Supreme Court Upholds N.C. Voter ID Ruling

The Supreme Court, in a 4-4 deadlock Wednesday, declined to review a lower court’s ruling on North Carolina’s voter ID laws. The decision – or non-decision, as it were – keeps the decision of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in place, which means that North Carolina voters will not have to show any form of identification when they go to their precincts in November.

Praising the ruling as “great news,” Hillary Clinton tweeted: “Let’s make voting easier so every voice in our democracy can be heard.”

Well, that sounds terrific, except that our Constitution does not allow for “every voice” to be heard. As she may or may not know, minors and illegal immigrants can and are restricted from voting. Same with convicts – even, in many states, after they have served their sentence. So no, it’s not at all a priority or even a desirable goal to make voting so easy that “every voice” can be heard.

Unless, of course, you’re a Democrat who counts on those undesirable voices to win elections.

“North Carolina has been denied basic voting rights already granted to more than 30 other states to protect the integrity of one person, one vote,” said Gov. Pat McCrory in a statement.

Civil rights groups convinced the Fourth Circuit Court in July that the state’s voter ID laws had “disparate impact” on black citizens. This is to say that they could find no evidence that the laws intentionally discriminated, but since it had an effect on black voting, it was therefore racist and unconstitutional.

Contrary to the ruling itself, though, black voting actually went up in 2014.

Oh, and North Carolina provides free ID to those who need it.

But don’t expect to find even a thin strand of legal logic to hold onto here. It’s futile to try. This has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with politics. Democrats and their cohorts on the bench want to make American voting a free-for-all because somehow, when no one’s protecting the integrity of the vote, they always seem to win.

Slowly but surely, they’re going to roll back our voting laws until children, felons, non-citizens, and fictitious characters can exercise their democratic rights on election day.

And apparently, we’re going to stand by and watch them do it.

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  1. Hillary Clinton’s machine counts the votes. They are NOT counting our votes. They did not count Bernies Votes, and they will not count the peoples votes for this Presidential election. Why would Hillary leave her coronation up to the vote of the people?

    Elite Democrats are the same as Elite Republicans are the same as Elite MEDIA. All are in bed together…

    Does We the People of the United States know or understand who counts the votes anymore? I don’t?

    What I do know is that We the People assume that the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, and the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, and the MEDIA is supposed to be keeping the whole dishonest bunch honest…

    When all of them are the same, who is keeping the elites honest? The Elites are counting the votes.

    For more on this visit :

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

    Hillary is channeling her best Uncle Joe…. Hillary controls who is counting the votes.

  2. Honestly, can we trust this supreme court to certify this election?

    My answer is NO… Hell No.

    • These Supreme Court justices, are not honorable, and they are not for justice, they are bought and paid for. It’s more than interesting that Hillary is so thrilled about it, since it leaves the door open to fraudulent votes. Just one more evidence of how far away from honesty she resides. Obama and his puppet masters must also be thrilled, as “their” men on the Supreme Court chip away at America’s foundation.

      • He should have been impeached the first year, but republicans cannot find their spines, that’s from the top down. Ever seen a more ineffective bunch?

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          • flagged you scum puppet.

          • that makes two of us that flagged her.

          • Three

          • and yet she’s still there. way to go internet tough guys

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            The Democrackheads of Deplorables

          • Four. Flagged, then blocked. So sick of these morons.

        • Never in my lifetime

        • What about most American people, they appear to have no spine! There is 1 Obama, there are at least 300 million people and at lest 100 million Republicans, so why haven’t the people impeached this traitor?

        • Yes let’s vote the Republicans out. I totally agree, they’ve done nothing in the House or the Senate. Can’t even get a bill passed that would rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create jobs. We need term limits for Congress and Senate. 12 years max. Bring in fresh blood that might actually accomplish something other than collect a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing except running for their next term. They refuse to consider a minimum wage hike that is supported by a great majority of Americans.

          • Trump is against the wage hike. He says salaries are already too high

          • When welfare rats dress better than I do, drive better vehicles, go to casinos on a regular basis, buy groceries I can’t afford…I, as a taxpayer, think we need a radical change in the system!

          • Thanks, but I think I struck a few nerves with that observation.

          • Excellent!!!!! ?

          • When welfare rats dress better than you do, its time to look in the mirror and figure out why you can’t afford to buy nicer clothes. Maybe you should consider going back to school and helping yourself rather than blame others for your crappy car

          • No Jimmy, we need to reform and put restrictions on this off-the rails program. This was implemented by the government during the Depression to help those out of work support their families until the economy was better. Many have been on welfare for generations. I pay the taxes that allow all the perks for those who abuse it. When my husband passed unexpedidly, it was like pulling teeth to try and get any help. I finally gave up. I live meagerly. Should have had 5-6 kids by 5-6 men…

          • Wanting people to have less so that you can feel better about yourself isn’t a strong economic policy. If you think the problems with Washington or the deficits are caused by too much welfare, you have no clue.

          • I didn’t say I wanted them to have less…read the post! Welfare is not a career…go out and work for yourself, your family, take responsibility for the one child or the dozen you have…don’t expect to be handed money. I’ve worked hard all my life, I expect to retire and get Social Security…but supposedly there is none left…yet we never seem to run out of government aid, even for illegals. You have to be Democrat.

          • That is not what he said.
            If you’re going to tell it, tell it right.
            He said everyone needs a living wage, but it is or should be left up to each State, not the fed. govt.
            IE: a hot dog in NY costs a lot more than a hot dog in…say W.Va. for instance.
            Personally, when a company is forced to pay $15.00 an hr to flip burgers, they will have to lay off employees, automate or close.
            Now, who has it helped.?
            No one. More unemployment.
            A living wage is one thing, but tossing out common sense??

          • According to the “numbers” our economy is soaring and unemployment is at an all time low under this administration. What world are they living in?! I live in America…which is in the crapper just waiting for a flush to finish it off!

          • Yes.. they use this new obama math & outright lies.
            My purse tells a waaay different story, as does my poor bank account!

          • AMEN! I hate shopping…I don’t know how families do it. I scrape by, with my cat.

          • My baby cat died back in June.
            14 years she was with us. Now just hubby & me & sometimes it is tighter than bark on a green tree.
            Utilities go up or gas /food, my budget is shot to pieces.
            I really get it.
            Vote TRUMP/PENCE 2016.

          • My condolences! It’s like losing a child and 14 years is a lot of memories. Trump 2016!

          • Maybe you should try and improve yourself and get a better job rather than just complain on the internet. Trump is a lifelong Democrat and is not offering any hope to folks like you

          • May be that you should know what you are talking about before dropping your britches to speak.

          • That is just what I thought! A dirty single wide with a flea bitten cat! I nailed it. Your jealousy consumes you. You attack accomplished Blacks. But sadly it does not take much to Trump your meek attempts in life.

          • I attacked accomplished blacks? You are psychotic at best.

          • Please refer to your poorly composed post in you profile. I certainly did. Do your research. You know that system you use to learn. College, right. It was all or not. In your case you got not. And again you have no self discipline. You continue to post to me. Now that is the action of a Psychotic mind. Might I suggest that you failed in life in light of the fact that you possess no self discipline?

          • You scrape by with your guns and ammo and license to conceal carry? All the while posting comments with your smartphone..

            Do tell us how poor you are while I play the world’s smallest violin for you.

          • Well Walker, my iPad is 6 yrs old and I can’t afford a smartphone…I have an old TMobile from 2002…and two pistols. Since there are people like you who think I am so well off…I carry. I am a widow which means I WILL not let intruder in my leave the same way he came in.

          • People who are poor have already pawned their iPad and guns… I’m not implying you are well off… But I’m not so sure you know what it means to be hungry either.

          • That’s how much you know…nothing! I haven’t seen too many people who look like they are starving where I live…they look like they are getting more than they need. I have pawned rings and other things to make sure my bills are paid…make you happy?

          • Indygirl,
            Ignore this creature.
            Another ignorant little bully.
            I saw a woman in WD one day . She was so rude because I was a couple of dollars short so dug change from my purse. Embarrassed? Yes!
            I pd, & was standing waiting for my son & this woman had stuff in her cart I haven’t had since I retired;)
            Then she paid with an EBT CARD!
            Oh yes… I went ballistic.
            I told her how dare she fuss that I had to dig for change to pay for MY groceries & all the while MY TAXXES WERE PAYING FOR HERS!
            Do you know, people actually Applauded!
            It was a Friday & busy. Lol
            My son was upset because I was not really what you could call quiet, not yelling, but not quiet .;)
            That just burnt me up.
            Don’t give this person another thought.
            You pay for what is yours. Wonder if that person does.
            Have a great evening ?

          • Emma,
            Good for you…and keep up the good work! I always make it a point to say “You’re welcome” after they pay with their EBT card. After all, I worked 10 hours a day so they could buy the things I can’t. Every post coming from this “baiter” shows just goes to show his ignorance. We, Emma, are survivors! Trump 2016! Exile Obama to Kenya and Hillary to prison!

          • The US consensus was released today and it says that the median household income rose last year So your purse is empty because you’re lazy, and dumb, not because of the economy

          • Median household income rose last year Maybe your bank account would look better if you got off your ass and did something

          • Maybe its time you looked in the mirror and stopped blaming everyone else for your failure. We’ve never done better

          • I don’t blame everyone else…just “sheeple aka useful idiots”. such as yourself for allowing our country to be reduced to this degree. You lack any sort of common sense. You survive on lies spoon fed to you. Mmmmmm Mmmmmm good!

