Student Punished For Saying “God Bless America”

Every president since Nixon has used the phrase as a way to sign off on important speeches. For most of us, it hearkens back to the Irving Berlin song of the same name. For at least one Florida high school, however, it has joined the many “religious” things you can’t say in school. A student at Yulee High School in Nassau County has been disciplined for using the phrase at the end of the morning announcements.

Because someone is always offended by something, two atheist students felt their right to not believe in God was somehow infringed upon by the phrase. One wonders if these students will ever be able to use legal tender in good conscience. They took their grievance to an atheist group called the American Humanist Association and demanded satisfaction. The group, smelling an opportunity to rile up some publicity, was all too happy to jump on the case.

“It is inappropriate and unlawful for a public school to start the school day with an official statement over the intercom stating, ‘God Bless America,’” wrote the AHA in a letter to the school’s principal. “For such a statement affirms God-belief, validates a theistic worldview and is invidious toward atheists and other nonbelievers.”

Oh, well then. I didn’t know that atheists had been subject to invidiousness! Those poor students. Will they ever feel safe to not-practice their non-religion?

Naturally, the school folded like an accordion. District Spokesperson Sharyl Wood insisted that the remarks were not part of the scripted announcement and that “the principal took the appropriate steps in speaking with the student and disciplining the student.” While the statement did not elaborate on what discipline this entailed, one can only imagine he got a very stern talking to. I mean, how dare he use one of this country’s most common patriotic phrases? What does he think this is, the America of 20 years ago?

According to the principal, the offending student was told that if he were to ever stray from the script again, he would not be allowed to make the announcements. She concluded her statement by saying it was their “desire and intention to respect the beliefs and constitutional freedoms of all students at Yulee High School.”

What a relief. It chills the blood to imagine students who might have to hear a phrase as…invidious…as “God Bless America” in their morning announcements. Why, those atheists could catch Christianity if the school isn’t careful.

It’s sad to see our country turning its back on its history. God stood at the center of the exploration, founding, and defending of this great land for hundreds of years. Now, after stretching the concept of the establishment clause far beyond the breaking point, we’ve all but erased Him from our national culture. To what end? So a tiny minority of the population doesn’t have their little ears offended. Somehow, that’s progress.

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  1. Next time just say F/off and die. That would just be “self expression”.


      Why be common, crude or corse? Be an indivigual NOT COMMON

    • There are better ways to say negative things. That is what is wrong with today’s society JimH. We do not need to use words like that. Think about it.

      • Hey Robert, I’m damned sick and tired of the politically correct…
        F U C K. O F F !!

        • Michael I was not commenting on one of your posts and I am not a politically correct person. I am a Vietnam Veteran with over 20 years of military service, protecting your right to make vile statements. Can’t there be any civility in speaking. That is the problem with the Congress today – they are always putting everyone down that they do not agree with. We need to go back to the 40ss and early 50s where the politicians would go into a back room, hammer out their differences, and come up with a concrete plan. That is what I am talking about Michael. Think about it again before answering in our usual demeanor.

      • Sarcasm, Robert. I was pointing out that some people are offended by God Bless America, and will defend someone actually being offensive.

      • Here’s one…. Well, bless your heart…

  2. As long as the majority stay silent,these idiots will triumph.The old adage about the good keeping silent is allowing the atheists and other leftists to win every battle.


      He was the ‘squeeky’ wheel that got greased.

    • You are correct Mr! Two individuals with an agenda now inconvenience the majority. There’s nothing that states a Public School cannot say God Bless America. It’s time to speak up and take a stand against these radical minorities who’s position is very offensive.

      • A little much-needed lesson for you and all the other unconstitutional proponents of the notion that the majority rules in such matters. Get some education:

        • 1st amendment “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”. The student is not part of the faculty of the school, he is not paid to make the announcement. He exercised his 1 amendment right regarding the free practice thereof…

          Go ahead and show me “The Right To Not Get One’s Feelings Hurt, and let the debate begin.

          • Great post Shanidar!

          • Lincoln was not speaking of the right of any majority to trump the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of any minority. He was addressing the narrow case of the legislative veto and the filibuster.

            Lincoln would have been the last to argue in favor of the of the minority being nullified by the wishes of the majority.

            You wingers who pretend to so deeply revere the Constitution promote a “majority rule” concept that runs 180 degrees counter to its protections for minority rights.

          • Yet, by their silence in the matter, the rest of the school had no problem with this person practicing his “free exercise of…” and you suppose that his 1st amendment constitutional right should be overridden by two atheists who got their feelings hurt?
            Again, demonstrate a right to not have one’s feelings hurt.

          • Your demand is irrelevant. It is not a matter of someone’s feelings being hurt. It is a matter of an instrument of government–the school system–providing a means where a particular student preferentially expressed a specific personal belief relative to God. First, his reference to God overtly implies that there IS a God, a religious belief contrary to the beliefs of atheists. Secondly, the God to which he refers is implicitly an immanent God (one interested in human affairs and willing to take specific action relative to mankind), not a Transcendent God (one who indeed created the universe but who does not adjust matters in behalf of human needs and wants). It matters not whether his concept of God is shared with others in his school. His use of a government-provided communications medium to express his particular personal religious concept implies an endorsement by an engine of government (the public school system) of a particular religious belief system, and that is unconstitutional, according to the U.S. Supreme Court, whether or not it accords with how the student or his fellow students or the local townspeople or you interpret the Establishment Clause. The prohibition of the Establishment Clause makes no exception for situations in which the members of the involved community hold to the same religious viewpoint.

            Before any of those reading this decide to castigate me as an atheist, let me assure you that I believe in an immanent God. I have held membership in a conservative church for 63 years, taught Sunday school, preached on occasion, and am currently a deacon.

          • So you believe that the student renounced his right of free speech by being on a school’s loudspeaker system?

            This federal court doesn’t believe you


            You still have submitted nothing to show any right to be free of being offended, and nothing in the Constitution puts one party’s rights over another’s. But it does guarantee the freedom to practice religion, like saying God Bless America. It does not anywhere require that a party’s rights be abrogated because another party doesn’t agree.

            In fact, it is disagreeable speech that has to be protected, as popular speech is not endangered.
            And to reference the atheists “beliefs”, they, by definition, do not have beliefs regarding a god, they are A-theists.
            The theory of relativity is still a theory. If I choose not to believe it, must the science teacher refrain from mentioning it, in case my feelings get hurt? Absurd. Just as absurd as the attention whore atheists trying to get some attention.

          • You can not tell a liberal zombie anything..They vote for Obama twice..That tells you all you need to know..

          • The case that you so confidently rely upon has no affinity with the “God bless America” controversy. The link you cites say, “A federal appeals court has ruled elementary school students have First Amendment free speech rights to discuss religion with their classmates.” I fully agree with that decision, since the activity in question was voluntary, student-initiated and not devised or controlled by the school authorities. It is an activity wholly consistent with the Constitution and with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

            The student who uttered “God bless America” did so while making announcements at the direction of school officials and using the school’s public address equipment and he did so with knowledge of those officials, implying their consent. That is an entirely different thing from the activity in the “Candy Cane” affair described in your reference, which in no way involved an action conjoined with an official school announcement and using school equipment. Apples and oranges!

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          • oh please.. I am not a liberal.. I use my brain to think…

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          • the one you don,t have…

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          • Expressing one’s beliefs IS a right. Disagreeing is also a right. Having a government agency support your disagreeance is NOT.
            The School expressed nothing & supported nothing when that student spoke. However the school then supported others’ disagreement. THAT’s the problem here.
            Btw, who are you to state what God the student spoke of?

          • The nature of the God of which that student spoke is inherently and implicitly expressed in how he chose to address the Deity. “God bless America” clearly contemplates an immanent God rather than a transcendent God. And certainly “God bless America” implies, nay overtly asserts, that there IS a God. Both are clearly the student’s interpretation of the nature of God. When spoken within a context where the student is assigned as a spokesperson in behalf of the school authorities, his statement, “God bless America” becomes THEIR statement, whether or not they directed him to make it.

            When not acting on behalf of government (school system administrative officialdom), students and teachers have plenty of Constitutionally-permissible opportunities to affirm all kinds of things about God and religion. Below is a link to a very detailed discussion of such matters. Often when I post it, it is simply ignored by those who cling to the theocratic view that this is a “Christian nation” or a “Judeo-Christian nation” and that government has no business limiting religious expression to any extent within the public school system. Those who ignorantly lament that, “They have taken prayer and Bible reading out of the schools” are uncomfortable with the FACTS agreed to by the ACLU and a host of religious organizations concerning the broad array of opportunities for personal, voluntary religious activity within the public school setting.


          • Your nickname is well chosen, given the deranged nature of the run-on string of pejorative drivel you posted.


          • crazyfreddie, it is obvious to anyone with any sense whatever that YOU are a semi-literate wacko with a brainwashed ultraconservative mindset that is not amenable to any kind of reason. You are on “automatic pilot,” as are many of your ilk, and you indiscriminately ASSume that anyone who disagrees with your simpleminded politics is automatically an enemy of this country. Laughable!

            I don’t need dimbulbs such as you to make pronouncements about my eternal destiny.

            And crazyfreddie, have you ever heard of PUNCTUATION, other than the occasional “!” ?


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          • Pay no attention to crazyfreddie. This person has completely lost his or her mind. This is what happens to a person when they have done too many drugs. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. LOL!!!


          • Your irrelevant and insulting ALL CAPS crapola is duly noted. Maybe one day you will acquire some small quantum of maturity and be able thereby to enter discussions like this one with at least a modicum of credibility. You seem, however, to be a long, long way away from that desirable status.

          • Atheists are scum and they mock religion they had better changed their ways before Judgement day

          • YOU ARE Christian scum & Atheists DO mock your religion & we enjoy making you look foolish for believing in such BULLSHIT!!! I won’t be changing my ways anytime soon. I would rather be on the side of reason, logic & critical thinking. It’s better than believing in fairy tales & a sky daddy who watches over you?? WTF!! Judgment day is a figment of your imagination, so if I were you , I wouldn’t hold my breath!! What’s with all the caps? Too stupid to figure out how to turn them off ? Typical brainless Christian !! P. S. Your grammar sucks big time.

          • Thomas Guariano

            Listen up douche you are treading in dangerious waters and i advise you to not mock my religion as it may result in a problem you cant avoid

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          • Did you now want to expound on “separation of church and state” you libbers love to spout off about ad nauseum?

            God please imbue this liberal fool with Your Light!

          • I take it you do not find within your limited intellectual resources a basis for disputing what I posted above concerning what Lincoln said and how it applies as regards the rights of majorities and minorities. You skipped right past that and went on to your challenge re separation of church and state. Such a separation does, in fact, exist as a matter of Constitutional law. It is embedded in the “Establishment Clause” of the First Amendment, which prohibits either Federal or state and local governments from actions that discriminate in favor of one religious belief system over others or that favor religiouys belief over non-belief.

            Answer me this, carolsky. If the student who was selected to read the morning news had ended his reading with the words, “Allah Akbar,” or the words, “There is no God,” would you be comfortable with that? After you give your answer, I will review it and see what kind of additional education you might benefit by relative to the First Amendment.

          • Liberal talking point are absorbed by the lemmings (eg….YOU) and spouted ad nauseum to suggest a sort of faux intellectualism which is lacking…

            True debate involves a combining of history, acknowledged “truths”, and a mixture of philosophy and true application. Sadly, this point is not understood by those who borrow foolish rhetoric to appear more intelligent than they are.

            America is, was, and WILL ALWAYS BE a Judeo-Christian nation and as such the espousing of our history’s acceptable rhetoric and customs:

            1-“God Bless America” over a loud speakers
            2-a Christian prayer before a high school football game
            3-the celebration of Christmas as a nation
            4-the recent acknowledgment of Ash Wednesday
            5-or “In God We Trust” on our money
            6-the the verbiage from the past “In the year of our Lord”, etc. etc. etc….


            To PRETEND that any reference to the muslim’s battle cry of “Allah Akbar” which means in essence, “I am killing this infidel in the name of Allah!” is in any way acceptable for ANYONE’S ears is to play the fool and pretend that the muslim invasion is NOT HAPPENING!

            “This son of yours [the first muslim] will be a wild man, as untamed as a wild donkey! He
            will raise his fist against everyone, and everyone will be against him.
            Yes, he will live in open hostility against all his relatives.”~Genesis 16:12. God please imbue this liberal fool with Your Light and bring to him a true “head which is on straight” so he can see clearly the truth in all its glory…AMEN!

          • Right on Lady….

          • Liberal talking point are absorbed by the lemmings (eg….YOU) and spouted ad nauseum to suggest a sort of faux intellectualism which is lacking…

            True debate involves a combining of history, acknowledged “truths”, and a mixture of philosophy and true application. Sadly, this point is not understood by those who borrow foolish rhetoric to appear more intelligent than they are.

            America is, was, and WILL ALWAYS BE a Judeo-Christian nation and as such the espousing and acknowledging of our history’s acceptable rhetoric and customs through:

            1-“God Bless America” over a loud speaker
            2-a Christian prayer before a high school football game
            3-the celebration of Christmas and other Christian holidays as a nation
            4-the recent acknowledgment of Ash Wednesday
            5-“In God We Trust” on our money
            6-the verbiage from the past “In the year of our Lord” when referencing time passage
            7-etc. etc. etc….


            To PRETEND that any reference to the muslim’s battle cry of “Allah Akbar” which means in essence, “I am killing this infidel in the name of Allah!” is in any way acceptable for ANYONE’S ears is to play the fool and pretend that the muslim invasion is NOT HAPPENING!

            “This son of yours [the first muslim] will be a wild man, as untamed as a wild donkey! He
            will raise his fist against everyone, and everyone will be against him. Yes, he will live in open hostility against all his relatives.”~Genesis 16:12. God please imbue this liberal fool with Your Light and bring to him a true “head which is on straight” so he can see clearly the truth in all its glory…AMEN!

          • I see that you chose to not really answer headonstraight’s question. You’re a coward carolskey.

          • “Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your
            pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you.”~Matthew 7:6. Sometimes it is necessary and we are told not continue a conversation…this would not be “cowardice” but obedience.

            I will not call you names but only ask that God would open your eyes to Truth!

          • Why can’t you Christians ever think for yourselves? Whenever you need to defend your religion , it’s always done with scripture. Your holy book is no proof of any god or jesus, for that matter. If this is your only source to prove such ridiculous claims, then I feel sorry for you. You are just one of many brainwashed & indoctrinated Christians who never question their validity as to why they really believe there is a god & just know there is because they just know it. Please don’t tell me it’s faith. Faith is believing in something, without proof or evidence that it really does exist. This is the reason why more people have stopped going to church& are giving up their religions. They are starting to question their own beliefs. That my friend is a critical thinker. Since you’re making the claim that there is definitely a god, the burden of proof is on you. So far, I have never seen any real concrete evidence that this god of yours does exist. So, until that happens, I will choose reason & logic over magic & make believe anytime.

          • “WHICH THEORY IS ACCURATE?—Does evolution explain the facts found in the stars, in rocks, and in biology. No, it does not. We have witnessed that repeatedly in this set of books. In the next chapter we will consider that problem in somewhat more detail.

            Does the whole of evolutionary theory unify the known facts? It does a great job of unifying the various sub-set evolutionary theories in astronomy,earthorigins, paleontology, tratigraphy, life origins, botany, and zoology. It has everything all packed in a neat box with a ribbon on top. All the theories are nicely unified and organized. But (1) the theories do not fit the facts, and (2) the apparent unity and organization of the theories only applies to their public presentation. Among scientists, however, there are intense disagreements and open arguments over nearly every aspect of evolutionary theory. We have observed much of that in this set of books also. By far, the greatest number of statements quoted in this set of books against various aspects of evolution were written by non-creationists.”

            The above from the Evolution Encyclopedia, Chapter 3. Please note the last sentence: “By far, the greatest number of statements quoted in this set of books
            against various aspects of evolution were written by non-creationists.”

            You may and probably will walk in “your own understanding” and be a fool because one day you will stand before God and have to explain why you ignored me when I told you clearly that this would happen, God made you, and you would have to make an accounting! Good luck with that…

          • This is a question that you government dummy down educated liberal welfare guru’s should be asking yourselves / you love those freebies from thre govermnmenmt so much you will believe all that ; Crap that they put out ! You woul be a great leader of your the pack !

          • I see you found The Caps Lock Key, but your spelling & grammar haven’t improved one bit!! You’re an embarrassment to this forum & to yourself. If you are not capable of writing an intelligent comment that people will want to read, I suggest you refrain from posting any further comments. Come back when you get your head out of your ass. LOL!!!


          • This is what most Christians do when they are challenged & asked a question that they can’t answer on their own. They run to their bibles like scared little rabbits, desperately looking for that one little quote from scripture that will explain everything. I totally agree with you. carolskey is a coward & refuses to think for herself.

          • Your GED is showing..Adjust you tin foil hat and have some more liberal kool-aid..We can think for our self Sparkey..

          • Disagreeing verbally with someone else’s point of view is NOT outside the bounds of ffree speech, no matter where it is spoken. Talk about limited!

          • I never claimed it was. But the bounds of free speech do not extend to being the appointed mouthpiece for an entity of government and in that capacity singularly endorsing a religious belief or belief system.

          • Insanely, you conflate your atheist position with those of other religions. Our Founding Fathers, remembering the British Empire’s totalitarian king imposing his minority-powered religion upon all of England, wisely disallowed the establishment of any single religion over all others. Although there were so-called Deists among out Founding Fathers, there was universal agreement that the flegling United States of America could only be civilly governed by a religious populace, NOT an unbelieving people, Not to be limited by the fratricidal hatreds built into atheists’ love of their me-centered hatred of a religious populace.

            The character, Qwi Qwi, in early American writing about hunting the “Great White Whale”, was respected, no matter his tatooed, dark skin, and his deeply foreign religion. Qwi Qwi’s honest, hard work, and his bravery showed that he was honorable beyond question, and no one gave a sh-t about his “religion”. Being mysterious and different was not the central question. The fact that he was religious embedded trust in his crew-mates.

          • I am not an atheist; I am, and for 62 years have been a conservative Christian. The Supreme Court has ruled that atheism is, in fact, a religion. Often it is asserted (and with this I agree) that atheists should be granted no more opportunity to promote their belief system within public governmental venues (including the public schools) that is granted to those who believe in a Supreme Being, including Deists, Christians, Jews and others.

