet future and will be built in and around Iraq, but I cant get their way of thinking, especially when America fits at least one hundred of the characteristics given by God. if this ETN is future 1. It will have to come up in a wilderness, getting land that isn’t hers. 2. It will have to start out as a Godly nation and then turn her back on God. 3. It will have to be made up of many people from many different lands.4.It will have no king, a form of Democracy. 5. It will have to become the Hammer of the whole earth, like America with military bases all over the world. 6. This ETN will have to have many rivers that divide her, many lakes and deep water ports, like America, for this to happen in Iraq would take a major geographical upheaval.7. This ETN would have her defenses mounted up to the heavens like America does with NASA and a very complex advanced Air-Force. 8 This ETN would have to be the world’s major economic force by importing and exporting many goods including the leader of pharmaceuticals goods and illegal drugs. ETC. 9. The majority of the citizens would be very prosperous compared to the rest of the nations, it would have many rich men, like America does. 10. This ETN will have to have many farms, many sheep, cattle and horses when this ETN is not around because of her destruction the kings of the earth mourn because no one will buy their goods, this can apply to America too since most of the world depends on the dollar and America’s influence on the markets. This prophecy is frightening because God says this ETN will be filled with foreigners before her destruction the word He used is Fanners a Hebrew word that means foreigners or aliens but in the context used the bad kind because God likens them to Caterpillars, it gets worse, these Caterpillars come from what is now Islamic nations, many arrows will come from Persia modern day Iran. Many theologians say this was when Persia attacked Babylon but if you know history Babylon was taken easily and no way was it ever burned up by fire, what is being described here is Nuclear Weapons. Whether America is or not just curious if you’ve ever considered these prophecies. Isaiah 17: 1 if I remember correctly, it states Damascus will become a heap of rubble, we know this has never happened, sounds like more nukes to me. Not to say this cant happen in Iraq but considering the shape the world is in today I feel it’s not likely at all. Believe me I want to be wrong on this.

          • I believe you are right on this. No other country in the world fits the description of Mystery Babylon Like America does. Even a large portion of America’s Christianity has taken on paganism as an identity. In one hour will it be burned….

          • I follow numerous Israeli websites. They sent a whole team to Nepal within 24 hrs. Primarily because there were 150 Israeli tourists in Nepal. They flew homeJews from Paris to beburied in Israel. I believe they pay for the costs as well, but I’m nnot sure. I know we are a much bigger nation but wouldn’t that
            be awesome to have your government care for you? Do you think Israel would let 4 of their citizens languish in an Iranian prison? Obama has managed to squelch the goodness in America & bring out the worst. How sad!!!

          • mortonpussy thinks we should offer “peace” treaties….you know like the african pretender and that twit from Boston are doing with the jerk rags in Iran…

          • Most of the population of Boston seems to consist of “twits” (to varying degrees) these days. Sad. Hard to imagine it as birthplace of the USA Republic.

          • Unfortunately it is one of many big cities filled to overflowing with parasites and coffee shop philosophers that think big government and perversion are a sign of progress…remember the campaign logo of the african “forward”? comes from some soviet crap…


            That’s the very reason that POS wants to take everybody’s guns away!!!

          • And that, my friend, is not about to happen! The Second Amendment has kept us safe from tyrants for well over 200 years, and a Muslim Islamic sympathizer is not man enough to take our guns away.


            So true!!!!!!!!

          • That and easier to subdue an un-armed populace when obola declares martial law…

          • YES, better to start now rather than later dummy.

          • You got that right!

          • Would you prefer seeing the muslims kill Americans here or Europeans? Just WHOSE side are you on, anyway?

          • They are slaughtering Christians by the 1000’s & Muslims who don’t agree with them. Christians are not renouncing their faith. Do you think they plan to stay in Africa & the Middle East? I just pray we are that strong. Remember Jesus said I will remember those who remember me. So our Muslim president has given them a special invite & they are pouring into our country. I would rather fight them there than on our land. There will be WWIII & Obama is the reason. Pretend everything is fine. Then he placed Muslim Brotherhood people into our government. He delisted Hezbollah & Hamas as terrorist groups.
            This is the final battle. It is kill or be killed. Obama hates America. He wants us to be like Europe. Look at the mess they have now. I will also die before renouncing my faith. Had we had a True Leader, we wouldn’t be inthis mess, so thanksfor all you low information voters!

