Supreme Court to Rule on Confederate Flag License Plate

Do you, as an American citizen living under the protection of the First Amendment, have the right to whatever license plate you choose? Or, seeing as how the plate is an official symbol of the state government, should your right to free speech be curtailed? That’s the question before the U.S. Supreme Court right now in the case of Walker vs. Sons of Confederate Veterans.

At issue is a Texas state license plate bearing the Confederate battle flag. Oral arguments began Monday in the case, and already it seems that the justices are leaning towards censorship. “Your position is that if you prevail, a license plate can have a racial slur. That’s your position?” asked Justice Anthony Kennedy of the lawyer representing the Texas Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The lawyer affirmed that he was arguing just that. “I don’t think there’s any consistent position otherwise,” said James George Jr. He insisted that the First Amendment prohibits the government from censoring messages even if they happen to be offensive.

By taking this position, George and his clients hope to force the Supreme Court into making a landmark decision that would protect anything and everything a person might hope to put on their license plate. It’s a bold strategy, but it’s one that could have been avoided in this particular instance. Symbols of the Confederacy – most specifically the flag – have long been associated with racism and hatred. But a powerful argument can be made that there need be no such association, at least not automatically.

Re-Learning Our History

The Civil War is one of the most widely misunderstood events in American history. Most of the stories that weave the tapestry of our nation’s narrative are similarly simplified, but there is a political bent to our understanding of the Civil War that is missing from many of the others. We have come to see the South as a hotbed of slavery and racism, fighting for the right to treat blacks as property. In truth, slavery was common to all American colonies, North and South, and every slave ship that sailed the sea did so under the flag of the United States of America.

Union hero Ulysses S. Grant was a slave owner himself, having married into a family that made abundant use of unpaid African labor. His wife, Julia Dent Grant, remained a slavery apologist throughout the Civil War. The Grant slaves were not freed until Missouri abolished the practice in 1865.

Slavery provided one of the primary catalysts for the Confederate secession, but defenders of the South are not whitewashing history when they claim that the war was about states’ rights. Hundreds of thousands of Southern patriots died not for the right to own slaves but against the tyranny of an increasingly powerful federal government. That their descendants wish to honor their sacrifice is in no way a defense of racism or slavery. It is a moving tribute to the ideals of the Confederacy, those being independence, small government, and freedom.

Sadly, there’s no denying that the Confederate battle flag has been abused and misused in the years since. It has been flown by racists. Then again, so has the American flag. We should refuse to let a few bad apples spoil the bunch, and we should refuse to let ignorance color the truth of history.

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  1. There are history-oriented traditionalists who display the Confederate battle flag without intending any malice toward anyone. But there are also hateful racist redneck cretins who see the flag as a symbol of their narrow, bigoted, and hateful attitude toward authority in general and/or toward those of another race. Either of these groups is entitled to freedom of speech. The Constitution’s protection of this right is not limited to those who hold high and lofty principles. Those rights extend also to the dregs of society who harbor baser instincts long cultivated within the warped and disordered social domain they occupy. A state can not discriminate against odious anti-social speech unless it consists of “fighting words,” i.e. tends to precipitate violence. Fortunately, the clods who use the flag to express their hate and bigotry are for the most part simply ignored by decent people; thus such violence is extremely rare and is insufficient to justify banning these warped Scumfederates from waving their battle flags with ignoble intent.

    • Elizabeth Miller

      Having family members who faught as brothers one for the north and one for the south who met in battle I find it an important part of thiis nations history.

    • I would have to say also that the people of the northern states that fly the Confederate battle flag aren’t doing so to honor the south’s sacrifice but to display their personal bigotry and that would be some not all.

      • It’s that very kind of rhetoric that promotes bigotry. We would all be better off if you stuck with the historic meaning of the flag and did not point fingers. We are all in this “free speech” battle together. Let’s have some respect for each other without placing blame and getting the feds involved.

        • It’s kind of hard not to talk about what I did when I’ve been around the type of people I wrote about. Yes it would be nice to be able to just respect the historical meaning if the other wasn’t stuck in your face. Luckily nothing other than words ever accompanied it.

      • Even were you correct, that’s their right. Your Kenyan muslim/marxist hasn’t yet managed to criminalize free thought or expression.

      • Kenneth R Calfo Sr

        I fly the stars & bars because i am not happy with our Gov. & i have been flying it long before barack became president.

    • Some people in the South, and North as well, are beginning to think that the wrong side won the Civil War. “Liberated” rioting blacks in Ferguson and across the country, black professional athletes’ promiscuity and irresponsible reproduction, those on the nationwide stages rapping out obscenities about their “ho’s and bitches;” so-called “ministers of religion” yammering treasonous words against their country, and black “celebrities” going abroad, displaying uncouth, unsophisticated attitudes disrespectful of foreign customs and values are not doing anything to disquiet the bad imagery of blacks.

      The Christian religion, common decency and our Nation as a whole seem to have been hijacked by sinister, Satanic influences. There’s more than one side to all the misbehavior going on, and all sides need to clean up their acts. The Marxists did not give up on their goal of destroying us with the simple dissolution of the USSR. Our evil enemy is still present among us and are they indoctrinating our youth in schools and other institutions. They are misguiding the young and naive into believing that we have no culture or values worth saving. That is the reason they are not concerned about the foreign invasion nor the President’s and Congress’ acquiescence to it, nor their disregard of their duties under Article IV, part 4 of the Constitution.

      Valerie Jarrett said that this Administration was “ready to rule from day one,” upon taking the reins of Government, but they forgot that rulers need followers, not an entire Government seeking “positions” and avoiding the “jobs” that are supposed to go along with some of them. There has never been such neglect nor disorganization of our Government as now. The Democrats favorite to assume the reins of Government, Hillary Clinton, has never been one to follow rules or accept accountability for her actions since the day she was fired from the Watergate Investigation Committee for trying to keep Nixon’s lawyers from attending closed sessions of the Committee. She cannot survive public scrutiny without secret and oppressive tactics.Her projected victory at the polls next year does not bode well for any improvement in the nation.

      • The true problem with who won the war was that the victory cemented the ideals of a large, over-powerful federal government that was outside of the intent of the Founding Fathers. As a result, we see the problems we have today.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Yes sir, you said a mouthful of truth! If only “people” studied truth of history before they opened that thing they stuff food into. Just came from the army/navy store and got lucky! Found a huge confederate flag for the house and a small one for the motorcycle. If people don’t know and understand history, I’m sure I’ll receive a lot of flack, BUT IT’S MY RIGHT! One person that you’ll tire quickly as far as debates go, is HeadInHisAss.. Y’all have a nice day…

    • Get your head on straight buddy. You think you hold the high and mighty position yet you refer to people as redneck cretins, scumfederates, and dregs of society. What the hell does that make you except a bigoted POS?

      • This headjob has never even been around southerners I’m a Yankee from the north I live in Texas now from first hand experience I can tell you the north is more racist than the south, white and Mexican Americans in the north don’t want black people around at all

        • Hell, they hate anyone not like themselves in the north. Poles, Italians, Irish, you name it. I know, I am married to a Mass. native. She tells me the stories of how the non English were treated.

        • You don’t know diddly squat, REK. I have lived in SIX southern states: Alabama (34 years), Georgia (5 years), South Carolina (3 years), Tennessee (22 years), Virginia (6 years) and Florida (4 years). I have been around more Southerners than you ever thought of. I KNOW the full spectrum of Southern attitudes, from the noblest to the most base and vile. Besides all that, my post,above, was by no means any kind of general indictment of Southerners, only of the sorry,hateful racist types still living in the 1950s and still nursing their resentment for the end of segregation. Fortunately their number is dwindling. It can’t dwindle to zero soon enough for me.

          Racism in the North is regrettable, but it has nothing to do with the subject matter I posted.
          I did not limit my critique of racist rednecks to those living south of the Mason-Dixon line.
          Start reading for meaning instead of injecting your irrelevant assumptions.

          • Most of the northern racist are not rednecks it sounds like you are a racist yourself, I to have lived all over this country and spent half my life in the military serving next to people from all walks of life so don’t tell me about people I’ve seen racism from all sides so stop pretending it’s only white southerners, the most racist I’ve come across is the Hispanics on blacks and blacks against white, but with you liberals turd it’s ok to be racist against whites, so are your a liberal with white guilt or are you black ? Racism is and will always be with all races. Get of your high horse yank.

      • Want to find plenty of truly scurrilous name-calling? Just scan this forum for vile, often obscene
        epithets posted by the wackadoodles of the ultraconservative persuasion who are the principal participants on this forum. Then get a little integrity and decide not to be such a lopsided hypocrite selectively criticizing only those whose ideology does not agree with yours.

        • And you are delusional enough to think that the ultra liberal lefts do not lower themselves to call names. You just did it by referring to people as scum, rednecks, and scumfederates. I prefer to debate the issues without lowering myself to that level but then I am an untra-conservative, fiscally and constitutionally and proud of it. I want my country back from those like our current resident of the white house who seek to destroy what has been built for 250 years and worked. Sure we have made mistakes as a country, what country has not? But changing the whole system is what we in the south used to call “throwing the baby out with the bath water.”

        • Liberal troll this is why racism will never go away with baiters like you

        • “wackadoodles”? John McCain? Time for you to return to AZ.

    • The general lee on the Dukes of hazard did not represent hate it represents the southern pride I’m from the north I’m not offended by it but I’m not a liberal using it to advance my political agenda

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Ahhhh, there’s HeadInHisAss again.. Y’all have a nice day!

    • Sir, I agree. I have multiple flags that represent the freedoms we have. Primarily, the Freedom from Federal Rule and and freedom for State Rights.
      These falsgs are; Texas Independance, Gadsden flag, Confederate Battle Flag and US Army and NAVY (both of which I served), They all fly together,Texas State Flag above all. The last three represent our personnel that died in honorable service to these Ideals. The US Flag use to represent a nation of freedoms, I do not fly it anymore since it is now representing a nation of repression.

  2. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    What the Confederate flag means to me is this its part of our history and that’s all it means. I have no hate for any one cause if you love GOD THERE IS NO HATE.

    • Thank you. We need to reduce hate, and the Confederate Flag never represented slavery or hate any more than New England represented the Slave Trade, which was a very profitable enterprise in New England.

      • Not to mention the Kings or Elders of the many tribes in Africa who saw their own people as a means of financial benefit. They sold their own people into slavery.

  3. The civil war was not about slavery. It was about industry especially textile mills. There was three union states that had slavery. The plan of the north was to send the blacks back to Liberia which had been purchased just for that purpose. Some how over the last forty years history has been rewritten.

    • It was the war of northern aggression.

      • The south fired the first shot, it was the war of southern aggression. Some of you will never agree that the North answered back and won.

        • Oh my we must banish it from history books next because some minority is offended by it.
          Will we all be forced to endure Kanye West on every radio station next because rock offends urban youth.
          Penthouse and Playboy because the feminists are offended.
          Xlarge fries and triple decker burgers because Michelle Obama is against it.
          Internal combustion engines because the green party cries foul.
          Hide your wives wedding ring or any display of heterosexuality because gays can’t wear chaps sans trousers.
          WTF is next ???
          YOU LIBS TOTALLY SUCK !!!!

          • Perfect ….They make me sick….. Just seems to be no end in sight when comes to idiot Libs Obama and wife

          • Wife? Can a Tranny be a wife?

          • Don’t ask don’t tell.
            Thanks Bill

          • Stay in the closet Bill

          • LOL Good One!

          • He prefered it under the desk so maybe moving the desk into the closet would work better all around

          • Yep so speaking about Slick Willie Clinton anybody know what exactly Monica Lewinsky really thinks of the old sex fiend Bill Clinton and wife Silly Hilly Clinton today now?

          • Interesting question, got anything?

          • Nope bornfree other then just happened to see Monica Lewinsky on some TV doings and found out that she is going to be married to US Military Congressional Medal of Honor Winner!

          • Sarah Palins daughter is going to possibly get married to Dakota Meyers, who was awarded that same honor. Didn’t know Monica was also getting married to a military man. Well heck everyone… Cigars for all! None for you, slick Wiiley. Direct orders from Monica herself.

          • Oh well what with all of the latest Obama/Pelosi/Reid and now Chuckie Smuckie Schumer greed,dishonesy,lies and corruption it is getting very hard to know the players from the program so to speak you know!……But there is plenty of the same also going on over in the GOP aka Goofy Old Party side of the aisle as the Clown Car keeps adding new riders..Such as that crazy Canadian Exile Evil Teddy Bear Cruz,Baby Bush Jeb,Pretty Boy Marco Polo Rubio, Ben Carson the 2016 Token Black Man,Lindsey Graham among others as the GOP is already back into eating its own young again even before 2016 get’s here! Pass the popcorn and enjoy the show!

          • “Sex makes the world go ’round”; interesting, that most of these forums eventually get around to the subject. Queen Victoria must be spinning in her casket! LOL

          • Thanks Robert but your right and oh well these days we done got too many of these here modern female critters running around for some of us to keep accurate track of as well.

          • That’s awesome, something good in her life. Hope she stays away from the Clintons altogether.

          • I’ve heard Monica’s nickname for Bill is Shorty

          • Ralph: Who really cares what those two think? Now that’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one, the two Clinkions actually thinking? lol

          • Oh well sure looks like Job Ron that you must not share my funny sense of humor! …Cuz had you done so then you would know by now that I happen to be a 78 year old disabled
            senior citizen Arizona Registered Independent Voter that frankly has no use for either the
            Dimwit Democrats or Goofy Old Party Republicans an/or Soaking Wet Tea Baggers!

          • I considered it bestiality.
            We already know same sex weddings are permitted.

          • John Rogers: There is nothing such as a same-sex wedding !! God defined what is and isn’t a marriage (wedding) man has tried to change that definition. You can have a same-sex CIVIL union, that’s okay by me, but don’t call that union a wedding/marriage. It just AIN’T !!!

          • I can’t think of words distasteful enough, but most states are allowing “IT” to occur.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Dammit, I was gonna say that… heehee

          • lolo

          • Say it again Sam 🙂

          • A tranny is a queer like Obama.

