State Asks Court To Ban Abortion Immediately

Georgia officials have asked the court to immediately reconsider a judge’s decision to block the state’s abortion ban. asked a court on Friday to immediately block a judge’s ruling striking down the state’s abortion ban. The ruling would allow for abortions to continue to be performed after the sixth week of pregnancy.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney’s made his decision earlier this week. According to the state attorney general’s office, this decision does not follow any legal “precedent or common sense.” The general’s office has filed with the Georgia Supreme Court for a decision. Their filing requests that McBurney’s decision be put aside immediately as Justices consider an appeal. This order will also restore the state’s ban on abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy.

Georgia Solicitor General Stephen Petrany has written how the Court’s decision should remain with the lower court for now.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, which represented doctors and advocacy groups, was the one to call on McBurney to get rid of the law. They have maintained that the judge’s ruling was correct and they have said that following the decision abortion procedures were immediately restored even after the sixth week of pregnancy.

ACLU of Georgia Executive Director Andrea Young said in a statement, “Appropriate reproductive health care has restarted in this state”. She also continued by noting that this would allow women and their partners to make private decisions concerning their families without politicians interfering.

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  1. Youare all a bunch of BABY murderers and should be Wickliffedragged behind a car till your own death accurs. See how you like that!

  2. This whole so called abortion stuff is about reducing the population and making it so that there will be no more kids born in this country, the DEMONcrats have once again proven they hate kids and they hate the country. The birth rate in this country will soon be approaching zero in the next few years.
    All those females that just keep throwing the kids away are just causing damage to themselves and soon will not be able to have kids at all many of them say it is for the best because of the climate but they have proven that the government wants a null birth rate to help reduce the population overall.

    • You are partially correct. The LEGAL citizen of this country are the ones being encouraged to abort their children, MEANWHILE “chuckles” schumer, dementia-joe biden, their communist “handlers”, and all their democommunist/rino cohorts are calling for more HORDES of “unjabbed” , “untested” , “unmandated” illegal aliens to be flown around the country in the DEAD OF NIGHT and “deposited ” into cities, to become their new “breeders”, and continue having more children to replenish their depleted “plantation” with more controllable democommunist “voters”, seeing the “new world order”, “great reset” “DEATH JABS and continual “boosters” have been “found” to make females sterile, and any children they are carrying are ABORTED by the “side effects” of these “jabs”.

    • That’s basically what the rich and powerful want, to reduce our world population so the resources are not used up and so they can control what is going on. Thank the ubber rich and NWO for that.

  3. This is all a bunch of hooey anyways!!a condom aren’t that expensive!! You’re just lazy and want to take a chance then you murder the unborn because of selfishness! These people that murder the unborn won’t have any place in heaven that’s fer sure, you know the risk when you’re to lazy or too selfish to take precautions! My parents told us five boys when we were 13 yrs old, if you don’t want to be a daddy in high school ya better put a slicker on!

  4. Abortion should apply only if the mother has health issues that would endanger her life. This; after six weeks. Before that; I’ve found no evidence that an early fetus is any more than a clump of cells that in time might become human, but at that time, is not actually human. Anything later is Murder; pure and simple. As far as birth control is concerned . . . give all males who are willing (but not coerced or deluded into it) a vasectomy. I had one when I was about 27; because my wife was PARANOID! about getting pregnant. It was an in an out thing; I had very little discomfort with the procedure and have been sterile my entire life. I’m now 79 and have no regrets. No innocent lives have been lost; the procedure was fairly inexpensive and did not take very long. If the Dem.s are sincere on lessening the birth rate; simply offer free vasectomies to all males who are willing. This is a much better path than sterilizing the female OR performing abortions on the most innocent and defenseless of us all. And, no, we cannot continue to breed like rabbits w/o causing greater problems down the road. D L Davies

  5. No woman should be forced to have a baby she does not want. Perhaps it was a result of rape! Terrible.

  6. Problem is there’s no accountability on the part of the birthing mother to use contraception because the majority of them have the bill paid for by the government.
    Make them pay their bill and see what happens.

  7. How hard is it to understand, Thou Shalt not Kill. It seems as tho many people do not fear God. If they don’t wise up they will pay the ultimate price for all eternity– They will be thrown into the Lake of Fire with all the rest of Satans followers and unbelievers. That is fact.

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