Study Confirms: Hetero Couples Better for Kids

In a study that will undoubtedly be ignored by the mainstream media, sociologist Paul Sullins – working from a U.S. National Health Interview Survey – has concluded that children are better off with heterosexual parents. Sullins, whose findings have been published in the peer-reviewed British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioral Science, says that “Emotional problems are over twice as prevalent for children with same-sex parents than for children with opposite-sex parents.”

One study doesn’t say it all, but this is the first legitimate social science report that dares to buck the politically correct wisdom over gay marriage and adoption. It is also some of the first real work we’ve gotten when it comes to the difference between children raised by homosexual couples and those raised in traditional households. Seeing as how the conclusions are contrary to the popular, LGBT propaganda, it will only see the bright spotlight of mainstream coverage if the media can find critics to savage it.

According to Sullins, the emotional problems experienced by children of same-sex parentage include depression, misbehavior, poor social skills, excessive worrying, and difficulty concentrating. In his findings, however, Sullins also manages to cast a question mark over adoption in general. According to the research, “the primary benefit of marriage for children may not be that it tends to present them with improved parents, but that it presents them with their own parents.”

Naturally, most adopted children in both same-sex and opposite-sex households came from situations where their original parents had to give them up for one reason or another. In that light, it is perhaps unfair to compare emotional outcomes. Clearly, an adopted child is better off than one left to flounder as a ward of the state, even if the adoptive parents are not ideal.

A New Set of Questions

Still, the findings do raise some interesting questions when it comes to some other, less-common scenarios. Surrogacy, for instance. And they certainly provide an interesting contrast with the LGBT insistence that same-sex parentage is every bit as good as traditional parentage. Whether the study ever finds the mainstream or not, it’s good to see that social science hasn’t completely closed the door to conclusions that happen to fall along conservative lines.

Will Sullins’ work change the paradigm in the U.S., where same-sex marriage is spreading like wildfire across the country? Probably not. Even if it becomes a talking point in Christian and conservative circles, it’s unlikely to make much of a difference in the broader spectrum. This issue has been decided. The traditionalists have lost. The Supreme Court will almost certainly put the final nail in the anti-gay marriage coffin this summer, and that will be that.

But as we’ve seen when it comes to abortion, sex education, pop culture, and many other areas, liberal victories often leave the country worse off than it was before. Eventually, there may come a breaking point. Conservatism hasn’t seen its final day in the sun just yet. The truth – hurt though it may – can’t be ignored forever.

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  1. if it doesn’t make difference its because the majority doesn’t carE ABOUT THE WELFARE OF THE CHILDREN IN QUESTION

  2. When we do not care for the “least of these” (children) we have lost fundamental principles of a civilized society.

  3. Does this really surprise anyone? We have slid down the slippery moral slope of Sodom and Gommorah and you KNOW what happened to them. Same thing is coming here. You can lay money on it.

  4. Nature within itself tells you that homosexuality can’t produce kids, thats why there is a man and a women and no matter how many laws man makes to try to make homosexuality normal nature stands as a fact it isn’t right and gays want raise their children to be straight anymore than a Christian raising their kids to be atheist.

  5. This is not the first words that have come along in regards
    to LGBT couples and the results on the kids that were
    involved in same Sex Marriages. There have been
    kids raised by Same Sex Couples who have testified
    in court cases and before congress stating the harm that
    is inflicted on them by these types of marriages. Yet the
    LGBT community and the Liberal/Progressive Government
    and Activist courts all seem to not want to hear it.

  6. The gay deserve no right being around children, and should of never been aloud to adopt any kids and this is one of the reason`s.
    Homosexual HRC Founder Terrence Patrick Bean Arrested for Rape of 15-Year-Old Boy
    Matt Barber 12 hours ago

    Yet another high profile “gay” activist has been arrested for homosexual assault on a child. This time authorities caught one of the big fish (a rainbow trout?): Terrence Patrick Bean founded the “Human Rights Campaign” (HRC), which is one of the world’s largest, wealthiest and most powerful anti-Christian organizations. HRC was developed for the sole purpose of pushing the extremist homosexual political agenda. Bean is also a major player for the DNC and a big Obama supporter.

    The Oregonian reports:

    Detectives from the Portland police Sex Crimes Unit arrested Portland developer Terrence Patrick Bean on Wednesday on a Lane County indictment stemming from alleged sex abuse involving a teenage boy in 2013.

    Bean, 66, a prominent gay rights activist and major Democratic Party fundraiser, was arrested at his home in Southwest Portland and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center at 10:12 a.m.

    The indictment charges Bean with two counts of third-degree sodomy, a felony, and one count of third-degree sex abuse, a misdemeanor, police said.

