Stacey Abrams Still Whining About Her Loss: “Voter Suppression is Legal”

Why is it that when Donald Trump was talking about a rigged system in 2016, the media was acting as though he was trying to start a riot, but when a failed Democrat says that the “system” caused her to lose her campaign for governor, they simply nod their heads and shrug and say, “Well, she has a point”? Never mind, we already know the answer. Once you have the magic “D” next to your name, you can say anything and do anything, and you’ll always be in the right. This goes double if you can accompany that magic letter with one or more claims to minority status.

That gives us Stacey Abrams, who is protected from and promoted by the media because she is a black (shield #1) female (shield #2) Democrat (shield #3) who had an election “stolen” from her in Georgia last year. Abrams is still aggrieved by her loss to Brian Kemp, and she wants to make sure that everyone in America knows that she is the rightful governor of Georgia.

“Here’s the thing about voter suppression,” she told a crowd at a DNC meeting in Washington on Friday. “Voter suppression is legal in the United States right now. We’re used to fighting against enemies that are supposed to be unlawful, but the problem with a lot of what they do is they take legal actions and bastardize them and manipulate them until the rights they are supposed to protect are no longer visible.”

Voter suppression, to these people, includes voter ID laws which simply ensure that the individual casting a vote is actually who they are claiming to be. It includes clearing the rolls of people who haven’t voted in years and years (with nothing at all preventing them from re-registering before the election). It includes closing down voting centers that see little to no election day traffic. It includes not having early voting open for months prior to the election. It includes anything and everything that assures us a strict, safe, and secure election platform. If you put even the slightest barrier in front of a Democrat, we are to understand, they simply cannot vote.

It’s so stupid, and it deserves to be called out as such. You should not get to scream from the hilltops that Republicans are trying to stifle the minority vote without offering some evidence that this is true. And no, offering up the “fact” that it is hard for black people to get a state ID card is not evidence. If you can vote, you can get an ID card. If you can’t do either, why in the hell would it be up to us to make it easier for you to cast a ballot? Do we (“we” being Americans) really want to lower the bar to entry that much? Maybe not.

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