Stop Chasing the Ghost of Ronald Reagan

The second Republican primary debate will take place Wednesday at the Reagan Library. Considering the setting, you could probably make a drinking game out of how many times the candidates will name-drop the conservative icon. There is even a pro-immigration advertisement set the air during CNN’s broadcast of the debate, comparing Regan’s “shining city on the hill” with statements the current crop of contenders have made about illegal immigration. Ronald Reagan has grown so large in the conservative tapestry that you can use him to endorse, well, almost anything.

And it’s time for both voters and politicians to get over it.

No longer are these politicians comparing themselves to the human being that was Ronald Reagan. That man was flawed, just like all of them. His administration presided over a host of policies that would not pass anyone’s small-government smell test. His involvement in the Iran-Contra affair was regrettable no matter which side of the aisle you were on. And yet he was nonetheless a great president. His policies and speeches were commendable, and his conservative philosophy helped change the course of the Republican Party.

But again, he was only a human being.

The Ronald Reagan that now looms over the Republican Party has little to do with the man himself. Over the last thirty years he has become a legend akin to King Arthur. The living embodiment of conservatism, patriotism, and America herself. A modern Founding Father whose name alone draws us closer to a more perfect union. So powerful has become this legend that even Barack Obama once compared himself favorably to the Gipper. If Barack Obama can use Reagan’s name to boost his own political standing, it’s clear that we’re no longer standing on firm ground.

America has changed a lot since Reagan left office. Proposing that he would do this about immigration or that about same-sex marriage is foolish and transparent. A man can only be a product of his times. There is no way to know if the Ronald Reagan of 2015 would make the same choices as the Ronald Reagan of 1985. Any candidate who suggests otherwise is playing a political game. And any voter who falls for it should remember that to elect the “next Ronald Reagan,” we must look for someone who – like the great man himself – forges his own path.

We don’t need Republicans who promise to follow the Reagan template. We need Republicans who will address – with courage and wisdom – the problems of America today. That, and that alone, would make a fitting tribute to Reagan and an appropriate addition to the great tapestry of conservatism.

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  1. “We need Republicans who will address – with courage and wisdom – the problems of America today.”

    That is exactly what Reagan did in his day…. That is exactly what we need done Today…..

    Unfortunately, most Republicans in office (Boehner, McConnell are excellent examples) are really Progressive democrats in conservative clothing…..

    • Your very correct Wolves in sheep’s clothing!

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    • Make America Great Again!

      TRUMP 2016

      • If you want to make America great again, you’ll certainly want to stay away from the Trumpster. Bobby Jindal’s description of Trump was spot on….. “A narcissistic egomaniac”.

        • That sounds like the words of Billy Bob Thornton in a movie.

        • You nailed it, Billy Bob, and so did Jindal! Only gullible, desperate, clueless sheeple would wish a Trump presidency on this Great Republic! Send the Trumpster to the Dumpster!

        • Bragging on Democrats:

          • The jobs are in Asia and East India.
            The destruction of Detroit had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with PROFIT.

          • NO, it had to do with DEMOCRAT policies that sent JOBS overseas or to other states to avoid HIGH TAXES AND REGULATIONS-70% of GM Autos are BUILT ON FOREIGN SOIL NOW! GM has MOVED 5 PLANTS to CHINA–Research and Development Dept was scheduled to be the NEXT plant to go to China.

          • Yes, and you are still supporting the company’s crippling and murder of human beings.

            Only it is not Americans being harmed — it those foreigners and they count even less than your fellow citizen did.

            You also supported their causing huge increases in unemployment by mechanizing jobs.

            You also support the environmental pollution that is killing our people and our planet.

          • Obama has allowed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of CHRISTIANS in the mid-east to be MURDERED without taking a single step to protect or save them–of course, what would you expect–he SAT ON HIS ASS and refused help to 30+ PEOPLE in Benghazi–without Ty Woods and Glen Doherty REFUSING to stand down–28 Americans they saved would also be dead even as Amb Stevens was BEGGING Obama for help! He sat on his ass and refused to step up for Marine Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi who was jailed in Mexico while Trump worked behind the scenes along with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News to get him released. He sat on his ass and has REFUSED to demand release of 4 AMERICANS HELD HOSTAGE IN IRAN even as he’s giving them $150 BILLION TO BUILD OR BUY A NUCLEAR BOMB! Clinton BOMBED the Serbs to SAVE MUSLIMS–Obama has done SQUAT to protect CHRISTIANS in the mid-east. He’s shown his loyalty–ILLEGALS AND MUSLIMS!

          • Allowed?

            No, he did not start another illegal war paid for on the China Bank credit card.

            Benghazi was Ambassador Steven’s mistake, not Obama’s or Clinton’s. Stevens was offered additional security. He declined it — not once, but twice.

            Funny, the news has been broadcasting information about current bombing runs. Maybe we have different news up here in Alaska.

            Illegals — we don’t have the prisons to put them in, or the judges to hear the cases. The system is simply swamped — just as it was during Saint Reagan’s reign.

            Why do you think it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • NO, Stevens ASKED FOR more security–WHO was Obama’s security force around that compound?-MUSLIMS affiliated with terrorist groups we were fighting in Iraq. They set up barricades around the compound and fled the area before attacks started. Those attacks lasted some 8-10 hours in waves–Ty Woods and Glen Doherty were on TOP of the compound with lasers PAINTING ENEMY SITES awaiting DRONE ATTACKS they thought would back them up–but as we ALL know–Obama TOLD MILITARY TO STAND DOWN! General Carter Ham was prepared to IGNORE that order and send air support but WAS REMOVED from his position by Obama. Obama ABANDONED AN AMBASSADOR AND 30+ AMERICANS! Those that were saved were HIDDEN from Congressional interview by Obama administration who went as far as changing their names to prevent the Benghazi investigation. The news about “bombing runs”–that’s Obama’s response for TRAINING ISIS as a rebel force and now having to fight them as they try to take over Obama’s buddies, the muslim brotherhood’s control in Islamic territories now. Obama was ILLEGALLY shipping GUNS to Syria via the Turkish general counsel through that Benghazi compound. That Turk counsel had JUST LEFT while the barricades were being put into place–he NEVER bothered to warn Stevens. Obama has tried to cover up the attacks, first by LYING about a video even as they were TOLD as the attacks begin it was a terrorist attack and then by hiding out survivors and threatening them and other CIA officials over speaking about it. He’s absolutely the WORST president this country has ever had, HE’s A TRAITOR and should be JAILED for ARMING ENEMIES OF THIS COUNTRY. He ARMED Joacquin Guzman and Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico through “Fast and Furious” and then LIED–blaming Americans for it. He’s ARMED Syrian rebels aligned with Al Qaeda in Syria to bring down an ANTI-muslim brotherhood dictator Bashar Assad–now has to FIGHT ISIS to keep’em from taking over Syrian away from muslim brotherhood control. He showed his real support–refusing Congress’ objections over Fighter Jets to Egypt and Muhammed Morsi, mulsim brotherhood president who was overthrown by the Egyptian military and citizens and then refusing to give Egypt those same Jets he wanted Morsi to have.

          • Well, maybe you think General Ham is a liar, but you have offered no evidence to support that conclusion.

            General Ham telephoned Stevens more than once. He made the calls, not his aide.

            You seem to be quite ignorant of international law. Embassy security is always provided by the host country.

            There is no point in continuing this discussion.

            You are simply not open to information.

            You have reached a conclusion based on your political leanings – no amount of evidence will change that conclusion.

          • Obama has REMOVED nearly 200 military officers from their positions–many for NOT willing to cooperate with his pathetic foreign policies, Carter Ham was one and it happened immediately after Ham was on verge of sending air support in to help those Americans. Host countries provide security OUTSIDE of Embassies, INSIDE is U.S. Territory and that compound had NO American security present. Ty Woods and Glen Doherty came from a CIA compound a MILE away to help evacuate the 28 Americans who survived. Obama KNEW if was a terrorist attack even before LYING for two weeks it was a ‘protest’ over a video. He had Hillary Clinton and National Security Secretary Susan Rice both LIED for Obama, claiming it was a ‘protest’ when they knew immediately it was a terror attack–it was 9/11, WHAT do you think the attack was about!

          • Which President made that possible? He was a Republican, surely you know is name.

          • THAT HAS HAPPENED MOST UNDER OBAMA! Thousands of new regulations costing companies and businesses some $10 BILLION a month in NEW costs and expenditures. Tack on $1 TRILLION in NEW taxes on Americans just in Obama’s FIRST TERM=companies going overseas and businesses moving headquarters to foreign soil–like Burger King–for the advantage of TAX relief, resulting in LOWER TAX for “foreign” based company instead of the HIGHEST TAX RATE IN THE WORLD UNDER OBAMA! Now we have Walt Disney, Hewlitt-Packard, and many others LAYING OFF American workers while demanding INCREASES in H1-B VISAS for FOREIGN WORKERS TO REPLACE American workers—ONLY IN AMERICA under Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the glorious Imam of Islam America!

          • Garbage, piled higher and deeper.

            Shouting does not make false claims true.

            Maybe you should look at some actual facts.
            DO A SEARCH ON WHICH COMPAINES PAY $0.00 TAX — then get back to me.

            An expert has brainwashed you. They have done a very good job of it.

          • FACTS, baby, FACTS!! Your spouting Obama diatribe pablum! I’ve quoted you FACTS from NY Times, European Union Times, Independent Journal Review, Canada Free Press, International Business Times, ABC, CBS, American Thinker, Politico, National Center for Policy Analysis, Real Clear Politics, Western Journalism, Newsmax, Zero Hedge, Liberty Investor, U.S. TREASURY, Congressional Budget Office,–those are just a FEW of the nearly ONE HUNDRED sources I have available.

          • I’m not your baby.

            I do not “spout” anyone’s talking points.

            There are 20 companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500, including drugmaker Merck (MRK), computer storage company Seagate (STX) and automaker General Motors (GM), which reported effective tax rates of 0% or lower.

          • Don’t stop there–GE paid ZERO taxes despite some $6 BILLION profits. GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt sits on Obama’s JOBS COUNCIL–to help create JOBS. He DID–he moved a GE X-RAY Lab FROM Waukesha, Wisconsin to CHINA and intends to invest BILLIONS more in CHINA. And while Obama’s running companies OVERSEAS with his TAX/Regulation policies—Federal workers, including people IN HIS ADMINISTRATION STAFF OWE $3 BILLION IN BACK TAXES! Obama’s staff (40 White House aides) OWES $333,000 in BACK TAXES! Federal employees INCLUDING THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE OWE $3 BILLION themselves. The following companies have AVOIDED $128 BILLION IN TAXES: JP Morgan–avoids $4.9 BILLION in taxes but GOT $416 BILLION in TAX bailouts from Fed Reserve and Treasury. Bank of America–avoided $2.5 BILLION taxes but GOT $1.9 BILLION TAX REFUNDS and $1.3 TRILLION BAILOUT. Goldman Sachs avoided $3.32 BILLION TAXES, GOT $824 BILLION BAILOUT DOLLARS. GE stashed $102 BILLION in offshore accounts, AVOIDED $35.7 BILLION TAXES and GOT $16 BILLION BAILOUT DOLLARS even as they SHIPPED 25,000 JOBS overseas. Verizon AVOIDED $525 MILLION TAXES, GOT $705 MILLION TAX REFUND and CUT 13,000 employees. Honeywell International AVOIDED $2.8 BILLION TAXES, GOT $34 MILLION TAX REFUNDS with $8+ BILLION stashed offshore. Boeing AVOIDED $66 MILLION TAXES, GOT $58 BILLION in corporate WELFARE–sent 57,000 JOBS overseas in past 20 years. Qualcomm AVOIDED $5.8 BILLION TAXES, is cutting JOBS and demanding MORE H1-B visas for FOREIGN WORKERS to replace American workers. The list goes on: Alcoa, Corning, Caterpillar, Cisco Systems, DOW Chemical, Stanley Black & Decker, Motorola Solutions, Caesars Entertainment, UPS, Nasdaq, Weyerhauser, TimeWarner, CA Technologies–ALL avoided paying taxes and most donated to Obama’s campaign.

          • Congress makes the laws.

            You elected Congress.

            Don’t blame Obama for your mistakes.

          • NO, Obama thinks he can use executive orders to create or change laws. He’s changed ObamaCare 30+times despite ZERO authority to do so, once he signed it into law ONLY CONGRESS has authority to change it. He’s signed executive authority for ‘Dream Amnesty” act ILLEGALLY since only CONGRESS has authority over immigration rules. He’s used executive order to steal Constitutional rights from veterans to own and possess firearms and is now attempting the same against Social Security recipients–UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ILLEGAL. Constitutional RIGHTS are guaranteed by our Constitution and NO president has authority to deny or prohibit them. Neither Congress NOR the Supreme Court can prohibit those rights, yet Obama is. HE IS A LIE, his whole background is that of a radical, pro-muslim marxist. He WAS a member of a communist organization-the ‘NEW party’ of Chicago which consisted of Communist PartyUSA, radical marxists, Trotskyites, Maoists, black and radical feminist groups–and THEY admitted he WAS a member until it folded shortly before he ran for U.S. Senate.

          • He has not changed it. He has delayed implementation of some parts.

          • OK Clintonite–it’s the old definition of what IS, is. Obama CHANGED implementation to protect HIS re-election and then re-election of Senate DemocRATS in last year’s mid-term elections–SELFISH PERSONAL REASONS! And that healthcare bill he PROMISED would NOT add a DIME to the National Debt WILL in fact COST $1.2 TRILLION DOLLARS over the next ten years! How’s that for not adding to the DEBT!

          • Your hate is palpable.
            One day, when you grow up, you will begin to realize that no one is all wrong and no one gets it all correct.
            Unable to read the future, your debt forecasts are pure nonsense. Nothing stays the same.

          • You respond like the typical Obama/leftwing myrmidon–insult or call names. NOTHING I have presented has anything to do with HATE–it’s FACTS and information that have come from NUMEROUS sources: Politico, Real Clear Politics, The HILL, Newsmax, World Net Daily, Washington Examiner, Washington Times, American Thinker, Patrick Henry Center, Washington Free Beacon, The Franklin Center, Liberty News Reports, Americans for Limited Government, Liberty Institute, European Union Times, Independent Journal Review, International Business Times–and I have at least a dozen more for sources.

      • Yes, yes, and yes once again!

      • With THAT posturing, prattling, bombastic, pandering, bloviating, egotistical blowhard, America would wind up in the TOILET. Fortunately, that will not happen. Trump will either fall to scandal or his own words will sink his candidacy.

        • We’re already in the toilet with the worst, most inept, Racist in the WH.

          The only way to go is UP from here!

          I hope we never have another Communist Democrat stinking up our WH.

        • Trump is a GREAT Businessman, THAT is what is needed to run DC government, somebody with backbone to stand up to the POLITICIANS and call them for what they are–GREEDY, SELF CENTERED DEADBEATS, LIVING OFF THE BACKS OF TAXPAYERS AT THE EXPENSE OF ALL AMERICANS!

          • Trump might be–to employ the adjectives he is so fond of– a great, huge, terrific, fantastic, unbelievable, amazing, tremendous businessman, but he is, without doubt, also a posturing, prattling, bombastic, pandering, bloviating, egotistical blowhard.

          • BUT, to borrow a quote from former Minnesota Vikings coach Dennis Greene, HE IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS! At least he’s boldly stating what he’ll do, unlike many politicians who think LYING is a duty and obligation to get elected or re-elected. THAT is why the GOP is desperate over Trump’s popularity. Their problem lies directly in THEIR OWN MIRROR, THEY are the reason they are no longer trusted, why nobody believes them anymore.

          • bTrump is: braggart,
            Captain Bobadil, Gascon, Herod, Narcissus, Scaramouch, Texan, big mouth, blatherskite, blower, blowhard, bluff, bluffer, blusterer, boaster, boastful, boasting, brag, braggadocio, bragging, bravo, bucko, bully, bullyboy, conceited, egocentric, egoist, egotist, fanfaron, fanfaronading, gasbag, gasconader, gasconading, hector, hectorer, hot-air artist, individualist, know-it-all, loudmouth, miles gloriosus, narcissist, narcist, no modest violet, peacock, ranter, raver, rodomontade, roisterer, self-advertising, self-applauding, self-flattering, self-glorious, self-lauding, self-vaunting, show-off, smart aleck, swaggerer, swashbuckler, swasher, swellhead, thrasonic, thrasonical, vain, vainglorious, vaporer, vaporing, vaunting, windbag, windjammer, windy,

          • YOU left out a couple of important ones: WINNER and ONE of the MOST SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMEN IN AMERICA.

