St. Louis Shooting: Another Case of Feelings Over Facts

The unrest in Ferguson, MO has yet to die down in the wake of Michael Brown’s death. As a grand jury deliberates over whether or not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting Brown, another police shooting in nearby St. Louis has fanned the flames of community anger. While the circumstances surrounding the death of 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers seem much more cut and dry than those surrounding Brown’s, it hasn’t stopped news networks and politicians from joining the chorus of chaos.

Let’s put this right out on the table. If Eric Holder could have found even a smidgen of evidence that would have let him prosecute Darren Wilson, the man would be in jail right now. The country, wound up to a fever pitch by days of inaccurate and shamelessly biased reporting, would have gladly sacrificed Wilson on the altar of racial relations. That these grand jury deliberations are still ongoing means only one thing: they’re going to prolong this until the fervor dies down and then quietly dismiss the charges.

The anger in Ferguson is understandable, just as anger regarding the death of Trayvon Martin was understandable. Not because Wilson or Zimmerman were guilty of anything more than defending themselves, but because the media did everything they could to incite a race war. The disgusting tactics used by the press in the Trayvon case linger today, stinking up our atmosphere like so much rotten fish. Far from learning their lesson, media outlets doubled down on the Brown case, weaving a narrative on the first day that failed to change as additional facts came to light. They’ve shown some restraint with the St. Louis shooting, perhaps only because police were lightning-quick to establish the facts.

Not that it matters to the gathering mobs in Missouri. And, again, who can blame them? You can only prod and poke the red hot embers for so long until the flames come bursting forth. Several reports said that demonstrators on Wednesday were calling for Officer Wilson’s death. If he manages to survive prosecution, will he ever be able to live a normal life again? Certainly, his career as a Ferguson police officer is over.

In Myers’ case, the evidence is clear. He shot at the police. Sorry, bud. Once you do that, you’ve forfeited your right to live. And that’s not just an opinion. The same will hold true if and when Pennsylvania cops catch up to Eric Frein. If he comes out of those woods in one piece, it’ll be nothing less than a miracle. Shooting at the cops is a really bad idea.

None of this is to say the police are perfect. Like any other job, there are bad apples. There are probably as many racists in the police force as there are in healthcare or IT. There may be a few more, considering the nature of the job. And it’s not off-limits to talk about it. When a police officer kills someone, it deserves the highest levels of scrutiny. Wearing a badge is certainly not a license to murder.

But the ongoing protests in Ferguson – now heightened by the St. Louis shooting – are not moving us forward. They are feeding off a biased media and creating deep mistrust of cops nationwide. Until some top national figures stand up and say “enough’s enough,” we will only slide further into racial divide.

That it hasn’t happened yet makes you wonder about who might be profiting from the status quo.


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  1. Six bullet holes in the back would indicate to anyone that the cop was not in danger, but he will likely get off.

    • You need to get a life. There is no evidence the bullet holes are in the back. It is hate baters like you that cause all these horrific events.

    • There were NO bullet holes in Brown’s back. Several to the front and one to the head. A fitting end for a thug who, moments before he was shoot, committed a strong-arm robbery. Brown charged the Officer who fired in self defense. No indictment!

      • Amen! Educated NON-DEMOCRATIC blacks are the first to admit that the REASON there are more blacks in jail, etc. is because there are more of them committing crimes! I do not consider myself “racist”. My first choice for pres. would be Dr. Ben Carson. I just have a problem w/people who are trying to destroy the country I love, & remove the God I love from existence here, as they did in Russia & Germany. Today, people in Russia & Ukraine are begging for knowledge of OUR God. Ukraine is teaching the Bible IN THEIR SCHOOLS! THAT is why Russia wants to take them back over! Ukraine has SEEN the difference in their schools & students that the Bible makes and they WANT IT! They’ll probably soon be sending missionaries to US (if the gov. will allow them in!)

      • Exactly. And the shot to the top of his head was fired as Brown was charging the police officer.

      • That’s right. I think Brown thought he was going to be arrested for the Strong robbery. …..

      • Amen… one thug off the street.

