Study: Liberal Media’s FOIA Requests to EPA Skyrocketed After Trump Won

By this point, if there is still anyone living in this country who doesn’t believe that the major media outlets have it out for this president, they are either suffering from an intense mental illness or they are simply too stupid to ever be reached. Or, you know, they actually work for the media institutions in question.

Knowing all that, it is still absolutely worth it for conservatives to study and point out liberal media bias. Even as we speak, young people are becoming politically aware every day. Will we let them be sucked into the ethical/factual vacuum of the mainstream media, or will we put up a fight for their hearts and minds? It is essential that we rip the mask of “objectivity” off the press every time we get the chance.

This week, it was the Washington Free Beacon’s turn to take a shot at the MSM – and boy, did it land like a knockout blow. In a study of the media’s Freedom of Information Act requests to the EPA, journalist Brent Scher discovered some of the most stunning disparities yet in terms of how the press covered Obama and how they cover Trump.

From the Free Beacon:

The number of Freedom of Information Act requests the Environmental Protection Agency received from mainstream outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post spiked immediately after Republican President Donald Trump took office, according to a Free Beacon analysis of FOIA requests by the media from 2013 to the present.


The New York Times, for example, made just 13 FOIA requests during the four years of Obama’s second term, sending 3 in 2013, 1 in 2014, 7 in 2015, and 2 in 2016. The number of FOIA requests the Times sent for Obama’s entire second term was nearly quadrupled in the first year of Trump’s presidency alone, when the Times sent 59 FOIA requests to the EPA.

Reporters at the Times have made 100 FOIA requests since Trump took office just over two years ago, a 669 percent increase of the number of FOIA requests it made during the four years of Obama’s second term.

A 669% increase! Why do you think that is? Is it because Trump showed some propensity for lying as it pertains to the Environmental Protection Agency? Or is it because his stance on climate change does not match the one the New York Times and other left-wing newspapers prefer? Hmm.

The Free Beacon found similar stats elsewhere in the media: The Washington Post only sent one FOIA request to the EPA during Obama’s entire second term in office. Since Trump’s inauguration, they’ve sent 43. Jarring differences were also found in the number of FOIA requests from Politico, The Hill, CNN, Buzzfeed, and ABC News.

This is a media guided not by facts or journalism but by an abiding interest in “taking Trump down.” This report is just one more log on their funeral pyre.

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