            Please–If you are going to be citing persons from the work of Herman Melville, my favorite novelist of all time, at least spell their names correctly.


          • You can stop with your wannabe “educated elite” attempt to scold regarding spelling, and any other whimpering model you might want to try to degrade others with. All it does is remove any sympathy you might garner. All the whinning by atheists about The Lord’s Prayer, or honoring God in public schools or any other public area smacks 100% of a totalitarian minority trying to disregard and disassemble the Traditional America which has safeguarded the world from National Socialism, Soviet Socialism, The Japaese Imperial Empire, which brought centuries-long Moslem-engendered slavery/international slave-trading to a vast diminishment, etc, etc, etc, into disregard, and, thus to try to undo those great American attempts to improve the lives of human beings all over the earth. Atheists and their whimpering whining merely seek to harm the world just for their little egos.

          • So, then, you are content for government (the public school system) to tell your public school-age children when to pray, for what to pray, to whom to pray (i.e. just how to address the Deity), and in whose name to pray? The fervor of the ultraconservative sector for returning government-prescribed prayer to the public schools in the form that was common years ago is somewhat astonishing to me. The same folks who clamor for that are most often the ones who demand that the “government stay out of my personal business.” Yet they are willing to let agents of that same government control one of the most private and personal of things, the religious activity of their children.

            There are numerous voluntary, personal, non-government directed religious activities
            that are entirely permissible within the public school environment. A detailed description of these was prepared jointly by the ACLU and more than 30 religious organizations. It might surprise you and others to learn just how extensive and how accommodating our laws are toward permitting such activities. Read about it here:


            The annual “Meet Me at the Flagpole” observance is one such activity. On some designated day in the Spring of the year, public school students gather at the school’s flagpole or other place on school grounds and typically sing hymns, pray, read the Bible aloud, and in general carry out a voluntary, student-led religious exercise. That activity is entirely constitutional. And it is not limited to one morning in the school year. You will have to ask those who carry out the flagpole devotional why they do so on only one day of the entire school year. In our local paper, a student was quoted as perceiving the flagpole devotional as a way to “show the world that we can worship our God and no one can stop us.” In her adolescent ignorance, she went on to lament that it is a shame that this can not be done all over this country. She was as wrong in that observation as are those who moan that, “They have taken God and prayer out of the schools.” “They” have not done any such thing. What has been changed is that government, in the form of the public school system, no longer devises, implements, and controls the form that religious observances may take within the campuses of this nation’s public schools. And that is a GOOD thing!

          • Your every written utterance bespeaks of ” . . permitting such activities”, & “numerous voluntary, personal, non-government directed religious activities”, etc, etc, as somehow “the government” somehowwww has the right to ontrols over every “religious” utterance in our public schools. You embody those totalitarians who want to control what is said, taught, done, symbolized, by the school kids of America, this to salve your Marxist-led, central government imperative to take more and more control of our educational systems AWAY from local controls, citizen/community controls!

            You apparently vastly prefer: in your corrupt-government-controlled school systems in Chicago, Illinois, that the students shoot, rape, drug, and harm one another as freely as they would choose to do to one another, in complete absence of any religious influences, . . . . and you try to spread your corrupt-government-control schemes to communities whose local culture is overtly Christian, not your preferred murder-centric local cultures of my former party’s massive, crime-generating, democrat-run, Inner-City Black Reservations in corrupt, big city governments all across America. Places like: Chicago, Detroit, Trenton, Patterson, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Charlottesville, Atlanta, Memphis, Miami, East St. Louis (& Fergison), Houston, LA, Seattle, Portland, Oakland (CA), San Francisco, San Jose, Reno, Milwaukee, Flint, Buffalo, et al, et al.

            All religions, except Islam, point toward an elevated conception of living our lives on earth, meaning Christianity, Hindu-ism, Buddism, Catholics, Mormans, and the many, many smaller religions in Japan, S. E. Asia, Indian sub-continent, Africa, etc. In the Middle East, or Africa, the local warlords, or government control freaks control the local schools according to their “religion”, but over here in the US no religion (except Islam) seeks to control other regious expression, (also excepting the Marxist-inspired atheist methodologists, it would seem).

          • GO GET EM MIGUEL!!!

          • Miguel got what Miguel asked for. He got his lunch eaten big time.

          • Such a Smart, Smart guy, a guy who is so clearly so much “smarter & better” than all who disagree with his perscriptions for society.

          • And knows how to spell “prescriptions,” despite not allegedly having a long career in education.

          • The deceptive, and therefore weak, cannot continence the informed well-intended, nor can they handle those solutions which benefit the most citizens in The Big Picture, so they default to their tried and true nit-picking, whining, and dis-connected accusations meant entirely to muddy the waters, such that their fellow plunderers can continue plundering our public treasuries all across America.

          • And some of us can not “coninence” the fact that someone who presents himself an educator, with notions about how to reform a broken educational system, manages to incorporate into his diatribes as many errors as you do. It is to be hoped that you teach courses such as shop or livestock management rather than English.

          • I’ll stand by my rushed mispellings because we’re having massive-intermittant ATT connectivity problems out here, and ONLY weak, mean-spirited, trolls such as yourself, would bother to elevate ridiculously smallish things like mispelled words on a comment thread like this one up to an attack point, when the so-called “discourse” is about the educational future/shortcomings/threats to/upward hopes/growth strategies, etc, in America’s schools. You are most degraded, most self-degrading of yourself, and of your Dear leader whose allegorical sexual organs you lick with your every word.

            Your evidenced hatred for/contempt for, shop students, livestock management students and their allied fields show you to be little more than an elitist-blinded political operative out of one of so many corrupt democrat-run political organizations, big city government organized criminal organizations dedicated to bringing all of America down to your decayed-levels of student educational outcomes. Alabama is far too good for the likes of you.

            You little whimperer, you.

          • Talk about SHALLOW! The lowest form of insult is the kind of coarse sexual insult you have lodged toward me in your typical sentence-as-paragraph rant! Don’t try to claim the high ground in argumentative discourse while you play that lowbrow game!

          • Your whining low-ball attacks merely define you as the lowest of the low. I’ve no more time for such stupidity. Keep insulting away, but I’ve got some real things to do rather than waste time on a dog brained human such as your words show you to be.

          • YOU accuse ME of “low-ball attacks—YOU, whose lofty and constructive criticism includes such gems as THIS?

            ” You are most degraded, most self-degrading of yourself, and of your Dear leader whose allegorical sexual organs you lick with your every word.”

            I am pleased beyond words to discontinue discourse with you, you blithering hypocrite!

          • You come off as an information-resistant jerk, Miguel, with that rambling. irrational
            tirade. The information I provided you shows just the opposite of what you claim. Do you deny that “…there are numerous voluntary, personal, non-government directed religious activities that are entirely permissible within the public school environment”? I gave you a link to a site that lists and discusses these. They are permissible because they have been determined to be CONSTITUTIONAL expressions of religious freedom.

            School boards do not arbitrarily establish their own lists of preferred, permissible, or forbidden student religious activities. The numerous religious activities described in that Joint Statement are protected by the First Amendment and may not be tampered with by local school boards, state education agencies of the Federal Department of Education. I have to wonder if you even read that link, given your intransigent refusal to recognize the breadth of activities and observances deemed CONSTITUTIONALLY permissible for public school students within the public school environment.

            Here is another source of information concerning student religious activity, the Equal Access Act. It requires that if a public school K-12 permits even one extracurricular club to meet outside class time, it must give other clubs the same opportunity. That means, for instance, that if a school allows a student chess club or a student photography club to meet on school property and use space in the school building for its meetings, it can not deny a Christian or other religious-based club the same permission and resources for its activity.


            Your “example” of conditions in Chicago schools has nothing to do with the constitutional issue we are discussing here. To argue that I “prefer” public school systems that allegedly are dens of iniquity is an absurdity that has no place in this discussion.

          • Continuing to embarrass yourself, again. It’s clear that you spend more time in some office, “deciding things”, than actually being outside doing things on-site, in real time.

            Your ACLU you site contains info I’ve seen routinely violated for the entire time I’ve spent in CA classrooms for the last few decades. There’s a HUGE difference between your idealizin, and actual practice! Your final paragraph unveils your almost complete inability to connect actual facts on the ground, seemingly hopelessly leashed to your ideological imperatives involving taking control of our schools from the local communities, for that sacred power of The People to be hijacked by state operatives in tall bureaucratic buildings far, far away from the communities, and equally distant from the classrooms full of our kids.

            So, as nice-sounding as all of your “noble statements about delicate sentiments” are, they reek of something more akin to the irrelavency of the Oscars of Hollywood to the lives of the people actually attending “the movies”, than to actual events on the ground in real time. I’m reminded of very legalistic government bureaucrats of about 85 years ago in central European lands as they studiously prepared for the their governments’ massive moral shortcomings in the approach of WWII.

            Serious connectivity problems on this very cloudy day in the modern-day “cloud”. Cannot fight this situation here any longer. But, suffice to say neither of your much-vaunted sites is remotely persuasive, since there are such vast lies and deceptions in schools, especially in our self-desroying CA systems.

          • You say, “our ACLU you site contains info I’ve seen routinely violated for the entire time I’ve spent in CA classrooms for the last few decades.”

            I do not dispute that observation, for I have seen that same phenomenon often myself. But the reason it happens is because all too often schoolteachers, principals and other functionaries in the public school systems are not well versed concerning what is and what is not constitutionally permissible student religious activity. Perceiving themselves as erring on the side of caution.they sometimes go way too far, prohibiting things that are indeed constitutionally permitted. Thus they violate the rights of students who desire to engage in activities that are voluntary, student-initiated and entirely compliant with current case law. That which you characterize as “…a HUGE difference between your idealizing (your Ideal World), and actual practice” would not be so commonplace in your CA classrooms or elsewhere if school personnel were adequately educated concerning the kinds of student activities that are constitutionally permissible and the kinds that are not.

            I have discussed this issue with schoolteachers who are astonishingly misinformed or virtually uninformed concerning such matters. Thus it does not surprise me at all that teachers and/or principals in your state are misapplying the standards and criteria that apply to religious activity in the schools where they teach and administrate.

            Such organizations as the dreaded Freedom from Religion Foundation typically have a better grasp of law governing public schools and religion and are thus able often to prevail far more often than not when they identify and challenge unconstitutional
            religious activities in public schools or in other public (governmental) activities.

            You have a connectivity problem of your own, Miguel, in your failure to connect with the reality of what the law requires and your failure to reckon with the widespread indiligence within your own profession in applying the law in real world situations.
            applying it to factual situations encountered

          • My “connectivity” mentioned in my final paragraph was referring to my computer’s inabilty to work, mostly due to “the cloud” I surmise.

            There is no “widespread intelligence” within my profession. you keep being hopelessly unable to understand, this shown in your endless references to “what is constitutionally permitted”, ad nausium.

            America needs fewer demands from distant buildings full of bureaucrats attempting to enforce their long-held idiocies on a whole host of arenas.

            The Dept of Ed in nearly completely corrupt Washington DC, or nearly-as-heartlessly-corrupt Sacramento/Reno/Pheonix, et al, have No Business telling the thousands, and thousands of local school districts all over America what to do in their wide array of Common Sense decisions on every concievable subject, and in equally endless PC demands by bureaucratic “educated fools” far, far away, fools who are sub-textually striving for mediocrity, such to please their college professors’ institutionalized hatreds for The Proverbial Common Person!

          • ELOQUENTLY PUT

          • I see you haven’t found the CAPS LOCK KEY YET. THAT’S OK. KEEP TRYING. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!! MORON!!

          • You just committed three times the ‘crime’ you so sanctimoniously accused this other person of committing.

          • You’re an idiot!! I did this intentionally. I was making fun of crazyfreddie by using caps locks in my comment. Do you seriously think that I would call someone out for always using caps & & then be so stupid as to do the exact same thing ? Brainless Twit!!

          • Hey, admittedly, I might better had not to have used the worf, “sanctimoniously”, and I thought it was possible that you were “kidding”, but, . . . . . there is very definitely an undertone of anger in your words. Thus, I may have over-responded, but, here again, we see a display of anger, an anger seemingly just waiting for the chance to be tripped into action.

          • Miguel is not programmed to recognize subtlety. it goes with the territory, his territory being largely one of inflexible absolutes.

          • “ad nausium,” Miguel? Let us hope that you are not the Latin teacher in your school

          • You’re beaten. The more you whine, the more attention you’ll recieve from enforcers such as Al Capones’s boys, your university Department Chair, some feminist who’s about to sub-textually slit your throat job-wise, or tough “workers” in the bar after work.

          • That is “receive,”Miguel, not “recieve.” Those “educators” who rely on crutches such as that old splintered one, “i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c'”, are apt to make such errors. And since I never go to bars, being a 100% abstainer from alcohol,” I don’t have to worry about those “workers” in the bar. You ASSume too much, Miguel.

          • The longer one fights with a pig, the dirtier one gets. I’m done trading words with the human pig who might not have to worry about actual “workers” knocking out his teeth, either b/c he doesn’t work, or, he’ll get his due inside the orchestrated lies of publicly-paid bureaucracies with all of their crony backstabbing, etc.

            I don’t assume that you are a “worker”, of any sort anymore, and I’m done getting filthy dirty trading words with a liar, a giant-sized child, and one whose final surprise will come unwarned.

            Keep up your venal hate-speech all you want, but I’m done.

          • Back to your pedagogical perch, Miguel!

            I am indeed not a “worker” anymore, at least not in the sense of being formally in the workforce. After 51 years of continuous and highly-successful employment, 27 in government and 25 in the private sector, I finally decided to retire. I stay active in church work, local politics and in an activist environmental community, where I contribute my experience and expertise toward encouraging intelligent management of our natural resources. In your knee-jerk way of thinking, you would probably consider me a “tree hugger.” I couldn’t care less about that.

            Suffice it to say, I remain healthy, active and productive and intend to do so for however long I continue to draw breath and place one foot in front of the other. As time and opportunity afford, I will continue to participate in online discussions where I can confront the wackadoodle radicals who infest that domain.

            I do a bit of fly-fishing from time to time, a pursuit at which I am, modesty aside, extremely competent.

          • Finally, you bring something a bit more positive to the table, with fewer dark-spirited attacks meant only to demean, meant only to splatter negativity, a tactic in your hoping to gain traction by attempting to ignore points with diversionary nothingness, and reflexive character attacks, (a characteristic still embedded in your post, though).

            Congrats on your fly fishing skills. 27 years in government most likely explains your clear over-trust in government bureaucracies which can be most capable in things like garbage collection, but we’ve found to be most often somewhere in between incomptetent, and/or massively deceptive (meaning lying) in arenas where these bureaucracies sense their ability to gain power and control over their hoped-for sheep-like citizens.

            Since I have to go to work now, I’ll have to finish this later, but it’s not going to center on attacking you, as I’ve found so many so-called “liberals” are so reflexively wont to initiate, and to do.

          • You can’t seem to stop yourself from your sneak-attack, name-calling undertones built-in to your undertone of smearing and attempted-to-be-subtle, sub-textual hate-speeching, as seen in your faked salut

            But getting on to your major psycho-social-political point(s), anyone who has spent 27 years inside a government bureaucracy absolutely, by definition cannot be remotely objective in “discussing” the invasive, damaging, intrusion into our public schools governance, regarding said bureaucracies’ imposition of their own PC-inspired mandates, threats, fees, “adviseries”, and otherwise bullying tactics, all in service to their special imperatives regarding turning The American Public into the sheep, so well-described by the racist White liberal cabal’s Super-Hero: George Orwell’s apt cautionary decriptions of the racist White liberals’ progressive/academic Dreamland of Dictatorship of the so-called “Professorial Elite” over the real people of America/Britain, Or, for that matter, the People of the World.

            This is America. You get to freely engage; to “stay active in church”, engage in local politics, and be an environmentalist to your heart’s content. Where civilized people draw the line is whenever, and wherever you and yours block, & try to block Other Americans from engaging in their Constitutional Rights, by using your corrupt government apparatus to deny The Working American their just rights, this from your erroniously-percieved perch on high.. CA democrats, my former party-mates, are particularly guilty of these types of offenses on a daily basis, much to the satisfaction of their mentors in the East German Stassi.

            ATT being just about the most lying, deceptive, crony-capitalist, intermittant connectivity “provider”, this effort has taken 8-10 times more thanI can afford in time right now. So, I must stop.

          • My salutation was not faked, Miguel. You do need to get on with your pedagogy and stop wasting your time grinding out those blithering, bombastic diatribes that seem to give you such satisfaction. You are not likely to dislodge anyone from what you describe (and misspell) as some “erroniously-percieved [sic] perch on high.”

          • Those highly-politicized operatives such as you, and other multi-decade “government employees”/liberal plunderers of our public treasuries cannot be persuaded to think about anything resembling The Good of The People, since your sympathies revert instinctively toward more plunder (power-grabbing) by “us” government employees, of “them”, the ascribed-to-be-stupid/inferior-citizens-who-you-were-once-overseeing-in-“government-service”, so to speak.

            Yes, of course, your “salutation” was faked, in that it carrys within it your contempuous undertones, a fakery, a perversion of any form of respect known to Mankind. You speak so disrespectfully in gang-run parts of any city USA, and you will get your face punched, if your targeted “disrespectee” is in a good mood.

            Civilized liberals who were recruited into the ranks of the now corrupt democrat party are more open (than you might prefer) to my arguements, as I myself was once so deeply one of them, thus, knowing their party bosses’ every deception before those deceptions are even uttered. Additionally, young Libertarians are also listening intently, as are high school students (most of whom instinctively know that they’ve long been lied to).

            No decent American would deny you your preferences, be they political, personal, or emotionally-held. But The People are beginning to see through the incredible hypocrisies of embedded democrat thieves, thieves such as CA Senators, Barbara Boxer, & Diane Feinstein, both of whom have engaged in massively self-serving plunder of the public treasuries, (making multi-milliomaires out of both of them as they share their plundered loot with other corrupt, racist White liberal cabal members their stolen cash {from The People})!

