State Of Emergency Declared, Biden Refuses To Act

Photo by Joshua Case on Unsplash

( – The Mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas, Rolando Salinas Jr., declared an emergency on Tuesday, citing a significant increase in the number of undocumented migrants entering the city from the southern border.

In a statement, Mayor Salinas explained that this emergency proclamation will enable the city to tap into additional resources to cope with the rising number of migrants. This proclamation is valid for a week, subject to extension.

“Our top priority in Eagle Pass is the safety and welfare of our residents. This urgent declaration empowers us to seek funds necessary for the extra services required due to the migrant surge,” stated Mayor Salinas.

Reports suggest that every day, a large number of migrants are making their way into Texas. This influx led federal officials to temporarily close the international bridge, directing officers to support the Border Patrol in managing the new arrivals, a significant number of whom are believed to be from Venezuela and Honduras.

In a video shared online, presumably by a regional reporter, Mayor Salinas documented his observations during a visit to the international bridge. He mentioned, “It’s unusual to witness such large groups at these bridges. This could pose challenges for our town.”

He was joined by the city’s police and fire chiefs, among others, during this visit. Mayor Salinas noted a prevalence of single male migrants, hinting at potential security concerns given the claims of some possessing criminal backgrounds.

“We are cautious about allowing these individuals to roam freely in our community. Some might have questionable backgrounds, and given the sheer numbers, it’s difficult to ascertain their identities fully,” he commented.

Salinas further pointed out that this situation is already impacting local commerce. He emphasized, “We’re dedicated to ensuring peace and order in Eagle Pass.”

Responding to the situation, the Biden administration initiated measures to address the challenges at the southern border. This included granting Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans arriving in the U.S. before a specific date and deploying 800 service members to aid the Border Patrol.

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