          • boone1 are you sure you didn’t mean Micheal/Michelle Obama here?

          • same same.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And Ovomit’s bed mate is one. Used to be a football player. And those kids don’t belong to either of them. Queers N trannies can’t have kids!! :-))


          • Two queer’s can’t have baby’s and trannies are peter puffers and Michael and Obama are both.

          • Proud US vet/American

            Man, you are certainly brave! I hope you have dinner figured out tonight! LOL

          • Well I have been called brave, I have been called stupid, I have been called a redneck, a bigot, a racist and I have been called some names I can,t repeat in print here because it would get me censored. Jones Rivers was probably killed for her statement. She has been called a lot of different names too but I have not known Joan to be liar. Those who choose to called me the negative names and the shadier names are people who do not respect the Constitution or the bible. I will be willing to bet they have never taken the oath to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies both foreign and domestic, o help me God. When I take an oath I do not enter into it lightly with little thought or commitment. Anyone who could support this Government is morally and spiritually corrupt. I served my country before and now continue to do so in a State Militia in which I took the exact same oath except I also swore to support defend and protect my State Constitution as well a that of this nation. When I watch the morality and patriotism of this once great nation decay to the point where homosexuality and racial discrimination, aiding and supporting our enemies are not only acknowledged and accepted but supported as a normality it is too much. They do not scare me. I will fight until the death to preserve what the Founding Fathers fought so hard for so that this Nation could endure until Jesus becomes President.

          • Only if it’s ‘married’ to a good engine 🙂

          • Lol, the only good engines a dead engine

          • Maybe you could ask Obama’s US Attorney General Eric Holder that one?….As Holder probably knows as to who got the Ding Dong here Micheal/Michelle or Barry/Barack Obama?

          • Uh hummmm BO and MO are both getting the ding dong.
            Share and share alike.
            Their own private C*ck fight.

          • born free well you see there are numberous Obama fans largely diehard Dimwit Democrats that depend on getting their daily dose of MO & BO to survive you know!

          • And all their little Lerner and Clinton hero type cronies too.

          • No Obama and man wife.

          • So MOs a MIFE then.
            Man and Mife
            Of Mife and Men

            Boy that was fun 🙂

          • So what the fuck are you trying to say asshole

          • Based upon what has been done to and what is planned for the USA, the term “idiot” really should be replaced with “dangerous”. No?

          • Amen Lizard agree fully! Deport Nutty Nancy Pelosi and her band of cheap labor job stealing Mexican Illegal Aliens forthwith and send Democrat House Minority Misleader Nutty Nancy Pelosi to Super Max Federal Pen in Colorado as well!

          • This crap started in the “free sixties” with the frikken hippies. We’ve been going to hell ever since.

          • If Hillary could possibly be eliminated from the roster, do you think they would endorse Jane Fonda for first female President or would Kim Kardashian be upset she wasn’t given the opportunity ?

          • Excellent!!

          • Do you mean the liberal activist Jane Fonda? No thank you!
            I have a better idea.
            How about a liberal free ballot!?

          • Probably not enough Viet Cong citizens anyway.
            Obama better get them borders open !! (SARCASM)

          • Yep, keep bringing in everyone who are used to socialism.
            Any news about when fonda is going to start sharing her wealth?
            I like Dennis Miller but yesterday he said he’s fine with paying 47% WTH.
            I’d be fine with no taxes. But then at that point I’d be dead. Oh well.

          • I’m a 60s hippie and NOT a lib.

          • Me also, but I worked, paid my EXORBITANT TAXES, obeyed the law,respected others……………….

          • Absolutely!
            Lol, I still have hair to my shoulders.

          • I gave it up when it got tangled in the toilet paper.

          • Lmao. I gave up getting drunk and hugging the porcelain and getting my hair wet all the time.

          • I appreciate the music from the late 60’s and early 70’s probably more than any other decade but damn their politics suck !!!!

          • Yeah, what ever happened to the screw the government and total freedom movement.

          • Their running the government now !!
            I’d like the answer as well.

          • I guess freedom is great when it only applies to themselves

          • I think many of their views can be exaggerated as much as the corporate worlds.
            WHO CAN STEP ON WHO ??
            It really is just opposite extremes.

          • I still remember the “up with people”
            Now it’s ” up with us and down with everyone else”

          • I think you might mean “poor in a FEMA camp”

          • That Too !!

          • Like JJ’s song ‘Freedom is just another word, for nothing left to loose”. If the south had won, would the supreme court be ruling on the stars and bars on license plates. Think about it. Come on old hippies (me inclued) and peace people, cant we all just get along. Live and let live.

          • Man I love that song

          • Yea, right there in that do nothing Republican congress.

          • MODERATE Republican
            RINO Republican
            Ineffectual Republican
            Traitor Republican

            ANY QUESTIONS ????

          • It sounded like you were pointing your finger at Obama on who is running the country. I wanted to make sure you pointing in the right direction.

          • Honestly, I haven’t seen many good Republicans since the Congress which kept Bill Clinton under control.
            Without them he (Bill) would have tanked America his first term.

          • Yea, Bill played them like a fine tooth comb. That’s why they called him slick Willey. Bill brought this country back out of the deficit that old man Bush it in. It was in the black until George W. Bush took over and put in a bigger deficit then his old man did.

          • Yea, good old W., couldn’t get much more LIBERAL than prescription drug plans and expanded government efforts. “Mission Accomplished” (sarcasm)

          • Yes indeed I was in John C Lincoln North Mountain Hospital when we all got to watch Junior Bush/John W Bush prancing around a US Navy Air Craft Carrier Flight Deck in his “Flight Suit complete with helmet,” loudly proclaiming “The Hostilities With Iraq Have Ended” and misleading all the hayseeds and rubes under his famous “Mission Accomplished” banner as well…Hot dang what a leader that George W Bush turned out to be folks!….LOL…

          • You guys are forgetting that the reason Bill did so good is the work of people before him. He did well I gotta give him that but he did reap the benefits of the previous guy’s work. The experts said a lot of it was still because of Reagan, it just took so long to get it all working. We all know about the pace our govt. works at.

          • It was only because of Newt that there was any budget and welfare reform signed, and as a result, a surplus in the Federal savings account. The Liberals always bring it up that Bill was the greatest president( next to OBAMBA of course) because he created so many jobs and have us a surplus, actually we were in the black( as opposed to being in the “red” for those who think racist thoughts). Rublicans had just taken over, and FORCED BILL TO SIGN THE WELFARE REFORMS and balanced budgets into law. Although, I would gladly trade in Barry for Bill any day of the year!

          • At least some of us paid attention Robert. So many seem to forget the details as soon as they’re over. Everybody wants to hand the credit over to Bill, when in reality all he did was to go along. It made him look good but the credit should go to those who made it happen. Oh and yes, I agree, I’d rather have Bill instead of Obama. Hell I’d rather have Elmer Fudd than Obama.

          • Ya, that nasty thing Bill Clinton brought on the USA in Bush’s first 9 month’s in office (11 Sep 2001) did take a chunk out of that “black”. Didn’t it? But then again, Clinton did leave a recession in place on 20 Jan 2001 for the hated Bush to work with.

          • It was Bush’s lie to the American people that he had inside information that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that brought on the longest war this country has ever had, Because George W. Bush wanted to go down in history as being a war president. I can’t believe that Iraq hasn’t pulled a 911 on Clement or Crawford, Texas. I believe that’s where George is abiding now.

          • And Hillary voted for war before she voted against it !!!
            Obama doesn’t even consult with Congress for his wars !!

            When Iraq or Iran does explode a bomb on American soil you can thank OBAMA, and John Kerry for their negotiations with Iran !!
            How’s that for a “REDLINE” ??

          • She didn’t think a president would lie to us just like I did. I believed Bush and Chaney to. They both should taken out and hung up by their toes.

          • If Obama was included, I’d let a squad shoot all 3 of ’em.
            The last days of this administration could be thought of as an extended comedy routine with Biden at the helm.

          • John Obama will try a third term in 2017 because if he start a war around that time we can’t vote him out like that what he is waiting for don’t you see that.

          • Come on you LIBERAL TOOL…..
            Bill Never had sex with that woman !!!
            Are all you libs so NAIVE ?

          • If you think one person giving oral sex to another and the other person is not reciprocating that the person that’s not reciprocating is having sex than it is a matter of opinion whether it is a lie or not if he says he did not have sex with that woman.

          • Pffft…….!!!
            Of course !
            What was I thinking?
            I guess Hillary should have encouraged Bill to get more “exercise” (or whatever it was).

          • Sorry John but speaking as a Registered Independent Voter here in Phoenix Arizona them’s fighting words calling me somekind of Liberal Tool therefore I challenge you to a duel! Name your weapon of choice!….And I want to add that Slick Willie was talking about him “Never Having Sex With That Woman Silly Hilly Clinton you total loser!

          • My comment was directed to Wayne Thorson.

          • Oh okay So guess we donot have to send you to a FEMA Summer Fun Camp then huh?

          • Ever hear of intel fail? Obama got the liar of the year award, and the most Pinochios from the WP than any other president.

          • Wayne please buy a good spell checker as it is spelled “Cheney” NOT “Chaney” as In Serial Draft Dodger Richard “Dick” Cheney not “Chaney” okay?…You remember the former CEO of that War Profiteers Halliburton Outfit don’t you Wayne?

          • Sorry I blew up.

          • No Problem here Wayne okay?….Hey the current mess the USA is in right now is enough to make anyone blow up!…..In fact I do it all the time lately!

          • If it was a ‘Bush Lie’ then why did so much of it turn out to be the TRUTH?

          • There was 0 amount of weapons of mass destruction that ever became the truth.

          • Don’t get the news in Minnesota? They have been found. Some small ones where found in October of 2004. I know this for a fact because I was with the team that found them.

          • You don’t even believe that. You would have mentioned this a long time ago if this were true. You are a liar if you are saying you were with a team that discovered weapons of mass destruction. Don’t even expect anyone on this blog to believe you. You certainly wouldn’t be writing under an alias if it were true. You would want everyone to know your name because everyone on this blog would think you as a hero.

          • The Iraqi people loved watching Saddam hang.
            Oh, and I would suggest you save face and use an alias.

          • I was EOD/Medic in Iraq 2004 – 2006. I did the job I was expected to do – not anyones hero. They were found. Why they were never reported, I have no idea. Most of Saddam’s WMD that were sent by him to Syria have been found and will/are being used by the rebels. I’m not a liar but I guess your liberal mind will start calling me racist next.

          • RocDoc, you better report your WMD’s to the media. They will have it all over the news immediately. You will probably get a good conduct medal from the president. You will be a national hero.

          • It’s the cold isn’t it?

          • Yea, now report those WMD’s to the media. They are looking for a scoop.

          • Did you get your good conduct medal yet?

          • You are obviously the Great & All Knowing Ignorant Wizard of Ooz… You tell me?

          • Oh what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive.

          • You’ve never served in the U.S. military have you?

          • I receive a nice retirement check every month from my service in the military. All the time I was in the military I never heard of any one finding any WMD’s in Iraq. I’m sure that what you say you found is all in your head if not report it to the media so you get credit for it. I’m not the only one that is interested in hearing the details of your find.

          • The best one you’ve told so far. It is the cold… Too cold to go town… So you ancestors just walk across the hall…

          • I don’t think anybody has any idea of what you talking about but it is probably the best comment you have made on this blog.

          • Apparently ya’ll have a lot of this in Minnesota…

          • Is there any chance you might come down from the clouds or come back to your senses and tell the rest of us with common sense what the hell are you talking about?

          • Good Morning Mr. Thorson… Not a chance… I don’t have a clue myself!

          • Good answer.

          • Oh what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive.

          • Yep the infamous Bush Crime Family doing their dirty work as usual! Still remember how “W” told Amnesty John McCain that “It’s my turn now” and how Amnesty John McCain clicked his heels and saluted and said “Yes Sir!”….And how Amnesty John McCain very deliberately threw the Presidential Election to help Junior Bush/George W Bush steal the Presidential election as well! ..That is why I also lost all what little respect I still had for
            Amnesty John McCain and his Illegal Alien Amnesty nonsense as well.

          • Wayne that still amazes me that the Iraqi Intell Folks didn’t do so yet by now as well!

          • Wayne Thorson and I still can see a picture of that phony lying George W (Dumbya ) Bush standing at the podium in the Capitol lying with that stupid look on his face about Saddam Hussien having Weapons of Mass Destruction so the Bush Crime Family could get revenge for Saddam Hussein trying to kill old man George H W Bush and seeing an even more stupid look on George W Bush on 9-11-2001 was told of the Attack on the WTC as well as
            Bush read his favorite book “My Pet Goat” to those school kids!

          • Case in point.

          • War President? Bush is then in the company of Madison, Lincoln, McKinley, Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ as being “War Presidents”. To most Americans, that is good company.

          • That is the company he wanted to be in along with his old man. But it turned out that his presidency has been voted the worst one we have ever had by all political administrators. No other president has hurt this country more than the George W. Bush administration.

          • What poll has ever had Bush (41 or 43) rated as “worse”? If any, what were the demographics of those polled? Was the poll taken at NBC or one of the other alphabet newsrooms? Up until Obama, Carter was considered to be the “worse”. He, Carter, is being displaced in that position daily by Obama.

          • To answer your first question. The poll of common sense. To answer your 2nd remark. It is the opinion of Republicans only. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

          • So, you do then admit you have no proof to back up your claim(s). Only your “truth”. Swell.

          • You know where you can stick your polls.

          • Strange you would suggest that; seeing that you mentioned polls to support you wild claim in the first place.

          • If Bill Clinton was “playing” anything, it was a Monica.

          • Find fault with him above the waist. You can’t do it. He was the best president this county had since Truman.

