Supreme Court Rumors Should Make You REALLY Glad Hillary Didn’t Win

As the Supreme Court’s spring term draws to a close, rumors are swirling that President Trump may soon be able to nominate a second judge to the nation’s highest bench. According to several reports, Justice Anthony Kennedy is getting ready to hang up his robes and retire after serving nearly 30 years on the court.

Justice Kennedy has built a conservative reputation on the bench, but he’s far from a reliable vote. On many occasions – the most prominent probably being the one on gay marriage in 2015 – he has swung towards the liberals, giving them major decisions in some bitterly disappointing verdicts. If he departs, it will give President Trump the ability to replace him with a purer conservative judge in the tradition of Antonin Scalia and his first pick, Neil Gorsuch. And, knowing that the Senate has already invoked the nuclear option for Supreme Court picks, he’ll have no reason to moderate his selection to appease obstructionist Democrats.

All of this should make any conservative EXTREMELY glad that Hillary Clinton did not win the election.

Assuming the Kennedy rumors are true, his retirement would mean that our worst nightmares about a Hillary Clinton presidency would already be coming true. She would have been able to replace TWO conservative judges with liberal ones, turning the court into a circus of inane constitutional interpretation for a generation. Whatever damage Hillary herself might have done to the country as president would have paled in comparison to what her Supreme Court picks would have done. It’s not a stretch to say that this would have been a complete game-changer for American life as we know it.

Thankfully, we dodged that particular bullet.

Of course, this may not be the end of the road when it comes to Trump’s influence over the highest court in the land. The age of two liberal Justices – Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer – cannot be ignored. We’d assume that they’ll try their damnedest to stay on the bench until a Democrat takes the White House, but life doesn’t always play according to your political desires. If either of them vacates their seats in the next three years, Trump will have an extraordinary opportunity to put the Supreme Court COMPLETELY out of liberal hands…for years to come.

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  1. There is not a day goes by I don’t thank God Hellary didn’t win!!!

    • Glorianne Decker Parker

      Me too

    • Glorianne Decker Parker

      The only thing she should win is her free ticket to prison along w/all her accomplices

    • You are not alone in that!

    • You and me both A MAN

    • You said a mouth full……..THANK YOU!

    • Anthony Guastella

      Amen Ron, Amen.

    • I know some morons are already rejoicing that Trump may have another chance to appoint a Justice. I do not see any difference whether he appoints Joe or Jane to the Bench. Anyone will be alright with me. It is now too late. We have Black lawyers, Black judges and White judges who do not see color of person when deciding cases. Above all we have other US Justices who will make sure Trump behaves. Trump administration will have failed if he tries to erase civil rights. As pointed out in one my posting, Black people are already forward. I am already forward. Trump catch-all words – Blacks will continue to be GREAT AGAIN – We are already GREAT AGAIN. I am already great again and so many Blacks. We had a Black President and First Lady for 8 years i.e. living in the WH. CBS Cronkite one day said: This Country will never be ruled by a Black male.” That was after Rev. Jackson won Michigan. Cronkite died before Obama became President. How far greater can you be? President of US is the top most position in this Country and in the world. The problem that sets us Blacks backwards are the few racists and bigots holding big positions. The racists and bigots are not all Whites, Chinese; but also Blacks. There was Black state administrator in my state who did not want Blacks in his agency. A friend, a Black guy, came to me and said: “I scored No. 1 on exam; but he (Black Administrator) chose a White woman who had scored 5th. In fact the governor and other Whites loved this Black administrator and gave him a plaque as “ADMINISTRATOR OF THE YEAR.” Blacks should also be careful with Affirmative Action officers. These too can be set Blacks backward. I have seen one AA who refused to endorse another Black who had scored highest on exam. The job paid more than that of AAO. The AAO could not believe a Black male beat 200 Whites exam takers. I believe this Black AAO was raised to believe he was intellectually inferior to Whites. In fact when confronted in office this is what he said: “You know Whites are smarter than us.” People could not believe this was coming from agency AAO who was supposed to fight for equal employment opportunities for everybody. After confronting him; he never talked to me again. Therefore it’s not only White racists and bigots pulling Blacks down; it is also the fault of Blacks in high positions who do not want us Blacks around them. I hope all Blacks who discriminate against fellow Blacks will read this posting. Trump will not set civil rights backward even if he tried to do so; for he will be out of office in 2020. So you morons can rejoice as much as you want about Trump picking another Justice. It is never a done deal.

