Supreme Court Upholds N.C. Voter ID Ruling

The Supreme Court, in a 4-4 deadlock Wednesday, declined to review a lower court’s ruling on North Carolina’s voter ID laws. The decision – or non-decision, as it were – keeps the decision of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in place, which means that North Carolina voters will not have to show any form of identification when they go to their precincts in November.

Praising the ruling as “great news,” Hillary Clinton tweeted: “Let’s make voting easier so every voice in our democracy can be heard.”

Well, that sounds terrific, except that our Constitution does not allow for “every voice” to be heard. As she may or may not know, minors and illegal immigrants can and are restricted from voting. Same with convicts – even, in many states, after they have served their sentence. So no, it’s not at all a priority or even a desirable goal to make voting so easy that “every voice” can be heard.

Unless, of course, you’re a Democrat who counts on those undesirable voices to win elections.

“North Carolina has been denied basic voting rights already granted to more than 30 other states to protect the integrity of one person, one vote,” said Gov. Pat McCrory in a statement.

Civil rights groups convinced the Fourth Circuit Court in July that the state’s voter ID laws had “disparate impact” on black citizens. This is to say that they could find no evidence that the laws intentionally discriminated, but since it had an effect on black voting, it was therefore racist and unconstitutional.

Contrary to the ruling itself, though, black voting actually went up in 2014.

Oh, and North Carolina provides free ID to those who need it.

But don’t expect to find even a thin strand of legal logic to hold onto here. It’s futile to try. This has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with politics. Democrats and their cohorts on the bench want to make American voting a free-for-all because somehow, when no one’s protecting the integrity of the vote, they always seem to win.

Slowly but surely, they’re going to roll back our voting laws until children, felons, non-citizens, and fictitious characters can exercise their democratic rights on election day.

And apparently, we’re going to stand by and watch them do it.

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