          • Howdy Geneleman It’s me pantsonstraight.Hey headon, don’t you ever get tired of being so intellegent, when it much easier being a bit dumb? just wondering

          • Don’t YOU get tired of being so incompetent? What is a “Geneleman”? And that trait that you also misspelled should be “intelligent,” not “intellegent.” In only two lines you have misspelled two words

          • Error on My Part!! Your comment about “widespread indiligence” is correct. Absolutely correct! I misread. But, said “widespread indiligence”, is strictly done on the part of the academia-led, racist White liberal cabal embedded in our schools, not committed by local officials, churches, BPOE, cub scout troops, or Masonic Lodges.

            Your indiligence claim is accurate, accurate that these wily “educational” political operatives viciously undercut religion in our schools in every way that they can, aided & abetted by folks whose sympathies you share. It, though, is true that civilized people do need to wake up to the hateful moral crimes committed in our schools by anti-religious, crime-lovers, by atheists, and by varied White liberal cabals regarding religion in our schools, our people, our children, our families, all of which ( & whom) atheists share with liberals their desire to harm & to destroy.

          • No. It is local public school officials whose ignorance of the Establishment Cause causes them to make bad calls about permitted/unpermitted student religious activity.

            These problems start with bad decisions at the local level, Miguel, almost all the time.
            You simply have not been keeping up with reality if you think it is a top down problem.

          • i think we have need to put this “discussion” into two parts; One: the continuing failures of those who you term “local” officials at the school level, and maybe school boards; and, Two: those modern-day National Socialists in the US Dept of Ed, and the various state depts of ed, like here in CA: the CA State Dept of Public Instruction.

            Many of our “local” schoool decisions are made by fools who imagine that their decisions match those which their Marxist, would-be National Socialist, college professors would choose. So, this rogue element is mimicing those same impulses whose centralized power imperatives do run these nationaliazed ‘educational’ departments consisting of buildings full of power-grabbing, Franz Kafka-like bureaucrats running their Saul Alinski-inspired scams upon the unsuspecting American People, regarding central government controls over all of America’s thousands of disparate school boards all across America.

            I submit that our educational goals all across the US could and would, (if given a ghost of a chance) release a massive burst of power and creative educational solutions to the huge educational malaise in America which these very US Dept of Ed/State Dept’s of Education have inflicted upon the American People. Our little look at the anti-religious crimes of these politicized educated ignoamuses is but a sliver of these academics’ pro-ignorance, pro-crime, pro-negativity, pro-educational-malaise assaults upon the American People’s educational systems.

            The more sh-t these amoral, (but well-dressed), criminals can spread and inflict upon American school systems, the more “needed” bureaucrats they want us to pay for to ‘clean up their mess’. So every “failure” these weasels regard as ‘job security’.

          • You forgot to drag George Soros and the New World Order into your paranoid rant!.

          • When those who lie, often calling themselves “conservative Christians”, are confronted with knowledgeable refutation of their veiled mass-plunder scams upon the American People, particularly when said refutation involves their plunder/evisceration/politicization of the education of The Children of America, those decievers reflexively defailt to their standard “tried & true” name-calling, and then attempt to introduce discredited accusations which these liars hope will muddy the waters, et al, et al.

            Well-crafted idiocy, unveiled as such, remains nothing more than your White liberal-inspired well-crafted idiocy.

            In one our local school district’s finest high schools: one of the highest US, (strictly b/c it violates the dedicated attempts by your comrades to destroy their loving, successful educational efforts), still has about 1/3 of it’s student population which has been virtually intellectually destroyed mostly by those forces you stand for, meaning: Hollywood/drugs/the welfare state mentality, etc, which promote the Me, Me, Me-ism which has rendered even the best of these lowest 1/3 of local American students to being able to function at only about 25% of the capabilities of the rest of the student body’s average scores.

            These victims of your lying liberal mentalities, are NOT bad kids. They are your victims, hopelessly unable to pass an 8th grade graduation exam of the 1970’s, the 1950’s, and, especially, the 1930’s, in every state in the union. They are merely conforming to your “landed elite’s” reflexive need to keep as many Americans as ignorant as possible, so to keep them as controllable as a herd of sheep during their entire lifetimes, you know, like the eternal slaves which the White liberal cabal (google/facebook/Bill Gates/etc), need to run the empire they hope to convert The American People into.

            When Most of us went through high school this general group constituted roughly 5%-10% of our student bodies. Now, here in CA, (where this White liberal Population-Imbicilization process is quite advanced), we have 35% of our student body in this general group! In one of the best high schools around! And, in degenerated places like Detroit/Chicago/Washington DC, we have 50%-70% of the student body mimicing these behaviors! This being discovered by monitoring student test responses across America.

            None of this even mentions higher than ever student drop out rates.

            So, as Cal-Ed follows these other parts of US educational outcomes dropping like a rock, we are surging the pocket books of these acadenia-inspired, White liberal-enabled education’destroyers’ gigantic, impervious bureaucracies, (which isn’t to charge that these are the originally-intended outcomes of that which one would hope were originally educationally uplifting motiveations).

            But, hey, this all part of your “permitted student activities” mentality.


          • Part of our problem, Miguel, is that you are trying to relate conditions in California, the land of fruits and nuts, to conditions in the nation as a whole. You folks out there in the Golden State-rapidly-degenerating-to-lead to have Californicated your state in myriads of ways, but please, do not try to extrapolate California’s longstanding problems to the entire country. In my state, Alabama, drop-out rates have steadily declined and scores on standardized testing are similarly improving. We certainly don’t have 35 percent of our students mimicing those behaviors you lament in your beleaguered state.

          • Gotta get to work soon, but I can respond here. The destructive process committed by the White liberal cabal of education-controllers in DC/Sacramento/et al, has, indeed, spread to many states, b/c once, back when CA was run by civilized people (even from my former party), CA’s educational system was ranked number one in thhe nation.

            Now that this White Liberal cabal of organized theft from the public tresuries (all across America), has taken over CA (after a sub-textual ten year battle in the 1990’s which broke all honor) this evil has spread over to increasing it’s destructive hold upon an already-caving educational system using every orchestrated “crisis” to push the gay-agenda, attacks upon Christians, etc, all while quietly wrecking all auto shop/woodshop/metal shop type classes, and now they are wrecking art classes, and every class which is hands-on.

            CA is just mimicing what has long been happening in all of the cities I’ve listed already, so CA is NOT leading the way downhill as you’ve tried to say. The wily White liberal cabal in CA is just doing an excellent job of using standard government-style destructive efforts which have been so successful in Chicago/Detroit, et al, in destroying those educational systems down to such low levels. These efforts are very intentional!

            I applaud your efforts in Alabama, and you’ll note that I’ve Not mentioned Alabama in my critique. We know that Tennessee & Arizona are breaking upward out of the educational constraints imposed upon them (upon all US schools) by an earlier iteration of this evil cabal of thieves and well-dressed, over-paid White liberal criminals.

            But, your claim that these education crimes are unique to CA is wrong, or, actually absurd, as we look at the educational devastation concocted, and created mostly by liberals in liberal-run parts of the US. White liberal, or where they have controlled Black or Hispanic operatives doing their bidding. These outcomes only occur in liberal-run areas, not in places where conservatives have control, or even have a strong voice. This is ALL Strictly a liberal-generated pheoenon!!!

            Conservatives are Entirely Outside of this mass-educational crime which is occuring all over the nation!!

          • Your contention that my ” …claim that these education crimes are unique to CA is wrong, or, actually absurd….” is itself actually absurd. I did not say or imply that. As an alleged teacher, you should be able to read something and interpret its meaning. You did not read in my post any such “claim” as you describe.

          • Upon re-reading these posts, I see that you claim that I mis-characterize your saying that CA’s educational degeneration isn’t occuring in the entire country, somehow as though it seems mainly to be happening in CA, and additionally, your character-izing CA as the land of fruits and nuts thrown in. You ignore the overall point as a tactic of trying to minimize my life-long observations, even to the point of your inoring my congratulating the energized educational conditions of the states of Alabama, Tennessee, and Arizona for their NOT being held within the overall destructive clutches of this White liberal cabal of educationally parasitic bureaucrats whose job has become to undermine US educational objectives throughout America to the best of their abilities.

            This is a standard White liberal tactic, & by no means the comment of a conservative of any stripe I’ve ever met and exchanged with, as they are more honest. A “straight talker” might openly wonder if your “senitivity” is cover for your own post’s vague wordings.

            It seems you’ve been purposefully deceptive by claiming to be conservative. I’ve seen and worked (often quite positively) with White liberals for decades, & you sound exactly like they do, and are equally unable to separate the morphing of once-positively-intended edu-bureaucracies into very destructive forces cleaving largely to the ego-centricism of said liberals, rather than dedicating themselves to maintaining the intent of the original mission statements of these so-called educational bureaucracies.

            Your dis-honest tactic of trying to plow under the Real Point is taken for what it is. The deversionary tactic of your personal insult contained in your “alleged teacher” comment is nothing more than the under-handed hate-speeching of members-in-good-standing of the racist White liberal cabal. And, the Sidwell Friends school’s menu which serves mainly the White liberal elite’s kids, would still, indeed, take up the same space that this thread has taken. The racist White liberal cabal’s Emperor is still wearing no clothes.

          • Your problem, Miguel, is that you are afflicted with a case of chronic paranoid cabalophobia. When one is a hammer, all one sees are nails.

          • Your now-unveiled name-call doesn’t stand up.

            All aforementioned liberal co-workers freely admit to the “cabal” of high-level bureaucrats/”consultants”/appointees, etc, And, . . . . that this “cabal”, as I personally call it, has collectively exceeded their memberships’ proper bounds with all of their mandates/directives/commands/bullyings, etc. Your name-calling alerts myself and others that you are likely one of those “mandators” who collectively suck billions & billions of tax dollars Out Of America’s classrooms all across these United States, & Into Your/Their pockets, every single year.

            As a “reformed” liberal, I know all their deceptive language (and catch phraseologies) designed to make these White liberal cabal members “feel good” while they plunder America’s public treasuries (their “feelings” being buoyed by their endless default-blaming of “others” for their own educational shortcomings), meaning their mass-accusations against republicans/conservatives/”haters”/patriots/Boy Scouts/BPOE/Churches, and all others who advance “Common Sense” solutions to our educational challlenges.

            I’m just further along in my seeing through the lies of the racist White liberal cabal than are many of my compatriots, but they are mostly all coming right along.

            Our hoped-for solutions are very complex, not truly amenable to political strife, but the “magic despensury” of endless public of cash-in-hand is Just So Tempting!

          • Oh my God! you are so intelegent youre my hero

          • Coming from a dingbat like you, that is no compliment.

          • You can’t even write one sentence without misspelling a word. Headonstraight described you perfectly- A DINGBAT in the true sense of the word.

          • BS. nce again, free speech is a constitutional matter just as much as is seperation.
            Please, get a clue to the big picture.

          • The “big picture” is well-described within the link I provided in my response to you above. Here it is again:


          • Your problem, pastrami, is that you conceive of free speech freedom of religious expression) as utterly without limitation. It is not. When religion based speech is of a form and spoken within a context of endorsement of a particular belief system and when that speech is carried out through an arrangement established by agents of government (public school administrators), it is not permissible. You might not like that, but it is consistent with Supreme Court decisions relative to the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. That is why school prayer of the form once in common use is no longer constitutionally permissible. The law caught up with the practice. The Supreme Court ruled in the matter and that is that, no matter how it much might rankle the more theocratically inclined among us

          • And that is exactly what is happening. When ONE PERSON can be offended about a street sign that has the word bacon on it and the Vermont Town takes it down, that is BS !!!!!!!!!! If the muzzies want to be accepted then they need to cut the ‘offended’ crap.

          • That restaurant should not have buckled under. But it may be that the whole town is so liberal and terrified of offending someone, that it may have cost them their business. seems like a good time to relocate.

          • Every business in town should have put a big bacon sign in every window to send the message to kiss our butts !!!! The muslims have a big enough public realations problem without this kind of crap. They need to be more outspoken about tettorist acts like going out in the streets with signs condemning the bad guys, do a better job of ASSIMILATING into American culture, and not pushing their weird crap on the rest of us. It was an insult to Christianity to allow them to pray in the Natl.Cathedral. Try getting permission to have a Christian or Jewish service in a mosque, never happen. When you go to their country you better follow the rules or face peniltys including DEATH according to the koran. Try waving a Bible around over there and see what happens,it wont be good.

          • Liberals hate the truth and facts..No wonder Obama got elected twice..They are zombis with no mind of there own just doing what George Soros and the MSM tells them..So sad.

          • Sad? Sadness is living inside an evangelical bubble totally oblivious to what’s going on in the real world.

            I know it’s a word that you parrot simply because you heard your masters say it over and over. I know you have no clue what it really means but since you use it so much that explain: what is a “liberal”? What exactly does this word mean? I’m sure you have no idea. I’m also absolutely certain that you turn blue in the face when you learn that practically all the founders of this country were liberals.

          • Well said Bodine.

          • another kool-aid drinker..Do any of the zombie liberals think for your self????

          • Another brainwashed idiot. Do any of you Christian zombies think for yourselves ? Can’t even use the proper word in a sentence. your self?? WTF??? Maybe you should spend less time reading that piece of fictional garbage you call the bible, & spend more time with Webster’s Dictionary. Why are Christian so damn stupid? LOL!!!!!!

          • JESUS LOVES YOU..

          • And you’re a Christian crackpot who believes in fairy tales.

          • I’m a so called Christin Zombie and you are an athiest who will in fact pay for what you are saying believe me it will be when you never expect it so tread carefully

          • So you’re admitting you are a Christian( sic) Zombie ? Good for you!! Congratulations on your quest for the truth. It’s so much better than believing in magic & fairy tales. It might even help you with your spelling & grammar. LOL!!! You do know that at the end of every sentence there should be a period ? Your comment just rambles on & on, with no breaks in between. You also spelled Atheist incorrectly. Not to worry. You will get there one step at a time, but in your case it may take a little longer. LOL!!! You Christians are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

          • Thomas apparently is following that old flawed rule, “‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c'”.

            I occasionally DEIGN to use a ball PEIN hammer to construct a SEINE for catching fish, which I then REIN (not to be confused with REIGN) in to the shore, where my little FEIST dog is excitedly watching and my horse is NEIGHING. I too am excited, but I FEIGN calmness.

          • LOL!! Why are most Christians so damn stupid ? It must be all that religion turning their brains to J-E-L-L-O.

          • This kind of spelling failure is not by any means the exclusive province of Christians, Faye. It is found across all religions and all ideological sectors of our society.

          • Your master is Obama,,

          • Your master is that invisible serial killer in the sky.

          • JESUS LOVES YOU TOO..

          • Founders hate a KING you love King Obamas,,Founders believed in God YOU BELIEVE in a turd..Founders believed in gun ownership You believe not..Founders hated the tea tax,Liberals believe you can not tax people enough ..Founders believe we were endowed by our creator and liberals believe we were founded by them..Take you head out your ass SPARKEY..

          • The majority just needs step up and speak out and do it with a smile .

          • Faye Hayes gets on every site that discusses any religion and will say the most vile things, I don’t know what she is but you will never shut her up. If you acknowledge anything she says, she will never stop. She is on every site and never shuts up and thrives on making Christians and Jews angry so she call you un-Christian when you lower yourself to her level and insult her. She is evil and crazy. Please avoid her insults toward God and Jesus because she will only get nastier. I believe in defending our faith but she is the devil tempting God loving people to hate her. She is a sick woman. She can believe what she wants but we can ignore her insults because she NEVER stops and it is the same old insults.

          • Thanks. I will probably just not say anything more.

          • I knew you would pop up sooner or later. You are a true hypocrite!! You call yourself a Christian & then have the balls to tell people that I say the most vile things ? You call me evil & crazy & say I’m a sick woman. To make it even worse, you call me the devil for not believing in your false god. YOU are a sick woman& I’m pretty sure not many people will find your comments about me that interesting. FYI, I am not on every website, so stop telling lies. No one is going to shut me up. Got That? I have every right to express my non-beliefs, but you Nellie & every other Christian thinks I should be quiet because I don’t believe the way you do. You may be in the majority, but you will never have the last say!!

        • Shanidar summed it up pretty well. There’s a “lesson” you could learn! Hope you’re not offended? Then again, who cares!

          • In case you missed it: From my reply to the Constitutionally-impaired Shanidar and his distorted “lesson”:

            “Lincoln was not speaking of the right of any majority to trump the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of any minority. He was addressing the narrow case of the legislative veto and the filibuster.

            Lincoln would have been the last to argue in favor of minority rights being nullified by the wishes of the majority.

            You wingers who pretend to so deeply revere the Constitution promote a ‘majority rule’ concept that runs 180 degrees counter to its protections for minority rights.”

          • High, your snide remarks are unnecessary.

            If I am, in fact, Constitutionally impaired, please explain why you believe this. In your explanation, please address the concepts of “…religion and the free practice thereof…” and the concept of freedom from religion? Please enumerate the differences, and which, either or both, have specific protection within the Bill of Rights.

          • That should be “the free exercise of,” Shan. When you QUOTE, quote correctly!
            I never mentioned “freedom from religion.” We are discussing freedom OF religion here.

            The freedom of religion secured by the First Amendment includes the freedom from submitting involuntarily to the imposition of religious observances imposed via the engine of government. The kid who was assigned to make school morning announcements was acting as an agent of government, having been assigned that role by an agent of government, his principal. He was speaking officially. When he added his “God bless America,” he went beyond the limitation on government relative to endorsement of one religious belief system over others, as I have already explained.

          • Wow, you managed to find an error, in a paraphrase. I don’t pretend to be perfect, and so I commit errors every single day. But, that does not significantly reduce the value of my opinion, nor of my capability to handle reason and logic.

            Hearing three words does not constitute a religious observance. Straw Man.

            You are correct, there is no freedom from religion, and therefore the atheists do not have it. And succinctly, that is the logical end of the discussion.

            But, they also do not have another non existent right, that to not be offended.

          • I never asserted, on behalf of atheists, a “right not to be offended.” That is a straw man and a red herring used by you and others in this discussion and it is patently irrelevant.

            Paraphrases don’t go between quotation marks, Shan. That is a hard and fast rule in English grammar.

            Hearing three words used within a context that implies significant aspects of the nature of God and as part of an activity controlled by government is unconstitutional.

