St. Louis Columnist Suspended After Defending the NRA

A conservative columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch walked out on her job last week after the newspaper suspended her for defending the National Rifle Association in a recent piece. According to the Post-Dispatch’s editors, Stacy Washington was disciplined not because of the content of her column but because of her activism on behalf of the NRA, which was not disclosed in the article. However, Washington says that she was never paid a single dime by the pro-gun group and that her punishment came about due to the views she expressed.

The original column was written by Washington in response to another piece which claimed that guns in America were a greater threat than ISIS, essentially calling the NRA a domestic terrorist organization.

“When has a member of the NRA ever decapitated, set on fire, tossed from a rooftop or otherwise terrorized another American?” Washington asked in her column. “The linkage is not only rife with improper context; it is false on its face.

“We should be appalled to see neighbors with whom we work, attend church, people who have children defending this country through military service — in other words, good decent people — portrayed in the same light as demonic murderers for the simple act of owning a firearm,” she concluded.

Sensible enough, but her employers determined that because Washington has appeared in pro-NRA media – unpaid, but affiliated with the group – she crossed a line of journalistic integrity. The Post-Dispatch suspended her.

“Her active promotional activities and professional association with the National Rifle Association represented an unacceptable conflict of interest in her most recent column, which resulted in our suspension of her work,” said Tod Robberson, the paper’s editorial page editor. “Columnists are expected to fully disclose conflicts of interest when writing about topics where such a conflict might arise. We apply this standard regardless of the lobbying or advocacy group being written about in a column.”

In an interview with the Riverfront Times, Washington insisted that the paper’s justifications were ridiculous and unbelievable.

“I’m a Second Amendment supporter, it is known to people at the Post-Dispatch that I am a supporter of the NRA, I’ve never hidden it,” she said. “I was never paid by the NRA. Now I have people calling me a liar on Twitter, saying that I’m paid by the NRA, even though no one has any proof. It’s absolutely ludicrous to me that being openly supportive of the Second Amendment calls into question what I wrote on Friday. It just doesn’t comport. This is just not a thing. I just don’t understand it.”

It’s unfortunately quite simple; the mainstream media really DOES believe that anyone who supports the Second Amendment is only a few levels removed from an Islamic terrorist, and their views have been emboldened by the U.S. president for the last eight years. It’s going to take them some time to come around to the fact that Americans were never on board with this insanity.

Well, time and some drastically-dwindling subscriber numbers.

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  1. The NRA legal team needs to look into this and bring suit for this person in their defense. I’m a Life Member of the NRA and have been for many years. Long live the Second Amendment,

    • Hello brother; been life member for 45 years & helped many people to respect law & guns for security … These media jerks appear as commie orientated socialistic enemies & the real enemy against the U.S. !

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      • NRA a terrible organization, not acknowledging the risk of having guns in your home actually increases risk of accidental injury or death in your home.

    • Good call. The NRA stands between we members and the liberal weenies and democrats (but, I repeat myself) who’d love to disarm us. If it weren’t for them the 2nd Amendment would’ve been neutered during the Obozo administration.

    • Amen!!! It amazes me that a newspaper can express disgustingly liberal opinions but God help anyone who dares to stand up for the Constitution.

    • No, if the NRA. Did that, they would be in personal injury cases all over the the country. That’s not their role. If Ms. Washington wants to litigate, that’s her role and her right. I would cheer for her if she does.

    • Charles Wolfe jr

      You are correct.

    • AMEN!!!

  2. James in Texas

    The “works” of the Dept. of Education in it’s full “glory”! How well has been done the destruction of “learning and education”, and has been put aside in the name of Socialist Dogma! Love Live the NRA!

    • James, you can also spread the blame to the unions. They are nothing but communists, totally out to destroy our beloved America – demanding instructional material she rewritten to portray the USA in a poor light while emblazoning other “socialists/communist” countries. If one does not kowtow to them and follow their agenda TOTALLY, the bullying you see students go through is nothing compared to the bullying teachers experience. It is called mob rule or group think, even at the collegiate level where tenure is denied unless you acquiesce entirely to their agenda. If a teacher stands out because the teacher has devoted more time to students, thus students have excelled, the are ostracized because “it made the rest look bad”. That happens across curriculum and grades. Ask me how I know.

