Stein’s Recount is Only Widening Trump’s Lead

If they give out year-end awards for the most egregious wastes of time and money, Jill Stein deserves a trophy. The bizarre Green Party candidate spent most of her campaign slamming Hillary Clinton – something we can all appreciate – only to turn around and declare the election a fraud when Donald Trump came out the winner. And now she has fleeced the lunatic left for millions of dollars in an attempt to get recounts in several significant swing states. Stein is pushing for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan to varying degrees of success, but so far, no fraud has been uncovered.

In Wisconsin, where there is a full recount underway, the vote tabulations have changed slightly. On the first count, Trump had a 22,000 vote lead over Clinton. As of Wednesday, that lead has increased by 146 votes. In other words, the only tangible effect of Stein’s efforts has been to prove that Trump won even more decisively than we originally thought!

Ya know, everyone thinks Stein is being put up to this by the Hillary camp, but maybe she’s a double agent. Maybe Trump pushed her to do this just to nip any burgeoning conspiracy theories in the bud. Just the fact that it’s plausible shows you how stupid this whole thing really is. Hilarious, but stupid.

In Michigan, the future of the recount was still uncertain as of Wednesday when a federal judge was scheduled to rule on whether or not it should go forward. The fledgling recount did discover some discrepancies in Wayne County, which may influence the judge’s decision. But even if problems were found and the state flipped to Hillary – a possibility, given how close it was – it wouldn’t make a difference without the other two states.

It’s a tight one in Pennsylvania as well; only 46,000 votes separate Trump and Clinton. But that recount is on ice until a federal court rules on the Green Party’s lawsuit. There has been nothing to indicate that there were any voting machine problems that would trigger an investigation.

This recount is about something, but it doesn’t have anything to do with overturning the election. What, then? Stein’s lust for the spotlight? Her attempt to scam heartbroken liberals out of their money? Clinton’s attempt to de-legitimize Trump? Trump’s attempt to de-legitimize the left’s Russian fantasies? The possibilities are many. Maybe we’ll find out before it’s all said and done with.

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  1. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I hope that Dr. Jillenstein is very proud of herself for winning the “Stupid” trophy! She claims that it doesn’t favor any candidate over another, Yea, Right! She only started this thing in the absurd dream that it would give Hillary the presidency! She is a complete idiot. This is not going to change the outcome. I would imagine that it is a smoke screen to cover what Hillary is trying to do. Hillary is going to each elector, threatening/bribing them to change their votes. I hope that it is brought to light and stopped!!!


      • Lynch should be lynched by We the People..another crime for Gowdy and Sessions to take this Muslim down! Oathkeepers are on the job however…again, it is we the people doing the government’s job and they want us to obey their crap laws…everyone of them is illegal from 2009 onward…an illegal cannot make anything legal.

      • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

        That’s because the electors being threatened voted for Trump. Now if the Dem electoral voters were being threatened, we would be declaring a national emergency.


    • The DOJ has already said they will not investigate threats to the Electors even though Federal Law requires it. Since when did Loretta Lynch follow the law ?

    • I hope she does not start ordering hit’s on them LOL….

    • Do we have a “Stupid of the Year” award?

    • Jill Stein was bribed by the Clintons to initiate this recount despite the fact that all voter fraud in this election was committed by the Clintons. Hard to believe that when electors are being threatened and/or blackmailed by the Clintons, clearly a crime, nothing is done about it. The Clintons have downgraded our country through the years of their utter corruption; however, they lost this election by a landslide and Donald Trump will indeed make America great again. During the last debate HRC said she was horrified that Donald Trump would not accept the election results at face value claiming it was contrary to the democratic process because she expected to win because of all her cheating. When she lost in spite of what she did, she changed her tune very quickly and put Jill Stein out in front of it. Question is: what did Jill Stein get from Hillary? Bernie Sanders got a house for caving in the primary; in the general, I would expect that Jill Stein got a lot more. Time to drain the swamp of these reptiles.

  2. A complete waste of time and money. Dr. Stein should do the job of being a doctor as she is totally inept in the world of politics. It appears as if she has joined the crooked Clintons.


      There’s nothing crooked about recounting the votes.

      • Why not do all of the states, especially the one that H Clinton barely won.


          There are other issues like polls being removed from Democratic areas in Florida.

          • If there was anything learned from this last election it is that polls do not work. Besides why is Florida not being targeted then. People that have an agenda do not want the truth to be known. Just their side of the story. Besides the recounts are working against Stein.

          • The polls went up and down according to the people’s schitzy whims. If comney hadn’t broken the Hatch act and divulged information that was supposed to be kept secret Hilary would have won. The polls showed she was going to lose after comeys announcement. They were accurate.

          • Cry me a river. Hilliary lost. Quit whining.

          • Not a name typo.

          • people like inventor never quit, they simply can,t understand why hillary the serial criminal lost , the reason is easy
            the american voter is not stupid

          • Last month’s elections renewed my confidence in American voters. After the 2008 and 2012 elections, I was dismayed at how many American voters were uninformed.

