Student Muslims Want to Shut Down Free Speech

Apparently jealous at all the publicity black student groups have gotten over the last four months, Sand Diego State University’s Muslim Student Association has unveiled its own list of social justice demands. First on the list: Shut down any criticism of Islam.

“We demand that the SDSU administration enact a zero tolerance policy explicitly for Islamophobic speech and actions as well as targeted bigotry toward any other identity group,” reads the first of eight demands.

The list has its genesis in an incident that occurred in the SDSU parking lot on November 19, a few days after the Paris terrorist attacks that killed 130 people. This incident was not quite so extreme, but the story goes that a female Muslim student was harassed by a young white male. According to the victim, he yanked off her headscarf and called her racist names. After campus police failed to nab the suspect based on the little evidence they had, Hanif Mohebi of the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations suddenly had revelatory new details.

“The attacker came at the student from behind and choked her with the hajib, or headscarf,” he said after explaining that the student had come to him following the incident. “He told her, ‘Get out of this country.’ That she was a terrorist and that ‘You people bombed Paris.’”

Even with these salacious new details, however, campus police were unable to turn up any lead on this Very True and Definitely Not Made Up attack.

News of the incident led the college’s Muslim Student Association to organize a protest, at which point they came up with the list of demands. In addition to stomping out Islamophobia, the group demands more coursework on Islam, more bystander training (to ensure witnesses intervene the next time a fictional attack happens), and more funding for the intercultural relations department.

Between this group’s foundational relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood – an international group of Islamists who support and finance terrorism; it’s tight-knit relationship with CAIR – a group that is both directly and indirectly tied in with Hamas; and their aims of shutting down free speech – aims familiar to anyone who remembers the attack on Charlie Hebdo; it’s hard to see why anyone would support their cause.

Regardless of the Muslims Student Association’s history, though, the cry of Islamophobia is one that liberals are powerless to ignore. They are so desperate to care for their little victims that they cannot muster dissent even when all logic is against them. More of these liberals should take a cue from French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. After the Charlie Hebdo attack last January, Walls told a reporter from The Atlantic that he would not be among those cowered by that term:

“It is very important to make clear to people that Islam has nothing to do with ISIS,” Valls said. “There is a prejudice in society about this, but on the other hand, I refuse to use this term ‘Islamophobia,’ because those who use this word are trying to invalidate any criticism at all of Islamist ideology. The charge of ‘Islamophobia’ is used to silence people.”

Amen. Unfortunately, we have leaders in academia and, indeed, at the highest levels of our government, who don’t see it that way.

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  1. Well….is this not the “poops of America”? Load them up and send back to their own Countries! NOW! Americans let Congress know that these muslims need to be stopped!
    They have been endoctrinated to do this to America and We the People want to know who “they” are!!!! Get Busy Americans let’s stop this NOW!

  2. If they don’t like your laws go back where you came from dumb ass Muslims.








  4. Charles Mastersom

    They can just go back to hell !!

  5. Well students muslims who want to shut down free speech. Get this. YOUR IN THE DAMN USA. if you want to stay here I suggest you shut your mouths. Or you can leave anytime BACK TO YOUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY. GOT THAT.. YOu don’t tell us ———WE TELL YOU.!!!!!

  6. Since you rag heads do not like OUR FREEDOMS, Then take your sorry asses back to the Rock where you crawled out from. You don’tlikeithere, ThenLEAVE and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

    • Hitlery wants to bring at least 250,000 of those savage animals to our country. Look at what is happeing to Europe for wanting to help…

      • Up until all this hit the fan I had the utmost respect for German leadership. Now I just ask ‘HAVE THEY LOST THEIR MIND’. I would have thought Merkel would have known better. Birth rate will top birthright.

        • It is ASOLUTELY INCOMPREHENSIBLE that anyone would want to bring them here. Not just from a safety standpoint but from an economic one, as well. It is FAR more economical to set then up in refugee camps in their own sandbox than bring them here. I hope and pray that Trump gets in, I believe he will do whatever necessary to keep us safe.

          • I agree with your first parts of your comment. I hope and pray that more intelligent Christian voters DO NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP. Bernie & Warren for the President

          • Steveareno seek help….colon mucus can be deleted.

          • Steve Crawford: You don’t want “intelligent Christians” to vote for Trump, yet you want them to vote for a socialist and a media grabber who lied about her ancestry! What low standards you set for yourself. You might want to have your brain checked, to make sure it’s still working. After Obama, I’ll just be glad to have a president who isn’t a Socialist and a Muslim.

            Politicians have struck out in a big way. Most of them are with Obama, plotting our demise. A know nothing, never done anything but blame others for his own failures, Muslim has also struck out, but we might not be able to get rid of him. Let’s give an exceptionally successful businessman a chance. He has the desire, he has the resources and he has the connections to get things done like nobody else can or will. He wants to make America great again. If you think that electing Trump is so stupid, please remember that you people elected Obama, … twice!

          • A vote for Burnedout is a vote for nothing.

          • Yes, and Hillary would soon turn the country into a playground for Billy Bubba’s crass habits!
            Besides, I don’t think she’s going to live that long—she isn’t well, and shows it more and more with each passing day! From what her staff has said, Uma Weiner is the force behind the wheel, not Hillary!

          • except the final collapse of the USA.

          • Really? You would first vote for an admitted socialist (socialism: when the people own the businesses but the government regulates them to death, sound familiar?), Bernie! You better do some reading and find out about the origins of this country and why Thomas Jefferson kicked the muzzie butt way back when we didn’t even have a Navy. Good God man, you would be signing this countries death warrant and it is already on life support.

          • You’re crazy as a loon,…..TRUMP for president, or we can kiss America goodbye, I think!!!

          • You must be one of those transplanted brainwashed Kalifornians who emigrated to Austin with your liberal ideas!

          • There are some things about trump I don’t like, but I think he is our best chance of getting rid of the liberal/socialist movement in the government, reducing crony capitalism, and shutting the revolving door between industry and government. He is beholding to no one. Win or lose, he’s using his own money, rather aligning with kickbacks to the large donors. We need to cut off all aid to sanctuary cities and the states in which they reside. Set strict limits on the number of immigrants and where the come from. Fully vet any person coming into the country. Trump is the one most likely to do that and he is not a lead from behind wimp.

          • All the billions in aid sent over there is going missing in to pockets and terrorist networks!

          • And to the pockets of crooked politicians.

          • ….or were those pockets actually where those funds were directed . ???

        • Merkel is a product of GDR (East German) communism, whose avowed purpose was the destruction of the freedoms and way of life enjoyed in the neighboring Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). HER country may no longer exist, but fate has now placed her in a position to carry out the agenda she was raised to pursue against the nation she was raised to despise. God save our United States from Germany’s fate!