          • I have some very bad news for you — the majority of Trump’s wealth was inherited from his father — as was his business.

          • He woke you up didn’t he!

          • No, he made me sick to my stomach.

          • Is that car in your garage made in Asia?

            Are those vegies in your refrigerator from Mexico?

            The oil in your car, is it from Venezuela?

            Is the shrimp you had for dinner from Vietnam?

            Who, exactly, is living on the “backs” of Americas?

            You take away their jobs and then blame them for being out of work.

          • NO, my truck was manufactured in the USA, YOU have no idea where your veggies are from, I DON’T EAT SHRIMP or seafood! It is a FACT–more than 51% OF ALIENS in the U.S. are on WELFARE, FOODSTAMPS, SSI, aid to dependent children, etc..! 51 HOSPITALS in California have CLOSED in the past ten years OVER “FREE HEALTHCARE” for ILLEGALS–tax dollars from CITIZENS weren’t enough to cover all those expenses. It is estimated $200+ BILLION PER YEAR goes to BENEFITS, school education, prison costs, etc–for all those ILLEGALS–they are COSTING FAR MORE THAN THEY CONTRIBUTE! It costs some $113 BILLION PER YEAR JUST IN BENEFITS! Do YOU know WHY it’s tolerated? DemocRATS see them as FUTURE VOTES in exchange for all those HANDOUTS, while GOP establishment see them as CHEAP LABOR for U.S. businesses while Congress as a whole sees them BAILING OUT the Social Security system! It is a PONZI scheme with MORE PEOPLE receiving benefits than are paying in–ILLEGALS working and paying social security taxes are KEEPING THAT PONZI SCHEME GOING! The U.S. Chamber of Commerce also supports them–it’s CHEAP labor for business and keeps up profits for those corporations/companies that support the Chamber of Commerce. It’s about the same thing that the “Civil War” was really fought over–MONEY!

          • Was it manufactured or assembled in the U.S.? You might want to double check your data.

            Your data on food stamps is invalid. In 2014, there were 46,670,73 food stamp recipients. Of that 42,170,732 were American citizens.

            Mississippi is the poorest state in the Nation — it also has the largest number of individuals on all forms of public assistance.

            Your data on SSI is so far out it is comical. Well, it would be if it the ignorance and bigotry it represents were not so sad.

            The really sad fact about welfare is the face that the majority of people receiving benefits are employed.
            American companies are posting high profits. You the taxpayer are funding those profits — both at the cash register and in the taxes you pay.

            The majority of people on Medicaid are children and the elderly.

            Before you pump out any more not quite true data, maybe you should actually check the eligibility requirements for those programs.

          • My truck was manufactured in the USA. ILLEGALS are eligible for 9 MONTHS of SSI PAYMENTS–that’s a FACT. Foodstamps are at the HIGHEST LEVEL in U.S. history while there are 94 MILLION working age Americans NOT IN THE WORK FORCE BUT NOT BEING COUNTED AS UNEMPLOYED. Even most economists admit, unemployment is likely 30% or higher in this country. While the Dept. of Labor likes to tout jobs created each month–they neglect to tell you–MORE people are dropping OFF unemployment roles and NOT being counted any longer because they no longer qualify for benefits, THAN jobs are being created. For all those jobs claimed as created in first two quarters, over 640,000 unemployed dropped OFF the role because they no longer receive any benefits but ARE NOT WORKING. Do YOU know WHY the Federal Reserve just rolled back its plan to raise interest rates–BECAUSE THE ECONOMY IS STALLING, it is NOT improving even as our capitalist system WILL recover from recessions over a period of time WITHOUT government interference. But Obama TOOK MONEY out of the economy with $1 TRILLION in new taxes and regulations in his first term and ObamaCare increases are about to sink any recovery for next year.

      • He is on what?
        Wife #4?

        He trades them in like used cars.

        That is the type of commitment you want in the White House?

        That is the moral compass you want in the White House?

        Then there is always the thought that they may be leaving him due to some objectionable behavior that simply is too gross to be tolerated.

        • At least he never sat in the Oval Office getting a blowjob.

          • How many Presidents have bee caught committing adultery in the White House?

            Save your snide sex-related remarks, they really don’t count for much.

            Membets of both parties, and others as well, have been guilty.

      • King Trump in his royal pose for the camera.

    • You certainly said that exactly right!

    • I hope they both get booted to the curb. However, I am a little weary of the eulogizing of Reagan at every turn of the wheel. I admired and respected him; he was a great President – but that was in HIS time. This is OUR time and we need somebody today, who has the guts and the cojones to step up and wash the crap of the world off of America!

      • Yes, we are in need of that…

        • I’m glad you agree. I think we are still in the majority.

          • I am also a firm believer that we can learn from history.. Reagan and what he faced is just as strong as it was back then. We can learn from him.

            We need somebody today that will step up and wash the crap off of America… Much in the same way that Reagan did. He really turned things around.

            I think one of the reasons the left has rebounded is that we have not learned from history…

          • Well, I hope we have learned our lesson by now. We need to elect a conservative president and replace Boehner and McConnell AND WE NEED TO DO IT FAST. I also believe that we need to impeach this president BEFORE he has a chance to inflict martial law on this country. If he gets to do that, all hell will break loose, and I’m not over-stating either.

          • Agreed, Impeach Boehner, then 0bama.

            Boehner seems to be worse than Reid….

          • Before Obama can be impeached, there must be a crime committed.

            That has not happened, will not happen.

            If a basis for impeachment existed, the racial bigots, such as yourself, would already have acted.

          • No, 0bama has lied to the American people, he has created unconstitutional laws from his perch which were directly beyond his authority and therefor against the laws that he swore to uphold.

          • Your entire statement is false.
            You failed to actually look up fact.
            Another one embarrassing America with their
            ignorance and laziness.

          • Troll, you are the one purposefully closing your eyes and plugging your ears to the truth.

            One can not awaken someone that pretends to sleep.

          • Try some education.
            You might find that you actually like it.

          • You are a victim of the lefts ideological subversion….

            Even when exposed to a preponderance of evidence you can not and will not accept anything that goes against your ideology…

            What has happened to you is described at :30 seconds

            And what will happen to you after your liberal controllers take power is described at 2:46


            Funny thing, we will both be dead… I will fight for freedom (yours and mine) against communism to my death… The Communists will put a bullet in your head rather than listen to your whining about the fact that they did not give you the utopia that they have promised you….

            All I can hope is that our conversations are read by those with open minds (yours is not) and that I have presented my case logically and truthfully such that we both avoid the above inevitable conclusions if the Communist win this fight.

          • You have provided no substantial evidence, let alone a preponderance.

          • Go back and read my posts…. It will take time, but you might eventually see the evidence.

            You are told not to accept any information from conservatives… Your heart and mind have been closed to the evidence….

            You are pretending to be asleep… No one can awaken someone that pretends to be asleep….

          • Booga Booga, racists! Wheel yourself back to the rest home.

          • Your ignorance is an embarrassment to America.
            Keep those childish insult coming,
            The baby talk is an added bonus.

          • Why did it take you a month to respond Oh scholarly one? Didn’t your welfare check cover your rent and electricity bill?

          • Keep those childish insult coming,
            You forgot the baby talk

          • Soros’s checks bounced…

          • Obama does NOT HAVE AUTHORITY TO CHANGE LAWS OR INFRINGE ON THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of American citizens! He has CHANGED by excecutive fiat–ObamaCare at least 30 TIMES ILLEGALLY. Once that bill was signed into LAW by Obama, ONLY CONGRESS can change it. He has ILLEGALLY ARMED ENEMIES of America–“Fast and Furious” was a GUN-RUNNING operation to ARM Joacquin Guzman’s Sinaloa DRUG CARTEL in north Mexico–and then HE BLAMED Americans for it! Fox News has reported Obama was ARMING Syrian rebels aligned with Al Qaeda in Iraq–to overthrow Bashar Assad’s Syrian government–he was sending weapons through Benghazi compound and Amb Chris Stevens. Other Embassies had LEFT and abandoned theirs–Stevens was still there meeting with Turkey’s General Counsel about those weapons when the attacks were being put into place–THAT is why he was in a dangerous position when he was ABANDONED by Obama–NO WITNESSES, NO CRIME! Only he didn’t expect Ty Woods or Glen Doherty to REFUSE orders to “stand down” and their efforts RESCUED 28 Americans from SLAUGHTER. Barack HUSSEIN Obama–the BUTCHER OF BENGHAZI!!

          • Shouting does not win arguments.
            Fast and Furious is a program which has gone on — with Congress’ full knowledge — since Saint Reagan was in office. Actually, if you took the time to do the research, you would probably find programs that predate Teagan.
            Only the program name changes.
            America is the world’s largest arms supplier.

          • NO, the Iran/Contra deal was done by CIA without Reagan’s knowledge just as Watergate occurred under Nixon without Nixon’s knowledge.–The difference? When Reagan was advised, he had the Justice Dept. investigate and prosecute, though Nixon had no knowledge of Watergate break-in, he chose to lie about it instead of investigating. W. Bush’s gun running program to Mexico was called “Operation Wide Receiver” done WITH the cooperation of Mexican government and knowledge of the Mexican president. There were 2400 ARRESTS made using weapons with TRACKING DEVICES within those weapons. It ENDED when the drug cartels discovered those tracking sensors. “Fast and Furious” was done by Obama administration WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE of the Mexican government and NONE of those weapons were ever tracked, NO ARRESTS were ever made by Obama administration. HE ARMED Jocquin Guzman’s Sinaloa drug cartel without any tracking devices, NO cooperation with Mexico and blamed it on American gun owners and gun dealers he FORCED to make those sales. It was ATF WHISTLEBLOWERS that ended it, going to Congress and blowing open the weapons scandal, TREASON under Article 3, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

          • Your claims about Fast and Furious are false. “Operation Wide Receiver” never ended; the name was simply changed.

          • NO, you need to open your eyes, Bush ran “Wide Receiver” with the co-operation of Mexico to trap cartel members on gun-running/drug smuggling charges, allowing them to ILLEGALLY purchase weapons with tracking devices hidden within. Bush’s ATF, DOJ and DEA arrested some 2400 suspects. Obama started up “Fast and Furious” TWO YEARS LATER, forcing law abiding gun dealers to ILLEGALLY sell weapons without any tracking or surveillance and arrested NO ONE. The ATF agents who blew the whistle on him have been demoted and re-assigned to other locations despite Federal laws prohibiting punishment on “whistleblowers”. The Washington Times had two reporters investigating this–Robert Farago and Ralph Dixon–an April 17, 2011 report. Former CIA and DEA insider Phil Jordan said Obama was selling the Los Zeta drug cartel military grade weaponry through a front company set up in Mexico in which anti-aircraft weapons and hand grenades from Viet Nam era were sold and former CIA pilot Robert Plumler supports those claims according to the El Paso Times of Texas.

          • Of, course your facts are better than mine.

            Are you just an egotist, or are you a MCP?

          • shavager has facts, something you brain-washed Commie Dems try to avoid, hide or distort.

            You people have no idea that Soros, the most evil man on the planet, supports & funds the Democrat party though his 500+ “foundations” and organizations, especially his Open Society.

            Another supporter of the Dems is the Communist Party USA.

          • Feel free to insult.
            Your opinion is of no interest to me.
            It simply confirms your ignoance.

          • 2,000 weapons were “lost” to criminals & drug cartels during Fast & Furious. Holder should be in prison & Obama should have been impeached.

          • More weapons were distributed under “Operation Wide Receiver”. What a difference a name change makes.

          • You are a POS Commie Democrat TROLL, so don’t tell us what to do. Go back to your cave, sludge.

          • Your opinion is of no interest to me.
            It simply confirms your ignorance.
            The childish foul language is simply a bonus.

          • Barack Insane Obama illegally swapped 5 Taliban leaders for 1 American deserter.

            If we had a REAL Speaker of the House instead of Boehner, the Muslim in the WH would have been impeached!

            You Commie Dems lucked out on that one.

            Obama is the enemy of America. You have to be a stark raving idiot not to see it!

            Look at the Civil unrest that terrorist has caused!

          • America leaves no one behind.
            Taliban leaders? According to which expert?
            Criminals deserve a trial. They have been held without trial.
            POWs are released at the end of wars. The Iraqi ear ended.
            You would have to not only be an ignorant, but an idiot as well not to know those facts.

          • Well, he’s the repub counterpart of Reid. He’s just not as ugly!

          • Is he drunk, senile, or BOTH?

          • Well, I’m not really sure. He sure is a butt-kisser of obamalinsky, tho. And to me, that’s a traitor to the repub party. I quit them right after he got ensconsced in the Speaker’s chair. Same for McDonnell, the first time I heard him I thought “what a wuss – these are not the kind of representatives of we the people that will be worthy of their jobs,” So, now I’m an independent conservative and I already informed the party that they would get no donations from me until they come up with some cojones and stop being snivelers over every “ism” that the demoncraps can come up with. Enough, already!

          • Rebel –
            I told the GOP that I would NOT donate until they IMPEACHED the Muslim in the WH!

          • I haven’t donated for some time. I prefer to pick a candidate that I know is conservative and donate to his/her campaign.

          • Boehner is a liberal in conservative clothing.

            He is a spy, and he is doing the work that Reid was doing. Only difference is that Boehner has abandoned the people that put him in office…

          • No argument here.

          • Inflict marshal law?
            Impeach, on what grounds?
            Ignorance, racism and brainwash propaganda.

          • Everything he’s done since he’s been in office has been by “Executive Order” which is not to be trivialized and negate the Constitution – THAT’S IMPEACHABLE. Too bad none of the repubs have the balls to do it. This bastidge is destroying America, which you will soon find out when he does declare martial law and you won’t be able to buy so much as a loaf of bread!

            I could run a whole list of the sh-t he’s ILLEGALLY put in effect. If you don’t open your eyes, there is going to be a huge cliff that you will be happily walking over.

            So, take your obamalinsky-loving a$$ to some pathetic prog site and do your boo-hooing there. I don’t even want to waste my time trying to educate you!

          • Suggest you take a Constitutional Law course. Your ignorance of American law is seriously pathetic.
            It is the Constitution which provides the Presidential Powers.
            You might want to try actually reading it sometime.

          • You still yapping? For your info NOWHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION DOES A PRESIDENT HAVE THE “POWERS” THIS JACKASS HAS TAKEN. I would suggest that YOU read the Constitution. Of course, just reading it won’t do you any good. You couldn’t understand it anyway. Bye bye.

          • Oh, but it does.
            Maybe you should read it and the U.S. Supreme Court decisions that define it.

          • Oh, but it doesn’t! The only reason YOU think it does, is that the gutless repubs have not stopped the spoiled brat, nor has the Supreme Court. This is a Constitutional Republic, administered by THREE distinct and separate parts so that NOT ANY ONE OF THE THREE CAN TRAMPLE on the Constitution and do what he or she wants to do. It’s called BALANCE OF POWER. The Constitution must be followed. Name ONE time that this snake has followed the Constitution. He has shredded it and if you can’t see that, you are blind, stupid, and not worth my time. So far, the S. Ct. has been making law, which they are not authorized to do. They are to merely interpret the law; not twist it to suit a crybaby marxist president. He has bullied the House and Senate, and most likely threatened the Supremes to do his bidding. THAT IS NOT A BALANCE OF POWER.

            Now shut the hell up with your b.s. Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to read your tripe. I would be embarrassed to show as much ignorance as you have.

          • Your government educations is seriously lacking.

            President Obama has not violated the U.S. Constitution at any time in his administration.
            Insult away.

            It is your lack of knowledge and bigotry which is the embarrassment.

            Please educate yourself. The unnecessary pain you seem to be feeling is very sad.

          • Oh Lord, God, please free me from this prattling “genius”. There is only obamalinsky and the Constitution. When he gets done wiping his a$$ on it, why don’t you go find a nice quiet corner and go through the Constitution, article by article, and see how many freedoms you have left!

            He has been a tunnel-visioned commie/socialist/marxist/alinsky-ite since he was old enough to walk and talk. He was “schooled” in his disgusting world view by the best, Frank Marshall Davis. Ever heard of him? obamalinsky was good buddies to Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn (ever hear of the Weather Underground?) who bombed police buildings and even killed some. Now Ayers is a “professor” at a college where he teaches empty-headed mush-brain brats (perhaps you were one of them). So don’t tell me about your “president”. He’s a lawless, narcississtic, muslim, who has lied to get where he is so he can ruin America – your country and mine – he hates it, and he hates us. He lives to carry out “Dreams From My Father”. (You DO know what that is, don’t you?) Look how racist HE is. He’s pitting blacks against whites every chance he gets. Take your eyeballs and peruse some news once in awhile and stop trying to rely on your failing memory as to how and what the Constitution is or isn’t!