            I was very upset when I heard about people who know nothing about politics, history, or economics voting for obama simply because they agreed with his favorite NBA team, liked his favorite flavor of ice cream, listened to the same rap, or because he was black.

          • For a change, unlike 2008 and 2012.

          • This was not political. Comey stated facts about possible new evidence because he had said he would announce any further developments. There were no recriminations about Comey when he first looked into these emails and the subsequent results. Theres no way there were that many people still undecided at the end Oct to make a difference in the election results.


            He said the case was closed. He violated the hatch act- he wasn’t supposed to publicize it a second time. Even Mitch MCConnel wants hearings in the Senate about Comey’s violations of the Hatch Act. That news surprised me, I had no idea he has some integrity left.



          • Comey said the investigation was closed. That was before new evidence became available.

            Unlike court a trial that results in acguittal, an investigation can be re-opened.

          • That’s true but it wasn’t supposed to be publicized.

          • The Judicial Watch is till working on it.

          • You Libs should stop whining about Comey. He obviously was a part of her cover-up and this was just another attempt to help her by saying two weeks later “Whoops, nothing there after all.” just before the election.

          • Richard, I think it backfired. The public may have known little about the email matter, but just bringing it up made the voters sceptical, and screaming “no mass” at the last minute was unlikely to connect, when Hillary was shown to be above the law in his first pronounceent.

          • She should have been indicted previously for her crimes and Comey decided not to…the field agents investigating her use of a private server, deletion of emails, cleaning of servers and the sending of sensitive materials over her private server. Comey was tied to the clintons… The rest of the FBI were going to let loose this if he hadn’t so you can cry about it all you want…the clintons are dirty and should be indicted.

          • Dylan, who in their right mind would tell the pollsters the truth? They were abusive if you didn’t choose KILLary; their questions were worded to determine the answer they wanted, not what the voter wanted. Even exit polls were biased towards KILLary. Moreover, the pollsters never polled people who were first time voters – people who for years had never voted and came out for Trump; never polled people who were registered D or I and voted for Trump; never polled people who didn’t have landlines. The propaganda media in cahoots with the KKK KILLary Klinton Kartel “created” the polls, “created” the stats with no factual basis because they were KILLary’s right hand – totally in the tank for her. But we saw through all of that propaganda and we intelligently voted not for the career politician who lies like a rug, but for the successful businessman to Make America SAFE and Great Again – President-elect Trump.

          • The Hatch Act of 1939, officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, is a United States federal law whose main provision prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and certain designated high-level officials of that branch, from engaging in some forms of political activity.


            A review of FBI Director Comey’s history and relationships reveals he is entrenched in the big-money cronyism culture of Washington, D.C………


          • For now!

          • The people had the right to know before the election – not after the election.

            The Hatch Act? If it’s still ONLY an act it is NOT a LAW.

          • That’s the nickname of the LAW written into the Federal code- The Hatch Act.
            I dont like your ignorant act.

          • I just don’t like your GROSS IGNORANCE, it should be a crime or at least a committal to an insane asylum for you!

          • The problem with polls my friend is they were polling strong democratic areas allot so they were not representative of the people from the whole country. If you look at what Killary won, was mostly east and west coast elites ( the percenters) who contr the wealth in this country. Most of these folks are millionaires retired with old family money and out of touch with whats going on with all the job loses with automotive or industrial jobs that were shipped out of here via Bill Clinton’s NAFTA treaty. Truthfully they probably don’t care who they hurt to stay rich !! The east and west coast folks just sit back on their ocean front property and really do not care what happens to hard working dems or republicans because they are the ones that own all the wealth, and own or are invested in these companies that moved and are now employing Mexicans for a dollar an hour. These folks are so far removed from what work really is, or paying a light bill, they probably pay someone the do it for them. All these rich elites are the ones supporting Hillary. Next you will say you will say Trump is a part of that, but he go’s to work everyday and earns his money and so do his kids. The Clinton’s sit back and live on rich donations to the Clinton foundation from Arab countries who treat woman lower then dogs. Even there daughter gets her 800K cut every year. They have sucked off the government all there lives.

            I live in the center of the country, and I lost my job to the NAFTA treaty that Bill Clinton pushed through. Yo need to wake up a smell the Camel shit my friend. The whole center of the country said we have had enough of Obama and Clinton’. That is the most lop sided win in a long time. What is it 30 states voted for Trump ! 3/5ths of the country.

            You talk like your a school teacher or a college educator. Bill Clinton never won the popular vote in one of his presidential elections, but you liberals don’t want to talk about that, you only want to talk about Trump.
            Wake up.

          • People like the inventor will never wake up because they are not asleep just ignorant of the real world.

          • Trump won 87% of the COUNTIES in America, 39 states have R governors and 30 states have R state legislatures — a HUGE win, as a repudiation of the politicians of BOTH parties that got us here.