          • I’m glad you brought this up! I don’t think many people realize Merkel grew up in East Germany, and was indoctrinated with the Communist line! She has been quietly skewing Germany into a Communist line ever since she was “elected.”

    • Good idea…get them all together in one place & NUKE ‘EM…..then spray with pig blood or bacon grease.
      Semper Fi

  7. It is truly mind boggling. Even in college Muslims find it necessary to showcase their stupidity. They leave their own squalid country where free speech is forbidden and come to a country where citizens enjoy that freedom, then insist that we become just like the country they were willing to leave. These Muzzies need to get their nose out of the Koran and show they deserve to be here in the first place.

    • They don’t want to assimilate in their new surroundings, they are like an infestation of roaches.

      • anytime you see a big group like those asinine “refugees” (notice they were all male) coming at ya like a bunch of savages, just pull out the guns and fire at will.

        • It does reveal their agenda, only the young healthy males are seeking asylum and not fighting for the freedom of their oppressed children and elderly. They all need to be gathered together into an unpaid military force and returned as freedom fighters for their people. Kind of like killing two birds with one stone.

          • ….sounds like that could be done for millions of $$$$ less per soldier than 0bamas anti-Assad ‘army’ of ?? ..5 guys ???

        • There will come the day when we all realize that your solution was the most practical & with the least bloodshed of Americans..

      • They are WORSE than cockroaches! At least the cockroaches are honest about who they are, what they are, and keep their little persons CLEAN, whereas the muslims don’t!

      • This is exactly why I drive a 4×4…..don’t block my truck and be a moron!

    • don’t mistake arrogance for stupidity

    • they are showing that they do not belong here or in any civilized parts of the world…they need to go back to their sandcastles.

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      • Muslim and Civilized are 2 words that NEVER should be use together…

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          • How many STD’s are required?

          • Get the Hell outa here with your Bullshit. Trying to lure the incapable, mentally challenged, desperate in a scheme like this is the reason bullwhips are made. And in your case, applied liberally with great relish, to see you in pain the way those who fall prey to your rotten stinking plan will be, You are a pile of shit.

          • How about a profession that does not require you to lie on your back!

      • I think you are giving them more credit than they deserve with “sandcastles,” I just say “sandboxes!”

    • They do not come here to enjoy our freedom but to use them against us to destroy our freedom. It is a shame there are so many libtards willing to bow down to them.

  8. Bull shit, send the sand niggers back to the sand box , with their goat loving parents then bomb the hell out of it!!

  9. Michael Dennewitz

    Want? Need? DEMAND??? Where the hell are these assholes coming from? Hey assholes, if WE went to YOUR shitty country, you probable castrate us. How bout if you take your bullshit and sick beliefs and go back to your own hell with it???

  10. The Muslims can shut the fuck up and go back to where you came from terrorist!!!!

  11. Absurd. If they don’t like American food,speech,traditions, holidays, or what ever. They are free to go live anywhere else in the whole world where these things wouldn’t offend them. Suggestion, get your tickets NOW while they are available.

  12. Time to bring back the Crusades!

    • If they start something here in America, they will think that the crusades were a picnic

    • All that would be necessary is for the pope to declare this and there would be an instant counter to islam, however, it is unfortunate this pope is a socialist and thinks he can win these sand fleas over to being good catholics and obedient socialists under the flag of the Vatican….. his head will be the first to roll when islam invades Italy and ultimately the Vatican. Can anyone imagine the victory this will give Islamic followers, to invade and conquer the Vatican?

    • Send the Marines.

  13. Muslims are the ruin of civilized society. This democrat says ” Go Trump”

  14. Theoline Isaacson

    Please leave–you will never be happy here.

  15. Send them all back to their deserts, Let them eat sand! it tells you a great deal about a cult that destroys their environment and creates a desert over many centuries by misuse of God’s resources! We in the US are also guilty of these crimes, but they have totally destroyed their environment because they are an uneducated mob which follows a cult leader, and tries to kill or convert all people in the world! Shameful, and we should send these criminals back to where they came from, they are NOT welcome here!

  16. Fuck all of you MUSLIMS you can get fuck out of America bunch trouble makers

  17. Muslims both born in this country and those infiltrating or being admitted through Obummer’s Executive Order are anti-American and against all the values we were given by our constitution and other funding documents. It’s not Islamophobia to speak the truth about Mohamed and Islam. Read their history and their documents. Truth is truth and the truth will out with the help of God.

  18. The dumbing down of the American youth. Future democrats of America, DUHHHHHHH! you can’t talk that way. AWWWWW! I’m telling. I didn’t come to America for Freedom, I came to take your Freedoms away, and I’m Free to do that.

  19. Last night several countries decided to either alter their New Years celebrations or cancel them altogether. Here is what is happening to Europe these days…

  20. Does anyone really think Muslims are coming to America to become good little patriots of the Constitution? Their plan is to infiltrate civilized society and drag them back to the 7th century. They arrive in America with their manuals of infidel conversion (Korans) and set up shop as instructed (Sharia) while real Americans just sit back and watch. Our government, which was instituted to protect Americans, is actually aiding the Muslims in their tasks. We all just look on and say “It’ll all work out”. Yes, it will all work out – but not for us!

  21. Can anyone explain the meaning of French Prime Minister Valls’ statement reading: “It is very important to make clear to people that Islam has nothing to do with ISIS.”?

    • Easy, Obama dropped his copy of the Muslim play book. What’s so hard to understand about “The Islamic State in Syria”?? Isn’t that what the initials stand for? But seriously, Boris, sounds like more PC crap to me.

      • Well, Mr. Johnston, the way I read the Qu’ran, the Muslim Brotherhood’s General Strategic Goals, and other Islamic literature (playbooks), Islam has everything to do with ISIS.

    • Shear stupidity. ISIS is based on the Koran’s more militant interpretation. The Koran is the “Holy Book” of Islam. The only difference between them can be measured by their style of taking over a country.

      • French PM has sipped too much French wine…..and we may not save his sorry ass country again as we did in WWI & WWII if he can’t keep his trap shut and show more respect.

  22. They don’t like it where they came from, so they want to change our country into the cesspool Muslims are apparently OK with. Maybe a bit of education??