            As I explained above:

            “First, his reference to God overtly implies that there IS a God, a religious belief contrary to the beliefs of atheists. Secondly, the God to which he refers is implicitly an immanent God (one interested in human affairs and willing to take specific action relative to mankind), not a Transcendent God (one who indeed created the universe but who does not adjust matters in behalf of human needs and wants). It matters not whether his concept of God is shared with others in his school. His permitted use of a government-provided communications medium to express a particular personal religious concept implies an endorsement by an engine of government (the public school system) of a particular religious belief system, and that is unconstitutional according to the U.S. Supreme Court, whether or not it accords with how the student or his fellow students or the local townspeople or you interpret the Establishment Clause.”

          • The student wasn’t controlled by government.

            Atheists, by definition, do not have religious beliefs. Therefore, they are being extremely oversensitive. and they have no right not to hear things that they don’t believe in. No amount of denigrating other posts/posters will grant two atheists to cry that they heard words that reference a concept that they do not believe in.

            I accept and admit all grammatical and other errors as my own. and apparently I still got my point across, which is the real driving factor of language, as a means of communication.

          • There is a certain irony in your contention that atheists have no religious beliefs. Many times I have seen conservative Christians argue strongly that atheism IS in fact a “religious belief” since it addresses the matter of whether a God exists, which is, of course, a “religious” issue.

            Here is a discussion from a decidedly conservative source that explicates that interpretation:


            It therefore follows, according to that conservative interpretation, that atheists should have no more or no less latitude to express their atheistic religious beliefs than Christians, Jews or other religious entities have to express their theistic beliefs. I agree with that, and so does the United States Supreme Court,in the landmark 1961 case of Torcaso v. Watkins, where the Court held unambiguously that atheism is indeed a religious belief.


            So you see, Shan, your denial that atheists hold religious beliefs is in conflict with affirmations of both the Supreme Court and of a substantial sector of the conservative Christian community.

          • I concede, you are absolutely correct. A belief that there is no god, is absolutely a religion. And this you support with the supreme court, the same people who held that a penalty is not a penalty, but a tax for not doing something. I do not purport to speak for some group of conservative Christians, or for any other group. The same
            Supreme Court upheld the ban on mixed marriages, until they didn’t.

            You still have not show any right for the atheists to not have their feelings hurt, because there is no such right. If their religion is atheism, they are free to practice it, just as far as it does not infringe anyone else’s rights, to the free exercise(happy?) thereof… Which is what they are trying to do.

            And I wrote all of these posts without resorting to name calling. It isn’t difficult to be civil, it just takes a little practice.
            Pretty good for an incompetent like me, huh?

            I am done here, I’ll not bother with another response to you.

          • I never asserted that there was any right for atheists not to have their feelings hurt. You and others keep tossing ut that old silly straw man argument, but it HAS NO MERIT WHATSOEVER!

          • There is a certain irony in your contention that atheists have no religious beliefs. Many times I have seen Christians argue strongly that atheism IS in fact a “religious belief” since it addresses the matter of whether a God exists, which is, of course, a “religious” issue.

            It therefore follows, according to that interpretation, that atheists should have no more or no less latitude to express their atheistic religious beliefs than Christians, Jews or other religious entities have to express their theistic beliefs. I agree with that, and so does the United States Supreme Court, in the landmark case of Torcaso v. Watkins, where the Court held unambiguously that atheism is indeed a religious belief.

            So you see, Shan, your denial that atheists hold religious beliefs is in conflict with the affirmations of both the Supreme Court and of a substantial sector of the conservative Christian community.


          • Agree…liberals cannot keep from being offensive. Their very existance is offensive, I believe, to God. Nearly everything they believe is in direct opposition to what He teaches.

            Please see my post above to the one without his “head on straight”. Perhaps God can reach him and his foolishness…

            God bless!

          • Your very existence is so offensive!! It’s existence, not existance. I noticed you Christians have one thing in common. You can’t spell for shit!!!

          • And YOU have a foul mouth.

          • And you have a stupid name, pastrami on rye!!

          • I am a many times published writer and I do have people who proof-read for me…so it seems I have gotten a little sloppy. Mea culpa…!

            Christians have a lot more in common than you note…we are not perfect (like yourself), but we are forgiven! God bless and may He open your eyes to your utter foolishness and reveal His love and light!

          • That’s one thing we can agree on. You are definitely not perfect by any means. I think it’s time to take the blinders off & see the world for what it truly is. It’s called living in reality. You’re the foolish one for believing in fairy tales & an invisible monster who lives in the sky. Please , stop with the god bless crap. We Atheists don’t believe in a god or any gods, so why would we feel the need to be blessed by you or anyone? I think your god is more of a curse than a blessing, so why would anyone in their right mind worship such a horrible & evil dictator that rules over you? You Christians use your religion as a crutch, instead of thinking for yourselves. What if you’re wrong & there is no god ? Ask yourself that question if you dare.

          • “What if you’re wrong & there is no god ? Ask yourself that question if you dare.” I have asked that question…though I KNOW THE ANSWER! My answer to your question is:

            I will have lived a more selfless, dutiful, and moral life BECAUSE of my belief in God and my adherence to His laws!


            You will live in Hell FOR ALL ETERNITY! Have you truly asked YOURSELF IF YOU CAN TOLERATE THAT OUTCOME? Good luck…I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes…

          • —– Agree…liberals cannot keep from being offensive. Their very existance (sic)
            is offensive, I believe, to God. Nearly everything they believe is in
            direct opposition to what He teaches. —-

            At least she finally speaks the truth. Yes I am in direct opposition to everything your God teaches. Let’s look at a small sampling of the exceptionally “moral” behavior of your god:

            1. When one person in a village has a different religion the entire village is to be slaughtered.

            2. Doing any work at all on Sunday is a capital offense anyone that works on Sunday is to be slaughtered immediately. Just curious, if I see my neighbor working on Sunday may I go ahead and kill him or do I need to get some church members to help me?

            3. Disobedient children are to be brought to the edge of the village and stoned to death.

            4. A person’s children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren should be held accountable for the actions of the person.

            5. Women are to be murdered when Christians believe they are witches.

            6. A young woman that has been raped must marry her rapist and she can never divorce him. Gee doesn’t that sound wonderful?

            7. Got slaves? Own as many as you want with your God’s blessings.

            8. Come across a town that has property you want? No problem. Kill every person there except the virgin females. Take the property for yourself and turn the females into your slaves. God’s will be done!

            9. Women are to be seen and not heard. Women are the property of their husbands and must bow to his every whim.

            10. Your God hates democracy. Just ask Moses how many man he killed and then stuck their heads on a pole just because they felt they should have a voice in government.

            This list barely scratches the surface.

            Tell me, which of the items in the list above is your favorite?

            Perhaps you think we should all be like your men of god and follow in their footsteps:

            Christopher D. Ross, 43, Mt. Juliet, TN: 10 counts of statutory rape by an
            authority figure. Ross, youth pastor at a Lebanon church the
            authorities wouldn’t name, is accused by a minor of inappropriate
            advances in 2010 that allegedly progressed into sexual contact in

            Richard Yeamans, 52, Spotsylvania, VA: Taking indecent liberties with a minor
            and 2 counts of aggravated sexual battery of a minor. Yeamans, who
            was involved with a Baptist congregation called Fairview at River
            Club, is accused of molesting 2 boys, aged 11 and 12.

            Dylan Ritterman, 27, Hillsboro, OR: 12 sex abuse counts involving minors.
            “Brother” Ritterman was a youth leader who was also involved with
            the Spanish ministry at Bethel United Pentecostal Church. Assaults on
            a teen boy allegedly took place in the church basement in 2009- 10.
            Another boy has also made accusations. Source: KPTV, 12-23-14

            Is there any wonder the founders tried to keep religion and religious wackos out of government? I will stand with the Founders and against this evangelical garbage any day of the week.

          • There is a New Covenant…you might try reading it sometime instead of quoting the historical aspect of early Biblical times which were barbaric compared to today (unless you look at current day muslims). Regardless, YOU will stand before God someday and make an accounting of everything you have said here and all your foolishness.

            I wish you luck…you will need it and apparently you don’t prefer blessings!

          • headon, your saying that these atheist’s had a right to complain because their feelings were hurt at the mention of God, and that the majority has no right to do that. Yet you use insults and name calling to others. Your being very hypocritical.

          • Where did I say that “that these atheist’s[sic] had a right to complain because their feelings were hurt at the mention of God”? Please show me where I said that and then I will be pleased to respond.

          • headon, I paraphrased what you were talking about. As I read your posts you imply that the two atheist students have the right to complain and that the student who used the term God was in the wrong. My post was not directly about the above mentioned incident, but rather to your use of insults and name calling to others. In my opinion your being hypocritical.

          • Then you paraphrased inaccurately. I indeed contend that the atheists had a right to complain, but I neither said nor implied that they had a right to complain “…because their feelings were hurt at the mention of God.” Any citizen has a right to complain when the Constitution is violated in a manner that offends his/her entitlement to any of the protections the Constitution affords. And please, in your next response, if you choose to continue assert that I am “hypocritical,” do not use that incorrect pronoun that you have now twice employed. The contraction for “you are” is “you’re”, not “your.” The latter is the possessive form. And for that matter the correct plural of “atheist” needs no apostrophe. You, my friend, are seriously pronoun-challenged.

          • headon, there is no doubt that English was my worst subject in school. But the fact that you choose to focus on that leads me to believe that your conscience is admitting to the hypocritical comment. Remember, a man’s own conscience shall condemn him. And you have not addressed the issue of insults or name calling. Although I see you are currently trying to avoid that with me and changing the conversation towards my lack of proper English. You also contend that the atheists had a right to complain, but then say that you did not say they had a right to complain about the mention of God. The article and the posts are about their complaint of the mention of God, that is why I feel you have implied it.

          • One of the last attack methodologies of a Liberal is that, when a debate cannot be won, with facts or logic, attack the grammar of the opponent.

          • Shanidar, I agree with you. That was part of what I was pointing out to him. He claims to be a Christian, but he doesn’t seem to have a conscience that condemns him if he uses insults and name calling. Even I am not so perfect that I can live to that perfect standard, but my conscience does condemn me when I realize that I have said something foolish. I repent, and am man enough to tell the person I’m sorry for giving in to the flesh. He obviously will not do that with you. He also uses the technique of the Pharisee whom Jesus condemned for praying to God that he was thankful he wasn’t as disgusting as the publican. There is a difference between a Christian and a religious person.

          • Listen, Shan, that observation does not apply in my case and you know it. Sure, I corrected Stan’s grammar, but in this string I have posted mas much or more substantive argumentation as you or any other participant. So shut your pie hole about “last attack methodologies’.”

          • Still can’t come up with proof of the Right To Be Free From Being Offended.

            My pie hole is fine thank you. You’d do well to close yours as it has ceased to produce anything factual. right now, you seem to be able only to hurl insults. Must hurt, being a scientist and all, that you are unable to make a point that will weather the debate.

          • headon, while I have admitted that English grammar is not my best subject, I can not understand your comment of “I have posted mas much or more”. I can not for the life of me find a definition of mas or mas much. Please do enlighten me on the meaning of this wording.

          • That was a typo; not in the same league with your ludicrous abuses of the Mother Tongue.

          • headon, so your mistake is just an excusable mistake, but when I make a mistake, its not only inexcusable but worthy of degrading name calling. Sounds hypocritical to me. By the way, I’m German by descent, so English is not my mother tongue. But I am thankful that Jesus doesn’t care about ones grammar or educational level, but rather He looks at the heart of the person. And I don’t hold it against you that you miss typed a wood. Happens to me all the time. Glad I have spell checker, helps correct a lot of my typing errors.

          • Apples and oranges Herr Hoffman! Or maybe more like watermelons and kumquats!
            My single-word typo is a vastly different thing from the total misrepresentation of FACT
            on your part. My error was unconsciously committed; yours was the willful product of your haste and eagerness to get a “gotcha” on me.

          • headon, no, you just like to rule over people with a self righteous attitude of you the big man and others the illiterate fools. I’ve simply pointed it out to you in order that you might realize your own sin and repent. Jesus said, a bruised and crushed reed I shall not destroy. Your the opposite of that teaching, you like to disgrace and put down a bruised and crushed reed. Jesus called Pharisees like that, snakes, vipers, and hypocrites. Like you they just got mad and tried to defend their wrong attitude and put Jesus down. When you do that to me, you do that to Jesus. You still have time to repent before you die. Once your dead, the only thing that remains is the Judgment.

          • You are entitled to your judgmental and asinine opinion.

          • Now, Stan, when you go Bible on me, you had better be careful, for I know that book very well. Jesus did not say those words that you incorrectly attributed to Him. The scripture that you had in mind comes not from that part of the Bible where many words of Jesus are indeed recorded, namely the New Testament. It comes from the Old Testament book of Isaiah, at chapter 42, verse 3, to wit:

            “A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth.” (King James Version).

            So you see, Stan, those words were written ABOUT Jesus hundreds of years before His birth and earthly sojourn, but not–as you allege–spoken BY Him.

            Now tell me, Stan, you judgmental twit (Now that IS name calling, Stan, but being correct, it is taxonomy as well), have I, in calling you out for Biblical ignorance, added to the list of things I will supposedly have to answer to in the Judgment? You assert that I have a “self righteous attitude”, Stan, but you have not shown me what you consider to be “self righteous.” I worked hard, Stan, to disabuse you of your notion that atheism is not considered a religion. I cited strong and persuasive documentation showing you without doubt that both in the holdings of the highest court in this land and in the perspective of many Christians , atheism is indeed considered a religious belief. Was it “self-righteous” for me to help you to a clearer understanding of that matter?

            And Stan, do you indeed believe that God, in judgment, will consign me to the brimstons pits of Hell because I helped yo with your English usage? My God is just, merciful and wise and I seriously doubt that He would be anywhere near harsh.

            You do strain a bit, Stan.

          • headon, as for Isaiah 43:2, that does speak of Jesus. Ever heard of the trinity? The three are one. Jesus is the word became flesh. And its saying that he will not destroy a bruised and crushed read. Neither do I. I have learned to have mercy and compassion upon the less fortunate than myself. You have the trait of putting them down just like the Pharisee did the publican. I did not discuss anything about atheism being or not being a religion with you. You were in that discussion with shanidar. I did not say that God would consign you to the brimstone(by the way you spelled brimstone wrong) pit of hell, period. But I have called you out on your verbally abusive behavior, which is hypocritical, and very self righteous. From here, its between you and God, not you and me. I don’t have the authority to determine who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. That is between the Father and the Son. Nor do I have the authority to administrate God’s Holy and Righteous judgment upon any one. But I can make a judgment call on the character of a person. And by the way, when someone misspells a word or uses poor English, it is also my character not to point it out, unless it is someone like yourself who uses such a pathetic excuse to downgrade some one. Gives you a taste of your own medicine.

          • Nice dodge on that Isaiah 43 misinterpretation, Stan. Of course it SPEAKS OF Jesus. But it was not SPOKEN BY Jesus. The nature of the Trinity has nothing to do with it. Jesus did not speak those words, as you ignorantly asserted. You are trying to argue that since the words were divinely inspired scripture, they were “spoken” by Jesus, since the Holy Spirit inspired the writer and the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity and Trinity is One God in Three Persons and Jesus is one of those Three Persons, and thus Jesus “spoke” those words. But that is NOT what you intended by your initial assertion that “Jesus said, a bruised and crushed reed I shall not destroy” and you are being either ignorant or devious and dishonest in excusing yourself from misquoting Jesus by means of of an exegesis that the text simply will not admit of. Those words were prophetic words ABOUT Jesus and the prophet did not represent them as something Jesus would SAY, but as something characterizing the meekness of the Lord.

            Yes, I confused Stan with Shan. My bad

          • Headon, so you say that those words were inspired by the Holy Spirit and that the prophet spoke the words. I’ll go with the fact that the words were spoken from the prophets mouth, but it came from the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit as the 3 are one. So it is the word of God. And if it is Gods nature, it is a fruit that we should posses. There are those who will also argue that Jesus is not the proper name for the son of God. But rather that it is Yeshua(my spelling might be wrong). So do you want to argue that? Now I will also go ahead and tell you that you are dealing with a bruised and crushed reed. I have spent the last 18 years in sever depression, ptsd, and sever head pain. So I tend to get things slightly confused some times. I spent 11 years in the USMC infantry. A self imposed judgment. So I know what it is like to work with physically and mentally abusive people. In fact as hard as I tried not to succumb to that low of a level, like Lot, I was vexed by the filthy conversation of the wicked and adopted some of those problems. I’ve learned, you reap what others sow into your life as well as what I sow into my life. Repenting of my sinful language and attitude once did not cure the problem. It has been an on going process for many years now. But I’m getting a good handle on it any more. That’s why I pointed it out to you. You might want to try and get a handle on the name calling and degrading of others. My grandmother pulled out her bible when I was 4 and told me many times that God is going to judge me. She never told me what I was going to be judged for, just that I was going to be judged. Well guess what, she was right. I’ve been judged hard in this life. So I fully understand what the Apostle Paul meant when he said let every man work out his own salvation with trembling and fear. We are judged, because while God does love us, He will not tolerate sin, and He will judge it. Judgment leads to repentance, repentance leads to God’s mercy. As a father chastises his son, so do I you, God said. So please do not try to tell me that a Christian can do what ever they want and Jesus will just forgive you for everything.

          • You have no proof or evidence to the claims you have made in your comment. It’s pretty pathetic that the only way you can show what you say is true is in the bible, a fictional book written by ordinary men who were being dictated to by other people who claim these things really did happen. You call it the word of god. I call it hearsay & a book full of fairy tales. It belongs on the book shelf right next to Lord Of The Rings & Harry Potter. It’s just a book & doesn’t prove anything.

          • faye hayes, whaaaa! We’ll see what your saying on the final day of judgment.

          • There will be no judgment day. It’s not coming , so don’t hold your breath. So, get your head out of your ass & stop believing in such ridiculous bullshit !! As I stated before, where is your proof or evidence that this day is really coming? The bible tells me so. LOL!!!