          • If you mean terrorist Muslims by ‘they’ – then you are correct partially – but it is not yet ‘by the 1000s, fortunately. Here is a precise list:
            Unfortunately, in a sick way these terrorists feel vindicated because there have in fact been more innocent civilian Muslims killed as a result of collateral damage during the massive battle campaigns that we have waged and financed over the last 16 years.
            ‘They’ – in fact is a tiny tiny percentage of Muslims who are involved in terrorism.

          • KLH: After I read your post if your name wasn’t attached to it I would think I wrote it{):-)

          • I’ll take that as Great Minds Think Alike. Thanks to bad health & severe insomnia related to it, I have hours to read news & opinions particularly on AmericanThinker. I also read books. Really I shouldn’t read some of this stuff because it’s so discouraging but I know eventually Jesus will correct this mess.

          • It that is what it take to make them comprehend that they have
            a choice to either live in peace with the rest of the world or
            die. Their choice, what is your?

          • That’s at least 24.9% to many!

            religion of peace my a$$! Don’t bother to correct the spelling of religion, IT WAS DONE SO INTENTIONALLY!! Ergo it isn’t a “real” religion!

          • You should know that your attempt at humor is in very poor taste. The current situation in the middle east is a humanitarian disaster for literally millions of innocent women and children.

          • Innocent??? It isn’t to long after the boys can walk that they are shown how to hold a weapon!!!!! I do feel for the women/ females because they are stuck in a extremely bad set of circumstances! The big brave men hide behind them/ use them for shields! There isn’t anything I can do for them!

          • Hell yeahmoron212 and be happy to put you down you raghead apologist.

        • One or two Nukes should do the job….and created a huge glass memorial to the cowardly, radical MU-slime maggots.

          • Actually, a tactical nuclear weapon or two would probably end the existence of these uncivilized savages.

          • And America will have saved World one more time.

          • I still like the Fuel/Aim bombs, same results dead terrorist
            one and all and we can go in quickly to cover the place
            and insure that all the bottom feeders terrorist are dead,
            dead, dead. Then just bulldoze the rubble in to a nice
            neat pile over the top of them

      • We could always give them ObamaScare.

      • First, get rid of their ally in the white house. Then start cleaning house all over the nation, deporting muslims because they don’t belong here.


        It’s time for a Revolution!!!!!!!

      • Morton212, this is a tough question. If we can only hold on for 632 more days through the Obamanation of America, our military will be able to get the job done, again, quickly. But, in the interim, I don’t think it is wise to join the military or place our troops at risk under this evil person. We simply must have legitimate leadership as the commander in chief.

        • Well the solution for you is without any doubt very simple. Start thinking for yourself and tell the opportunists who are trying to poison your mind to get lost. By and large Obama has done a masterful job at restoring America’s prestige, getting it out of bankruptcy, and avoided more senseless wars.

          • Sorry, Morton212, I had no idea that you were suffering from the Democrat Derangement Syndrome (DDS).

    • it is difficult due to the USA not currently having a president…had we elected a president in 2008 and 2012 the rags would have been exterminated as they moved from Syria and into Iraq…out there in “no man’s land” the US Air Force would have made them into dark spots on the otherwise pristine desert…

    • I feel that we need to send American soldiers back there, but at the same time I feel that we don’t have the right to send them under this commander in chief. I remember watching “Company of Heroes”. It was about India company taking Fallujah. One of our guys was killed on the same day that his son was born. And look where Fallujah is now.

      • Warren, when all is said and done, our soldiers will have to bleed and die again, because the imposter in chief pulled the military out of Iraq, you know it and I know it; however, as long as this Muslim Islamic sympathizer continues to occupy the White House, my advice to all those whom want to volunteer for the military–forget it! BHO must go before any more military personnel are ever put at risk.

        • Obama has an incredible amount of blood on his hands already. And we need to do whatever we can to keep the Clinton crime family out of the Whitehouse.

          • I agree, and we certainly must not allow Hitlery Rotten Benghazi Clinton to assume her throne. The Clintonistas have only been surpassed by BHO in damage to this country. It is unimaginable that Slick and Slimy Billy-Boy return to his old hunting grounds.

  3. Not to worry…..Barry says they’re only JV, no need to be concerned.

    • I was worried until I read your post, so I’m relying on you that Barry actually said this, because if Barry said it, then it’s true, as I’m sure you’re aware that Barry never lies and has the most transparent administration ever.