    The Tel Aviv bus attack :was a Muslim
    The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
    The beheading of two Japanese hostages was a Muslim
    The Paris and Australia shooting was a Muslim
    The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
    The underwear Bomber was a Muslim
    The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
    The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
    The Bafi Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
    The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
    The Moscow Theatre Attackers were Muslims
    The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
    The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
    The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
    The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
    The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
    The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Musiims
    The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
    The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
    The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
    The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
    The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
    The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
    The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
    The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
    The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
    The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims’
    Philippines – Moro Islamic Liberation Front guerrillas were involved in the killing of 49 Special Action Force

    Think of it:
    Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem
    Hindus living with Christians = No Problem
    Hindus living with Jews = No Problem
    Christians living with Shintos = No Problem
    Shintos living with Confucians = No Problem
    Confusians living with Baha’is = No Problem
    Baha’is living with Jews = No Problem
    Jews living with Atheists = No Problem
    Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem
    Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem
    Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem
    Hindus living with Baha’is = No Problem
    Baha’is living with Christians = No Problem
    Christians living with Jews = No Problem
    Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem
    Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem
    Shintos living with Atheists = No Problem
    Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem
    Confusians living with Hindus = No Problem
    Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
    Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem
    Muslims living with Christians = Problem
    Muslims living with Jews = Problem
    Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem
    Muslims living with Baha’is = Problem
    Muslims living with Shintos = Problem
    Muslims living with Atheists = Problem

    **********SO THIS LEAD TO *****************

    They’re not happy in Gaza
    They’re not happy in Egypt
    They’re not happy in Libya
    They’re not happy in Morocco
    They’re not happy in Iran
    They’re not happy in Iraq
    They’re not happy in Yemen
    They’re not happy in Afghanistan
    They’re not happy in Pakistan
    They’re not happy in Syria

    They’re not happy in Lebanon
    They’re not happy in Nigeria
    They’re not happy in Kenya
    They’re not happy in Sudan

    ******** So, where are they happy? **********

    They’re happy in Australia
    They’re happy in England
    They’re happy in Belgium
    They’re happy in France
    They’re happy in Italy
    They’re happy in Germany
    They’re happy in Sweden
    They’re happy in the USA & Canada
    They’re happy in Norway & India

    They’re happy in almost every country that is not Islamic! And who do they blame? Not Islam… Not their leadership… Not themselves… THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN!! And they want to change the countries they’re happy in, to be like the countries they came from where they were unhappy and finally they will be get hammered


    Palestine Liberation Front: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
    AND A LOT MORE!!!!!!!
    I am sure with these SAVAGES there will be more to come
    Think about THIS…. .
    Can a good Muslim be a good American or Canadian?
    This question was forwarded to a friend who worked in Saudi Arabia
    for 20 years. The following is his reply:
    Theologically – no. … Because his allegiance is to Allah.
    Religiously – no.. . .. Because no other religion is accepted by His
    Allah except Islam … (Quran, 2:256) (Koran)
    scripturally – no. .. .. Because his allegiance is to the five
    Pillars of Islam and the Quran.
    eographically – no .. Because his allegiance is to Mecca, to which
    he turns in prayer five times a day..
    Socially – no. . . Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to
    make friends with Christians or Jews …
    Politically – no… Because he must submit to the mullahs (spiritual leaders),
    who teach annihilation of Israel and destruction of America, the great Satan.
    Domestically – no. .. . Because he is instructed to marry four Women
    and beat his wife when she disobeys him (Quran4:34 )
    Intellectually – no… Because he cannot accept the American
    Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes
    the Bible to be corrupt.
    Philosophically – no. . . Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran does not
    allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist.
    Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.
    Spiritually – no… Because when we declare ‘one nation under God,’
    The Christian’s God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred
    to as Heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in the Quran’s 99
    excellent names.
    Therefore, after much study and deliberation….perhaps we should be
    very suspicious of ALL MUSLIMS in this country. They obviously cannot
    be both ‘good’ Muslims and good Americans/Canadians. Call it what you
    wish, it’s still the truth. You had better believe it. The more who understand
    this, the better it will be for our countries and our future.
    The religious war is bigger than we know or understand.
    Footnote: The Muslims have said they will destroy us from within.


    • It’s “Confu-c- ians”

    • You omitted the Achilles Lauro murder of the disabled man, in which his body, with his wheelchair, was dumped over the rail! Those were muslims!
      I’m not sure, but was the airliner where the American sailor was killed, and his body dumped on the tarmac the Air France plane, or am I thinking of another?
      But, don’t forget the Somalians who murdered both American and Pakistani soldiers sent in to help them, then dragged their bodies through the streets were also muslims!
      No, I think the entire bunch should be wiped out!

      • charles johnston

        I probably omitted enough to make another list just as long, Lee, but the bottom line will always be that these are murderous barbarians, living backwards in ancient history, unfit to exist among rational human beings. Their “Holy” book mandates a cult of death and to call it a religion of peace makes me want to puke.


      • charles johnston

        Can’t take all the credit, DH. A friend sent me a lot of that and I have added to it. His wish was that it be spread far and wide, and I have tried to do that. The world needs to know who and what these barbarians are, so feel free to spread it around if you wish. Be well, my friend.

  23. Go Home!!!! Our country is not for your change. You want to change something go home and change your own country because this one is not yours and never will be!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I worked for SDSU back in the 70’s and 80’s – I cannot believe this is happening now! The University needs to abolish all Muslim activity on Campus and just tell these slimebags to go back to the ME or whatever God forsaken place they came from and if they truly believe in Islam, blow themselves up and take many Muslims with them! That way they can have peace, and so can the rest of the World! Islam is NOT any religion but a mere murderous cult of misfits, murderers, rapists, misogynists, idiots, fools, and just plain ignorant losers! Time for Earth to be Free of Islam!

  25. We must help them come to understand that their barbarian, false religion has no place in our society & that they should seek domicile in those countries that bow to their false god,……NOT HERE! Islam & its true practitioners have no legitimate place in our Country. Why does this seem so difficult for them (or us) to understand? As per the tenets of their own “Holy Book”, they are here in the homeland of the “Infidel” and are commanded to kill us. America, Wake The Hell Up for God’s sake!

  26. Deport all of them! Like roaches, they infest everything. Who is so stupid to follow a cult who kills each other just because a pedophile claiming to be God has never risen from the grave? Did he or did he not? His miracles? None. It is dead.

  27. I’m sure “EriKA Holder” (Loretta Lynch) will rise to the defense of the 1st Amendment.

  28. The most important thing the average Muslim community can do is differentiate themselves from any terrorist group and, publicly and loudly, denounce all acts of terrorism. This is critical because not all Muslims are terrorists but all international terrorists, at least today,are Muslims. There is no way to look at a Muslim and tell the difference, so they have to do something to differentiate themselves. We cannot do that for them, and the “give them the benefit of the doubt” argument doesn’t work. The consequence is too extreme. Waiting until a terrorist acts to find out is simply not an option. This is especially the case since Muslim terrorists do not wear identifiable uniforms and have no hesitation about using women, children, and especially disabled people, as weapons to wear a suicide vest and send them into a group up innocent people.

  29. We SHOULD have zero tolerance of Islam.
    End of Story.

    • Exactly, we need to quit giving it (islam) the rights of a Religion, it is NO Religion, a religion allows you to keep you head on your shoulders if you say no to it. islam is an evil political death cult.

