Studying the Sex Lives of Quail? Rand Paul Blasts Federal Spending

Sen. Rand Paul has released his annual “Waste Report,” detailing some of the most absurd expenditures of our taxpayer dollars. Appropriately published after another year of deficit spending that will likely add trillions to the national debt, the report highlights the worst examples of what might actually be deemed fraud if we had anyone of reasonable responsibility looking closely at our budgets.

From the report:

So here we are, another year past, another year to forget. A government shutdown resolved by hiking spending; nuked budget caps; a debt over $21 trillion; and Congress okayed $1.3 trillion in new spending – all in the first three months! An October 2018 report from the Congressional Budget Office showed net interest payments on the debt for fiscal year 2018 at $371 billion, $62 billion more than payments for fiscal year 2017. Given such largesse, it may seem like a few million dollars is a drop in the bucket. But to borrow from a line credited to former Senator Everett Dirksen(R-IL): “a million dollars here and there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.”

This year, The Waste Report is highlighting $114,514,631 of wasted money. We feature an old favorite due for an update and some instant classics, like a study of daydreaming. Exactly where taxes should go, right? No matter how much federal agencies waste, politicians think they’ve never got enough. But if there’s money to waste, there’s too much already. So, before the Feats of Strength can begin, there must be an Airing of (spending) Grievance.

Some of the tragic examples of waste from Paul’s report include more than $76 million the taxpayers have allocated to Somali to pay stipends to their army. It also includes $250,000 wasted by the U.S. embassy in Rwanda, which is using the funds to teach citizens how to lobby the government. Perhaps the most ridiculous example in the list is the more than $800,000 the National Institutes of Health has spent studying the sex lives of quail! Oh, sorry, it’s the “sex lives of quail high on cocaine.” Our mistake, we thought this might be unimportant.

It’s absolutely insane that we can waste a hundred billion dollars every year on tomfoolery not much less ridiculous than the examples cited by Paul but we can’t find five billion to build a wall across our southern border – a use of taxpayer money that would actually benefit the United States. Worse yet, the Democrats are in the middle of a progressive takeover – socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who think the problem with today’s Democratic Party is that they don’t spend ENOUGH of our money.

Alas, until the American people wake up to the dangers of this runaway spending train, nothing is going to stop it. Unfortunately, we seem to be headed in the exact opposite direction.

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