    • Did you know?: – if you forget to secure your Tinfoil hat with Duct-tape,
      the “Voices” can still get inside and talk to you? .. Like NOW?

      Go finish your KOOL-Aid ………

    • In both the autopsy of the County Coroner,and the private Pathologist[hired by the family’s attorney]showed all shots entered from the front,not from the back!!! Stop listening to B.S. from liberal media,Jesse Jackson,Nancy Grace,et al. I remember Nancy Grace,even before much information was known,was declaring a “cold blooded,intentional homicide” She was wrong,as were the sheriff’s Deputies who caved to media criticism,then arrested Zimmerman for a crime that wasn’t a crime under Florida law!!

    • That thug got what he had coming to him nothing more!

  2. All of this is destroying the trust between law enforcement and the public so necessary for a civil society. If not turned around, and very soon, this will lead to anarchy. As a former LEO I am appalled at what I see.

  3. Michael Dennewitz

    I’ve NEVER trusted the media!! I actually had my cable service with “Not-So-Brighthouse” and physically threw my TV into the canal behind my home. Those radical “defenders” like Jackass and Not-So- Sharpton love keeping shit stirred up. Neither have ever held down a physical job, just cried for donations and encouraged their “bros” to riot. Seems the wrong assholes are getting knocked off, eh?

    • yes and now jacksonoff and the other “other than white” race baiters have kenyan boyo and his left hand man, eric von holder – minister of injustice and gun sales – to assist in keeping the “no information voter” outraged…….

    • Gilbert Austin Sturgeon

      yes indeed it does , all four of the antagonist need to be quieted down , for the race riots to subside , Jackson, Sharpton, holder, obama , once they are proven to be in the wrong and punished for it , the racial tremors will settle down , as they did in MARTIN LUTHER KING’S DAYS

  4. oh no now the “visiting” rioter/protester/looters will be acting the fool in St Louie…

  5. Everyday in Columbus, Ohio the Police are confronted with these thugs and their guns. Everyday the Police are charged with do I shoot this person or do I let him kill me just because he is Black? Well, these Black Criminals aren’t above the law and if you point a gun at a police Officer, you are going to be shot and or killed. These Black People don’t seem to understand this and think the are all good boys. I’m sure the Police Officers would rather not take a life, its either them or us.

    • I have several ret. LEO in my family as well as friends who were in LE, I can tell you, I’ve never known a Cop hat wanted to kill anyone, it is their job, and they don’t have the choice in debating the action most of the time. In the area I live in ALL LEO’s who shoot, are placed on administrative leave, or Desk duty while an investigation is conducted. I will admit some cops are bad, but they are the minority

    • yes the police have to shoot at them but hit the knees..or wear a camera to protect your self…

  6. Much the same way as Walter Cronkite and CBS played the Vietnam conflict!!! The media is dirty just like politics.

  7. Double standards in the United States, Okay for minorities to do something but not for the majority.

  8. The RACIST in the media and the Democrat party have and continue to fan the
    flames in the Black community. That is the only way they can stay in office and
    continue to suck the TAX Payers teat. They have done little if any good for
    our nation but they have grown the welfare, unemployment rolls and put our
    nation in an ever growing debt. They have spewed forth RACISM since before
    the first time Obama took office and have not stopped since to keep the Black
    population in their back pocket and used ever opportunity to throw it up even
    if it does not and has not existed in a very long time.

    • All of this, including the present situation in Houston, are their opportunity to “never waste a crisis” (or cause one!). There hopes are for a revolution so Obama can declare martial law, & himself a dictator-AFTER canceling the elections. He has already given himself that right w/one of his private little “laws”! Plus, if Christians & preachers nationwide come to support these ministers, the timing is just right for them to not be able to vote, as they’ll be out of their voting precincts! And if he puts Houston under martial law, none of the votes here will count. NEVER WASTE A CRISIS! That’s our administration!

    • What I love about all of these incidents, “Oh they are good boys, and NEVER had any trouble” then we find out they had juvie records and had long list of offenses. With Ferguson, this was a huge person, who had been using his size to intimidate others, as caught on that video camera. I can assure you this was not the first time, just first time he got caught and stopped. If he had gotten his hands on that officers gun, he would have killed him and God knows who else, We do not know what is being shown the Grand Jury and it will be made public after all evidence is submitted and riot control in effect.

