Strange Film By Obama Sparks Outrage

Pete Souza, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Monday, former President Barack Obama was heavily criticized over his participation as a consultant in a film that included a warning about white people.

Following his time in the White House, Obama left office in 2017 and proceeded to write a bestselling memoir about his time in office. Following the release of the book he also got a deal with Netflix for the creation of television series and films. Barack Obama, along with his wife Michelle Obama, have created Higher Ground, a production company that is focused on producing content that is focused on the issues of class, civil rights, race, and democracy.

Their first production, the American Factory was released in 2019 and it received an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. Recently the former President has worked as a consultant on the film Leave the World Behind by Sam Esmail which is based on the novel by Rumaan Alam which has the same name.

The film was released on Friday on Netflix and it follows two families who need to work together during a nationwide blackout. The Obamas agreed to produce the film last year. As part of the deal, Esmail also consulted Obama to receive his opinion on how to make the story more realistic and show how the world would actually respond to such a crisis.

However, following the film’s release on Netflix many have shared their thoughts on the film and have pointed out one scene in particular where a Black couple warns that “white people” especially should not be trusted if the world falls apart.

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