          • That’s funny, there wasn’t anyone including the media that understood how pissed off everyone was outside of NY or LA. They all think the world revolves around them…small minds-big egos. She might have lost a few votes but the majority didn’t care about any last minute dirt….we all knew the clintons were crooks!!!! They should be in jail…

          • paul, she had no possible chance to win anything she had such a minuscule amount of votes, nothing would have changed for her to make her even relevant – looks like KILLary, OWEbama and Soros are behind this to tie up electoral college votes and Stein is the shill. Also a scam for her to stockpile cash for another run. Read her donation forms…

          • I live in florida and never heard of any polls being removed , and I do keep up with the news , tell me where and when

          • INVENTOR, or R candidates moved/redistricted to D areas purposely so they would lose as the RINOs did to Congressman Allen B. West – because they didn’t like him telling the truth and upsetting their applecart – OR the polls in PA that absolutely refused entrance to any Repub candidate Nov. 8 for fear they would vote for Trump. Both sides of the aisle have issues.

          • If there’s proof of those violations I want you to show me links.

        • It comes down to taxpayer’s money being used or people’s money being scammed by this dimwit.


        • Have you not heard? The democrats are above all that!

          • I have heard that they think they are but they found out different in this last election. But they do have a hard time with reality.

      • O yes it is crooked,especially if one only chooses those states tp recount where the opposition won. I say we should have recounted in Chicago Illinois, Virginia Maryland ,California, New Hampshire,New Jersey, New York city, Washington state,as well they only other 11 states Hitlery won by means of Fraud. SUCH AS DOUBLE VOTING,DOUBLE VOTE COUNTS, THE DEAD VOTES AN THE ILLEGAL ALIENS VOTES.

        • How come nobody has proof of that! Its a lie. I challenge you to prove it! all thye have are unsubstantiated stories and gossip.

          • I suspect you speak of deductive proof. Very difficult. It must be a sound and valid argument.


            Thats what I’m saying about the arguments that millions of illegal aliens voted. Apply your reasoning to those statements.

            Dont let mental cases turn everything around!

          • For better or worse, it seems to be the will of the people,


            I know.


          • Granny, I’m also from Texas and there is a very large contingent of rabid Liberals around Austin. Maybe that is where Sol lives

          • What, like “sanctuary cities”? NONE of it is the will of the people, Trump IS!


          • Even is there were millions of fraud voters or not, she still lost and lost big time. Get over it and move on.

          • Here in California the illegals get to have a valid drivers license and at the same time they got to register to vote.

          • That’s wrong. All the political parties are to blame. A lot of Republicans hire illegals to work for them. Trump hired some illegals from Poland. How the hell did he avoid jail time? Its the height of hypocrisy to do that and then say he will build that wall.

          • What’s wrong with what I said? Here in California they gave them ID’s along with drivers licenses…they should have been deported when they signed up. Trump paid a huge fine for hiring those polish workers. Time to build the wall and ship illegals out NOW!!!

            If I do something illegal even if it’s not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign I get a ticket…if it’s something worse I go to jail. Why is it that illegals get a pass?? Because someone will hire them doesn’t give any of them the right. The other thing is seeing what it costs us in services every year….sorry but it’s time to put up a wall because we can’t shoot them as they scurry across our borders and become another burden.

          • I agree with you! I meant its wrong of them to give them licenses.

          • Of COURSE it is — and to register them to vote, TOO! AND for Barry to announce on TV that they should vote — THAT was TREASON, and should be impeachable, except better to annul his false presidency than validate it by impeachment.

          • Its not right to shoot them unless they get violent. Most of them are people who want a better life for themselves. They want to work here not make trouble. My grandparents were immigrants from Europe. I think we should send them back to where they came from and make them wait for the legal immigration process.

          • Have you ever tried to enter most any other country by illegally crossing the border? Go down to the Mexican border and cross over illegally. Go there and do anything against there laws. My parents bought a place down in Ensenada, built a house (1969$ and when it was finished and furnished the Mexican government came in and said it was to close to the beach (about 600 yards) and confiscated it. As far as Mexico goes I’d never go there and don’t really care about the place. If it fell off the earth I’d probably throw a party. So when it’s Mexicans coming up here I don’t care as long as they are doing it legally…the others have to go period.

          • If they push on when a sign warns they will be shot it is THEIR concern. Just follow through, they WILL get it after a while.

          • Wrong ! Trump hired contractors who hired illegals from Poland. As the court documents have proven. You are truly & absolutely correct however when you stated both Republicans & democrats hire illegals. As a Contractor myself I have been in the homes of both Democrat’s & Republican’s where their domestic hired help was is entirely made up of the illegal alien population.

          • Then why did the Duck take the rap? Very generous of him.

          • For “contractor” please substitute toilet plunger. Because he’s full of poop.

          • Court records prove Trump was personally involved?
            If they do he’s impeachable.

          • Verified in CA, what ELSE is needed. What about the box recounted in Wayne County MI with a count of 306 but only 50 ballots — is THAT fraud enough for you to get the picture? Along with 618 of 1084 boxes were irreconcilable with the first count (like the one where ballots had been counted 6 times afdorementioned).

          • Are you AKLady posting under a different name?