          • He had FREE MARKETS with a TECH BOOM !!
            Bill “GATES” (and certainly Google) had more to do with the economy than any CLINTON.
            Mickey Mouse could have pulled off such high praise during the early 90s.
            Too many favored his lenient Acorn sponsored home loans which eventually collapsed leaving us the economy we have now.
            He emboldened terrorism by his inaction against the first Trade Center bombings, and the U.S.S. Cole.
            He allowed for Osama’s first evasion of justice.
            Though some feel it a conspiracy, he could also be accountable for more than 30 murder/ suicide victims.

          • I refuse to converse with a first class idiot because there are mentally challenged people that can’t tell the difference. Good Bye.

          • You refuse to accept reality in favor of crediting one person for a temporary “BUBBLE” Utopia.
            Well guess what ?
            Obama certainly wasn’t lucky enough to have GOOGLE or Yahoo bring him such a “BUBBLE” and neither will Hillary.
            Both RocDoc and I took on the challenge to find faults above Bill Clinton’s waist, and you find it in all your maturity to label me a “first class idiot” and others as mentally challenged.
            You are the classic liberal troll living in FINANCIAL PAST no LIBERAL on the current path of EUROPEAN SOCIALIST government style will ever provide AMERICA ever again.

          • Good Bye

          • The United States of America – What a Country we live in…

            bill clinton’s Military Career:

            Oh! You didn’t know he had a military career?
            bill & hillary got about $12 MILLION for their to-be written memoirs.
            Here’s some help for them since their memories are getting old…

            BILL “Slick Willie” CLINTONS MILITARY CAREER:

            bill clinton registers for the draft on September 08, 1964, ACCEPTING all contractual conditions of registering for the draft.
            Selective Service Number is 326 46 228.

            bill clinton classified 2-S on November 17, 1964.

            bill clinton reclassified 1-A on March 20, 1968.

            bill clinton ORDERED to report for induction on July 28, 1969.

            bill clinton REFUSES to report and is NOT inducted into the military.

            bill clinton RE-classified 1-D after enlisting in the United States Army Reserves on August 07, 1969, under authority Of COL. E. Holmes.

            bill clinton SIGNS enlistment papers and TAKES oath of enlistment.

            bill clinton FAILS to report to his duty station at the University of Arkansas ROTC, September 1969.

            bill clinton RE-classified 1-A on October 30, 1969, as enlistment with Army Reserves is REVOKED by Colonel E. Holmes and bill clinton now AWOL and subject to ARREST under Public Law 90-40 (2) (a) – registrant who has failed to report…remain LIABLE for induction.

            bill clinton’s birth date lottery number is 311, drawn December 1, 1969, but anyone who has already been ordered to report for induction is INELIGIBLE!

            bill clinton runs for Congress (1974), while a FUGITIVE from justice under Public Law 90-40.

            bill clinton runs for Arkansas Attorney General (1976), while a FUGITIVE from justice.

            bill clinton receives PARDON on January 21, 1977, from then President jimmy carter .

            bill clinton becomes the FIRST PARDONED FEDERAL FELON ever to serve as President of the United States.

            All these facts come from Freedom of Information requests, public laws, and various books that have been published, and have NOT been refuted by bill or hillary linton.

            After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, then President bill clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

            After the 1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed 5 U.S. military personnel, bill clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

            After the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 and injured 200 U.S. military personnel, bill clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

            After the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, which killed 224 and injured 5,000, bill clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

            After the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 and injured 39 U.S. sailors, bill clinton promised that those responsible be hunted down and punished.

            Maybe if bill clinton had kept those promises, an estimated 3,000 people in New York and Washington, DC, who are now dead, would be alive today .

            THINK ABOUT IT!

            It is a strange turn of events.
            hillary clinton gets $8 MILLION for her forthcoming memoir.
            bill clinton gets about $12 MILLION for his memoir – YET to be written.
            This from 2 people who spent 8 years being UNABLE to recall ANYTHING about past events while under oath!

            Cdr. Hamilton McWhorter USN (ret)

            PS. Please forward this to as many people as you can!
            We don’t want his wife to even THINK of running for President!

          • Well written fallacies written by a well versed Republican. I wouldn’t believe a word of it. Where was all this information when Bill was running for office. Considering the number of times he ran for different offices someone would have brought all or any of this propaganda up. You can go and keep repeating this false gossip but I would be careful if I were you. You could probably get sued for spreading false gossip. You probably know this because you writing this under an alias just like 90 % of the bully type people on this blog.

          • Look it up! It was there when he ran. Just like 0bama when he ran. The lamestream media loves them both.

          • Don’t blame the media. It was up to the opponents he was running against to bring up all his negatives and if these negatives were there they would sure have reported them. Stop blaming the media.

          • Wah, wah, wah !!
            Don’t allow facts to harm Hillary’s chances!

          • What rock did you crawl out from under?

          • Actually it is up to the Secret Service to thoroughly investigate all Presidential candidates and report their finding of eligibility, or ineligibility. to Congress. This doesn’t appear to be what is being done. As far as the media – if they like a particular candidate they will help cover up anything bad about them – if they don’t like a particular candidate they make sure ANYTHING close to being negative will be made public – over & over again – & If the can’t uncover anything – they will make something up – or turn a small nothing into a major incident. They do this everyday to some poor sap.

          • We notice you’re one of the few willing to embarrass yourself so much.
            When you actually get the truth, it hurts !!

          • You believe this only because you want to believe it. Anyone with common sense can figure out this was a bunch of made up bunk.

          • Here you go Thorson…

          • Why can’t you believe these statements are FACT? Why can’t you believe that YOUR HEROs are cowards, incapable of loving and defending, sticking up and having PRIDE in our great society? Because if you believed it, it might prove you have been supporting the WRONG side all along?

          • So does anyone know what exactly Jeb Bush Miltary Service Record is as well now then?

          • Heregistered for the draft after his graduation from high school in 1971, but was not selected as the war wound down

          • Thanks Guest I figured something like that and so that way Baby Bush Jeb was not able to get drunk and fall off an Officer’s Club Barstool and go AWOL from the Air National Guard like “W” Lt. George W Bush did right?

          • Thank you for your dedication and all your knowledge and service to our country. I have read this before, except about the amounts paid for their book deals( nobody will buy them except the ones used to “donate” to them so it doesn’t appear to be a political bribe)

          • He was Newt Gingrich’s rubber stamp. He also shut the government down because republicans wanted to balance the budget. I’ll give him a C+. Obama, F

          • Wayne Thorson please go take your meds and lay down and take a nappy Child!…..

          • I will do that and I will pray that you will wake up and smell the roses.

          • How about bombing the Serbs on the basis of genocide being committed but then, none found. And letting Bin Ladin go free after being offered him at least three times. Sending troops to Somalia without heavy armor. (US Army had to rely on Pakistani armor to rescue US soldiers, “Blackhawk Down”.) Then, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

          • We have never had a president that didn’t have some negatives. If you are going to weigh the negatives you have to weight the positives. Bill’s positives far out weigh his negatives. You have things in your closet and so do I. Try to be honest for a change.

          • Every president has some negatives in their closet. So do you and so do I. You have to recognize all the positives and weigh them against the negatives. If you weigh these two things about Bill you see that the positives far out weigh the negatives.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Is that where the word whoremonica came from? ROFL

          • While he was getting his skin flute played.
            Ahhh it’s good to be king

          • Are you certain it was not a WHOREMONICA?

          • An activity for which any other Federal government employee would have been summarily fired. Yet, he is still welcomed in what would be considered “polite society”. Go figure.

          • Actually everything bill clinton did was because he had enough sense to do what Newt Gingrich recommended and he had a Republican controlled Congress. bill clinton never had a thought other than how to get some woman’s clothes off.

          • I bet he could play the saxophone while the interns played his organ.

          • LOL Too Funny John Rodgers however we know today that poor little old Monica Lewinsky paid a very high price for those music lessons as well!

          • Gotta love a women who loves a good cigar

          • Not really. The recession that started under Bush 41 also ENDED under Bush 41…………….Clinton just enjoyed the benefits of it (and still raised taxes more than any OTHER president since WW2)

          • And Bill actually watched it start declining again prior to W. getting into office.

          • Oh yes Wayne shiny example of the infamous crooked completely dishonest lying Bush Crime Family founded by old man George H W Bush and Son George W (Dumbya) Bush and promoting Baby Bush Jeb Bush for President as well!…No More Bush Bunch!

          • Who told you that? You were lied to again. He was called Slick Willey because his “Willey” is always WET. Can’t you discern truth from fairy tales. By the way, the Clinton’s own stock in the Vaseline industry. That is one of the reasons 0bomba and Willey don’t get along so well, Clinton won’t sell out too much stock on the preferred lube and Barry has trouble get a hold of it at times.

          • Hey Wayne do you still recall how George W(Dumbya) Bush told Amnesty John McCain to butt out as it was his turn and Amnesty John Clicking his heels and saluting and saying “Yes Sir” as Amnesty John McCain threw the election by immediately halting his campaign?

          • Yes indeed Wayne so did you ever wonder where the Bush Crime Family is still hiding all that money that they stole from all of us taxpayers?….Since had it been RINO Weird Willard Mittens Romney that did it then everyone would now that Light Fingers Mitt was still busy
            hiding it all in his Offshore Cayman or Bermuda Bank Accounts or is Secret Swiss Bank Account right?……And that is why Draft Dodger Bain Capital Vulture Capitalist LDS Bishop Weird Willard Mittens Romney will never be President!…Thank God!….

          • You misspelled “ruining” in your first sentence.

          • No gold star for Wayne and I don’t even care if they lowered the standards.

          • No I spelled it right. This is the way you Republicans twist the truth around. This is a good example.

          • If you like your doctor…….
            you can still access your thorazine !!

          • Do you actually know how many Bills were discussed and passed in the House and sent to the Senate from 2010 thru 2014? None of which were brought to the Senate Floor by Reid (D-NV). And you are aware that the Democrat Senate passed not a single budget during Obama’s 6 years? Aren’t you? The “do nothing Congress” is/was only the Democrat controlled Senate since 2008.

          • About right there.

          • Proud US vet/American

            You sure hit the nail on the head with that answer! John Kerry is a prime example!
            What a disgrace for America!

          • So, are you talking about that self-proclaimed “Viet Nam War Hero Swift Boat John Kerry” here now then?…The only member of our US Military that was awarded a “purple heart for a band aid size cut?….

          • Proud US vet/American

            Was my inference that obvious? LOL

          • Yes indeed ProudUSvet/American sure was! …Swift Boat John Kerry made the famous Viet Nam War photo of him coming out of the jungle shirtless and only wearing a flak vest and steel pot and carrying an M-16 as well! Do you remember that world famous photo?

          • Thank you for your Service Proud U S vet/American!…I did mine in an 8.5 years of combined US Army/Army National Guard and Enlisted Reserve as a Medic!

          • Proud US vet/American

            I went in in “77 and finished up in 2000, all active duty. I made the first Gulf War and spent 2 years in Kuwait. I was in MPI and military intelligence(not a great name).

          • Proud US vet/American

            I do remember that photo. My favorite photo was Kerry in his OD Green fatigues(this was after he was out of the military) with long hair sitting at a table testifying to the Congress, I think it had to do with anti-war protesters. Remember that one?

          • I sure do Proud US vet/American only too well as it being yet another classic example of Swiftboat John Heinz57 Kerry acts of continued Treason against the USA!

          • He’s a real life Forrest Gump that one

          • Born Free please do not insult Forrest Gump!

          • Sooooooorry! Lol

          • He got a booboo, his CO kissed it and made it all better.

          • LOL born free you’se is tooooo funny! RFLMAO!….(see?)….ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! Your added
            Guess Who?…..Give Up?…Oh okay!….It’s the one and the only himself in person…………….Live and uncensored!…[email protected]

          • You’re pretty well on the ball your own self. Lol
            [email protected]

          • Kerry’s a disgrace to himself and the concept of “human being”. He and al gore are probably siamese twins, separated at birth and each got 1/2 a brain

          • Yeah, blame it on the hippies. We are dinosaurs. Such narrow mindedness.

          • Oh okay born free but please tell us are you still out panhandling on the Streets of San Francisco CA yet even today?…And are you a big supporter of Democrat House Minority Misleader and California Leading Employer of American Job Stealing Cheap Labor Pelosi ‘s Illegal Alien Employees that work in all of Nutty Nancy and Paul Pelosi Family Businesses?

          • Actually, I have my own business.
            If you really want to know what I believe click to the left on Born Free and read my profile paragraph.
            Born Free = not a lib.

          • Whoops! So sorry born free that somehow I mistook you for one of those dang Nancy Pelosi Camp Followers!…I apologize deeply for my mistake! Please forgive me okay?

          • Not a problem buddy.
            i don’t think I look like her even with long hair anyway 🙂
            Thanks for manning up, you got my respect.

          • Thank you born free so why does Californians keep re-electing kooks like Ma Madam Nutty Nancy Pelosi, Dingy Diane Feinstein,Gruesome Gavin Newsome etal?…Those fools have given your state a bad name in all the other 49 of our 50 states you know!

          • You got me buddy.
            Fox reported this morning that Clinton is in the lead over all other likely 2016 candidates.

          • Well guess we will have just wait to Nutty Nancy Pelosi “reads it so we know what’s in it!”

          • I’m still laughing. You do have a way with words.
            I’m glad we got it settled that we’re on the same side.
            You could put someone’s eye out with that thing. LOL

          • As former GOP/Vice President Richard “The Dick” Cheney might say in reply, “SO?”……….Thank you for that huh born free?…Otherwise I would be forced to have USMC Gunnery Sargeant Emery kill you and all your off spring for the next 200 years!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            ‘Cmon John, tell us how you really feel! (heeheehee))..

          • Ride on

          • Big Amen by the way has anyone heard anything about a plan to deport SF Mad Madame
            Nutty Nancy Pelosi and her band of illegal aliens Pelosi has working in all the Pelosi Family Businesses? Is Nutty Nancy Pelosi above the law here?

        • True the South may have fired the first shot. However, It was after a long standing argument regarding the rights of the States not to be infringed. Also, the Federal Government of the current Northern regime had placed an embargo on the sale of cotton to france. This act was crippling the Southern Economy, since France was the primary buyer of cotton. This Embargo had slight effect to Northern States where minimal amount of cotton was cultivated, if any.