  9. Obama and Holder need to stay out of local crime investigations, or supposed crime affairs, so do Sharpton and Jackson. Race baiting is higher than I can ever remember in my 82 years, even as a child and teen ager, when segregation was in effect, there was nothing like this.

    • Amen to that! – (i’m 74) … nothing like this with MLK ….

      • If Dr. King were alive today, none of this would be happening. Unfortunately, the racist loud mouth, Jesse Jackson, took his place. I still believe Jackson had something to do with the murder of Dr. King. If there was a conspiracy, who had the most to gain by Dr. King’s death? Who had to play second fiddle to a great man who got all of the attention?


    • I would agree except in one instance; that being the group of black teenage thugs who vandalized a Jewish store in New York, yelling “Heil Hitler”. They ran thru the store, throwing merchandise and assaulted one of the individuals working in the store. This crime needs to be investigated by the Justice Dept. and the thugs charged with a hate crime, which is clearly is. It needs to be investigated and resolved immediately and the findings made public. The Obama Administration, and Eric Holder in particular, have for too long covered up these hate crimes against innocent whites. Obama was eager to sign an Executive Order allowing the Pentagon to send the National Guard to Africa to fight Ebola when these individuals should be sent to Missouri and other areas where black crimes are out of control.

      • While I agree, these should start with State Attorney Generals, we all know Holder and Obama don’t want black’s charged, and now they have given them an excuse to raise havoc, States need to stop it

        • I agree although Holder was quick to send Justice Dept. representatives to Ferguson. We have the right to expect that he would do the same in New York. We all know he won’t do a thing. With a liberal New York Mayor married to a black woman, don’t expect much from the City of New York. I don’t expect much from Schumer either.

          • NYC is not the City I was born in, but then USA is not the Country I grew up in, I am too old to go out and try to sway voters but I will keep saying to all, VOTE NOV. 4th, if you DO NOT VOTE, you have NO RIGHT to say a word or complain about a single thing. As for ID, cut the BS out, you need a picture ID to do most anything. from buying Booze, to seeing your Doctor, if you want to vote, you will find the ways and means to get that ID.

          • I agree. You can’t cash a check without a photo ID, buy or sell a house, in some cases get a medication without a photo ID. The only people “disenfranchised” (which is a made up word I hate) are dead people whose names the Democrats use to get votes.

        • How can you say that you stupid bigot Obama’s half white, what? are you a new kind of fool ?

      • You might not believe this but Obama hates the Jews more than he lets on! His father hated them and that apple didn’t fall far from the tree. He says he backs the Nation of Israel but he is a Muslim and Israel is surrounded by Muslims. And the National Guard should have never been sent to that death zone. Want to see an outbreak? Wait till they start coming home, just hope the powers that be can develop a vaccine in time!

        • Actions speak louder than words. Obama’s actions prove he is no friend of Israel’s or the Jews. He’s a Muslim and Muslims hate Jews. Every stance he has taken has been in favor of Hamas. As far as I know, he has yet to send the National Guard into these countries but issued an Executive Order allowing the Pentagon to do so. From what I’ve heard, the 4000 Military personnel sent there so far are active Military. He says he doesn’t want any troops on the ground to fight ISIS but he doesn’t mind sending them to their death from Ebola to protect his African brothers.

      • They are white… good luck.


  11. Willie Johnson Jr.

    When you shoot at a police officer you are trying to kill him and he shoot back and kill this person the officer is only defending him self ,that is not murder ,it is protecting your self and it is not your fault he missed you when he shot at you..

    • Go for a head shot or center mass, you can bet your ass he won’t be aiming at your knees. Kill him otherwise the prick will come back and sue you or the city.

  12. These incidents are all blood on the hands of the black culture with it ignorance, undisciplined behavior, lack of respect for other people of any race, disgusting attitude towards women, lack of responsibility in raising children forcing the women to do it by themselves, the drug culture as a way of making a living instead of doing it honestly and on and on…All the riots in the world will not make up for their own failures in life.