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        • Creepy bitch!! Get the Hell outa here!! I’ll have to set my shut-down program on your website. You will be pissed. Nastyslut.

  30. As things seem to be, it should be that a lot of Islam people should get into any organization, or armies against the Isis.

  31. These POS will be the rise of another Hitler type. At the very least maybe we are headed toward another Crusade.

  32. Several years ago I opined that freedom of speech was under attack in our nation and predicted that the use of language critical of Islam, ISIS, CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc., would eventually be construed as “hate mail” and ultimately determined to be punishable by law. While Attorney General Lynch has modified her original position, her comments, however sadly noted, did not surprise me in the least. Slowly, but surely, Islamic inroads are being made in and upon our nation’s governing entities and educational systems.

    Insofar as I am concerned, the real and immediate threat facing our nation is radical Islamic terror and the domestic spread of Islamic theocratic tentacles–not law-abiding Americans expressing their rights under the Constitution. I have said it before and say it again, I owe it to candor, to my friends, and to the world at large, to state that I consider any attempt by a foreign power, including global entities such as the United Nations and/or global theocracies such as Islam, to extend or impose any portion of their systems to any portion of this nation,
    as dangerous to our peace and safety.

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch and others would do well to look in the right places to keep Americans safe rather than spewing misguided “politically correct party lines” and tacitly attempting to silence people who love this country and what is represents. Today the “freedom of speech” that was woven into the fabric of our nation 229 years ago with blood, sweat and tears dangles by a thread in the AG’s mind and the Justice Department.

    The first ten Amendments (the Bill of Rights) to the U.S. Constitution were ratified on December 15, 1791.
    Our Constitution is being ripped to shreds and Congress seems either helpless or unwilling to stop the destruction. No wonder our government is no longer trusted at home or abroad. Will our Constitutional rights
    last another 229 years? Will they last another 29 years? How about another nine (9) years? I wonder. Unless there is meaningful change in Washington, D.C., and soon, I doubt it.

    • Maria De Columbia

      This has all been brought by Soros’ One World Order. The stolen wealth of one man will be responsible for the destruction of many a great nation.

    • More and more, which is worse and worse, I am thinking judiciously applied hot lead injections could remove many of the problem makers. That was favorite medieval torture–pouring hot lead down the throat of those who mouthed off about the wrong guy the wrong way, usually the King being highly offended.. Or to quote Mao: “Power comes out of the barrel of a gun”. and he should know. It’s widely estimated his Little Red Book campaign killed no less than 60 million, and perhaps as many as100 million. But, I am not altogether it’s time for that here–yet..

  33. This is a Trojan Horse invasion decades in the making. I said this years before Donald Trump got on stage. Somehow the Progressive elites think they can manage this to achieve their goals. They are horribly delusional. Nothing good will come from this attempt at cultural manipulation. Mark my words.

  34. they are going to get the opposite of what they are after…..American citizens are getting fed up with these people spewing their bullshit—they are awakening the sleeping bear!

  35. The proper term is sand flea, you don’t like it go back to the sand.
    Any liberal dem bloodsuckers supporting bring more of the killer Muslims into the USA collect names and addresses, we want to where to go and who to thank, when our friends and families start dying.

  36. muhammed was a pedophile

  37. If you want to live in a Country where free speech is curtailed please go home! Obviously you didn’t read the small print about our country, America! We have Free Speech here, so if that offends you, leave! You are a “Guest” here! Please observe our laws and Respect our Cultural Values!

  38. There is no such thing as Islamophobic speech! There is Islam-Aware speech that the Moslem students can’t tolerate (Moslems in general).

  39. They want to shut down free speech? Then go to school in one of the Muslime (sic) schools in the mideast. Just get the hell out of the USA. We cherish free speech even when it hurts.


  41. Lock and load America the day is growing nearer when we rise up and destroy the enemies of America!!! They know it , that’s what gun control or disarmament is really about.

  42. shows you just how stupid they are, they are going to shut up their own freedom of free speech. maybe that is what happened were they came from. I guess if they had free welfare an heath care were the cam from, they would have stayed home an fought their own fight, an not rely on the USA , all the time. But it time for them to leave, they have disrespected the USA long enough, if we were to go to their country an demand the same demand as they are asking here, we would be in jail an either executed or on a plane home, with all belongs confiscated , be we do not go there as refuges.

  43. Gosh I just love this one,

    1. President Donald Trump and Vice President Marco Rubio are sworn into office.

    2. In a rare event on inauguration day, Congress convenes for an emergency meeting to repjeal the illegal and unconstitutional Socialist healthcare farce known as Obamacare. The new Director of Health and Social Services Dr. Ben Carson announces that an independent group of healthcare management professionals is hired to handle healthcare services for poor and low income people. They are also assigned the duty of eliminating Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Government’s costs for public healthcare are reduced by 90%. Healthcare insurance premiums for working Americans are reduced by 50%. The move saves billions of taxpayer paid dollars. Healthcare service in the U.S improves 100%.

    3. Newly appointed Department of Homeland Security Chief Ted Cruz announces the immediate deployment of troops to the U.S. Mexico border to control illegal immigration and the immediate deportation of illegals with criminal records or links to terrorist groups. New bio-encrypted Social Security IDs are required by every American citizen. Birthright is abolished. All immigration from countries that represent a threat to the safety of American citizens is terminated indefinitely. The move saves American taxpayers billions of dollars. Several prisons are closed.

    4. Newly appointed Secretary of Business and Economic Development Carly Fiorina eliminates more than half of the Government agencies operating under the Obama administration saving taxpayers billions of dollars. Stocks rise 100%.

    5. Newly appointed Director of Government Finance Rand Paul announces the abolition of the IRS and displays a copy of the new Federal Tax Return form. It consists of one page. The instructions consist of two pages. The Federal Reserve is audited. The move saves American Taxpayers billions of dollars and increases tax revenue.

    6. Hillary Clinton is in prison, where she belongs. Her cell is directly across from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who are serving time for ‘Hate Crimes”. She bitches at them constantly from behind the bars of her cell in what some might call cruel and unusual punishment.

    7. Bernie Sanders is in the nuthouse, where he belongs. His room is directly across from Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chris Matthews and Al Franken. They meet for tea every day at 10 AM and discuss the success and benefits of Communism and Socialism throughout the world. They also wonder when the Mothership” is going to pick them up and return them to their home planets.

    8. Windows 12 is released. It is designed for humans, doesn’t try to satisfy the needs of every person on the planet, doesn’t require a degree in nuclear physics to operate and looks just like Windows 7 except it is easier to use.