          • I have.

            You need to take a Constitutional law course.

            You neeed to read the case law..

          • I don’t need a Constitutional law course. I have a copy of it near me at all times. Not to mention the fact that I have been a legal assistant for many, many years! I probably know more about the Constitution than you do. But, I don’t have to keep mentioning it like you do. Who are you trying to convince – us or yourself?

          • If you say so. Your writing say something else.
            Why do you carry a copy of the Constitution?

          • Where did you get the idea that I “carry” it with me? I use it to refer to when I need to be absolutely accurate in what it says. I find that libs will take one slip-up, and run away with it until they make an absolute fool of themselves.

          • AKLady is just another Communist Democrat brain donor & doesn’t have a clue about the contents of our Constitution.

            She’s just another Obama asswipe.

          • Couldn’t agree more, and since she is unrecoverable, I just delete any posts she makes to me. I value my time much more than that.

          • The Supreme Court of Joke rs is no longer trustworthy or honest. It’s just a bunch of pathetic, lousy, disgusting, unelected, glorified lawyers who “create” laws for their own personal & political agendas. SCOTUS has nothing to do with “justice” anymore. I guess if a person is a lousy lawyer & doesn’t understand the Constitution of the United States or States Rights, then they are qualified to be a Supreme Court justice.

            There needs to be a mental evaluation test before the next lousy lawyer is appointed to SCOTUS.


          • Which university did you study law at?

            You would not recognize justice if ti slapped you in the fact.

            Constitutional Law is so far over your head, you can’t begin to see the light.

          • You are the most ignorant asswipe on this thread. You don’t know squat about our laws. I bet you’re not even an American.

          • Childish name calling and foul language.

            I am so not impressed.

            Try so fact and law next time.

          • Make me a sandwich and shut up!

          • Go crawl back in your cave.

          • You first, you ignorant Commie.

          • That insult went out of style with the end of the Cold War.

            Maybe you should catch up, this is the 21st Century.

          • You described obama aptly:

            “Ignorance, racism and brainwash propaganda”

          • Just how stupid do you think America people are?

            The majority of Americans are long past bigotry and discrimination. That is quite obvious, Obama is President — elected twice.

            As of this year, the “minorities” are the majority population in America.

            So unless you white “supremacists” get busy having babies, you are finished politically.

          • I already know how stupid some Americans are. They & Soros paid computer programmers elected Obama twice. Disgusting!

          • The Electoral College does not vote by computer.

            You seemingly do not know how a U.S. President is elected.

            Bush did not receive the popular vote — not at either election.

          • You are an absolute blithering idiot.

            I know exactly how the Electoral college works, but evidently you don’t.

            The people have to vote first, but when the computers change their votes to Obama & other lunatic Communist Democrats then the validity of Electoral College is lost.

          • You obviously do not know how the EC works. But, ignorance is bliss.

            The College is not required to honor the popular vote.

            You swear it was rigged for Obama, yet the evidence proves it was rigged for Bush.

          • You’ve been up north too long, whatever brain cells you had are turning to permafrost.

          • Keep those compliments coming. You are exposing your ethics for the world to see.

          • My ethics?

          • Exactly.
            You do not have any.

          • If you had any ethics & love of country you wouldn’t support a Soros funded Communist Democrat party & the vile, Racist, anti-American Muslim he selected as prez, obama.

          • Your fantasy has been expanding over the past several days. Please seek professional psychiatric help.

          • You first, you anti-American obama lover.

          • You are so far out of date, even your insults are garbage. Baby boy, the permafrost has thawed — there are trees growing in it.

          • Go up north of Fairbanks.

          • I guess your English language skills are also deficient.

            The permafrost has defrosted. The Arctic ice now melts every summer.

            It is possible to sail from the Atlantic side to the Pacific side — even in the middle of winter.

            You are so far out-of-date, you are pathetic.

          • So, you’re calling the BBC report a lie?


          • 1. The Permafrost is something which you have had no experience.
            2. Arctic ice is something which you have had no experience with.
            3. Alaska has experienced five very unusually warm summers.
            4. Certainly, with one cold winter, some ice has been replaced. However, the Arctic Shipping route is still open in winter
            Feel free to ask questions. However, you need to keep your nasty mouth under contriol

          • So, you are calling the BBC “Liars”, right?

          • I’m guessing you were Army, due to your intelligence level, I remember when I was in Recruiting Service, the Army guys would enlist an empty beer can.
            Why would a darkie stay in Alaska where they can’t hide in the snow? Fort Richardson must have an excellent psych ward that gives you computer access.

          • Wrong – Air Force.

            Oh, and your are a bit behind the times, it is Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

            You are welcome to insult all you want. It is your reputation, no mine being damaged.

            Your racist insults a a prime example of your morals and ethics.

          • You have no reputation other than being an American-hating Communist Democrat.

          • If I were a Communist, I would join the American Communist Party

            If I was a Democrat, I would join their party.

            However, I am not part of either of those groups. I am an Independent.

            You really need to seek treatment,

            Your fantasy is taking over your life.

            You are rapidly drifting away from reality.

          • That’s what the majority of Communists say, “I’m not a Communist”, all the while supporting the Communist Democrat agenda.

            You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool Conservatives.

          • One or the other,
            it cannot be both.

            It is either

            Democratic Party


            American Communist Party

            Then write your book of fiction

          • Are you NOT aware that the American Communist Party, supports & contributes to the Democrat Party? NOT the Republican party… the DEMOCRAT PARTY. They are one in the same, moron.

          • Get help.
            Your delusions and paranoia represent a serious medical disorder.

          • You are the one who needs help. Obviously the Communist Democrat cult is successfully controlling your mind.

          • LIAR…AGAIN. Which Liberal blog said that?

          • Get off your lazy behind and do the research yourself.

          • Just as I thought, no proof, just Commie Democrat BS…AGAIN

          • Make up your mind. Make a choice.
            It cannot be both.

            It is either the American Communist Party


            it is the American Democratic Party,

            Pick one. Build your fantasy on it.

          • Communist is Communist. Just ask Barack’s buddies, Bill Ayres & Bernadine Dohrn.

          • You can do it – reach behind and grab it with both hands. Then, when you know where your butt is, you can stop asking us to find it for you,
            Ayers and Dohm WERE Socialists.
            They are now both respected professors at the University of Illinois, at Chicago.
            Thomas Jefferson also was a Socialist — that is why every American has a free public school education.
            Socialists are Socialists.
            Communists are Communist’s.
            Never will the two marry and become one.

          • NO, YOU IDIOT!

            Ayers and Dohrn were self-confessed Communists & Domestic Terrorists who blew up a police station, killing a police officer and exploded a bomb at the Pentagon, etc.

            Ayres retired from UI at Chicago as a professor.

            Dohrn worked for Nortwestern (Illinois).


            A now long-forgotten book entitled Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism, which was written and published in 1974 by William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and other members of the Weather Underground. In this slim volume, which functioned as the Weather Underground’s ideological manifesto, Ayers declares himself to be a communist, and announces that his group’s bombing campaign was intended to start a violent revolution to overthrow the American government.


          • No doubt, you are very young, and have been brainwashed very well.
            The 1960s and 1970s were very interesting times.
            Ayers still teaches on occasion.

          • No doubt, you made an ASS out of yourself again.
            I was born in the 40s & lived through the 60s & 70s.

            Ayres was a Commie Domestic Terrorist, along with his anti-American wife. Both should have been sentenced to Life in prison or executed. The Weathermen were despicable, bombing a Police station, killing an officer, bombing the Pentagon, etc. Are they your heroes?

          • Fact: The Tea Party is now listed as a terrorist group.

            Cliven Bundy is the right-wing “Ayres”.

            Could you imagine if a group of Middle Eastern Muslims was armed on some ranch threatening federal officers?

            Yet, that is exactly what the Tea Party does.

          • Fact: The Tea Party is now listed as a terrorist group by the bat shit crazy, Communist Democrat lunatics.

          • You have no clue what is behind the Clive Bundy story.

            You need to take a look at DEMOCRAT Senator Harry Reid promoting the sale of 6,000 acres of Public Land to a Chinese company who was being represented by his son.

          • I wouldn’t doubt that the COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY has listed the TEA Party as terrorists.

            Of course they refuse to list the Black Panthers or Farakahn, who continue to call for the killing of all whites, terrorists. They don’t list BLM as terrorists, either, even though they idolize criminals and keep calling for policemen to be murdered.

            You know why?
            Because the COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS ARE THE MOST SCREWED UP PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. They all belong in a Communist country, as far away from decent folks as possible.

          • 1American – we had all of this crap when GW was elected. The demoncraps were CAUGHT in the act of defrauding the ballot boxes in several ways and in several states. Luckily they were caught. This snake we have now was groomed for the president’s position and his elections (both of them) were bought and secured by Soros and some of the New World Order elites. But you can’t tell aklady that – because she’s got her nose up obamalinsky’s behind so far, she can’t see for ….. well, you know!

          • What are demoncraps?

          • Are you serious?

          • WayGay is a pathetic little troll who always asks for proof or whenever you misspell or use a colloquy.

            He spends each night in his momma’s basement getting beat up on Disqus and choking his chicken.

          • Stop that!!! I just fell off my chair!

          • Look in the mirror, IDIOT.

          • To be fair, Communist Democrats live in a propaganda fog. They don’t even understand that they are Communists.

          • The American Communist Parry is alive and well. They do not need any help from the Democrats.

          • The American Communist Party supports & works through the Democrat Party. They do NOT support the Republican Party,moron.
            Communist Party USA boss John Bachtell boasted in a recent column that his Marxist-Leninist organization, a tentacle of the Soviet regime in America for decades, “utilizes” the increasingly radical Democratic Party to advance its Totalitarian objectives in the United States.

            Writing in the Communist Party propaganda mouthpiece People’s World, Bachtell suggested that, eventually, a
            “radical third party” would become a viable option to advance communism in America.

            However, for now, he argued, fending off what he calls the “ultra-right” — essentially anyone to the right of Obama, whom American communists openly backed in both elections — requires the CPUSA to continue utilizing the Democrat Party as a “vehicle.”

            In his column, Bachtell, who was selected last year to serve as the national chair of the Communist Party USA, offers a wide array of arguments for why communists must continue to work through the Democrat Party.


          • I guess they think they are all socialists (which is okay with them). Confusion reigns in the dem party …

          • The Integrity keeps up on proven voter fraud. You can find the data you are looking for there . []

          • Really? These Presidents did not receive the popular vote: John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and George W. Bush (twice).

          • You claim to know how the EC works. However, since it is a State rather than National program, if you know anything, it would be that which applies to your state of residence — not all 50 states.

            Oh, and child the EC is not bound by the popular vote. These men did not receive the popular vote: John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and George W. Bush

          • There you go, pulling the race card. I don’t give a flip what color he is, what color you are, or what color anybody else is. Obama is the worst prez in our history. Period.

          • If that is the case, why do you keep bringing the race issue up?

          • If you put America first, you would not embarrass her by insulting her President.
            If you put America first, you would not damage her by creating hate and division.

          • That photo is a compliment to Obama.

          • If you Communist Democrats put America first instead of your Communist agenda, funded by Soros, you would never have elected the WORST PREZ in American history.

          • If Obama respected America he wouldn’t have lit up our White House like some homosexual Gay Bar for the entire world to see, embarrassing our country & its citizens.

            He is, without a doubt, the most disrespectful, disgusting, anti-American, ignorant prez in our history.

          • Equality is the law.

            Your post speaks volumes about you.

          • I don’t think you are a “Lady”. A lady wouldn’t say such stupid things! Your probably a guy hiding behind a Lady’s skirt.

          • Insults – typical response on this web site.

          • Don’t like it? LEAVE!

          • I’d rather stick around and prove the lies and ignorance.

          • He go this girlfriend to pose for this.

          • Actually, it’s an Alaskan water moose…..aka. AKnoLady.

          • Good one, Jake. I bet that’s AKLady, right there! An Obama asswipe for sure!

          • Didn’t notice in my original response to your post, but you really are out there, aren’t you? You can’t even spell “martial” law. “Marshal” usually has a star on his chest and wears a white hat. Miss know-it-all. Wow, what a genius!

            As to your crack about “racism”, as usual you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

          • Baby boy, I make typing mistakes when I am tired. I readily admit those errors.
            Play your insult game. I am not in the least bit impressed.

          • If you’re so tired, CommieLady, go post your BS on Huffy Puffy.

          • Play your insult game, Baby Boy, Play your insult game. I am not in the least bit impressed.

          • I hope to Hell you don’t think you impress us with your Commie drivel and unintelligent misinterpretations of the Constitution. Or do you, idiot?

          • Impress you with fact?

            That will never happen.

            Your self-imposed ignorance is terribly sad.

          • I’m not a baby and I’m not a “boy”. You know, you started this rumble; why don’t you take your tired butt to bed and leave the rest of us in peace. What I’m tired of is you and your “gotcha” crap posts. Go take a walk and look at the Northern Lights.

          • More ignorance.

            Wrong time of year for the Northern Lights.

            It is not completely dark yet.

          • Do you ever sleep? I know what it is … you send your clone to keep us occupied.

          • Sleep? Depends on the pain level.

          • What pains you ….. your conscience?

          • You are nothing but a filthy, nasty, stinking Communist Democrat TROLL.

          • More childish name calling. If you put as much effort into educating yourself, your life would be much happier.

          • obama & his backer, Soros, want a Civil War. Soros is funding BLM & other domestic terrorist groups.

          • Don’t forget the NWO gang – the Bilderbergs! They’re filthy rich fingers are all over this. Obama was groomed for this gig and to do exactly what he’s doing. Otherwise, there is no other reason he would be taking the steps he is taking. Everything he is doing is against the will of the people, and he goes boldly on – completing his programmed agenda. Disgusting and makes one feel so helpless to prevent the ultimate outcome if he is not stopped by those who have the power to do it.

          • Insanity is rampant on the Right.

          • Regan tripled the national debt.
            American cannot afford another Saint Regan.

          • Your stupid ass can’t even spell his name right, yet alone puke out correct information. How typical of turds such as yourself and headinass, or is it realchick?

          • Most of those Liberal Commies are the same person, different monickers. It only makes it look like there are more moronic Dems posting than there really are.

          • His name is spelled correctly.

          • Yup, NOW IT IS! Stupid liberals.

          • Right-wing liars, you just have to love them. They simply do not know the difference between right and wrong. Their parents probably taught them to lie.

          • Carter had just about crashed our economy. President Reagan brought us out of a horrible economic situation.

            The Dems crashed our economy in ’08 with their Socialist home loan debacle. I haven’t heard any Dems whining about obama tripling our debt.

          • Simply by being elected — right.
            Every Republican administration has destroyed our economy.

            Your foolishness is based on the Regan Administration hand outs. Hand-outs that tripled the national debt.

            Facts serve people much better that political lies and propaganda.

            Trickle-down economics have never worked. They did not work under Reagan.

          • I’d say bringing the U.S. OUT of 10-12% UNEMPLOYMENT, 21% INTEREST RATES, and double digit inflation, creating 20 MILLION NEW JOBS, a growth rate the HIGHEST in modern U.S. history, 96 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS-8 YEARS of prosperity and growth and biggest period of prosperity this country saw since the Industrial Revolution–I wouldn’t call that ‘trickle-down’. I’d call that the results of the greatest modern day president of our times!! And I’ve lived from Eisenhower till now!

          • I love seeing the brainwashed spout propaganda.

            Reagan economics nearly bankrupted this country.

            That “prosperity” came out of the taxpayer’s pockets. There was not economic “revolution”. In contrast, there was a lot of federal spending, which made for huge debt increases.

            Reagan spent more than Roosevelt. Oh, who by the way, increased the debt 1,000%. At least Roosevelt left things that document where that money went — that evidence remains intact, even after all these years.

            Believe what you want, but the propaganda does not fool most.

            Yes, I have been around since Eisenhower as well.