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Jimmie is a liberal moron no comprehension at all…

          • I own 2 businesses and employ over 50 people, I know plenty about wages and paying people/

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Jimmy I will buy your low energy business do a IPO and fire your ASS Like Trump does

          • I owned & operated my own businesses for nearly 50 years.
            If what you say is true, my bet would be a one pony show at best.
            No good business man would advocate such a min wage nor o care.

          • Yes but the brothel you ran dealt in cash so there were no worries about wages or taxes. Emma clearly you’re too old to understand today’s business world. To attract top talent and motivated people you need to do a bit extra. The lowlife’s you attracted probably had no choice

          • I think you may be giving him more credit than he deserves.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Jimmy say PRESIDENT TRUMP wake up dude!

          • I’ve seen T Rump up close now for over 35 years. He’s a clown, whose only interest is self promotion. He’s sent a few dog whistles out and drew out the uneducated and those that want america to go back to when a white man could just show up to a factory for 45 years and be ok. Well guess what, those days are gone. The world is flatter now and you have to get yourself an education and be competitive. We aren’t going to make america white again, He isn’t going to build a wall, he isn’t going to make you safer, crime is at an all time low. You’re not going to get killed my a radical islamic terrorist, He makes you morons believe this and you’re so fucking stupid you believe it. Because the alternative is looking in the mirror and realizing that you’re to blame for your lot in life. Not obama, not a muslim, not gays getting married, and not the black lives matter movement

            Since 9/11 2 people have been killed in this country by islamic jihadist immigrants

            21 have been killed by armed toddlers
            737 have been killed by falling out of bed
            11,737 have been killed by being shot by another american

            Trump is NOT the answer

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            I’ve seen Crooked evil lying hateful Hillary up close now for over 20 years. SHe’s a clown,RACIST, LIAR A CHEAT!!!! whose only interest is self. Clinton Foundation. Islamaikka terrorism, evil and new world order!!!

            She’s sent a few dog whistles out and drew out the uneducated, ignorant, thugs, liberas and democrackheads to her rallies …she is a disgrace and evil one!!! and those that want America to go where Obama has led us 8 years is FOOL like you! a Liberal racist thugs man could just show up to a factory for 20 years and be ok. Well guess what, you will Lose and you can Say PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP whether you’re Ignorant ASS likes it or not PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP will be our next President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The world is more ebvil now since Obama is there he is weak and low energy! Trump will fix that! Now stop being ignorant, low energy and racist you pathetic little Moron!!

            PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT Whether youre racist ass like sit or not you cant do a thing ahhahahaha

          • There is no need for me to do anything. He is down in all the swing states. The only states that matter. I only wish that after the election he’s go live in texas

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • Oh I feel better now. He isn’t going to win and he’s already admitted he isn’t deporting anyone. #AmnestyDon

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            PRESIDENT TRUMP will crush crooked lying Hillary you Liberal moron!
            Go get some white friends you racist pig!

          • I guess you think 911 was a conspiracy, and San Bernardino, and the Pluse club in Orlando, and Boston.

          • bsaggie I didn’t think you people were smart enough to follow. the post says since 9/11 Do you understand that “since 9/11” means after 9/11 and therefore 9/11 is NOT INCLUDED.

            Do you know what “immigrant” means? Do you understand what “islamic jihadist immigrant” means?

            None of the acts you asked about were committed by islamic jihadist immigrants.

            Your mind is a terrible thing to waste people. Learn how to read and if you don’t understand something, try and figure it out before you continue to make fools of yourselves

          • Yes I do, I wonder if you do, seems to me anyone who pronounces death to the great Satan or calls out Allah Akbar during an act of aggression, and is from another country fits your definition. Let me add one, Ft. Hood. Did you not read what I wrote, I understood you didn’t include 9/11.

          • Ft Hood shooter was an American you idiot

          • I would be interested to know when, & who was he referencing when he said that. I have not seen or heard any mention of him saying this. Sounds like FAKE NEWS to me.

          • Of course it’s “FAKE NEWS” to you. Anything that Trump supporters don’t like MUST be fake news. During the republican debates he said it. One of the ones Fox held. Have someone with a brain show you how to use google. Type in Trump “taxes are already too high” there is a you tube clip of him saying it.

          • Let’s vote out ALL those now in Congress, Democrats and RINO’S, all of them.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Yes let’s vote the Liberal Democrackheads out I totally agree they’ve done nothing but divided America. The Demoracist are fools and childish… we need to Deport these Morons…

            Real America is electing TRUMP whether u liberal pigs like it or not!!!

        • HAHAHA I love when you morons spout off about impeachment. Go get yourself an education and understand how our government works. You can’t impeach a president just because Sean Hannity says you should

          • obama is not nor was he ever the legal POTUS.
            What he is, is a foreign entity who has usurped the office of the president.
            A muslim whi is not only Un American, but is NOT AMERICAN!
            obama IS the ENEMY.
            No impeachment, but execute for war crimes against America, Her Citizens & yes, the World.
            Our own govt was complicit with the installation of the enemy.
            Soon to be remedied.

          • I do hope some of the remedy occurs. But our indoctrination cystem has lobotomized darn near everybody this side of 100 years old.

          • True, so it is up to us, the common sense people, to educate the labotomized .
            Not an easy task to be sure.

          • I’m an idiot too, but knowing it has its benefits. Common sense has “evolved” into the definition of oxymoron.

          • No, it has not.
            It means people should actually know the facts, weigh it out, & come to a reasonable & responsible conclusion.
            Sadly, many are simply incapable of doing so.

          • We may know what it means; but look at what THEY have done with the word progressive. You seem up to speed, but most don’t know shot from shinola.

          • WOW You drank a whole bunch of kookie juice didn’t you. A muslim isn’t american? Tell that to the millions of Americans currently practicing that faith. Emma, tell me the war crimes that you believe obama has committed. This should be goo.

          • Try looking him up.
            Really looking him up.
            He absolutely is not only UN American, he is NOT an American.
            He is totally unconstitutional, panders to & aids our Enemies in our own destruction & to add insult to injury.. USES OUR TAX DOLLARS TO DO IT!!!???
            He has Decimated ou& downgraded our Military to below the danger zone, cut the budget for them, but hands money to our enemies.
            He has used EOs to creat chaos in America, racially, morally, religeously & economically.
            He uses a dead mans SS#, went to school here as a foreign student, & I have a video of him speaking to a group of students where he actually SAID…
            “I was not born in HW, but am a Son of Africa. Born in Kenya”
            Do some research , make your points, not just snipey little piss willy remarks.
            Then , maybe, you will know what you are talking about, because at this point, you certainly do not.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            WOW you smokin Democrack again> Damn you are ignorant little low life thug,,,I don’t blame you I blame yo Momma and poppa for raising your Ignorant low life ass!!!


          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Heres your blow up doll moron….

          • ????????the resemblence is absolutely amazin !!!!! Lol??????????

          • Good one Emma!!

          • How many times have I told you, your mom isn’t a blow up doll Stop sending her to my house

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Stick dat nose up your ass and you mommas ass you racist pig!

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            HAHHAHAHAHA I love it when you post ignorance and stupid crap. You cant understand anything you too ignorant Jimmy King a low life did a white man knock the common sense outta ya you racist thug???

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


        • Soros is in control…take him first, please!

      • Those on the far left or the Democrats. They are the ones that can’t be trusted in any form. If Hillary opens her mouth she is lying. Or any one from her family.

        • and yet, impartial politifact rates 77% of what trump says as untruthful or a flat out lie

          • He hasn’t lied under oath!

          • HAHAHAHAHAHA He’s lied to the voters time and time again. Have you seen the transcripts from the depositions he’s given?? He lied over and over again in the trump tower case. UNDER OATH

        • How is Hilary even considered to be a viable candidate? Talk about a corrupt system!

          • you got that right on. She should be in prison and not for President. When the candidate is so corrupt, what does that say about her supporters? Or the Atheist Soros?

          • Soros is instigator! He needs to go…is he even a citizen?

          • Soros backs people and ideas inline with the way he thinks. The Koch back those who will act as ordered to think

          • He is in another country but is trying to control our elections. Especially this one with Trump and Hillary,. He is a sadist, Atheist as well as is very rich and has been paying some folks to vote his way for Hillary. Now that really tells us how bad this a hole is. I would like a million bucks of his and a big pole to shove it up. Maybe even two mil.

          • Hmmm Senator, Secretary of State v. a guy who inherited a real estate portfolio, was given a million dollars and a bad haircut

          • And Hillary did such a great job at both those jobs ?…

        • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

          agreed Liberals wav their hateful fists!!!

      • this means it is not about Immigration and deporting them any more there is also Latino Repblican Consvernatives also we already have Hispanic vote so what kind of a Law is this that tells even Legal Immigrants to not to vote any more? the fundation o this country says who ever decides to stay in this country they have the right to stand up for themselves

        • AZ Hispanics, most are here for many generations, and they are for Trump!

          Why? Do not want image of being lumped together with illegals, THAT IS WHY!

          AZ is at least 45% hispanic, and that proves the Hispanics, legal ones, are NOT for Clinton!


          • Yes, polls say Donald Trump is ahead by 5% in AZ, but I believe it’s much larger. All the polls are rigged for the criminal clinton, as is the media. Thank YOU & pray for a Trump landslide.

          • If GOD was on your side you might have a chance. Or did you forget.. All of you Prayed in 2008 and 2012 to give him the best man for the job. And you got all upset when he answered your prayers.

