Supreme Court is No Place for Liberals

The Wall Street Journal published a scathing editorial this week, ripping into Hillary Clinton for her views on the Constitution and the Supreme Court. The Journal’s editorial board was aghast at Hillary’s comments at the third presidential debate, where she explained to viewers that the Supreme Court should represent “the people” and that her nominees would protect the powerless and stand up to the powerful.

“The Supreme Court should represent all of us,” Hillary said. “And the kind of people that I would be looking to nominate to the court would be in the great tradition of standing up to the powerful, standing up on our behalf of our rights as Americans.”

“Where to begin with that one?” asked the WSJ editorial board. “The Supreme Court doesn’t – or shouldn’t – ‘represent’ anyone. In the U.S. system that’s the job of the elected branches. The courts are appointed, not elected, so they can be nonpartisan adjudicators of competing legal claims.

“Mrs. Clinton is suggesting that the Court should be a super-legislature that vindicates the will of what she calls ‘the American people,’ which apparently excludes ‘the powerful,'” they continue. “But last we checked, the Constitution protects everyone, even the powerful. The law is supposed to protect individual rights, not an abstraction called ‘the people.'”

This is a timely piece.

We’ve gotten in the bad habit of pining for “conservative” justices, playing into this false belief that “liberalism” and “conservatism” are two valid philosophies of equal merit when it comes to filling out the Supreme Court.

They aren’t.

Liberalism, as a political philosophy, has its place. People who want social progress have every right to choose politicians who will fight for that progress, no matter how inane the proposals might be. There’s nothing inherently broken in the system when liberals keep electing liberals. It sucks, but it’s not a threat to the core of the nation.

The Supreme Court, however, should not be infected with “liberalism” as we know it through the Democratic Party. Liberalism/progressivism, by definition, means pushing for change. “Progress.” When applied to politics, it can be tolerated. When applied to the law, it represents a threat to our republic.

There are ways to change and amend the Constitution. These methods are slow, difficult, and cumbersome. And that’s the way it must be. If our Constitution is subject to the shifting winds of political trends, it ceases to have any power. It becomes meaningless. We may as well shred it and start calling the Supreme Court the “Living Constitution.” Just tell us what to do, guys! What could go wrong?

Conservatism, through literal constitutional interpretation, is the only appropriate Supreme Court philosophy. One “liberal” judge is one too many.

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  1. I thought the Criminal Clintons were the law not corrupt judges she would assign to judge American citizans surely not for the Clintons

  2. .the u.n. small arms treaty will be law before obama is done.
    Lots of people are buying firearms up. But when the government knows you have it
    they know where to send the u.n. storm troopers (obama allready has
    made plans for the u.n. stormtroopers to be on u.s. soil next spring, wonder why?
    NOT- spending money for guns that will be taken away next year isn’t something I want to do.
    Not me- I’m not going to put my name and address in a “has guns”
    federal database. But in obama’s transformed America I’m carrying
    protection. I got these- search
    “conversion cylinder for NAA cap and ball”


    • Not unexpectedly, we have the quintessential gun nut paranoid weighing in here with baseless alarmist drivel!

    • The UN small arms treaty is unconstitutional because it comprises our Sovereignty, by subjecting the U.S. to the whims of foreign powers.

      • constitution? Obama and Clinton don’t care about the law- forcing americans to buy a particular government crafted product is unconstitutional
        the list of violations of law go on for days from these people
        unprovoked unauthorized act of war by bombing Libya to allow the muslim brotherhood overrun it also violates law of the u.n. and Geneva
        it’s game over for freedom in America folks- if you have enough money- get the hell out while you can still take your money with you

        • The problem is ” there is no where to run” no where to hide” People should learn how and whom to vote for and should have done something before too late : We are being given one more chance by Divine Authority and the people better adhere to his laws from now on !

    • RueDeLaDeplorable

      I have been buying the 80% AR lower receivers and finish machining them myself. No serial number, no paperwork, not a pistol, not a rifle, meaning I can put any length of barrel on the receiver without committing a felony, (illegal to put a pistol barrel on a receiver purchased as a rifle), just be sure to have the right buffer installed.

    • I’ve heard it said “blue helmets make good targets”. Foreign troops, even under the guise the UN are invaders and a threat to our Sovereignty and should not be tolerated, especially by our military who are only bound to obey lawful orders.

      • lawful orders like the unprovoked unauthorized attach on Libya?
        don’t be a fool- Obama removed 2300 experienced officers and replaced them with muslims and kweers
        American military WILL fire on American citizens- they will follow the order to kill the unarmed
        the antichrist has made plans for this since day one

        • “Unprovoked”and “Unauthorized” are your opinions. I’m many things, but on this who is the fool? Only time will tell, as far as what the American military will do is conjecture that happens to fit in with your opinion.

        • SO TRUE and this country’s religious leaders have turned traitor to the enemy’s religion and have been changing our bible over to the Barbarian one and the pope should be ousted before all !!!!!!