      • Racism does exist, but making up fake stories like yours only hurts those who have legitimate complaints. Our race does not determine our IQ. that is mostly genetic based. there have been valedictorians in high school from all races. Their IQ and hard work is the reason, not race. In job search scores on test are less important than our Resume and experience. Personality does come into play as well as does the manner in which questions are answered. Seldom are people hired based on test scores. In most cases, the best qualified person who best fits the job requirements is hired. discrimination does still happen in both directions. How would you like to apply for a job and be white and have the job filled based on racial quotas. That used to be quite common in government and law enforcement. The most qualified person should be hired and race should never be a factor. That treats everyone equally.

        • Frank, did you really read what you posted? I doubt. You said: “Seldom people are hired based on test scores. In most cases, the best qualified person who best fits the job requirements is hired.” That is what should be; but it is not what is done especially in Republican controlled governments. You have to be White first to be “best fit.” And I have evidence for that. You have heard about disparate impact cases. Those cases were filed and decided because employers concocted criteria which deprived Blacks chance to be hired. In state and federal governments you have to score top 5 to be considered – that is the first 5 ranking are hired first. Please read several cases in the 7th Circuit where Repub appointed judges love to discriminate against Blacks. So exam scores determine who should hired considered first and especially in government positions. And remember, some White people who rank highest had advantage –shown questions before exams. And this has been proved and I have personally evidence for that. But remember if a Black person ranks highest, there are always fights and doubt how he or she ranked highest. Here is the truth. You must pass the exam and rank high for positions in governments. That is why we see cops and people in the military are mostly whites. Most of these cheated or hired by relatives. Blacks do not know they are cheated – questions are hidden from them; and I have proof for that. Thank God we had 8 years of Obama as President. At least government officials feared to discriminate against Blacks. We don’t know what will happen to Blacks now with our president being a White male. But I think he is more reasonable than his appointees.

          • You misunderstood what I said. hirings are not based just on test scores. they do play a part in who gets interviewed. Experience and many other things come into play during interview. The commission on equal employment opportunity would welcome your proof of discrimination if you have it . Contact them and make arrangements to talk to them.. You ramble once more. You say blacks who pass tests are passed by. You towards the end say here is the truth. You must pass the exam and score among the top for positions in government. That is why we see cops and those in military are mostly white and then accuse the whites who passed of cheating and having copies of test, while blacks do not . You then say you can prove all of this last part. Then you imply it did not happen under Obama. Provide your evidence to the US attorney in your district and if true, action will be taken. In meantime, pardon me for saying the obvious you are full of BS

        • Frank you are preaching to the Constitutional choir. Racists and Marxists care not a twit what you just stated. You preach Equal Justice Under Constitutional Law. They want prejudiced justice under unequal law. Pmbalele is prejudiced against people of the white race who in the USA happen to be the majority. We could spend thousands of hours presenting statistical evidence about outcomes but it would be time wasted when presented to prejudiced minds. In short, don’t confuse them with facts, their minds are made up.

      • As President, George Soros set back every poor white, black, brown, asian, indian and arabian and american person in this country. History will prove this whether the leftist culture allows it to be recorded or not.

        • Uh, Henry, just what have you been smoking or shooting up with? Soros never has been President. Did you dream that or extract it from the terminus of your alimentary canal?
          SOBER UP!

          • Hate drugs, never smoked, only needle I ever liked was one that was anecdotal for Mustard Gas which saved my life. I’m sorry you appear to be dumb!

          • You don’t know the difference between an anecdote and an antidote and you call ME
            dumb. LOL!

          • My smart phone is dumb she chose the spelling; I wasn’t paying attention because it is not significant. Actually, I didn’t call you dumb. End for me.

          • Henry did not “call you ‘dumb'”. He said you “appear to be dumb!” We now have factual evidence that you failed to read properly. Gotcha!

          • Nor was Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, a legitimate US President. Born in Africa and a foreign student at Columbia University he never qualified. He IS a puppet of George Soros, an acolyte of the late Adolf Hitler. Henry used the name “George Soros” appropriately who through Barack Obama deleted much progress for the list of people you noted above.

      • Just what are you on? Drugs!

      • President Trump has no intention of touching civil rights. Where do you get that idea? DNC? MSM? Hallucinations? You are rambling about an imagined scenario, moron! Where have you been? In lock up? Under a rock? Mars?

    • ME TOO…

  2. Hilly would have put Oprah, Whoopie and Caitlin on the Supreme Court or who ever donated the most $$$$$ to the Clintons.