          And YES, I believe the States have the right to NOT be infringed by the Federal Government.

          Slavery, was a tertiary issue. All slaves (black, Indian and white) were promised freedom if they would fight for the Union.

        • When South Carolina seceded, which was legal under the Constitution, the North maintained a military base at Charleston. There was no good purpose for retaining this base, and General Winfield Scott advised Lincoln to abandon it. Lincoln refused. The Northern soldiers could have been easily starved out, but the City of Charleston actually kept them provisioned. As time went by, the presence of the Fort became resented and shots were fired. No Northern soldiers were killed. Eventually there was a cease fire, and all Northern soldiers were given safe passage North with the exception of one Northern soldier killed by the misfire of a Northern cannon during the celebration of the cease fire. There were shots fired in Chicago yesterday, and today, and perhaps there is a war going on there with all these shots being fired.

        • A Black fired the first shot against England when you revolted, what’s your point, why didn’t you also mention they where given safe escort back to Yankee Land ?

        • Wrong! The first shots fired at Fort Sumter were because of northern aggressors. Read your history!

        • Sir, I suggest you get your fact straight. Fort Sumpter, occupied by federal troops, was on an island off the coast of South Carolina which was directly across the bay from Fort Moultrie, which was a Confederate fort. After the southern states had filed for secession, the federal government sent a large number of troops and weapons to reinforce Fort Sumpter, in case of hostility. The state of South Carolina considered this an act of aggression, since Fort Sumpter was legally part of the state of South Carolina. Fort Moultrie fired upon Fort Sumpter only as in defense of that aggression. Does this not stand as proof that the War of Northern Aggression —–(civil war) was actually started over the federal government’s intrusion over the authority of a sovereign state

        • Didn’t see you there….

        • There was only to be one battle in the war Bull Run which the south won. The north answered back with underhanded deception and still doing till today.

        • Proud US vet/American

          The North may have won, but ALL of America lost in this fight.

        • The U.S. Constitutionally legal seceded Sovereign State of South Carolina fired on illegally invading foreign nation’s troops who were peacefully asked to leave legal property of the legal Sovereign State of South Carolina. The U.S. Constitutionally illegally invading army of the United States of America refused to. Therefore South Carolina fired on them and forced them to leave the U.S. Constitutionally legal Nation of The Confederate States of America. Know history – not ignorance!

        • Yup, Al..
          Some folks are so ignorant that they forget that part of it…

        • Because the South fired first, the North had to fire the second shot. If that Yankee had been cooled headed, the second shot would never have been fired. He was so glad that the Southerner fired that shot, to give him an excuse to fire his shot.

          The South nor the North was responsible for the war, it was the hatred in the hearts of mankind, that brought on the war. Hatred is the most destructive enemy of the world. It comes from Satan as he tries to rule GOD’S people. Where hate goes destruction follows. Add just a little love and all things can straighten out and become a success. love is a miracle that comes fro GOD, but so many are more comfrotable hating and will not give it up, therefore it continues to flourish.

        • Ft Sumpter was fired on by the Confederate batteries because Abraham Lincoln persisted in attempting to reinforce the Union Troops at Fort Sumpter. Lincoln intentionally provoked war. Don’t believe me? Check the history that the National Park Service presents to visitors at Ft. Sumpter.

        • Bull S–t

        • Only fired on Ft Sumter because the North was illegally occupying Southern territory. Yankees had been asked to leave and wouldn’t.

        • Southern aggression? Forcing a foreign force to remove themselves from your territory? Your facts are confused. Your logic is nonexistent.

        • AI. S, I wrote a post above that tells about how Lincoln brought about the firing upon Fort Sumter to blame the South for the war.

      • Yes it was and still is.

          • It may have been Northern aggression, but it was the Midwesterners who didn’t like the idea of being isolated from the north by Canada, the south by the Confederacy, and the east and west? Who knows? Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis were opposed to secession. Ten percent of Southerners fought on the side of the Union. The Battle of Gettysburg was Southern aggression; many Confederate soldiers knew this and refused to march north. When the South was losing, the Union offered peace; but the South continued the war because their cause would be lost, whatever that was, slavery, I guess. Both sides treated their prisoners horribly; this is a terrible shame on us, we American Christians.

          • I tend to agree with your account of the Civil War. Although, it was about slavery to a point, but the fact is that those in the factories of the north could not compete with the southern textile mills because of the costs of labor. More than just about everything else, the war was about economics. Of course the treatment of prisoners such as in Andersonville was abominable.

          • I’m sorry, sir. That’s a new one on me. The North could not complete with the Southern textile mills because of the costs of labor? I’m sorry, I totally disagree that this was the cause of the war. The Northern states (namely New York, Pennsylvania, New England, and New Jersey did not really care if the South seceded. I’m sticking with my story.

          • Michael, I did not mean that was the only reason, but slavery was immoral and President Lincoln could not abide it, and he was heavily influenced as most presidents by economic interests of the day. All of the states you mentioned were very productive in the manufacturing industry and paid more for labor. The south actually had an advantage, and that did not set well with them.

          • Do you have something for me to read, sir. Can you back up your claim?

          • Michael, most of what I learned about this, believe it or not, was in a class on economics when I was working on my doctorate. The professor attempted to show that, economically, modern times differed very little from the 1860s. I wish I could remember the name of the text, because it was supportive of his instruction; however, that was a while back.

          • I remember in grade school the teacher telling us that the people in the South learn about the Civil War differently that we do in the North. This may be one instance of how different it is
            I think we need to examine the reason why the South seceded from the Union after the election of Abraham Lincoln. That is where we start. 1) Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the US. 2) The South seceded from the Union. Why? My own personal reason was because Abraham Lincoln was anti-slavery and the South could not accept that.
            Wikipedia provides a clearer explanation, I think. I typed in “cause of the civil war” in my search engine and came up with Origins of the Cause of the Civil War. It says that the North was getting stronger and stronger in terms of population. Lincoln’s wasn’t even on the ballot in most of the South, yet he still won the presidency. The South figured they would be outvoted in Congress as well, so they broke away before their whole way of life was overturned by majority rule.
            So what about you, WVF? Are those your initials? Where do you live? I’m from Lancaster, New York.

          • Michael, I am a Kansas born and bred person. The war over slavery actually started in Kansas 10 years prior to the Civil War. Kansas was a territory trying to become a state. At that time, the state had the right to chose whether it would become a free state or slave state. Lawrence, Kansas was an abolitionist community. Many Missourians who were pro slavery moved into south eastern Kansas to try and out vote the abolitionists and get Kansas to become a slave state. The 10 year period was known as bleeding Kansas. 250 people were known to have died during that period over the issue of slavery. The north had far more people than the South did. By the 1860’s, there were more blacks in the South than whites. Some were free blacks, others still slaves. But they had no voting power. At the onset of the war, the north had about 10 times the money, resources, industry, railroads ect. than the south had. So it had a huge monopoly and advantage over the south. The issue of slavery being able to produce for less than the north was mostly agricultural. As I said before, the south had very little industry, and was mostly agricultural. Yes the south had a different way of life than the north and the south fought to protect their homes and way of life. The north made riches off of the war. The south was destroyed. After the war, carpetbaggers came from the north and took over possession of a lot of southern property. So today the south is filled with a lot of northern descendants of people who moved there after the war. One other reason for the war is that it was the proverbial struggle between the haves and the have not’s. That’s an ongoing struggle since the beginning of man on the earth, and it results in most if not all wars that are fought.

          • was that what the homestead act was about?

          • Stephanie, the pro slave people moved into SE Kansas during the late 1840′ to 1850’s. Once the war started in 1861, Lincoln quickly brought Kansas into the Union by making it a state. The homestead act was signed May 20, 1862. It gave 160 acres to anyone who paid a small filing fee and lived on the land for a minimum of 5 years. It was designed to encourage western migration.

          • i see. thanks. that’s what it sounded like you were talking about, but i wasn’t sure. thank you.

          • If your teacher taught you that, your teacher was guilty of teaching you wrong. In the South we were taught facts as written in History books and inside of the Encyclopedias. Those facts were there for all children , Northern as well as Southern and including West and East.We did have some historical knowledge gained from visiting local markers where battles were fought , as well as story’s of our ancestors, many of which did fight for the Union. Counting graves and reading the names of and ages of the dead also gave us education as to the total hell of that war. North and South! Having pride in ones heritage is not a bad thing. Pride in the fact that a war was fought which took lives of too many people on both sides for a cause which was mostly political and which has been too long made to seem about freedom for black people is nothing to be proud of .

          • Michael, the South had only 10 percent of the industry that the north had. And very little of it was in the form of textile mills. The South depended upon either the northern industry or the European industry to gin the cotton and produce the cotton products. Free trade got the Southern people a better deal trading with the Europeans.

          • Bitterness resulted from all these injustices which lasted over a century. It’s sad.

          • Michael, yes the bitterness of the war infected generations to follow. After any war, its follow with a period of anarchy. That happened in the south. The Union troops occupying the south hated the southerners for fighting the war. Some blacks were angry for being held slaves. And the southerners were angry at the Union for fighting the war. Unfortunately, the Union troops did not enforce the law when a Union soldier or ex-slave committed a crime against a southerner. They also helped the carpetbaggers to obtain southern property by raising the taxes so high that the southerner couldn’t afford to pay his taxes and lost their property. Then the carpet bagger would buy the property for pennies on the dollar and give a kickback to the officer who helped him steal the property. In times like those, men will raise up a vigilantly force to protect his people. That’s how the KKK got its start. It was a vigilantly force that would administer justice upon Union and black criminals. Unfortunately, like any vigilantly force it had its problems of hatred to deal with also, and should have been disbanded as law and order was finally established in the south. Because it didn’t as well as the hatred from the war, it became a hateful bigoted group of evil. And because it became so evil, we know have black hateful and bigoted groups also. As the bible says, one sin leads to another.

          • “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” (Matthew 24:12)
            Anyway, yesterday is yesterday, and today is today. Hopefully those wounds have healed by now. Right now, we have the Muslim problem to contend with. The dollar is about to crash. We need to say our prayers and come up with a plan when TSHTF.

          • Michael, good scripture. They need to collapse the dollar in order to implement their new electronic currency as well as to nationalize our retirement accounts and banks. That will probably give rise to the New World Order. I’d say its history in the making, but I’m afraid we’ve already read the history of how it will play out as its written in the Book of Revelations and other prophesies. I do not look forward for the coming tribulation, but I am thrilled that I may see the return of Christ in my lifetime. If not, and I die before then, I still have the hope of resurrection of the dead in Christ to a better life with Him. Hope to see you in heaven.

          • What bothers me is that the world is so wicked that after the sixth trumpet, when one third of mankind is destroyed, which is over 2 billion people, we will still refuse to repent of our sins. (Revelation 9:18 & 20).
            It’s up to the Lord to decide who among us should suffer and be martyred, but God commands us to pray always that we may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man. (Luke 21:36)
            God willing, see you up in the clouds with the Lord Jesus and then come down to reign on the earth with Him. (Revelation 5:10)

          • Michael, I’m currently reading a book by John Hagee called the “Four Blood Moons.” Its about the prophesies and Revelations. We are currently going through a four blood moon tetrad in which all four blood moons fall on a Jewish feast day. Two occurred last year and two will occur this year. Just thought I’d share that with you in case you might want to read it.

          • Can you tell me the ending of it? I am aware of the four blood moons and also the total eclipse off the sun (which happened last March the 21st). The total eclipse of the sun is suppose to be a bad omen for the gentiles. The blood moon, I think, is suppose to be a bad omen for Israel. I’m holding my breath, but nothing earthshaking has happened yet.

          • Michael, I’m only half way through the book, so I don’t know the ending. He says that NASA has shown the dates of only 3 such tetrads in the last 500 years. Each was followed with an event which affected the Jewish people. Some say the claim is false because the events occurred a year or so after the tetrad. I don’t see that as discrediting the fact that a 4 blood moon that falls on Jewish feast days is followed by a major event concerning the Jewish people. If we look at this current tetrad, ISIS sprang to life last year and Iran is getting a nuke treaty in their favor this year. We also had the rise of Chrislam last year. Yesterday, 4 April was the third and the fourth will be on 28 Sept. The prophets as well as Jesus spoke of signs we would see in the heavens. So it seems that the tetrads that fall on Jewish feast days are a sign in the heavens that something is about to happen. Since the last blood moon occurs in 2015, I would say we need to watch for a major event to take place in 2016. I’m afraid that could be the year of the currency collapse, obama declares martial law and remains in office, followed with the rise of the new electronic currency. With this new currency, no one will be able to buy or sell without the governments knowledge because there will be no physical currency left. This does sound like the mark of the beast needed to buy and sell. They came up with a micro chip in the 90’s that can hold all the personal data of a person in the microchip. The micro chip is placed under the skin using the body to recharge its batteries. Ironically, it only works when placed in the forehead or the back of the hand. The man who created it was quoted as saying he regrets that he might have just created the mark of the beast. Some one just recently told me that now the chip has the ability to terminate the persons life. I can not say that obama is the anti-Christ, but the liberals did declare he was their messiah. I can not say that the final 7 year tribulation is going to start soon, for no man knows the time. But the signs that I keep seeing in financial, world, Israeli, and Christian news seem to point to idea that it is coming in our lifetime. This may all sound scary, but if it is about to happen, we have reason to rejoice because Jesus is about to return.