          • 10KidsandYOUPAYMYBILLS

            Effie- agreed wholeheartedly–but the kids by and large don’t “get it” Few have a homelife that teaches them much of the truths we learned and live by. The schools have long been ultra liberal in their teaching and going more in that direction.
            soon- the old times will vanish into dust- baby boomers are a huge group–with perhaps 8 years left to live and vote.
            soon– the leadership (if you want to call it that) will be 100% maggots and the benefiters of the greed.
            The US is soon to slide into a Sodom and Gomorrah of a magnitude you and I do not even dare to envision. It will be destroyed the same way–fire and ash.
            TWO NUCLEAR WARHEADS HAVE GONE MISSING! yyou read about it- obutph*k fired the top generals the same day the nukes were transferred.
            and they are gone–into the hands of ??? jihadists I guarantee.
            They will be used– perhaps to start the war with Russia?
            Have you seen a very old movie titled “By dawns early light”?
            please see if you can find it- lames earl jones- powers booth- rip torn- a long list of top actors– but this is easily how it could begin (and with today’s nukes, end)


          • it’s a mess- seriously- the people –many people- have been deterioration for 30 years. 8 years od the communist or whatever you want to call the anti – American vale leadership of the oreo have broken the dam wide open. the slow spiral into the void is now more like a piledriver ramming America into hell.
            the establishment put trump in to try to slow it down- not for the sake of the sheeple people but for the safety of themselves. 4 more years of moving in this direction at this speed and it would go t*ts up.

          • Most of the people on here are not brain dead, thank God !Although it has gone to far at this point and even if Trump is in the commie’s still have alternate plans and it’s not a picnic according to what they have gotten away with so far . l will look for that movie !

  3. “One ‘liberal’ judge is one too many”?

    Well, one conservative judge is too many when that judge is on the majority opinion in cases like Citizens United!

    • You just showed your ignorance!
      The SC ONLY, rules on the constitutionality of laws enacted by the legistature!

      If they dont meet the Constitution, they dont fly, period!

      If they are “unpopular”, or need changing, that is up to the citizenery and the legislature to hash out and try again!

      • NOT since at least Roe v Wade! Nowhere does the Constitution condone the murder of an innocent without any trial or due process!

        • Embryos and fetuses are not persons and have no constitutionally protected right to life and due process.

          When a fetus is born and breathes, then the fetus becomes a person (baby) with constitutionally protected rights.

          “Forced birthers” are the epitome of tyrants, such people have no regard for the constitutional rights of the pregnant woman carrying the fetus inside her.

          • ONLY because you reject Yhwh God, your Creator and His law! He sees each of us as a complete person, even before we’re zygote!

          • W hy don’t you have a conversation with GOD about you’re statement and see what he has to say !!!!!!!

        • You are exactly right there!
          So, they should not have even touched it!
          Murder is already illegal, and they SHOULD HAVE simply reafirmed such!

          They violated their own directive and tried to MAKE LAW on their own! That is the legislatures job! They should have sent it back down as a violation of said constitution, and not dabbled in “social engineering”!

          Their ONLY JOB, is to interpet law according to the Constitution!

          Is said law Constitutional or NOT, in regards to said Constitution, nothing else!

    • Citizens United was actually appropriate, until and unless UNIONS are stopped from buying pols intersections TOO!

  4. As Obama once said “the Constitution is a list of negatives”. Yes,a list of negatives for big government control of We the People. How did this guy ever get elected two times,oh,I forgot the system is rigged’

  5. That seems to be the problem with “ALL” politicians too. The Supreme Court’s only job is to uphold the Constitution that was written 240 plus years ago by people that understood what “freedom and liberty” meant. It is not a dynamic document to be trampled or changed or interpreted in any way to suit the whims of ideologically biased individuals, which all politicians are. Politicians are employees of the people and are to legislate based on their employers desires. When was the last time your senator or House member asked you what you want and followed your instructions? Probably never. Since Abraham Lincoln neutered the Tenth Amendment in 1862 and made the Federal Government (aka Union) more powerful than the individual states, the federal government has methodically taken more and more power and we the people have had our rights, freedoms and liberties chiseled away. Think about this; are we citizens with the power over the politicians as America was designed to be, or are we subjects to be used as slaves to earn money that the government (ruling class politicians) spends as it sees fit? POLITICIANS ARE THE PROMLEM. You and I have has little if any effect on the situation America finds itself today. Politicians are deceitful, dishonest, power hungry and self promoting, the very worst people of a society that should be left in charge of “anything” and most of all our lives. People going into politics / government must be more comprehensively vetted and not simply rich enough or connected enough to run for a position in the government. They must be ordinary citizens like the Founding Fathers and men and women that offered their lives fighting against Britain then went back home. Politicians were never meant to be life time government officials. WE MUST REIN THEM IN AND FORCE THEM TO ACCEPT TERM LIMITS OR REMOVE THEM FROM GOVERNMENT ALTOGETHER.

    • and the Liberals are taking over Christian Colleges and Universites look at what happend to the Blessed Sacrement University the have clubs for Gay people

      • Not to mention the “open bathroom” laws for churches already in 2states with a 3rd pending.

