Superstar Athlete Seen Wearing Anti-Biden Shirt

San Diego is in California but it’s not like most big cities in California. They don’t hold a supermajority for the Dems, and they certainly aren’t for defunding law enforcement. The strong military presence probably accounts for that. But it still is a big city in California and it’s more liberal than your average US town, that’s part of the reason that it’s a big deal that their superstar third baseman, Manny Machado (San Diego Padres), was seen wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon.” We all know what that means at this point. If you don’t know what that means, it’s the thing with the cars. They go around and the people chanted . . . just go look it up!

These things are a big deal. It affects the culture. I know many have given up on professional sports because whiny millionaires suck the fun out of it — or the whole Kaepernick thing. Maybe it was Bruce Maxwell. Just kidding, no one’s heard of Bruce Maxwell, but here he is kneeling for the anthem.

Baseball is just one of those things you don’t touch, but after the George Floyd indecent, even baseball started following Kaepernick and Maxwell’s lead.

Well Machado is an example that some players go against the status quo. He’s not the only one by the way. Here are a few guys you might not know about.

Nicholas Williams of the Detroit Lions:

Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic:

Of course there are plenty UFC athletes who don’t beat to the woke drum, but let’s listen to this gem from Jorge Masvidal:

And lastly, Brandon Brown of NASCAR, Let’s Go Brandon!

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