Supreme Court Throws Republicans Under The Bus

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – The Supreme Court has rejected the newest attempt by Alabama’s GOP to have a congressional map in the 2024 election which only includes one majority-Black district. This is the second map that the Supreme Court has rejected in three months.

The Supreme Court denied hearing an appeal for a ruling by a lower court that invalidated the redrawn map stating that it was in violation of the Voting Rights Act. While in June the Supreme Court’s conservative justices had been divided on this issue, on Tuesday none of them dissented from the decision.

In June’s decision, the Court in a 5-4 vote struck down Alabama’s Republican lawmaker’s congressional district map. In the decision, the three liberals on the court sided with Chief Justice John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh. In the June ruling the other four conservatives had dissented.

Following the decision the Supreme Court forced Alabama to redraw the congressional district. However, despite the Supreme Court’s requirement the new map only has one majority-Black district and increased the percentage of Black voters in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District to 40 percent from 30 percent. Alabama has a population that is 27 percent Black and a total of seven congressional districts.

In the last election, the Democrats only won the one majority-Black District, while the other six seats were won by Republicans.

Republican state officials had asked the Supreme Court to temporarily block the lower court ruling and to allow the new map to be used. However, the Supreme Court rejected the emergency request pointing out that it had not followed their previous ruling.

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