          • God had nothing to do with Obama being elected! He was reelected because he was able to cover up his failure in Benghazi until after the election and as soon as the truth came out, we the people should have removed him from office, unfortunately too many of us are afraid to go out alone after dark!

          • He also had more votes cast in his favor in some States and Cities than there were eligible voters! That’s called cheating!

          • No that’s call right wing propaganda. That’s called being unable to accept the fact that a majority of the citizens of the US think your ideas for the future of the country suck and vote for someone else. That’s called if the idiots on the radio tell you that the republican party is over, you may not listen to their radio stations any more

          • Instead of being an echo chamber, why don’t you look up the numbers!

          • I did. The numbers say you got your ass kicked

          • The deceased vote…don’t forget!

          • Only Failure in Benghazi was the Republican Congress that cut funding for Security time and Time again. Or do I have to pull up the You tube video of Clinton warning the Senate committee that their cuts were putting people at risk. Its not hard to find CSPAN covered the Hearing.

          • The BEST candidate was cheated out of the election…typical! We got stuck with a Kenyan Muslim whole hellbent on taking America down.

          • Lets make sure we are clear on one thing.. IF one of your birth Parents is an American Citizen it does not matter where you are born your and american as well. . So that was why the whole birther movement was so stupid. The majority of the Christian Right spent alot of time Praying that the right man would win the election. They just did not like it when God answered there prayers and allowed President Obama to win reelection. .

          • LOL. Polls are rigged. Elections are rigged. Unless of course your guy wins! ROFLMAO

          • hahahahaha She said trump landslide ahahahahaha

        • Just kill all those illegal motherfuckers,especially illegal bitches so they can’t produce a bitch or a bastard

          • does this mean you want the Government to Ban Taco bell Indian Resturants and Yugioh and other International Resturants and Nitendo just because they come from another Country?

          • That will never happen,those Islamic and Muslim motherfuckers are terrorist motherfuckers kill all those motherfuckers and their families

          • Taco Bell was founded by 2 white American young men in 1965.We real Americans want to ban Muslims. Got it?

          • No because by doing that you prove your Not Real Americans. No one that practices Religious discrimination is a REAL AMERICAN.

          • Muslim isn’t a religion!

          • According to 2010 U.S. Census There are 3.3 Million Americans that Don’t agree with you . And another 1.6 Billion Worldwide that don’t agree with you either. That 3.3 Million number also includes 6000 muslims serving in the US Military.

          • You are aware that, in1954, our Congress passed a law that prohibits Muslims from immigrating to the United States, aren’t you? It’s never been repealed…just ignored by Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood team!
            The reason was, and is, that they don’t want to integrate into the American Society! They want YOU to adapt to their Islamic Order and rules!
            They have zero respect for Constitutional Law and want everyone to accept and practice their Islamic Laws!

          • You think maybe you could pull up the part in the Constitution that talks about “integrate into the American Society” Would be interested in reading that section.. I mean since your talking about having respect for Constitutional Law and all. Oh and one last thing.. I read that Law you talking about that Congress Passed in 1954.. And it does not prohibits Muslims from Immigrating so your wrong on that part.

          • You are wrong. That’s not what the law says at all.

          • speak for yourself

          • I don’t have to just speak for myself. The Constitution Speaks for me and it makes it pretty clear Discrimination of any sort is not being a “Real American”. What it makes you is a “REAL DocheBag”

          • The Constitution doesn’t exist in the Democratic world. Executive orders do…

          • That may well be the stupidest statement I have ever read.

          • Hey Lets try an experiment. Lets say that there is this Television Preacher that comes on everyday. he has millions of followers. He comes up with this idea that anyone that is bald or losing their hair is because they have committed a “Sin against God” That “true real Americans” should refuse them service or bar them from living where they choose. OF course the Barbers and Hairdressers out there fall in line with his Ideas, I mean after all what are Bald people going to do for them? Pretty soon Bald people are shunned like they have a pathogen that they could pass on to others. They are banned from Social Media sites. They are told they have to sit at the Very back of movie theaters because the Light from the Movie Reflects off their head. They get the same reason and are made to sit the back of the bus. restaurants start Refusing service because no one wants to eat and stare at their Bare head. People that Shave their heads are told they are sinning against God and are seen as Deviants and Admonitions. Pretty soon they are told that Not having hair on your head makes you less then human. So there Timothy you like Discrimination Now?

          • THIS is stupid. You really like to type…do you ever read what you put down?

          • The fact you don’t get the meaning indicates you don’t understand the problem. Its a very simple concept. IF you Discriminate against anyone because of their skin color, Religion or country they are from you are scum. There is one form of Discrimination that is acceptable to me. If your actions are so Greedy, so Self centered, So lacking in human compassion, And if you use your Religion to try and force others to live as you see fit.. Then Yea I am going to discriminate against your actions not what you look like or how you spell gods name. Grandson does not show Respect for their church.. This “man of God” told this person to take the Grandson to the woodshed and beat respect into him. So you have a pretend preacher telling someone to commit Child abuse. Yea.. I will discriminate against that sort of action.

          • Pot calling the kettle Back.

          • Pot calling the kettle BACK…yes, that’s one of your more intelligent posts.

          • Still posting to the big bad bogie man. You have no self discipline. At the risk of stating the obvious

          • Those Muslim and Islamic motherfuckers including their families don’t belong here go back wherever you motherfuckers came from or be killed,we Americans don’t have to wear berka garbage to cover our entire body and Sharia Law will never happen in the United States of America let those motherfuckers try and see what happens to all asshole Muslim and Islamic motherfuckers they will be shot to death along with their families

      • So How many people do you think were turned away from the polls for not having ID during the elections of the first 226 years of this country. Its been made Crystal clear by republican after Republican quotes that they don’t want people voting that they know won’t vote for them. So they came up with the Voter Fraud Scam. There is on one election in this Countries history that was effected by Fraud and voter ID’s would not have done anything for it. That’s because the Fraud was by the brother of one of the people running for office.

        • If you have to show identification to buy alcohol,cigarettes,a Dr’s visit etc,then show identification to vote if not,DO NOT VOTE

          • If you don’t know why your examples are different then Voting rights not sure I can explain it. They Constitution says all US Citizens age 18 and up Except for Felon’s have the right to vote. This country has a history of Suppressing the Rights of people trying to vote. There has been interview after Interview given but State and Federal Politicians that say something along the lines ( We are making sure We can help republican candidates) The Governor of Pennsylvania gave an interview before 2012 election and said that the law would make it easier for Mitt Romney to carry the State.

            Its a very well known fact that Republicans Normally only win elections if the Turn out is low. So since they can’t convice the Majority of people that their positions are correct they want to make sure those that won’t vote for them don’t vote.

            But I tell you what if you want to start making requirements for casting a ballot then I might go along if you start requiring Firearm purchase ID’s that requires any firearm purchase have the serial number and ballistic report of the Firearm entered into a National Database. With stiff penalties for anyone firearm not reported lost or Stolen with in 48 hours of the Theft.


          • You know what Michaele.. I agree with you up to a point. There should be a class of weapons listed as Military use and those should not be on the market. But you see the point. The 2nd amendment protect gun owners rights. But the 14th Amendment is pretty clear.

            “But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the executive and judicial officers of a state, or the members of the legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such state, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such state.”

            15th Amendment Amendment XV

            Section 1.
            The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

            Section 2.
            The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

            19th Amendment
            Amendment XIX
            The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.
            Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation

            24th Amendment
            Amendment XXIV
            Section 1.
            The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.

            Section 2.
            The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

            26th Amendment
            Amendment XXVI
            Section 1.
            The right of citizens of the United States, who are 18 years of age or older, to vote, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of age.

            Section 2.
            The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

            Funny isn’t it that the Right to vote was is addressed by the 14th, 15th 19th, 24th and 26th Amendment.. But right to bear arms only once?/ Wonder which one is more important??

          • Isn’t it unusual that, each time, it states that “Citizens” shall vote!
            Illegal Immigration grants are NOT citizens, they have executed a criminal act by ignoring the borders!

          • Do you even hear your own words idiot??? You said all US citizens!!! Illegals aren’t US citizens… Number one…
            Number two… The Govenor of Virginia voted to have FELONS VOTE!!!
            We republicans have no interest in suppressing voted!! It’s just the ILLEGALS, FELONS & dead voters voting!!!
            Get your head out of your ass!!!

          • Obama is fast-tracking the citizenship for illegal so they will be able to vote in this election…pimping for Hilary. Democrats sell their souls to win. Cheaters and liars…

          • You can’t explain it because you can’t explain it… It is not that we are not smart enough to understand your explanation, it is that you are not smart enough to make your case.

            Both sides have a history of fixing elections, but lately, the Democrats have taken the art to a new level.

            The Elites on both sides especially the Democrats oppose Voter ID because they manufacture more votes than they actually get and voter ID laws would go a long way to enforcing one person, one vote.


            As for your lame attempt at the second amendment… No deal, I don’t see how giving the Government a list of registered law abiding gun owners is going to do anything but make it easier for the Government to confiscate our firearms…

          • You better go back an check because I commented on nothing you posted. I entered a completely different post at the TOP of the comment section.

          • We already go through FBI background checks now. The gov’t already knows who has a registered firearm. An M-16 is a military weapon, an AR-15 is a Sporting rifle. Rick the Clueless needs to stop with the ignorant comments.

          • How very true, but Rick the clueless isn’t concerned about public safety or the loss of lives due to violence. He is only interested in disarming the public.

            Guys like Rick are either evil, or clueless, the evil ones actually know that gun laws are designed to disarm the public. I believe Rick is evil.