          • That would be great, Stan–the return of Jesus! But it will take seven years after the temple is rebuilt. I’m pretty sure the temple in Jerusalem has to be rebuilt, but I’m not 100% absolutely sure. I haven’t been keeping up to date on the progress of the temple, but from what I remember, the Jews in Israel are busy making the priestly garments and the candlestick holders that go in the temple. They are selecting the priests for service in the temple to make sure they are descendants of Aaron.
            Well, we’re talking about the blood moons and such. About the dollar crashing, I’ve read that it will probably occur in October of this year.
            That chip and the mark of the beast certainly do sound scary. But whatever God’s will is will be done.
            These events will occur in our lifetime. Jesus said it will occur in our lifetime. He said, “This generation shall not pass away until all these things be fulfilled.” (Matthew 24:34)

          • Michael, yes the 3rd temple to worship God is to be rebuilt. According to what I’ve read, after the first 3 1/2 years of peace in final 7 year tribulation, the anti-Christ will walk into the temple and declare himself God. That’s when all hell breaks loose. I’ve read some on the October currency collapse to, but they’ve predicted it a few times last year also. So I don’t know. I just guess 2016 because if obama wants to use it to declare martial law and declare the Nov elections to be off, leaving himself in the WH, it would seem to me that he’d do that closer to the elections. But Russia and China are also dumping the dollar and making efforts to not use the petro dollar anymore, so they might cause it to come sooner. I don’t really know for sure. I did read that when it collapses, it is expected that obama will nationalize our retirement accounts, giving him 23 trillion to play with. In return we get his MYRA plan which is government debt paying a small percentage rate. Then its thought he will nationalize the banking system. Senator Warren announced earlier this year that she believes the only way the USPS can save itself is to go into the banking business. That sounds like a plan to Nationalize the banking industry is in her idea. Of course its been known that the government has large amounts of coffins in place, has been stocking up arms and ammo for Fed employees, and established their FEMA camps for us terrible Christian conservatives. The G20 has also signed in all the laws necessary to confiscate all our money if we have another banking collapse. So its obvious that we are being set up for something that we won’t really enjoy. The return of our Lord and Savior will make it all worth while. One other sign I can think of is that earthquakes of 6.0 and higher quadrupled last year. I’m hoping it does occur in my lifetime. Have a good night.

          • Some of what you’ve said seems over the top of my head. But I’ve heard about FEMA planning to do away with 281 million Americans. That was suppose to be last year. I even made a note of it in my notebook, that some guy predicted all those deaths in six months, by October 1, 2014.
            I’ve heard July of this year, and I’ve heard October. But $18 trillion is a lot of money. That’s more money than in the entire world. So the collapse of the dollar is inevitable.
            I use to keep track of earthquakes because some Bible minister said that Jesus mentioned how things will get worse. He said, “All these are the beginning of sorrows.” in Matthew 24:8. That’s in the King’s James Version. The correct translation is the way it’s written in the New International Version and the Revised Standard Version, which is, “All these are the beginning of birth pangs.” The pains of religious deception, wars, famines, pestilence, and earthquakes will keep going on over and over like a woman in labor. The contractions of a woman in labor keep happening at more and more frequency and more intensity until the woman is ready to deliver and bring forth a child. So it will be with, for example, earthquakes. like one after Jesus said this, then two the next year, but even stronger, then more and more the year after that and the year after that until today when there’s 6.0 earthquakes, maybe, let’s say, 5 earthquakes. Then next year, there will be ten 6.5 earthquakes. Then two years from now there will be fifteen 7.0 earthquakes. And then three years from now there will be twenty 7.5 earthquakes. You get what I mean? Until there is one gigantic earthquake mentioned in Revelation 16:18-19 that would destroy all the cities of the world. Then Jesus will come down from heaven. That would be nice. Have a good night.

          • Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus

          • sorry Michael, I defy you to give me the Capital city of the state of New England…sounds Obamaian

          • Are you kidding me? I was trying to be brief. New England is the region east of New York State. The six states of New England are: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Look it up in any dictionary. Thanks for the easy question.

          • The war was more about money than slavery. Uncle Tom’s cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe helped to popularize the poor black slave story.

          • I stated before that the main reason for the Civil War was to preserve the union. I don’t think I said it that way. I said the Midwestern states did not want to be isolated by Canada in the north, the Confederacy in the south, and who knows what in the east and in the west.

          • You need to study the Civil War more before you make inaccurate comments like you are making.

          • I’ve read at least three books on the Civil War. I’ve read Wikipedia’s answer on the cause of the war. Show me what else I need to read.

          • WVF, yes the conditions of Andersonville were abominable. But the prison camp was designed to hold 8000 prisoners for a few months until a prisoner exchange was negotiated. When Grant took over the Army of the Potomac he stopped all prisoner exchanges. Andersonville then became home to between 40-45000 prisoners grossly over its maximum capabilities. The Confederacy lacked the resources to take care of its people and its troops, let alone the new burden of huge amounts of prisoners. At the same time the north had a prison camp called Elmira in New York that was considered worse during the entire war than Andersonville became in the latter part of the war. And the north had no excuse for Elmira. The north had the resources to take care of their prisoners but refused to do so. They don’t like to discuss it because they were the victors, thus they only point out the problems of the Confederacy who lost. History is always written by the victors.

          • I had a great, great grandfather who died in Andersonville. He starved to death. The prisoners were dying of thirst, too. They prayed for water and a spring came forth in the midst of the camp. God hears.

          • Michael, there were people in the north who fought for the Confederacy just at there were some Southerners fighting for the Union. It was the battle of Antietam that many soldiers of the Army of Virginia refused to go into Maryland as it was a border state and the troops only wanted to defend their homes. The entire war was a battle of aggression on the Unions part. Lincoln actually forced the firing upon Fort Sumter. He was told not to send supplies and reinforcements to the Fort, as it would be an act of war on his part. By the rules of war, when a foreign nation enters the national waters of another nation without permission and with military forces, its considered an act of war. Lincoln knew this. So he sent the supply and reinforcement ships to provoke the Confederacy into firing the first shot. The ships tried to enter Charleston harbor under the cover of darkness of the early morning hours hoping the shore batteries would not spot them. Didn’t work. The shore battery who saw them fired a warning shot across the bow of the lead ship letting it know to turn around or come under heavy fire. The commander of the flotilla got the message and turned around and left. However the over zealous commander of the Fort didn’t know that the ships were coming let alone that the shore battery was firing a warning shot to the ships. He thought they were firing upon the Fort and immediately ordered his men to return fire without investigating the matter. This caused the eruption of hostilities. Lincoln used it as a propaganda tool to convince the northern people that it was the Confederacy that started the conflict by firing upon the Fort. Deception is a tool not only of war, but of bad politicians.

          • I guess the point is that the South was not a “foreign” nation, and the Federal government had a right to re-supply its military position.

          • Lincoln was not the best president as we were taught in elementary school. He stomped all over the constitution.

          • LadyM, go to the Book of Kings starting in Chapter 12, the story of King Rehoboam, and read how he ruptured the kingdom and Israel split into two warring kingdoms. Notice it came about because he levied a high tax upon the people. History repeats itself. King George did that and we fought a Revolutionary war. Lincoln did that and the Confederacy said they were fighting the second Revolutionary war. Obama came into office declaring he was the next Abraham Lincoln and would lead our nation through its next Civil War without bloodshed. And he raised the taxes and people have mentioned secession and possible Civil War. Well, we’ve had a little bit of bloodshed because of obama, but the Republicans have played it cool this go around. At the Gettysburg address, Lincoln said “a government of the people by the people shall prevail.” The truth is it prevailed by force and murdered over a million Americans. It was a huge power grab for his time. obama is also making a huge power grab, and government is increasing just like it did under Lincoln. Lincolns party at the time was very radically liberal. The two parties have switched when it comes to radical liberalism. The switch occurred during the 1920’s era. The idea that the South was Democrat and the North Republican in the 1860’s is wrong. There were Republicans in the South, just as there were Democrats in the North. So neither party was the party of the slavery ideology. The libs today like to claim that it was the conservatives who held the slaves. Not true. Yes there were conservatives in the South as well as the North, but the South was poor. Slaves were poor. So it was the upper level poor and the lower level poor in the South, with the North being 10 times as wealthy. Hasn’t changed much in the last 150 years. Its the proverbial struggle between the rich and the poor, and it usually ends up going to war. Its happening all over the world today. Fortunately people in the US are showing great restraint and not going to war so far. Between now and the swearing in of the next President will be a very tricky time because obama will want to get more liberal ideas pushed through. If he does go out in 2017, pay close attention to the EO’s and Memorandums obama signs into play, especially between the election and the swearing in ceremony. If a Conservative gets in, obama will do something to create a crisis under the next President’s watch so they can discredit him and regain power. Clinton did that by setting up the financial collapse of 08-09, and they blamed it on President Bush. I’ve heard holder and a few of his buddies have been trying to set things up the same as clinton did. Time will tell.

        • Beat me to it! On going oppression from the North.

          • I would say it is true if you just call it what it is, and that is an over powered hungry federal government!

          • That’s because the North is overflowing with liberal progressives. Shalom!!

        • I fully agree; the liberal, closet-communist descendants of which still haunt and ruin this nation.

      • slave holders wanted to expand their evil to free states that were gained in our expansion west. 2. it was the south who fired the first shot.

      • Historians have never reached any general agreement about the causes of the Civil War. Some believe that the slavery issue was the basic cause. Others think that the war resulted from economic rivalry between the industrial North and the agricultural South. Most agree that many factors, not just on, contributed to the situation that finally developed into the Civil War. Slavery certainly was a basic to the issue.

        Look it up; read the facts!

    • More like 60-80 years now. It also depends on where you were educated. Remember history is written by the winners not the losers. I am old enough to have talked to my great grandfather who was born during the civil war. He told me a great deal of what he learned from his father who fought on the confederate side. You are absolutely right about in your post above. Europe wanted to buy the cotton and tobacco raised in the south but the north wanted especially the cotton for their factories in the north and wanted to pay less for it. Remember wars are about three things, money, religion and territory. The war of northern aggression was fought over money and territory. The north did not want to lose the resources of the south. This war on terrorism we are in now is mainly about religion and that is the one most stupid.

    • That era has been so abused in order to justify a War that shouldn’t have been. Consider: if the North was so against slavery, why didn’t they free the slaves as they disembarked from Northern ships in New England instead of selling them into slavery? Consider: for a fraction of the cost of the War in capital, material and lives, the US Government could have purchased and freed all the slaves, North and South. Consider: only about 6% of Southerners actually owned slaves; there were more slave owners in the North than in the South. The answer to the War is the same as always: follow the money and there is always money to be made in war because it unlocks the Treasury for industry. The North wanted that war to open the Treasury. In addition, secession of Southern States took a huge toll on the export taxes collected in New York, money which never made its way back South.

      To illustrate the North’s love affair with the Slave Trade, the Harvard Law School received significant contributions from the Massachusetts Royall Family who made their fortune in the Slave Trade. The Law School still displays the Royall Family Crest to this day.

      Opening the Treasury provided significant funds for railroad expansion, and Lincoln was a corporate lawyer for a large railroad. It is a shame history doesn’t present these ties which might help us avoid future catastrophes. Lincoln was no great president: he was in fact one of the worse in that he oversaw the greatest travesty in our Nation’s history, one that could easily have been avoided.

      • You’re taking some of the steam out of the left’s arguments.
        Do you think any of this soaks in ?

        • No, it’s not sinking in, but thanks. It just relieves some of my pressure. I usually feel a little better after I get in out of me.

    • Your right, and it’s sad we don’t teach our History, we need to abolish public schools

      • We might as well abolish them. They don’t do a very good job of teaching incompetents like YOU how to use pronouns correctly. “YOU’RE,” not “your” !! Puh-leeze!

    • True,the did purchase Liberia…and look what a Shiite hole its become…

    • Actually, the Civil War was about state’s rights. Keeping the money and products within the state and keeping the Federal Government out (same that is happening now!)

    • EVERY State had slaves and they were not all of dark pigmentation. Ask the Irish for one!

    • Right on, taxes on the textile, import & export duly, slavery become an issue after the battle of Gettysburg, Lincoln wanted to sent all the blacks back Africa or South America, to bad he didn’t do it. For the record, the KKK was a social organization when it stated, it was to help widows and child of confederate soldiers who were killed in the civil war. The flag was taken over by hate groups. The confederate soldiers were American also, and they have a legal right to honor them. It time the Supreme Court get out of our business, this is cover by the 10th Amendment.

    • Sho nuff,, lawd have mercy.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      You cannot educate morons! Some are so damned stupid that they don’t even realize that it was their OWN PEOPLE that sold their sorry asses into slavery. Instead, they have gone thru life with the attitude, “We be gittin stepped on long enuf. Whitie gone pay fer dis!” THEIR OWN DAMNED PEOPLE DID “IT” TO THEM! DUHHH

    • This is incorrect. The Civil War was not entirely about slavery, but slavery was the most significant issue.

      The ONLY thing all the ordinances of secession had in common was SLAVERY.

      Confederate Vice President Stephens said; “Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”

      • And that cornerstone has been propped up with billions of dollars. And even today are forefathers in the south were absolutely correct in every sense of the word. The sad part of this equation is it easier the digress than it is to progress. The government has succeeded in bring the whites to black level. Welfare mooching you owe me a living because you’re holding me back from being a useful part of society.

        • All because Lydon Johnson and the Dixiecrats learned how to keep the black population dependent on the government and create a “government plantation” of welfare and such to take away the incentive to excel and their own “leaders” have continued to sell them out.

    • I wish they would of sent them back, would solve a lot of trouble we have today.

      • They had bought Liberia to send them back to after the civil war. If I knew where John Wilkes Booth was buried at. I would dig him up and shoot him again.

    • Yep. A war of aggression to make the South abide by the North industrialist’s views! Plus the South had a monopoly on the cotton gins! But let’s just lay everything at the South’s feet and rewrite history to show the South as the aggressor! You (as you call yourself) African-Americans that live here, might want to take note that the North planned to ship you back to Liberia as they figured you would be a problem from the git-go! That would have given the muslims another whack at capturing you and selling you again into slavery in some other country! And they would have had help from your chief or a neighboring chief. That is how you got here in the first place. Is that why you are changing your religion to islam?

  4. Black America should use the Confederate Battle Flag as a badge of honor, the civil war led to the freedom of thousands of slaves, that flag can memorialize that.

    • The war was not fought over Slavery, but states rights. It did not free the slaves, The Emancipation proclamation did that. in the 60’s when I was in the Military, There were plenty of signs whites only.