  3. The liberal dem bloodsuckers are very loudly going nuts, this the the worst of their nightmares.
    Witha little luck they will start a civil war

    • As a U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran; I relish the thought. It truly would be the only way to eliminate the scourge of the extreme LEFT … for good! Any human being that sees nothing wrong in the murdering of over 55 MILLION innocent unborn HUMAN fetuses since 1973; is a waste of good oxygen! Please let it begin NOW!

      • I, like millions and millions of Veterans will stand with you USMC Nam 67 68 SEMPER-FI

        • Alan, Bert, I’m with U all the way. US Army, Nam 69, 70, 71. Lets finish what they wouldn’t let us back then and really make America Great Again.

          • I’am READY bring on the Anti- American snowflakes lock and load SEMPER-FI

          • Hell … all you gotta do is point a toy Thompson Sub-Machine gun at them (which I got for my 9th Birthday present by my Father back in 1963) … and those pussies would scream in fear by just seeing one (of course the dumb ass’es thinks it’s real).

          • I remember my brother’s Thompson. He would sneak into my room in the morning and wake me with it…so annoying.
            I also remember finding his stash of cap rolls and smashing one roll at a time on a cement block with a sledge hammer.

          • Organic … wow … I remember doing that on the basement floor in my Father’s house. Boy was he pissed; as it left a stain on the concrete.

            My Brother and I also got a realistic toy Bazooka in 1964 for our Birthdays (we were one year & 10 days apart in age, August 16th for me and August 26th for him … me being the oldest); about five feet log that fire these plastic shells that were about six inches long (they did not go to far); but was cool all the same.

            Man … these poor kids being raised in today’s mind-numbing, goofy environment are truly loosing out.

          • Five foot bazooka! That must have been some fun. I had a little Annie Oakley outfit and a six-shooter that used stickum caps. My dad was a gunsmith, made flintlock rifles. I used to clip the tails off the lead balls after he unmolded them and they had cooled.

            Our kids had laser tag and paintballs. Their friends would bike over and they’d spend the day in our woods with paintballs. The laser tag was great in a barn where the light beam was visible. It isn’t safe for kids on bikes these days, not even on gravel country roads.

            The grandchildren love the older nerf machine guns. Some of those plastic toys from the ’80s have turned out to be fairly sturdy and long-lived. You’re right about kids today. So many of them are utterly confused about way too many things adults have adulterated.

        • Bert,

          Thanks for your heart-felt reply. I am assuming that you may have been involved in the Tet Offensive. Many thanks for your service & sacrifice.

          I caught the final year and embarrassment of the chaos of the evacuation of South Vietnam during April/May of 1975. I was up close and personal with the Refugees. Their plight was sad to watch.

          • I watched it on tv made me sick and I assure you we didn’t lose that war it was lost in Washington D C by a bunch of spineless cowards, looks like not much has changed in 50 years, Thank GOD we now have a President (TRUMP) with a backbone (Did you hear that OBOZZO I said PRESIDENT TRUMP you worthless coward POS PERIOD SEMPER-FI

      • The liberal scum are simply without merit worth, value, morals honor or integrity.
        I see no reason to keep the scum around paying welfare and food stamps for them,

  4. With Kennedy gone we can start working on Ginsberg.

  5. 1. You mean glad the FIX failed.
    2. Upcoming SCOTUS appointments were written about before the election.
    3. I abhor judicial activism. It has NO BUSINESS in law.

    • Reason that (D) KRUDS are IMPLODING
      1) They LIED…DNC kept RECORDS SECRET from DHS and FBI ( hiding)?
      2) Scotus appointments HELPED “wake up America” after odumbo appointments
      3) 9th District was Example for need of new POTUS

  6. Kennedy “retires” and Ginsberg may “CROAK”………………..ore reasons to be THANKFUL that Hillary SCREWED UP!……………….and that OBUMMER ” flexibility” posture Colluted with RUSSIA hackings…and We The People ELECTED Pres TRUMP Can’t make this SHit up……Liberals are IMPLODING!!

    • I truly hope that liberal imploding speeds right along! Their destructive/obstructive nature just adds the fuel.

      • It reminds me that a Snow ball (their RUSSIA BS) is turning into an avalanche that is BURYING them …. they are on a Fast ROLL down the hill !!!! Trump IS making the Neeeded CHANGES on the POSITIVE that Obama and these (D) IDIOTS Practiced on the NEGATIVE for our REPUBLIC!

        • When a CNN producer even admits that the Russian collusion charges against Trump are BS, especially after two full years of unrelenting attacks by the rats at CNN, that really is a sign that something definitely is a-changin’! I’ll still never watch them ever again!

          • is BS NBC NEXT IN LINE?? and how about Sarah Palin SUING the NY SLIME!!! The anti Republic PRESSTITUTES are getting SLAMMED!!!