          • Except when it is sold through a private sale or gun show

          • No, trust me. You’re not smart enough

          • That’s because you’re not smart enough

          • you left out one tiny detail in your comment ,i don,t know if it was on purpose or you are not well versed on the Constitution,allow me to quote directly from the Constitution:”The right of CITIZENS of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the the United States or any State on account of race, color,or previous condition of servitude”,see, you have to be here LEGALLY to be a CITIZEN,and that is the only way you can vote.

          • You should really go back and read what your commenting on. I typed in very Clearly US Citizens at the start. Or does this not ring a bell. “The Constitution says all US Citizens age 18 and up Except for Felon’s have the right to vote.

          • Yes, Yes Rick, and make it easier for the corrupt elite to confiscate all of our registered firearms. You spin these wonderful “arguments” that go nowhere but leftist land. I don’t buy into the extreme right wings either. They both lie.

          • Its funny because the only one that appears to be out to attacking any thing to do with the bill of Rights… is Trump who said he would change the law to make it easier to go after people the “told lies about him” I guess someone needs to explain to him what the difference between Truth and lie really is.

          • You idiots buy into the NRA tales of people coming for your guns. The NRA doesn’t work for gun owners The NRA works for the gun sellers And everytime on e of you needle dicks get told someone is coming for your guns, you wet yourselves and run out and buy more. They did it as soon as Obama was elected and you lemmings ran right out

        • “So How many people do you think were turned away from the polls for not having ID during the elections of the first 226 years of this country”

          The United States Constitution did not originally define who was eligible to vote, allowing each state to determine who was eligible. In the early history of the U.S., most states allowed only white male adult property owners to vote . Freed slaves could vote in four states.[4] Men without property and women were largely prohibited from voting.

          Following the Reconstruction Era until the culmination of the African-American Civil Rights Movement in 1965, Jim Crow laws such as literacy tests, poll taxes, and religious tests were some of the state and local laws used in various parts of the United States to deny immigrants (including legal ones and newly naturalized citizens), non-white citizens, Native Americans, and any other locally “undesirable” groups from exercising voting rights granted under the constitution.[7][8] Because of such state and local discriminatory practices, over time, the federal role in elections has increased, through amendments to the Constitution and enacted legislation (e.g., the Voting Rights Act of 1965).[7]

        • You’re an asshole!! Are you legal fucktard???

          • Oh I am just blown away with your command of the issues here Sickofit. You know how I know I have won when talking to one of you people.. You pull up the insults. Tells me I am getting under your skin so my job is done.

        • Broke the rules yet again, I see….

          You say, that it was Republicans that don’t want people voting, yet history shows that it is the Democrats that do not want people voting…

          Here is my proof, now you show proof that Republicans don’t want people voting…

          Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA… You can not accuse the elite republicans of voter fraud without accusing the elite democrats of the same… That is without being a hypocrite….

          • Blah blah blah!!! Go Democrats!!

          • Mr. Rogers, is that you? You told me that you only post under one name…

            But whomever you are, you are as bigoted and racist as the Democrats were throughout history….

          • Sorry there MAHB001.. Don’t know who Real Deal is but its not me. I don’t use fake names on this website.

          • ALL democrats should have their heads cut off top head and oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton should die exactly the same way people in Chicago are killing each other

          • Hillary Benghazi Clinton cannot get elected President and you will know why if she even has enough guts to show up and debate the DONALD head to head! He will literally crush her and her inflated holier than thou ego! Hillary is toast and Trump is the toaster!

            Donald Trump and Mike Pence are the only candidates that ever said America first and from now on America and Americans come first!
            Vote for Trump and Pence make America greater than ever before!
            Hillary Clinton is insane, I have no doubts!

            Hillary Clinton put our entire country and the life of every AMERICAN citizen at risk with her unauthorized illegal email server and I as an AMERICAN taxpayer, demand that she be arrested and prosecuted for her crimes against AMERICA and the AMERICAN people! There is also the question of six billion dollars that went missing from the State Department when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, something that seems has been swept under the rug! Six billion dollars is as much as 800 average middle class AMERICAN workers earning$100,000.00 a year for 75 years would earn in their lifetimes and our government treats it with no more concern than an average AMERICAN would losing a shirt button! Hillary Clinton owes the AMERICAN taxpayers six billion dollars, it disappeared under her watch and she is responsible for finding it or replacing it with interest! I honestly don’t know how this woman that failed and let four AMERICANS die in Benghazi can even show her face in public or run for President or think that she has a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected! They died and she lied and lied and

          • I agree with everything you said…but giving illegals the right to vote before the election is on Obama’s schedule. Spending taxpayer $$$ to fast-track the citizenship. The Kenyan Muslim craps on America once again!

          • That’s right.. Go democrats, go straight to hell. Exactly where you are taking the USA!! America going to hell in a hand basket under democratic rule… You democrats are really stupid and greedy..

        • Absolute Horse- Crap! Voting is a privilege of Citizenship, not an opportunity to skew the results using
          Illegal immigrants!
          If you’re not a Citizen, you should have NO influence on selecting the Politicians for any office! If you are a citizen, it’s simple to get I.D. that allows you to vote!

          • Surprise Surprise going to agree with the on the Statement that If you not a citizen you don’t get to Influence selection the politicians for Office. But Disagree with you on the wording of your first sentence. Voting is a RIGHT not a Privilege. oh and Glad you agree about non Citizens Influencing the vote. So you don’t mind to much if the FBI starts an investigation into Trump’s Russian ties do you?

            Because of the Supreme Court not taking the case there is no longer a voter ID law in North Carolina. They threw out the whole thing so Now 17 year olds that will be 18 on or Before Nov 8th can register to vote. The old law forbid anyone 17 years old from registering. I will happily go to the polls on Nov 8th with my voter registration card. and no photo ID an will flip the bird to the GOP “monitors” at the polling place. And then cast my vote against all things TRUMP

          • Google “Illegals to vote in 2016”

      • All in government especially asshole democrat motherfuckers are a bunch of crooked motherfuckers especially oldass bitches

      • This helps lighten the load on the cemetery voter registration teams.

    • Justice Antonio Scalia wou you have said SHOW YOUR IDENTIFICATION ,But asshole Muslim nigger Obama had Justice Antonio Scalia murdered just like oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton would do oh how I hope that oldass bitch Hillary Clinton dies exactly the same way niggers are killing each other

      • Are you talking about Justice Antonio Scalia who was killed by Repubs and TPs? I am going to ask Hillary in January to investigate Scalia death. I believe he was killed by Repubs and conservatives. Here is proof: Scalia was separate from his wife. As Catholic he was not supposed to be alone on vacation. 2nd, he was invited by Repubs at a luxury hotel. They tricked him. As Justice, Scalia was not supposed to accept free bees from any group. Third, the GOP in Texas separated him for his body guards. The next day Scalia was dead. I believe his room was pumped with toxic gas. Please do not bring this topic with Scalia. The FBI is still investigating.

        • No you’re wrong Justice Antonio Scalia wa you murdered by a fuckin Muslim nigger named asshole Muslim nigger Obama and I hope the same thing happens to him exactly the same way King and Kennedy died along with all Muslim and Islamic motherfuckers including their families

          • You mad, brah?

          • My opinion on all asshole democrat motherfuckers including oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton and Muslim nigger Obama I hope they die exactly the same way black people are killing each other in Chicago by gunfire

        • No he was killed by asshole Muslim nigger Obama and Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton and the rest of those asshole democrat motherfuckers my opinion on all asshole democrat motherfuckers they should die exactly the same way black people are killing each other in Chicago by guns

    • REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed!

      • I am ready for it…America needs every American citizen to fight to take our country back. Don’t roll over and give this country to anyone. Don’t want to live in Meximerica!

        • I have been saying that the conserative women are braver than the men nowadays! We are at the tipping point and unless these Godless, Satan worshipping power mad ghouls are informed that we have had enough and to continue down the road to tyranny that they will have to face the repercussions! They know that most of the sheeple haven’t a clue and they are bending them over and sticking it their asses while laughing at them – I DON’T INTEND ON BEING IN THAT GROUP!

          • Ok, that makes two of us. God bless people like you who see the truth but it’s frustrating because most people think you are “radical”. The word the sheeple use for those of us that have common sense…which no longer exists in our society. If people used common sense, Obama would have been impeached 7 years ago.

          • I’m afraid that their aren’t that many out there that think the same way. I had told my brother way back in 2008 before this Muslim-Marxist jihadist, NWO puppet was implanted that he would do what he has done – ruin America! Like you correctly stated, people that aren’t sheeple and have an ounce of foresight and common sense are looked upon as radicals while they allow the real radicals the freedom to take away our freedom! I’m realistic and while I know that a REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – I never mentioned violent – peaceful at first but violent at worst and it is up to these NWO-elitists which one it will be! They haven’t figured out, the sheeple, that these Godless, Satan worshipping power mad ghould hold nothing but disdain for their subjects – can’t blame them – because the ruling class has absolutely no fear of the sheeple and this just emboldens them all the more! They need to start fearing “US” and if that doesn’t happen then everyone can kiss their asses goodbye! I had suggested states, the red ones at least, should start manning militias as to signal to “Moscow West” that we have had enough of their tyrannical ways! Freedom doesn’t come free, I think a down payment is over due, We have been blessed with over two-hundred years of freedom and now we have lost it and unless we are willing to fight to regain it then subject yourselves to being subjects of the State!