          • faye, the fool has said in they’re heart there is no God. Hell is full of souls running from corridor to corridor screaming God help me, God, forgive me, God I repent, but they find no help, no forgiveness, no place of repentance. For once you die, its the end of the world for you and there remains no more chance to repent and accept God’s gift of salvation through Christ Jesus. Go ahead and spout your hate to me. For God gave his children the promise that he would curse those who curse them, and bless those who bless them. So go ahead and bring the curse of God upon your life. Hell is hot, so flick your Bick.

          • Listen up, Stan. Are you so dense that you simply can not read for comprehension?

            Let’s be very precise. You said precisely this: “headon, your [sic] saying that these atheist’s[sic] had a right to complain because their feelings were hurt at the mention of God, and that the majority has no right to do that.” That is not what I said, as you or any sentient human being should have been able to discern simply by READING and understanding the simple thing that I actually posted. I never said or implied anything to the effect that the atheists’ “feelings were hurt at the mention of God”. I never mentioned anything whatsoever about their feelings being hurt about anything..

            I admit of no hypocrisy and you have not yet shown me a single thing that I have written that evidences any hypocrisy whatsoever. I am beginning to wonder if you even understand what hypocrisy is!

          • You “…admit “of” no hypocrisy” or you “admit no hypocrisy”?

            Again, you are attacking minor grammatical errors instead of refuting people’s positions. Stan certainly seems sentient, or self aware.
            You seem to be unable to refute the positions so you try to belittle them for their errors. It doesn’t seem to be working, does it?
            Or does that offend you? Because, you have a Right To Be Free From Offense”, at least in your mind.

          • That lame, limp nutterance compels me to resort to an old maxim that helps me to decide whether to continue discussions with someone as preternaturally dense as you. It goes like this:

            “I need not raise my bow at every pygmy who shakes a bush.”

            I have refuted plenty. You just won’t admit it. Adieu, you polemically compromised incompetent!

          • See the post below, regarding name calling.

            It appears that you do not like grammar corrections, yet they seem to be favorite tools in attacks on others.

            Regarding my density, I know exactly where it is, and it is to the right of center of the applicable Bell curve, thanks for your concerns.

            You have refuted nothing, but have shown a level of grammar policing available from Microsoft Word.

            I hope I haven’t said anything that you don’t believe, or that offends you. That might violate your (imaginary) Constitutional right not to hear things that offend your tender sensibilities.

            I too, tire of a debate with a party unable to respond with any verifiable facts. Have a great day and God Bless.

          • Neither you nor any other participants in this discussion have identified any GRAMMAR errors on my part. A typo is NOT a “grammar error.” If you don’t know the difference, then back to remedial English with you.

            It is an easy, convenient thing for incompetent such as you to assert such all-subsuming notions as “You have refuted nothing….” Your saying it does not make it so, Shan.

          • Your head is not on very straight, as I never said anything about a majority period. You have confused my words and changed them. Confusion comes from the devil, not God. Its obvious that you are mad, as anger will cloud the mind. Your upset with me because you think I’ve misunderstood you and said something you feel is untrue. Yet you turn around and try to quote me, and it is not a true quote. Sounds like hypocrisy to me.

          • I quoted to you , Stan, your own words, verbatim, in which you said THIS in your first post to me:

            “headon, your[sic] saying that these atheist’s [sic]had a right to complain because their feelings were hurt at the mention of God, and that the majority has no right to do that. Yet you use insults and name calling to others. Your[sic]being very hypocritical.”

            YOUR EXACT WORDS,STAN. Are you cognitively impaired or just an ordinary fool? Look up in this string to YOUR post with your name on it and you will see these very words with all their grammatical ineptitude and with an undeniable reference to “MAJORITY.”!!!!

            Witless twit! And yes, that IS name calling and it is right on target!

            If the devil is the author of confusion, then one page he is writing on is Stan Hoffman! If a mind is clouded, it is yours and the clouds seem to be of the very dense cumulo-nimbus type.

            SHEEESH! What a dimbulb you are!

          • headon, I stand corrected, I went to the wrong post that I thought you were quoting. But I am man enough to admit that I made a mistake and say I’m sorry for that. I see you decided to be man enough to admit that you are name calling. Sounds hypocritical for you to claim to be such a great Christian man of your church, but then turn around and treat a Christian with such wording and with no remorse. By your words ye shall be justified and by your words ye shall be condemned. If your trying to be self righteous, it won’t work.

          • Confusion comes from religion.

          • You and others who rail at me for my use of certain mildly negative descriptors need to focus your righteous criticism at those on this forum–predominantly conservatives–who employ vile, obscene and scatological language that makes mine very mild by comparison.

          • And I’m not speaking about taking legislative action and demand yet another law or demand yet another interpretation of the First Amendment. My concern is about the majority speaking out against the insanity reeking havoc over the US. The student is not employed by the State, the State has not endorsed a religion. The student was opining their opinion, their right to Free Speech, their right to practice their religion freely. There was no endorsement from what I read in the article by the school of a religion. However there is a concerted effort and intolerance of others views because of their religious belief. The student has a right to his or her opinion and whether she opines that in the halls of her school or was given a microphone to opine or if it’s in the front yard of her home why are you in favor of abridging her right to Free Speech?

          • This case is a matter of an instrument of government–the school system–providing a means where a particular student preferentially expressed a specific personal belief relative to God. First, his reference to God overtly implies that there IS a God, a religious belief contrary to the beliefs of atheists. Secondly, the God to which he refers is implicitly an immanent God (one interested in human affairs and willing to take specific action relative to mankind), not a Transcendent God (one who indeed created the universe but who does not adjust matters in behalf of human needs and wants). It matters not whether his concept of God is shared with others in his school. His permitted use of a government-provided communications medium to express a particular personal religious concept implies an endorsement by an engine of government (the public school system) of a particular religious belief system, and that is unconstitutional according to the U.S. Supreme Court, whether or not it accords with how the student or his fellow students or the local townspeople or you interpret the Establishment Clause. The prohibition of the Establishment Clause makes no exception for situations in which the members of the involved community hold to the same religious viewpoint.

          • You speak as if the Establishment Clause is absolute. Although some government action implicating religion is permissible, and indeed unavoidable, it is not clear just how much the Establishment Clause tolerates. As a scientist you may see things as absolute, however it appears the Supreme Court does not and admitted it is not clear.
            Again, the school is not endorsing a religion, even as an extension of govt. Nothing would have prohibited the principal from then handing the mike over to a Buddhist or Jew to give a closing religious phrase or even if they to affirmed “God Bless America”. In addition, your rationale can also be construed as offensive or invidious to the believers. You state above: His reference to God overtly implies that their IS a God…Yes, that is the belief of the student and billions around the world – Christians, Jews, Muslims alike. So your comment can be considered offensive. You may not believe in God however it doesn’t prohibit a 15 yr old from believing in a God or other deity. So asking that God Bless America is a blanket statement which can be considered by many religious denominations not just a Christian denomination.

          • vespo, very well said.

          • “Lincoln was not speaking of the right of any majority to trump the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of any minority.”

            That’s right!

          • Of course it is right, but my saying that it is right and your saying that it is right will not persuade the “true believers” of this extremely, fanatically right-wing-slanted forum to acknowledge that we are right on this or on anything else that conflicts with their permanently engrafted biases.. They are of that genre of whom the patriarch Job sarcastically observed, “Surely ye are the people and wisdom dieth with you.”

          • This is where you lose any type of credibility Headon, by spewing the left wing talking points buzz words – “extremely”, “fanatically” “right-wing”. It’s one thing to inject your opinion and defend it, which makes for a good debate, even if you offend others. You have a right to make the statement the Student implied their IS a God, and we have a right to disagree with the radical minority view. You can tell yourself you are of the “true believers” and we can say you are of the misguided. If We the People speak out against this radical movement overcoming America, then I’m proud to be an “Extreme” “Fanatical Right-Winger”. I’m not overly religious individual, but I’ll keep you in my prayers. Maybe some day you’ll find your way. God Bless America!

          • I stand by what I posted.In my numerous posts, I have advanced and defended my positions with detail and with analytical argument. To say that certain characterizations I have made causes me to “lose all credibility” is nonsense. The last persons to realize that they are extremists are the extremists themselves, and there are plenty of such extremists on this forum. It is certainly an extremist–as well as obscure– position to contend that here is some “radical movement overtaking America.” You might “know” what that alleged “radical movement’ is, but you have not even identified it. Pretty sloppy. Is it Islam? Is it liberalism? Is it Christian Dominionism?

        • Why….Are you one of those teachers…or a career student with no job???

          • Retired from a 43-year-long successful career as a scientist and administrator, which included several years of teaching at the graduate level. Your question is thus answered and you may feel free to move from speculative and gratuitous insult into the more noble pursuits of informed debate and discussion.

          • Scientists, at least the good ones, believe in the scientific method, and they don’t believe in things without proof.
            You say that you believe in God, so either that is false, or you are/were a poor scientist who operated on “gut instincts” or feelings, or maybe on faith, rather than observable fact.

          • NO.

            You posit that if I buy into the notion that as a scientist, I can allow myself to be informed, whether on science or on religious belief, solely on observable fact, faith –according to you–being excluded as of any worth toward belief.

            If you subscribe to that exclusionary notion, then your little world is too, small, Shan.

          • You still have not stated why you contend that the atheists had a right to complain. and again, they do not have a right not to be offended, which is the closest thing they could use, to justify their “opinions”. The student on the PA did not say, GO TO JESUS OR YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!!” He gave a greeting, a salutation that is in common use in this country.
            There is no right to be free from hearing certain words, other than incitatory speech, and this does not meet the threshold. There is no violation of right(s) by which the atheists are justified in complaining. They were after attention, which they are unfortunately receiving, as they will be more likely to use this approach again in the future.

        • Once again, BLOW IT OUT YER ASS!!

          • How exciting to be part of a discussion with folks like you who offer substantive and incisive remarks that encourage intelligent dialog!


          • It is difficult to discourse when the mind and heart of an individual are like a steel trap…shut! I like to believe that those who expound about supposed “facts” will also listen to logical debate and “offer substantive and incisive remarks”. However, it has been my experience that liberals end the debate with name-calling and “feelings” and faux-statistics…

            God bless!

          • You got that right!

          • Talk about blind and dense! All you have to do to see who is barfing out the name-calling is to just review a few days of posting on this and other right wing dominated forums!

          • Someday, maybe not today, God will open your eyes as He has to the many Conservatives –who hear His voice–on this and other sites, and YOUR FOOLISHNESS will fall away. I pray for that day when ignorance will NO LONGER be your middle name.

            God bless and may you see His Light…soon!

          • You Christians have what I call ” Brain Freeze ” nothing goes in & nothing comes out. There is a cure. It’s called reason, logic & critical thinking. But in your case, it’s a little too late. You’re beyond help. Not to worry. You’re not alone. You have plenty of other Christians to keep you company. Have a nice day, carolskey. LOL!!!!

          • “And you have a stupid name, pastrami on rye!!”~Faye Hayes.

            “Knock yourself out, ASSHOLE!!!”~Faye Hayes.

            “Someone told me that god [sic] really did exist. My sides hurt from laughing
            so hard!! Then I told another Atheist & they laughed so hard, they
            pissed their pants.”~Faye Hayes.

            From your comments (some quoted above) and the number of up-votes you have, I will extrapolate that your contribution to intellectual debate is nonexistent. Additionally, I might suggest you do some intense introspection and become a person of value…as it stands today it is a debatable situation concerning your value. However, good news…God loves ALL his children though they act FOOLISH or STUPIDLY.

            God bless!

          • HOOAH!!!! Good one my brother, I was just thinking the same thing. Oh by the way,,,,
            God Bless America!!!

          • So—your mind lodges in the same filthy corner of the gutter as does Dennewitz!

          • headon, you tell Rustytruck his “mind lodges in the same filthy corner of the gutter as does Dennewitz, yet you use low life name calling with me. Are you being hypocritical or admitting that your mind lodges in the same filthy corner of the gutter?

          • I take it then that you equate such terminology as mine (e.g. “polemically compromised” and “Constitutionally-impaired”) with Dennewitz’s ” “BLOW IT OUT YER ASS!!”

            You could stand to acquire a higher measure of discretion, Hoffman.

          • Actually I was thinking you are the one with the filthy mind and I wasn’t talking to you in the first place. If the way we think offends you so much why do you waste your time here? I wouldn’t bother going into your corner of the garbage pile, wouldn’t want to get any of that crap on my shoes so why are you here? Obviously you don’t agree with us, we don’t agree with you, so you should go back down to your liberal demmie sandbox and annoy them. At least you all are on the same page there. Maybe you can find yourself a boyfriend there that might like you.

          • Rusty, this and other forums are intended to be a marketplace of ideas and opinions. That definitely does NOT mean that all such ideas or opinions are required to be in agreement with the majority of comments placed into the discussion. If you have trouble dealing with the big dogs, then stay comfortably on the porch attached to your rustbucket 1966 mobile home.

          • Oh thanks for explaining it all to me, don’t know if I could’ve figured it all out without your devine guidance. How did you know I have a mobile home? Oh yeah, your mama must’ve told you after the last time she came over to meet my Bros. She’s the one that likes being chained to that rusty old Harley on the porch, she has more fun here than with your daddy. How’s this? Are we discussin’ to your liken now?

          • My mother and father have been deceased for 31 years and 26 years, respectively, so your crude comments do not compute. The substance of my post, as you must know unless you are some kind of drooling moron, was that forums like this one are public forums, and as such are not confined to discussions of one particular ideology or perspective, whether or not that gives comfort to tunnel-visioned types such as you. My disagreement with you or others is no basis for your rude suggestion that I really don’t belong here. With your reply, it becomes all the more obvious that you will indeed be more comfortable up on that rickety porch with the plastic latticework beneath and the wringer washing machine in the corner. And oh, don’t forget to water the petunias in that stylish one-gallon vegetable can planter.

        • God Bless America!!!

        • trollhunterforlife45

          And No There is no Separation of Church and State Clause .The biggest Lie Since the Creation from Hell ACLU !!!

          Why Atheist and Agnostics do not want to believe in any Thing .It is the Word Sin and Guilt ,The POPE has to be a Fudge packer to tell homos and Atheist and Evil Wicked Pedophiles who are both, they can go to heaven on there own Conscience of man Made goodness full of wicked evil Thoughts. Only Jesus Knows who is Pure of heart,not Unbelievers of good Conscience, on there own,In the Beginning Man was Great. Until DISOBEDIENCE by a Woman the real Thorn. in mans side, and the rest is History.

        • Free speech is as much a constitutional issue as seperation. Majority has nothing to do with that. But it does have to do with their practical application, as history also shows us.
          When our constitution is amended, a 2/3rds majority of states, as an extension of the popular majority, wins out.
          Some education? Your head’s crooked.

          • But, pastrami, that Constitution, as written, protects MINORITY views and the expression of same and does not grant the majority the right to suppress or prohibit them. Yes, its AMENDMENT requires concurrence of a 2/3 majority of states. But when dealing with the INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS protected in the EXISTING Bill of Rights, there is no place for any majority to limit or deny the minority as full an equal opportunity to have and enjoy those rights as is granted to the majority. The majority can NOT impose its will on the minority relative to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, etc., and THAT is the point I have made here. There is no latitude in the Constitution for any “practical application” that would accord the majority the prerogative to deny or restrict any of those rights enjoyed by the minority. Your allusion the the 2/3 majority is thus irrelevant to the issue at hand.

      • I know your mind is extremely narrow and you are totally incapable of having an original thought so I would like to suggest an alternate situation for you to ask your friends about. I say ask your friends because I know you’re incapable of understanding.

        A student over the intercom says Allah bless America. I’d bet you’re the one leading the lynch mob and carrying the rope.

        A student, over the intercom, says remember there is no god! That made up sky daddy is just a security blanket for those that have pathetically weak minds because they can’t make it through a day on their own.

        A student says Zeus bless America over the intercom.

        Are you going to be just as zealous in standing up for these students as you are for the students that just happened to be a member of your religious cult?

        I’m sure this concept is far beyond your ability to understand but I will make an effort to explain it to you. When anyone uses any government equipment at an official government function, that person is a representative of the government. So what you have here, in this particular situation, is a couple of pathetic children parroting what their mommy and daddy told them to with no concept of what it actually means. They don’t realize they’re being used as pawns to try to start controversy over something that has been decided against evangelical morons in every case there has ever been.

        Keep your twisted religious cults out of the public schools. There are students in public schools that really do want to learn and make something of their lives. You want your children brainwashed then homeschool them. At least that way you don’t disrupt the students that want to learn about science. Of course you won’t be doing your children any favors by homeschooling them using your Bible for every course. When children that have been homeschooled by evangelicals finally reach the age of majority, so they can get away from their wacko parents, they are learning a tough lesson about college. In order to meet the minimum qualifications for college these children are having to take anywhere between two and four years of remedial courses. Usually high school classes. It is shameful that children about to enter college have to take remedial classes to learn that humans did not put saddles on velociraptors and ride them around. Imagine what a shock it is for homeschooled children to learn that those six-inch teeth in the mouth of T-Rex were not for grazing grass.

        Keep it up and the school will have to defend a lawsuit which it has no chance of winning. If you know anything about law then you know in civil lawsuits the loser pays for it all which means taxpayer dollars will be used to pay for it all which means students are going to suffer because idiots running this school are wasting Taxpayer money trying to sneak their wacko religious cults in the back door instead of educating the children.

        • Wow Boodine, thank you for telling me what I think and that I’m narrow minded. Unlike your stereotypical left wing talking points ya’ll, a good rule of thumb is not to assume: cause you make an arse out of yourself. I doesn’t carry a rope around wanting to lynch muslims or blacks people, I’ve evolved, I watch America’s Got Talent. Now ya’ll from West Virginia gets your high school diploma and you think your so smart. Hopefully you’re limited in procreation so as your offspring don’t parrot your judgemental drivel. It’s a good thing our Founding Fathers didn’t follow the bitterness of the Boodine’s and got their guidance from God to create a great nation and Constitution. One or two Founders may have been home schooled but let’s not find out who, wouldn’t want you to stroke out. Just so you know I didn’t write my own bibles or verses. Like you Boodine, my kids received a public edumacation. Thankfully they came out of school smarter and understand not to make stupid assumptions to make them look to be a real dumb a ss.
          There’s nothing in the US Constitution that calls for the Separation of Church and State. Here’s sumthing for you that you may not have learned u in your 8th Grade edumacation – The First Amendment states Congress Shall make no law respecting an establishing a religion. Over time you radical liberal elitists have misinterpreted the law but hey you don’t like God and the foundation it has built in America. So everyone in your jaded eyes are bible thumping home school zealots. Boy you are one warped judge”mental” individual Bo!