          • Presstitutes? What a perfect term for MSM turd dispensers!

          • Feel free to use it….it is not patented..:0)

          • Yeah, how about the Wacko of Wasilla suing the New York Times. Her hurt feelings lawsuit was dismissed in August!. Anyone can file a lawsuit, but it needs to have merit. From the dreaded NYT article on the dismissal:

            “Nowhere is political journalism so free, so robust, or perhaps so rowdy as in the United States,” Judge Rakoff wrote. “But if political journalism is to achieve its constitutionally endorsed role of challenging the powerful, legal redress by a public figure must be limited to those cases where the public figure has a plausible factual basis for complaining that the mistake was made maliciously.”

            In a statement, a spokeswoman for The Times said: ‘Judge Rakoff’s opinion is an important reminder of the country’s deep commitment to a free press and the important role that journalism plays in our democracy. We regret the errors we made in the editorial. But we were pleased to see that the court acknowledged the importance of the prompt correction we made once we learned of the mistakes.'”

          • So many words to say so very LITTLE….Oh well…nay ideas about the REAL RUSSIA Dossier that Clinton/DNC/ Obama FUNDED????

          • It is called “opposition research” and it is a common practice of political campaigns to collect negative information on opponents. There is nothing illegal about it. The “proof is in the pudding,” though, and you and I both will have to be patient and wait and see just what kind of proof and truth, if any, come out of that dossier after Mr. Mueller and others have looked into its contents and completed their investigations and made their reports. Unlike many right wing know-it-alls, I reserve judgment on such matters until the facts are in.I suggest you do the same.

          • More words to say NOTHING….the Clintons Finally admitted to this FOREIGN paid Investigation only because a COURT was about to DIVULGE the Whole Sordid affair… WAKE UP MORON !! Can the CLINTON ever come “clean” about ANYTHING??? Meantime more can be expected about the Uranium “SALE” that goes back to Geithner,,, Holder… BHO ZERO and the SOW …………..How many words will you type to say NOTHING???

          • Foreign or domestic does not matter when the activity is a campaign’s opposition research. Get your silly, simple self educated.

          • ” opposition research” a new SET if INVENTED LIES by the DNC….Was WATERGATE not just the SAME THING you Ignorant Stupid IDIOT?? And I’ll get educated just as soon as you take your HEAD out of the BUCKET OF HUMAN WASTE you Have it stuck in….. now STFU moron!

          • Not “NEW” in any way. Opposition research has been legally going on for decades. I have done some of it myself at another time and place. It can be pursued legally or illegally. It the case of Watergate, it was very illegal and the burglars involved got their due justice. Watergate was by no means the “same thing” contrary to your irrational and illogical and ignorant assertion. Yes, you still need to get educated. Getting up the learning curve will help you to look less like a fool!.

          • Headon I think you meant well but your subject/verb placements above can lead to unwanted conclusions. As you posted it your comment means: “Opposition research…was very illegal and the burglars involved got their due justice.” That is the opposite of what I believe you intended to say. Your “it” refers to the illegal Watergate burglary, not to “Opposition research”. No, I did not major in English composition.

          • “The proof of the pudding is in the tasting” is the correctly stated comment.

        • I hope they hit a row of trees at the bottom of the “hill” and it does more brain damage than they already have and they have to be committed to a non function room in an institution.

          • OH to be there to see it happening with a case of good Bourbon and a bunch of Patriots…Ooh Rah

          • Sounds like a good party to attend- the Bourbon will keep us warm!

          • 10-4

          • Haven’t used “10-4” since I retired and quit using my CB!

          • Corps or…???

          • Commuting on I-95 to my secretarial job 50 miles one way towards DC. 20 yrs of doing it. If I broke down everyone knew who I was and checked to see I was OK or needed help!

          • ahh those good old days!!! my 10-4 were after some fire missions!

          • Back in the 80’s were the good old days!!

            I don’t know what a “fire mission” is , but guessing you were military and if so “thank you for your service to our country.

          • Well as early as the 60’s Public schools and many universities began to “indoctrinate young impressionable minds with” SOCIALISTIC” anti America rethoric and started to the Stoppage of teaching America’s exceptionalism via diminishing History lessons….Yes the 80’s were the Zenith of America’s times and we have experienced the Start of the (D) created Disaster we have to live with today….
            Serving in the USMC wad my honor…Thank you!

          • True! My kids were out of school, they didn’t get “indoctrinated”. I passed Quantico MCB everyday going to work, caught the train there into work sometimes. Dated 2 Marines (at different times). Now I fight on the internet, newspapers and in my town for my country!