      • The Emancipation Proclamation was not issued until the War was well under way in 1863. In addition, it only freed slaves in the South, not those in the North where there more slave owners than in the South. The Northern slave owners simply owned fewer slaves per owner. Grant’s wife owned slaves after the War. Slavery was ended in the North by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution after the War was over. The Emancipation Proclamation is worth reading to better understand it. It was Lincoln’s ‘race card’ for an unpopular war, trying to make it more ‘popular’.

      • Let’s continually rehash the past. It makes for good healing.

        • Well, it can be instructive. I don’t recall history for purposes of hate, but rather for the purpose of learning and trying to understand this very complex problem called ‘human nature’, for lack of a better word. As it is often said, “history repeats itself’ and I guess that trend will continue, no matter what I do (trying to add a little humor).

      • Tell that to Alexander Stephens.

      • Actually the Emancipation proclamation freed no one – in the north or south. It was just a speech.

  5. And although blacks won’t want to admit it there were black slave owners fighting for the south

    • Reading some of the above, I am gratified many have expanded their history readings beyond ‘approved’ text books.

    • The first slave owner & largest slave breeding ‘farm’ in South Carolina was owned & operated by a black man in Florence SC. He was very brutal to them.

  6. Plates are issued by the State. The issuing state should be allowed to review requested content. If the content is questionable, it should be posted for vote at the next available state election for public review. The citizens can then give it thumbs up or down. I think there needs to be established rules against profanity, etc. If you are going to allow people to use license plates to create their own signs then a system needs to be devised to allow the people of the state to judge whether or not that sign is appropriate. Political correctness is not an appropriate criteria for preventing a person from displaying a certain plate on his care. Profanity and slander are. Due to the difficulty of controlling free speech on license plates, I can see a ban coming. The few will ruin it for the rest.

    • Mike, there are no rules against profanity in so-called rap and hip hop music.

      • This ain’t hip-hop baby. This is the use of the state government and some of our tax dollars to display a sign on your vehicle. As tax paying, voting citizens we should have some input about the content. If one does not like hip-hop profanity for profit, he/she/it can listen to another station. That’s what I do.

        • Mike, baby, if you don’t like the plate on a vehicle, ignore it! Besides, tax payers don’t pay for the tag, the purchasers do.

          • You’re doing that liberal BS dance, guy. If something is displayed publicly it cannot be turned off, ignored or hidden from children. The fees are only covering part of the cost of the plates. Our taxes dollars support the rest of the system.

          • You are a waste of my time. Good night and God bless.

          • Same to you. Thanks.

          • MikeS has been a waste of mine as well. I will as well let him abide his way.

          • Since the time I have on this Earth is God-lent, I will not engage in thought processing unless I believe those with whom I am attempting to communicate can rationally use logic and reasoning. In the case of MikeS, I’m sorry to say, I think he is suffering from the Democrat Derangement Syndrome (DDS). Our time is so precious that we should not throw it to the wind.

          • See my comment above…to repeat “specialty plates have to pay their own way and actually generate additional revenues for the state by costing more”

          • Mike has his narrow mind made up. Don’t bother him with facts. Mike is opposed to constitutional protection of the rights of the individual.

          • It’s not liberal, Mike. The Confederate Flag represented part of America just as much as the Union Flag. It was all one Nation after the Revolutionary War; a Nation of sovereign States without Kings. Unfortunately we became engaged in a war among ourselves, and that is the unfortunate part. The South is just as much American as the North, and always has been. The slaves of the South were purchase from the Slave Traders of the Northeast. Well, I guess at least we can say the North made a profit from the Slave Trade without any risk of losing their investment in a War.

          • The issue I was discussing with the guy was about custom license plates. The Confederacy issue was not the primary topic. Please reread the comment and try to understand. I happen totally in favor of displaying a Confederate license plate.

          • Thanks, MikeS. I didn’t mean to offend you. Sometimes these written words confuse because they lack the expression of the spoken word. I read my own stuff and sometimes wonder what I was thinking. I do understand your dislike for censorship, and I agree totally. I really don’t mind what people say, or what they put on their license plates. I actually think it’s good because it tells me something about them. That can be very important and useful. Careful scrutiny of license tags can prevent road rage (humor intended).

          • But under your perverse formula for approval of license plate text, a majority vote could deny you the right to display such a tag. Do you really want that or would you rather get right with God and the Constitution and support the rights of individuals granted by the Bill of Rights?

          • It is not perverse. It is fair. It would not violate the Constitution and yes I would be perfectly good with personal plates being denied based on a vote. The problem here is that it is only an idea and whether it is suitable or not is not any more up to you than it is up to me. I do not doubt there are other better ideas. I have put forth an idea and achieved part of my goal…a discussion has been started. Now…let’s hear your ideas.

          • You have all my idea you need. My idea is that rights conveyed in the Constitution (freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, etc.) simply are NOT subject to repeal by a majority vote of the electorate at the state level, as you are proposing. Wanna amend the Constitution? Use the method prescribed in Article V of the Constitution itself.

            I wonder how your concept would hold up with, for instance, the pro-gun crowd. How about a state-wide vote to determine whether personal gun ownership should be permitted? If a referendum can be conducted on freedom of speech, why not on the right to keep and bear arms?

            Note to pro-gun crowd: I am NOT proposing such a thing as I have just described. I merely use it as an example paralleling the extreme to which Mike’s proposal offends the Constitution.

          • if we want to really protect our children outlaw & execute pedophiles. And abolish “propaganda.” (public schools)

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Mike, “baby?”. Oh boy.

        • “.. some of our tax dollars” Not at all, specialty plates have to pay their own way and actually generate additional revenues for the state by costing more..

        • There are a lot of taxpayers that still respect the Confederate Flag that many of their ancestors fought for. Time to pull your head out.

          • How do I get “redress” for all of the crap that offends me???? A frikken license plate is offensive? CENSORSHIP OFFENDS ME!

          • Censorship, Libel, Slander, Dishonesty, Mediocrity, Warrantless Elitism
            (Oh F*** It DEMOCRATS OFFEND ME !!)

        • If it is a vanity pate, then the owner should pay the extra fee for its manufacture. That shoul not be too much for prisoners make the plates, no?

          • How does that solve the issue of free speech versus political correctness on vanity plates?

          • You mentioned the use of tax dollars and I was responding to the concept that most states have the vanity paid for by additional fees to get the plate. Free speech is taking a distant second place when political correctness is involved.

          • The person requesting a vanity plate does pay extra and rightfully so. The issue that started all this was the whether or not a person has the right to sport the confederate plate on his vehicle. I say yes. Some say no. Since tax dollars partially pay for the basic plate, the confederate plate has made it to the supreme court for a judgement by the political correctness death squad SCOTUS. When I mentioned that I see problems with unlimited free speech on license plates, people went nuts. I asked for possible solutions to that issue instead of the one I suggested. I received and am still receiving only whining and complaining and not 1 single suggestion about resolving the issue.

    • Sorry, Mike. Censorship, whether by the government on it’s own or government acting as the agent of “the people” is simply unacceptable. If you feel that majority rule should dictate what speech should be allowable, you’ve started down the slope that ends at the ultimate political correctness.

      • No need to be sorry. You are 100% correct about that slippery slope. It is slippery on both sides. There is a problem to solve here and I stand by my previous statement. The difficulty in finding a solution is obviously not easy to find. I have never heard a solution in my life that did not lead to possible infringement of free speech. That is why I stated previously. The good will probably suffer for the bad. I see a ban coming. I will pose this to you. If I take a picture of my privates and ask you to spend part of your tax dollars to display it on a license plate for my car, would you be happy with that. If so, “Good Day to you sir”. If not, how would you prevent me doing it without your permission if the state says it is good. And, do you think that shows respect or disrespect for you wife and children. Or…other peoples if you don’t have any.

        • Don’t know whee it works where you are but in my state, “specialty plates” (schools, Gadsden or Confederate Flags, Pro-life, pro-abortion, pro government schools, etc.) are paid for with a premium fee. They have no cost to the taxpayer.

          • The system and the people who work for that system are paid for with tax payer dollars no matter what state you live in. On part of the cost is supported with fees. There is no possibility that fees can pay for the whole thing.

          • Actually, you’re wrong. The fixed costs of printing and distributing the plates is already there. The incremental costs of allowing personal choices is small and is covered by the additional fees (as is some portion of the fixed costs).

          • Fixed costs paid for by whom? Taxpayer dollars. Part of that plate is taxpayer funded. In your own words the “choices” are small cost and covered by fees. I am correct in saying that those plates, the system to make them and the people are partially taxpayer funded. The fees “cannot” fully pay for making license plates.

          • Mike, you are about as dense as depleted uranium. This matter has been adequately explained to you, but you insist on advancing your unsubstantiated opinion in the face of facts to the contrary. Is is any wonder that several people have given up even responding to you?

            Wake up, Boy!

          • Well…you really are showing yourself to be a jerk. Lets have your suggestions son. Put up or shut up.

    • THAT is the worst suggestion I have heard concerning license plates. Freedom of speech is not allocated by majority vote. You seriously need to study up on the Constitution. Profanity can be prohibited without putting some proposed license plate message to a popular vote. There are all kinds of messages that the majority of an state’s electorate might oppose, but the majority does not rule in a constitutional republic!

      • There is no suggestion of doing what you seem to think is allocation of free speech. Like I keep stating…the issue is difficult to resolve at best. I see a ban coming. The few will ruin it for the rest. If you have a solution the solves the problem without banning personalized plates then lets hear it. I’m sure you are full of solutions. Let’s hear them. By the way. We elect officials, approve amendments, and approve fund allocations to establish committees. I don’t see where your resistance to the voting issue would be based. That aside, lets hear your ideas for a solution so we can prevent the banning of personalized plates.

        • If indeed you do not see why I object to majority votes determining what messages go on license plates, then I suspect it would be a waste of my time trying to converse with you on anything else. In an election, the majority indeed rules, but when the rights of individuals are defined by the Constitution, those rights are not subject to ebb and flow by majority vote.

          • I suppose, if you still have no ideas (which it appears you don’t) on how to solve this problem, this discussion is over. I can still see that ban on personalized plates coming.

          • I have no concern about solving this problem, since it is not a problem for me. I never have and never will buy a personalized license plate or an issue-advocacy license plate.
            A state is fully within its rights to simply decide not to offer such plates for sale.

  7. A flag in this story, what your kids eat at school, how much soda you can drink from a cup, how many bullets you can put in a clip, forced commerce against religious belief, funding others abortions…etc.
    JUST HOW MANY MORE EXAMPLES DO YOU NEED, that have occurred under Obama and the LIBERAL DEMOCRAT’s CONTROL ???

    • Eventually this present Government will fall, it is against “we the people.” the majority of us that is, they can bullshit all they want, there is a simmering & growing anger in America that is going to fracture this Cointry, the Civil War never ended, it’s just sleeping.

    • Yep Micheal/Moooshelle and his/hers school lunch program menu sucks according to the kids that had to it or go hungry!…So did wimpy little Barry/Barack Hussein The Insane Authority all of his man/wife’s powers or what here folks?…As old Micheal/Moooshelle sure is looking like a tranny to lots of folk these days!

  8. This is an issue in which the Supreme Court is out of line. Whether people like it or not, we have freedom of expression, and anyone who wants to put a confederate plate on their vehicle have every right to do so. Personally, I am offended by most rap so-called music and hip hop, but apparently they have the right to freedom of expression. If the Supreme Court rules against the case involving a vanity flag, then they must outlaw rap and hip hop.

    • But then again if it is not outlawed (the Flag) the JUdges will all be Racist

      • Then in my mind the Judges should also be declared racist if they
        still allow the LGBT multicolored flag.

        • It seems that our Communist Government has their nose in everything except solving the problems of our country,what the hell difference does it make if I chose to place a Rebel Flag on the bumper of my vechile that I paid for ,carry a license that the government owns to operate this vechile,carry insurance that is government required,pay outrageous taxes on gasoline to this government to operate this vechile,pay outragesous taxes on the highways that’s used to operate this vechile,and now these commies are telling me that I cannot place a REbel flag on that vechile,my friend you and I are living in a communist country

    • I notice it is okay for the black congress men and women to wear their African garb , so perhaps that offends me so we can ban that also !!!

  9. Only IF youre a LIBTURD COMMIE

  10. I FLY the STARS and BARS , On my HARLEY

  11. The Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of Southern pride. That pride is not in the practice of slavery, but rather in the ideals of individual and States’ rights that the CSA fought for. While historians have made slavery the whole purpose for the War Between the States, it was not even a major issue for the Union until it became apparent that the only way to keep England and France from openly supporting and supplying the South was to promise and end to slavery. That was a noble premise, but the intent was not equal to the reason. Try talking to a history teacher under the age of 45 – 50 today and see if they are aware of the truth, or simply continue to teach the propaganda.

    • Only 4 percent or less had slaves in the south

      • Excellent point. In addition, I think people would be surprised if they did some research and learned how many free black men fought for the Confederacy. It was far more than the the number of black soldiers who fought for the North, and they weren’t in segregated units in the South.

    • What will become of that when COMMON CORE corrodes the American education system ?
      Did George Washington wear a powdered wig or Afro sheen ??

  12. The civil war made government slaves out of us all. It was about federal power over states rights and through deception and obfuscation the feds won.

  13. Michael Dennewitz

    Well, I can’t seem to stop peeing myself laughing at what this country is becoming, all because of the HNIC in DC. What most of these morons seem to be missing, is this: People, by nature, are non-conformist (sp). The more you tell a person that he can’t do something, the more hell bound he’ll be in showing you that he CAN….AND WILL! I myself, was not going to react, but now I’m hanging that confederate flag back above my carport. Adding to that, I’m even going to the army/navy store today and buy another one to mount on the back of the motorcycle. These utter morons just don’t have a clue as to how many “cans of worms” they’re opening up here!!

    • Excellent point!!!