    9. Barack Obama flees the United States under cover of darkness and returns to his homeland of Kenya before his trial for treason begins. He deplanes on a remote jungle airstrip. It was reported that he was last seen wandering through the jungle singing “Hakuna Matata” with a chimp named Commie.

    10. Oscar Meyer announces the introduction of a new cholesterol and fat free pepperoni that tastes just like regular pepperoni.

    11. Not to be outdone, Kraft Foods announces the introduction of several varieties of cholesterol and fat free cheeses that taste just like regular cheese.

    12. A committee is not established to determine what is causing global cooling. Billions of taxpayer dollars are saved.

    13. Dead people are no longer allowed to vote in Chicago, a huge blow for the Democrat Party in the State of Illinois.

    And this my friends constitutes THE PERFECT DAY!

  44. What -Student Muslims Want to Shut Down Free Speech! They tried that in Tanzania in 1972 and were all jailed without trial. They will not dare do that here. Too many people have guns.

  45. This is what happens when we allow illegals and refugees to come to our country and they do not intend to abide by our Constitution and Amendments. They intend to change our country into theirs with their rules.

  46. No surprise!

    Muslims don’t assimilate!

    They INFECT every society where they are allowed to enter!

    Learn the truth about muslims and islam by visiting the following sites:

    Google:”muslim demographics”

    Google: “With open gates:The forced collective suicide of European nations”

    Google: “Brigitte Gabriel on radical islam”

    ALL of Europe is already doomed to become muslim states due the much higher birth rate of muslims versus
    non-mulsims, and it is IRREVERSIBLE!

  47. Islam offends me–mohammid offends me—mohammid needs to stay in his pig sty

  48. The University would be loosing their monies on more studies for Islam because the American students would not attend or support those classes.

  49. You right now have free speech but due to your wantings please keep quiet as free speech is for Americans, unless you are one of them.

  50. Get Obama , Jeh Johnson, Brennan , and all the other hundreds of sorry assed Muslims together and fly them en mass’ to Afghanistan.

  51. And so it starts! The war is a spiritual one, but the ACLU and other groups are doing everything in their power to remove Christianity from the culture in order to open the way for Islam. But, God is not mocked! These people have no idea what is coming! They rape, behead, mutilate, crucify, lie and terrorize with apparent impunity! That is, until God takes them out, which He will begin to do in the near future! He will begin in the Middle East and will protect Israel first! Then all hell will break out. From that chaos will emerge the Antichrist! Prophecy is being fulfilled at this moment, but many have no inkling of what is on the horizon! Sad!

    • You are so right! When the countries named in Ezekiel go against Israel, God says, HE WILL LEAVE BUT A 1/6th of them, so they can go back to where they came from and tell of the MIGHTY POWER of JEHOVAH the GOD OF ISRAEL. If you haven’t met Jesus, I pray you would seek Him, we are told in His Word that the times are going to get increasingly worse….you don’t have to have a degree to see that things are growing worse day by day. We have allowed a traitor to go against our Constitution for the last several years without even decent men objecting, even this day he is moving forward to take away the 2nd amendment. I’m looking up, Jesus says when you see all these things happening look up your redemption draws near…

    • The antichrist is already here; his address is 1600 Penn. Ave. DC, USA!

  52. I wonder if they consider their anti-semetic speech to be hate speech?

  53. If they do not like our freedom to criticize Islam then wear ear plugs and they won’t be able to hear. Americans criticize everything. Get over your thin skin. It is after all you that hide behind the Burka and your Islamic beliefs. Americans do not hide behind clothing, they are not afraid to be identified.

  54. The reason the colleges tolerate these animals is because the Saudis have paid Millions to the colleges to send them here as a FIFTH COLUMN to seed Islam in America. They’ve already taken over the Federal Government and most of Michigan. It won’t be long before you see honor killings and gay killings . Just wait. No body is fighting against them really. Liberals are the idiots enabling this progressive surrender. THAT’S WHAT LIBERALS DO.

    • Honor killing already exist, they are not made public that often.

    • Honor killings are actually becoming more common. The daughter is raped. Daddy is disgraced, so he cuts her head off. Ought to cut the head of his dick off for starters. Daughter goes out with a non-muslim without
      permission. Daddy cuts her throat. So much for Fatherly love, eh? Daughter goes to the mall with her friends and takes her head rag off. Daddy gets wind of this, and beats her senseless when she does come home. Black eye, broken nose, busted arm–all justified in the name of a shame based culture. She get’s knocked up by her boyfriend Daddy doesn’t even know about. When she starts to show, he sets her on fire in a bathtub full of gasoline and turns the stereo to full roar. Oh yes, fatherly love, so loving and caring they are.

  55. Outrageous that they are using free speech to try and shut down free speech.

  56. Islam has a major problem in understanding that they go voluntarily blind to criminal acts perpetrated by Muslims, be it here in the USA or overseas. They have been allowed “special status” by Obama and his regime, but that will not last forever. It is advisable that they observe the laws of our land as all Americans observe, They shouldn’t wonder why they’re ostracized. They bring it upon themselves.

    They deceive themselves by bringing here exactly what they left in their homelands. It is foreign and presumptuous of them to even begin to believe native-born Americans would accept that!.

    Americans reject shariah law, America has a system of laws based upon our Bill of Rights. If Muslims think they’re a special class, they belong in a place other than the USA, where they can believe as they please.

    As for those Muslim students making their demands, they are only making noise for which very little attention is paid. Here again, Muslims deceive themselves because they’re irrational when they assure themselves that theirs are the only voices being heard. They have “ready-made” enemies….themselves!


  57. Patriotic USVeteran1776

    Stick a nice size baseball up you arse and go back to the desert waste you came from,
    where you can take your demands to the tallyban or Isis. Otherwise welcome to America, now learn how to be AMERICAN, and stop the bitching. Hell try a pork sandwich while you’re at it.

  58. No one in this country should ever by law have to zip there lip’s!

  59. Frack Islam and the students! Give them a quick ride to sea and leave them there for the sharks. Their damn mohamed was a child molester, rapist and murdering SOB that even the camels feared if he didn’t get enough from the children he raped!

  60. Gregg the voice of reason

    Time for these UN American Muslims to go , It is still America .
    If you don’t like it here don’t let the door hit you in the butt !!!


  62. Freedom of speech is a first amendment right!! There is no right to not be offended by what some one else says.

  63. Don’t we have laws protecting our country against people that are detrimental to our Constitution? Although, Obama and his minions won’t follow them.