          • Roosevelt’s first year in White House–wanted to SPEND $10 BILLION on a $3 BILLION revenue economy–it didn’t work and only PROLONGED the Great Depression as well as creating 3 recessions. MOST of his policies were THROWN OUT as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. He was a FAILURE just as Carter and Obama have been. Carter from naivete and ignorance about establishment DNC politics and Obama as a brainwashed moron muslim manipulated by muslim Valerie Jarrett for billionaire socialist George Soros. Reagan’s term in office constituted the greatest period of economic growth since the Industrial Revolution began in early 1900’s and petering out by ’29 collapse. I live in the South—Reagan’s prosperity brought a tremendous BOOM in economic growth in every phase of life especially in homebuilding and construction industry. We’ve seen NOTHING like it since except AFTER W. Bush cut taxes and gave us the SECOND best period of growth behind only Reagan’s. You’re spouting socialist diatribe–the RICH get everything, only they made money—well INCOMES ROSE during Reagan’s service–they’ve DROPPED under Bill Clinton and Obama–income levels have DROPPED $5,000 under Obama and there are 130,000+ LESS MILLIONAIRES IN AMERICA AFTER Obama’s first term! His tax policies and poor growth economy have COST those 130,000 millionaires their step UP to the next level, while MILLIONS of middle class citizens are now LOW INCOME families. YOU KEEP SUCKING UP THOSE ALINSKY RULES in that Obama pablum. As former Democrat NY Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said: “You’re entitled to your own OPINION but you are NOT entitled to your own FACTS.” I’ll quote MOOchelle Obama: “Being president does NOT change WHO you are, IT REVEALS WHO YOU ARE….Someone is going to have to give up a piece of THEIR pie so that someone else CAN HAVE MORE.”—THERE is what’s wrong with Obama and DemocRATS–YOU CAN’T legislate the poor INTO prosperity by legislating WEALTH out of prosperity.

          • Woohoo! Excellent factual post! Won’t shut down the lying, pandering troll that calls herself AKlady,-(too dense and thoroughly brainwashed) but thanks for putting real facts out-you won this round!!

          • Thanks Deby–she’s like too many others in this country, it reminds me of an old poem: “There was a young lady from Niger, who rode on the back of a Tiger, but after the ride she wound up INSIDE and her smile on the face of the TIGER.” They have NO IDEA of what they’re supporting or defending until it CONSUMES THEM under its power and control.

          • You are absolutely right! She throws out the tired, non-factual comments like little nuggets-and really has no actual back-up words-other than to deride everyone who disagrees with her crap. I envision AKL as a little hag of a woman who sits all night on her computer trolling for people like us so she can call us names and try to make herself seem so saavy in the political world-NOT. She essentially says the exact same things for most articles-she is a true obamabot and according to her if we are not for the first black American president, then voila, we are merely stupid racists and therefore we know nothing. She can get under the skin, that is the bad thing, but I love how you handle her tired repetiveness with actual facts time after time. Keep the faith!:)

          • Thanks, I WISH she would just open her eyes–there are always TWO sides to a story and ignoring what FACTS are for what you’ve been told over and over is ASSUMING you and your information is right–we all know—ASS-U-ME–when YOU ASSUME–you sometimes make an ASS out of U and ME! I would urge her to QUIT listening so much to politicians–I don’t trust ANY on the DemocRAT side and only Conservatives on the GOP side! A politician’s FIRST goal–get elected over and over again. How do you think some go in as middle/upper class Americans and come out MILLIONAIRES? BRIBES AND PAYOFFS called “Campaign contributions” and lobbyist gratuities or DONATIONS.

          • We have been enduring her vapid, attempts at liberal leg humping, hence the insults and slap downs.

          • BOOM!! Another socialist LIAR pimp slapped. No surprise here.

          • Haha, I argued with 3 leftwing jerkwads on another site a few months ago–they finally got so mad, they “refused” to debate anymore with me–the other bloggers who apparently were following the argument–that actually went on for over a month–all of’em said in unison–HE’s (ME) debating–all you’ve done is call him names and accuse him of being a racist. They actually provided little fact and a LOT OF BULLS***. I answered every argument with FACTS and gave them the sources and then they wanted ME to quote the info! LIE, DENY and INSULT–that’s THEIR modus operandi! LIBERALISM or PROGRESSIVISM is all about DICTATING BEHAVIOR AND LEGISLATING THE MEANS TO FORCE YOU TO COMPLY! Or as G. Gordon Liddy once said: “A Liberal is someone who feels a great DEBT to his fellow man, a DEBT he proposes to pay off with YOUR MONEY.”

          • When “racist” is used, the argument stops. You have won!

          • YEP, the only reference about him I made was his preference FOR muslims and ILLEGALS over America and AMERICANS!

          • the libs truly believe if you repeat a lie often enough-it becomes truth. that is why they are impossible to debate with-it’s all one-sided when arguing with complete morons!! but thanks for your attempts-I try to do the same till I get frustrated.

          • THAT is exactly what Adolph Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels pushed: “If you tell a LIE big enough and keep repeating it, people will come to believe it.” That’s all the left can do–LIE, DENY and DECEIVE ’cause FACTS ain’t on their side!

          • Insult, insult, insult – never a valid fact.
            Ignorance is bliss.

            Roosevelt a failure?

            Well, that says a lot about your failures in school.

            Among Roosevelt’s accomplishments as a conservationist are the establishment of federal protection for almost 230 million acres of land, 150 national forests, 51 federal bird reservations, five national parks, and 18 national monuments.

            One of Roosevelt’s most noted business regulation moves was a 1902 lawsuit under the Sherman Antitrust Act, which broke apart the railroad giant Northern Securities Company. He also negotiated the end of a coal strike in Pennsylvania.

            Legislation related to business regulation enacted during Roosevelt’s presidency includes the Elkins Act of 1903, the Hepburn Act of 1906, and the Federal Employers’ Liability Act for Labor. He also worked on consumer protections, including the Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906 and the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.

          • YOU need to get your history lesson! Theodore Roosevelt, whom was president during the period of time YOU describe was a Republican. FDR–Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who begin his presidential term in 1933 was a miserable failure as a DEMOCRAT president. He came into office like Obama–Roosevelt wanted to SPEND $10 BILLION on a $3 BILLION economy. He raised TAXES on: cigarettes, alcohol, matches, candy, margarine,chewing gum, fruit juice, soft drinks, cars, tires-including wheel chair tires,telephone calls, movie tickets, playing cards, electricity, radios,etc.–sounds just like Obama. FDR tripled business and personal INCOME taxes, inheritance taxes, holding company taxes and HIGHER unemployment resulted from layoffs and his “New Deal” was financed ON THE BACKS of middle-low income people JUST AS OBAMA’s Stimulus bill was. Just as FDR’s spending programs funneled money AWAY from the Southern states–so has Obama’s stimulus bill–going to mainly DemocRAT governed and dominated states. FDR had communists embedded in his administration, Obama has muslims agents of muslim brotherhood in his administration. FDR blocked FBI investigations into communist influence in FDR’s administration, Obama has PROHIBTED FBI investigations into MOSQUES in this country. They are marxists in the same party!

          • Lies, lies and more lies.

            Economic stimulus from the Southern states?

            You are kidding, right? Sparsely populated, agricultural South.

            Slavery was not the excuse — did not even enter into the issue.
            The South called it “states rights”. They also call it the “War of Northern Aggression”, among other things.

            Where did you study history … Alabama? Mississippi?

          • FACT: Population in the South in 1860 was 5.3 MILLION PEOPLE, only 300,000 were slave owners (J. Steven Wilkens, “America: The First 350 Years–Covenant Publications), it is estimated 70-80% of soldiers who fought in Confederacy NEVER owned slaves. Hundreds of thousands of Southerners did NOT fight a war to protect slaves owned by only 5% of their citizens. FACT: in 1859, the VALUE of SOUTHERN COTTON EXPORTS WAS $161.4 MILLION DOLLARS–the TOTAL value of ALL exports in the North was only $78.2 MILLION—COTTON alone was DOUBLE the value of ALL Northern exports. In the words of Senator Thomas Benton: “The SOUTH, in FOUR staples alone (goods: cotton, agriculture, timber, etc) has exported EIGHT HUNDRED MILLIONS of dollars; and the North has exported comparatively nothing. Such an export would indicate unparalleled wealth, but what is the fact?…Under Federal legislation, the exports of the South have been the BASIS OF THE FEDERAL REVENUE…Virginia, the two Carolinas and Georgia, may be said to defray three-fourths (75% of Federal Revenues) of the annual expense of supporting the Federal Government; and of this great sum, annually furnished by them, NOTHING or next to nothing is returned to them, in the shape of Government expenditures. That expenditure flows in an opposite direction–it FLOWS NORTHWARDLY, in one uniform, uninterrupted, and perennial stream. This is the reason why WEALTH disappears from the South and rises up in the North. Federal legislation does all this.” In the words of Abraham Lincoln, when asked WHY the North should NOT let the South go in Secession, his reply was: “Let the South go? Let the South go! WHERE SHALL WE GET OUR REVENUES!”—Abraham Lincoln, “Memoirs of Service Afloat”, Blue and Gray Press–page 61. The state of Mississippi had the largest economy of the 37 states at that time. The NORTH SOLD their slaves to Southern plantation owners once they had enough WHITE labor to run manufacturing and public service in northern states, once they sold their slaves, they passed legislation PROHIBITING freed slaves from settling in Northern states and territories.—George Moore, “A History of Slavery in Massachusetts”, Appleton and Company, NY, NY, pages 228-29. “Slavery” was a smokescreen for Northern dominated Federal government to INVADE an INDEPENDENT NATION and seize control over its revenues, agriculture, timber, hogs and beef markets and they STRIPPED the South of its wealth while raping, pillaging and murdering innocent Southern populations. FACTS!

          • Ronald Reagan: Added $1.86 trillion, Barack Obama: Added $6.167 trillion…and Odebtor isn’t finished yet!

          • Where do you get your lies & propaganda?
            Huffy Puffy or some other Communist Democrat BLOG?

            You have been seriously misinformed about one of our greatest Presidents.

          • Reagan the actor was not a “great” President.
            No by any measure of greatness.

            The national debt was tripled under his Administration.

            The Iran-Contra scandal says much about his ethics.

            We are living with Regan’s Middle-east failures.

            The economics destroyed much of our country’s manufacturing secotor

          • Ronald Reagan was the Governor of California for 8 years before he was elected President by a landslide in 1980. He was so well liked by Democrats, Republicans & Independents that he won 49 of 50 states when he was re-elected in 1984.

            GROW UP and stop lying about President Reagan.

            If Carter had been re-elected we would have gone from his recession to a full blown Depression.

          • Trickle Down Economics have never worked. That is a fact known to all responsible, experienced economic experts.
            The Actor’s policies destroyed America’s economy.
            No my opinion, but the opinion held by the majority of American economic professionals.

          • Fact does not lie.
            Maybe you should try looking at some.

          • ME, TOO. As a business owner during the Carter HELL years, I can attest that Tax & Squander and economic destruction is the Democrat mantra.

            No wonder Ronald Reagan won by a landslide in 1980 & won every state except Minnesota (Mondale’s home state) in 1984.

            That’s right, Dems & Republicans loved him!

          • AMEN, brother! These idiots propping up Obama REFUSE to acknowldedge the TRUTH: APPROX $1600 to $4000 INCOME LOSS for middle class families! HIGHEST poverty levels in 70 YEARS, the LOWEST worker participation rate in 70 YEARS–nearly 40% of workers OUT OF WORK! HIGHEST levels of food-stamps in HISTORY, HIGHEST levels of children in poverty in U.S. history! 51.4% OF ALL AMERICANS WORKING, ARE RECEIVING $30,000 OR LESS INCOMES! YEAH–the truth they refuse to acknowledge—Obama has been THE WORST president in our modern day America, WORSE than Wilson, FDR, Carter and Clinton–they’ve gotten WORSE as every year goes by!

          • LibTURDS love Big Gubment. Tax cuts allow minions to buy goods (taxed)
            and businesses to keep more of their money to buy goods (taxed), employ
            more minions (who are taxed) and buy more equipment (more taxes and
            more employees to create the equipment). Instead, the LibTURDS want more
            taxes to send to D.C. that goes to lazy, inefficient, slovenly,
            sluggish, wasteful gubment workers and lazy, inefficient, slovenly,
            sluggish, wasteful welfare recipients and alaskans…

          • Ignorant, childish fools call people names.

            Tax cuts only alleviate the $dollar’s value losses. Of course if you had any economics background, you would have known that.

            So jealous. Alaska’s people own their natural resources. Alaska is not a war spoil. We were not conquered.

            Our state invests the money earned from “our” resources.

            Those earnings pay for the State employee’s wages, the state services, and provide “we the people” with a dividend every year.

          • No, SINCE Obama was elected, moron.

          • The propaganda is being spewed by you from your Commie Democrat blogs.


          • Fact — The national debt tripled under the Reagan administration.

            Fact — The national debt doubled under the Bush Administration.

          • Maybe you missed this – the National Debt Clock under Obama:


          • Maybe you missed this: National debt is cumulative. There are Eisenhower Administration contracts still adding to the debt.

          • When President Obama was first inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2009, the debt of
            the U.S. government was $10,626,877,048,913.08, according to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Public Debt.
            As of Jan. 31, 2014, the latest day reported, the debt was
            $17,293,019,654,983.61—an increase of $6,666,142,606,070.53 since
            Obama’s first inauguration..

          • And you think that proves what?

            Debt is cumulative.

            Have you bothered to look at the contract over-runs?

            How much of that debt increase results from contracts/ spending during earlier administrations?

            You cannot answer those questions. Moreover, being the bigot you are, you do not want to answer those questions.

            You would rather simply continie on with the lie that fools the ignorant.

          • Just how much debt do you think America can survive?

          • As I said to your prior post – you’re an ignorant prog troll. Keep reading the posts after this. They might want to educate you, but I don’t have the time to try and convince a obamalinsky-lover.

          • Aren’t you having fun though, pimp slapping her stupid ass. (she doesn’t warrant civility or intelligent responses).

          • And I’m not even doing my best.

          • As of this year, the “minorities” are the majority population in America.

            So unless you white “supremacists” get busy having babies, you are finished politically.

          • Then who will do the inventing, creating, working, tax paying, supporting, feeding? Not you slobs on the left!!!

          • That is one of the most ignorant posts you have made.

            Creative type, who do the “inventing” are almost always liberals.

            The Democrats pay more taxes than Republicans.

            Oh, and ignorant child, public assistance benefits are subject to income taxes.

            Right wing ignorance is so pitiful to behold.

          • Debt is cumulative.
            Have you bothered to research which bills have exceeded their budgeted funding?

          • Yep, every one obamalinsky proposed.

          • Who is obamalinsky?

          • You want a picture drawn?

          • Major problem with your post — Congress makes the laws and spends the money.

          • Yeah, that’s how it is supposed to work. Unfortunately, if little baby obamalinsky gets his widdow fewings hurt if the big bad congress doesn’t go along, with him he just goes to him room and vetoes bills until he gets his way.

            Why don’t you just take your butt-kissing gullible self somewhere else. BTW, how’s that “hope and change” working for you? You lovin’ your health insurance yet?

          • Can you get any more childish?

            You need to take a Civics Class and an American Government Class.

            Of course, it may not be ignorance, it could simply be bigotry.

          • Can you get any more ignorant? What’s the “ak” for? Alaska? If it is, that would explain why you have a frozen popsickle for a brain. I took Civics and American History when I went to school, but of course since the dems have been in there’s been a huge change in the lies teachers are ramming down the kids’ throats today!

            If you think your “bigotry” name-calling is going to shut me up – try again. No troll is gonna intimidate me by name-calling. I spit on political correctness!

          • Shutting you up is the last thing I want to do.

          • Well, you may be finally wising up. Now why don’t you just go away and leave us all in peace. As I said previously, you started this bruhaha, so bow out gracefully while you still can

          • I’ll stop when:
   stop lying.
   stop posting religious hate…
            …I get bored

          • Religious hate? Boy you are mixed up! The ONLY “hate” and a most barbarous kind, comes from the muslim faith, aka islam. Would you rather hear from them? Okay, fine. I hope your burka comes in other colors than black.

          • The Middle East is just a drop in the ocean.
            Why insult millions if not billions of people for the act if a few?
            That us like saying a few dogs bite, therefor, all dogs are bad.
            Not logical.

          • Take note: When have you ever heard of a muslim saving a life; developing a new life-saving drug; climbing a mountain; setting a record – scratch that – they have set many records in innocents murdered; and contrary to obamalinsky’s claim that America is America due to “muslim contributions” – WELL, SHOW ME ONE! As for biting dogs – they GET PUT DOWN. I trust that I have made my point.

          • I have some very bad news for you.

            The majority of that higher level math you studied — that came from a Muslim country.

            Much of the legal system you enjoy was adapted from Arab law.

            A huge part of the science you have studied, that also came from a Muslim country.


          • You depend on wikipedia for your information? No wonder you’re wrong all the time. We got our math, legal, astronomy, etc., ad infinitum from the Greeks and the Romans, mostly. All the muslims know how to do is murder people. They’re still running around with rags on their heads, wearing “dresses” and murdering people!

            Go to the local library and look up some history BOOKS TO READ, and stop relying on the crap on the internet. BTW, you’re so full of it your eyes are brown.