    Bean, who bailed out of jail by late Wednesday afternoon, will be arraigned on the indictment in Lane County. …

    The alleged incident involved a sexual encounter in Eugene with a 15-year-old boy. …

    Bean has been one of the state’s biggest Democratic donors and an influential figure in gay rights circles in the state. He helped found two major national political groups, the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, and has been a major contributor for several Democratic presidential candidates, including Barack Obama. He’s also a close friend of former Gov. Barbara Roberts. …

    Bean’s Flickr account shows him talking with Obama at several events, posing with first lady Michelle Obama and numerous other political figures, including former President Bill Clinton. A blog post from his sister, Sue Surdam Bean, detailed her brother’s work on a July 24, 2012 Obama fundraiser in Portland. She included three photos of Terry Bean’s ride on Air Force One with Obama to a subsequent event in Seattle.

    Just two years ago 68 year old Harry Brinkin, another high profile and similarly respected (at least among Democrats) homosexual activist, was arrested in San Francisco for possessing and distributing reams of child pornography.

    CNS News Reported at the time:

    Police said that Brinkin, a former city employee, apparently had photos of children, as young as 1- or 2-years-old, performing sexual acts and being sodomized by adult men in attachments linked to the email address, reported The Chronicle. The email account was also linked to Yahoo discussion groups involving sexual exploitation of young people.

    Concerning Brinkin, Theresa Sparks, director of the Human Rights Commission, told the Huffington Post, “It’s almost incredulous, there’s no way I could believe such a thing.”

    “He’s always been one of my heroes, and he’s the epitome of human rights activist,” she said. “This is [the] man who coined phrases we use in our daily language. I support Larry 100 percent; hopefully it will all come out in the investigation.”

    Brinkin later plead guilty to the charges.

    Yep – These monsters are “heroes” to the HRC and the larger “gay” activist community.

    Ever wonder why?

    The cases of Bean and Brinkin follow a long-established pattern as old as the ancient Greek bathhouse. Of course, not every “gay” man – self-identified or otherwise – is a pedophile, but studies indicate demonstrably that homosexual assaults against boys occur at an alarmingly disproportionate rate when compared to heterosexual assaults. The very act of a man molesting a boy unquestionably involves both same-sex attraction and homosexual behavior (a “gay” by any other name…).

    Consider, for instance, a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, of over 200 convicted pedophiles. It found that “86 percent of offenders against males described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.” This demonstrates, as noted by Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, that “homosexual or bisexual men are approximately 10 times more likely to molest children than heterosexual men.”

    But don’t repeat these facts out loud or you might find yourself on the hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) “hate group” smear list.

    Editor’s UPDATE: Bean’s fellow sodomite Kiah Loy Lawson has also been arrested and charged as well. KOIN 6 reports:


    • “Deviated preverts” Bat Guano (in Doctor Strangelove) called them what they are.

    • Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I knew about Brinkin and
      always try to alert people. Check Dave Lombard who also is another
      convicted “gay rights” pedophile.

    • I’m just curious, how many of these 200 convicted pedophiles were Catholic priest? Or staff members of the youth groups in the local churches. How many were preachers in other churches?
      Now for the big question. Have many of these pedophiles were Republicans? 99% of them?For every Democratic pedophile you will find 1000 Republican pedophiles. Republicans can’t help themselves. Religion and pedophilia just naturally go hand-in-hand. There is a 2000 year history of pedophilia in the Catholic Church and is not likely to change anytime soon.
      So before you try linking someone being a Democrat with being a pedophile you’d better start doing your research as you’re going to find there are thousands of times more Republican pedophiles then there are democratic pedophiles.
      Trying to link a political party with sexual deviance is beyond sleazy. It is simply disgusting but it’s the sort of thing you expect to see from religious conservatives and Republicans since they are the sickos of the world.

      • Bodine, Priests molesting boys didn’t start until after priests were not allowed to marry! This is a big factor in their behavior. I would like to see where you got your information about the GOP vs. Dems.
        Sounds to me like you have an ax to grind.