          • After reading your comment, I think it is you who needs an edumacation (sic) education. Can you spell MORON ? You are really sumthing ( sic) something. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. LOL!!!!

        • Hey Boodine you’re one warped judgemental individual who makes a complete ass out of yourself by making assumptions. But good liberals do that, make assumptions to justify their venom spewing non-sense sound important.
          Like you nearsided mental midgets, my children did go to public school and thankfully they made it past the 8th grade and got their diploma’s. Let’s hope you do not have the ability to procreate so your offspring are so irresponsibly judge”mental”. But hey in your demented mind I carry around a bible and home school my kiids. Damn what do I now tell my wife she really did home school our kids even though she didn’t but really but did it with her bible in her hand preaching to the kids cause an intolerant atheist said we did. Wow this is all a dream. We also don’t carry ropes to lynch people, you have to stop watching MSNBC.

          Hey Boo, no where in the US Constitution is there a law that prohibits mixing Church and State. However under the First Amendment of Constitution it does state that Congress shall make no law with the establishment of religion. The school nor the child was not establishing a religion, just exercising her Free Speech. Well in your sick twisted mind, parroting their parents. Thank goodness it wasn’t your offspring spewing over the intercom. I know I know you radical bitter atheists have interpenetrated the Constitution due to your intolerance, but really if you took the time to read the Constitution instead of showing your ignorance you could have a rational dialogue. Unfortunately you pious athiests don’t have a belief system. God Bless America.

    • An old Latin phrase used in Law goes something like this in translation:

      Those who remain silent are said to agree.

      That concept rails against any silent majority. The real question is whether or not we can still boast of a silent majority. I love the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is the best form of Government on Earth, yet it is being butchered every day. Looking around any public place where large groups of people gather, it is worrisome that so few appear to be suited to the Freedoms our Old Republic offers. The rot and decay may have reached the place where the only light ahead is found in the following statement:

      Edmund Burke (1729-1797) “People crushed by law have no hope but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies of the laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose will always be dangerous.”


        • So called Americans?? What is a so called American ? Could you please explain what you mean by that ? Time for action ? Are you trying to incite violence against Atheist & non-believers? If you are a Christian, this country is headed in the wrong direction. I think your caps lock is stuck. LOL!!!


          • You are one fucking nut job!! This is what religion does to the brain- it turns it to mush. You belong in a padded cell & prescribed some really heavy duty medications to stop those voices you keep hearing inside your head. Do they have an English Class at the mental hospital where you will be staying ? I think it would be a good idea for you to enroll. You should definitely take advantage of this class. Your god would be so proud!! LOL!!!



    • Hey there MrD. Let’s start a trend. Every time you comment on a news story, every post you make on social media and every email you sen, sign the end of the message with “God bless America”. this is a great way for the silent majority to be heard. God bless America!
      This goes for everyone who believes in God.


      • Great idea! May God bless you.

      • God bless you for the great idea. I had a flagpole at my home with “Old Glory” and “Don’t Tread on Me” waving. A new neighbor who was from somewhere in the middle-east actually complained to a TV station about the pole being too close to the property line. This pole had been in place since I moved in 20 years ago. The TV station made a story an issue about this guy being offended because someone might think it was his flag. He wanted it moved or removed. I, of course refused to change anything. This neighbor tried time and time to rile me but I kept my cool and waved hello knowing it pi$$ed him off. A year later he ran off a road and hit a power pole killing himself and his wife. When I heard about it I thought to myself “carma is a b i t c h isn’t it”. The house is still empty. “God Bless America”

      • I believe in God, but I feel no need to invoke His name as part of a silly campaign that rests upon a warped interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.

      • And that would be perfectly constitutional, since it does not entail using the authority or enablements of government to promote or endorse a particular religious belief. So have at it if you wish!

    • Me thinks the only people who may be listened to at all, would be the parents. Kids don’t mind being the rebel….view these two complainers…….but most all mid-high and high school age students would rather be silent than attract the title ‘goody-two-shoes’ or the equivalent. I do hope I’m wrong. And yes, as Mooselook states, GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • trollhunterforlife45

      Correct Time to Slap Homo in the mouth where it counts !

    • Tell me something why did you put atheists and other leftist in the same group. Why would you do that? Are you really that stupid? What does one have to do with the other?

      Of course the bottom line here is that you have absolutely no idea what either an atheist or leftist is so it’s easy if you to conflate the two.

      There are stupid people, there are people that should wear a helmet every time they go out the door of their homes, and then there are conservative Christians.

      • I think all Christians should wear helmets. After all, most Christians are mentally challenged & this will keep them from banging their heads against the wall whenever Atheists question their freedoms to say & do what they want. What a sight to behold!! LOL!!!

    • Go ahead and argue with an idiot. You have every right to do so but sometime the 2 arguing begin to sound alike both at the lowest level at the opposite ends.

  3. god bless America for being a secular democratic country

  4. Poor little atheists. Apparently, they forgot we have the right to make a statement even though others may disagree with it. As far as I am concerned, they know where they can go.

    • Poor little christians. Apparently, they forgot that we Atheists have the right to make statements even though others may disagree. As far as I’m concerned, you christians can kiss my butt!!


  6. Hope they never see an old rerun of Red Skelton on the TV. He said “Goodnight and God Bless” at the end of each show.

    • Sure miss the Red Head, he gave us many a laugh.

      • And we could sure use a few laughs right now, while the US circles the drain into the 3rd World cesspool. Lock & load.

        • I grew up during WWII, and the radio programs with Skelton, Hope and Benny were our standard, we were proud of our Country, our lag, it was during this period my mother told me about my heritage, from Plymouth, the French Huganauts that came later to Long Island, and her father’s fighting in Cuba with Teddy and JJ Pershing, who I had the honor of meeting, There were patriots in Our Country and many are laying in the holy ground of Arlington, among them my BIL. Average age of those there, brought back after the war is about 26 years.

    • We have DVDs of the Red Skeleton show, we loved the man. When you get time hear his Pledge Of Allegiance.

      • Those were days when communists weren’t teaching in our colleges.

        • Wrong–the Communist Cells & Socialism Teachers were allowed to immigrate into
          the USA–during Roosevelt’s 3 terms as President–since the Soviet’s were turned
          against the Nazi’s of Germany–Stalin “Sought a Favorite Nation” Status & sent his
          Best “Socialist Teams” to the United States–& Bragged–“Socialism is ranked over

          • But he did not fool Winston Churchill or Gen. George Patten.

          • “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
            along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”

            Karl Marx

          • YOU should be an institution. It’s called a state hospital for the mentally insane. LOL!!!

          • What are you saying?

          • What I’m saying is You are a nut job & so fucking paranoid. This is what religion does to the brain. It take a perfectly rational person & turns them into a gullible moron who will believe in anything, without proof or evidence of any kind. Now do you understand ? Or do I need to draw you a picture ? LOL!!!!!

          • Hi Rick or bingo or any one of the other blathering, libTURD maggots that take me to task for printing the truth….”“The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”―
            Karl Marx………….which libTURD univerSHITTY do you indoctrinate in. What’s religion got to do with it girly boy? Go and get your Ken Doll and fantasize about a real life!

        • StandAgainstSocialism

          They’ve been teaching in our institutions for decades, probably since the early 1900’s or before.

          • That is why we have the President we now have in the White House

          • If Sen. Joe McCarthy hadn’t been demonized by the socialists in Hollyweed, the media and the government, the House Un-American Activities Committee might still be around cleaning these “bottom feeders” out of the country.

          • EXCELLENT!!

          • We could use someone like McCarthy now, how right he was.

          • Joe McCarthy was a paranoid asshole who ruined so many lives because he was convinced that everyone was a Communist. He was a pathetic human being!! Lets hope we never see the likes of him ever again.

        • “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
          along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”

          Karl Marx

      • I have that DVD. Great!!!

      • When he explains the Pledge of Allegiance it is so moving as he explains each line. Each time I hear it makes me a little bit more patriotic. Every American should listen to at least once.

        • Once every month !! For a slapstick comedian he really put a lump in my throat with his version.

        • You know what the best part of it was? Red Skelton was a Canadian but he loved America more than all of these modern libs do combined.

          • I wholeheartedly agree. Why did we stop saying this in school anyway? A couple of people disagreed with the words and so it was banned? And now because of that we have a generation of kids who know nothing about it, nor do they understand what it means to be a patriot.

          • God Bless America and dam the ACLU communist bastards all they have ruined the very Country they live in and prosper by finding loop holes in the law because the low lifes have rights not as far as i’m concerned I say they should lose that rights when commiting crimes

          • You do know that you’re supposed to put a period at the end of every sentence?? Why are you Christians so fucking dumb ? Too bad you don’t put the same effort into your grammar & spelling as you do your false god & religion. I am a human. Are you sure about that ? You may love to sing, but you can’t write a simple comment to save your life. LMAO!!!

          • Being a patriot has nothing to do with whether you believe in a god or not. There are millions of Atheist & non believers in this country who do not believe in a god or belong to any religion. So, stop telling lies & twisting the truth to further your religious bigotry. Need I remind you that Atheist & non-believers are just as American as you are & we have every right to free expression as you Christians do. You don’t have a monopoly on that!! This is our country& you Christians have no right to tell us that if we don’t believe in your false god, that we have no right to live here. The Constitution was written for all Americans, not just the god fearing Christians. So, grow up & stop acting like little cry babies. No one is trying to take away your rights to practice your religion. As Atheist, we have every right to challenge anyone who thinks they have the right to silence us, because they are in the majority. It doesn’t work that way, especially when it comes to religion or the belief in a god. This is why religion poisons everything.

    • I saw him live on stage. My sides hurt from laughing so hard.

      • I remember “watching him on the radio” as a young boy & especially Junior, the mean widdle boy!!!! Red was more than a comedian, he was praised as a Clown by his peers. He is missed. Can you imagine what John Wayne would be saying, concerning the obamaliar? The Duke was a great patriot & greatly missed as well.

      • Someone told me that god really did exist. My sides hurt from laughing so hard!! Then I told another Atheist & they laughed so hard, they pissed their pants.

        • I told the dyslexic Atheist doG loves him and his sides hurt from laughing and his crotch was soggy.

          • You would never make it as a stand up comic. Not even close. You are about as funny as a fart !!! How do you turn a Christian into an Atheist ? Just give them a bible & tell them to read it, cover to cover. Now that’s funny!!

          • It took you 11 days to figure out that lame comeback. Did you do it all by yourself or did you have help?
            Farts can be funny.
            What do you call a dead Atheist?
            All dress up and no where to go.(now that’s funny)

    • If you have ever heard Red Skelton’s recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance & his explanation of every part of it, it is something that will put a big lump in your throat & you will never forget the pride & love you feel for our wonderful nation!! Rush has it on his show just before the 4th of July, if I recall correctly. Try & catch it if possible.

      • StandAgainstSocialism

        Unfortunately, our kids are not being taught to have pride in America, especially since that piece of shit in the White House has made apologies about America, saying we shouldn’t believe in American exceptionalism! He’s said the National Anthem is war-like and needs to be changed! His shithead wife said she was proud to be an American for the first time after oblahblah was sworn in. Screw her, screw him, his supporters AND those damned athiest and minorities who feel entitled to special treatment! Go to Hell !


    • Need to check out his comments on the PLEDGE!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  7. Poor little atheists can’t help it! They are probably obama supporters!
    What else would you expect from them? I would still say:

    GOD BLESS AMERICA! If they didn’t like it, tough s***!

    • If they were Obama supporters, then I suppose it would be acceptable to scream “Allahu Achbar!!!” (or however it’s spelled) as you go running towards a crowd of people with a bomb strapped around your waist? That would simply be exercising your own brand of “Religion of Peace,” right? So what do atheists think about “Allah,” and why do Liberals embrace both of these groups of extremists? Yes, I know, I can answer my own question: it’s because their common enemy is us, the People of the United States of America!

    • I’m ready to shout it out to those atheists to stick it in their non-God hearts… we had that idiot who protested having God in the Pledge of in the school. I saw him the the grocery store and told him he was one sorry individual and would be in good company when he meets his darkest day…

    • There is no god!! If Christians are offended by this, Tough Shit !!

  8. This what we get from liberal pieces of garbage and their politically correctness! I’m glad I no longer have to be politically correct and just tell it like it is and if the libs don’t like they can sit on their thumbs, I don’t give a dam – God Bless America!

  9. Anyone who would not want the Blessings of God have to have sawdust for brains. No person or other being has the ability to Bless or Curse a person or a Nation except GOD. Maybe the Atheist would like the Curse of GOD!

    • Atheism is the ultimate in willful self-delusion. Even agnostics admit that they don’t know whether God exists or not. Atheists claim to know that there is no God. That’s like a person in China claiming that they know for sure that I (the guy writing this comment) do not exist because they’ve never heard of me before. We don’t even know much about the universe much further out than our own star system, let alone whether there is any other civilization “out there” say 20 light years from Earth, and remember how big the observable universe is (astronomers think maybe 13 billion light years across). Anyway, I believe God is outside what we call the Universe, because the Creator cannot be a part of the Creation. Anyone who claims that they know there is no God is shooting their mouths off about things which they have no knowledge.

      • Anyone who claims that they know for sure there is a god is shooting their mouths off about things which they have no knowledge, proof or evidence to support their claim. So, STFU!!

        • Faye, I’m not the one who introduced profanity into the equation, but since you are obviously an ignorant scumbag, why don’t YOU shut YOUR God-damned, ignorant fucking mouth, you pathetic, God-damned birch!!!

          • So much anger, coming from a believer. You just broke one of your ten commandments- you used your lord’s name in vain. Not once but twice & then you called me a god- damned birch. I think you meant to say bitch, you moron!! Birch is a special type of tree, you stupid idiot!! It’s those tall things that grow in the forest & have lots of leaves on them. Or maybe you don’t know the difference between a birch & a bitch? You are the ignorant scumbag!!

          • Well, I admit that I typed an “r” when I should have typed a “t” – the “r” is right next to the “t” on a standard QWERTY style keyboard, and since “birch” is an actual word, spell-checker failed to flag or correct it. As to the rest of your stupid comments, I’ll match my PhD degree in Nuclear Engineering (UW, 1996) against anything you have you stupid, self-delusional BITCH. I am also not intimidated by leftist assholes like you. Like I said in my first reply to you, I didn’t start the rant, you did with your “STFU” comment, and I do understand the acronym. So, I’ll just say that I don’t take orders from shitholes like you, so YOU shut your damned mouth, you ignorant, fucking BITCH!!!

          • I see you spelled bitch correctly. That degree you earned in N. E. was good for something. Doesn’t change the fact that you’re still a brainwashed, delusional fucked up Christian, who believes in magic. You do have a filthy mouth for a Christian. No surprise there. Christianity is a religion based on hypocrisy. I think YOU WERE intimidated by ME. Look at how you reacted to my comment. So, I’ll just say that I don’t take any shit from ignorant christian assholes like YOU. So, YOU shut your filthy mouth & take that piece of crap you call the word of god& shove it where the sun don’t shine, you fucking MORON!!!

    • They will see God’s wrath on judgement day

    • Anyone who would want the blessings of an invisible sky daddy should have their heads examined. You deluded & brainwashed Christians need a good dose of reality, instead of living inside that bubble you call religion. Atheist will not be silenced by you or anyone else. Got that? Anytime you feel the need to trample on our free speech, we will challenge you on every issue, whether you like it or not. Majority rules my ass!!

      • Fay, Whether you like it or not you live in a nation blessed by the only true and living God. That God loves you and me so much that He sent His only Son into this world to die on a cruel cross for our sins. So Fay you have a choice to make you can confess your sin and ask Jesus into your heart and life or you can keep on with your disbelieving. There are consequences to your decision, if you continue what you are doing you will spend eternity tormented in Hell. You can confess and believe and spend eternity in Heaven. Your choice!

  10. Has this school administration not heard of the First Amendment?! At the end of the next announcement, every student, exepting the two poor atheists, should shout “God bless America!”.

    • Oh sure Chief. Sadly those school administrations are weak. They lack the backbone and intestinal fortitude to squash this. They are now good little Progressives!

  11. God Bless America and atheists cannot be blessed by anything except nothingness!

  12. What about the beliefs and constitutional freedoms of christians? Oh, I forgot, Christians don’t have the same rights as those who are offended by Christianity. This whole thing is really stupid. You’re offended that I’m a Christian and practice my beliefs, and I’m offended that you’re xxx and practice zzz.
    So, how do you you determine who’s right and who’s wrong?
    How about we all practice a little TOLERANCE!

  13. Bet if they said allah akbar, those libTURDS would join in. God Bless America and that courageous student. Home school people!!!!!…..

    “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
    along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”

    Karl Marx

    • If the atheists join the Muslims – and admit they are atheists – the Muslims have as little use for them as they do for Jews and Christians. They are infidels, too, in the eyes of a Muslim. That’s one thing Muslims and Atheists have in common – they want everyone to think the way they do!!! Totalitarians – every one of them.


    Brings to mind several thing.

    1) for ‘EVIL’ to Trump good men must do or say nothing


    2) Just because you do not believe some thing only means you know everything (Ha Ha) or your feelings trump my RIGHTS


    3) “Only the uninitiated believe only in what they can see or touch” Plato (philosopher; pupil; teacher)”

  15. God Bless America and pass the ammunition.


  17. This is one reason we send our girls to a Christian school, back when prayer and scripture reading – in my parents era – were done, police didn’t walk the halls or campuses of public schools like they do today. If there were no Christian schools we would home school.


  19. Communism 101..Take God out of the public minds..

  20. I’ll say “God Bless America” any time I please, and I will neither accept not tolerate “punishment” for exercising my rights as a Free American. Just remember that the First Amendment is backed up by the Second Amendment!

  21. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you! (Washington DC). The Head Nigger In Charge WILL soon have the flag of Islam flying above the white house, and there won’t be a damned soul with balls to stop it. Martial law is in the making!!!