          • WRONG.

            Go to the library, check out a world history book and read it.

            Oh, and poor childish fool, there are 135 valid, scholarly articles and books cited for that web site.

            You might want to review them instead of embarrassing yourself before the world.

            Egyptian mathematic writings date from 1650 BC.

            Greek mathematics date to 1800 BC to 529 AD.

          • You are the one who is embarrassing herself. islam has never been scholarly – the only thing they read and live by is the koran. The only thing they know is murdering anybody who does not bow before them. You sound like you just can’t wait to become one of them!

            In case you have not availed yourself of truth, islam/muslims have been murdering societies long before America was even discovered.

          • Go to the library.
            Educate yourself.

          • I’ve spent a lot of time in libraries. YOU need to educate yourself! Now, you are a boor, so I am going to bid you goodbye. Enough time wasted on you, so if you respond further, I will simply delete you.

          • Ignorance is bliss, or so they say. You seem very blissful.

          • $18 trillion and counting. Just wait till that socialist Col. Sanders takes over…….Even the welfare grifters in alaska will have to give up their freebees. LMAO!

          • Total since WWE II.
            Ignorance is bliss. There are no Alaska “freebees”.
            I’m sorry your state gave away its resources to private companies.
            Unlike the Lower 48, Alaska is not a war prize.

          • What state would that be piss gums?

          • Each and every state within the Lower 48.

            Every bit of the Lower 48 was taken from its original owners.

            Moreover, your ancestors practiced genocide against those owners – they succeeded in killing off a number of the First People.

          • Your foul language impresses no one.

            Your insults impress no one.

            Both simply make you look ignorant and childish.

          • When President Obama was first inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2009, the debt of
            the U.S. government was $10,626,877,048,913.08, according to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Public Debt.
            As of Jan. 31, 2014, the latest day reported, the debt was
            $17,293,019,654,983.61—an increase of $6,666,142,606,070.53 since
            Obama’s first inauguration.

          • ECONOMISTS estimate $24 TRILLION is the END and probably means FISCAL INSOLVENCY for the U.S.. Obama’s running it up as high as he can get it before he’s out, THAT was his goal to begin with!

          • Shouting does not make points. I’ve seen the propaganda. I also read the treaty. Obviously, you have not.

          • NO YOU HAVE NOT!! Give people enough rope–they’ll hang themselves–MOST of America KNOWS—even John Kerry–who negotiated it has NOT SEEN THE ENTIRE DEAL, NEITHER HAS CONGRESS! Obama negotiated SIDE DEALS that have NEVER BEEN SEEN BY ANYONE BUT HIS WHITE HOUSE AIDES! Keep sucking that Obama pablum–that HUGE smokescreen you see on the horizon COULD be IRAN’s nuclear bomb Obama and DemocRATS are FINANCING FOR THEM!!

          • She sucks more than Obama’s pablum!

          • When you slugs elect Col. Sanders, we will see.

          • Col. Harland David Sanders made a lot more money than Donald Trump.

            He is till making more than Trump, and the Col. has been in his grave for more than 30 years.

            Unlike Trump, Sanders’ Daddy did not build his business. Sanders worked from the time he was 7 years old.

        • I’m sorry, our country simply could not survive another Regan administration. He tripled the national debt.

          • Give it a break liar… We all know what Reagan did was awesome for this country, and if he were in office today we would not have the problems both internally and internationally that we are currently faced with.

          • Exactly what is all the “good” you claim the the Actor and Chief did?

            Come on, I want to hear it? Tell us? We want to known.

            What those not brainwashed by the lies do know is the Actor King put us in so much debt, out grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be paying for it.

            Then, Baby Bush came along and doubled that by starting two, unwinnable wars. Wars that have created a huge number of enemies for America.

            Not only that, he led the country in un-American activity. He turned our young people into Nazis — people who hate and murder based on race and religion.

            Our “warriors” now murder women and children without a moment of hesitation. Then, we Americans cannot understand why so many of them are so traumatized, that they end up being street people.

          • OK America hater,

            A sample of Reagan’s Accomplishments.

            Ended the Cold war with a victory.
            Revitalized the GOP and the Conservative movement.
            Peace through Strength.
            Started Strategic Defense Initiative
            Nuclear Weapons cuts.

            He gave voice to American values, thrift, patriotism, hard work, and recounted the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

            Tax reform Act of 1986.

            and left us with many good quotes…

            “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”
            “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”
            “Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.”
            “Today, if you invent a better mousetrap, the government comes along with a better mouse.”
            “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”
            “Man is not free unless government is limited.”

            Ronald Reagan.

          • He did not end the Cold War with a victory.

            Russia simply went broke before we did.

            Reagan tripled the national debt. The spending under his signature is still racking up debt — all these years later.

            STAR Wars was not about weapons cuts.

          • Now do you all understand why AKC is not worthy of intelligent conversation? President Reagan also “broke the Soviet war machine, brought the hostages home and as MAHB001 stated, took down the Berlin Wall.

          • He actually did none of those things. The Russians went bankrupt fist, we did very soon after.

            Hostage release? Only timing gives him credit. The actual work was done long before he took office.

            U.S. relations with Iran during the Reagan administration went through four stages—indifference, hostility, cooperation and finally confrontation that even included some limited combat.

            It was a secret arms sale that brought those people home. A sale conducted through Lebanon. When that truth came out, it nearly destroyed Reagan’s presidency.

          • What is a “bankrupt fist”

          • You are more than a bit confused.

            Name calling is so nursery school.

          • Ha, ha, ha, ha …

            History tells a very different story.

            I much prefer recorded history to Republican fiction.

            The National Debt stands to evidence that Reagan was no saint.

          • Actually, the National DEBT was of little consequence under Reagan–the GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT is the determining factor on growth and prosperity–the DEBT under Reagan was of little consequence by measure of how the economy and growth was. America’s prosperity far overshadowed the National Debt compared to what Obama has run it up to. Obama’s DEFICIT for 5 CONSECUTIVE YEARS has been $1 TRILLION OR MORE—Republicans force Obama to ACCEPT his OWN SEQUESTER CUTS–YES–SEQUESTER CAME RIGHT OUT OF WHITE HOUSE as a measure Obama intended to PUNISH the GOP with by cutting military–they forced his hand and allowed sequester to pass–he FOLDED and those cuts, plus GOP control over House has brought deficits UNDER a trillion to its lowest level since Obama took office. They could FORCE his hand even further–but just as it would’ve done with Reagan–it will hurt any hopes of economic growth. Reagan couldn’t challenge DemocRAT overspending in House without hurting the U.S. recovery in his administration–the Republicans are also aware forcing too much cuts in spending will harm ANY prospect of the economy getting better. Economies WILL recover after recessions–IF the government stays OUT of the TAX INCREASE business, we would recover sooner. THREE presidents CUT TAXES and saw economic prosperity during their times–John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and W. Bush. Every president who’s tried to take over the economy has run it into RECESSION–FDR did it THREE times during the “new deal” which was a failure, Carter’s recession occurred from too much spending and OPEC’s strangling oil markets, Bill Clinton did it in late ’98 and throughout ’99 with his INCOME TAX INCREASES until Bush cut taxes in ’01 and ’03. Obama will be the FIRST president to reside over a negative growth economy since he’s done ZERO to help growth, his tax/regulation policies has strangled growth, shrank incomes by approx $5,000 per family, his ObamaCare has increased financial costs on families and businesses and are set to SPIKE upward sharply next year and he’s driven JOBS/Companies OVERSEAS. GM has moved companies overseas, GE has moved plants to China, some companies like Burger King are moving corporate headquarters to FOREIGN SOIL to get CHEAPER tax rates than American companies are forced to pay. LET ME QUOTE JOHN F. KENNEDY–the ONLY Democrat president in modern times who CUT TAXES to spur growth: “A tax CUT means HIGHER family income and higher business profits and a balanced federal budget. Every taxpayer and his family will have MORE money left over AFTER TAXES for a new car, a new home, new conveniences, education and investment. Every businessman can keep a higher percentage of his profits in his cash register or put it to work expanding or improving his business, and as the national income grows, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL ULTIMATELY END UP WITH MORE REVENUES.”—FACT!! Proven By JFK, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush!

          • I much prefer recorded history to Republican fiction.

            Congress spends the money.

            Congress makes the laws.

            Debt is cumulative.
            Deficit is cumulative.

            Every government contract does not end when a new president is elected.

            There is still deficit spending happening on contracts from the Eisenhower Administration.

          • P.S.–IF Eisenhower put into law policies that were PAID for, there CAN’T be deficits unless CONGRESS changed that policy and misdirected payments. Social Security was a PAID FOR program, CHANGED to a TAX by DemocRAT Lyndon Johnson and DemocRAT controlled Congress–allowing them to “STEAL” those payments for spending appropriations by moving that pile of ‘retirement insurance’ dollars into the general fund. Just as Obama and DemocRATS want to do with 401k/pension plans–NATIONALIZE those plans, give YOU an IOU, while THEY SPEND THOSE DOLLARS. The Federal government HAS NO MONEY–Obama is BORROWING MONEY TO PAY GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, PROGRAMS AND EMPLOYEES—we are borrowing those dollars from the Federal Reserve since CHINA, Japan or India will NO longer loan the U.S. anymore money thanks to Obama’s incredible DEBT SPENDING–THAT was why the U.S. credit rating received its FIRST downgrade in U.S. history and the reason the IMF and World Bank have WARNED Obama–HE MUST GET DEBT SPENDING UNDER CONTROL or the U.S. dollar WILL get dumped as the world’s currency.

          • You are a prime example of right-wing brainwashing.

            Why do you think that the Social Security Trust should sit idle? There is not one commercial retirement fund sitting idle. The Social Security Trust holds interest bearing Treasury Notes.

            It was Bush’s spending — two wars – that caused the credit downgrade.

            Oh, and just for your basic information — CONGRESS SPENDS THE MONEY, NOT THE PRESIDENT.

            If you had bothered to look, you would see that Congress has the power to override a veto, and has done so during this Administration.

          • Educate yourself–Congress draws up Budgets, starting in the House where ALL spending/TAX bills MUST begin as Constitutionally required. It then goes to the Senate where it is debated and passed with or without changes. With changes requires it to go to Committee between House and Senate for resolution before going to the President–when he SIGNS it into law–HE SPENT THE MONEY! The Social Security Trust holds IOU’s, there is NO money in the Social Security program, it’s been running on IOU’s since LBJ and Democrat Congress changed its status to a TAX instead of ‘retirement insurance’ program. It takes 2/3 VOTE of BOTH Houses of Congress to OVERRIDE a veto by ANY President. Rarely has ANY Congress overridden a veto because of party split. Bush’s spending had ZERO to do with the CREDIT downgrade–it was $8.4 TRILLION IN DEBT in 6 years that caused the downgrade–that’s almost as much debt as it took to create in 233 YEARS under 43 previous presidents.

          • You have become a total bore.
            If I had wanted, or needed, a civics lesson – I would have asked for one.

          • Obama has nearly DOUBLED the National DEBT in one presidency. It previously stood at $10.3 TRILLION–it stands NOW at $18.4 TRILLION DOLLARS, it will be DOUBLE by next year! He’s DOUBLED National DEBT over that of 43 PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED! REAGAN cut TAXES, brought the U.S. OUT of Carter’s recession–10-12% UNEMPLOYMENT, 21% INTEREST RATES and DOUBLE digit INFLATION. Within 3 years–economic GROWTH was 8.2%–the HIGHEST America has seen in modern times, 96 CONSECUTIVE months of growth and prosperity, 20 MILLION NEW JOBS! Unemployment was nearly wiped out, interest rates in SINGLE digits and INFLATION GONE! HE did NOT run up National DEBT–the DemocRAT controlled HOUSE DID! Reagan’s TAX CUTS–INCREASED TAX REVENUES from $5.62 BILLION to $1.032 TRILLION DOLLARS–NEARLY DOUBLED Federal Revenues to Treasury. DEMOCRATS IN HOUSE OVERSPENT THE REVENUES–there is your DEFICT and DEBT SPENDING! Reagan had to compromise since Democrats CONTROLLED SPENDING–to get his TAX CUTS and economic growth, he could NOT stop their spending without damaging the RECOVERY! W. Bush cut TAXES–saw an economic growth level of 5.6%–SECOND highest level in modern history, behind ONLY Reagan’s and 55-56 CONSECUTIVE months of growth prosperity before the DemocRAT controlled Community Re-Investment ACT–put into law by Jimmy Carter and DemocRAT controlled Congress and EXPANDED under Clinton–collapsed the economy under the morgtage industry financial collapse. Bush went to Congress 17 TIMES to warn DemocRATS about Fannie/Freddie mortgage industry collapse and leaders of DemocRAT financial committees in House and Senate–Barney Frank and Chris Dodd–BOTH LIED about the financial stability of both. THAT was the financial collapse of 2008! AND Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac are on VERGE of bankruptcy right now, AGAIN! AGAIN, under W. Bush—TAX REVENUES REACHED ITS HIGHEST LEVEL IN U.S. History under Bush–$2.6 TRILLION DOLLARS–under a TAX CUT! Obama has RAISED TAXES by $1 TRILLION in FIRST TERM, expanded business taxes and regulations by $10 BILLION higher per month and STRANGLED economic growth. Obama averages 1.9% GROWTH over 7 years now–that’s STAGNATION–the economy MUST maintain growth of 2.25% OR HIGHER to REGISTER GROWTH over a budget year!

          • Reagan tripled it.
            Bush doubled it.
            Oh, and be careful about the numbers you are using. Government budgets run Oct. 1 through Sept 30.
            Those national debt figures you are spouting are Dec. 31 numbers.
            No, darling, he has not doubled it over the other Presidents combined. It has doubled during his time in office.
            The debt does not begin new each time a President is elected.
            There are programs from the Eisenhower Administration still adding to the national debt.

          • YOU need to quit smoking or sucking up that DemocRAT pablum darling–I’ve been a LIFETIME Democrat voter–REGISTERED FOR 40+ YEARS. Each president’s DEBT adds onto the next presidents obligations. George W. Bush’s last budget was Obama’s FIRST year. DEFICIT was estimated at approx $6 BILLION–Obama ADDED $832 BILLION in stimulus that was PAYOFFS to cronies and campaign contributors like Solyndra–bankrupt and closed among some 14 other green energy companies he rewarded with tax dollars. THAT year deficit was $1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS–the FIRST TRILLION DEFICITS in U.S. HISTORY. The National DEBT stood at approx $9.6-$10 TRILLION DOLLARS–it is NOW $18.4 TRILLION–that’s nearly DOUBLE in just 6 Obama years. It has GAINED $46 MILLION IN THE LAST HOUR because of SO MUCH INTEREST and DEBT Obama ADDED on to that INTEREST WITH THE FIRST CREDIT DOWNGRADE IN U.S. HISTORY ON THE U.S. GOVT!

          • Maybe you should try dealing in facts. The stimulus bill was approved before Obama took office.

            I should say stimulus bills — Bush signed 3 of them.

            Good night. It is long past my bed time.

          • NO, again your fogged mind refuses to understand–BUSH bailed out WALL STREET, Obama TACKED ON BILLIONS IN BAILOUTS!

          • Wall Street was just one, there were two others. Apparently, you are unable to name the,. I’ll give you another chance to tell the whole truth.

          • She’s repeating herself again just like she always does. There’s nothing worse than a talking head with no brain.

          • Alzheimer’s

          • No, ignorance on your part. Self-imposed ignorance, the saddest type.

          • Propaganda on your part, Commie.

          • More self-imposed ignorance..
            Infantile name calling does not impress me in the east.

          • Prattle on Obama leg humper!

          • Infantile garbage piled higher and deeper.
            Grow up.

          • Your right.
            Surprised you could speak truth about yourself.

          • I’ve told you twice already.
            This is the third and final time.
            DO NOT TALK TO ME!
            One more reply from you and I’m going to file a harrassment complaint.
            DO YOU GET IT NOW?

          • Stop posting to me.
            Stop insulting me.
            Stop threatening me.
            I have already reported you.

          • Clever retort, clever as a linTURD that is.

          • Still with the infantile foul language.

          • Reagan probably made a deal to keep U.S. hostages in Iran until after the 1980 election. Moreover, as the Iran-contra scandal later demonstrated, Reagan clearly wasn’t averse to secret deals with Iran

          • DO NOT TALK TO ME YOU FN IDIOT!!!!

          • Don’t post to me, childish, foul-mouthed scum of the earth.

          • He couldn’t make deals with anyone before he was president, nitwit.

          • Really? How little you actually know about the American political world.

          • Fast & Furious…Obama & Holder making secret deals with Mexican Drug Cartels.