  8. I have read reports like this before and just like this one “will be swept under the rug”. Our society today does not want these kind of findings to be known because it is against the gay agenda. I have always said these children will have problems. The reason for these problems are not because they are necessarily gay, but because psychologically a child needs a mother and a father to emulate not two fathers or two mothers. I was a single parent and I knew as a single mother that my daughter needed a father figure in her life for this reason. That person came in the form, for my daughter, in her father, grandfather and my ex-husband who was a prominent figure in her life.
    When I married, it was to a wonderful man that had been married and had two children from a previous marriage and he had had a vasectomy and he had led me to believe that we would have children either through a reversal vasectomy, artificial insemination or adoption. When I looked into adoption I was furious to find out, that due to abortion, adoption was not likely because the amount of infants and adoptive parents left us out because of our age difference. I understood this but it was at this time that the gays were being allowed to adopt and I was appalled that same sex couples were more apt to adopt a baby than my husband and I. This was insane to me. We ended up divorcing over the issue because my husband really did not want to have another child.
    After our divorce I dated my daughter’s father and became pregnant but knew we would not make it together so I opted not to marry him. I was glad however that he would be a part of her life, knowing that every child needs both parents. Ironically it was also my ex who I remained close friends with who fell head over heels in love with my little girl and would actually come over and visit, not to see me but to see my daughter and take her for walks and doted on her. I knew that as a single mother my daughter had plenty of father figures to look up to. She had her own father, my ex that she adored and two grandfathers who adored her as well. I eventually remarried my ex-husband when she was six because I knew he would love her as his own and between the three of us raised a daughter who is now grown and married with a career as a marriage and family therapist. When my husband passed away my daughter was devastated….for her it was no different than losing her father. I take credit for this well adjusted beautiful child but I know that it was not just me it was the men in her life that helped to do that. I also know that without them she could have become a statistic of a child who was raised without that father figure and had various psychological problems.
    In ending let me be clear…I believe all children should have a family! I believe same sex couples can raise a child successfully as long as they allow this child to have someone in their lives to be that father or mother figure. Unfortunately this is not often the case. Many same sex couples think that a child has this with the two of them and do not get that two men or two women does not give a child a mother/father figure anymore than I, as a single parent, could be both a mother and father. For this reason I believe infants should be adopted out to married couples in a conventional relationship before same sex couples or single parents. Does this assure that a child will be a well adjusted adult….NO….not at all!! Some people straight or otherwise are just not good at being parents but I believe that statistics as this report have shown, are better with two heterosexual couples.

  9. Stands to reason for even if one of the same sex parents gives birth at least one of the child’s same-sex parents will not be blood relative and adoptive same-sex parents both will never be blood relative. But the biggest set-back to having same-sex parents for the child is the confusion and sometimes shame of having parents that are not a “normal” set of parents.

  10. Hetero is betero! But we already knew that.

  11. We always knew this and it sure doesn’t surprise anyone who knows what real parenting is all about.

  12. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that children are better off with normal heterosexual parents. But you can bet that every Obama loving left wing extremist hammerhead will claim just the opposite. To them, homosexuality should be glorified. And everything that is actually good is evil and everything that is actually evil is good. I don’t know why these imbeciles have their heads so far up their collective asses, but anybody who claims a child is better off in an insane homosexual environment needs to be strapped up in a straight jacket and dropped off in the nearest loony bin.

  13. There are five right now who filed amicus briefs against legalizing homosexual marriage. One girl said her Dad’s were so sex obsessed that she couldn’t bring male friends home from school because BOTH hit on him. One said his mother’s hated regular families so much, that he ended up suicidal, become and became a male prostitute. The others stories were horrible too, but I don’t recall what they said. God set up the family, and that is a man, a woman and their children.

  14. There seems to be the question in some, if not all, adopted kids, who know that they were adopted, as to whether they were abandoned by their natural parents because there was something wrong with them and why didn’t their parents didn’t love them. I do agree that there are some people who shouldn’t have children only because it is the accepted thing to do.

  15. One things for sure, look around long enough and you will find someone to back up your views. Methinketh this bias may not be supported by others who would provide just as strong a clinical review. Let’s see if these statements of fact can be reaffirmed here in America and then maybe there will be some true discussion on how accurate this finding is.

  16. What? You mean God actually had a clue when he made a man and a woman biologically capable of created children? By definition there is no such thing as same sex marriage. If same sex couples want to lived together, be on each others insurance, etc., call it a partnership, civil union or whatever, I have no problem with that. But they have no right to redefine what has been marriage since recorded history and force everyone else to accept something that is against their beliefs. Two men will never equal one man and one woman. Nor will two women. Therefore, there is no law that can make them equal. My wife contributes feminine things to our marriage and family that I cannot. Likewise, I contribute and do masculine things that she cannot. That is the way that we were created. LGBT are trying to blur everyones gender identity, in the name equality that can never exist. This is really one of many serious problems a nation encounters when too many people start thinking that either there is no god or that they are smarter than God.

  17. Well it goes without saying that children are better of with a man and woman. The government is disgusting allowing them to let same sex couples have children. They might want their needs of being parents satisfiedl, but the childrens needs come first and they have a right to the best start in life.

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