  22. So much for the First Amendment, and my right to offend you.

  23. A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but

    not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or

    to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a

    check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not

    to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that

    was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from

    owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty

    F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but

    not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make

    you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is

    run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a

    wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman

    in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head

    searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but

    is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions

    of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his

    teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class

    in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more

    government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with

    Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free

    cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses

    but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to

    provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment

    checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was

    diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest

    big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a

    wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government

    forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself

    makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, author unknown, please spread it far and wide!

  24. Every Christian parent of a child at that school needs to go to the school with a shirt that reads “God Bless America”. It’s freedom of speech, and they can’t stop you. Do it!

    • Anymore their dress code prohibits it under gang slang!

      • There’s no dress code for the parents.

        • I was about to say the same thing. I wear what i want to. I’m in my 60’s and i wear what i want. And i have 2 shirts that say, “GOD BLESS AMERICA” on them. I wear one on 4th of July ( T-Shirt) and the other one whenever i want to thru the winter, it’s a sweat shirt. Nobody has ever said anything to be yet or gave any dirty looks. If they do i’ll just say “Bless your heart dear” and “have a blessed day”.

    • Every Atheist parent of a child at that school needs to go to the school with a shirt that reads ” There Is No god “. It’s freedom of speech, and they can’t stop you. Do it !!!

      • The atheists believe they already have what they want, which is for Christians to be silenced. It won’t work, but nice try. I think you should wear that shirt so the Christians will know who to pray for.

        • I am not trying to silence anyone, especially you Christians. We Atheist also believe in freedom of speech, but when we try to voice our non-beliefs, you Christians say we are taking your rights away. How is that possible when the majority of people in this country are Christians ? You Christians are the ones who are trying to silence anyone who doesn’t believe in your god or religion. News flash!! We Atheist are not going anywhere. We are here to stay & if that bothers you , tough shit!! The Constitution was written by our Founding Fathers for all Americans, regardless if you believe in a god or in a religion. You Christians don’t have a patent on The Amendments. You Christians need to practice more Tolerance & less Arrogance.

          • That’s an interesting response considering that I didn’t try to stop you from wearing that shirt. It seems that you just want everyone to go along with you simply because you’re an atheist. Nobody has stopped you from expressing your “non-beliefs”, but you like to claim that simply because others oppose your opinion. Wear that shirt if it makes you feel better. Just don’t be surprised when others express their opinions. “You Christians”? Really? Of course it bothers me that atheists are non-believers because I can assure you, you will be going somewhere, and you won’t like it. You really should do your homework as to why America was founded before you talk about our founding fathers’ intentions. You might want to practice up on that “more tolerance and less arrogance” thing.

          • I will be going somewhere? Let me guess. Is it hell? How many times have I been told by you Christians that if I don’t believe in your sky daddy, I will burn in hell for all eternity? Too many. Stop with the empty threats. We don’t believe in this hell of yours & where is your evidence that such a place really does exist ? You really don’t have any , do you ? So, knock it off !! We are tired of listening to the same old bullshit !!!

          • Of course I mean hell. Nobody deserves to go to heaven, so we have a Savior that makes that possible. Without Him, we would all end up there. I suppose you’ve heard it as many times as you’ve challenged Christians. I didn’t create hell, nor do I send anyone there. Actually, God doesn’t send anyone there, either. I thought you were all about tolerance. No? Who is making you listen?

  25. TWO ATHEIST STUDENTS FELT THEIR DISBELIEF WAS BEING WHAT? If they don’t like hearing “God Bless America” they should just walk away and ignore. They should get down on their knees and be thankful to be living in our country. Since when do TWO people rule over everyone else? THIS IS TOO MUCH AND CANNOT BE TOLERATED. WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND KEEP OUR FREEDOMS. The student who said this should be applauded in this messed up obama world.

  26. Political Correctness is eroding our nation’s freedom of speech. The reason the First Amendment was put into the Constitution was to insure that government, and government agencies, would not infringe on the rights which the Crown had denied to the Colonists. Since the schools teach only a superficial look at the Constitution and what lay behind it, people have become ignorant as to why some of the Amendments have been put in place, let alone why the provisions of the Constitution are like they are.

    We need to get back to teaching the history behind the Constitution so people will understand why it was written as it was and will know when activist judges rule against what the founding fathers had in mind

    Wake up America! Time is running out on your freedoms and you are being boiled in the pot of Socialist demagoguery. We were not dropped into the pot while it was boiling. Like the frog, the temperature has been being turned up as we lounged in our complacency or we would have fought this intrusion on our freedoms long ago.

    • Supposedy, SUPPOSEDLY, “We The People” are supposed to have the power to “regulate” government. Instead, all our “powers” are slowly being taken away from us by the HNIC, because his big dream is sharia law and a kingdom ruled by communist mooselums!! I remember when……….

    • This is why I don’t have a bright vision for the Millennials or the United States. Can’t wait till Allah shit prayer is repeated before and after class

  27. I think we need to start being the Squeeky wheel!! Kiss my behind I’ll say GOD BLESS AMERICA until I die….

  28. Where are the parents of this student and did the father have his nuts cut off? Tell this school administration to go to hell and go to battle with them in court if necessary or in the parking lot

  29. School administration has been hijacked by unionized sociaists, the reason they become administrators is they can’t teach worth a s*5t.

  30. I just wrote an email to that school, said “God Bless America” 20 ” times. Then side slammed them with what Idiots they are! Here’s that address, everyone write them! Tell them to brush up on the real history of our country! Study the Fore Fathers!!!!!

  31. Take this Principal on a “Grand Tour” of Every “War Zone”–walking Thru “Mine-Fields & IRP’s” placed on
    the Roads, where American Troops have suffered their Heaviest Casualties-! Maybe these ‘Places’ haven’t
    been “Blessed by God”–but “Cursed by Allah”–for Americans-! Perhaps, he’d finally know “What Blessings
    have been Poured upon America”–“If He Lives” throughout a ‘Year’s Grand-Tour of Hopeless Battlefield’s’
    of the ‘Lands of Muslims’-!

  32. Just SNEEZE in public and folks will say “GOD BLESS YOU!” YOU are AMERICA! WE are AMERICA! We do not bow to the EAST to get permission to say GOD BLESS AMERICA. These “twits” without historical knowledge – or common sense need to be asked: Would you like cheese with your whine? As far as I am concerned we can specify AMERICAN cheese! LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! Please take MM with you!

  33. If the President, Senators and Representatives can end their speeches with “God Bless America”, then the principal should stand her ground and affirm this right to this student. Otherwise we have unequal enforcement of our laws and a violation of the First Amendment. Did these students sue over the state of the union address? Did they sue every time they use our currency to pay for something? If not, then this is selective harrassment of one student and not a fight over “invidiousness”. The rest of the parents should ban together and sue the 2 atheist students and the AHS since they now violated the right of the majority of the students to have their beliefs and Constitutional freedoms respected.

  34. I hope these atheists are happy with God turns his back on America, if he hasn’t already. He did it before as recorded in the Bible. Why don’t Christians start protesting things atheists and others do and say that offend us? I guess we would be the ones in trouble.

  35. Listen you liberal jack-as* turn in your citizenship and move to another country. Your human rights do COME FROM GOD AND DON’T YOU DARE FORGET IT you morons. You as a citizen don’t belong in this country. YOu have given up that right when you deny GOD. Leave!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Listen, you Christian Jackass. My human rights did not come from your false god. They came from The Founding Fathers & don’t YOU dare forget that. As a citizen of this country, you need to leave immediately. YOU don’t belong in this country. YOU have given up that right when you started believing in that invisible monster in the sky & all the religious bullshit that goes with it. Turn in your citizenship & leave now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Looks like we found one that really shows their real self. A liberal that has the mouth to boot. Guess what lady the founding fathers were Christians. George Washington before Valley Forge was kneeling praying to god.

        • Guess what lady? Your statement is a total lie. This nation was not founded on Christian values. Most of The Founding Fathers were Deist. They did believe in a higher power, but not the god of the Christian bible. One of the many attacks on our country from The Religious Right is the claim that our country is a Christian nation… American History will show that is a lie. You are what they call a Christian Revisionist. If you don’t know what that is , look it up. Go to Google & you will find plenty of info to support my facts. If you’re going to make such ridiculous claims, you really should be able to back up your statements with some solid facts. That’s what people who debate each other do. They do their research & then present their facts. On the other hand, it’s Christian people like you who distort the truth to further their agendas. This is why religion poisons everything.

  36. GOD BLESS AMERICA!! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!! Now pass the ammunition. lol I agree with the Apostle Paul when he said in Romans 1:16 and I quote: “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” Greek here means also to the Gentiles. We are the Gentiles grafted into the family of God. Nobody is going to stop me from speaking out about God!!

  37. I say, the people that don’t believe in GOD, are the cause of a lot of the problem in this country. I also believe that this so called president is another Large Problem in this country, He is unwilling to be “THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES”. He wants to be a king. So I say let him be a king in KENYA!!! Ship him and his cronies to Africa, drop their Gar-Boons ass off!

  38. After the announcement is made, All the students should say God Bless America wherever they are in the school. Let’s see the Principal try to stop that.


    • Another stupid idiot who doesn’t know how to turn off The Caps Lock Key.

      • that is for stupid asses like you that can’t read get your fingers out of your ass so you can see

        • Another dumb christian who doesn’t believe in using punctuation. I’m seeing a pattern here. Your belief in your false god is so strong. When it comes to your knowledge on how to write in a concise & meaningful way, you totally lack those skills. Your god can’t fix stupid or maybe he can. There’s always hope for the mentally challenged christian.

  40. State Houses should step forward, reclaim their states for America, and rid our schools of all the anti-American, communist, Marxist, fascist, anarchists filling our young people’s heads with mush.

  41. Douglas W. Rodrigues

    I suppose that if a Muslim student said Allahu Akbar, that would have been allowed.

  42. I’m sorry but the minority can dictate the change of something that has been part of our lexicon
    almost since the very beginning of our nation…Those assholes better be carrying Gold and silver and not coin or dollars if they are so offended…or something they can trade….goes for the beast tfat born them also…I’m ashamed of Nassau County’s lack of spine…Where was Dr Rios????

  43. I wonder what would have happened if he said praise allah? Just curious! Damn principal should be ass-hamed, the minority rules, again.

  44. SFC Kenneth A. Partyka, SR ( R

    simple solution, anyone who is against religion in school doesn’t need to be here. I am sure an atheist country would welcome them with open arms. WE DO NOT NEED THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THE USA

    • Simple solution. Anyone who is for religion in school doesn’t need to be here. I’m sure a christian nation would welcome them with open arms. WE DO NOT NEED THESE BRAINWASHED & DELUSIONAL TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THE USA. Let me know when you’re leaving. I’ll help you pack. LOL!!!

  45. I can only guess people are so busy trying to make a living and getting by. Also people do not want to be bothered by anything outside their lovable, pleasurable fun life. They do not have the Bloodlines our past leaders had which involves Bravery, Courage and standing up for Liberty and Freedom. If I could I would create and Army, march on DC and take over what belongs to the American People. This is also the time for Heroes to rise. Can you imagine if we had a million men and women marching on DC with Guns, it would be quite a sight to back down on.

  46. Who will they complain to when we are under Sharia Law ? I’m guessing NO BODY, since they will be headless in a shallow grave. That’s where The Majestic One is taking as fast and DELIBERATELY.

  47. Matthew 10:32-33

  48. The majority needs to speak out against this kind of garbage. We can’t allow the minority to silence free speech..

  49. Let’s start a trend. Every time you comment on a news story, every post you make on social media and every email you sen, sign the end of the message with “God bless America”. this is a great way for the silent majority to be heard. God bless America!

  50. This is a warning to all Commie/Muslim/Liberals…”We the People” are waking up in the Millions and 80% are Patriots/Christians….ALL of YOU will be held accountable..!!!

  51. Yet they’re infringing on the Constitutional freedoms of Christians…


    • Time to take our rights back.God bless America!

      • You never lost your rights, just your mind. YOU BRAINLESS TWIT!!

        • Constitutional rights are being violated every day. Each day there is another example of a student being disciplined for exercising his/her rights. Kids suspended for wearing Rosary beads, wearing t-shirts with religious logos, reading a bible on breaks and more. The excuse the atheists use is that they find that offensive yet you can respond with insults like the one in your response exercising your right to free speech. It only goes to show the hypocracy in your thinking. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

          • Atheists Constitutional Rights are being violated every day. If a kid wants to wear rosary beads, wear a shirt with a religious logo or read a bible, then they can exercise their rights all they want. They can freely do this in a private Christian school. It has no place in public school, whatsoever!! Do you Christians really think you have the right to push your religion onto everyone else , just because you happen to be in the majority? Think again. It doesn’t work that way. P.S. learn how to spell the word hypocrisy & get your head out of your ass & into a dictionary!!

          • Your parents obviously did something wrong in raising you as evidenced by the way you talk to people. You can’t respect peoples rights. Hell, you can’t even talk to other people without a barrage of negative comments. To refer to someone as a brainless twit” or being critical of a simple spelling mistake shows your lack of class and civility to another human being. I’m simply going to exercise my constitutional right to free speech and just tell you GOD BLESS AMERICA

          • Take your god bless America & shove it!!!

    • You have the balls to call these students stupid & you can’t even spell Thier (sic) Their correctly? Make syre( sic) sure they never say alla acbar. I guess you don’t believe in punctuation either. Is it you’re just plain fucking stupid or has senility taken over your brain, Grandpa. What’s with all the caps ?


        • Nice try, Grandpa. Don’t pretend that you did this on purpose to see if someone would notice your mistakes. Just be honest with yourself. You can’t spell for shit !!! GOD BLESS AMEAICA ?? You live in AMERICA, but you can’t even spell it correctly. FRIST( sic ) FIRST RULE WHEN I WENT TO SCHOOL- I before e except after c. I don’t think you’re practicing what you learned in school. Three times you misspelled the same word. THIER( sic) THEIR. Can’t fix stupid. LOL!!!

  53. Like Krushchev said we will destroy you from within

  54. Folks we all need to do more than post. Call the school, touch base with freedom watch FL headquarters, etc. When you see something you don’t like, verify and take action. God Bless America

  55. The parents of the kid need to sue that school. They have to respect also the belief of that kid in God, not only the beliefs of the atheist. Two can play that game.

  56. Maybe we should organize a cavalcade of vehicles and people, drive by these schools that do these things, stop out front and sing “God Bless America” just as loud as we can. That should rattle a few cages don’t you think ???
    I’m thinking seriously of putting a sign on each side of the cap on my pickup that says “GOD BLESS AMERICA” in large, bold letters.

  57. The God damn systems of society are backwards, barbaric, and behind the times. Definitely a system behind it’s time. Education my Ass. The drop out rate speaks for itself. The American dream is a living Nightmare unless your born with a golden palet. I have nothing good to say about the failing, broken system that this USA is in the red, Too bad Money is the God you trust because Holy Father will prevail and it’s not aboujt money and war it’s about children who are sapposed to have a good life and they don’t. They’re cold and hungry and eaten by Bugs and Rats, All I have to say is America fails itself when it steals the American Dream. The only freedom in America is SUFFERAGE. tHERE’S TOO MANY HOLY COVERUPS. GOD WILL PREVAIL. God Bless all your children on this Earth. Please help the ones who have their belly buttons knawing at their backbones. Please.


    • Hey, Grandpa. How about I bend over so you can kiss my ass ? And if you Christian fools don’t like it, get the hell out of our country!!

      • I would but your nose is in the way and your MUCH to ugly >> Maybe you husband can kiss it as no one else seems interested in anything as ugly and STUPID AS YOU BYE

      • I would but your nose is in the way , and with a face like that only a husband or a blind man would kiss you >> that is if you have one >>> Please remember to put you under pants on the right a$$ >> IT’S NOT THE ONE CONNECTED TO YOUR NECK >>>> GOD BLESS AMERICA

  59. To everyone who believes in God, Let’s start a trend. Every time you comment on a news story, every post you make on social media and every email you sen, sign the end of the message with “God bless America”. this is a great way for the silent majority to be heard. God bless America!

    • I will add that with–God Bless –that i already sign off with. So far no one has made a nasty remark back to me when i say God Bless when i answer a post. God Bless America and God Bless you.

    • To everyone who doesn’t believe in god, here’s a great idea. Every time you comment on a news story or make a statement on social media, sigh it at the end with ” There Is No god ” This is a great way for the silent minority to be heard. Take your god bless America & shove it!!!

  60. It’s mentioned the America of 20 years ago, then how about this common bumper sticker “America-Love It Or Leave It!”



    Yes, it is unfortunate that all the Christian Parents do not rally behind the announcer. But it happened and will continue to happen. I Don’t like the Phrase ‘Obama’ and believe the schools should refrain from using it. After all, are they not using the Phrase Akin to our greatest traitors, Benedict Arnold, Jane Fonda and Eric Holder?



    • I think they should neuter you & take out your brain while there at it. You obviously don’t need one. You should change your name to crazycapsfreddie. LMAO!!!


        • You have the balls to call me out on my intelligence ? Have you read your own comments? Hore( sic) whore. You can’t spell for shit & your grammar sucks big time!!! I guess punctuation is not your thing, is it ? Run, don’t walk to your nearest public school & sign up for English Class. Just remember, they don’t allow drugs in school & no caps , whatsoever!!

  65. The kid can say “God Bless America” at his school in many situations provided he does not co-opt the official communications medium of his public school to do so or otherwise utter his blessing in a manner connected with the operation of the school. The kid can pray at school and carry out all kinds of personal voluntary religious activities on school grounds. You whining theocrats read this and get your ignorant selves educated:

  66. Piss poor display of weakness by the School Administration, have they forgotten the 1st Amendment??? ALL “Natural Born or LEGAL immigrants” have the right to free speech and freedom of religion – None of us have the right to block or remove the rights of another…. Also have US Code : 18
    USC 247 – Damage to religious property; obstruction of persons in the free
    exercise of religious beliefs-Crimes
    and Criminal Procedure

    • All natural born or legal immigrants have the right to free speech and freedom FROM religion. That also includes Atheist & non-believers, so stop trying to shove your religious bullshit down our throats!! We have had enough!! We are not going away, anytime soon. Have I made myself clear ? I’m sure you got the message loud & clear. Have a nice day.