        • Open bathrooms have bewn aorund for decades.
          For the civilian public, they usually are single person units with doors that lock.
          In the military they can and have been coed.

          • Not when I served in the military! We didn’t even have male RNs our OI barracks, let alone our bathrooms! But the subject here is CHURCHES, into which the gov’t has NO business intruding, let alone dictating policy in violation of Yhwh God’s law, no matter WHO wants it!

          • Well, Sandra, I am sorry to have to inform you of this — there is nothing in God’s law about bathrooms, let alone cohabitation of the sexes.

          • So you never noticed that tidbit about not committing fornication or adultery either? That has to do with cohabitation and includes bathrooms!

          • What has fornication or adultery have to do with urination and defication?

            What does cohabitation have to do with fornication or adultery?

            Why is it that you think men and women only have one thing on their minds: sex?

          • AK comes from 3rd world, found America’s benefits and travels back and forth to the islands !

          • Apparently she never served in the military; and there haven’t been co-ed bathrooms/locker rooms/showers/changing rooms around my part of the country “for decades” either!

          • You are one SICK individual!!

          • YES , in 3rd world where you are used to and when you walk in you want to vomit !!!!! Like in Mexico and you think you are going to have a nice dinner till you walk into the bathroom and there’s tons of bugs hovering over the facilitie you need to use !!!!!

      • Homosexuality is genetic, so sayth science.

        Maybe you should put value in truth and science rather than ancient rules written by humans to control other humans.

        • Homosexuality is NOT genetic:so say geneticists, and Yhwh God. Maybe YOU should stop believing lobbyists lies. There is NO gene or cluster of genes that causes homosexual behavior or thought patterns leading to such behaviors. They are LEARNED behavioral disorders!

          • Actually, Sandra, God has said no such thing. Moreover, God created homosexuality. It has been documented in 1,400 mammalian species.

            People who are attracted to others of the same sex develop their orientation before they are born. It is not a choice. There is a specific region on a chromosome that determines sexual orientation — which may be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or asexual.

            Time to update your science education. Ignirant religious hate and bigotry just do not make the grade. Religion was once the excuse for slavery. It has been the excuse for all types of horror.

          • May apply to the commie innate gene also !

          • If those traits were genetic, then homosexuals would not try to convince heterosexuals to come to their way of thinking. They would know that trying to convince a genetic hetero to change to homo would be wasted effort.

          • But 1 of the many evidences of that truth, which clearly shows they know, however loathe they are to admit it, even to themselves, they did learn it at some point in their own lives.

          • She is trying to get you off pertinent information that might enlighten someone on here !!


    • Although it is not possible, the Supreme Court should be non partisan and pro constitutionalist. But our system of government is so corrupt, that the justices have abandoned the constitution and replaced it with partisan politics.
      Our founding fathers had no idea this would happen and, therefore, did not protect the constitution from liberals.

    • I am not sure, but I think it was Will Rogers who said, “Politicians should be changed regularly, like baby diapers, and for the same reason.”

      • Now that’s the best explanation I have ever heard and that’s just what TRUMP IS GOING TO DO ! CLEAN EM UP AND SHIP EM OUT !!!!!!

    • Yes and more !
      Send all illegals out with only certain viable exemptions that apply to Constitution same for below;
      Remove all communist’s ect; from every facet of infiltration in America !
      All communist groups exempt from taxes that are here to alter all aspects of our way of life that condone terrorists and other infiltration into our schools , government, police, local political offices, terrorists training camps and other that exist.

  6. Any of those judges that don’t follow the constitution should be put in front of a firing squad and that includes oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton and asshole Muslim nigger Obama and his administration

    • Trial first, then firing squad or necktie party.

    • Republican judges to the front of the line.

      • Asshole democrat motherfuckers to first especially all oldass bitches like Nancy Pelosi,oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton and then the rest of those motherfuckers es you asshole democrat Muslim nigger Obama and his administration

        • Panel moderators, where are you?—a “double post”, no less! Profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk is counter productive. A good rule of thumb is, “If you would not say “it” to your children, spouse, grandmother or to a judge, don’t put it on the internet for the whole world to see how low class you are. If it is said in front of a judge, one probably would get a fine and a few days in the “slammer. Note, the writers of the Constitution, (and the Federalist Papers), and judges avoid the gutter talk and I am sure they intended to set the tone for all government discourse. Also, Michaele’s uses the “N” word, which IDs “her?” as racist—-and it is not even “cute” or authoritative.