          • Fight on Patriot..Quantico was my Home for a while months after my University Graduation… great Place!!

          • Thanks jaybird. Apparently we both grew up when most Americans shouldered a sense of responsibility (demonstrated civility) and did not demand the “guvmunt” ( taxpayers ) support them.

          • For me jaybird, the 1950s were America’s golden age. Things were stabilizing from the disruption caused by Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan. The Satanists of society had not yet hatched with their “dangerous” substances, racial discord, and anti-gun agenda. During that era Americans supported civility and everyone went to work to justly make a paycheck for food, clothing and other necessities for the family. The “gimme, gimme, gimme, I got my rights” crap had not yet surfaced from the non-contributing freebee moochers who want the “guvmunt” to support them.

          • I was 7yrs old in 1950!

          • I was 12. Was one year old when WWII started and when GWTW premiered, Loew’s Theatre, Atlanta, GA.

          • I presume CB’s can and will be resurrected during the New Dark Ages in our future? Or is electricity required to run them? Just wondering.

          • This was in my car, so it ran off the battery.

          • Can CB’s be run off solar power as well as battery power?

          • No one discussed solar power back then, you would need to check into it.

          • As long as you have the 12 volt converter for th solar panel, they work quite well.

          • batteries ..

          • I was in elementary school during WWII but I believe those things (Citizens’ Band) required batteries at least.

      • What with all the GOP infighting and double-crossing, it is they, not the liberals, that are in the worst danger of imploding!

        • Looks more like the Dems and RINOS are imploding. We now have a bona fide American citizen with a proven track record of success in the White House. This great nation was without a President for eight years. A foreign student imposter born in Africa was illegally whisked into his Crescent Office in his White Mosque on January 20, 2009 and again on January 20, 2013. He sealed his college records to hide his true identity. America was hoodwinked November 2008 and November 2012. Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty to guard against scum who would take away what some old geezers risked everything for in the late 18th. Century.

    • Don’t you just LOVE it

    • James Higginbotham

      i hope those communist demorats implode so much their heads explode.

    • To help that implosion along, we need to pressure the Voter Fraud Commission to conclusively prove that Barack Obama was fraudulently elected in both 2008 and 2012 with non-citizen and illegal votes! That will finally destroy whatever credibility he has left among the dumbest Blacks and most treasonous Whites! Every Democratic public official who encouraged the registration of non-citizens and illegals, including Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Governor Jerry Brown of California should be charged and convicted, and every Democratic activist who deliberately and knowingly registered non-citizens and illegals should be heavily fined and imprisoned for perpetrating fraud and overturning elections here in the United States! Whether or not the Russians succeeded in changing a single vote, having 7.2 million voters registered in two states, and having millions of non-citizens, illegals & the dead voting is a crime beyond measure, especially considering how much damage Barack Obama did to this country by flooding in dangerous Muslims!

      • I just saw on FOX news that the Liberal Phony Bastards of the (D) Nazi party have hired a “CONSULTANT” to teach them how to talk to FLY OVER STATES Voters……HYPOCRISY that Should COST THEM MORE VOTES since theu just cannot be EVER trusted to mEAN WHAT THEY SAY!!!!

        • What do you EXPECT? Political “Science” is learning how to lie and appease, NEVER telling things as they are — how is it possible to believe ANYTHING they say?

          • Well (D) turds have been indoctrinated in the Alinsky Doctrine which basically Brain washed the into thinking” TRUTH Is LIES….ONLY our LIES are the TRUTH” now they want a (D) from ILLINOIS to Reprogram them into just BELIEVING that their LIES are the ONLY TRUTH”
            More Useless TURDS just like Joe and Mika

    • Tiger Woods: “You can’t possibly mess up your career like I did”

      Kathy Griffin: “Hold my beer.”
      Johnny Depp “maybe it’s time we killed the president”
      Madonna ” I have a dream …of blowing up the White House”
      Hillary Clinton “like with a cloth”
      Loretta Lynch ” meet me on the tarmac”
      Lois Learner ” lets investigate the tax records of these conservatives”
      Eric Holder “sell mexican all the guns they want”
      Lois Lerner ” I claim the 5th”
      Susan Rice ” lets get these masks off”
      Samantha Power ” lets unmask everyone”
      John Brennan ” everyone is a security risk to democrats, unmask them all”
      Barry Osama ” you can keep your doctor”
      James Comey ” Ok, I will call it a matter”
      Phil Montag “glad” House Majority Whip Steve Scalise got shot last week.”
      Pelosi ” lets just pass it”
      Schumer ” they are murdering millions of people”
      Waters ” we have two Vietnams, side by side”

      Democrats are lost in a house of mirrors, and all the hallways lead to Hillary.