  65. they should all go back to humping camels + goats in their own stinking countries

  66. I say, if they are Muslim, deport the whole dammed bunch, home grown or not, U B Muslim, U B Deported.

  67. It seems to me that the only people who are allowed to be called names and harassed are white. This student should have been in the room when a panel of 3 spoke at a college, a year or so ago. There was a woman on the panel, who I believe was a Senator. A Muslim girl asked why all Muslims were painted with the same brush as Al Qaeda? The lady said she would answer that question. She said if there are 50 million Muslims in the world( I can’t recall the actual Number), and 40 million were good people, that left 10 million terrorists. When it comes to terrorists, people do not have the time to figure out which is which. She said it was a shame it had to be that way, but gov’ts must protect their people. They come here to live a better life but spend their time here demanding their own laws, better food, housing and more money, and no social contact with our citizens. They have even been able to have pork removed from menus in some places. They don’t come here to get away from the horrors in their home country, but to force their beliefs on us. This is outrageous. You either assimilate to our way of life or go home.

  68. The same kinds of things were said about blacks dozens of years ago. The ignorant people on campus will always find some minority group on campus to poke fun at and harass. It is hateful behavior. The Muslims on campus do not deserve to be generalized as wanting to destroy our country, or hating America. They came here to pursue “the American dream” just as so many blacks, Hispanics, Poles, Germans, Jews, Italians, Irish, Swedes and many other groups of people before them. All of those groups of people were treated badly by the worst of American society. It was wrong then and it is wrong now. In a few dozen years these thugs who have nothing better to do with their limited intellect, will have decided, by then, to move on to the latest group of supposed outcasts. It is up to the leaders of our colleges and universities to do everything to stop these kinds of mindless acts of hatred and ignorance towards Muslims and whatever other groups become the subject of taunting and harassment. This story make some very biased statements, such as the supposed connection of this Muslim group to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Prove it. This story is written as more of an opinion piece, alluding to their opinion that this was a fictional attack. This piece is so opinion is so tainted with slurs, like calling the Muslims “little victims” as if to say they were little children and worthy of being ridiculed. This story was written supposedly as a news story, but is a perfect example of how the super conservative movement has to ridicule everybody who is not like themselves, just like playground bullies in junior high school. It immediately serves to show that this is only a story to rally the base of the conservative movement to more hate towards others, be they more liberal members of society or members of the Muslim community.

    A spirited debate between sides who have different opinions is impossible with people of this kind of “I am right and everybody else is an idiot” and “we are American Patriots and everybody else is anti-American” mindset that prevents that kind of good spirited debate in the halls of government that lead to good, common sense compromise to move this country forward. That is why the rest of the world is beginning to pass the United States by in human rights, scientific research, health care for all citizens and other areas. Our standard of living for the majority of our citizens is slowly slipping below countries in Europe because of this attitude of some members of American society and their willingness to stop government from functioning. There are millions of your so-called “Anti-American Liberals” who fought in our wars and died for this country and are still leaving their families to go and fight for this country. Muslims are in our military forces fighting for this country too. It just proves how narrow-minded and ignorant and un-truthful and biased this publication is.

    • Did you even read the article? Muslims are not even attempting to assimilate or to be tolerant of others. They want special treatment, not equal treatment.
      They are living in America, and demanding that Americans adapt to their third wold culture, not assimilating into American culture.

      • Stop their Welfare.
        Deport ALL illegals.
        Post our Military on the borders to prevent return of the invaders.
        Get the US out of the UN.
        NUKE Mecca if they don’t get right & shut up.

      • Yes I read the article. And they said the Swedes didn’t want to become part of the American way of life, and they said the same about the Irish and the Italians, too. But you have not read history books about the migration of great groups of Irish to America during the potato famine or the large influx of Italians, which created a part of New York City called “Little Italy”, etc. It has all happened before in our country, and the people who have been here a generation or two said the same things about the newcomers.

        • Just one little fly in your ointment: those people made every effort to assimilate, even while being obstructed by some. These cocksuckers don’t want to assimilate. They want to run the whole damned show and execute anybody who doesn’t go along with their ideas. Think not? Why do we keep seeing these insane displays of the most vicious violence perpetrated upon women; you know— Honor Killings. What honor is there in killing one’s own daughter because she was forcibly gangbanged by 7 or 8 guys? I think you’ve had too much Pablum when you were little, and it’s affected your ability to think clearly. I’ll get a rag and some warm milk and put some sugar in it and you can suck it for sugar tit,

    • You are quite obviously willing to “engage in the willing suspension of disbelief:, as Lenin put it, If you can’t understand what you see before your eyes that is happening in France, you are too stupid to waste space and bandwidth on this site. Now, go home and suck your thumb and hold onto Mommies apron strings. Some time (maybe) you’ll grow up and be a big boy like the soldiers that protect us and hopefully your IQ will be high enough to help you see what an ass you were when you wrote this. If we were as wretched a nation as you make us out to be, we would necklace you the way the animals did to hundreds of people under the rule of lawlessness. SHUT UP!!

  69. Christians are under attack in this country by atheists, Muslims and liberals. The very mention of God or Jesus is forbidden in the public arena. We are losing our Constitutional rights, while Muslims are demanding more rights that are directly opposed to the Constitution. Islam is about oppression, not freedom.

    If Muslims do not like our way of life, they are free to leave. When foreigners come here, they are supposed to adapt and assimilate into their new culture, not the other way around.

  70. They want MORE Islamic courses – how about MORE courses teaching Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, ,etc. that they must take? How about courses on assimilating into America – her history – her beliefs – the Constitution?
    Oh yeah, they also want more funding! Forget it!

    • When I took a religion course in college, the course covered all major religions and some minor ones in an equal manner. There was no such thing as a course dedicated to one religion, unless you want to major in theology.

  71. Dexter L. Wilson

    If people can ridicule Christians, but we are not allowed to criticize LGBT and Muslims. And the Democrats are trying to rewrite the Constitution and eliminate the First Amendment for political correctness, can you say Agenda 21?

  72. I and many others are suck and tired of foreigners coming here and demanding changes to a country to make it just like the ones,they left. Well then go home. You accept our freedom, our free gifts that even our own people don’t get. This is the United States of America and not some sand lot country you left.
    If you can’t live with becoming the whining and demands. GO HOME.

  73. Islam is the enemy, and should be dealt with accordingly!

  74. It’s TIME to ship these sand monkeys back to where they originated. Somebody ought to tell them that they’re enjoying all of the rights and privileges in the United States, none of which any of these sand monkeys fought for or risked their lives at war to procure. These types have turned, and are continuing to turn this once great “melting pot” into a smelly “shit pot.” When this Nation was founded, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and others such as these great men did not have in mind any asshole muslims or illegals. Frankly, White Americans have become “chickenshits and cowards.” Why they have is a mystery to me! But if they don’t wake up and start insisting that the values and virtues of this Country are respected and obeyed by these raggedy-headed muslims, they will indeed wake up one day only to discover that they are now the minority. GOD (Yeah, and NOT ALLAH) FORBID that this great Nation could ever be governed or ruled by a band of ingorant, towel-wearing sand monkeys who strive to destroy it (AND YOU). FREEDOM ain’t FREE, folks! Fight for your FREEDOM, or YOU are gonna LOSE it! Bet on it! C.F. Miller, the last of the American Patriots.