          • I would use those words on anyone and nobody can stop me asshole Muslim nigger Obama nigger should die exactly the same way Martin Luther King Jr died

          • Michaele, you are one very sick person. I trust someone accompanies you when you go out on the streets. The above post suggests you are a paid troll, whose job is to to take our focus off of the critical issues of the day or you have had little or no “upbringing”. All you have accomplished is added your name to the Secret Service’s list of potential assassins. Also, the “N” word is a clearly racist word. And, just to make your day, Jesus Christ was clearly not a white person. Also, keep in mind, as for me. I am one of 12 children, attended very small schools as a kid. Worked as a caddy on a golf course at age 8 and as a teen. Was honorable discharged from the Indiana National Guard for being under age. Joined the USAF at age 18, was promoted to SSgt in 3 years, qualified for flight training and was commissioned a dumb second Lt and pilot in 1954, Flew airplanes for about 17 years and retired as a Major in 1970 at age 38—and during all of that, I received my BS from the University of Maryland after 10 years of night school. After retirement from the USAF, I was employed for 30 years as a Agent and Registered Representative for the New York Life Insurance Company—one of the best in the business. , Retired from there and after 8 years of self-study of the Muslim culture and its barbaric Islamic religion, I am now trying to write a book on that barbaric culture and religion, if my 84 years-young life will permit. I have been married 3 times, twice to the same nice lady!—-Michaele, pray tell, what have you done with your life, other than becoming and expert in profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk”?. Now, can we cut out the “BS” and get back to the critical issues at hand?

      • Asshole democrat motherfuckers goes first especially all oldass bitches like Nancy Pelosi and oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton and her daughter and granddaughter and that includes asshole Muslim nigger Obama and his administration all dh you be put in front of a firing squad

      • We will see soon who will be in the front of the line and I’m sure the numbers are vast on the pinko commie side !!! Trump- Trump will clean the dump::::::

  7. The SCOTUS’ duty is not to support a political line of thought, it’s to interpret the laws put forth by congress insofar as they are consistent with the Supreme Law of the Land – the Constitution of the U.S. It should be a scholarly, intellectual exercise as befits the Supreme Law of the Land, not a touchy-feely experience that wrestles with the idea that gender is based on feelings, not biology. Facts, reason and common sense must trump histrionics and fantasy every time when making the nation’s laws….

  8. Hillary, like liberals in general, is confused about the proper roles of the three branches of government. It is the legislative branch that should listen to and respond to input from the people. The judicial branch should only be responsive to the law, as written. The blending and overlapping of their correct functions brings about a steady erosion of the blessings of liberty.

  9. God help the republic when the communist take the Supreme Court to legislate from the bench…

    • What do you mean ” when”??? What did you think they’ve BEEN doing since at least Roe v Wade???

      • I stand corrected….so true.

        • It’s not just you, sad to say; in general, people are not aware SCOTUS has been legislating, NOT adjudicating, for decades. Their duty is to issue opinions as to Constitutionality of a given law, NOT to reinterpret the meaning of the Constitution, or make laws based on said reinterpretation; that’s legislation, not adjudication. And for good measure, we the people are meant to be the final arbiters of what is, or is not Constitutional, NOT SCOTUS’ opinions thereof.

          • So true…Like when Roberts changed the word from Fines to Tax on the Obama care law if you don’t buy their crap, and not the congress or one damn lawyer batted an eye at that!

          • Exactly. That was wholly illegal and anti- Constitutional, which he had to know when he was doing it.

    • You mean Citizens United v FEC?

  10. The nasty liberal scheme is to base decisions on “intent”. No, we go by what it says and not what someone thinks it says. we got off track by the Supreme Court years ago on the issue of separation of church and state. Such a statement is not in the Constitution. That concept comes from a misunderstanding of what Thomas Jefferson said in a letter. But he was deliberately referring to federal meddling into First Amendment rights.

    • Jerry, the very First Amendment addresses the church issue. And as I understand, the writers of the Federalist Papers spent considerable time and effort researching the “intent”of the various points when drafting the document

      • dondehoff,
        Having studied the Constitutional Convention and the Federalist papers, what was written into the Constitution is exactly what the intent was by those who wrote it. Would -be “intent” is what someone is trying to twist in order to get their way. One glaring one is the concept created by the Supreme Court concerning separation of church and state. Such a statement does not exist in the Constitution. It comes from a twisted use of something Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1802, which did not have the same meaning as what the Supreme Court said it did. They have gone off on other issues since that are very questionable.

        Yes, the First Amendment specifically states that government cannot create a religion. But it also says government should stay out of religion. It also includes free speech and free press whether someone likes it or not.

        • Jerry, different people have different opinions as to the what the writers of the Constitution intended or “meant”—-and of course they (like us) did not have the capability to precisely look into the future. Then, “Islam” arrived on the scene (in the 7th Century) and retains the 7th Century barbarism, giving individuals the right to kill “non-believers” and perform “honor killings”, by individuals. We, in our criminal trials, have an unbiased judge, at least two attorneys and a 12-person jury—-and occasionally we still make mistakes. How many mistakes do you think illiterate Muslims make on similar issues?—-and does our Constitution permit us to overrule Islam and Sharia Law, especially when they apply to our citizens and the visitors to our great Republic and freedom way of life? A strict (to the letter) adherence to the Constitution, would permit interference by the advocates of Islam and the Qur’an.—and there are many such areas that require deviation from the Constitution. Admittedly, allowable deviation has been improperly extended to many areas, which means the Constitution needs a serious “tune-up” (not a new one). It has to reinstate the “rights of the people” as individuals and as a group and allow both the Christens and the non-believers equal protection and clearly must disallow violence by any religion

          • dondehoff,
            I do agree that the Constitution needs a tuneup. as for “Intent” or “meant” it is a matter of researching the historical background on an issue to make sure we are following what the writers of the Constitution were specifically addressing. As a historian, that is what I do. My old college mentor told me to make sure something is so or don’t write about it.