          • my thought too


            I’m not her. I dont have to be her to share some of her opinions.


          • She is a guy who uses many disguises.


          • It’s happened here in Texas also, usually when people were trying to vote straight party tickets. Mom was one of the Election judges for early voting and she said that it happened a number of times while she was there and the Democratic judge on Election Day was trying to pull some fast and loose strings with procedure and got reported for it.

      • Classic LIBTARD statement LOL… YOU LOST GET OVER IT MORON!

        • I really wish people would get the spelling right!! It’s “LibTURDS” as in liberal POS’s!!


          I dont care if my party lost the election- we can still oppose that fascist demagogue every step of the way with every legal maneuver available. The Republicans are playing hardball by opposing the nomination hearings for garland. The Democrats can ignore all the gentlemens’ agreements and hold hearings and renominate Garland on January 3 2017 when they have a majority. In the senate. The Republicans made everybody wait for nomination hearings. Joe Biden and the democrats can make them wait for the swearing in ceremonies.
          if they dont take advantage of that they are stupid. The Democrats can hold a majority in the supreme court at the most critical time!


          • Have fun trying while your loses keep right on mounting up including governorship’s & state legislatures. The tallies keep adding up on the republican side. Seems to us your without power & no place to go. O Yes I’m wrong! Demo-rats may continue to go further down into the dark hole of oblivion .

          • I think the Democrat Party is imploding to the point it will no longer exist, very soon.

          • Democratically elected Republic – duh!

          • Look at the ranks of who you have joined. All of the perverts, deviants, communists, and the likes. Some like to live in a pile of manure and love the smell every day and the more they do it the better they like it.


            thats the republican way shit head

          • That is the Democrats way. When you are losing they always resort to name calling or labeling instead of intelligent discussion. They always lose in the end.

          • the one way liberals are better than conservatives is in name calling I guess they have a limited vocabulary

          • Yes, you WOULD say that, it is a typical Saul Alinsky
            /Democrat ploy to accuse others of what they are doing themselves. That is fascism of course.

          • do you know what a Fascist is, if you do explain how that applies to Trump also do you know the difference between a Fascist and a Dictator lets see how sharp youare

          • Wasn’t it Obama who told the republicans they can come along but they’ll have to get in the back of the bus? Garland is anti-1st amendment and a president shouldn’t have a choice in supreme court nominees when they have only a few months to go. There’s also two more justices that will retire, and Trump will fill the supreme court with conservatives.

          • You CAN — at your peril. We gave HIM tools that have NOT BEEN GIVEN to ANY politician in many decades, we WANT HIM TO SMASH the crap out of the crooks, including their supporters — like you!

      • There is something crooked about the voter fraud employed by crooked Hillary and she still lost. Even with all her cheating she still could not win. We the people do not want her. If she did in fact win the popular vote, it was only because of the illegal voters, dead voters and multiple voters. She was opposed to voter ID because she could never win an honest election and she knew it.

      • There is demented Democrat hypocrisy, since Jill is following the Democrat play book. Only states where Trump won by a small percentage did Jill want to recount, but Jill did not want to recount any of the states where Hillary barely won. Hypocrisy and crooked.


      • Jeeze, another sore loser

      • Wish they would recount California and check for illegals.. Bet they would find well over 3 mil illegals voted. I know just in kern/Bakersfield the illegals were out in big numbers.

      • not unless they doctor them while recounting

    • Joined the Clinton’s for some crooked money LOL…..what a MORON!

    • No, she played right into Trump’s hand. The delusionals–if we are deplorables, at least we have all of our marbles–showed that their belief that Hillary would win and that surely Trump, being Trump would ask for a recount and so did nothing, shows you just how badly they lost…so badly that perhaps never another Democrat loser will grace the White House in another 50 yrs perhaps?

      • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

        I call it the Obama effect. People finally began to see him for the anti-American white hating Muslim bigot he truly is. We stood up and said Hillary is at least as corrupt and as dishonest as our racist in chief and we have had enough of that crap.

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        • Yeah everyone talks about Trump being a bigot, but back when Obama was elected, he got all of the black vote, and the whites that voted for him in record numbers, voted for change. They did not vote for color, they voted for more jobs, and what did Obama do? He put more regulations on clean coal industry wiping them out of jobs, more unheard of regulations on automotive, and blocked the pipeline so his billionaire contributor to the Democratic party could still transport oil on his railroad that he owns. Know one really knows where the trillion dollar stim went that Obama pushed through. Then there’s Obama care that the republicans were never allowed to vote on, its no wonder, if you don’t buy it, you pay a fine for not buying it. We could go on and on about this, including the Iran trade deal give away, or the Bill Clinton NAFDA Trade treaty sending our manufacturing south, total loss with support industries is about 8 million jobs.

