Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Has Been on CNN 59 TIMES Already!

If there is any true fact in American politics right now, it is that Michael Avenatti, the attention-whoring attorney for real-whoring client Stormy Daniels, does not have enough relevant things to say to justify CNN putting him on the air 59 times in less than two months. But according to a new survey by the Media Research Center, that’s exactly what the network did. Still laboring under the pretense that they are a “news” station, CNN invited Avenatti on their programs nearly 60 times from March 7 to April 30, “an average of more than once per day.”

Why would CNN have Avenatti on their shows that often? Well, it’s simple: He is a relentless antagonist of Donald J. Trump, which makes him the perfect tag team partner for CNN, which has rebranded itself as a kind of pro wrestling hero in an ongoing feud with the president. It is less news now than it is soap opera, and this turn is reflected in its anchors (Don Lemon) to its White House correspondents (Jim Acosta). And, of course, it extends to the guest list as well.

But of course that doesn’t explain everything, because there are plenty of anti-Trump pundits and politicians and they aren’t on the network every, single, day, of, the, week. In fact, Newsbusters even notes that Democrat Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee only managed to rack up a measly 10 CNN appearances during the same time period. And there are few people in Washington outside of Maxine Waters who are more willing to bash Trump on television than Schiff.

So yeah, this is mostly about ratings. CNN knows that their viewers have grown bored with the Russia storyline, and this is their attempt to spike the ball heading into sweeps season. You can’t go wrong with the big “PORN STAR” angle, so CNN is desperate to get all of the mileage they can out of this before it, like all the rest of the Trump angles, begins to deteriorate on the vine. In the meantime, Avenatti has shown himself willing to comment on anything and everything Trump, so he’s running his own angle: The fight to become a longterm commentator on the network after his client had faded back into obscurity.

Knowing CNN’s hiring standards, we don’t doubt that he’ll be filling in for Acosta before long.

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