      • and what a perfect title for the RED DISTRICT HOUSE THAT OBAMA RAN…..Barry as ” DA PIMP” all others as his ” “HORES”

  7. Rumor is that Kennedy has already picked his staff for the next year.

  8. Praying Ginsberg drops dead any day now!!!!!!!!
    Worthless old, lying democrat bag.

    � ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser.
    � CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s former Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
    � ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney
    � ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s former Deputy Press Secretary
    � ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s former Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
    � CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to Clinton’s former Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
    � And if that didn’t throw the final turd into the punchbowl, the ultra-liberal New York times is owned by Carlos Slim, the richest citizen of MEXICO! What a great big happy family!

    • As Hellary & Obama would say “ALL OF THIS IS ONLY CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE”

    • Thanks for the post.
      Fox News, or a conservative outlet, should have presented this info repeatedly to drum it into everyone’s head.

  10. Remember the horrible sinking feeling you had when Obumer took the second term? Relief was when Florida, then Pennsylvania, then Michigan went red election night. We were given a window of opportunity. It’s gonna be short lived if muslims have their way. Now a jihadi is running for top office in Michigan. Ten years ago when I lived in Dearborn it was getting bad. Ford is head quartered there. The muslims who are living with the benefits of American free market fruits are intent on destroying the same. If the muslims have their way we will live on dirt floors lifiting our butts to islam….

  11. yes and thank goodness I dont have to see her wearing those “gunny sacks” anymore! (if you dont know what gunny sacks are then thats because you are not from past generations as I am 🙂 )

  12. Whatever happened to sotomayor leaving the country if Donald Trump got elected? I will help buy her ticket!

  13. Thank you Mr. President, it must feel good to be a HERO.

  14. Never forget God may not have interfered with our free choice but He made stopping Hillary possible through His people, else we would already be in deep dung. God does not force us to do things but does influence people and He stopped Hillary through those He could deal with. Free will is the issue and God allows us free will. Thank God American’s FINALLY are waking up and obeying God.

    • I feel exactly the same way. God usually gives man & nature free will. But I feel God might have helped a little this time. As long as God is protecting Donald Trump, nothing on earth can hurt him.

      • Very good point. I by no means meant to imply that God is anemic or powerless, He holds all power and can do anything He wants (He as Father/Son/Spirit of God). All exists in Him yet He created man in His Image to act like Him. We act like Him obeying His Word then He moves with great power.

        Yes indeed God did move here, mostly through people who obeyed Him. He heard the prayers and plight of His people and intervened. He did not use His mighty power that we can see but also did not violate mankind’s free will.

        The answer is “IF MY PEOPLE will humble themselves and PRAY and TURN from their wicked ways, then will I HEAR from Heaven and Heal their land.”

        The wicked are wrought that God’s people did not roll over and play dead and allow them to rise to power and control by their lies, deceptions, and illusions and PRAYED.

        Most will never realize the evils that we were spared. The evil ones are out to take our minds off God and steal the election and do as much damage as they can to get back in power. The caring/tolerant/ civil left — as they allude to cover their evil — shows their hate and wrath as much as they can to make people wish that they had gone along with their plans for humanity. Evil has two faces “I care” when it does not just to manipulate people and “terrorism” as they would like to evoke upon those who interfered with their lusts for power and control.

        We by no means are out of the woods. Remember that the globalists bankers behind the NWO own most of the world’s resources and through their global corporation control most of Hollywood, government, industry, etc. But also remember that their banks are set up on funny money -digits in computers with little backed by gold or value. It is dangerous times and not the time to be run by fear but to do all we can do to keep on opposing evil and doing good.

        On one side Trump could be a parlor trick of the Hegellian Dialectic — the left posed as good and those not going along with the left as right wing extremists in order to move society to where they want to move it – more and more tolerant of evil and opposing good.

        Personally, I believe that Trump is used of God and is a royal pain in the NWO’s fanny. He needs our prayers and support and encouragement to do what is right honoring God, the people who want freedom for all, the Constitution, and God’s people.

        Positives have happened and we need to encourage Trump and others who want to do good to keep it up and pray for them.

        Read the three wars by Albert Pike – chilling. Don’t forget we are in the end times and the Great Tribulation will hit some day. I personally believe that though some planned on America being in the center of the NWO that America can break away and not follow the Beast System.