          • Jerry. you are on the right track. I suggest you get a copy of the Federalist Papers, which is in book form. The material is provided by several of the Writers of the Constitution, and there is much “give & take”. That book is essential to understanding the Constitution, but also keep in mind, there are reams of court decisions that provide some very strange “findings” that are difficult to “cross-reference” to the Constitution. Also, keep in mind the English Language ,like most, is not very precise and is subject to “interpolation”—if it wasn’t, many lawyers would be out of business. Thanks for the civil discussion.

          • Dondehoff,
            Thanks. While I do not currently have a hard copy of the Federalist Papers, I am aware of them and do have notes on them. I also have notes from the Continental Congress and from the Constitutional Convention that I researched back in the1950’s while living near Williamsburg,VA. I did research at William and Mary, Jefferson’s old alma mater.

      • dondehooff,
        Not sure how this post came up again but I have a different response.
        The Federalist Papers were composed of opinions contributed by three individuals who were involved with the Continental Congress and with the Constitutional Convention. Those were John Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison. Hamilton and Jay wre federalists from New England. Madison was from Virginia and was associated with the anti federalist Democratic Republican party. Therefore, the Federalist Papers were slanted toward a more liberal Federalist point of view. However, Madison was more the actual writer of the Constitution itself and added the Bill of Rights after Jefferson suggested that to him. Much of what Jefferson told him is in the Bill of Rights, some word for word. One has to look closer to what is in the Federalist Papers to note the two sides in the documentation. Federalists were much more aligned with the concept of a strong federal government, hence their calling card. Madison and Jefferson were the exact opposite, preferring a states rights over the power of the federal government. I tend to side with Jefferson and Madison, who were neighbors in Virginia and who knew each other well.

  11. “Literal interpretation” is an oxymoron.


  13. Hillary was: A horrible Mother, Wife, Sec. of State… Are those the Qualities for President of U. S. of A.?

  14. “Liberalism” here equates to activism, which has NO place on ANY judicial bench! Judges at all levels are intended to be as impartial as humanly possible; activists, by definition are not in the least impartial!

    • Thank goodness that the most egregious activist partial justice on the Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia, has passed on and can no longer continue his biased judicial activism!

      • How sad for you that someone dragged you to this nation kicking and screaming your hate for America. Can I help you pack to go home, wherever that was, so you’ll be happy?

        • Yes, I will help too.
          Can you imagine anyone going through what the legal immigrants went through to come to America, to get into Russia, Iraq, Iran, China, North Korea, Libya, Kenya, or any one of a host of other nations. And if Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton et al feel that they are being discriminated against here, do they ever express a desire to go back to their native countries where slavery is still practiced? NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

      • Your user name, “b4integrity” says a lot about you. However it might be more accurate if used, “withoutintegrity”. But then maybe some other liberal has already claimed that one. Someone like Bill or Hil-liar-y Clinton, Hussein Obama or Jimmy Carter from my home state of GA. I remember when the farmers of GA put up a giant billboard along I-75 in south GA saying, “We the farmers of Georgia apologize to the people of America for helping to put Jimmy Carter in the White House.” The only time in my recollection that any democrap has admitted to making a BIG mistake. Remember Bill Clinton, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

      • The vary satanist’s that you evidently follow were the one’s responsible for his death and many others and will pay one way or another! As the lord works in mysterious ways !!

      • YOU MEAN KILLED DON’T YOU ????????

  15. Let us set political parties aside for a moment. If Hillary (and Bill) were just “folks, living down the street”, they long ago would be serving time in a Federal Prison. The both have left a wide swath of destruction and mayhem, resulting in several dead bodies in their wake, much of it occurring while “they” were in Arkansas, as Governor—-and the problem has escalated as they moved into Federal Offices. When voting for Hillary, one must consider her as an individual—what she has done, not done, and how honest and trustworthy has she been. Anyone who votes for her must assume responsibility for part of any future problems and crimes she (they)commit(s). The individual votes for her is but a smaller part of the problem. Most all individuals have significant influence over others—and ditto for those “others”. A single vote can ultimately have a significant “ballooning” effect on the number of votes she receives. A simple question; “Would you let Hillary and Bill handle your financial affairs or your daughters to live in their house or work for them? Now, a note for Donald Trump. His biggest shortcoming is he lacks “political polish”—-but for those voters with and open mind, that attribute can easily be considered an asset. The worst that should happen is that to some voters, he might just be the “lessor of evils”—-and yes, it does not even take lots of money to attract some women to men. I cannot visualize that he would ever have to force himself upon unwilling females—-there are and always have been)too many willing to accommodate him. Also, he is somewhat of an amateur, compared to Bill.