  75. Another example of Islamic terrorist action; stop all free speech and only think and say positive things about their ‘ Cult Religion’ that has no place in America; A disease that is spreading around the world, sponsoring hate, murder, rape, child molesting; every think hated and fought against in our American culture!

  76. Victim wanna be strikes again. This miserable girl made that story up just like the “arson” in Houston. They have learned well, but not wisely from the BLM bunch.

  77. Charles Mastersom

    If they don’t like the laws and freedoms they enjoy here they should just take their unhappy ass’s on back to the damn sand piles they came from and be happy again. I can certainly be much more happy not having to support them with all the free stuff they are rolling in. Piss on them, let them go eat sand and be unhappy at home, bye you muzzies !!!!!!

  78. If one is in the USA, either as a guest or a citizen, then they must know what the rules/laws are. This includes the Constitution. If they then wish to not follow the stated Constitution, then they are welcome to leave. The next plane out, tomorrow morning. No matter who or what they are.

    • Most are too stupid and either don’t remember or were praying to alla during American civics classes. They need to get their heads out of their arse and pay attention. US Navy vet

  79. Don’t give an inch for these idiots of Islam. They can go back and live under sharia law if they like. They have no say about the constitution. They can say anything they like here and not be beheaded for it. They should be grateful that we don’t grab them up and deport them all.

  80. if they don’t want to hear people talk about them go back to the middle east or stay inside locked away so you don’t hear it. this is America and people do have the right to free speech, yes hat even includes your whiny ass. so shut up,sit down and join the crowd with their feelings hurt…it happens to us all. ever heard the song by sly and the family stone…everyday people. best song i heard back in 1968/69 or so….when people act like idiots, i always hear the part in my head and start singing:

    Oh sha sha we got to live together

    There is a yellow one that won’t accept the black one
    That won’t accept the red one that won’t accept the white one
    And different strokes for different folks
    And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo

    I am everyday people

  81. Why the paranoia about criticising a devils religion/islam and its false prophet mohammed?

    Deport them from the USA! Expell them from US Universities!
    Have them return to their islamist cesspools of countries and reform them!
    Do Not come to the USA and tell US what not to do!


    Deport those MUSLIN students along with their families back where they came from if they dont like our Constitution or Bill of Rights

  83. Dream on, Rag Heads. The BLMs movement (as in bowel movement) will eventually go away or just fade away into the wind. Your in America, not your home country. You don’t like it, tough s**t. US Navy vet.

  84. Hey muslims. F U

  85. When the muslims print a Koran without the 109 passages that incites violence and death to non-muslims,then and only then will I believe that they are not set on killing me and others that are not muslims.Compare the Koran to the Four Gospels (the life of Our Lord Jesus of Nazareth) and the message is quite clear that as one incites hate,the other incites love and understanding among people.Muslims are so base that they do not even help their own co-religious that leave their countries looking for peace and a better life.Of course the reason for the turning their backs on their co-religious is that they are invading the West with the idea of taking over.They are planning to have their kids take over Europe in 15 to 20 years.The plan of invasion is well thought out and carefully executed.The war between the religions is already in its makings.

  86. Typical lies to further their evil push to control the world with the demonic ways of the so called prophet.

  87. I believe that ancient aliens came to earth along time ago and splice pig DNA with ape and dog DNA and now we have muslims.

  88. Free speech has been part of our rights since This country began and no muslim should be allowed to speak out against it. Remember the latest terrorist attack inacted by a socalled American citizen and a wacko muslim radical.She indoctrinated him into the radical muslim beliefs.We need to send them back to where they came from before more Americans are killed.


  90. After reading the comments below,Imust say that I truly hope all Christians do vote for Trump.Its about time we had a real man that can’t be bought and will stand up for the rights and freedoms of the American people.Personally I’ve had enough of muslims in the Whitehouse.Figure out who they are and kick them out.Send all of them back to where they came from.Oh,I’m a Christian but I don’t believe I want one for president.I think they would be too weak at ruling.

  91. Why don’t these clowns go back to the countries they came from, reference made to foreign students “studying” here, return to countries which are likely devoid of freedom of speech,among other things.

  92. I will defend my First Amendment rights with my Second Amendment rights. So please, try to shut me up.

  93. a long as muslims also have to attend christian sensitivity training seminars as well..sure…why not?
    make sure the muslim males know that non-muslim females are seen as equals here (by law, at least)…that rape is NOT OK…that “no” means “no”…not maybe…

  94. I’m trying hard to understand why in the hell they come to America & enroll in our college systems, but still live & dress in their Muslim garb B.S., hate us infidels to the point of killing themselves in order to kill us, & can’t get their flea-bitten arses out of the 7th. century!!! They don’t need our college education to still live in the stone-age!!!

  95. These Muslims also want us DEAD. This current issue is another them or us !
    NOTHING Muslims want is in our best interest . Their pathology is murderous.
    Islam must be banned WORLDWIDE if humanity is to survive. They don’t get along with anybody including themselves which they have been at war with for 1400 years!

  96. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Another fine example of Hussein Obama’s hate and rage Agenda of REVENGE in the interest of his own political ambition and legacy that shows his allegiance to his brother hoods of Islam. By using his Executive Power he will import tens of thousands of Muslim (not Christians) Arabs into the country to fulfill his promise to the master of Islam.

  97. My perfect solution: load every Muslim college student onto tramp steamers and send them to the Persian Gulf, then dump them offshore and let them swim home!

  98. Lets start with them

  99. 1st Amendment secures the right to free speech, there is supposedly a “separation of church and state”. You cannot push more course work on Islam UNLESS it is for a degree in Islamic studies but that can only be done at a school that teaches religious studies. 5 minutes on google can verify this. F’n idiots.

  100. Muck these fuslim perverts. Every muslim I have ever come in contact with is weird and defensive. They are the most useless people in the universe. If they are not killing people they are not happy. Killemall and stuff em with pork bellies!

  101. Jannette Williamson

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  102. Interesting that they exercised the exact freedom that they want to take away from others.

  103. Well here’s an idea super glue their satan worshipping mouths shut.

  104. Send all Sheetheads back where they belong. If they can’t abide by our rules, they definitely don’t belong here.

  105. “Shut down any criticism of Islam.”

  106. And the libturds want more of these parasitic feral animal criminals to come to America????? Can’t fix STUPID!!!! But let’s start with the shutting down with the speeches from any muslim within the USA borders! They shouldn’t have any say as they follow and demand that their doctrine be followed that is written in their quran of hate. The only good muslim is a dead muslim….deport them all back to the shithole they came from!!!!