        I know Jesus will have two appearances – one where the 7 brides are ready and the 4 miss out when the Groom catches them away like a thief in the night. The other when Jesus returns with His saints and quickly wipes out the enemies of God and rules the earth. Some mix these errantly. I put it this way, “I would much rather be with Jesus and know His love than to be with the man of perdition/son of Satan-Lucifer and try to survive.” For me, I am not afraid of willingly laying my life down to glorify God (vs powerlessly being murdered). Either way I am good. The tribulation is the wrath of God poured out on the children of disobedience. Rather not go there HA. Rather not be one of the two in the field and left here while the other goes to be with the Lord. Jesus did not state the parables of the 10- brides and the one of two taken for no good reason. If I am here by God’s will I hope to be one of the 144000 people with God’s mark on their head that can not be destroyed and evangelize the world along with some angels and the two witnesses that have never died (but will be and resurrect).

        What we Christians MUST DO is place our focus on God and loving Him and others and sharing such wonderful news about Jesus rather than let the fake news and antagonistic socialists and crazies and terrorists controlled so easily by demons bother us. Right now there is so much potential to reverse what Satan has set up in America and for a season prosper – be blessed and be a blessing to others to honor God —if Hillary had made it as president we QUICKLY would have fallen to the control of the globalists and anarchy as Pike predicted would end in a state where most of the world would follow Lucifer as god. We with God’s help and blessings won and we need to keep on winning, encouraged that God has given us an opportunity to route out much evil and do good.

        Be blessed!

        • Some very good points. You said it the way my mom would have. She & dad are with Jesus right now.

          • I will take that as a complement though not a female ha! No, mothers can often have better spiritual insight than fathers sometimes. Isn’t it wonderful that this life, though so short, has those who we will see in Heaven and what a reunion that will be.
            Be blessed!

    • The swamp IS DC. It was created to be the seat of the corporation named “THE UNITED STATES” and serves under the false fringed flag instead of ours and is wholly owned by European royalty and bankers. We need to reconvene our real government outside of DC borders where they have no power anyway, MAGA. It has been a charade for 146 years now, I think that is long enough!

      • It did not start that way but the Illuminists have changed it in order to set up their New World Order to the degree we almost lost America all together if Hillary had won. I trust few in DC on few things but we do have a president finally, first in a long time, who is doing what he promised. Do I Trust Trump? Trust is earned – good start when the socialist liberals show their true hate for America and spout hate so much in socialist global NWO banker controlled Hollywood and most media. No longer can the demoncats be considered caring, kind, bipartisan, civil. There are civil people in the Democrat party and Republican Party but the RINO’s and socialist Dem leaders try to grab all control and threaten those who will not comply. Some are bought out and some part and partial to the NWO’s evil plans to rule the world.

        The separation of the wheat and the tares (weeds) is applicable here as people choose to follow evil or good, Satan/Lucifer or God…

  15. I would rather have seen Kennedy, Bryer, Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotomayor removed by impeachment long ago but guess we just have to wait for attrition.

  16. There are so many reasons I’m glad Clinton didn’t win I can’t even count them!!!!!

  17. If Hillary had a siter she wouldn’t hesitate to dispose of her in a heart beat if she got in her way, take that to the bank!!!

  18. Truly, truly scary to think of what could have been…

  19. I thanked God on election day and try to remember to do that every day when I pray. God please bring us a good health plan now. We deserve better than what we have.

    • CBS had a thing about healthcare. They said there would be 22 million uninsured by 2026. I posted “what they forgot to tell you was with OBAMACARE there would be 220 million uninsured by 2026”

  20. Richard Chelvan

    And Ginsburg dropping dead from old age would be a huge plus!

  21. The Nation really IS fortunate that Hillary didn’t win, because the upheaval that her success would have led to on the Supreme Court (to say nothing of all those Circuit Courts of Appeals, where there are ONE HUNDRED judicial vacancies!) would have been even WORSE than you’re imagining.

    IF Hillary had become President in January, SHE would have filled the Scalia seat which was vacant at the time — and she’d have picked someone a LOT more liberal than Merrick Garland, Obama’s choice. AND what’s WORSE, Ruth Ginsberg AND Stephen Breyer would have RETIRED from SCOTUS in February, leaving Hillary a total of THREE vacancies to fill (the Scalia seat plus Ginsberg and Breyer). Add to that the Kennedy seat — the man is 81, for heaven’s sake, he REALLY DOES want to retire! — and Hillary would have been able to name FOUR ultra-liberals at the START of her term, plus 100 or so to the Circuit Courts. The mind boggles!