          Even though I hate Hillary Hillary and Bill for being traitors to Americans, this election was a result of 8 years of Obama and his anti American attitude. We have proven this election cannot be won with out white support, and in the past Obama elections he won because allot of out of work democrates in the middle of this country voted for him, and now they see clearly who he is, and now his asshole polices that Hillary supported, lost her election.
          Thank God for Trump.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Maybe Van Jones, who I absolutely despise, was right about the whitelash. LOL. God gave the USA one final chance with President Trump. It will be very interesting to see what the communists and Muslims and leftists try to do to him. I hope he crushes them all with a very heavy hand. It is time to pull the plug on the seditious Shariacrats, starting with George Soros, world enemy number one.

          • I, too, hope Trump crushes those Commies and Muslims with a heavy hand.
            I believe that Trump is a modern day General George Patton. The BLOOD and GUTS Leader.
            Their Blood and Our (Americas) Guts.

          • Patton wanted to crush the communists in the soviet union on the battle field he never planned on American citizens with different political beliefs, with soldiers.

          • Obama and his wealthy family need to go live in SW VA for at least 2 years with the pay of the coal miners. Then think about taking their lively hood away without any recourse. He is is piece of works. He has spent the peoples hard earned money frivolously on lavish vacations and thank God he is now doing it again, so maybe he can’t do any more destruction before going out of office. Hillary needs to suck it up and go hid in a hole with her lying press. Russia didn’t do it she with Obama’s help did it by herself. People already knew what she was the hack was just the icing on the cake

        • Yep Bee, Obama’s great legacy is, he led the democrat party over a cliff. That’s the only good thing that president jihad has done.

        • My fascination with Obama failure, is not just in his dooming Hillary by having the biggest electoral gap in my memory in spite of millions of ilegal alien and dead votes.

          It is also Obama cloaking like a Romulan vessel, after the election and showing that all the rumours about his anti-white and anti-christian mindsets were true. Obama is a loser and he deserves to have his legacy destroyed, because he hates the public so much.

        • Its called reactionaryism. Its happened before but never a s bad as this time.

        • The thing I don’t get is he is half white, but he does not accept who he is, and that would a Malotto. He thinks hes a black man.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            He was raised or more appropriately, indoctrinated into Black Liberation Theology, by Rev. Wright. It is basically the equivalent of a black KKK, that he ran as a real Christian church. That is where Obama’s hatred of whitey really grew and prospered. Look up some of the speeches Rev Wright made and how his “sermons” are little more than outright hate speech against those evil white devils. Wright is also know for helping arrange sham marriages for his members (Obama included) who are really gay on the down low.

          • Yeah that’s got to be a real bur in Obama’s ass being half white.
            Anyone who has that much hate for whites like Obama does, probably deep down hates the fact that he was even born !!

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            I sure know I hate that fact personally! The world would be a much better place if he were not in it any longer.

          • Sadly, so many good hard working whites voted for him, hoping that he would do the right things. He could not see past his color to do what was right for the country. he hurt the black folks as well as white folks, and the high percentage of white vote is what put him in office, and now put so many out of office.

          • Mulato. The lAst we would want him to have is to win the lotto as in maloto

      • IF you were to make that 100 years it would still be hard for any republican to fix the damage already done by dems

    • I have read several at several spots, that Michigan’s judge stopped the recount and declared MI is off the other words, Michigan certified their election 2x and now a judge has ordered this stupidity to stop..WI and PA should do the same…what a scam by Stein..her days in the limelight are almost over.

      • I would be surprised if a federal court will override the Pennsylvania State court, unless she can prove some kind of fraud.

      • Jill stein was in Hillary’s pocket or wanted the lime light for her and her green party. She needs to go back to writing on dozers and hope she does not get caught


    • Shari L Mikaelsson

      I don’t know what kind of doctor she is, but I do know I would hesitate to see her for anything.

  3. Stein should consider entering a geriatric center and request help.


    There reasons to beieve that the Russians hacked the election and that other voter fraud took place.

  5. ok so count only steins votes since she is asking for a recount it shld take about one hour. THE ELECTORS HAVE TO BE CERTIFIED BY TUESDAY DEC 13 IF NOT I WOULD SUE HER. SHE HAS WASTED TIME AND MONEY

  6. Well before the election, Stein posted several times that if she can get 5% of the votes, then she’s eligible for federal election funding. So there is that.

  7. the recount is the dumbest thing ever and only second to the democrats running crooked Hillary Clinton and commy Bernie Sanders as their candidates for the office of President

    • I am shocked that Sanders has not moved to sue the DNC for what they did to him..a man that held only one job and for three months only? A President?

      • Yes, he did meet all the qualifications to be a Progressive/socialist candidate. Never really gainfully employed, socialist, and sucking at the public trough. Just like Obama.

      • He was paid off with a large mansion to retire in. So he threw his support behind Hillary, they are ALL crooks.

  8. Yeah Dr. Jill Franken Stein needs professional help as she pushes for a recount for nothing except to bilk stupid libturds out of their welfare money. The only result that will happen will be Hillary will lose again and start crying and screaming again and Jill will have single handedly destroy the foolish green party and Trump will continue on his mission to make America great again so everything is good.