          • Sad, but true. Americans have been dumbed down and have no sense of pride in their country or themselves. Political correctness and diversity are two Democrat words meaning “cater to anyone who is not white”. Why should we alter our laws and lower our standards so those that aren’t willing to better themselves are on the same level as the people who work for what they want. Stop the catering… And pulling the race card is so freaking OLD. If you are unhappy here, leave. Whites are not holding you down. Would you be willing to fight for this country. Most likely not. The illegals are overrunning the country and America just rolls with it. Open your eyes and see what is truly happening.

    • Only racists, bigots and Trump supporters will not support the US Supreme Court. You morons want Blacks back to the bus and drink on separate water fountains. You’re late. Please join me and vote for Hillary on November 8. She is the right White.

      • I hope oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton dies exactly the same way black people are killing each other and that includes asshole Muslim nigger Obama all asshole democrat motherfuckers should die in front of a firing squad

      • I hope oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton dies exactly the same way King Kennedy died

        • People like you are always uneducated, school-drop-outs, unmarried, racists, bigots and primitive living in a developed country. Think about your past before you write. Vote for one of us – Hillary

          • Hillary voters are the uneducated, drop outs, racist, bigots, unmarried, UNEMPLOYED, greedy , give me, hands out , moochers…. Wanting all of the working republicans money!! Get a effing life loser!!

          • The survey showed that Trump supporters are uneducated, school-drop-outs, unmarried, racists, bigots and primitive living in a developed country. I did not start that. TPs. Repubs and right wing media said that. That is why GOP is supporting Hillary now.

          • your Comments would almost be funny, if they weren’t so full of miss information no one could be so miss informed today with all the information available at ones fingertips with a Computer, so i suspect you get you jollies off by annoying and making people mad and upset ,if that is your intent .and i suspect it is, you are very accomplished in that undertaking, but what it actually does, is to show how you, are the very person you describe Trump supporters to be..and Sadly i don’t think you are smart enough to really see that………

          • All niggers are uneducated and stupid motherfuckers that can’t be trusted as a next door neighbor,only way to trust niggers are when they’re dead same goes with all asshole democrat motherfuckers

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          • Are you black

          • The reason I said what I said is just look at what asshole democrat motherfuckers are doing,example keeping the poor on welfare so they the asshole government that is get everything the poor people own when they die, my opinion all those motherfuckers should die exactly like Martin Luther King Jr and John F Kennedy and those others that were killed

          • you are falling into pmbalel trap, this person gets his jollies off by doing exactly what you are doing, he loves to get people mad,the madder, the the more he get his rocks off you will note, that person never contributes any thing positive, only insults and derogatory comments best to just ignore why risk high blood pressure and possible stroke or worse. people like he/she/it are just not worth the time of day,there are a lot of other people on here that are polite and civil,even if they have some not popular views i would suggest to stick with them ,much better for your health……

          • He’s an asshole

          • i couldn’t agree more with you , in fact calling him an ” ass hole”is being pretty mild, i have a vocabulary full of very descriptive names i could call him/it/she,but there again i would be doing exactly to what motivates him/she/it/ i choose not to deal with a mental midgets,instead i would rather converse with people like yourself, and other then your colorful vocabulary, you sound like a common sense sort of person,,,i suspect all these “never Trump” misguided people will vanish November 8th have a great day don’t let a fool like pmbalel spoil it…..

          • It’s too bad your stupid bitch mother didn’t get killed along time ago, then your ass would never been born

          • You better take your Aspirin now before November 8. You may report to ER.

          • For what!

      • You are one SICK INDIVIDUAL!! You are the racist, bigot & head in the sand idiot!!!
        You need ID for everything in the US!!! Why note to vote?? The most privileged right!

      • BS pmbalele, park your own bigotry and conservative racism.

        Once again when a liberal cries Racist, it is to take the attention away from their own racism.
        When the cry bigotry, it is to take the attention away from their own bigotry.

        Here is a short history lesson for you. If you want to see who is the racists and bigots look into the Democrats history, the apple has not fallen from the tree.

      • The blacks are requesting segregation, moron. They don’t want equality, they want superiority. People in Hell want ice water too ?

    • What supreme court?

  3. this admin is totally corrupt, kill the crooked one and the muslim traitor!

  4. this is insanity — how can a person not be required to show he is eligible to vote in order to vote? Suicide for a nation, as we all can see.

    • Well ! it’s the new normal. Top notch insanity. Prepare for more to come, very soon. In twisted form.

    • You even have to show an I.D. to get into one of Hillary’s inane speeches.

    • Just get ready for war. And if Hillary wins you can count on it.

    • It is insanity, because in this dying land of America that I served for, you need ID to cash a check, to get a drivers license, buy alcohol, board a plane, sign up for medical care, get car insurance etc. but not to qualify for the most important act as a citizen, to vote in an election that determines the future of our nation, where the threat of voter fraud in out of hand and is a clear felony, a massive problem in America! The loss of the paper ballot was the end of any real legal voting in America….couldn’t be manipulated hanging chad or not! The electronic voting machines are easily rigged and the votes counted by the companies that write the software for the machines and they own the outcomes! To quote Stalin, it’s not those who vote that determines the outcome of elections but rather those who count the votes!

  5. Well duh of course she thinks it’s freakin wonderful!!! She can send in her BLM or illegal “aliens” to vote for her 10-20 times and there’s not a damn thing anybody can do about it!! Crooked Hillary!!

  6. This decision by a bunch of liberal whack job clowns has insured that the dead and the multiple voters will be in full force this November. Thanks you you liberal SOB’S for destroying our voting system and America at the same time.

  7. You know who and what is running the Supreme Court. They would convict killary and she is losing in the polls so now the dead and then illegals can vote and vote twice or more times to put lying crooked bitcjk through. This is bullshit! Remember there was not one Republican vote counted in any precinct in Philadelphia in the last crooked election to put bathhouse barry, obamawamadama, in for a second term. There were towns across the country that had anywhere from 121% to one town with 146% votes cast. You think the demoncrats are honest? Well, with all of their entitlements they have returned the black race back to slavery except this is black slave trader (traitor). And we are to think that black lives matter well in the ghetto areas and the black cities it black lives splatter and they want to blame the white and the cops. We have to say goodbye and good riddance to this muslim administration. And thank God for Freedom of Speech. NEW RULE LET’S TELL THE TRUTH TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT FROM NOW ON. CALL A SPADE A SAPDE WHEN YOU ARE FACING DIABOLICAL CROOKED LYING POLITICIANS..

  8. SAD, SAD, SAD! ~ Of course Hillary is elated at such a bad ruling seeing that the only way she can win is by…
    VOTER FRAUD!!!!!

  9. No, way too liberal!!! All of us should have valid ID in order to vote…last time OB won because dead people and
    illegals voted for him…pathetic!

    • What good is voter ID, if the machines are not counting correctly, that demonstration of the voting machines were absolutely terrifying………

  10. Well butter my butt and call me biscuit…ID for everything but voting ! I bet I know who conjured this little idea up…..demonicrats !

  11. This Supreme Court is an Affront to all those Honorable men and w2omen who served prior to the modification from a Judicial body to a goddamned political one. period. We NEED a 2nd American revolution to restore AMERICAN values, traditions and unblemished freedoms and choices now being taken from us and given to illegals mostly foreign felons and those Muslim “Refugees,” inimical to our country and the freedoms they subvert and wish to replace with Sharia Law when they have NO RIGHT to attempt it.: our own forever be damned dishonorable government. Respect is EARNED. As an individual, I was on e of the millions who served in our military to defend and uphold our Constitution as those pond scum parasites are ALSO sworn to do but who DO NOT from the president down to his dogs . VOTE FOR TRUMP AND AGAINST SUCH TRASH BY ALSO VOTING AGAINST EVERY INCUMBENT IN BOTH PARTIES WHO IN DERELICTION OF DUTY, VIOLATION OF THEIR SWORN OATHS OF OFFICE AND MALFEASANCE IN THEM ENABLED AND ALLOWED THIS KIND OF UNCONSTITUTIONAL RULE BY PERSONAL FIAT AND INEQUITABLE JUSTICE BASED SOLELY ON THE DOUBLE STANDARD IN PLACE; ONE FOR WE PEASANTS, THE OTHER FOR THOSE OF POWER AND PRIVILEGE’; MOST OF WHOM BELONG IN PRISON , NOT OFFICE, BY ANY TRULY CONSTITUTIONAL STANDARD UNDER THE NOW NEARLY DEAD RULE OF LAW! None of the three branches is trustworthy and that is the sad but honest TRUTH!

  12. This is very disturbing. We are going to have to insist on reliable persons to vote by election sheet instead of my some rigged computer system, and that all votes are from registered voters, alive ones. I call BULLSHIT on the whole system. Why should just ANYONE be able to vote? Makes no sense. That’s why it is WRITTEN that they can’t. To help avoid fraud. I had to show my ID in Florida to vote in both primaries.(presidential,, and local primaries) And I will have to show it for the general. What’s the problem with that?

    • THE “PROBLEM” is that the Democrats would not be able to win an election if all the voters had to show valid identification before casting their votes!

      • Cry some more!

        • Real, let us be “real” about this issue. Voting without a photo-ID, makes any election a meaningless sham. We now have several million new migrants in this country and they are being promised all kinds of “goodies” to vote, whether they are qualified, or not, It is the honest citizen who has to earn enough money to pay the taxes to support those who are getting free health car, housing and other benefits. If you permit them to vote, you become part of the problem.

        • What are you a dummycrat? Get a grip on what it will do to this once great country.

      • The Dems can only win by cheating. They don’t really win but they get the prize anyway.