    If you don’t think much about the Circuit Courts of Appeals, just think: it was the 9th Circuit (the “Nutty Ninth”) and the 4th Circuit that had blocked President Trump’s immigration controls — a block the SUPREME Court has now removed. The Circuit courts could block almost ANYTHING President Trump wanted to do — and they WOULD have; Barrack Obama spent EIGHT YEARS PACKING THEM with liberal judges, ALL of whom have LIFE TERMS. And 100 seats open, ready for the President (could have been Hillary) to pack with yet more liberal & radical judges. HUNDREDS of important cases every year are decided at the Circuit Court level, and are NEVER EVEN HEARD by the Supremes. SO LET’S ALL THANK GOD THAT “PRESIDENT HILLARY” NEVER HAPPENED.

  22. when Hillary lost and Trump won, that proved to me there is a God.

  23. We are glad Hillary did not win!

  24. And that’s exactly why we need President Trump in office for the next 8 years.

  25. This article has it right about what’s at stake. President Donald Trump will go down in history as the President that sent SCOTUS back to our US Constitution. President Trump will decide the legal course of America for many years to come with his SCOTUS picks.

  26. Let me tell yall how I feel….. Trump B Da Man!

  27. Ginsberg is going to be sitting there with her head down as usual one day. When the time comes for a verdict she will not answer because she will have passed away sitting on the bench. She will never retire, she will expire.

  28. Hillary Clinton would have been a nightmare for honest law abiding Americans who still believe in the U.S. Constitution especially the bill of rights which the founding fathers said were not open to interpretation by succeeding generations, This also includes the Second amendment. Hillary most Americans wish you and you obnoxious husband would climb back under your rock in Little Rock Arkansas, simply states just Arkansas white trash.

  29. Hillary’s past crimes are just now catching up to her. May justice at last be served!

  30. thank god for small favors god bless america

  31. Even if the rep are not conservative that is the one good thing they might can get done MAYBE . picking a conservative judge

  32. I just seen a report on US new home sales. They said sales were down. Of course they blamed the economy & consumer confidence. I had just herd that sales on new homes were up. I typed up US new homes sales for 2017. There was a chart (these figures are in 1000’s) Dec 2016-548 Jan 2017-599 Feb 2017-615 Mar 2017-644 Apr 2017-593 May 2017-610. When I was in school 610 was greater than 593. The Liberals must be using a new form of math!

  33. Where’s the Indictments??????



  35. Putting the supreme court out of the insane, destructive hands of Democrats forever. The new American dream. Know what bothers me the most about liberal insanity? Over the last twenty years or so of their accelerated, aggressive push to tear down our society and replace it they seem to have missed entirely the fact that they are absolutely not replacing it with something better. What we have now thanks to them is a society full of shallow, lonely, detached, angry, selfish, entirely self-centered people who lack morals, even the idea of basic values, the ability to think for themselves and reason like adults. They’ve created a society of dimwitted, demanding children who never grow up, never progress although they call themselves ‘progressives’ and believe they are entitled to everything their little heart desires because they’ve ‘suffered’, mostly imaginary things. When what they’ve really suffered is the catastrophic affects of modern liberalism, which appears to be designed to rid the world of common sense.

  36. The Dem Lib idea of hiring activists to the supreme court is completely against the constitution. Supreme court justices are supposed to be the last line of defense to the constitution. They are not supposed to decide cases on the basis of race, color, or income inequality, etc, that is now the hallmark of the Dem Libs. Interpret the law conservatively in the sense you actually look at what it says and at precedent. You don’t decide that somebody forgot to put in your favorite gender or flavor of ice cream.

  37. I would have voted for Putin to avoid Hillary. At least Putin doesn’t seem to be in league with the Dems! and he doesn’t have criminals in place at every level of out government.

  38. We BADLY need a Supreme Court we can count on to adhere to the constitution and to recognize the villainy of the Left.

  39. We saved Hillary’s life by seeing that she was not elected. She doesn’t have to thank us. Just some acknowledgement would be nice.

  40. Good —- Leave but take Ginsberg with ya……Can ya imagine the lefties faces right now…..

  41. John Roberts is supposed to be a conservative jurist, but if you keep up with anyone inside the Beltway you will know them by their actions and Money Talks, i.e. Comey, Loretta Lynch, Robert Mueller, John McCain, and a vast amount of others.

  42. ! I’m waiting for “GINSBERG” to leave or go quietly into that ! BAD NIGHT!

  43. Perhaps Trump will throw a bone to the wingnuts in the form of a SCOTUS nomination for the fanatical loose-screw theocrat Roy Moore.

  44. I am praying both leave soon, toes up is ok, too. (ginsburg and breyer)

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