  9. Looks like the recount is proving there was voter fraud…by the dnc.

  10. I wish everyone would stop with the Russians already. They know now who is in office, what this treasonous coward would…but likely not do. Case closed. The Russians do not have the kind of money that the James Bond movies would have you to believe. But, since cyber attacking is not costly, then I guess this is Edward Snowden at it again then? I doubt it for all hopes he had of coming back to America was lost the day Trump was elected. Oh Coming to America, sounds like a good Hollywood flick.But since not a one of us would darken a theater door this season only to give to the likes of those who would have called a jihad on our very suspicious heads is a minor thought,then poor Edward is stuck. I wished to see him given a ticker tape parade, a couple of medals perhaps and a, well Obama will pardon the likes of a Bowe Berghdal, but not an Edward Snowden? Well that’s about the size of it. And poor Wikileaks co-founder is stuck in an Ecuadorian Embassy forever is it? I guess that is what happens when you have a criminal government, they only do for the real criminals and let the heroes rot.

    • This is good; but let us also remember the Bundy’s, political prisoners along with many others for crimes NOT committed; Assange, he was pardoned by Switzerland or was it Sweden..he is technically a free man but dares not return to his family in the states due to the corruption. This thing in N Dakota, another government attempt to overtake…the BLM can own no land so that in OR is not theirs to do with what they want which was and they did, sell to the Foundation of HRC whom sold the uranium to Russia

  11. Breaking…DHS attempted to hack state of Georgia during election night…not the Russian’s.

  12. Who is Hillary Clinton? Has she disappeared?
    Let the libs keep recounting why she lost.

  13. Jill Stein has made a complete fool of not only herself ,But the ( Green Party ) itself , Disease Brained Liberals must someday wake up and realize that Liberalism is indeed a Mental Disorder

  14. Jill Stein, at Hillary’s urging, took on this ridiculous recount cause. They think we are dumb not to realize that because who else but Hillary had the best motive? Because of all the voter fraud perpetrated by Hillary, she should not have asked for a recount because all her tricks will be exposes, if the media is honest about it. She is the epitome of a sore loser and proves herself to be utterly disgusting. You lost, Hillary. Get over it and let us go on with the winner. You lost in ’08 to Obama and now you lost to Donald Trump. It’s over. You’ll go down in history as a Loser!

  15. So Happy……………The “Clinton Machine”, doing it finest work in it’s darkest day! And getting “Kicked in the backside” for the effort! Hillary better stop this thing or she may find that she got beat even worse than she thought!

  16. Here are a couple of Stein’s counters.

  17. Pic didn’t show: In a graveyard taking names.

  18. Stein, and her minions, have now proved just how desperate she truly is for not only attention but how vengeful she is; there is no way she is going to over turn this election. She has very possibly destroyed any future political hopes but then lefties will back any insane candidate or idea. The recount nonsense is a foolish waste of time and money and could end up costing the residents of Stein’s targeted states money that could be used for more useful projects.

  19. Has anyone asked Pelosi what her qualifications are to be in her position? She lives in La La land and is only a puppet in charge, today.

  20. Jill is a hypocrite. In this sense, she is a Democrat, since Democrats are hypocrites. Jill wanted recounts in states in which Trump won by a small percentage, but did not ask for recounts in states in which Hillary won by even a smaller percentage. Under no circumstances can Jill or the Green Party demonstrate to a judge that it was defrauded, costing it an election, since the Green Party–Jill Stein dd not win but 1% or less of the popular vote.

    Lawsuits by electors to try to eliminate the Electoral College or remove any obligation and penalty from electors to vote for the candidate which they were voted for by popular vote to vote for is far more disturbing. As far fetched as their win in court may be, a win would devastate our Constitutional right to a representative election for President, as we have with Congress.

    • Denver judges put two of their electors on was try to sue or do anything … you will be the targets of “justice.”

      • THANK you for that piece of good news!! I’m from/ in Co. and that judges statement gives me new hope!!
        We moved here about 4 years ago from Pa. Before moving “I”, personally, put every nimrod politicians from local dog catcher to Gov. to U.S. House and Senators and everyone in between on notice that just because you legalized marijuana DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD BE SMOKING IT while in session. Evidently one judge heard me!!

    • They need to ALL be forced to vote as the popular vote in THEIR STATE went. PERIOD.

  21. Lets just hope that Jillkenstein returns to private life.

  22. Anyone who assumes that the Benghazi Bitch is behind all this is incorrect. Good ole geo soros is out to destroy everything that is good. He’s jewish,and he did it to HIS OWN PEOPLE!!!

  23. this smells of all hillary to me …and stein doesn’t care she’s scamed millions of dollars …she knows people will never vote for her she’s as crooked as hillary so why not let hillary use her I would for 6 million dollars

  24. Michigan is considering suing Stein to recover expenses from her frivolous lawsuit. I hope they do, and the other states should sue her and the green party as well.

  25. What is most important is this absurd notion that you need an ID to buy cigarettes & alcohol but NOT TO VOTE? We must stop all voting by non-citizens PERIOD!
    Phone flood Congress and your State reps.