          • That game has been played by every Administration beginning with Reagan.

            Find something new to whine about.

            America is the world’s top arms producer.

          • “Reagan probably made a deal to keep U.S. hostages in Iran until after the 1980 election.”
            The pure ignorance of that is astounding even for your sordid, decrepit ass. You turds forget our 7 hostages were brought home then the weapons were given to communist fighters in Nicaragua. Of course you turds would HATE that. Oh, by the way, Ocumstain traded 5 KNOWN murderous thug terrorists for one traitorous maggot. How many AMERICANS and innocent Muslims have THEY killed?

          • Childish name-calling is just so damning.

            You need to double check your facts.

          • Talking about yourself as usual.

          • I think the only thing she is good at is copying and pasting her liberal brainwashing talking points-because she hasn’t given any back up whatsoever to her supposed “facts’ which are regurgitated bs from the dem controlled msm. she is a joke

          • If she didn’t have the D.N.C. she couldn’t post anything.

          • Self-imposed ignorance is so very sad. That you publish it for the world to see is even sadder. The racism piled on, it just added embarrassment for our nation.

          • Your right, that debt is awesome. My grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be paying for it.

          • Liars can’t spell his name right. LMAO! stupid ass.

          • Reagan is the correct spelling.

            Maybe you should not lie so much. People might begin to believe you.

          • You don’t know WTF you are talking about.

          • Childish foul language. Maybe you should clean up your foul mouth and actually research a few facts.

          • Maybe you should stop being a Communist Democrat & support America instead of trying to spread Communism across America.

          • Thomas Jefferson’s Socialism gave you a free public education.

            Maybe you should learn the difference between Socialism and Communism.

            All Republics are a mixture of Democracy, Socialism, and even some Communism mixed in.

            The United States is a Republic. I don’t think you quite understand what that form of government actually consists of.

          • In 1985, representatives of Iran sent the Reagan administration secret messages asking to buy U.S. weapons for their war with Iraq. The Iranians offered to pay both in money and the use of their influence to gain the release of American hostages held in Lebanon by Iran’s allies. Reagan agreed. (Making the scheme even more convoluted, money generated by the arms sales was eventually used to circumvent a congressional ban on U.S. funding of the Contras, an anti-communist militia fighting the Nicaraguan government.)

          • 2009 – 2011 Obama’s atty general, Eric Holder “lost” 2,000+ firearms to criminals & the Mexican Drug Cartels. Those guns are still turning up in murders.

          • A continuation of a Bush program.

            How many were “lost” by the Bush Administration?

            Those Bush Adminsitration guns are still turning up in murders.

      • Great President?
        His Administration tripled the national debt.

        • NO, the DemocRAT CONTROLLED HOUSE tripled the DEBT!! Reagan’s TAX CUTS NEARLY DOUBLED FEDERAL TAX REVENUES from $5.65 BILLION to $1.032 TRILLION DOLLARS–the FIRST TRILLION DOLLAR TAX COLLECTIONS IN HISTORY OF U.S.! It was OVERSPENDING those revenues that drove up DEBT! Right now Congress has OVERSPENT TAX REVENUES by $500+ BILLION AGAIN, that’s because GOP leaders WON’T stand against Obama OVERSPENDING on previous programs that have driven UP National Debt.

          • Don’t you just love it when these know-it-alls try to change history? Just showing that they don’t know sh-t about history, and they are too damn lazy to investigate before they open their big, fat, ignorant yaps. I’m so sick of trolls – especially ignorant ones.

          • Maybe you should follow your own advice?
            You are the one who is sadly mistaken.

          • YOU GOT IT BUBBA!! I’m really gonna p**s’em off—OBAMA IS A CLOSET HOMOSEXUAL! A former Secret Service agent who covered Obama says it–he’s witnessed muslim men coming and going from Obama’s bedroom all hours of the night–YEAH, MOOchelle does NOT sleep with him. There was a book on the market for a short time called “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & MURDER?” written by a admitted homosexual Larry Sinclair who gave times, dates, locations, and explicit details of intimate liaisons with Obama–even to point of writing a letter to Moochelle and describing Obama’s “tool” in detail to prove it. I talked to Larry Sinclair AFTER Obama’s organization had sued, intimidated and threatened him over publication of that book and got it STOPPED from distribution by Amazon. Sinclair published it himself. The words out of his own mouth about his liaisons and experiences with Obama–“I STAND BY MY BOOK”. It has now been bought up by a large publisher, I expect it to be republished sometime AFTER Obama’s term ends. It is KNOWN in his former church of Jeremiah Wright as well as those within his administration. It’s only a matter of time before the real truth of who he is can no longer be kept quiet by power of Federal intimidation.

          • I heard about that. Is Sinclair still alive? He’d better watch his “back”. BWAHAHAHAHA.

          • Believe it or not, one media source had reported Sinclair had been killed in a ‘hit and run’ accident. I called his office down in South Florida and left a message, he returned the call a day later and said he was surprised that media source (I can’t remember who it was now) had reported it without some confirmation. Would you believe–he contacted them and advised them on the false information they had reported and THEY REFUSED TO RETRACT IT? That was my comment to him–“better watch your back”. His book about Obama was bought up by a large publishing house, expect it to resurface once Obama’s OUT of the White House and can’t use the Federal gun to threaten and intimidate.

          • Wow! You sure you actually talked to Sinclair?

          • Yes, I called his office at Sinclair Publishing in South Florida and left a message, he returned the call to my cell number the next afternoon. HE is the person who told me his book had been bought by a publishing company and expects it to be reprinted again. He has sold every copy he personally published and he specifically stands by the book. The last lawsuit by Obama associates against Sinclair to stop publication was thrown out of court–they couldn’t provide any facts to disprove Sinclair’s claims.

          • Well, I did hear that obamalinsky’s and moochelle’s “marriage” was “conveniently” performed so he would be more presentable as a future presidential candidate. But, I just chalked it up as rumor. Boy, what a surprise this is! I wonder whose kids those are? I also heard “rumors” of obamalinsky and the Chicago bath houses. Perhaps all of this is true, after all.

          • I believe what Sinclair’s book says–and he sent Moochelle that letter describing the Obama “tool” and the letter is REPRODUCED in back of the book as proof. A former Secret Service agent came forward late last year and basically confirmed some suspicions. Like I’ve posted on other sites–people will be shocked to find out the ‘real’ Obama once he no longer has the power of Federal GUN to silence or intimidate anymore.

          • Amazing that the lawmakers that be couldn’t find this out before this fraud hit the scene. Somebody was not doing their job! And as far as I am concerned, screw the lamestream media. Our lawmakers should know by now that they can’t be trusted to “vet” anybody, let alone someone they wanted to crown King!

          • Original Rebel–the lame-stream media is comprised of 90-96% DemocRATS, just look at the connections IN BED with Obama: ABC SENIOR Correspondent Claire Shipman MARRIED to former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney; CNN PRESIDENT Virginia Mosely MARRIED to former Sec of State Hillary Clinton’s DEPUTY SECRETARY Tom Nides; CBS PRESIDENT David Rhodes is BROTHER of TOP Obama official BEN Rhodes–who CHANGED Benghazi talking points FROM a terror attack to a “protest over a video”; ABC PRESIDENT Ben Sherwood is BROTHER of Obama Special Assistant Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood! The Alphabet Networks are IN BED with Obama administration–NOW you know why the WON’T HONESTLY REPORT ON HIM!!

          • I didn’t know any of this … sounds pretty incestuous to me! They put someone out there who can lie pretty good and the rest of them swear to it. In my humble opinion, the whole damn place ought to be fumigated!

          • THAT’s why you can’t get any honest reporting on Obama and his radical policies. They keep protecting their muslim ‘messiah’ who keeps claiming he’s a Christian but all you hear from him is how beautiful muslim prayers are, how great the religion is, he WON’T explain WHY he wears that gold band on his left ring finger that is an Arabic inscription that means “There is no God but Allah”–the same statement school kids are being urged to repeat in some Tennessee schools. And he won’t explain WHY he’s DEPORTING Christians who’ve fled Syria while he’s PUSHING some 200,000+ MUSLIMS from Syria to be allowed into the U.S.–NO, that media won’t report on any of it–he IS their ‘messiah’ and they worship him.

          • No argument here.

          • Don’t mind whAKlady she’s a troll.

          • You label everyone a troll that does not agree with your politics.

            Coming from you I consider it an emblem of pride…a compliment.

          • Go away weirdo, I’m not in the slightest bit interested in getting into any kind of discourse with someone so dense.

          • Then why do you keep the discourse going?

          • GOD! You are stupid.
            You commented to me first you idiot, you brain dead bag of a waste of breath and space, get lost.
            Do not talk to me.
            Do not talk to me.
            DO NOT TALK TO ME!

          • Liberalschism–she’s got what ALL OF THEM have: “RECTAL CRANIAL INVERSION”–their head’s stuck so far up their rear they can’t see daylight or smell FREEDOM anymore. They are IN LOVE with the muslim IMAM Obama. Let me tell ya’, she can argue all she wants–I’ve been a LIFETIME Democrat voter–with 40+ YEARS of participation–there is NO Democrat party anymore–it is now–the National Socialist DemocRAT Party of ISLAM! Socialist policies and Islamic support–THAT is what it stands for, WHY it won’t call terrorism what it is in America instead of “workplace” violence, WHY they gave up 5 TOP TERRORISTS for a MUSLIM CONVERT Bowe Berghdal, WHY Obama has supported the muslim brotherhood takeover in mid-east and the only reason he’s bombing ISIS–it’s a THREAT to muslim brotherhood control.

          • Thank you for your excellent comments.
            I knew there had to be democrats out there that really get it and that people like whAKlady and headscrewedup were just delusional.
            I’ve even started hearing democrats starting to call in on talk radio complaining about their own party.
            Finally! Maybe they are starting to wake up..
            Welcome to the real world my friend, glad to have you aboard.

          • Oh, I GAVE UP on DemocRATS after Carter. Let me tell ya–Jimmy Carter is one of the nicest, compassionate people you’ll meet–he was just too naive and ignorant of DC politics to be a good president. He personally helped out members of my family while he was governor of Georgia. But being a nice person does NOT make a great leader and NICE doesn’t work in DC politics or world leadership. I’m CONSERVATIVE CONSTITUTIONALIST FIRST, a concerned citizen and fed up voter, and democrat LAST! Party doesn’t matter to me–too many politicians on both sides are ALL ABOUT PARTY AND POCKETS–THEIRS, not ours! I used to dislike TERM LIMITS–because there are SOME politicians who will stand for what they say and do it–but not enough. MONEY buys politicians–the only way to get its influence OUT of DC politics is TERM LIMITS–they can’t sit there for years as career politicians getting BRIBES and payoffs from so many years of service and working relationships with lobbyists, corporations, special interests. TWO TERMS and GONE–no time to get entrenched and paid off.

          • The Constitution provides Presidents with veto authority. Reagan did not use it.

            Congress spends the money. Congress makes the laws.

            Presidents do not have that authority.

          • Reagan HAD to compromise with spending and NOT vetoing except that which he specifically did. Without the House’s approval he couldn’t have gotten the TAX CUTS enacted to create the growth and prosperity his cuts did. Growing the economy and bringing the U.S. OUT of Carter’s recession was the goal. AND–when a President SIGNS INTO LAW A BUDGET–HE SPENDS THAT MONEY! You need a crash course on government! Obama SPENT like a drunken sailor with Dems in control and RAT Senator Harry Reid in Senate REFUSED to allow a single budget to be passed during Obama’s first 6 YEARS–it has only been since the Republicans took over the Senate in January of this year that a budget has even received an opportunity for a Senate vote up or down.

          • Excuse, excuse, excuse … Saint Reagan was perfect – everything that went wrong was someone else’s fault.

            McConnell (R-Ky) swore to make Obama fail. Reid, the Mormon from Nevada also made that oath.

            Between the two of them, they worked diligently to harm the American people.

          • It’s a FACT–Reagan’s economy, propped up by his TAX cuts, created the GREATEST period of economic prosperity and growth since the Industrial Revolution in the “Roaring Twenties” in America. GOP leaders were aware of the radical ideology Obama believes in, it’s playing out right now–stagnant economy that has averaged 1.9% for nearly seven years now, DAMN right they wanted to stop it–just look at how de-valued our dollar is and how bad our national DEBT is. Only by forcing Obama to accept Sequester cuts and cutting spending on some programs have the GOP brought TRILLION dollar deficits down to HALF A TRILLION deficits even as the National DEBT GROWS BY A MILLION DOLLARS AN HOUR! And since Obama’s corrupt SPENDING has cost the U.S. it’s FIRST CREDIT DOWNGRADE IN HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY—INTEREST ON THAT DEBT IS INCREASING DEBT MORE RAPIDLY.

          • Only, that is not what happened. Supply-side economics have never worked will never work,

            Reagan drastically cut personal and business taxes — without cutting government spending. His administration TRIPLED THE NATIONAL DEBT.

            Make no mistake—things most assuredly became harder for all but the wealthy who, as the primary beneficiaries of the across-the-board 24 percent tax cut, watched their net worth skyrocket as those less fortunate or less successful took a major hit.

            THE ECONOMY IS NOT STAGNAT. It has slowly, but surely improved since Obama took office in 2009.

          • YOU have exposed yourself as a socialist/communist/progressive/liberal–one and the same. The Federal DEFICIT FELL from 6% of GDP to only 3.2% of the Gross Domestic Product under Reagan. Obama has NET ZERO jobs gains–he has NOT created any new jobs and thousands of those “jobs” created have been part-time, temporary jobs and 80% have went to ILLEGAL and legal aliens. Incomes ROSE under Reagan by $4,500 dollars after dropping $1500 under Carter’s term. Incomes have DROPPED $6000 under Obama’s economy. The largest number of those who have LOST jobs under Obama–WOMEN, while blacks have seen unemployment reach highest levels among them since Carter’s years–direct reflection of FOREIGN workers getting jobs. And many companies like Walt Disney, Qualcomm, Siemans, Cisco Systems, Quest Communications, Southern California Edison are LAYING OFF American workers and asking for MORE H1-B visas FOR FOREIGN WORKERS while Nabisco has closed a Chicago plant and MOVED to Mexico and Burger King has MOVED its corporate office to Canada–BOTH because of high tax/regulations that are strangling them in a poor economy and demands for $15 wages.

          • You obviously no very little about government budget and/or accounting.

            For example, President Reagan took office on Jan. 20, 1980, but fiscal year 1980 started four months earlier. Similarly, he left office Jan. 20, 1989, but fiscal 1989 still had four months to run.

          • The FEDERAL FISCAL YEAR RUNS FROM OCTOBER TO OCTOBER EVERY YEAR! The FACTS I gave you on Reagan are true. The left absolutely refuses to acknowledge that Reagan was THE BEST president of the modern era based on economic prosperity and job growth. But ALL economic measure PROVE IT–but because he was a very successful Conservative Republican, it goes against everything they stand for. W. Bush had the SECOND best economy behind ONLY Reagan, every economic measure proves it too. Obama has had ZERO job growth since the country has NOT even replaced the jobs lost from DemocRATS and Obama’s mortgage crisis, he’s had the WORST recovery of ANY president since FDR because of his socialist policies of wealth redistribution and enormous tax/regulations.

          • The federal fiscal year runs from Oct 1. through Sept. 30. It does not begin and end on the same date.

            Your so-called facts are as reliable as your Oct to Oct. budget.
            Reagan economics destroyed American business, exports and banking. The facts speak for

            The tripled federal debt tells the whole story. The American economy can be artificially pumped up just so long before the banker wants paid.

            Supply side economics have never worked. They did not work for Reagan.

            Bush destroyed America’s economics. He doubled the debt. He started two wars on the credit card, and lowered taxes too boot.

            Increase spending, decrease income. Wow, such intelligence.