    • That “HNIC” tells us what kind of BIGOT you are!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        You see, dumbass, I’ve been waiting for months for some dildo like you to try and nail me on that! HAHAHA You have absolutely NO IDEA as to what I meant by it. However, you kinda’ let the cat out of the bag because you must use it in a derogatory fashion.. You see folks, HeadInHisAss only comes on here, not to intelligently discuss the topics at hand, but rather to pick apart someone’s post and boost his left wing ego.. Nice try, IDIOT !!

  14. that’s right a lot of people fought and died for that flag right or wrong they have no right to take it or stop it

  15. My main problem with this whole thing is why the supreme court is even debating it. What a waste of time. There are hundreds of things more important.

  16. I remember reading about Abraham Lincoln who was going to have all slaves sent back to their countries because of the big difference of the cultures between whites and blacks. Think about what it would be like if that had happened?

  17. And so we harken back to brother against brother, father against son, etc. The North won, but so what? The carpet baggers raped the South and, truly, Abraham Lincoln wanted to return all the blacks to Africa. Did his wish come true? No, a Southern sympathizer, John Wilkes Booth, shot him in the side of the head before that happened. This has been going on for years. Kinda like the Jews and the Arabs. It all depends on who you are personally backing as to who is right and who is wrong. Let’s get over ourselves and try to get America back on it’s feet and down the right path. We can only do that by coming together (not the politically correct way, either) and seeing if we cannot all agree on something at least. One of the first things to do, is stop calling everyone racist just because they do not like a person you think is great. It is like watching two year olds at a playground fighting over who will take the ball and go home if they don’t get their way! Everyone – GROW UP! Every person on this old Earth is different. It is what makes humanity. You have your opinion and I have mine. That does not mean we can’t attempt to be civil to each other and listen politely. I am not saying to change your opinion. I am telling you to listen only. Just fecking listen!

  18. States you need to keep the Federal Government outof the State’s Business affairs!
    Down with their Federal Control Issues they have…Everyone call the Senate and let
    them know that the need to stop all of the Federal interferances in State Business….. The Confederate Flage and Tags are legal in the south and we will not give into doing away with them without Civil Problems..they have nothing to do with
    anything racists! Get over it all Feds!

  19. The 1st Amendment protects ALL freedom of speech. The confederate flag is part of American history no matter what it represents to some folks. If the Supreme Court rules against this License plate, that’s censorship by our government. That IMHO goes against the Constitution & the 1st A. The PC police are getting way out of hand! How about New Hampshires plate “Live Free Or Die”.
    I’m surprised the Progressive/Liberal lunatics don’t go after New Hampshire for their plate. Apparently…., those lunatics have a problem with FREEDOM.

  20. There was less slave owners up north that’s why the underground railroad sent them up north! That is a biased statement! Liberal obama loving professors need to stay out of it because likely this is where this lie materialized! Corrupt media and corrupt professors need to be silenced!

  21. Welcome to the new AMERIKA – REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION or become slaves of the TOTALITARIAN STATE that has replaced the old Republic! This patriot sees it the way I do and the way it truly is!

    Written by a USMC Vet. (I can’t argue

    with any of it. Passing it along as it was received.)
    The American Dream ended (on November 6th, 2012)
    in Ohio . The second term of Barack Obama will be the final nail
    in the coffin for the legacy of the white Christian males who
    discovered, explored, pioneered, settled and developed the greatest
    Republic in the history of mankind.
    A coalition of Blacks,
    Latinos, Feminists, Gays, Government Workers, Union Members,
    Environmental Extremists, The Media, Hollywood , uninformed young
    people, the “forever needy,” the chronically unemployed, illegal aliens
    and other “fellow travelers” have ended Norman Rockwell’s America
    . The Cocker Spaniel is off the front porch… The Pit Bull is in the
    back yard. The American Constitution has been replaced with Saul
    Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Chicago shyster, David Axelrod,
    along with international Socialist George Soros will be pulling the
    strings on their beige puppet to bring us Act 2 of the New World Order.

    Our side ran two candidates who couldn’t even win their own
    home states, and Chris Christie helped Obama over the top with a glowing
    “post Sandy ” tribute that elevated the “Commander-in-Chief” to
    Mother Teresa status. (Aside: with the way the polls were run, he didn’t
    need any help!) People like me are completely politically irrelevant,
    and I will never again comment on or concern myself with the
    aforementioned coalition which has surrendered our culture, our heritage
    and our traditions without a shot being fired.
    You will never
    again out-vote these people. It will take individual acts of defiance
    and massive displays of civil disobedience to get back the rights we
    have allowed them to take away. It will take Zealots, not moderates
    & shy not reach-across-the-aisle RINOs to right this ship and
    restore our beloved country to its former status.
    Those who
    come after us will have to risk their lives, their fortunes and their
    sacred honor to bring back the Republic that this generation has timidly
    frittered away due to “white guilt” and political correctness… An
    American Veteran……… Semper-Fi
    Got the guts to pass it
    on? You betcha!!!!!

  22. I posted these to the Washington Post and will continue to post until people get over it……..

    1.) The flag was never a symbol of hate but represented the South’s secession from the
    North. A object is nothing more than an object. It is people that give it a
    meaning. Many of those that fought for the South did not own a single slave.
    They fought only for their love of the South. This was a war that put brother
    against brother and families against friends. No matter what you want to say
    this IS a part of our history. To deny it, is to deny what we have become. It
    was only the symbol of the South that bore no malice or hatred to anyone. Only
    people can cause hatred and bigotry. Of that this flag is innocent.

    2.) How many people had a problem with the Dukes of Hazard and their General Lee? That
    car has been duplicated quite a few times that it can be seen driving all over
    the US and the Dukes are still in reruns on cable channels. The show was liked
    so much they made a movie of it and it is even being used in a current
    commercial. The flag is only a symbol of the South after they declared their
    secession from the United States. It does not symbolize bigotry except in
    someone’s mind. To give the flag any more power than what it is, is like stating
    all people that like rainbows are gay. There is no difference. The flag is not
    hurting you anymore than liking a rainbow will change your orientation. Live and
    let live and move on with your life.

  23. if slavery was such an important issue, how come Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation in 1863 instead of at the onset of the war?

    Lincoln himself was ‘neutral’ on slavery…he used it (abolishing slavery) as a catalyst to keep the union intact…he would have kept it (slavery) if it would have preserved the union…

    i think that history, for the biggest part, tells us that the single most important issue of the war between the states, was, indeed, ‘states rights’.

  24. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    Many states seceded before a shot was fired. The states had the right to secede at any time for any cause, but
    Lincoln took it on himself to go against the constitution and illegally invade the South.

  25. Please! Sign the Anti Federal ID petition.
    The new Federal ID Bill is being rushed through the House to include retinal and fingerprint biometric data and gun ownership history.
    It needs to be stopped.
    Only We The People can do so.
    Keep our lives private and free.
    Copy and paste into your browser Window address bar, don’t forget to edit out the [ ]s before clicking GO in your browser.
    Pass it on wherever and to who ever you can.

  26. What People call the Confederate Flag was the Battle Flag (The Christian Cross of Saint Andrew) The Confederate Flag was known as the Stars and Bars and looked nothing like the Battle Flag.

    • Your right & it’s on the sunroof hatch of my Mercedes, “I’m a Scot so it’s my Flag regardless of what the Yankees think, “The Cross Of Saint Andrew.” is The Confederate Flag. The Stars & Bars the “battle flag.” And Mr. O’Donnell, thank you for remembering they where all “Americans.” every Mothers Son of them North or South and when I visit the dead I honour both sides, they all died, the ultimate price to pay. Let us not allow this Government to make any of us think they did die in vain, they did not, They died defending their beliefs in their “State.” Not WA.

    • Just looked it up. I learned something … again. Thanks.


  28. The Civil War was not entirely about Slavery but that is what they like to teach. One of the first skirmishes was about illegal voting and people crossing state/territorial lines to vote on slavery in the territory. Some other disagreements were about industry. Texas had other issues with the feds over Bonds that the Government stole. But whatever We know the truth and that is something the libs don’t like. They don’t like the truth because it makes them wrong. The Stars and Bars do not stand for slavery. The libs want the Federal Government to make US slaves to them. To obey and not question. I will fly the Stars and bars at least until the lying, gay, Muslim is removed from office. If they overrule the Stars and Bars you will see more of it.

  29. It was about “control.” and “1984.” won, my Great Grandfather was a Confederate and never owned a slave in his life, and lets not forget “slavery.” was abundant throughout the whole World, strange the present day only blames the whites, never a word about the African Chiefs selling their own people, which they all did, hell they kept slaves themselves,,,well I’ll fly the Confederate Flag all I want, if we are going to make it illegal, then lets make the Mexican Flag illegal too, at least in CA. Screw the S.C.O.T.U.S.THEY WORK FOR WE THE PEOPLE. What next are we getting rid of all the headstones in “Confederate Cemetery’s.”? I don’t use Lic. Plates that are “personalized.” why pay extra to be told what you can and cannot express. I take great pride in my American, “Confederate.” Great Grandfather, he fought for honour, states rights & the Constitution, My Family buried him in Osaka Japan where he made his home after his Country ( Virginia ) was “occupied.” in 1865. He was a Virginian, Racial hatred & animosity is deliberately kept alive & well by the Federal Government for the purpose of keeping Blacks as a left wing tool, If I were Black I’d not take a damn thing from Daddy Washington but the freedom they gave me in 1865. They were made & still are being made “wards.” of the left and given way too much, so much so, they have never learned freedom is an opportunity, not a “right.” Nothing wrong with a Southern Flag on a southern Lic. Plate. It’s our History. Honour It.

    • Obama’s kin folk are still actively in the slave trade today in Africa and in the Muslim conquered lands. Not a peep from the MSM. I guess the MSM is just trying to figure out how to blame/link it to Western colonialists.

  30. See my flag. Then it should be offensive because it was made irregularly. It was made in 1858 before any laws regulated the dimensions. We think it was made by an abolitionist. So should I destroy it because someone may think it to look offensive? No way!! It is a historical item that represents a picture of our history. Rewrite history and you will end up like Hitler whom rewrote Germany’s history with Mein Kampf !

  31. The War Between the States began its simmer about 50 years before, with the North choosing to be as Britain was a few years before and become a colonial master. The northern banks would not loan money to the South, not support factories there, etc.

    The South was required to do as the colonies did for Britain, grow the cotton, and other crops, send them north to be fabricated into value-added products and sent back for high prices. The South for many decades felt it could manufacture those value-added products at a much lower price to its citizens due to much shorter transportation distances and other expenses.

    The Industrial Revolution was allowed to transform the North, but limited and even restricted from transforming the South. Factories in the north did not have the need for as much manual labor so the need for slaves dropped. Slavery existed in the North for six months less time than the South. For six months time, there was a Civil War?

    • The slave work in the Northern textiles and other industries was performed by the Irish immigrants who were not treated nicely either.

  32. Lincoln did not want to lose the tax revenues of the south

  33. Proud US vet/American

    It comes down to the rights of the people-whom the Government is employed by. Do the WANTS of the few, outweigh the RIGHTS of the majority? This is the #1 fundamental question in this case. Does SCOTUS have the power/right to squelch the “Free Speech” of the masses in order to satisfy the wants of the few liberal anti-American groups fighting this?
    This is a question that each American must answer for themselves. If you truly believe in the Constitution and the 1st Amendment, then you have no choice but to accept this as the right of the people.
    GOD bless the United States of America

    • The constitution was written to protect the rights of minorities. That was its brilliance. But you banana republic types would not understand that

      • Proud US vet/American

        NOT when their whims go against the rights guaranteed by the Constitution!
        That is the problem with this-they want to rewrite the Constitution, and make it fit their personal beliefs.

        • The whims are yours You are rewriting the constitution as if a civil war and all our constitutional amendments never happened. Sorry but you are wrong

          • “Don’t Tread On Me” The Gadsden Flag has become quite the problem to the INANE LIBERAL as well.
            Just how much American History are you willing to suppress in the name of some LIBERALLY MISINTERPRETED COMPREHENSION of the U.S. Constitution ?

          • Oh I do not say suppress history We certainly need to learn history all of it. This is a question of do we want symbols representing the worst in American history to be displayed on government property at government expense?

          • Hal it was opinion shared by enough people to go to war.
            Too many the Confederate Flag still represent states rights.
            I don’t have to remind you that 10 Amendments were added by the STATES prior to signing the U.S. Constitution.

          • Slavery was what they went to war over and little else Read the states secession statements. And a civil war was required to allow those same rights to apply to citizens. You only think a confederate flag stands for states rights if you do not know real American history. I see that rag and think there goes another ignorant person

          • You only know what you been told

          • No, I actually read the newspapers of the day. You can too and the secession statements are public record. Please read them

        IT WAS WRITTEN TO EXPRESS THE RIGHTS OF ALL AMERICANS as well as their rights to freedom of speech and expression.
        THE GOVERNMENT cannot force me to agree with your opinions and I would certainly never expect you to agree with mine.

        • The brilliance of the US constitution is that it was written to protect minorities even old, white, racist guys like you and YOU are a minority thank goodness. By minorities, I meant religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation…. If we cannot protect the rights of the least among us then we may not be free either. Molon labe, oathkeepers or sundry other ‘groups’ of losers and wannabes think that the military and police should ‘decide’ what is or is not constitutional. Sorry but that is banana republic time. If it is OK to put a NAZI or KKK flag on a Texas license plate, then by all means putting a flag from the debauched and depraved Confederacy should be OK too

          • I’m not here to make the argument, they can’t put whatever they want on their bumpers or paint their house whatever color they like, or consider the “Piss Christ” art. The real beauty of the Constitution was that it allowed for expression of all opinion, even that which you or I disagree with.
            I respect the views of Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Herman Cain, Charles Barkley, Derrick Wilburn, Star Parker, Allan West, Clarence Thomas and too many other BLACK patriotic conservative people to list.
            I’m far from a racist and mature enough to accept that symbols and our past do not hinder or segregate people today.
            You can maintain the racist overtones and current liberal rhetoric, that’s fine, but consider this it was no part of either Reagan or Clintons terms and those my friend were certainly better times.
            You are the racist and a disgrace !!

