Stein’s Recount is Only Widening Trump’s Lead

If they give out year-end awards for the most egregious wastes of time and money, Jill Stein deserves a trophy. The bizarre Green Party candidate spent most of her campaign slamming Hillary Clinton – something we can all appreciate – only to turn around and declare the election a fraud when Donald Trump came out the winner. And now she has fleeced the lunatic left for millions of dollars in an attempt to get recounts in several significant swing states. Stein is pushing for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan to varying degrees of success, but so far, no fraud has been uncovered.

In Wisconsin, where there is a full recount underway, the vote tabulations have changed slightly. On the first count, Trump had a 22,000 vote lead over Clinton. As of Wednesday, that lead has increased by 146 votes. In other words, the only tangible effect of Stein’s efforts has been to prove that Trump won even more decisively than we originally thought!

Ya know, everyone thinks Stein is being put up to this by the Hillary camp, but maybe she’s a double agent. Maybe Trump pushed her to do this just to nip any burgeoning conspiracy theories in the bud. Just the fact that it’s plausible shows you how stupid this whole thing really is. Hilarious, but stupid.

In Michigan, the future of the recount was still uncertain as of Wednesday when a federal judge was scheduled to rule on whether or not it should go forward. The fledgling recount did discover some discrepancies in Wayne County, which may influence the judge’s decision. But even if problems were found and the state flipped to Hillary – a possibility, given how close it was – it wouldn’t make a difference without the other two states.

It’s a tight one in Pennsylvania as well; only 46,000 votes separate Trump and Clinton. But that recount is on ice until a federal court rules on the Green Party’s lawsuit. There has been nothing to indicate that there were any voting machine problems that would trigger an investigation.

This recount is about something, but it doesn’t have anything to do with overturning the election. What, then? Stein’s lust for the spotlight? Her attempt to scam heartbroken liberals out of their money? Clinton’s attempt to de-legitimize Trump? Trump’s attempt to de-legitimize the left’s Russian fantasies? The possibilities are many. Maybe we’ll find out before it’s all said and done with.

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