  26. This is all foolishness! If we must have any recounts, I want one in Nevada, because I know Harry the Hack gReid and the Democrats stole this state from Donald Trump. While they’re at it, a recount is also in order for Colorado and New Mexico.

  27. stein is wasting time and money a top priority of the left.

  28. The big problem, in my mind, is she lacks standing as an injured party. This is nothing more than a fund raising scheme for the delusional libtard leftwing Green Party.

  29. Once again the ridiculous PC dolts lose again. Wake up you losers! Your loses across the board are becase of one reason – all your canditates are actually LOSERS. Move on we have.

  30. Why isn’t there a recount in New Hampshire, which was even closer than any of the states in which a recount has been demanded? Oh, that’s right! HRC “won” in New Hampshire!

  31. A federal judge has ordered Michigan’s Board of Elections to stop the state’s electoral recount.

    US District Judge Mark Goldsmith issued the order late Wednesday — dissolving a previous temporary restraining order against the Board of Elections that allowed the recount to continue.

    This reported by CNN AKA Clinton News Network and was dated Thursday November 8, 2016

  32. On a related issue and maybe of interest to my fellow posters is the article exploring the demographics of Trump voters:
    I am much more like this article depicts than the “Deplorables” we have been labelled with aren’t you?:

  33. Thank God, there are only 41 days left until traitorous Obama, the Muslim, and his band of fanatics are gone.

    Until then, I fear the damage he can still inflict upon America and us patriotic citizens.



  35. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    Why are you reporting this –it is over –it ended with judge in michigan yesterday

  36. Is her first name Franken?

    If she is a real doctor it is a surprise because she sounds more like a Two Bit Poltical hack member of the Party of Pond Scum!

    This recount perpetrated by the good doctor is a joke which is NOT very funny!

    This country would be a much better place without the likes of her and her


  37. Your story is premature until the account is over.

  38. Those states should sue Stein for the time and expense she has caused them. Hillary et al has deep pockets though so no tellin who is getting paid off. Their corruptness is infinite.


  40. the only one that ‘s not qualifies to do a job is Pelosi she would not make a good dog catcher.

  41. What a crock! Where do these people come from? I believe it is all hillarys sour grapes, steins lack of recognition at any level, it hasn’t even dawned on Hillary yet that she lost because she is a pathologic liar, a sociopath, a little skitz, and has no accomplishments except conning people out of money, like Iran, Russia, most of the mideast, etc. not a single success that is good for america, not one! I really don’t know why so many voted for this floundering fool, nothing for america, all for her and her mafia goofballs!

  42. I think Jill Stein and the Hillary camp now know this whole vote recount thing is not going anywhere. So, now they are trying to convince electors not to vote for Trump in the Electoral College vote being held this month. Of course all of these efforts are being funded by George Soros. Ridiculous. And, it makes Hillary look like the sore loser that she is. But I guess since so many of her big donors like Soros feel like they own her, she has to do their bidding. But, in the end, Hillary, Jill Stein and the Democrats all look like desperate fools who need to go somewhere and hide. I had much more respect for Hillary when she gave her concession speech. Now, she has returned back to political hack mode.

  43. The liberals still can’t believe what happened,that includes the greenies that were hired by the densoc rats to take votes away from Mr.Trump,and mr.barry in charge.

  44. No-Mo-BO...AT LAST!

    I say if the DemDums want true ‘Democracy’, how about 2,622 counties for Trump to Hillary’s 500? Democratic enough, Libs?

  45. Stein should be jailed for theft by deception.

  46. Ha, ha, ha!!! Jill, be careful what you wish for. It may backfire, making you look like a FOOL!!!

  47. 15 minutes of fame. The far left wing radical, extremist has received her 15. Made a fool of herself, but still the 15

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  49. Today Dr. Jill “Franken” Stein is unhappy with the recount and sais she is considering to have the recount recounted if she can get the dumbass liberals to give her 7 million more.

  50. As if losing on Election Day wasn’t humiliating enough….

  51. There should not be a recount until there’s a discount! The hillary votes from the dead, those who voted more than once, and the bused-in illegals should all be discounted. Trump won by a landslide – both in electoral votes and in the popular votes – period. No amount of criminal shenanigans by criminal democrats can change that.

  52. The left is mentally disable . When I heard her staff crying over Hillary I thought it was a bunch of motherless kittens. LOL They are such sick people. Get over it the best man won.

  53. Bottom line .. Every thing Obama has done in last 8 years was hurt America in one way or other,,

  54. Them dims be desperate and clutching at straws. Still,it is obvious that the dimocrats are sinking fast..

  55. Obama started “FAKE NEWS”, Clinton followed with “FAKE NEWS”, The Mainstream Media followed with “Fake News”. Donald Trump has told the “TRUE NEWS” and had the crowds to prove it and secure the nomination and win THE PRESIDENCY.

  56. It would appear that if they continue with this stupid recount Trump will end up with the popular vote as well. Stein should be arrested and thrown in jail with the Clintons and Bath house Barry.