          • When I said minorities you immediately went to race. Guess what? Most young Americans hardly notice it. However, make no mistake the racism of the past very much affects the US of today. There is less and less equality of opportunity. Reagan won with the Southern Strategy; race was a constant undertone even more so than today’s Republic commentary. Black Americans did not even begin to get a near equal shake until the 70s. Better times how? Reagan expanded federal government and deficits and Obama has created more jobs.

          • The context of the article is based on the Confederate Flag.
            I would assume slavery by the black minority would be the topic at hand especially where a liberal would make such a stink over a flag.
            You really are a special kind of liberal stupid aren’t you ??

          • I did not make any kind of stink at all I just said if it is OK to have the NAZI flag then the Confederate flag should be OK also. That is support; isn’t it?

  34. It should be OK if you can also have the NAZI flag on Texas plates. If you doubt slavery was the cause of Secession, read those states’ formal statements when they betrayed the nation and formed the debauched and depraved Confederacy

  35. What the hell is this case doing in SCOTUS !!!!!!! My opinion is the Congress is so incompetent that it is ignoring ART III of the Constitution and allowing Government Supreme and inferior Court Judges to hold there offices during “BAD” Behaviour!! (ignoring twisting the Constitution using illegal prior decisions and or adding to and making idological different opinions.) As long as our incompetent Congress allows this there is no stopping rewriting or redefining the Constitution. The Judges are not protecting and supporting the Constitution, they are obliterating it!!

  36. The black man was meant to be a slave to the white man. It is divine intervention. A colored person cannot rule or Govern. They do not posses the mental faculties to do so. This has been proven evident with Mr. Obama.
    Blacks are only good enough for slavery. That is what God intended for them, and that is what they shall be.

  37. The Battle Flag represented the soldiers, not the government.

  38. We need to get over race, enough is enough!
    Everything does not have racial undertones!
    The Confederate battle flag is just that, a battle flag.

  39. I think that the rich carpet beggar’s of the North wanted all the Good Land that the southern people had an made up the story about the freeing of the slaves and it is still going on in this Country today, The Rich taking from the poor like if the Government wants something you got they will condemned it an take it.

  40. My great grandfather was a Member of the Confederacy in Georgia. After the war
    ended in 1865 they packed up and moved to Texas. They wanted to start their
    lives over and afresh. We have been Texans since that time and love our state.
    It’s high time to put aside the racial ignorance and let us celebrate our heritage
    also as others do.

  41. Rule on what ? It is freedom of speech .

  42. Look up the Stars and Bars and You will see what the National Flag of the Confederacy looked like it was not the Cross of Saint Andrew even though it was incorporated onto later National Flags it never was the National Flag of the Confederacy.

  43. Francisco Machado

    Long before the Civil War it was illegal to ship slaves into the south. The Constitution, the fifth amendment, did not permit property to be taken from owners without compensation and slaves were, under law, property until almost the end of the war. the significant disagreement between the South and the North was over whether states could secede, and a significant motivating factor for the South to seek secession was taxes and duties on the South’s trade with France, a strong market for their cotton. The federal government blockaded the south, seized ships and cargoes (Gone with the Wind – Gable played a blockade runner) Because the federal government would only count slaves as 3/5 of a person in the census, the largely rural south didn’t have the power to block the imposition of these tariffs in Congress, which benefited New England mills. There were black plantation owners, black slave owners, black slave traders, and about six thousand blacks fought on the side of the South in the Civil War. The invention of mechanized farm equipment and development of portable sources of steam power reduced the need for manual labor and ended slavery throughout the mechanized world largely within a half century, just as modern computerized robotics has now reduced the manufacturing employment of thousands of workers. Machinery cost less and worked harder than men. Even fast food workers are losing jobs to computerized devices. Slavery would have disappeared even without the war.

  44. Michael Dennewitz

    You can pretty well rest assured that, with the supreme court now mostly run by mooselums, Texas is screwed…….and so is our constitution!! What the hell is next??

  45. All I can say, if they can say it is ok for an “artist” to put The Crucifix of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in a glass filled with urine, and call it “art” and then go ahead and fund it with tax dollars, what is so wrong with using the South’s Battle Flag on license plates? The first thing I think of when I see one, is not slavery, but Dixie!

  46. Ken Dometriosis .

    Guess what I am going to buy today?? In fact, I’m going to order THREE! The Confederate flag is about HERITAGE, NOT HATE! Only the sub-humans and their jewish masters want us to think so.

  47. Have you ever wondered why Texas flies the Lone Star Flag? Because it came into the UNION with the had nothing to do with any issue except identity. UNION states had slavery….he that is without sin, let him cast the first stone….some people say they want the truth. Problem is they can’t handle the truth!!! God grant us freedom from the tyranny of ignorance !

  48. I strongly believe in the real Constitution, and that gives us the right of freedom of speech, if we’re offended by a license plate such as this then be mature enough to walk away

  49. The Confederate Flag is part of this country’s history – period. Leave it alone and no the civil war was not about slavery it was about states rights and tyranny, sound familiar.

    • You are correct about the civil war ! That is the real reason it started most people do not know this. The southern states was funding 91% of the federal budget and at that time to they wanted to expand pushing more taxes on the people of the south

  50. Oh come on now, when are all of you childish fools ever going to simply going to stop living in the past and forget the Civil War for Godsake?..I wanted to crow about it then I could simply point out that one of great great grandfathers was an aide to the Civil War General that made his bloody war to the sea and sacked Alanta however I try to live in the present not the past! Or,shall I point out as well that another of my distant relatives also happened to have a General under Bismarck during the days when Bismarck was trying to unify German! However today none of this and a couple of bucks might still buy you a cup of coffee!

  51. This is the flag I remembered growing up and pledging allegiance to along with the American Flag and the Christian Flag and then bowed our heads to pray after reading passages from the Bible. I still believe this is a FREE COUNTRY and that those that can not fit in with other Americans should return back to their own country and stay gone.

    “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”
    ― Mark Twain

    • That is flag I grew up with. Now they have the original battle flag of Georgia for state flag. Less the state seal.

  52. I think it also had to do with states rights vs. the federal government.

  53. I became a Civil War buff at the age of 13. I personally see no prejudice in the Confederate battle flag. In fact, not all Confederate units adopted the flag. The war was brought on for numerous reasons. During the history of our nation the industrialized north went into recession for the first time during the 1850’s, while the agricultural south was prospering for the first time. It was king cotton that was prospering the south, and they were selling it to the Europeans rather than to the North. The Europeans offered them a better price for the cotton, and charged a cheaper price for the cotton goods they made and sold back to the Southerners than what the north would. That is what free market is all about. But the north did not want the South to engage in free market trade, they wanted them to trade with the north on the north’s terms. In the late 1850’s the Federal government was trying to reinstitute an old tax that put a burden upon the people and was repealed long before. Lincoln also worked to place high tariff taxes upon the Southern cotton trade to force them to do business with the northern cotton mills. The revolutionary war was fought over taxation without representation because England was forcing the colonies to bow to the kings will. The Civil War was the New York bankers trying to impose their will upon the South and using the Federal government as its pawn to do it. Since the north won the war, they just like to blame it on the slavery issue to deceive people from the truth. Lincolns Gettysburg address only told part of the truth when he said that a government of the people by the people shall prevail. The truth is that it would prevail by forcing those who disagreed and chose to leave peacefully to submit to the Federal government. It was a huge power grab by the Federal government. Today we complain about Obama’s huge power grab which is like Lincolns. Before anyone tells me that Lincoln was a Republican, yes he was. But the Republican party of the 1860’s switched ideology in the 1920-30’s time frame. So did the Democratic party. Lincoln was a radical liberal like obama is a radical liberal. The difference is during Lincoln’s time it was the New York mafia that backed him. During Obama’s time, its the Chicago mafia that is backing him. During the Civil War times there were Republicans and Democrats in both the north and South. So no party was actually the party that held the ideology of slavery. It was an institution used for thousands of years by all societies to hold employment for poor people who lacked job and social skills. You don’t take a cannibal and hire him for a job when knows absolutely nothing about it, let alone how to pay his way in life. Today we do not hold poor people with no real job or social skills as slaves. So instead of a wealthy man giving them employment, clothing, food, and shelter till they learn a trade and can buy their freedom and take care of themselves, we just don’t hire them. So the Federal government steps in and takes over as a slave owner who requires nothing of the person and pays them to exist from one generation to the next and never progress in life. One last history trivia, in 1820 it was the Virginia state legislature that passed a bill outlawing slavery in their state. But they realized they lacked the resources and power to enforce the law and decided that slavery would have to end on its own. Ironically, it was the state of Virginia in which most of the major battles were fought.

  54. Michael Dennewitz

    Well, that’s a no brainer! If the little halfbreed, Kenyan bastard has replaced enough on the supreme court with his terrorist mooselum justices, I think we all know how that will swing! Here in Orlando they’re already hanging confederate plates on the front of their vehicles and, if anything, as a result of all the shit the liberals have started, almost everyone is flying a confederate flag in front of their homes. I have one, and I have another flying from the back of the motorcycle!! SCREW THE SUPREME COURT MOOSELUMS!!!

  55. Proud US vet/American

    Why is this any different than the battle American’s are waging against ISIS now? This is a war against a differing ideology as well, and their black flag with Arabic writing on it is a symbol of there cause. Is it racist?
    The “racist” issue of the Confederate flag is old, outdated and a non-issue. The Aryan Nation, KKK and Young American’s for Freedom may use or used the flag to illustrate their cause, but not the way it is being portrayed in the SCOTUS case today. Many factions have used other symbols of countries or States for their own purposes, but that doesn’t make those symbols racist. It only makes the cause racist! This is why a license plate is a freedom of speech or expression, and NOT a racist act! If that is not the case, then the Christian flag that flies over many church’s would have to be declared “racist” and an affront to the federal government and included beside the Confederate flag.


  56. So, now will we have to take down all Confederate Monuments. We have three in Cooke County, Texas, erected by the Daughters of the Confederacy. Those that make this an issue, do so because they are making money.

  57. Who cares it is just a License Plate!

  58. History is always written (read revised) by the victors…
    People in power always rewrite ‘history’ to suit their aims.
    How many expect the ‘truth’ to be written about this administration’s agenda in school books 20 years from now…or for that matter even now?

  59. The USSC cannot make rulings over states or their affairs. The States are not suppose to be OWNED PRISONERS of DC Texas wake up and grow up – and run your own nation-state ! Stop running to mommy and daddy DC govt to get “permission” for everything ! They have no power or authority or jurisdiction over the states, and it is TREASON if they interfere in any way in a state’s affairs or laws.

    The CSA National flag IS an American flag – mush more AMERICAN then the 13 candy striped US Illuminati Federal FLAG IS – that is not the US Federal flag (that was designed by the Masons/Illuminati) – the US American flag was the three bar flag of the Revolution and colonies. The US “American ” flag (three bar flag) flew in the Lincoln War (it was NOT a “civil war”) although a few pictures have been photo-shopped to make it look like the Illuminati US flag was used much earlier – but those are fakes and lies. The Illuminati flags were those that began using the 13 candy stripes.

  60. I’m not an intellectual, I’m a product of the public school system before the liberal government began to spin education to the point of distorting the facts, I’ve read all the previous comments of the history of why the civil war was fought, racism played a part but, it was also based on economics and a valuable tool for the politicians of the times then as they are today, you have to put things in prospective as to what the norm was then and compare it to the not so norm today, slavery is still popular in many parts of the world whether it’s sex based or economically based. Unfortunately our liberal politicians have realized that if they can divide us using racial tensions in our country they will continue to divide us to further their agenda to provide them with the financial benefits they will continue to reap by turning us against each other, facts have been distorted for eons in order to breed a herd of sheep that can be controlled, with research we can all put this debate to rest and understand its old history so we can go forward and do something more productive than beating an old horse again and again

  61. Only 25% of people living in the south at the time of the civil war owned slaves. In an 1830’s census, in a town in South Carolina, 408 black people OWNED slaves. These figures will not be reported by the media because they do not want to give the impression that the civil war was about anything except the south fighting for the right to own slaves.

  62. Where does this stop this country is becomming nazi Germany how long before we get put in prison for saying anything bad about obammy. This politically correct shi7 has gone way too far, some times people say or do things that might offend someone SO WHAT!. Does this mean we give up all of our rights to free speech, apparently this is the direction we are going in. It is simply impossible to say anything anymore with out offending some wackjob or group of wackjobs and I for one am damn sick of it. We are all ENTITLED to our opinions even if it does offend some limp wristed jellyfish that can not handle it. If you don’t like it DONT READ IT if you dont like it DON’T LOOK AT IT otherwise shut your damn pieholes you candy a55ed pu55ys we don’t care if it offends you.

  63. Michael Dennewitz

    It’s only an issue because of all the dumbasses in this world. I’m having a guy print up Confederate bumper stickers for me. Fight fire with fire!!

    • I hope I’m not violating any rules here. I have an ebay site where we carry a number of items with the rebel flag. They are mostly all decals and they utilize the rebel flag in many different ways. If you’re interested in this please let me know and somehow or another I can direct you to that site. Again, I’m not trying to use this site to sell anything and I don’t want to break any rules here. But you seem as though you may be interested and I thought I would speak to you about it.

  64. Let’s not argue the Civil War all over again. Yes it was about states rights. The Confederate Flag does not bother me, but I have to say I was taken aback seeing an “OBAMA4U” license plate when driving on the Long Island Expressway.

  65. There’s a major difference between a Neo-Nazi or KKK member displaying the flag and someone from the Sons of Confederate Veterans displaying the flag. A major difference.

  66. I cannot understand how this American flag could be a threat to anyone. Ridiculous.

  67. It’s the Southern Democraps and RINOs who are the KKK. Not the Conservative Republicans. We want fairness and freedom for all… no matter the race or ethnicity.
    And, the Civil War was about succession not slavery as all the digressive stupid libs like to think. We need to stand by our Confederate Flag… it is a huge par of our history here in the south… and taking away the flag would be an affront to our First Amendment Rights!

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