Students in Cleveland Need “Safe Space” From Cops

Students at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland are being asked to make some sacrifices on behalf of the country this week. No, these sacrifices are not quite comparable to those made by other young men and women of their generation who have chosen to heroically fight for the United States overseas, but hey, sacrifices are sacrifices, right? And these students were asked this week to let nearly 2,000 law enforcement officers share their campus during the Republican National Convention.

Apparently, the ask was too great.

Students launched a petition, demanding that the cops leave their guns off-campus and be restricted to their housing dorms for the duration of the week. They were joined in their outrage by an anonymous professor, who spoke out against the university’s decision to host these “storm troopers” in the first place.

“What does it symbolize when a university library closes while security forces store firearms and pepper spray in dorms, weapons that will likely be used against next week’s demonstrators – some of whom, I fear, might be my students?” asked the professor.

The school responded to the concern by opening up a “safe space” at the university’s “LGBT Center and Social Justice Institute.”

Counseling has been made available to any students who cannot bear to share their campus with the jackbooted thugs of American law enforcement.

Where are we headed when this kind of nonsense is part of our culture? These are average, liberal college kids and their average, liberal professor. These aren’t the raving loonies of Berkeley, holding funerals for Perdue chickens. These are tomorrow’s employees, employers, and community leaders. These are the people who will take stewardship over the country in another twenty years. What will this country look like when this sad generation takes the wheel?

The hope, of course, is that these universities only represent a small fraction of the insurgent population. Or that these cowering liberals will grow into their courage as they get older. Or that the Trump movement succeeds in restoring a certain amount of grit and toughness to the American public.

But what if none of that happens? What if things continue to deteriorate? What if this anti-police, anti-military, anti-tradition sentiment grows over the next thirty years? What if the next generation is even further afield than this one?

These are dark thoughts to have, but the present is frightening enough to make you wonder…

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