  107. TELL THEM to shut up and lead by example! From now on muslims are prohibited to make any sounds or they will be shot! How;s that!

  108. They wonder why the citizens of our country are getting sick of their sheit! Where is the gratitude from these shit-birds at being able to be educated at our colleges-most for free or close to it—and wanting to change it to what they want. They should be asking the country what they can do for us– instead of wanting our country to be like the shitholes they came from. DISGUSTING! Be sure to VOTE as this could be the most important election in our life times.

  109. send them back to the hellhole they came from…. all radical muslims need to go home now…

  110. HEY muslims lead by example! Shut up! U no longer have the clearance 2 utter a sound!

  111. Francisco Machado

    “More bystander training…” – I’m not certain, but it seems I’ve read of more recent Muslim attacks than attacks on Muslims (except by other Muslims) – wouldn’t this “bystander training” be more of a potential disadvantage to the activist Muslims than an advantage?

  112. If Muslims don’t like free speech they need to go back to their own country of origin.

  113. These MORONS should be made to READ and Memorize the US Constitution and when they Fail the TEST, must be Deported to Syria, or IRan, or Yemen….OR be made to eat a Bacon, Lettuce, and PORK chop Sandwhich…………..IT is America after all!

  114. Democrats devote themselves to big government and total federal control. Now Muslims are following suit and want the rest of our rights that the Democrats aren’t focused on to be taken away.

  115. Muslim students should remember they are GUESTS in our country, and have NO right to say anything about how WE live, run our country, or even protest anything at school–in fact, they are really not even welcome or wanted per se`, it is only their country’s money that allowed them to be here! As students, they are loud, obnoxious, downright rude, and rather stupid, they should pack up and go home!

  116. Free speech is a constitutional right. I would sue the school or any one else that tries to take away my freedom of speech. The Islamist want to take away our right of free speech, but they( Islamist ) use hate speech about the Americans, Christians, blacks , Jewish and anyone else that does not believe in their Muslim faith. The Muslims can not have it both ways. They are a bunch of hypocrites.

  117. To hell with political correctness – the only good muslim is a dead muslim. it will come down to them or us. I will do my best to make sure it is “us”. What you are currently watching in the US is the muslim “seeding” of our great country enabled by our muslim POTUS. It must stop or there will eventually be a violent uprising by citizens to eliminate this cancer from our republic. They do not belong here because they can not or will not assimilate and the Quran, Sharia and Hadith are the antithesis of our republic. This ideology has no place in the 21st century.

  118. This is the USA. We have the unalienable right to Free Speech. It is called The First Amendment to our Constitution. The muslim idiotsd need to shut the F*ck up and go back where they belong. That would NOT be the USA.

  119. I think if the muslims would eat pork it would solve 75% of there hatred towards the West.

  120. go back to the shithole you came from!!!!!! deport all these cockroaches!

  121. So this ‘group’ of Anti-Americans wish to squelch our 1st Amendment Rights….but it is A-Okay for their people to enacted terrorists activities among Our People?

  122. Tell these ignorant bastardos to go back to their homeland and tell ISIS how to govern their education facilities and get the he11 out our country or assimilate and shut up

  123. Dennis B Anderson

    Got a great idea for you Muslim mutts. Youre in the wrong hemisphere what are you doing here in the first place? Well get Obama to sling shot you food stamps back to Syria where they kill you for opening up your mouth. Besides you dont eat pork so eat paper and die.

  124. Of course muslims want us quiet. So that is all the more reason to shout out against their sneaky attempts to use our freedoms against us with their PC crapola!

  125. I hope they all get sent back to their sandbox.

  126. Hey Mussies, kiss my pet pigs azzzzzz!

  127. Actually we don’t really care what Muslim students want. They can all go the Iran and have sex with goat like they all do there! They don’t have to be here at all! LEAVE!!!

  128. And the Conservative movement continues its walk down the “Road of Hate”. First it was Blacks, then it was Hispanics, then it was women, now it is Muslims. We get it. The Conservative movement hates everybody who is not a White Anglo-Saxon, Protestant male. You have made your point. You are a group of bigoted old white guys who pretend you believe in Christ, while at the same time going against everything that Christ taught. And you are now a minority in this country, so now you preach violence. Just read the comments below about what you will do to Muslims with your cherished guns. Yes, your “Christ” would be so proud of how you express the 2nd Commandment that says “Love thy neighbor”.

    • Really !?!? Hate is a two way street.

      • I don’t hate Republicans. I was one once when the GOP had some good ideas, but I had to leave it when it took some very hateful positions. I do feel sorry for a once great political party that has been hijacked by messengers of hate, discrimination and so many falsehoods that it is hard to keep track. And the fact that they call themselves “Christians” is laughable when their leading Presidential candidate is the poster child for greed, power and the worship of money. I am now not affiliated with any party.

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  130. Who the hell are you, in this group to ‘demand’ anything? As so-called students you are here to learn, not to teach! If you can’t learn anything ,get the hell out of my country!

  131. Islamophobia is a tool for the muslims to deny our freedom of speech and silence our objections to actions taken by muslims to convert our country into a caliphate. They do not want to assimilate into our culture and become Americans. They want to change our country so that it will be sharia compliant and to forbid all free speech which rightfully exposes their agenda. So they created a word to intimidate people who are afraid of not being in compliance with the idiotic “p.c.” controls imposed upon us sheeple. Of course, we are being trained because we know that they can file a lawsuit against us for being islamaphobes. Also we are aware of the decisions the so called judges in our injustice system have been making and that they would most likely rule in favor of the muslims.

  132. I propose that any request to discontinue, modify or change any article of the constitution or the bill of rights by any alien or alien student make them immediately eligible to be deported back to their country of origin. In other words the shit hole you came from !!!

  133. Gee seems like muzzies are unhappy living in america .. I say move f – out of america before we americans really get pizzed off

  134. Dream on MSA and Ahab. Won’t happen, ever. The BLMs will die out over time. So, get over yourselves, You don’t like the situation, go back to wherever you came from or suck it up.

  135. Where would these students be is there were no free speech? In jail for spouting off? Or maybe dead? If the government were that way you wouldn’t have a chance. If you don’t want free speech then shut up.



  137. I’m confused by this article : was the incident “Not Made Up” or was it ‘fictional” ??

  138. Well, here is something I can agree with. Let us shut down all conversation from Muslims and while we are at it let’s just evict the SOBs from the USA. Oh! The Dems won’t do that? Of course not. They hate America as much as Muslims hate America. The GOP? They won’t do anything for America. Spineless, they are.

  139. Many of these supposed attacks on college campuses turn out to be phony. Americans are entitled to their right to free speech, and NO ONE has a Constitutional “right” to not be offended.

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