      • So true. I even saw it growing up in the 60s, Don’t Excel, Don’t stand out, Teach to the LOWEST capability. I had some good teachers, but they were weeded out fairly quickly. Then in College, if you didn’t parrot back the teacher’s BS your grade was lowered even though you had the right answers. All I can say is thank Heaven for the College of Engineering. They taught FACTS, and rewarded Accurate answers.

        • The 60’s when we were there was the beginning of socialistic, commie attacks on the U.S. that started with the nam police action do nothing politics that should have been a declared war to end the commies power … ! Now we see the attacks by enemies in the U.S. and still not eliminating the problem of tyranny dictators that are in U.S. Government & growing … !

        • Funny how that works, isn’t it? I have a PhD (and PE) in Nuclear Engineering, and I’m a Patron Life Member in NRA (and a Life Member in Safari Club International). If your field is theoretical physics, and your specialty is String Theory, what can happen if you make a mistake in a journal article? Ans: someone points it out (like Hawking or Penrose), and you feel embarrassed. If you make a mistake in engineering analysis (like designing a bridge, airliner, or nuclear reactor), (and nobody catches it in peer review), and your design gets built, people could die. (Okay, there are many levels of peer review and licensing review when building reactors, but that’s another point than what I’m making here.) Big difference! In school, whether it was “plug-and-grind” homework problems or theoretical derivations, there was (and is) only one “right answer” (but often times more than one right path to get to the right answer), and it is objective (not subject to personal feelings or political correctness). Richard Feynman once said about the Challenger disaster (for those too young to remember, that was a US space shuttle that exploded during launch back in 1986), “Nature cannot be fooled.”

        • I think there may be a co-relationship here. This is about the same time when primary schools and most social organizations geared to America’s youth, began the “Everybody get’s an award today” movement. This is when the Snowflake generation took root with all their hurt feelings for not receiving any recognition for their lackluster efforts in a competition of any kind. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I don’t ever recall going home with a trophy for eighth place and having everyone be beaming with pride for my effort. Usually my disappointment was met with constructive encouragement to work harder and try again next time.

          • Amen! I don’t even remember an award lower than 3rd place, and you’re right, after that it was work harder and try again. These snowflakes today would have died in the 50s & early 60s.

      • Excellent!

    • The American Communist party had been trying to get the government to take over our schools since on record since 1935, they finally achieved this when Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education, this Communist goal was among the party’s 45 goals Congress held a hearing on in 1963, why was this goal so important to the Vermin? so they could feed America’s youth propaganda, dumbing down the nation and to create millions of “Useful Idiots” this goal has been a huge success, thanks to the lying sycophant media.. Capturing one or both of our political parties was another of those 45 goals, I’ll give you one guess which one they’ve completely captured, RINOs don’t count, although they did make the captured party larger in numbers.

  3. This just reinforces my thoughts that anything in St. Louis sucks. Move lady, move.

    • Not everything. The Cardinals have been in the playoffs every year for quite a while now, mostly thanks to Albert Pujols, who is now with the L.A. Angels. The Cards could use him now.

  4. Frankly, this precisely why I voted for the president. The incorrigible stupidity of liberal democrats is a tiresome, very aggravating nuisance and menace to the nation. It needs to be stopped, one way or another.

    • Bet not a peep out of St. Louis Post-Dispatch when the ultra-llberal John Brown Gun Club crawled along Phoenix,AZ sidewalks brandishing automatic weapons, apparently daring any pro-President Trump supporter to oppose THEIR 2nd Amendment Rights;

      Or recently when these same village idiots videoed target shooting.

      Nope, bet not a peep!

    • I voted for President Trump because he’s not Hillary Clinton…all the reason I needed.

  5. Hammer the Bar'stewards

    My advice would be for everyone offended by this ridiculous decision would be to BOYCOTT St. Louis Post-Dispatch and any of the companies that advertise with them.
    That is what the Demonrats do so we Republicans should do the same and just see how much that they like it shoved up them!

    • Amen!
      My only problem is I would have to start taking their garbage to reject it.

      • There are three things that you could do with the paper after you read it. One, put your garbage in it for disposal. Two, use it to line your bird cage with. Three, keep it in the bathroom in case you run out of toilet paper.