          • Your leftwing diatribe is tiring–the Oct to Oct is a general idea of the budget year. What day is after Sept 30? OCT 1st! Bush’s tax cuts brought in the HIGHEST level of Federal Revenues to Treasury in HISTORY–$2.6 TRILLION DOLLARS in 2006. TAX CUTS DO NOT CAUSE DEBT or DEFICITS–JFK, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush CUT Income taxes and saw ROBUST increases in Federal Revenues. John F. Kennedy: “It is a paradoxical TRUTH that tax rates are too high and tax revenues are too low and the soundest way to RAISE the revenues in the long run IS TO CUT TAX RATES now…Cutting taxes is NOT to incur a budget deficit, BUT TO ACHIEVE THE MORE PROSPEROUS, EXPANDING ECONOMY WHICH CAN BRING A BUDGET SURPLUS.” It’s a FACT–cutting income taxes and business taxes INCREASE money in the pockets of consumers who will spend it INTO the economy and businesses will INVEST, expand and create NEW jobs==more growth from consumer spending and business investments, it means NEW JOBS which means MORE workers paying income taxes INTO the Treasury, growing both the economy and Treasury Revenues–it worked under JFK, Reagan and W. Bush. Carter raised income taxes–gave us RECESSION, Clinton raised income taxes–gave us RECESSION, and Obama has raised taxes–extended the collapse that occurred from DemocRATS’ mortgage crisis, a stagnant economy that has Fed Reserve downgrading growth estimates and prospect of another recession by year’s end or early 2016. Forget about the Labor Dept reports on jobs–BEFORE Obama was elected there were 88 MILLION working age Americans NOT working–that figure is now 94 MILLION–that’s 6 MILLION people who are NO longer working but NOT counted as unemployed because they NO longer collect unemployment–many chose early retirement because of such a poor economy, millions of others are living off savings/401k plans. From George Washington to Ronald Reagan, the National DEBT was $2.19 TRILLION, after W. Bush it was $10 TRILLION–now it is 18.4 TRILLION–once president has nearly DOUBLED the National DEBT in 7 YEARS–Obama. And his TRILLION dollar ObamaCare has not fully kicked in yet. CONSUMER SPENDING provide 70% of the economy, you CAN’T grow an economy by taking MORE from taxpayers in a stagnant economy.

          • “Obama OVERSPENDING on previous programs that have driven UP National Debt.”

            Where do you get this nonsense?

            Why do you insist on lying?

            Why do you believe ir is acceptable to lie?

            Congress makes the laws.

            Congress spends the money.

          • Obama had a DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED Congress for the first two years–he ran up DEBT by nearly DOUBLING Bush’s deficit in his first term with $832 BILLION stimulus, cash for clunkers, etc..–all expenditures ADDED ON in the first budget year, which was Bush’s last budget. The first 43 presidents RAN UP $6.3 TRILLION in DEBT, Obama has RUN UP $6.7 TRILLION in just 6.3 YEARS—MORE than ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED! The National DEBT has increased from $10.3 TRILLION after 43 previous presidents and 233 YEARS–it NOW stands at $18.39 TRILLION DOLLARS–it will be $19 TRILLION by year’s end–that’s nearly DOUBLE what it was when Obama was inaugurated-it WILL DOUBLE by end of next year! He’s DOUBLED National Debt over what it was after 43 PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED==and it GAINED a MILLION DOLLARS MORE IN DEBT AS I TYPED THIS RESPONSE.

          • The stimulus was approved before Obama took office.

            Cash for Clunkers was also.

            Alan Blinder was popularizing both programs in July 2008 (New York Times).

            The two wars are Bush debt, not Obama’s.

            Try to keep your facts correct.

          • See that pablum’s got your brain fogged now–BAILOUTS for Fannie/Freddie was BUSH’s, STIMULUS was Obama’s, Cash for Clunkers was Obama’s, weatherizing houses was Obama’s, the $92 BILLION for “green energy” was Obama’s–and keep in mind it went to Obama bundlers and contributors–and 21 of the top 35 recipients of that $92 BILLION ARE BANKRUPT and CLOSED with OUR MONEY! Solyndra, ENER1, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt, Nordic Windpower, Satcom, Abound Solar, LG Chem, Energy Conversion Devices, Raser Technology–ANY of these sound familiar to you? Probably NOT, Obama gave them BILLIONS and they are ALL CLOSED, BANKRUPT! Obama GAVE nearly $300 MILLION to A123 Systems to BUILD electric batteries for cars Americans DON’T WANT–CHINA NOW OWNS THAT AMERICAN COMPANY! Let me quote you the National Bureau of Economic Research report on the financial collapse of 2008–which DemocRATS conveniently blamed on Bush–their 2012 report CONFIRMED BEYOND QUESTION it was DemocRAT policies pushing and protecting the Community Re-investment Act under Bill Clinton that led to the financial collapse. Critical reforms offered BY REPUBLICANS like Bush and John McCain were VOTED DOWN or BLOCKED by DemocRATS in Congress. DemocRATS conveniently forget the NY Times warned in the last years of Clinton’s presidency “continuing to force banks into lowering their standards would LEAD TO CATASTROPHE.” The Times went on to say: There is, “LITTLE EVIDENCE” of any connection between the Republican deregulation measures Obama blames, like Gramm-Bleach-Liley Act (SIGNED INTO LAW BY BILL CLINTON) and the collapse of the housing market. This happened even as DemocRATS RAIDED Fannie and Freddie for CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS–INCLUDING OBAMA!

          • Suggest you go back and review the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.

          • I suggest YOU read: and you will find the Economic Stimulus act was PASSED by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi-DemocRAT and Senate majority leader Harry Reid–DemocRAT on February 14, 2009 AFTER Obama had been inaugurated a month before. Cash for Clunkers and Cash for Weatherizing, were all added on later that same year by Obama, NOT Bush.

          • February 2009 — that is the federal budget period that began October 1. 2008.

          • CAN YOU NOT READ? The Stimulus act was PASSED in February 2009 and signed into law by Obama–an OBAMA STIMULUS ADDED ON TO BUSH’s 2008 Budget. That increased the projected deficit from Bush’s $500 BILLION–which included BAILOUTS to the financial industry and pushed the budget OVER $1 TRILLION dollars–Obama’s INCREASED that budget DEFICIT to–$1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS–the FIRST Trillion dollar deficit in U.S. history. Obama SPENT that stimulus bill, George W. Bush had NO say in that bill, it was passed by DemocRAT controlled Congress while Bush was HOME in Texas. As of Jan 20, 2009 Obama was president–ALL increases in the 2008 budget IS Obama’s responsibility and the stimulus bill was just one among several that hiked that projected deficit OVER and BEYOND Bush’s budget cost to that Trillion dollar deficit.

          • Ignorance is bliss.

            The federal fiscal year runs October 1, through September 30.

            The first federal budget under Obama went into effect on October 1, 2009.

            The first federal spending under Obama began October 1, 2009.

          • NO, Obama SIGNED stimulus spending INTO law in Feb 2009. The PROJECTED deficit under the FIRST budget–BUSH’s last budget–was $5.6 BILLION–Obama DOUBLED that DEFICIT with stimulus, Cash for Clunkers, Cash for Weatherproofing out in west coast states, green energy spending,etc. THAT budget DEFICIT ended at $1.3 TRILLION because of Obama DOUBLING the DEFICIT with additional SPENDING under a DemocRAT controlled Congress in 2009. JAN 20, 2009 when Obama took office–PROJECTED DEFICIT=$5.6 BILLION—SEPT. 30 BUDGET END–DEFICIT OF $1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS—that’s ADDITIONAL DEFICIT SPENDING BY Obama and DemocRATS.

          • Bla, bla, bla …
            Congress’ actions prevented a world-wide, repeat of the great depression.

          • B.S.–they should’ve let’em FAIL, if they went out of business, that’s their own fault–THEY pay the piper, NOT the American taxpayers. Those companies at risk were siting on millions, probably billions of dollars–Bush should’ve let’em fail or put up the money to save their own companies and Obama should’ve stayed OUT of bailouts and running up more DEBT–but that IS his intention–continue running UP debt as he learned attending conferences with Francis Fox Piven and late husband Richard Cloward–who ADVOCATED collapsing our government under HUGE DEBT obligations–forcing U.S. to be bailed out by UN and international banks, effectively costing us our National Sovereignty and control over our government. FACT! Greece is the ongoing example of what the U.S. is facing now IF a Republican led White House and Congress doesn’t take steps to change it. Even the majority of American people realize Obama has been an economic, foreign policy DISASTER!

          • Fact you seem to have missed. Bailouts were not gifts, but loans.

            Interest bearing loans.
            Outflow: $616.6 Billion.
            Inflow: $672.9 Billion.

            Some of the bailout were in the form of stock purchases. Those have already paid $252 Billion in dividends.

            The taxpayer made a profit.

            No additional national debt oinvolved.

          • YOU can spout ALL the liberal LIES you want, I’ll give you FACTS from the Federal govt RIGHT NOW–UNFUNDED LIABILITY from Obama’s Healthcare=$9.2 TRILLION DOLLARS. National DEBT when Obama was elected=$10 TRILLION, National DEBT right now=$18.2 TRILLION DOLLARS–it WILL be DOUBLE National DEBT by the time he’s gone in Jan 2017! YOU OWE $382, 871.46 IN UNFUNDED LIABILITY PAYMENTS ACCORDING TO THE FEDERAL GOVT! The U.S. as a whole–OWES $123 TRILLION DOLLARS IN UNFUNDED LIABILITIES–PROGRAMS NOT PAID FOR!! Obama has done NOTHING BUT run UP DEBT and DEFICITS, just as he INTENDED to as his attempt to COLLAPSE our economy!! HE ATTENDED CONFERENCES WITH RADICALS WHO PROPOSED THIS!! THESE ARE ALL FACTS!

          • Presidents have veto authority. He signed the legislation into law.
            Tax cuts do not increase income.

          • NO, the president SPENDS the money when he signs the budget INTO LAW. IF you are paying 20% of your income in TAXES and you get a CUT to 10%, that’s NOT an increase in ‘take-home’ pay? Certainly that’s an INCOME INCREASE–YOU get to keep MORE OF YOUR MONEY. GAS prices have dropped thanks to increase in production on PRIVATE property in the U.S. and glut of oil on market in mid-east by ISIS to sponsor their terrorism and expansion–the drop in prices is almost like a TAX CUT, it has acted as a low level increase in “take home” pay since workers have MORE money leftover to spend on groceries, energy bills, clothes, etc..because that’s LESS expenses for consumers coming out of paychecks.

          • If that big corporation is paying $0.00 income tax, and Congress is giving them handouts — your are a fool being used.

          • NO, every Conservative I know want Corporate Welfare ended. But on some issues like oil production–it PAYS to give them subsidies to OFFSET costs of locating, drilling, and production–THAT is why costs have been kept artificially low–50 cents of every gallon GOES TO FEDERAL government, while they give oil/gas companies subsidies for cheaper prices, they gouge US with federal taxes. Take away those subsidies and gas will naturally rise exponentially to recover those costs covered by subsidies.

          • Garbage piled higher and deeper. IBM is not an oil company.

          • Depends on IF a subsidy offsets the costs to American consumers that allows low income and lower middle class citizens to purchase those products from companies receiving subsidies. For the most part–subsidies are BRIBES RETURNED from corrupt politicians who wind up millionaires by the time their service in Congress is over. On a $165,000 a year income–it should take YEARS to achieve a millionaire status but payoffs in form of bribes, lobbyist donations and special interest donations for SERVICE RENDERED should prohibit the need for any subsidies, period.

          • Funny thing about those Washington people. While in DC, 5 or more share an apartment. They each draw a large cost of living subsidy. With rent at $1,000 or less a month, they invest and become quite rich.

          • NO, it’s payoffs and BRIBES from contributors, campaign donors, lobbyists, special interests. WHY does GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell NOT interested in stopping the IRAN deal? Because he’s received $185,000 from the Blackstone Group, $113,000 from Goldman Sachs, $103,300 from Humana, 97,000 from JP Morgan, $74,000 from GE, $62,500 from Warren Buffet’s Berkshire-Hathaway, etc–THOUSANDS more. THEY ALL DO IT–that’s why they will NOT support TERM LIMITS to get rid of career politicians who are owned by special interests, corporations, lobbyists, etc..McConnell ain’t making money splitting rent on any apartments and NONE of the rest are excepting maybe some Tea Party leaders like Rand Paul who sleeps in his office and has RETURNED his stipend back to the Senate.

        • Learn the facts before you open your mouth!

          • don’t waste your time talking to AK-she is a troll and a very stupid one at that-she likes to name call and use big words she has no idea the meaning of!

          • The facts are published by the U.S. Government.

            Try to remember that the federal budget runs October 1 through September 30.

            Hence, the first Obama spending did not take place until October 1, 2009.

          • I strongly suggest you do just that.

          • She can’t. She’s terminally stupid. she’s got her nose so far up obamalinsky’s butt that she can’t see that he’s been shredding the Constitution with his Executive Orders – now what would you call that Dolly? I would call it: obamalinsky adoration. He certainly thinks he has the “authority” to make up laws, whatever way he wants to and no one dares cross him. He’s a dicktator – no other explanation for it.

          • I suggest you follow our own advice.

        • seersuckerandapanama

          Tip O’Neill and Jim Wright tripled the national debt. Reagan increased revenue via the improved economy that resulted from his tax cuts. The budget is determined by the congress.

        • So now that you have been set strait by facts.

          Are you going to continue to post your deception and lies, like you have with your past deceptions and lies?

          That will be the true test of your character, and shed a light on your true intent as a troll.

        • You’re ignorant. Go read the Congressional Record or some other historical documentation on Reagan’s presidency. Or shut the hell up. The only fault that I disagreed with him on was his amnesty for the illegal “immigrants”!

          • I have. Where your “facts” cone from are a total mystery.

          • There’s no explaining such total ignorance. I am done wasting my time on a nitwit like you. Everybody on here thinks you’re a screwball; now i do too. Don’t bother me any more. If I see your name, I will just delete you. I have better things to do with my time. Maybe one of these days you’ll be able to get your nose surgically removed from obamalinsky’s butt and be able to “see” again.

          • Grow up.
            Educate yourself.
            He tripled the national debt.

          • Maybe one of these days you will get an education so that you know how your government works — not matter who sits in the White House.

          • Why don’t you shut the hell up. You don’t know what you’re talking about; you don’t know me; you don’t know what I know, so hit the road. Just keep your nose where it is and your ignorance won’t show so much.

          • You have broadcast more than enough about yourself on this site.

            I know you very well. There were hundreds just like you in the town where I grew up.

            The stain of bigotry does not wash off.

          • Hahahahahaha – boy, now there’s a snappy comeback. That all you got? Can’t bring an intelligent argument, so everybody who disagrees with you is a “bigot”. You don’t even know what “bigot” means! You don’t know sh– from shinola. That doesn’t wash off either! The only bigot on here is you. As Forrest Gump wisely said “stupid is as stupid does. I think that fits you perfectly.

          • As Forrest Gump wisely said “stupid is as stupid does.”

            And you are a perfect example.

          • Wow, again, a snappy comeback. Gosh, I guess I just might as well throw in the towel; you’re so clever. Turning one’s comments back on them is simply indicative of your inept retort ability. Say “goodnight”.

        • Hey stupid, how much has your “boy” Odebtor added?

          • Not near as much, by miles.

            I can’t wait to see what Trump will add, if he is elected.

            What I don’t want to see is the thousands that will be put in the streets .. the thousands who will die from lack of medical care .. the cities which will be bankrupted trying to deal with the poverty he creates.

            Trump is very much like the Milwaukee murderer — Walker. He put hundreds in the street — many died.

          • “Not near as much, by miles.” Ronald Reagan: Added $1.86 trillion, Ocumstain:Added $6.167 trillion

          • Except you are comparing apples to oranges.

            Go back, convert both figures to the same $1 value, then get back to me.

            The $1 does not have the same value every year.

          • Why don’t you go over to the U.S. Treasury site, find out, and come back and tell us?

      • It’s NOT Reagan that Conservatives want–it’s THE LEADERSHIP AND PRINCIPLES HE STOOD FOR–that WAS the PLATFORM of GOP until the Boehner/McConnell, McCain, Lindsey Graham CARTEL got control!

        • I guess that was what I was trying to say. Thank you for clarification!

        • The reason Trump is so popular is the leadership aspect of driving the discussion and making the other candidates talk about issues they would rather avoid, like him or not he is leading the way.

    • No, Reagan made problems that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be dealing with. He tripled the national debt. Copycat Bush then came along and doubled that.

      • And you morons put 0bama in office who quadrupled that……

        So what is your complaint? Reagan did it first, so NOW I have to do it????

        • She HAS no point-she is merely a whiney lying repetitive troll whose goal is to -well, don’t think she thinks that far ahead!

        • One fact, is that too much to ask?
          Just one?

          You are big with the insults, but very short on facts and truth.

        • It would be nice if you actually checked facts before running your fingers across the keyboard.

          Why do you believe it id acceptable to lie?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies told by other people?

    • They are neither, simply opportunists who play the go along to set a long game to enrich themselves and become powerful just Obama, but without an Ideology.