    • You dont talk like an American citizen who understands our electoral process. Do you come from a Latin American dictatorship? Cuba?

  57. Did anyone notice that the judge who initially ordered the recount in Michigan was an Obama appointee?

  58. I’m beginning to wonder about Stein. Is she in cahoots with
    Clinton? Or is she just a sore looser? What office did she
    run for? What state? The people that gave her money for
    this recount must either be stupid or hate Trump. I stand
    with STUPID.

  59. She’s a Democratic socialist who hates trump for political reasons and probably because he’s a misogynist.
    I think she sued to get a recount to benefit all Americans and to keep our voting system honest. She’s probably in cahoots with Clinton in that they both want to keep democracy in America alive.

  60. Clinton BLEW through $1.2 Billion plus her male campaign staff and still couldn’t win. This lame attempt to overturn the swing states is so pathetic as to be an embarrassment to the whole DNC! More money burned for nothing!

  61. My advice is that the cost of this bogus re-count should be borne by the Green Party.

    • Stein collected either 4,7 or 9 million dollars to pay for recounts according to several sources.But you can’t really believe the MSM.They make it up as they go to suite their own narrative.Will we ever be able to rely on the MSM to give us the truth again??They sure haven’t changed since the election.Still Lying………..

      • A real case of THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK when the Progressives/ Liberals complain about FAKE NEWS.

      • They dont make it up as they go along. They sometimes leave out important facts but as an ex reporter i know they dont make stuff up. How do you know they make it up as they go along? Are you involved with the news broadcasting business?

        • Inventor invented, the media is so fool of themselves and anyone with half a brain watching MSM knows there spilling bs. What they are reporting as news is being fed to them by some other reporter ” fake reporting” then sent over the wire as news. Every station wants to be first with the ” hot story”. News on MSM should be reported as “paid advertising “.

        • One need not be connected to a broadcasting,network ,Rag news paper ,Rag magazine publication print of any sort or media of any sort .In order that one be able to discern bullshit from fact. Fact number one The CIA an each of our nations intelligence organizations Have be completely wring on O So numerous occcasion. Like The lie the Cia promulgatedo by the order of Obama an at the bequest of the state department. That Bengazzie was a spontaneously erupted protest based upon a video depicting Mohammed in a insulting manor. THE NATION AND THE WORLD KNOWS OBAMA AN CLINTON PROPOSED PROMOTED AN ENFORCED THE CIA TO FOLLOW SUIT. AS FOR YOUR CLAIM YOU IN THE PAST ACTED AS A REPORTER. WHAT REPORTING ON THE BREADING PRACTICES OF SLUGS.

          • You know if you put salt onto a slug it will dissolve into a puddle of mucus?

          • Actually it depends upon the amount of salt used. More often then not,the slug upon salt applied will slime up then harden. Do to core dehydration.

          • core dehydration? That’s a new one. where does your knowledge come from?

          • Apparently your not at all familiar with the Process of curring either meats or cheeses. Or what the actions of salt are . Or what salt actually does with H2O. Salt is a curing agent. It draws Moisture out from non solids. Salt acts as a dehydration tool . Get lost at sea Drink ocean water and die from rapid dehydration. But not before puking your guts out for hours first. Very slow painful way to die. Or try this sleep in a bed of salt for a few days. With out hydration. Can you say Mummified.

          • Take a bow Peatro – first thing right.

          • glad i asked.

          • Ha, ha, ha – proof?

  62. HAHAHAHAHA. We all know that it’s the Left that always stuffs the ballot box. They’re to ignorant to remember from the last election? Ignorance is truly bliss when it comes to them.

  63. Tax payers money wasted when it could be use to feed the homeless.

  64. Trump it or lump it!
    Next the poor loser Democrats will tell us it was some green Martians who helped Trump . Grow up! We the people elected Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States of America.

  65. All this recount showed is people have money to waste on something stupid.

  66. She doesn’t care how she wastes George Soros’ money . 😀

  67. We can only hope Dr. Franken Stein runs again in 2020 the idiot is a hoot and it will be fun to see her lose again but maybe Hillary will show up again if not in Prison and knowing she will lose in her attempt to become Mayor of NYC a job she wants just to steal the furniture in Gracie Manor. yeah she sucks alright.

  68. In other recount news Al Gore is still in Florida counting hanging chads and swears he won and also said he has captured the ManBearPig creature right after he invented the internet. The democrats are too funny make them stop.

  69. Ha, you would think Jill Stein would have learn by example…But no, she had to get schlonged by Hillary & her strap-on, just like so many people before…you would think a doctor would be smarter than that…???

  70. A NAMELESS article. A BS article. Nameless writer states “but so far, no fraud has been uncovered”. When the state THOUGHTS OUT 620 + Precincts in Detroit where 95+ % of the votes were for Hillary, due to the VOTE TALLY BEING THOUSANDS OF VOTES MORE THAN VOTERS. If that is not VOTER FRAUD, what is, and according to the Hillary camp the Russians were working for Trump… this had to be done by Hillary Obama Pedesta and the Democrats

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