      • Glad I could ease your mind. Though through our devout faith in the great and powerful Oz (Barry) we always know the outcome of every situation will be in the interest of “we the people” since he has always been such a patriotic, all American, everyday kinda guy looking out for the good of the USA.

  4. Bashar al-Assad is all wrong Obama never lies to American people …Lol

    • If I had to make a forced decision today and my decision would give us Assad or Obama, I would choose Assad. There is no doubt in my mind what Obama has planned for America. This isn’t to say Assad is a nice guy, or he would be any different I’m having to choose between the best of the worse, Assad has been wrongly accused of things, the fact that he is hated by those who want to destroy America should at least make Assad worthy of checking out by other sources instead of the Controlled Media. The big lie that most believe is Assad is evil and we must get rid of him, but we make a deal with Iran as if we can trust them when a little research can prove what they have in mind is a total destruction of American and Israel, America the large Satan and Israel the little Satan.

    • Hey Lizard you done it again! You done made me spill my coffee all over the place with this latest comment

  5. Well so now that you ask. How about we airdrop our Golfer in Chief Muslim Inman Absentee President King Barack Hussein and Mochelle/Micheal Obama and their kids on ISIS Headquarters and let Barry/Barack talk things over face to face an so that ISIS can show the Obama’s what they do to Infidels!

    • Maybe you could go too – as a Presidential adviser ?

      • Thank you but No Thanks so Morton how about you go instead! As heard beheadings are so much fun!…Enjoy Enjoy yours!

        • Nah ! Hate to steal your thunder. Take a few concealed weapons just in case they try any funny business – and let Jesus take the wheel.

          • Oh, poo. One of those. Ok, smart guy, just WHERE is your Jesus? Just HOW is he supposed to do this job?
            Sorry, but it takes nuts and bolts type of things to get things done here on earth—just praying about it doesn’t cut the mustard.

          • If you have achieved true enlightenment – then you will have no need to be guided by the religious convictions of another human being.

          • Jesus will finish this mess we’ve made. But in His time. 75% of all prophecies from the Bible have already come to pass. That means we only have 25% left & it is speeding up. Just make sure you’re on the right side because it is going to be very bloody.

          • Just curious since you mentioned Jesus I’m just wondering if you are in the 43% group of professing Christians that believe Satan is Not Real but just a Symbol of evil.

          • I am a Christian by culture – and was confirmed in the Episcopalian Faith. I studied theology somewhat as well – but I no longer believe.

          • Maybe you should read the parable that Jesus gave about seed.

          • William Walizer

            satan real name is lucifer, the fallen angel. lucifer wanted to be like GOD, YAHWEH!

          • I imagine he still does, Scriptures teach us he is the god of this world, Satan even offered Jesus kingdoms if he would bow and worship him, since Jesus didn’t say they aren’t yours to give this is one more reasons this world is Satan’s world, although temporally. In the book of Daniel and the Apostle Paul we learn we war with Satan and his army of fallen angels and demons. It’s my understanding this army of Satan’s operates by chain of command, in Daniel the angel that was coming to Daniel had to get help and was still held up for twenty one days. So any Christian to believe Satan is only a symbol and not real is dangerously deceived as I said the poll shows 43% believe he’s just a symbol, and yes he was at one time the Light Bearer Lucifer and many people in this world aspire to the Luciferian Doctrine, I believe that why when all the woes fall on the world described in the Book of Revelation that man still wont repent, they repent to Satan their god to help them instead of the True God. Just my opinion on why after such horrors they still wont repent, must be some reason.

    • Things would be ok for him because he is one of them infiltrated into our govt.

    • Might I suggest sending some of Obama’s most gifted advisors along with them, namely Reid, Pelosi, Biden, Holder, Shelia Jackson Brown, Barbara Boxer, Feinstein John McCain. John Bone Head there are many more, but this would be a Fundamental Change that could possibly save this country. It’s nice to dream sometimes.

