Subway Robbed by Green People

Another day, another act of violence on NYC’s subway.

On Sunday, a gang of females clad in head-tote neon-green leotards stormed a NYC subway and robbed several teenagers.

The “Green Goblin Gang” attacked two teen girls, stealing a purse and cellphone.

Socialist City Councilwoman Tiffany Cabán recent Tweet professing the safety of NY subways hasn’t aged well.

“Subway violence is a one-in-a-million event.  As a believer in a violence-free NYC, I Still think that’s one too many, but let’s not let fear-mongering politicians and corporate media outlets scare us into thinking we have a a dangerous, scary public transit system.”

The New York Post reports:

They’re the Green Goblin Gang — and the furious mom of one of their victims says the fiends were “complete animals,” randomly attacking her daughter on her birthday.

Newly released video captured the bizarre group of female robbers wearing full-body, neon green leotards as they punched and tossed around two 19-year-old women on a Times Square subway train about 2 a.m. Sunday. The victims were robbed of a cellphone and handbag, cops said.

The video posted on social media shows about six females dressed in green tossing around one of the teenagers and punching the other repeatedly in the face. Some of the attackers are also wearing hoods with face masks. They are still in the wind.

She’s in excruciating pain,” the mom said.

“When she breathes, it hurts. In one video, you can see the one girl kicked her and got her foot caught in my daughter’s purse strap.

The other teenage victim’s mom added to The Post that her daughter “was vomiting last night from the concussion, and we’re waiting to get a CAT scan of her head.

“There was a group of grown women who brutally attacked and robbed two young girls,” said the woman, who also spoke on condition of anonymity. “There were zero words exchanged. They literally attacked them and then kept coming over and over and over again.”

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  1. Biden probably thinks these women are supporters of his green new deal.

  2. Trash scum. Just what the world needs. Crack down on the laws and charge people for their crimes. Send them to China. I bet they beg to come back as an ideal citizen.

  3. If one custom had had a gun, that would have changed the color to green, and red, and dead.

  4. Typical ngrs!!!

  5. This is what has happened to society since Biden, they don’t even get punished for robbing stores, beating people up, they thing they deserve it or need the stuff more than regular Americans/ Our country has gone downhill in the last 2 years, wondering if we will make it through 2 more years of dummy.

  6. And the men didn’t do a thing to assist. Fuxing pussies.

    Not men at all actually.

  7. Thank Gov Hochul, DA Bragg and Mayor Adams, DEMOCRATS. They do not care about people. They do not care about law and order. Democrat legislators have been favoring criminals over decent people for years and they will continue to do so as long as they are in charge.

  8. Another black on black crime

  9. Conceal permit is for just these moments. How much fear my last be felt before firing one round. For me not much that’s why I carry. Sucks being to you thug bastard. Should have picked another bitch to Jack!

  10. Typical New Yorker’s, never want to get involved. This BS could have been stopped if they had courage.

    • don’t know much about New Yorkers, but I think it’s correct to say these liberal cities have citizens that don’t get involved but will cry when something happens to them/family – and the men on that subway aren’t real men as posted earlier, but those men get to say ‘what’s a man” like our new supreme court justice would say ☺

  11. So NYC is the safest big city? Why do I not believe that? Somehow I lack empathy in this since the people of NYC continue to vote in progressives that don’t believe in the rule of law. Social work has it’s place but not at the expense of law and order.

  12. What happened to men standing up for others? These males are NOT MEN but might as well castrate themselves! I’m old but damned if I would not have helped these innocent young ladies out by putting few of these animals. The rest I would have held for the Police to arrest for robbery as that is what it was!

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