        • I now take only the Sunday newspaper. Love the sports page, TV guide, and local ads, especially for Gander Mnt,, Cabela’s and Dick Sporting Goods. Also the sports page has the schedule shooting matches, gun shows and outdoor events. Plus I need something to line my cat box and start fires in the fireplace. I don’t bother with editorial pages or most of the so called news pages.

          • I remember reading something about Cabela’s a couple of years ago. I can’t recall it now, but, they were going pc about something, so, I did not buy whatever I had in mind at the time.

          • In todays economy I tend buy from whoever gives me the best price on the things I want or need. I try to avoid the politics when I can.

        • HCUA, Thanks for the laugh, I needed one today!

        • Beware of the mainstream media they distort reality and will destroy your honor.

    • For YEARS I have been boycotting all newspapers, news magazines, TV news, radio news. I totally rely on the internet, other conservatives views, and my own brain to ascertain what the hell is going on in this quickly sinking nation.

      • It should not be restricted to just the above, it should be Hollow-wood, the stage, a la Vice-President Pence being ranted at “Hamilton” and music industry.

        It worked back in the 1970s making Hollow-wood produce Black-exploition movies to save thier worthless back-sides;

        It worked recently against Wanda Sykes, Rosie O’Donnel and Amy Schumer, Samuel L. Jackson…all whining now about how slighted they are unfairly being targeted;

        It will work against major corporations such as Pepsi, Kellogg’s, Macy”s and others.

        All that’s needed is a leader to make it happen.

        • I don’t buy pepsi, kelloggs, procter & gamble products and many more. So far I have not seen much result.

    • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It just goes to show how stupid the lame stream media are if you think for your self and don’t follow their belief’s then you will loose your job and will be belittled .If you don’t think like a retard and have an opinion of your own you can’t take part in the American way of life ,like me I believe in the second amendment and I practice it everyday ,for me I will stand with Ms. Washington and tell the left to kiss my barrel

  7. I don’t belong to the NRA nor do I give money to it nor do I currently own a gun of any type. But I will in the near future purchase a hunting weapon. We have the right to own guns. What the left wants to do is take our guns away while keeping theirs. The journalist should NOT be punished for her views. After all a left wing journalist can say and write anything they want to so why can’t a right wing journalist?

    • Estell, your first sentence is mine, as well. I am considering buying a gun, but one I can handle. First, I need to learn how to use it safely. Then buy one. Up till now had never felt the need to do so, but the left is nuts and out-of-control. We need to defend ourselves.

      • take your time learn to shoot then research – I prefer true combat pistol with a internal safety. Some prefer external safety – But remember you get what you pay for.

      • I totally agree. I have shot a shot gun before and I was in the USAR so I had to shoot and qualify, which I did.

        • There is at least one magazine out there for women about guns. Get that to see what they do. I have always thought that every woman should have a gun. It is the equalizer when accosted by a bigger, stronger person, mostly a man. Men normally have more muscles than women, and I am sure that many a woman has saved herself from a bad situation because she was armed.

    • I’ll wager that conservative, level-headed Patriots have far more guns, and the ability to properly employ them, than the Whine-o-crats and the snowflakes do. Maybe we should take THEIR guns just for self-preservation.

      • They {leftists} just want to know where the guns are. And they do use theirs for violence because it’s strange the ones complaining that gun violence is on the uprise are the ones using them in violent ways. They just want to take guns away from the rest of us so we can’t fight back..

    • The second amendment was not written to protect us from other armedarmed citizens, but it was written to protect us from our own government and their armed militia.

      • Unfortunately if the leftists don’t back off we may be using guns against them. I believe, as many others do, that we are headed for civil war.

  8. Clearly, the Saint Louis Post Dispatch is in error in this case. Were she paid by the NRA or profiting in some way they may have had an issue, but this is over-the-top.

    For more Google “Two Minute Conservative.”

    • That paper is just one of the hundreds of left-wing papers in the country. They pretend to love America, but, in reality, would not mind even more tyranny, for some feeble-minded reasons, than we got from the communist traitor, the usurper, who ruled from the White House for the last eight unbearable years.