      • Apolloone and may I further suggest that all of the above “Democrat Democrat Domestic Terrorists Plus RINO Illegal Alien Lover Amnesty John McCain” be charged,convicted and hanged by the neck,in the words of famed ‘Hanging Judge Roy Bean’ “Until they be Dead Dead Dead” as I sincerely that this would be a great way to start bringing about much badly needed “Fundimental Change” to the USA today,when coupled with applying the WW2 Nuremberg Laws used to convict and hang the WW2 Nazi Criminals most certainly must be also applied to the Kenyan Wonder Golfer in Chief Absentee President Barack Hussein Obama and VP Joe Biden along with
        every top level member of the Obama Administration. period!!!!…Anyone else agree here?

    • Great idea but I don’t think she wants to be near her darling husband.

  6. As long as the pig in the oval office still squats there nothing will be done about his muslim pack of wild dog brothers killing whomever they please.

  7. As long as the pig squatting in the oval office has his way, his pack of rabid muslims dogs will keep killing whomever they please. And by the way Obama will do nothing to shut down the 36 terrorist training camps located inside the boarders of United States of America, training to kill all Americans and this government gave them the land to train on and is sending money to live on as well.

  8. John Kerry is one of many idiots that hold public office but is right up there with Hillary and those holding agency positions in this White House. Not a very good bunch that is for America’s best interests.

    • Not one of the socialistic idiots has or even know what true HONOR really is for they have NONE. Tis includes Kerry (protested the war while in US uniform) Hilary (murder of Americans) Obama (Murder of US service men by order not to shoot mulsims) members of congress (Gutless cowards and complete failure to comply with the Law and the Constitution since entering their office) and the list just keeps on growing.

      • Boy, I can’t argue with any of your points.

      • Sprit of 76, you have some big balls calling these people murder’s after what Little George Bush and Dickless Chaney did in Iraq having murdered 50.000 U.S service men for no reason at all had they kept their nose out of that this country wouldn’t be in this position to begin with, maybe you should be POTUS as you know every thing****

        • Lol! James you may be a little in the dark these day’s or maybe you just pretend to be ignorant.

          • There is no ignorant here and no darkness, that comes from
            the people who rather give up and comply to a bully in this case the
            Obamanation of islam.

            I am prior military who is proud to be called USMC, who would give his life for the protection on his country and love ones. Who will state whatever it takes to speak out against the corruption of an Illegal
            squatter in the oval office whom soul objective is the dismal and destruction of America in her beliefs, her freedom, the rights of the people under the law in which this so-called leadership ignores and rather to rewrite to please themselves, the forcing of a FALSE GOD to replace Christ, the teaching and forcing of our children to now except and pray to allah in schools but punish any child that speaks the name of Jesus Christ.

            Is this what you want and how you want to live? If so then I feel sorry for you that you are do blind that you can’t see what is before you and the failure to hear the lies and the deceit of what is really going in this
            Nation capital by the socialist and the muslims holding high ranking offices in of this Nation.

            Please research what happen in Germany dueling WW 2 and Adolf
            Hitler, the same thing then is happening today under the pretend leadership of Barack Hussein Obama.

        • As president I would stand on the law, the Constitution and the bible with total HONOR, PRIDE and RESPECT. Which too many in congress no longer has and Obama doesn’t know the meaning of.

        • another clown that can not add…50,000??? need to lay off of the sauce or the bad drugs…or both…your messiah is a coward and it is being shown more everyday…

  9. obama loves him some ISIS and any other form of terrorist.

  10. If a person sucker punches someone every hour of the day, does that make him or her stronger? Add to this, Obama is supposed to be the Baby Sitter…..Get my point

  11. Obama is ISIS , That’s why he won’t fight them, Obama MADE ISIS.. I’m sorry , but Obama is NOT from the USA he is a muslim that’s hates the american people and he’s out to destroy us, he has his mission as a puppet , and people I bet he will cause something so bad that he will call marshal law before his turn ends so he can take over as dictator/king And send us all to there’s camps that’s open and waiting along with millions of black coffins,

  12. Is he still trying to get ERIC HOLDERS job?

  13. The New World Order is in bed with ISIS. George Bush the Elder started that org when he was head of the CIA. Every president, since George affirmed his espousal of The New World Order to Congress and the American people, has been in accord with it.

    Face facts. The USA you knew is going going gone! Whatever protections were in place, checking executive power, have been willingly surrendered by the Congress, the Supremes and our military in Washington, DC. The only holdouts are those states with a potent national guard still in existence and they are getting fewer everyday as the local police are armed to replace the National Guard!