      • Michael Safstrom

        Funny Faye, I did not refer to any religion, I referred to the 1st Amendment, and US Federal Law.
        You are correct, Atheists & non believers have the very same rights…. And I will state it again, very clearly…. The 1st amendment allows any American the freedom of religion and speech, it does NOT allow anyone to infringe upon those rights…. The School administration has violated this students rights…. How would you feel if it was YOU being punished for doing something similar? Would you be preaching the same Un-American crap?

      • What religious bullshit? I clearly stated that NO ONE has the right to remove anyone’s religious beliefs or non beliefs, Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, etc… All have a right to their own beliefs, anyone forcing an individual to change or to stop believing is breaking the Supreme Law of the Land

  67. Doesn’t the principal realize that by limiting and punishing the “offending” student, they are infringing on his beliefs. It’s always the Christian who gives in. We are turning away from God in big and small ways. We must start taking a stand and allow the majority rule. God Bless America

  68. Fuck nonbelievers.

    • Well, now, isn’t THAT a nice spe-e-ecial thing for you to say, you fine upstanding believer!

    • How Christian of you. What happened to turn the other cheek or love thy neighbor as thy self ? I see you don’t even follow the teachings of your own religion & that makes you a hypocrite, my brainwashed friend. Can you spell Intolerance ? This is why religion poisons everything.

  69. Atheism was determined to be a religion officially years ago!! They just think they are god not the one and ONLY GOD but not that it makes a difference but that means they are forcing us into their belief system and I for one am OFFENDED!! I want a LAWYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. These atheists A$$holes that think they have a right to change the religious rights of real Americans need to be deported.

    • These Christian Assholes who think they have the right to change the non-beliefs of real American Atheist, need to be deported. When are you leaving? LOL!!!

  71. GOD BLESS AMERICA! So there, you Godless bastards.

  72. My daughter went to this school, the leadership changed, if I had another kid, I would home school before I allow this to happen. These poor kids, we are a nation of god, but now it’s a crime to say those very words, it’s on our money, it’s a crime those in power can do this. We have to take our country away from the cowards that now walk the halls of power, with no concern of how we the people feel. It’s cowardice to fold at the mere mention of the word, ACLU.
    If this principal wants to talk to me he has my phone number.

  73. God bless America! Please! As Christians, we better do something about it or it will be all over but the shouting. We MUST voice how offended WE are by the atheist and criminal elements of our society. We must get ourselves and our children back into the church and re-learn how to put God above everything else. God helps those who help themselves.

  74. This has to stop. The Department of Education will be cleaned up in 2017 and all of these stupid

    Democrats will be FIRED. This is American and we pay their Salary. So, God Bless America!

  75. What has happened, “Majority Rules” ?? !! God Bless America !!

  76. Say it anyway. When you are back say it again.


  78. She is not living up to her desire and intention to respect the beliefs and constitutional freedoms of ALL students at that school. This students desire along with others are not being fulfilled So this liar teacher should be fired.


  80. As long as Democrats hold power anywhere in the U.S., idiots like these will make inroads.

  81. liberals are empty headed idiots.

  82. This is America and I would feel that my rights were violated by not being allowed to say, “God Bless America.” I would also feel that having to attend school with atheist would subject those who do believe in God to negative influences and therefore they should be banned from the school.

  83. The time has come for every American right of center to band together and vote this criminal government out of power, before the US becomes just another 3rd World nation of corruption, crime, poverty, and general hopelessness.
    Obama said he’d “transform” the nation; America should have asked for an interpretation.


  85. God Bless America, and end this liberal (Socialistic) dictatorship

  86. I think it is time for the student to take a stand of his/her own now against the school and tell them you are now infringing on my rights to believe in God. If they cannot take that, then it is time for a protest by the God fearing students against the school and the other atheist pigs at that school. I would not be taking this lying down anymore. When do we as Americans start standing up for God again, or is it to late for that also.
    America can pat themselves all on the back for this crap, ever since they elected a non-believing mus-slime Islamic pig terrorist to Washington, this country has gone off its rocker. They have all fallen for this bullshit that these illegal terrorist in this country have a right to dictate to us on what we can say or do or even believe anymore. We must do something to fight back in the courts and fight fire with fire and throw it back in the Judges face.

  87. The one thing I will never understand is how one person cant use Christianity in public and yet you have other cultures at different times of the day who will need to brake from their job to pray to a different god , why don’t the atheist complain about them .
    I am a American who believes in Christianity .
    as ar as the constitution we have none as our President has put it in the shredder.

  88. If that principal had any guts she’d have told them athiests to pack it and take ’em to court so they’d have to stand up in front of the judge and swear to God to tell the truth. Oh and by the way, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  89. Since when does a high school child KNOW they are an atheist?

    God please open the eyes of our children to Your Light!

    • Since when does a high school child know they are an Atheist ? You get the prize for one of the most stupidest questions I have ever read. This is what religion does to the brain. it turns it into over cooked oatmeal!! So when would a high school child know they are a Christian ? I guess after they have been brainwashed enough by people like you. DUH!!

      • Clearly you don’t have any children and specifically not any older children…YOUR ignorance is showing!

        God please imbue this liberal fool with Your knowledge!

        • FYI, I do have a grown son. When he was little, I instilled in him the importance of reading & gaining knowledge, something which you are highly lacking. YOUR ignorance is showing!! Even though I know god is not real, but just for the hell of it, I’ll ask him to give you a brain. We Atheists know all Christians are empty headed. Why else would they believe in some invisible monster in the sky ? God, even though I see no evidence for your existence, I’ll play make believe. God, please imbue this brainwashed fool with reason& logic & help her to become a critical thinker. According to your god, miracles can happen. So, hang in there , little miss carolskey. There’s still hope for you yet. LOL!!!!!!

          • “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”~Abraham Lincoln. Enough said!

            There are impressionable children involved, Lord! Please open this fool’s eyes to Your Knowledge!

          • I think that quote was meant for people like you. You are the fool for believing in such ridiculous bullshit!! Enough said!!

  90. So the principal said Quote–they desire to respect the opinions of ALL students,
    what about the student making the announcement is NOT entitled to his opinion??

  91. I can explain a very simple solution to this. I know because I did it.
    Gather other parents together and draw up a “phone tree.”
    I have the names and phone number of 6 parents.
    In turn they have the name of 6 more parents….and it goes on an on.
    When something like this comes up…get on your “6” calls….within about 30 minutes all of the parents will be called.
    The first time the Principal and Teachers see all of these parents driving up to the school to have a little chat…
    they will back down.
    Warn them ONE time…if this happens again, we will contact every newspaper, TV station in the area to meet us here and we will have a very large meeting outside in the school yard..


  92. Screw the school and those who find themselves more important then God. If they do not worship Jesus Christ then they must worship Satan.

  93. Unfortunately, I honestly believe Obama IS GOD’S judgement on America….
    America willingly has removed Jesus, prayer, God from any and every realm of American living and has embraced diversity, sodomy, the slaughter of unborn babies, and removed almost any vestige of historical truth from our public education system. Pastors have become mouth pieces for Satan, embracing Satan’s lies instead of speaking TRUTH boldly from the pulpit and the alter.
    Just as Israel said we don’t want God, we want a king and God gave them Saul, America has said we don’t want Jesus, we want Obama…
    God gave America what it voted for… God will not impose Himself, America, as a nation, still has its free will.


  95. Haven’t been inside a church for years, but why the big uproar over asking for a blessing? TWO people object – why? Everyone worships something – a being, money, power – something. Seems like the majority should rule – at least that is how it used to be in the US. And since asking for a blessing is not taking anything from the atheists and not harming them physically, why not?

  96. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Shout it from the rooftops America.

  97. Because someone is always offended by something, only to bitch about, “It is inappropriate and unlawful
    for a public school to start the school day with an official statement over the intercom stating, ‘God Bless America,’” wrote the AHA in a letter to the school’s principal. “For such a statement affirms God-belief, validates atheistic worldview and is invidious toward atheists and other nonbelievers.”

    You all don’t believe in GOD so why bitch about something that you morons ignore anyway. Get a Life out of America – ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

  98. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I want keep silent cause it is GOD BLESS AMERICA THAT’S THE WHOLE DARN TRUTH.

  99. I just love how two dweebs can dictate to the rest of the class. Poor, poor put upons were offended. Well I am offended DAILY by the miscreant libTURDS! Where is my redress?

  100. There would have been no problem if he said “allah bless America”. Teaching/promoting islam IS PART of the common core standard crap from the federal gov which omuslim has filled with muslims at every opportunity. The DHS looks like an Al Zawacky Fan Club meeting. Check out Ann Barhardt-koran on YouTube where she points out all the BARBARIC RULES for good muslims to live by.

  101. What ever happened to free speech? It is time to take our country back from all these insane people. I am one who is not religious but I will defend someone’s right to believe and speak the words “God Bless America” any place they choose to use them. The radicals have one agenda and that is to destroy our country. These radicals have taken over our media, schools and even much of our justice system. This movement has driven a wedge into our melting pot and is intended to break down our culture. We must put an end to it now!

  102. If it’s good enough for the president to say it’s good enough for the student to say. All the petty complaining is ridiculous. It’s interesting that as part of the fed gov’s common core standards that islam is now being promoted to the kids in school. The muslim infiltration is hitting on all cylinders helped greatly by the muslim in chief, filling the gov with muslims, dozens of pro-islam statements in his books and in person, promoting islam to Americans, and teaching the kids in school about islam while conviently leaving out the BARBARIC parts of islam called for in the koran. Obozo’s fundemental change of America becomes clearer every day and it’s not good !!!!!!!!!

  103. One Nation Under GOD…period! Until that changes…perish the thought…we not only have the right but the responsibility to uphold that standard! Freedom of speech means freedom of speech…you have the right to disagree…or leave if you don’t like it!!!

  104. Remember that on election day. School board UP. —— OOP! ——I got that wrong, “Brain Washing” board. No Schooling anymore.

  105. Liberals again taking one contsitiutional amendment as more important than another because it suits their agenda. They are doing it with OUR government, and with OUR money. Much of OUR government is on their side.
    Seriously, these things must be taken to court, or it all flies right out the window.

  106. Please enjoy the comical posts of one “headsonstraight” who wrongly asserts the rights of some while ignoring those of others, and apparently believes that insults and spelling & grammar corrections prove him/her right.
    It’s a riot!

  107. What is this. Freedom of Speech. its time you people stood up and fight. We need to fight. This is what Obummer want in your school. Don’t turn your back now. Fight for your country. This is what your father fought for don’t let him down fight for your country please. God gave gave us this good country don’t give it up to obama please.

  108. To Faye Hayes, you know where you can go

    • To stanbyk1, you know where you can go. Straight to hell, that make believe place that you Christians claim does exist. Don’t forget your sunglasses & sunscreen. From what Christians have been telling me, it gets pretty HOT DOWN THERE. LOL!!!

  109. When you lose Free Speech along with Freedom to Worship then it is time to draw blood. We are on the verge of a war here in the USA and that is what Obama is pushing . If Obama can get us into a war then he can lay claim to the White House for many years as a Dictator. You know, just what he sees himself as today.
    That is what war has not been declaired thus far.. Bet On It.

  110. This complaint always bugs me. I mean, atheists have no problem using God’s holy name when they want to curse something/something. Double standard, much?

  111. Every Non-Atheist student in that school, should stand every morning after the announcements are made and yell “GOD BLESS AMERICA”! Take back your school! What are they going to do with all the students? (except two!) The two that are offended because someone was mentioned that they think does not exist! huh!?

  112. If atheists don’t believe that there is a God, then why are they always fighting againt Him????

    • Atheist don’t believe in god or any gods, so why would be fighting against something we don’t believe in ? You couldn’t figure that out for yourself ? This is why religion warps the mind. It turns intelligent people into brainwashed zombies. DUH!!!

  113. All students everywhere should stand strong as state boldly GOD BLESS AMERICA whenever and wherever they choose. And if they ‘get in trouble’ WE THE PEOPLE need to go to their defense. Americans must pull their heads out of the sand and stand up for God and Country. We need to make ourselves be heard.

    • Christians need to pull their heads out of their asses & stop believing in magic & fairy tales. Go suck on a communion wafer. LOL!!!

  114. Well what can we expect after all, our leader in the white house i hates Americans and should be impeached for all the decisions he’s made without little disscreation or afterthought GOD BLESS OUR GREAT COUNTRY AND ITS CITIZENS

    • Everyone should use some “disscreation” when making important decisions. But when someone makes a decision “without little disscreation,” he must be making it WITH something other than “little disscreation.” You are such a confused writer that you don’t even know how to express what you mean, Mr. Guano! Your confusion in properly parsing a sentence seems to be consistent with your consistent confusion in other matters. Be more disscreate!

  115. To all and everyone on discussion group sites. You have the freedom to post what you want to post. The truth is so do I. If you wish to deny God that is your choice. It is My choice not to deny or defy The ONE TRUE LIVING GOD. Discussion group sites are meant for discussion of the article; NOT to criticize or belittle a comment someone wishes to post. Faye Hayes you are brave on the computer. If you were to say these vile things to me face to face I would beat your ass into the ground just as I would if you were a man being disrespectful to me or anyone else around me. Yes I am a Christian and damned proud of it. But, I am, also, a Cowboy who overrides my Christian side at times like right now. You hold no value to me or a lot of us. What you say is uncalled for and is nothing many of us would appreciate not seeing anymore of your post. I deduce you have mental issues. So, just go away.

  116. I don’t know why you guys respond to Faye Hayes. I warned you that she says she is an atheists but she hates everyone. I only respond to those who have a point and not a foul mouth and whose only purpose is to belittle and insult. She is a sorry excuse for a human being and it would drive her nuts if everyone would ignore all her stupid comments. It’s hard not to defend how we feel but her responses are always to same. When people don’t have a point they insult you. On another site she kept doing it for months and everyone fell for it every time and she was eating up all the attention. She is a sick woman. I don’t care how people believe but there comes a point when she should go to a site where people think like she does. Even some of Atheists have told to calm down and she swore at them. Please ignore her. She is toxic and we are not discussing the topic at hand but defending or acting like she does which is exactly what she loves. Sick of her, her foul mouth and her maneuvering us to express our views without insulting her back. You have sunk as low as you can already. Enough.

  117. I forgot where it took place today but there was a pair of Moracas (?) on a poster for a celebration of some sorts and one student said they were offensive so the whole program was cancelled.I strongly support minority rights,but PC has taken it to the extreme and it is getting out of hand.Of course as a former veteran/pastor,and teacher of just about every subject,I’ll listen to vespo08(secret name) and get more.Of course I earned my education by serving 20 years in the military during Vietnam and receiving nasty attacks from those who were getting educated at the time in a free country,who are now in control of this country.

  118. Tell me, Faye Hayes, do all atheists show as much class and dignity as you do? I did not realize atheists had this much hate for others as you do. Anyway, have a nice day and God bless.

  119. And I’d say YOU SIR are RETARDED ,but that would be an insult to those who have more brains then YOU , YOU IGNORANT JERK >> GO SUCK A EGG > WERE YOU BORN STUPID OR DROPPED ON YOUR HEAD ??? GOD BLESS AMERICA now YOU have some thing to complain about as do they >. Don’t like our flag or “OUR” country YOU SIR ARE FREE TO LEAVE


  121. For me, I am the son of a South Arkansas family and my Dad was a WWII sailor in both the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters of military action. My father and his brother both served during WWII and my mother’s brothers each served during WWII, with one of them also serving again during the Korean War. I’m a retired combat arms Army officer who served 21 years on active duty; and another 21 years working in the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s POW/MIA Accounting Office in the Pentagon, where there is an ongoing effort to find and obtain the fullest possible accounting for our missing from America’s wars. To say it chaps my ass that some pitiful puke who resides in the US and enjoys its freedoms and an every day life where he only has to worry about himself, and has never felt an obligation to give back to our Nation and preserve the American way, but apparently believes the freedom he enjoys is his God-given right is pathetic. He must hold himself in poor standing as a citizen of a nation he never felt an obligation to serve, I served with a goodly number of others, many of whom didn’t want to be in the military, but were — all did our patriotic duty, and as a result of America’s strong military, other governments around the world where such choices are not extended to their citizens have, to date, decided they don’t wish to mess with us or our way of life. This individual enjoys his freedom to not serve, to brag about it, etc. Yet, such individuals as this self-serving individual enjoys the same privileges as other Americans who did serve and, as a result of our service and the strong military we have been able to maintain, in spite of such slackers, enjoy the privileges of stating their positions without worry that they could suffer an unpleasant recourse, as in other nations, but they each should live with the knowledge they have done nothing to earn the right to enjoy such freedoms as others who also pay income taxes, but have believed they owe an obligation to continue to preserve America’s freedoms. This gentleman, who has contributed nothing to ensuring America’s continued freedoms selfishly enjoys every day he lives in America; however, he should question himself — he’s simply a freeloader, and in some people’s opinion, he hasn’t earned the right to live in America and enjoy its freedoms and privileges. However, there are millions of men and women who have served the Nation and the American people because they have felt an obligation to give back to our way of life by willing to put it on the line to preserve such freedoms for such slackers as this person who enjoys the American way of life, but has given nothing of himself to preserve it — its a shame that he holds himself in such high esteem and enjoys the freedoms he enjoys at the expense of those who did serve and have given him those freedoms unselfishly. There are and always will be those among us and our weak-kneed politicals who only take, but never give back — I actually feel sorry for such “citizens.” Some believe very strongly that it is not right that these selfish “citizens” also enjoy the freedoms to do as they wish, refuse to say the Pledge of Alliance, not contribute to ensuring our freedoms, etc. Some of us, Thank God, who have felt an obligation to the Nation, the American people, and the American way of life, and have chosen to serve in its Armed Forces, and while doing so, have also paid our taxes just like those who take, but don’t see it an obligation to give, but, nevertheless, do not hold our lives as cheaply as those who have gone thru life freeloading off the backs of the Nation’s patriots. Just my opinion, of course — but I’ve truly earned the RIGHT to freely express it because I’ve paid my dues, in full, along with my taxes. And, this gentleman can sleep easily at night because there are others who still serve our Nation by their willingness to put it all on the line to protect and preserve the freedoms that they know do not come free.

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