  13. Stop calling it “unrest” and call it was it is……rioting by a group of thugs. Did any of you read where a bunch of black teenagers, yelling Heil Hitler vandalized an Jewish store in New York, assaulting one individual in the store? I think the New York Times reported it but you can bet we won’t hear about it on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC. Clearly it is a hate crime but you can be sure it won’t be treated as such. I’m sure the authorities, including Eric Holder, will call it a bunch of misguided youths just having a bit of fun.

  14. Liberal politicians have banished the ten commandments from our society, so what more could anyone expect, but chaos? Shabbat Shalom!

  15. A lot of the problems in Fla. and Missouri were from outsiders who where bused in to cause problems. Who paid to bus them in and feed them while they were there causing problems and keeping the public wild…who is paying to bring those in to picket for higher wage to flip hamburgers who pays someone is paying them?????

  16. The media in its effort to “inform,” the public has done more to INCITE the uninformed. Their partiality shows and it is clear. Throw in the Sharpton’s, Jackson’s, etc and you get people worked up before the facts are in. Repeated inuendos suddenly become “the truth.”

  17. Over the years I was convinced by LE and the courts Cops lie cheat and steal just like and other lair cheat and so on The added power and protection behind LE officers make then bigger and badder then the average criminal . Now are they always wrong ??? No . Are all bad apples ? No Is law enforcement a good career choice for a smart criminal that wants to have a pension and the protection of the Judges / GodFathers ?? Yup

  18. Is this the ignorant republican racist will never win another general election again page?

    • Typical of an empty minded liberal. You have no substantive argument,so you start the race game. The whole reason for these “uprisings” were race. To logically determine this[which liberals are incapable of,since it involves using something other that emotions],reverse the roles,and ask yourselves if it would have been different if a 300lb thug that happened to be coming from attacking and robbing a store,then attacking a policeman would have been portrayed equally.You would determine,through discernment that the attacker would have been demonized in the press,every small infraction in his past would be dragged up to further demonized,and he would be photographed in real time,not at some time when he looked like an innocent kid. Go drink some more kool-aid,and you’ll see through those rose-colored glasses more clearly!!

  19. Until punishment is doled out for the likes of Sharpton and Jackson and others for inciting riots then nothing is
    going to happen. What happened to Sharpton when he incited a riot and got folks killed in New York? NOTHING
    and he just keeps on going.

  20. the blacks have a deep distrust of justice,this is enflamed by reverands and al sharptons who feed on the true lies and misrepresentations of any event where blacks are hurt,america has and will treat all citizens fairly,brown was a crisis that never should have happened,it’s all the smoldering hatered waiting to explode.blacks have wasted all their marbles by social lack of cohesion and lost pride given by doing what counts,stay out of jail,stay out of trouble,study see america for what it is,opportunity,go to work like the rest of us do,stop whinning.

  21. One picture of Officer Wilson when he was admitted to the hospital, where they are always taken, would have put an end to all that nonsense, but Eric Holder stopped it.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will know.

  22. One picture of Officer Wilson’s wounds when he was checked in at the hospital would have prevented much of this, but Eric Holder held those photos.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will know.

  23. Would any of this stupid bullshit be happening if a black cop had shot that fucking black dude I think not . So all them fucking animals need to fucking chill already.

  24. “The anger in Ferguson is understandable, just as the anger regarding the death of Trayvon Martin was understandable.”?
    In Ferguson, a black thug threatened a police officer and was in the process of assaulting the officer and reaching for the officer’s gun when shot; the shooting in Ferguson was completely understandable.
    The only thing different in the Trayvon Martin shooting was that the shooter was not a police officer; the Trayvon Martin shooting was completely understandable.
    The anger by the blacks in both of these cases is understandable only if one understands that, based on the actual facts, it was totally ludicrous and absolutely insane.
    Patriot News Daily Admin: by writing dung like this you are throwing away respect and credibility.

    anger in Ferguson is understandable, just as anger regarding the death
    of Trayvon Martin was understandable. – See more at:
    anger in Ferguson is understandable, just as anger regarding the death
    of Trayvon Martin was understandable. – See more at:

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