      • Emircitna, we also have to control who gets the photo-ID. They have to be full fledged citizens, who have been regally a resident of a state for at least six months—-maybe we can stop some of this last minute moving and voting more than once.

      • Asshole democrat motherfuckers steal elections all should die from self inflicted gunshots

    • Good, eveyone should be required to show identity to identify themselves as to whom they are, however that being said, if anybody was, is and planning on cheating to wim this election! It want be any different from any other election that has taken place, regardless of their PARTY!!!! IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!

    • And you KNOW that many of those illegal immigrants will vote if they are told to. With borders open, and the hands of our border protector’s tied, America’s national security is flying in the wind. Some are here to support the agenda to outnumber Americans, at the polls, so they can eventually take back what they think is “their land”. And, they think Democrats are so intent on getting their votes that they will ignorantly assist them in it. Islamic Extremists are moving toward the same thing. At a time when those Extremists Imams and leaders are announcing, all over the world that, that is exactly what they will do, and many Mexican activists are saying that’s what they will do, you would think that our government would be insisting on secure borders and verifying ID’s at the voting polls. Our current greatest threat to national security is in the WH.

  13. SHOULD THIS ELECTION go to Hillary Clinton by obvious FRAUD then it will be the clarion’s call for….
    STATE SECESSION from continued DC corruption & domination!!!!

  14. Hillary must not know we are a Republic, not a democracy, theres a big difference!!! A democracy is not as free as a Republic is. She needs a history lesson on how and why America is a Republic!

    • IT IS EASIER to try to educate a fence post than it is to educate a Communist, my friend!

    • Why do you really think they want common core in schools now. They don’t teach what we were taught in history class or government class. They are dumbing down our society and everyone knows it but won’t do anything to stop it. If Hillary Clinton is elected we are in for more of what Obama started plus more that will ruin the middle class to the point of it being 2 classes of people in this country. Rich and poverty.

  15. There’s the MOST important reason we have to vote for Mr. Trump – the SCOTUS!!! KILLary has said she would consider nominating OWEbama too the SCOTUS. God help America.
    Mr. Trump has already submitted a list of possible nominees to the SCOTUS – all vetted by not one, but TWO Conservative think tanks. All are from the same bolt of cloth as Justice Antonin Scalia – a true Constitutionalist – not like Sotomayor, Kagan or Greenberg. VOTE TRUMP – Make America SAFE and Great Again – TRUMP/Pence!!!

  16. how it should be 1 vote per citizen with proof of citizenship id ( with photo.
    Any not qualified to vote but found trying to vote, get executed on the spot

    • “junk…” illegal voting is hardly a death penalty issue. The first time, just fine them, say $50.00 and give them 30 days in the “slammer”. The second time, deny them the right to vote, period and give them say 6 months in the slammer. Your solution is barbaric and far worse than their crime—-very similar to a religious faith that cuts off heads for what people believe or don’t believe—-spelled,ISLAM”

      • You are not too bright. The Revolutionary war was fought for the right to vote. Did you go to a real school or to a Liberal brain washing. Did you ever hear “No taxation without representation”. Guess what, that meant that the citizens demanded to vote for the people who made their laws. That means that if some illegal votes and cancels my legal vote, I have every right o be more than a little pissed, and a $50 fine sure as hell does not cover my vote. Are you stupid enough to sell your vote for $50? If so, give Hillary a call. You can bet your ass, she will be happy to pay $50 for every vote she can get. How much do you think she will spend campaigning this year. It would be cheaper to just buy stupid people’s votes!

  17. Well, her tweet is a dead give away about her overall attitude.
    We are NOT a democracy, we are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC!
    Only a fool or a political tyrant wants a Democracy, and that looks to be the case here.

  18. No-ID voting, on any kind of issue, makes the election process a meaningless sham. Thre are hundreds of examples,. but in this missive I will settle just for just a couple. If the membership of a church is voting to fire their minister for stealing the churche’s sacred wine, rhey would not want the “good ol’ boys” down at the local tavern, voting on the issue. Or, a union member woujld not want “management” voting on a labor issue. People who state that ID is not required in a very important election, must either be very ignorant or they have ulterior motives in mind—-and when it come to this country’s “way of life”, it is probably the “latter”. Keep in mind, that “without America, there will be no free world”—- People will be treated like cattle in a feedlot, subject to the whims of their leaders. Also, too manyh people forget that The Uninted States of America has been the greatest social achievement on this of the Planet. We are not perfect, but we stand head and shoulders above most. For those who “doubt it”, I suggest they send unbiased committees to Africa and those countries presently at war, for 30 days and then come back to this Great Republic and brief their fellow “followers”.

    • Shit!! Why Africa?? That’s all you can say?? I hope your not in a position of POWER!!

      • “Real….”, Let us keep it civil! You may have a valid point, but it gets lost when you use profanity, obnoxious nicknames or gutter talk. Why Africa? Well, I believe it remains the most backward country on this planet and its local blacks have little understanding of what goes on over there. Years ago, we even helped them get their own nation (Liberia) and it is now one of the more corrupt in Africa. Also, out of a lengthy paragraph, I used one sentence with the word “Africa” in it—-and I stand by it—and the sentence states, ”’to Africa and those countries presently at war.”—-hardly, “Why Africa”.Frankly, I said more in my post than several others combined.

  19. Damn, all this b.s. about this election! Does anyone know Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton? Any of our children play or played along side of theirs?? Have any of us been to thier place of residence?? We all need to let whatever is going to happen just happen! No matter how we try to shoot Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump down, they will have their turn in office and hopefully they have the support of congress standing behind them!!

  20. Hillary tweeted: Great dead people will still be able to vote for ME.

  21. A country and constitutional system of government created by geniuses, now run by morons. You need an ID to cash a check or get a library card, but not to vote for the most powerful person on the face of the earth? Brilliant.

  22. This is just another attack on our American way of life ,Omuslime and the rest of our illegal government are allowing any illegal to protect Killery and steal the votes of real citizens so this thieving ,murdering bitch and her sleeze ball rapist husband can continue to steal all they can before people get sick of it and take them out and I DO MEAN TAKE THEM OUT

  23. After 40 plus years in both State and Federal law enforcement I swear our judiciary is becoming more and more stupid every day. These educated morons have lost their minds. All semblence of common sense has been lost through their warped value system. In fact, it is obvious these educated idiots have no morals. To remove the requirement of providing a valid form of identification does nothing less than promote voter fraud and in doing so they nulify the credibility of the electoral results. Everyone of these immoral and lawless jurists should be removed from the bench and replaced with men of integrity and honor, at the very least with men and women who have a working brain.

  24. This election is going to be ripe for democratic hacking. They well try because they are liars, criminals and cheaters.

  25. Well, if you don’t need ID, no worries.. vote as often as you like. Simply self identify as a different person each time…a bit like fighting fire with fire..

  26. michael schimanski

    The supreme court does not care about fare elections . Everyone in America has I.D. and should have to show it when voting . They want the democrats to be able to vote 2 , 3 , 4 times and have the dead and illegals vote .

  27. Democrats need to make it easier to cheat, cheat and cheat some more! Very corrupt party~!!

  28. Hillarys discussion about voter ID is just let them vote. She is in hopes that she will get more votes that way from illegals, Syrians and the horrible people that don’t deserve to vote in this country,. You need to be a citizen to vote here I believe so why are we letting foreigners vote? They get nothing except what Hillary has promised them if she wins and if she wins there will be a very large war between the people and the government. All we can do is pray Trump wins.

  29. Hitler Hillary needs to be ousted from the Presidential Race and for Congress to Ask for An Arrest Warrant…then get Holder and Obama too! They all thress have caused Our country Hell and the People they allowed to be killed Abroad! They are guilty as Hitler! Vote Trump!

  30. Hillary is a Traitor along with the Supreme Court and We the People need to take them ALL OUT! Democracy is about obeying Our Laws under Freedoms and Rights not allowing just anyone to Vote that does not have Citizenship or ID”S to prove who they are! Anyone in America that has to show an ID to prove yourselves to Vote should just call the Law to stop it at the Voting Polls! This will cause unrest but if the Illegals can get by with it then
    So can everyone else that are Citizens!

  31. ConservativeSenior

    One of the reasons Justice Scalia was murdered.

  32. Now the Democrats can continue to encourage illegal voting. Once again we’ll find that the Dem candidate got 120% of the vote in some counties and precincts. This has happened in the last two elections and yet we continue to allow voting with absolutely no confirmation that the individual is actually a legal voter.

    We are doomed, if this happens again, to another big step toward a Democratic Party dictatorship.


  34. This is the ignorance and stupidity we need to vote out of office.

    A typically do-nothing, scared group of judges. If we could vote to run you ALL out of office right now, I would say YES PLEASE, NOW!

  35. what a disgrace…another reason to put term limits on the courts! Voting is a right granted to citizens and showing proof you are a citizen is not that hard and must be required in all states as it used to be before the crooked democrats found they could steal elections by having non citizens given easy access to voting. I was a poll worker but no longer willing to do it because I feel without proper id shown I would be participating in voter fraud!

  36. If Voter ID is not installed over the whole USA, Democrats will Rig the Votes, so Hillary will be the next President Even Trump says the system is Rigged the way it is now. Please Supreme Court , DO YOU JOB.
    BOBBY ~!~


  38. if pople are to stupid to have an I D then the should stay home,I have been voting since high school in 1956 and I have had to be registered and show an I D to vote every time,,,how else are you to keep low life scum from voting illegally,,,,These liberal asses have this country screwed it isn’t funny—no one is responsible for anything,,some one will always bail them out—no pun intended

  39. What is disgusting and abominable is that 4 jerks voted to hear it. SCOTUS is suppose to be impartial and render opinions FROM the Constitution itself, not what the judges feel. It has not been that way for centuries. With Hillary, it may well be another century, if this country can last another 4-8 years with her Alinsky Marxist attitude.

