State Department Accuses Israel of Terrorism

Violence in Jerusalem is growing. Tensions have risen to the point where many experts fear that Palestinians could be on the verge of declaring a third bloody intifada against Israel. In the past month, at least eight Israelis have been killed as a result of Palestinian assailants. The violence came to a crescendo on Tuesday, when three Israelis were murdered by Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem. For the first time in years, the Israeli military has put troops in the streets to aid police.

Reaction from the Obama administration? Eh, both sides are at fault.

“Individuals on both sides of this divide are—have proven capable of, and in our view, are guilty of acts of terrorism,” State Department Spokesman John Kirby said at a press conference.

Kirby’s boss, Secretary of State John Kerry, took a similar stance on the tension. “There’s been a massive increase in settlements over the course of the last years,” he said. “Now you have this violence because there’s a frustration that is growing, and a frustration among Israelis who don’t see any movement.”

According to regional experts, however, it is a myth that Israel is expanding settlements in Palestinian territory. Instead, this is another attempt by Obama to paint a picture of equal blame for the two sides. This has been the administration’s mantra since day one, and it is probably why this president has failed to move peace talks towards a productive solution. Obama certainly isn’t alone in this failure, but his hostility toward Israel has weakened America’s influence. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would rather talk to Russia’s Vladimir Putin than Obama, and Obama is likely just fine with that.

Lawmakers in Congress wasted no time attacking the administration’s view of the conflict.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said the increase in violence was a direct result of the Palestinian leadership, or lack thereof. “These attacks have been incubated by the continued incitement and glorification of violence by the Palestinian leadership, most recently by President Mahmoud Abbas during his address at the United Nations General Assembly,” Cruz said. “It is long past time for the United States and the international community to hold the Palestinians accountable for their incitement and support for terrorism, including through the financial payment to Palestinian terrorists who are jailed in Israel for committing acts of terrorism.”

No such accountability will come from the current administration, that much is certain. President Obama’s pro-Islam bias has guided his foreign policy since 2009, alienating our allies in the Middle East one by one. Like many liberals, he considers Israel an occupying force that causes its own problems by failing to recognize Palestinian sovereignty. To them, suicide bombings and murder are a just response to Israel’s genocidal regime.

There’s no way to restore a semblance of peace in the region with this kind of mindset. But hey, at least Obama is consistent. He views Mexico in much the same way. If he were to be granted dictatorial powers tomorrow, chances are good that he would redraw U.S. borders to give Mexico back their former territory. Or he might just erase the borders altogether, certain that the path to utopia lies in the fall of state boundaries.

We can’t afford another four years of this nonsense. We need a president who sees things as they are, not as they want them to be. It’s time for hard choices, and those can only be made when we have a leader willing to acknowledge the facts. Obama’s Islamic sympathies might make him popular with the extreme left, but they are creating a world of chaos in the Middle East.


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