    • “Compare the distraught and disheveled look on her face during the Bengasi Affair, with the calm and cool response of President Bush, when he, at a school function, was appraised (sic) of the Twin Towers catastrophe.”

      Bwwaahh LOL ROFLMAO!

      Conservative Republican judicial activist Supreme Court-selected “President” W Bush was reading a book “My Pet Goat” to children while he was holding the book upside down. “calm and cool”? Get a grip on reality dondehoff. A moron like George W Bush may appear to be “calm and cool” only because he is too intellectually challenged to respond to a real crisis appropriately.

      You know Bush lied to us about 9/11. The towers came down in controlled demolition, including WTC 7. Cheney told NORAD to “stand down” and prevented the USAF from intercepting the hijacked airliners.

      And you’re righteously indignant about Benghazi but not 9/11?

      Why are the people on this thread hyperventilating about Hillary Clinton and not going after the Bush/Cheney war criminals?

      • “b4………”, First. there are clear photos showing an airliner crashing intone of the towers, and other slightly later photos showing the other side of the tower where part of the aircraft had made a smaller exit hole, with one engine sailing completely across the street and striking another building and As I recall, started still another fire. Once notified, the President, immediately stopped his “reading” and appeared very concerned—but that was ages ago. Time to dig out the old material, being careful not to include “manufactured” stuff. As for the internal “controlled explosion” you mentioned, those tall towers with several elevators shafts, stairways and air conditioning ducts, made for an ideal air supported fire, with the thousands of gallons of JP-4 jet fuel that probably ran all the way to the basement. As I recall they tried to duplicate the problem, but only had an abandoned 6 story building to use— and the author’s post was about the Bengasi Affair—not the twin towers. And, what was the Air force or Navy going to do, shoot down a passenger plane loaded with hundreds of innocent passengers? I am a retired USAF pilot and that day I was flying a T-39 Saber liner twin engine jet and the FAA ground controllers on Guard Channel, direct all aircraft to land at the nearest base that could accommodate them–W landed at Offit AFB At Rapid City. SD, which was the Strategic Air Command (SAC) Headquarters—that was a long standing FFA rule and it worked well. My airplane and crew were later that day able to continue back to Peterson AFB at Colorado Springs, Colorado, as we had Air Defense Command (ADC) Staff Officers on board and they needed to get back to their base. And, your last Sentence! The Bush/Cheney issue was years ago and Hillary (and Bill) have created chaos, mayhem and death and destruction where ever they have been in the last 30 or so years—-I would hope that answers your question as to “why”. You sound like one of those asking indignant questions about 40 year-old Trump issues.

      • “b4……’, Thanks for the “editing”. My 84 years-young eyes did not catch the wrong word. Looking through my ancient notes, I find no reference to an “upside down” school book—perhaps he was “showing” something to the kids. Be advised, Bush was a qualified F-106 (maybe F-102) pilot and the “Dash-0ne” is not “first-grade” reading”—and all of “that” is surely of little or no consequence. Also, I find the modern day “texting” language to be far from precise. A few days ago, I received an email in which the simple 3-letter text “LOL” was used. The person, via phone, reread the email to me and used the term “lots of luck”, which is usually translated as “laughing out loud”. I ask several so-called texting experts as to the exact meaning of your 7-letter text expression—I received four different answers. Brevity is nice, but no at the expense of accuracy, I suggest you not uses such “gobbledygook” (computer spelling, not dictionary) in legal or important communications, And, please re-read my first post. Also, you want me to be as “righteously indignant” about “an ancient problem” as today’s critical issues?—Should I also be indignant about our Civil War? I will acknowledge that the Muslim/Sharia Law issue is the gravest problem facing this great Republic and freedom way of life, since our Civil War. Ciao, Donald D. DeHoff, Major-USAF (Retired).

        • Sir; you are so right and I wonder just how many in America even have a clue about this as it is more than a Nazi take over and infiltrates as of now in the Gullen AG Stem schools, as well as public schools and many so called community groups over America as well as government: Little doe’s society and the brainwashed parents know their children are being demolished under their ignorance as we can see the proof through the use of the sheeple partaking in the riots used as gutter rats to serve their purpose only to be discarded. Also through use of brainwashing slow kill, Chem trails, vaccines, and the GMO foods they eat and most cannot be reversed from the soil for many years !!!!

      • How about this; All the ba*****’s are guilty on this side of the coin and really goes way back but I would say all whom belong to the satanist rituals at the island grove and partake of the Illuminati ritutals during many years of this regime are feeling the wrath of GOD ! GO TRUMP MAKE US PROUD TO HAVE AMERICA BACK !

  16. Tyronne Shoelaces

    That woman needs to be shot. When she says “the people”, she means her and the elites, not every day Americans. This country is going down hill every day.

  17. For those of you who always wondered what life under Communism would be like; how are you liking it? Gonna get worse when Hildabeast takes her throne; bad enough with the Kenya Marxist’s eight year reign!