  2. Why not compare,,, Compare to Washington, ,Kennedy,, Compare to Nixon,, (Who at least knew he was wrong and resigned,, ) Obama should and Hillary should go home,, I don’t compare Trump to Reagan ,, Right now I don’t have a clue as to who I’ll vote for but I know I won’t vote for Hillary and not Obama when he tries for third term,,, When I see some-one I believe is Honest and no backdoor deals that’s when I’ll decide

  3. geez, media has told me that I cannot like Christ anymore,, now you are going after Reagan?

    • they can tell what they want …but as far as CHRIST… it won’t do you a bit of good…cause GOD is the only thing in this world you can 100% count on

    • And just where have the media told you that you can not like Christ?

      Answer: NOWHERE!

      You theocratic fanatics need to curb your imagination!

      • There it is headinass, right there! Thanx for proving Elsie’s point.

        • I proved nothing of the kind, ignoramus! Telling her that she needs to curb her imagination dies not in any way deter her from liking Christ or speaking in His behalf! Get real–and get rational! Your thought processes are severely compromised.

          • Try writing a coherent sentence…”dies not”?,…”in his behalf”? Who’s the ignoramus now twit? There is a REAL movement vilifying Christians and idolizing muzzies. Of course, when your headin ass, you will spew denials and puke out DNC vomit.

          • The letters o and i are adjacent on the standard keyboard, and all of us occasionally make typos. You got my meaning if you have half a brain. As to “in His behalf,” I have no idea what you find wrong with that.

            Much of the criticism of Christians is criticism of that sector of Christendom that ignorantly insists that this is a “Christian nation” and that desires to instate government-prescribed school prayer and Bible reading in public school settings and install sectarian religious symbols and activities within other public (governmental) forums and settings. As a conservative Christian who does NOT promote such things, I am offended by the aggressive actions of those who promote and defend them. This is a secular nation!

          • America IS a Christian nation, no matter what you COMMUNIST Democrats say or how you spin it.

          • Thankfully, your saying it is does not make it one. How many times is religion mentioned in the Constitution, 1American1st? Do you know? And in which of those few mentions is it established that this is a “Christian nation”?

            The very first mention is in Article VI, paragraph 3, which forbids the use of any religious test as a qualification to any public office or public trust. If the founding fathers and framers of the Constitution had wished to establish a “Christian nation,” why would they not have prescribed that public offices and public trusts should be restricted to persons of the Christian faith?

          • It’s not in the Constitution, but this country was founded on Christian principles.

            They didn’t put “In God We Trust” on our money for nothing.

            Are you a Muslim or just an Athiest Azzhole?

          • Do YOU still beat your wife?

          • NEVER HAVE. I’m not a Commie Democrat or a Muslim.

          • “Aggressive actions”?. as in burning down a pizza store or wishing a court clerk to burn?

            “desires to instate government-prescribed school prayer and Bible
            reading in public school settings and install sectarian religious
            symbols and activities within other public (governmental) forums and
            settings” ….such as airports in FRISCO and Orlando installing muSLIME prayer rooms at taxpayer expense? (cough).HYPOCRITE!

  4. ………………

  5. yea! I agree that’s why I’m voting for trump 2016

  6. Trump strikes a chord. Ask yourself why and don’t nitpick.

    • I asked myself why and myself gave me an answer, namely that Trump, the simplistically ranting demagogue, panders to the lowest level of the misinformed electorate, which has grown to regrettably large numbers. Trump is able to garner the support of the clueless, willfully ignorant masses who suck up to the lying propaganda barfed up by the radical right. He has been successful with that sector of nuttiness because they hear the varmint proclaim all the things he would do as president and give no thought as to HOW he could possibly do those things. And Trump will not explain the “how,” because he knows that the gullible sheeple don’t have the smarts to question his hyper-generalized promises; they just gleefully dote on his hostile criticism of anything and everything they don’t like.

      • Meh. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I experienced a lifetime of campaign lies and “moderates” who turned out to be rinos or socialists. Trump is neither. Further, he’s a skilled negotiator which none of the others can claim. Your heads on straight, but backwards.

      • again, you have totally described the low information morons who consistently vote democrat for all those reasons. the ONLY things obozo has accomplished in his 2 unearned terms have proven to be exactly the reason the right has people clinging to Trump’s words-our military is disabled and not respected, we are overflowing with illegal immigrants who are trying to turn America into mini Mexico, and murdering our citizens because our government looks the other way: same sex marriages are now “normal” not unnatural any more, selling aborted baby parts for profit under the guise of “women’s heath” is also hailed by lefties as progress, and oh yeah, ISIS is here and ready to take down America from the inside, and our “president” has NO STRATEGY for defeating them. You stupid nutjobs on the left are handing our freedoms over to the almighty government on a silver platter with all the PC, lack of common sense ideologies being pushed down our throats. Why don’t you move to Europe which appears to be more in line with your socialistic, archaic thinking.

        • Your rant, piece by piece:

          “our military is disabled and not respected”

          Says who? We have the most powerful military establishment on earth and spend more on it annually than the next 10 nations combined, including Russia and China.

          And if you believe it is “disabled,” and “not respected,” then you should give some examples to prove that raw unexplicated assertion. Just saying it does not make it so, notwithstanding that that is a common tactic from the wackadoodle right.

          ,”we are overflowing with illegal immigrants who are trying to turn America into mini Mexico, and murdering our citizens because our government looks the other way:”

          Assessing the proportion of crime attributable to immigrants is exceedingly difficult, and often fraught with error based on insupportable assumptions and flawed analytical methodology, as this thoughtful study shows:

          And if the incarcerated immigrant population is as high as shown in the study referenced above, it is patently ridiculous to assert that the government is looking the other way!

          “same sex marriages are now “normal” not unnatural any more,”

          As regrettable as the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on s-s marriage is, the Court did not bless these arrangements as normal,” but as Constitutional. Feel free to call them abnormal and perverted, as you wish, and no one can legally constrain your freedom to speak your mind on that subject.

          “selling aborted baby parts for profit under the guise of “women’s heath” is also hailed by lefties as progress:

          Those parts were not sold at a profit, which would be illegal,. They are placed with medical research establishments and other legal recipients, who reimburse the costs encountered in obtaining the parts.

          ,”and oh yeah, ISIS is here and ready to take down America from the inside.”

          So was Al Qaeda, back in the early 2000s, according to the panicky wingnuts, but how much terroristic progress has Al Qaeda accomplished in the U.S.? I don’t feel taken down; do you?

          • You need to get up-to-date & out of that cave, Headuphisass.

            Obama has been forcing military commanders out of office, 200+ and that was 3 years ago, and replacing them with Communist Democrats.

            He’s probably afraid of the Revolution / Civil War that he is trying to start might come back to bite him in the ass, so he needs his own Commie Dem commanders to protect him.

            If you took a poll I bet you would find that a huge majority of the military hate him.

          • “Writing
            in The Washington Times on November 12, 2013, Commander J.D. Gordon,
            USN (Ret.), a former Pentagon spokesman, says “…every week since
            President Obama took office, we’ve been hearing that another top leader
            has been summarily fired, despite decades of loyal service and valuable
            experience protecting the nation. Statistically speaking, it’s actually
            closer to one every 8.8 days, a staggering 200 military brass shown the
            door in less than five years.

            Thus, one wonders if this Stalin-like purge of generals and admirals is a
            precautionary step taken by Mr. Obama in advance of a descent into the
            darkness of a Constitutional crisis.”

          • LOL –maybe you don’t feel taken down because Al Qaeda has slowed progress since we took out their leader Bin Laden-but then replaced him with Osama Obama who is looking the other way when the muslime jihadists are stealthily setting up camps all over the US. All your little libbie “explanations” of my opinions are so flippin’ typical of radicals like you who turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to , well, reality –in favor of hyping the newest latest pc fad. Your “thoughtful” study of illegal immigrant criminals is hilarious though-you should pass your wisdom on to oh, say the Stenle family in CA-I am sure they would love to hear how wrong they are about wanting to make sure illegals who have been deported for illegal activity (or murder perhaps) never come back here. I am wasting my time arguing with a jerk like you-but I was bored today.

          • “China is aggressively building up military forces capable of striking U.S. forces in the western Pacific and elsewhere as part of what the Pentagon calls an array of high-tech “anti-access” missiles, submarines and warplanes in its latest annual report.””According to a report by RIA Novosti, Moscow may be developing a heavy-liquid-fuel, non-nuclear, precision-guided payload capability for a new class of ICBMs, which would give Russia near-global coverage.”

            Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Monday proposed shrinking the Army to its smallest size in 74 years, closing bases and reshaping forces to confront a “more volatile, more unpredictable” world with a more nimble military…..
            “(Reuters) – President Barack Obama was caught on camera on Monday assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election.”

      • Headuphisass –


      • “I asked myself why and myself gave me an answer” ….Talking crap to yourself again? LMAO

  7. I think whoever wrote that article needs a cat scan.

  8. I feel very comfortable with Ben Carson’s place in this debate tonight. Ben is his own man and doesn’t have to yell and name call to get his message across. He is excelling in his campaign because he has the American people and our Lord and Savior in his corner. He will make a great president and surround himself with people who will help him excel.

    • You need to check out his Immigration agenda.

      Dr. Ben is on the wrong side of the track when it comes to ILLEGALS.


    • What?? Are you serious? Have an intelligent, self-made, honest, Award winning (not a Nobel Peace prize) patriotic black president.? The humanity!!!!!.

  9. Reagen was a Great President for his time. Let him rest in peace. Times are much different now and and critical at best. We need a Constitutionalist, Conservative, Courageous Leader who is a mover and shaker that can pull this nation up by its bootstraps and bring us back from this 8 year abiss.

  10. This “once great” country has done nothing but go down hill faster than one on a snow board in Ohio’s worst winter. Forget the gipper. No one, NO ONE can muster the balls to eradicate the HTNIC that was placed in OUR white house and everyone in the congress and senate has abandoned morals and are out for themselves only. Wait until the shit really hits the fan! Do they all really believe they won’t be effected??

  11. I was a hot shot First Class Petty Officer in the USN while Pres. Reagan was in office. I remember a great man who was a damn good leader, knew how to work with both sides of the aisle and make them do their jobs. We had quite a few retired military in the house and senate. Pres. Reagan knew how to delegate and he was a damn good statesman. We could do far worse by not taking a lead from this icon! I am voting for Mr. Trump in 2016!

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself!! (With the exception of myself being a First Class Petty Officer in the USN, of course.) His ideals were what America’s ideals should be NOW… his leadership is the kind we need NOW… his morals that guided him in his decisions, both foreign and domestic, are the kind of morals that have gone down the toilet, and it’s HIGH time we brought America back to the great country it once was. As he once said, and I’m likely to misquote, “One nation under God. A nation without God is a nation gone under.” (It’s along those lines, anyway…)

    • Well said!! The libTURDS and rino pukes are SHATTING their Depends at the thought that the socialistic work they have perpetrated will be undone.

  12. He can’t even figure this little task out and he’s running our country?

  13. President Ronald Reagan was the best & most respected President of my lifetime. Even the Democrats loved him & he was re-elected in 49 states, only losing to Minnesota, Mondale’s home state.

    A “Gang of 8” bipartisan group convinced President Reagan to give 3 Million Illegals Amnesty, which he did, on the condition of it being a 1 TIME ONLY DEAL & the borders had to be secured.

    Now Commie Dems want Amnesty for somewhere between 12 – 30 Million Illegals. Even the Career Criminal Republicans want this horrific, criminal & economic debacle!

    Donald Trump is answering the call to stop this madness & the overwhelming majority of Americans want it stopped!


    GO TRUMP 2016

  14. Donald Trump is a combination of President Reagan and President Truman, and that is exactly what America needs right now! Trump 2016!

  15. Ronald Reagan was a fine example of what a first rate president should be. He was loyal, wise and true, putting the country and the people above all else in the world. And he had courage to spare.
    We are not chasing his ghost, we are hunting for someone endowed with his same qualities. There are a couple of decent prospects in the Republican roster, this time out. May the American electorate have the wisdom to choose the best.

  16. this is what i’ve been saying!! i love reagan but he is not the divine being many have turned him into. w was closer to reagan but he wasn’t perfect. no pres. is perfect. i think this is another reason nobody is happy. so many conservatives expect this divine vers. of reagan to ”save us” well, he isn’t coming people!! we need to unite and defeat our real ”enemy”. the marxist democrats who continue to push socialist policies!

  17. Maybe, just maybe, Trump IS what’s needed, NOW! Say what you will about his persona, it hasn’t negated his resonance with Americans, from Joe and Jane Six-pack, to our shrinking, taxed-to the max, middle-classes, to wealthy coastal elites.

    Politicians, both Republicans AND Democrats, are stunned and dismayed with, and by The Donald’s candid, in-your-face, tell-it-like-it-is, let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may pronouncements.

    As is the ultra-liberal media which has, since 2008, covered up for the weak, incompetent, racist, liar currently occupying the Oval Office. Said media is doing everything possible to discredit The Donald as a Red Herring; yet said nothing significant about our weak president’s “Red Line” cave-in after Assad gassed his own people; they continue ignoring the cover-up stench emanating from the White House regarding Benghazi, Fast n Furious, the IRS, VA and assortment of other scandals.

  18. We need a good leader not bent on arming our enemies. Reagan was as good as they come.

  19. Oh, PLEASE!! Ronald Reagan’s legacy is that of a STATESMAN and LEADER, someone who stepped up to the challenges and STOOD ON PRINCIPLES! IF Boehner, McConnell and RINO’s in Congress STOOD FOR REAGAN’s PRINCIPLES, the GOP would NOT be in political trouble. THEY and the RNC are responsible for the leading contenders for the party presidency being outsiders like Trump, Cruz, Carson or Fiorina. Reagan stood for Conservative principles and had to work with a DemocRAT dominated House to get anything done for the economy and he was successful in creating the most prosperous period of growth in the last 100 years. He did despite cutting income and business taxes which DemocRATS LIED about causing “deficits” when actually Reagan’s tax cuts gave America it’s FIRST TRILLION in Federal Revenues! It was CONGRESS that created deficits and DEBT by overspending, not by tax cuts. Reagan’s period was one of great economic success, the current RINO’s success is translated as FAILURE and WAVING THE WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER TO OBAMA!

  20. The Iran–Contra scandal, was a political scandal in the United States that occurred during the second term of the Reagan Administration.

    Senior administration officials secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, which was the subject of an arms embargo. They hoped thereby to secure the release of several US hostages, and to fund the Contras in Nicaragua.

    Under the Boland Amendment, further funding of the Contras by the government had been prohibited by Congress.
    The scandal began as an operation to free the seven American hostages being held in Lebanon by a group with Iranian ties connected to the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution.

    It was planned that Israel would ship weapons to Iran,
    and then the United States would resupply Israel and receive the
    Israeli payment.

    The Iranian recipients promised to do everything in
    their power to achieve the release of the U.S. hostages. The plan
    deteriorated into an arms-for-hostages scheme, in which members of the executive branch sold weapons to Iran in exchange for the release of the American hostages.

    Large modifications to the plan were devised by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council in late 1985, in which a portion of the proceeds from the weapon sales was diverted to fund anti-Sandinista and anti-communist rebels, or Contras, in Nicaragua

    Now THIS is a scandal.
    not like the pretend ones you cons keep cooking up.
    EVIDENCE makes all the difference.

  21. Can someone point me to a link to file a complaint?

  22. We have the Person NOW Who stands up and tells it like it is and what should be done about it all. The absence of the obama regime would fix alot of things right away and then Mr. Trump can work with the Politicans to fix everything….first they will have to build a bond fire to burn the illigal laws obama has written, and throw the
    tons of trash in and burn them all. Take the days to straighten everything up in every area of America that has been turned upside down by this Commie Regime and get back to American Business as it was before “the obama Regime and Change” that has almost crippled America. Bring back all the booted out Military and generate their back pay and benefits, and go to Congress and tell them that want to do according to the Laws of America for America can stay and the rest of has to leave right now!” No more messing around with American Rights and Freedoms! Every gay basher has to shut up and find their place, no more killing of
    babies and selling their body parts, no more riots will go on pushed onto the crowds
    by Sharpton, Jackson and their Regimes. Well Mr. Trump Go GET Them All and You have the Backing of Us Who will fight for Our Country so it will not and cannot fall from within!

  23. Instead of shutting down Our Government just “Freeze Wages and Interest” and it will be about 2 years down the roads of America and you will find that the booming of everything will happen and America will be fine! It worked during the Nixon Years
    and It Will Work NOW! Very Simple….stop the Simpletons first that thinks it won’t and then Put the Work into Action! Nixon did more locally in America tha tReagan did because Reagan even though I liked him he was just an Actor in Politics playing
    the Big Role and it made Americans “Feel Good1” Action Now “Freeze Wages and Interest!” Get American finances in Government and Homes Fixed!

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