    While our American public was being wooed from watching the storehouse with sports and glamour extravaganzas, the men working to make global governance the aim for us all have done it! Further, they ave idolized youth, cheapened wisdom and eliminated any beliefs in anything other than what a twenty year old wants for his or her body and have converted even 60 and 70 years olds to it too…Thnk Viagra and Cialis!

    We are a nation that has spent itself out, financially and bodily. There is no way any of you are going to rectify the situation. You are all too old and stupid to do anything but whine from here on out and the men charting our future know it and really pile it on!

    • Alice, I know what you state is the truth. The thug in chief just accelerated the plan to a warp speed that people could not just keep blindly ignoring what is going on. There is one party, the party of fascism, running under the titles dem and repub.


  15. Nuke ’em ….. Nuke ’em N O W !!

  16. Who is winning again? President Obama. So you TPs and Repubs wanted President Obama to send ground troupes to Iraq? You were wrong. Obama did not want to put boots in Iraq. Now you see the result. Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia troupes have joined the US to fight ISIS. ISIS is on the run now. But also think if President Obama were to send ground forces and defeated ISIS quickly. What would be the next step-encourage Iraqis to form a government. Obama gave Iraq leaders a chance to do that, but they failed. But now these people in Arab countries are now solving their problem although still under leadership of US troops. President Obama has again won and you TPs and Repubs have lost.

  17. No sh^t, their leader, our Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the ‘Outhouse’ is seeing to that happening and he should be tried for treason and hung but because their successful communist revolution has taken place, we have no free press or an opposition party and a majority of dumb-downed, drugged-up (legal and illegal) misinformed and uninformed sheeple the destruction of what little is left of America will be completed, unless: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, to deny this is to be a fool, an enslaved fool at that! mInr, NSA!

  18. God said fear not.

  19. Happy Easter to all.

  20. I must agree with Syria. I perceive that they are stronger today, When I opened the door this morning I think I can smell them all the way over here.

  21. It’s a very sad day when we believe the president of a foreign country over our own POS in the WH but that’s what it’s come to. How in God’s name are we going to survive the rest of his term? We have no one minding the store! His deal with Iran should be enough to impeach the -astard. We all know he has made a deal with the devil and it’s not good for us or Israel.

  22. Bashir Assad yes you are. Correct however what does this have to with your war crimes. You need to swing from the gallows for your war crimes. Do you have a better chance at The Hague or a Cojurt in Damascus.

  23. It is true that ISIS is continuing to mushroom in parts of the world where there are large numbers of Muslims, and institutional poverty. It is worth noting that ISIS only gains a stronghold in nations whichhave
    1) despotic political leaders.
    2) large numbers of Muslims
    3) Massive unemployment and low wages.
    Until that changes, we shall be fighting extremist movements, indefinitely

  24. Mike123456789123456789

    A known evil is better than an unknown. The rest want our help then stab us in the back. The only one we can trust Israel.

  25. The only thing that works with rattlesnakes is killing them. You don’t negotiate with a rattlesnake, you kill him.

    You don’t get anywhere with a rattlesnake by telling others that the rattlesnake’s “momentum has been diminished”, the rattlesnake doesn’t care.

    You do not gain any advantage over the rattlesnake by “beginning a process”, and it makes no difference to the rattlesnakes if you “take out their leaders” or if you “counter the message that has brought more rattlesnakes”.

    That is all self-gratifying Horse Manure. The only thing that works with rattlesnakes is killing them all.

    Gentle people, please stock up on Silver Bullet Gun Oil before the CongressCritters decide to ban it. SBGO contains 13 percent liquefied pig fat, thus assuring that Camel-Shaggers won’t go to “Virginworld” if they happen to die after being struck by a bullet from any firearm so lubricated: .

    Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

  26. Our government has been infiltrated from the White House down by muzzie
    terrorist who are hell bent upon the destruction of our Nation. They have lied
    to the American sheeple who voted for them and those who would see us fail
    alike. The rat in the White House had worked hard (for a change) to eliminate
    out effective military leaders who would not bow to his demand and replaced
    them with toddies who will obey his commands regardless of how many lives
    are put at risk around the world and at home. The political parties (and they
    have a lot of them) are lying to the votes, distracting them from the issues that
    are important to our nations and our citizen survival . The American voter has
    been lied to and swallowed the Kool Aid when the place a completely incompetent
    individual in the White House who had no experience other than being a
    community organizer and rabble rouse. Since he has been in office and the
    idiots voted for him a second time, (Thanks for the Freebies) they have
    discovered that he has lied to them from the day he slithered ashore in
    Hawaii. Now all Americans are having to pay the price for either voting for
    him or staying home because the did not like the candidate choices they
    had. Look around folks we are in our 7th year of a recession and still no
    light at the end of the tunnel to be seen.