  18. The Constitution does represent all of us but it does not cover every aspect of our lives. These is not mention of any for of marriage in the Constitution. Neither homosexual or heterosexual. But she wants to appoint people to the court that will rewrite the Constitution the way she wants it. She wants appoint justices that will write the laws not interpret the laws. Writing the laws is up to Congress. If given the chance these liberals will take away the rights of everyone that does not see it their way. H Clinton has no morals. Yet some want to elect a person that will take away their rights and somehow they have gotten the idea that that makes them free.

  19. ★★★ATTENTION AMERICAN.VOTERS! VOTER FRAUD is happening at the polls in California.★★

    A friend.and.her husband went to early vote at the polls. They voted Republican across the board. When she reviewed her ballot, she noticed that the Hillary/VP box was also marked. She took her ballot and showed the Poll Supervisor who immediately tried to fix the machine from double voting on the Presidential candidates. Eventially it was fixed and our friend VOTED ON THAT ★★”SAME MACHINE”★★ without any double markings.


    We need to Police the Polls and contact authorities if something is illegal. We ALL have to do our part or we will lose our COUNTRY and our Freedoms!

    • Paper mail-in ballots that you mark yourself will fix that problem.

    • In large urban areas the fraud is less complicated. Some wards are 100% democrats. An hour before polls close those voters on the books who haven’t voted (died, incarcerated, moved, sick, etc) miraculously sign their name and pull the straight D ticket. No Republican watchdogs to stop them, plenty of street money around, in every big city in the country hundreds of thousands of votes are stolen..

      • After the 2012 illegal Presidential election a private organization called Judicial Watch literally investigated Polling Places across the U.S. and found exactly what you said.

        J.W. took many states to court because they didn’t clean up their voter databases by removing dead people’s names, convict’s names, duplicate names, etc. So many of the states that were found illegally adding votes were prosecuted and fined huge amounts of money and forced to clean up their voter databases.

        Today there are probably some Polling places that weren’t prosecuted, and they may try to pull a fast one by rigging Polling Machines, but their databases should be cleaned and legitimate.

        Just be vigilant and make sure any voting machine is working correctly before submitting your ballot…or request a paper ballot. If we want Trump to win, we’re going to have to fight the Left’s criminality!

    • Despite of all the voter fraud, Trump won and personally I see it as a sign from God, giving us one last chance !

      • I agree and Trump is going to get this country on its way. However, it will be up to us to let Trump know which direction we should go…with God’s direction and blessings.
        God Bless America!

        • YES ! Freedom is not free, so lets keep working to abolish all whom are Guilty of treason or crimes against the people and Constitution or it will never cease, it has to end NOW!

  20. BunkerHillLightMan

    Nevertheless, the beat goes on from the party that does all it can do to continue their unconstitutional screw job holding down the low information voters down with massive FALSE PROMISES ALONG WITH AN ABUNDANCE OF PHONY BUDGET BUSTING FREEBIES.

    Note, those of her ilk are the ones who have done the most damage to AMERICA and continue to get passes, amazing.

  21. The problem seems to be that for the several decades no one has bothered to teach our system of government to children and teenagers or to most young adults who attend college. An adult co-worker commented “why does Obama have to listen to Congress? He’s the president!” I tried to explain the 3 branches of government and that Obama was not elected King, but she was oblivious. It should be pointed out the Constitution and Bill of Rights is not a “buffet” where you take what you like. Executive directives have become the catch phrase for “Treason” which is what you commit when circumvent the Constitution for political purposes and not the safety or security of the Nation, such as during war time. Stacking the SCOTUS to overturn precedent is “Tyranny”. The Constitution provides checks and balances and procedures if amendments are mandated. Any Executive (President) who changes any part of the Constitution without Constitutional procedures should be arrested for Treason.

    • When are you going to get George W Bush arrested for Treason, e.g. war of aggression against Iraq, torture, 9/11 …

      • I don’t see what your examples have to do with it, unless your an angry liberal?, war of aggression is your opinion, torture is a media label and if it was torture those who were are not protected by the Constitution and 9/11??? However, regardless of party, whoever uses privileges to disregard Constitutional procedures is a traitor and a tyrant. That’s H’s platform I believe..

      • IM SURE HE IS GUILTY ALSO , IF SO , SO BE IT !!!!!!!

  22. Why does the dumb broad think the Court represents anyone; it’s task is only to rule on Constitutionality of laws! No more; no less!

  23. ROTFFLMFAO!!! The SCOTUS is the pet of whom ever is the POTUS and even more so when the POTUS gets to nominate them into office. If it happens to be the vile, cheating, lying, scandalous gash, we can kiss this country GOODBYE. she has plans to deliver this once great country into the NWO they have so carefully crafted.

  24. America is a nation founded by liberals.
    How dare people insult that which made Americathe land of the free and the brave.

  25. The “originalists” are hypocrites. The Second Amendment’s words from a time of flintlocks and muzzle-loaders apply absolutely to automatic weapons and RPGs. The exact words of an earlier (and presumably more important) amendment prohibiting religious laws and establishment of an official church somehow do not protect internet pornography, hormonal contraception, hormonal abortion or gender reassignment because those did not exist in colonial times.