  40. The list of dirt bags gets longer everyday. You can count on voter fraud from the left, this is how they operate above the law.

  41. What a bunch of shit! You cannot buy a beer or tobacco,
    get on an airplane, buy insurance, drive a car, apply for a job, etc., etc. without a picture ID. But hell, voting is not important, Democrats believe that everyone (criminals, illegals and the dead) should vote early and often!

  42. Here we go again. The whiners come out every four years to complain about not being able to vote. This is 2016 PEOPLE! You’ve stolen enough elections. We don’t want a NEW World Order. Look at Venezuela as your beacon of socialism tries to shine here. it hasn’t worked anywhere. it won’t work here. A vote for the crazy, lying loon Hillary is a vote for socialism. We are doomed to failure if she gets elected. I don’t think she will be without the voter fraud she loves. The tide must rise higher and drown her out.

  43. Anyone who votes more than ONE TIME should be shot to death especially if they vote for ASSHOLE DEMOCRAT MOTHERFUCKERS

  44. obama transformed america just like he promised-
    into a sewage disposal plant-
    the 2nd ammendment is
    being eliminated step by step
    We got protection with no questions no waiting and no paperwork
    search gunbroker ebay and google for
    “conversion cylinder for cap and ball naa”

    • Fear mongering for personal gain has a price, what we send out shoots, uh, comes back. Your third statement seems true enough, however your first is subjective; and your second untrue. It depends on how closely you have aligned yourself with the sewage that determines your choice of how you choose to view the world. The Reich rules the world more everyday not the peace, love, heal the sivk, feed the poor left but good will one day rule in the hearts of mankind; no one wants to take your guns unless you’re shooting innocents in our streets. Forget that, that crime only carries the penalty of paid leave. You bottom feed like Trump, creating fear and cashing in on addiction.

  45. Sure, let us make it a whole lot easier to cheat/fix/alter the votes!

  46. And the demorats rejoice and go to celebrate in a bar where an ID is required!

  47. You have to show an ID to buy alcohol or go to the doctor or just about anything else….but not to vote? Seriously ridiculous

  48. Did this same audience feel the same about the coronation of duh-bya through judicial coup?

    Duh-bya was so great because he promised to end abortion and mandate christianity by law. Did he lie about his intent or was he just incompetent?

    Were the few thousand that he promised and failed to save worth the hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Feeling holy for a moment is not worth an eternity of guilt.

  49. This decision happened because, shamelessly, Americans have become a Nation of Sheeple…just what Gorgy Soros wants. When “We the People” decide to use the minds God gave us and stand up for our Freedoms, the Supreme Court will no longer control our liberties.

    You need to be smarter than the elitists who think they are in control — smarter, stronger and more dedicated to saving our Country!

    The First step is voting for Donald Trump, the one person the elitists are scared of because he will not “play” their game with their rules! Trump is the answer. How much do you love your freedoms is the question!

    • what freedoms have you lost?

      • If you don’t know then you are a bigger part of the problems with the downfall of our country. It is done very slowly so people like you do NOT notice what is happening until it was too late. Look at Hitler and the Third Reich. The German people never knew what he was doing until it was too late and their towns were bombed by the Allies.

        Obama has crippled our Christian Foundation by removing any reference to God from Govt buildings, prayer in our schools or at Sports Events, prayer for our Military before action, or even Graduation from College (but the Students are smarter than bho and always manage to insert a God reference anyway).
        BHO has made Restrooms and Locker rooms unsafe for young girls by allowing grown men to enter and share the same facilities. Thank God the States have rebelled and many have struck down bho’s clueless twisted legislation, but there still are many states where men can pretend they are girls just to go inside and film young children going the bathroom. (Sick twisted bathturds.)
        Then there are the Planned Parenthood facilities where they literally cut up live babies that are ABSOLUTELY WHOLE AND PERFECT just so they can sell their body parts. Recently a 24 year old woman died on one of their abortion tables because their procedures weren’t sanitary enough.

        Actually, my Freedoms are pretty much in tact because I won’t do what the Liberals want…ever. So no matter what they say or what actions they make, I refuse to obey. I REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING THEY WANT…I OWE THEM NOTHING AND AS LONG AS THEY STAY OUT OF MY LIFE, THEY WILL BE SAFE. But for my Grandchildren who will be living in this country, Freedom of choice is a Right they have and no crazy liberal will take that from them — including the devil man himself Gorgy Soros. He is going to be very disappointed by the Election and will have to find another country to try to destroy.

        What about you Jazzbelly? Are you a dancer? A performer? A Jazz music guy? What’s up with the name? Or do you do “Belly Dancing with a Twist?” Your Freedoms right now are on a thin line, but by 2025, they may be made for you…that’s the whole idea of a One World Order which Soros is trying to make happen. It would be a World of peons and he would be King. What do peons do? Work for the King. Everything the peons want must come through the King’s decisions. There are no Exceptional people allowed (Common Core already is teaching this) because someone might get their feelings hurt. So everyone and everything is “common”, no difference, no excitement, just obey the King’s demands.

        Try researching One World Order and you will find out that the U.N. and many elitists around the World are involved…dumb down the populace so the elitists can control them. Take away their basic freedoms so they can’t fight your demands. Yeah…it’s like an orchestra playing music but there isn’t any sound…life will suck. And obama started the ball rolling…Soros bought the Presidency for obama — donated over $500,000.00 to get obama in office. Why? Because obama is a puppet and can be lured with $$ to do Soros bidding. And guess who is Friends with Hillary? Yeah, you’re right, Soros. He is behind the scenes telling her what to do to lead this country to slaughter…and she is doing it. Put her in office and she will dump America in Soros’ lap and you can kiss your sweet life goodbye. Soros doesn’t care about you or anyone. You aren’t human to him, just an object to control and make money off of. Remember he turned in his own parents to the Third Reich at age 14 for a handful of coins…they “bathed” in those showers while he rubbed elbows with Hitler’s youth. You do NOT want a future with Soros in it, because there will be NO FUTURE for you…and he won’t care…

  50. This is such BULLSHIT!!! You need an ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes or cash a check!!! You don’t need an ID to vote??? The most important privilege of being a citizen!!! WTF??? Can you say DEMOCRAT????

  51. Yeah Hitlery, lets let every voice in our ‘Democracy’ (Our’s is a ‘Representative Republic, stupid) be heard…as often as possible. Get ready for precincts to be coming in at 100% to 130% for Granny Goodwitch just like some did for the Dear Leader in 2012.

  52. Democrats are DEMONIC RATS that are damned by God and are minions of Satan!

  53. Ok so I’m going to take a different take on this…my usual take is if I have to show my freaking drivers license, carry permit, sign a 4473, etc. to buy a gun which is a constitutionally protected right from God (or whatever higher entity you pray to that is above Government) I should have to show Government ID to vote. That said rulings like this make blacks look like a bunch of incompetent fools who can’t manage to get a Government issued ID which is free. Hell I would rent a bus and pick up ANYONE to get Government ID to vote…I live in Upstate NY and I went to vote and I showed my drivers license and the lady was repulsed and practically threw it back at me “Oh know we can’t ask for ID or accept it”, this was when I was a bit younger, I was bewildered, I had just boughten a rifle 2 weeks before. Oh and my County Sheriff’s Office provides free ID’s for anyone in the county that wants one, if they aren’t free they are dirt cheap because I see people getting them every time I’m at the Sheriff’s Office. I really just do not get it. Its clear certain irresponsible people want to encourage voter fraud, there is no other explanation but liberals being liberals with their collectivist mindset will support this decision no matter what. I can’t believe the 4th Circuit actually fell for this crap, I mean sure they aren’t as conservative as the 5th or the 11th circuit but they are no 9th Circuit and even the 7th Circuit disagreed!

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  55. For supposedly learned men and women, this SCOTUS has absolutely no common sense.

  56. Hillary Clinton tweeted: β€œLet’s make voting easier so every voice in our democracy can be heard.” Of course she’s in favor of voter fraud. The dead, the illegals and the immigrants have been promised amnesty and welfare. They will be voting for her.

  57. Our forefathers risked life and fortune to fight against less despotism than THIS!

  58. Dead people have been voting for years. Now, illegal aliens will flock to the polls to pull the lever for democrats, the provider of all “free stuff” for illegals and tax cheats. It’s also the greatest vote buying-scam in the history of the free world. And our Courts approve it?

  59. So…. You have to show ID to use the library. At the DNC delegates’ convention you had to show ID to enter. We show ID at the bank…. and we don’t have to show ID to vote?! Pretty stupid. But, they are consistent aren’t they…

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  61. This is very bad news indeed, and confirms the likelihood that the late Justice Scalia was murdered by the regime in order to capture the Supreme Court. Between this and the announcement that the “Homeland Security”, hitherto expert only in tearing open colostomy bags at airports and escorting terrorists across the border, will now be counting the vote, it is clear that American “elections” will be no different from those in Uzbekistan or the Maldives. If North Carolina is called early in the evening for Huma’s partner, and particularly if Senator Burr or Governor McCrory go down, we will have proof that the Benghazi Murderess and the kinky-headed quisling have completed the population replacement scheme begun in 1965 by the Chappaquiddick Murderer, and that we are on the express train to the Third World.