  9. they need to sue the paper and defend this lady

  10. If anything, this is more proof the left owns the media at all levels and we are facing total tyrannical fascism – control of the media and education annihilates freedoms.

  11. Post-Dispatch’s editors are all left wing nut jobs! It’s there way to ram socialism up your boar scope, and forget about free speech if it differs from there Communist views and want no one armed because of the main reason the 2nd Amendment is in the constitution in the first place you are harder to control if you can fight back! They know it too. So do everything they can to take your rights away, and then force there will upon you. After all the elitist lefties know how to run your life better than you do……. May god save the NRA and all it’s members of 5 million +.

    • Everyone should buy one copy of the St. Louis Post- Dispatch – see who advertises with them and boycott those advertisers.

      • Don’t help the paper. You can probably find who advertises on the web. Phone the businesses or go in one if you are near, and tell them why you won’t buy from them. This will take a while, but, you must have patience, and persist.
        Look what happened to Starbucks, Penney’s, Target, and what should be happening to Home Depot, by ” giving them the business, ” by NOT giving them the business.

        • Whatever works as long as the advertisers get the message. Newspapers do not make money on selling papers – their life blood is the advertising.

  12. Stacy:
    Get an attorney
    Sue the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    Go to court
    Win a judgement
    Live a life of luxury
    How can this happen and why?
    Because Liberalism is a mental disorder, lacking any common sense and all logic.

  13. “Let Freedom Ring” but not in St. Louis.

  14. Where is the NRA they should be jumping on this.

  15. William Helwig

    Lets call the Left, Liberals, Socialist, Progressives, Fascists what they real are Marxist/Communist controlling the fake NEWS.

  16. Another “newspaper” bites the dust. At least I hope it goes broke before dark today. I, for one, am sick and tired of the rush to destroy this fine nation based on idiocy and psychotic rulers. I hope everyone working for this despicable “paper” resigns, and if he does not, then I hope he, too, is fired as he is one of the tyrants.

  17. Freedom of speech, of course, so long as the “speech” doesn’t run counter to the party line of the moment.

  18. Liberalism is a disease that destroys the mind of its carrier. Here we have a “Newspaper” which considers comparing the NRA to ISIS ok, but fires anyone who points out the obvious absurdity of that idea. Newspaper editors have been sticking their heads in the sand even while their circulation goes into the tank and what they do produce is more like a daily advertiser pamphlet. They need to see a proctologist to extract their head before the brain is completely gone.

  19. This is the pathetic asinine mind set of the bought off media that is internally destroying U.S. National Security & Constitutional Freedom & Rights of U.S. Patriotic, law abiding Citizens that are security to the U.S.A. These media executives do not deserve a job in honest news circulation & are the #1 reason the U.S. media is failing !

  20. Funny there never seems to be a conflict of interest when it’s a liberal zealously promoting a liberal idea. That always seems to be a-okay to these immense hypocrites. Yet when they spot something not approved by liberal ideology, they pounce and suddenly remember they have ‘journalistic integrity’. Which appears to be wholly absent any other time. Like when they’re aggressively promoting abortion, illegal immigration, identity politics, rabid, angry feminists, paid ‘protester’s, scripted town hall screamers and calling the president, his family and everyone associated with him every ugly, juvenile, foul name they can think of. Where is their ‘journalistic integrity’ then?

  21. I guess the Post-Dispatch is another company to boycott.

  22. Close your subscription to the newspaper and forget about it.

  23. I live in St Louis and refuse to read that liberal rag. In many cases it make the NY times look conservative

  24. Clean ’em, lube ’em, lock and load ’em! It’s gonna be a long hot summer. I am a Marine veteran of the Vietnam War and a Life member of the NRA, the 1st civil rights org. If the liberal progressive, commie pinko, snowflake moonbats, wanna try to dismantle the US Constitution, they will have to go thru me. They better bring lotsa friends. Oooo….Rahhhh…! Semper Fi…!

  25. DAMNED COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS (YOU STARTED THIS WHEN YOU CALLED PRESIDENT TRUMP A NAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  26. I think the NRA should come to this reporters defense. This is a sham and a farce, Following this logic any reporter who comes to the defense of any mainstream media position which aligns with the Democrat Party should also be let go if the reporters themselves are members of the Democrat Party. Guess that will leave no one to report the news, since 90% of reporters are Democrats and donate to the Democrat Party.

