Strzok Texts Reveal How FBI Used Their Own Leaks to Justify Trump Investigation

A recently-released batch of text messages sent between anti-Trump FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page has given the world further clarity about the intensely-biased investigation into the Trump campaign and its (nonexistent) collusion with the Russian government. Already, Strzok and Page have been publicly called out for explicitly talking about how they would “stop” Trump from becoming president – a written record that ultimately led to Strzok’s firing. But in the newest messages, we see that not only were Strzok and Page plotting against candidate Trump, they were presiding over a “media leak strategy” to make sure that anti-Trump stories in the mainstream press would harm the commander-in-chief.

Some reports have indicated that a fair reading of the full battery of newly-released texts make it clear that Strzok and Page were talking about an “anti-leak” strategy implemented by Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump. That reading may be accurate when it comes to that single “media leak strategy” text (or it may not), but it does not explain everything texted between the two.

For instance, there’s this one, which came out just as the media was reporting the stunning news about Trump and the Steele dossier for the first time.

“Sitting with Bill watching CNN,” Strzok wrote only ten days before Trump’s inauguration. “A TON more out. Hey let me know when you can talk. We’re discussing whether, now that this is out, we use it as a pretext to go interview some people.”

This is an allegation that has been hanging over the FBI for some months now. That top agents would leak tidbits of information to the media, get the media to write salacious stories about the Trump campaign/presidency, and then circle back and use their own leaks to justify further investigation. We already know they did something very similar to this in regard to the FISA warrants on Carter Page; here, Strzok admits they also did it with the news of the dossier.

Not only do these new revelations give us additional evidence about the unprofessional, almost fictional pretense under which this investigation unfolded, it gives new insight into just how important the (utterly discredited) dossier was to the FBI. Top officials in the Obama administration have tried their damnedest to downplay the extent to which they put faith in Steele’s dossier, but every bit of information we get from behind the scenes goes against that narrative. They used it to justify interviews, they used it to get warrants, and they used stories about it in the press to turn public opinion against the president.

It looks more and more like there would not even BE a Russia investigation were it not for this dossier – a purchased piece of fiction with its origins in the Democratic National Committee.

And yet we’re still supposed to take Robert Mueller seriously? Come on.


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