    The conservative court won’t state absolutely the citizenship of one born in the U.S. without a certified birth certificate yet some expect a single cell to be a person regardless of where conceived, regardless of the citizenship status of the parents and regardless of its genetic chances of progressing to birth. Remember that cells were not even known in colonial times.

    The conservative court has already declared corporations to be persons regardless of where born/created, whether they were originally U.S. incorporated and whether they have relinquished quasi-citizenship via inversion. Modern corporations did not exist in colonial times.

    Interpretations are required by technological change and to keep the rights of one from denying the rights of another in conflicts that could not have existed in colonial times. The liberal/progressive wing is at least consistent in that while the conservative (dare I say regressive) wing picks and chooses.

  26. If Madame Liar is elected as the President you can just kiss your rights and the Constitution good bye! For those of you who are inclined to think that all of the lost rights will be the Conservatives, read the Constitution and find the part that says “Liberals & Conservatives” included/not included in the “Rights” guaranteed. If you find them, please make them available for the entire country! Rights lost will be across the complete population, and that will “Include” All of Us! Except the Elites, like Madame Liar and Willie.

    • So right again!

      • I truly wish I am wrong, but, the apparently the young people, the liberal women & men and the “victims” in this country think that “they” will all live happy ever after. How can that be, without our Constitution all of these folks will find themselves with “nothing” and nothing to stand up for them!

        • Yes , that’s so true and I have been so busy that I am just now trying to find a millennial blog so do you know if Disqus has one b/c we really need to get to them however they are so brainwashed we would have to debrief them first and it may be impossible as time is so limited at this point!

          • I am not aware of anything like that. And, if you will remember that years ago we raised our children to clearly understand the “they” would be held fully responsible for their actions and that life is never easy and must be faced or failure is the direction of said lives. These things appear to not be told or taught anymore, and if these things are not learned it becomes easy to “fall for anything”! The first thing that needs to happen is for the parents to become very active in their children’s schools and education. It appears that learning is not the requirement, it is just to guide the children into the “New World of bigger government”! My Father once told me that “If you don’t believe in something, you will fall for anything”! That something was the American Dream, which I did!

  27. What the Supreme Court should do and what they are actually doing are miles apart. The Court’s main responsibility lies in the interpretation of the Constitution as it is written. But now the Court is interpreting the Constitution on the basis of “social concerns” and liberal dogma.

  28. Yes, I most definitely believe the voting system is rigged! How else would Libtard, Demoncrat, Progressive, Islam loving, Atheist,Christian hating,Constitution hating, Freedom hating, people get elected in America,, and why else would Libtards, Demoncrats, and Progressives be fighting E verify, and Voter ID tooth and nail, A Voter ID would be easier to get than a drivers license, a Voter ID is no more racist than a drivers license, and all it would do is keep people that are not supposed to be voting, from voting! Duhhhhhh!

    • Lewis, your post is well on point. No photo ID for voting, makes any election a meaningless sham. Also, most elderly and the poor have the proper ID to get the Social Services to which they are entitled—if they did not, how do they eat? Also, most political parties have “get out the vote teams”, and are available to take people to the proper facility to get their ID. And, yes, there are paid “trolls” who claim they were denied the right to vote. And, of course, anytime there are larger numbers involved, there might be an occasional person who are denied the right to vote—but the concept “the most good for the most people” should prevail. Thanks for your civil post.

      • Also in addition to voter ID and E-verify, America needs to go back to written votes. Why, because any voting process that is controlled by computers can be rigged. Especially if the computers are being donated by Soros!

        • Lewis, I agree as to written paper ballots, and the states should be required to keep the paper ballots on file until 90 days after the next general election—and longer if there are problems. Also, it should be a federal law that all deaths must be report all deaths to the Federal and State Election Commissions within 5 working days of the date the death was certified by the appropriate authority, including the military and all federal employees. Finally (and for the 100rth time, All elections must require photo ID. It just is not true that many of the poor and elderly would not be able to vote as they don’t have the necessary ID. They must have the proper photo ID to receive the social services to which they are entitled. If some states do not have such ID, they should be required to make it available prior to the next state or general election No-ID voting makes any election a meaningless sham, and permits people to vote more than once, and in different localities/states. A union persons would not want management voting on their labor issue. The members of a church voting to fire their Minister for stealing the “Sacred Wine” would not want the “good ol’ boys” down at the local tavern, voting on the church’s wine issue.

    • I thank GOD for all the people whom have come back and voted the only chance left but we all have to stay on the program or else we are done forever and why this election may have been be the last !

  29. I would like to see Trump do “Term Limits” or retired for health issues, for the Supreme Court Justices. They should not get to stay if there is dementia or the big “A”, that is just a common sense directive.

  30. Vote for Killery, she is for sale to the highest bidder!

  31. God heard our prayers. Trump defeated hillary because her rules would be duplicates of bho’s and she doesn’t know the difference between good and evil. Sometimes Good does defeat evil…it happened Nov 8, 2016 and will help us reshape and grow our Nation!
    God Bless America!

  32. Referring to the legality of the Obama birth certificate go to

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