  27. the plan is, destroy all strong governments in the Muslime countries. Let Original style muslime practioneers take over and kill all those who do not believe as they do. Let Iran have a nuke.
    Result, the world as we know it gets destroyed a bunch of savages

  28. Islam is the enemy…ISIS is just one of its many offspring! They are bringing the fight to us no matter what action we take…Hell is coming and the carnage will be devastating! United we stand, divided we fall! One Nation Under GOD…no compromise!

  29. No sh^t, our Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his Communist Party USA, a.k.a. the democ-rats are seeing to this! He must be IMPEACHED because if he isn’t then rest assured that there won’t be a USA by 2916 – this I assure you! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  30. Of course they are stronger,0bama is bombing empty buildings using up our stock pile of smart bombs. ISIS is recruiting from anywhere a Mosque exists and we are being fed lies. The real issue is that the Major media protects our number one enemy from scrutiny…and the other side of that is: Americans love to have it so.

  31. This is developing into a world War…You watch……The trouble is will American men step up like they did in WWII?…I doubt it. There are some who will, but they are the exception, NOT the rule…The rule is today are men who are self-absorbed, Nancy boy types who are indoctrinated by the left that fighting, patriotism and toughness are quality’s that should be rejected. Instead we have men who are living free but with no concept on how to keep free…It takes guts, self-sacrifice and dedication, On December 8, 1941 thousands of men signed up to fight a World War. On 9-11 thousands of young men drove around with American flags the recruiting offices were silent. Weeks later most flags fell off into a ditch disrespectfully because of their self-absorbed lifestyle. This is a World War since 9-11 where the enemy is taking the fight to us. We better wake up. Make no mistake about these fanatical Muslims; their doctrine is about elimination of anyone who does not comply. Similar to the Nazi’s and Japanese in WWII. The generation of WWII understood this and took the necessary steps to overcome this doctrine. Heinrich Himmler said it best “The best political weapon is the weapon of terror. Cruelty commands respect. Men may hate us. But, we don’t ask for their love; only for their fear” That is the doctrine in a nutshell. These fanatical Muslims doctrine is to conform or die, this goes back to the Crusades, read your history to understand the future.

    • When we are left with a muslim sympathizer that is afraid to ACT, as a Potus. What can we do aside from being labeled as criminals ourselves. When we want to stand and fight for freedom, our COC, I mean CIC keeps us bound and gagged by rule of law.

  32. You reap what you sow! This “plague” of militant Islam is spreading to America, and this country with its Godless, foolish, inept, inadequate, corrupt, selfish, immoral, greedy leadership has done and is doing nothing! We have waited until the “malignancy” has metastasized and is now beyond treatment. We saw it coming, and those in power did nothing. except to spend us into monetary insolvency and economic collapse, remove our spiritual base from society, increase the welfare rolls and rape our military! I said it before and I’ll say it again, America is finished!

    • It is on the way, but not quite dead yet. There are still a few who will stand when the time is right. Unfortunately it will be against our own, on our own soil.

  33. disqus_e1rjNMkUay

    Hold on there ! soooo all the jet fuel and bombing, from more than 6 Nations, is all for naught ? !!!!!. Could the (supposed) bombings, be just for show ?

  34. Okay we know that Assad is a lying, murderous dictator, sound familiar?

  35. What is the difference between Assad and Obama? Assad is actually fighting evil, not calling it another name.

  36. What more is to be expected with Obama funding them through our tax dollars? Has anyone noticed, we don’t negotiate or reward terrorist for the return of our hostages, unless they are deserting traitors like Birdahl. Shalom!

  37. We have the weapons just clean them out.

  38. using the peep hole in your front door – the SOB’s admit they’re here and they have done virtually nothing to prevent it – WARNING OUR MILITARY PERSONNEL THEY ARE’NT SAFE IN THEIR OWN HOMES – IN THEIR OWN FREAKING COUNTRY – anyone have any doubts as to soetoro making good on his claim to destroy this country?

  39. Assad, of course, is the source of all truth.

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