    • Asshole democrat Muslim nigger Obama ordered Justice Antonio Scalia murdered because Muslim nigger Obama wants to change the United States of America to Islamic living which will never happen because someone just might kill all those motherfuckers

  62. The Supreme Court non-decision is PATHETIC and goes against all common sense!

  63. Vote for Trump, that removes ilegal aliens and jails hilary

  64. If, God forbid, Hildabeast is elected we can expect our elections to be totally compromised by ineligible voters. It is amazing how we have to show I.D’s for almost every thing else, but not for voting. As a wise man once said, “This is a nation conceived by geniuses and run by idiots.”

  65. Then nothing should require an ID, even to cash a check.

  66. Its funny, but you needed to show an ID to get inside the Democrat convention. You also need to show an ID to get a library card, pick up some smokes, buy a beer, rent an apartment, get on welfare or pick up your kid at school or day care.

    So I’m calling BULLSHIT on the idea that requiring an ID to vote is some sort of “burden”. Its only a burden if you’re up to no damned good

  67. Screw the SCOTUS! North Carolina should tell the courts to go to hell and demand every voting poll to check photo IDs. There is not diddly the Feds can do about it. The states can call upon Congress to impeach or call a Convention of States. The public outcry against the Feds would be HUmongous!

  68. There are times when it’s good to be older. This is one of them!!

  69. Day by day and hour by hour, it seems like this country is heading for the toilet. We need to clean up these people in Government even if it takes a bloody revolution.

  70. Hilkary got it wrong! We live in a Republic, not a democracy, theres a big difference!!

  71. The states should be left to take care of there own voting procedures. I think that this is a time that everyone should be a documented citizen with picture ID. The states should work out their own details. The end justifies the means! Who is against pictured ID ? Its the democrats what are they afraid of? The way it was looking and would have gone that way if it hadnt of been stopped was giving illegals the right to vote. Did you hear this they actually think you the american people are that ignorant??? Are you? What do you think a illegal mexican would vote for?Thats right what it would be for the free stuff wouldnt it.
    You do nothings in the United States discust me I know who you will be voting for. News for you were going in debt 2.4 billion a day? The next president will be shutting down all benefits. Youre going to have to work for food stamps the system is in place already? Theres nothing in this world thats free.

  72. It is so stupid not to show ID to vote one of the most important things there is you have to have A id to do anything from buying A beer cashing a check to even selling junk at a scrap yard and in have to have a thump print on file and give it when you sell any more it should be that way to vote

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  74. Un-American decision by scared SCOTUS having NO GOOD reason!

  75. Great the courts just let the Dumorats CHEAT and cheat and cheat.

  76. I always find it interesting that the Democrats say they are all for blacks, but consistently claim, by their opposition to voter ID laws, that blacks are too dumb to understand the laws and obtain a proper ID. It can’t be the cost because states are offering an ID for free.

  77. The supreme court has been nothing but an illegal back up for the fraudulent president he has done nothing but make it legal for all of the rag heads ,wet backs and every other piece of trash he can to swing the vote for Killery. There is no way in hell we can trust the court to certify the election NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. The Supreme Court NOW needs to fund a mechanism that defends the Constitution, where voting was declared a function of legal status. If the Supreme Court will not defend the Constitution, defund the Supreme Court Justice offices and remove the Judges.

  79. The Heading should be the court upholds the voter fraud for the socialist party!

  80. You know all of us legal voters could help the pollsters by us showing our ID voluntarily. If we all did that it would help them determine who might be trying fraudulently vote.

  81. So Hillary is doing what any good Democrat has been doing for years. Making Blacks think that they don’t have the brains to get an I.D. card of any type and still keep them on the plantation begging for the hand outs. This is a typical play in the democrat hand book. Keep minorities thinking that they are an underclass that needs special protection. In this way, they keep minorities indebted and enslaved to them.

  82. It’s bad enough that we have ZERO confidence in this current Obama Administration but to lose respect and confidence in these”Appointed For Life” Supreme Court Justices damages America in a non-repairable way!
    These Legal Scholars have deserted American Citizens and have chosen to play politics instead of rational, legal interpretations of the Laws!
    Can any one of these justices tell us why every American who wishes to vote, at any level, shouldn’t provide a document that states their legal status to do so?
    They have shamed the good name of their Court, themselves and their oathes of Office!

  83. There are GOP “Monitors” always at the polling place where I vote. Have been there every year for last 10 elections. I can’t wait to give them the finger as I vote with just my voter Registration card which has no photo on it.

  84. If Hillary Clinton had a single honest bone in her body she would have said, good news now elections can be easier for every single fraudulent vote in our once great country. She couldn’t be more disgusting.

  85. The Supreme Court should never tie, no justice should be allowed to abstain on any matter if the court is fully staffed! In the case of an even number of justices, currently 8, due to the passing of Scalia, one justice and one justice only should be required by straw vote to abstain!

  86. The supreme court is bought and paid for by the democrat party and george soros. Theses scumbags are nothing but hot steaming pieces of obama squeeze.

  87. NEWSFLASH: poor blacks have welfare and food stamps, which they need an ID to receive. If you are stopped by a police officer and have no ID, you go for FAILURE TO IDENTIFY. So, I would presume such voters DO NOT GET FOOD STAMPS and WELFARE w/out an ID>>>UNBELIEVABLE! P. Kathy Kleiman

  88. This is so wrong and shows why there is little or no trust in the Court system. It is a Obama and Clinton system at hand. People need to vote Trump and we can start doing away with these Obama Judges that are not honorable or fit to serve on our Supreme Court. They are a pure joke and none of them should hold office . You can now see why Americans has lost respect for the Supreme Court, they are one big joke but they are ok for Hillary Clinton. People need to think about this before casting a vote for Hillary Clinton. We will continue having a court system who will continue finding grounds to favor the crooks in the white house

  89. All smacks of Democratic cronyism and there is Hillary on top of the pile! What a stench!

  90. Anarchy

  91. How in the hell does a 4-4 tie represent “Supreme Court upholding voter ID laws”? Even the headline is a lie. It should read “Supreme Court split decision leaves lower court ruling on voter ID intact” It’s actually a win for voters in that state who won’t need a government ID to vote (no change in fact). You’ll still need your voter registration card, and face a huge fine if you attempt to vote when you are not of age, voting suspended, or not a citizen.

  92. If I need an official photo ID to buy a six pack of beer or a pack of cigs, is it unreasonable require a person to show proof of ID for something as vital and important as casting a vote in our nation election? Hellary says no ID is needed as she wants “everyone to have a voice” in the election! Might she be wanting to stuff the ballot box.

  93. Impeachment of Bathhouse Barry Soetoro is not an option given the current numbers in the Senate. It takes two thirds of the Senate to convict and thus, impeach. The House can bring the bill, but the Senate would have to try this miscreant. The votes to convict are simply not there. The Dopeycrats will defend their person (note I did not say man as that is yet to be proved) regardless of the crimes against the Constitution–which there are many. So, knock off the impeachment stuff and concentrate on keeping the Senate in Republican hands to deter more liberals on the courts and work to keep Hildabeast and her rapist husband out of the W.H.

  94. Oh i get it, even visitors can vote in america that do not know nothing about america

  95. President Obama will be the worst President in our history for his legacy then tack on this is the worst Supreme Court in our history. They do not go by the Constitution of our country and even worse they think we should look at other courts outside of the US for their rulings. If for no other reason to vote Trump the Supreme Court should be your deciding factor. Do you honestly want American laws to be settled by what foreign courts are doing? Italy’s Supreme Court just ruled that men masturbating in public is not a crime, in other words pull it guys anywhere anytime? Let your 3 year old daughter witness this in McDonald’s no big deal right? These foreign governments are true Socialist regimes. I’m going to fight like hell to keep this out of my country.#trump/pense2016saveamerica

  96. This is another example of why the regime and the oligarchy had Justice Scalia murdered. We are one step closer to the mexicanization or africanization of the country, with a single dominant party (and perhaps a sole legal party as the opposition is a “basket of deplorables”) that always wins farcical “elections” by lopsided margins as the central government counts the “votes”. If North Carolina falls to The Hag, and particularly if Senator Burr goes down to unexpected defeat, it will be clear that the government-dependent lumpenproletariat they have brought in from the rain forests and sand dunes over the past 8 years is now sufficient to keep The Party in power, as the corrupt South African dictator Jacob Zuma recently proclaimed, “until Jesus comes back”.

  97. Wonder how many illegals, dead voters, flying voters will democrats gain this election time.

  98. This surely is not the end of this voting issue. No ID voting makes any election a meaningless sham. With the number of illegals now in the U.S., those willing to vote more than once, and those NWO groups paying for both, has to be stopped, with fines and 30 days in the slammer for the illegal voters and big fines and prison time for those organizing the voting and/or “footing the bill”, A union member would not want someone from management voting on a labor issue. The members of a church, voting to fire their minister for stealing the Sacred Wine, would not want “the good ol’ boys” from the local tavern, voting on their issue. For a judge to dictate no-ID voting, has to involve some clear “incentive” to so vote and some judge “organization” should hold them to the “law of the land”. Also, the poor and the elderly are not denied the right to vote—they either have or should have, by federal law, the proper ID to obtain the Social services to which they are entitled and vote. Most all political parties have “get out the vote” teams, to take those without transportation, to and from the polling stations. All judges, “worth their salt”, should have the courage to straighten out this mess, even before laws are passed. And, if the don’t, we as citizens should demand their removal from the bench, for cause, and perhaps loss of their license to practice law.

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