  27. NRA defend this person before these type of activities by scum papers does more damage. Life member and proud of it.

  28. If any of this website readers belong to AARP I asked them for their stance on the second amendment after they send me information on joining them about 2-3x a month. They are anti second amendment as is my former teachers professional organization PSSEA. I’ve told both to drop me from their mailing lists as I differ with their cowardly views. If you support the second amendment and belong to AARP or some other professional organization tell them the same. Maybe they will get the message.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      I dropped out of AARP soon after I joined after dicsovering they front for the liberal democRAT-ICK party. Dropped my membership in the VFW after they endosred left wing morons like San Fran Nan Piglosi and turds like the late Rep. Lane Evans D of Illinois. Both signed bills favorable to veterans while otherwise hating everything not part of the extreme left agenda.

  29. Stacy Washington has done nothing wrong nor hidden her ties with the NRA. She supports the 2nd Amendment and has been open about that. My question is: Has there been a change in Management recently (Editor Staff) that has allowed them to put her head on the chopping block? Everyone working today knows how easy it is for a new head boss to clean house and bring in his own like-minded co-workers. Stacy’s views may not coincide with the new editor’s idea of what his Media should be representing.

    FYI: Most Media venues are LIBERAL BY NATURE – it’s all about getting the most sensationalistic story, no matter who gets hurt/killed/destroyed — it brings readership – sad that it is! Perhaps Stacy has hit a nerve with her 2nd Amendment ties and advocacy? How can an editor allow her stories to outshine theirs? Hmmm? Or perhaps it’s just another Liberal Editor scared that guns can shoot a hole in his own storyline? Whatever.

    Americans need to make it clear to Stacy’s editor/editors that what they are doing is UNETHICAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL!

    Here is the contact info link for St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
    Phone: 314/340-8000
    FAX #: 314/340-3139
    Editor in Chief: Gilbert Bailon, 314/340-8387
    Deputy Managing Editor: Adam Goodman, 314/340-8258

    Perhaps if these individuals hear directly from the irate public, they may rethink their Radical actions against Stacy! If this angers you, do something about it. Let them hear your voice! America needs to protect her innocent people and not let the Radical Left destroy all that is good. Stacy did NOT do anything but express exactly what every red blooded American feels about ISIS! This editorial staff is supporting the wrong agenda and needs to be held accountable for their inappropriate actions!

  30. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Way past time to thin the herd and we should be starting with liberals, lawyers and democRAT-ICK politicians

  31. This is crazy. She should never have been fired. This is an excellent article and can only help people.
    Thank you

  32. It’s a shame that someone who belongs to a particular organization is ostracized just for writing about it. She did nothing wrong. The people who run that paper may just be playing to the Missouri politicians, where, I have read, they consider veterans back from various wars to be all dangerous and not considered safe to own guns.
    That is something the radical leftists have been pushing for some time.

  33. If this had happened to a left-wing journalist, correct or not, the charge of RACISM would be heard all over the country.
    I hope that Miss Washington does not do anything like that, and hope that her integrity prevents it

  34. She’ll find another position with an outlet that loves the truth.

  35. The NRA is a valid Civil Rights organization. They should go after this newspaper tooth and nail for assaulting this journalist’s First and Second Amendment Rights.

    Moreover, the newspaper is full of crap. They had to approve the article for publication. Obviously, the editor and possibly publisher are covering their cowardly back-sides.

  36. Hope this great lady sues them out of existence. NRA, USCCA and the 2nd Amendment …. freedoms trifecta. Trump in ’20…hold the line.

  37. Well, I guess freedom of speech is just an ideal and not a reality in our great nation. This is what you get for writing something that makes complete sense.

  38. Trump needs to go after those prix.

  39. If you are a Democrat you have crossed the line … of sanity! What did the guy say ‘stupid is as stupid does’!

  40. What a bunch of crap. Long live the first amendment and the second amendment. We have a right to defend ourselves. Last I read, the Constitution is still in effect.

  41. Without the NRA the Slimy Vermin that are trying to destroy this country from within would have already had our right to own a gun taken away. You can bet evil creatures like Soros are thinking ways to infiltrate the NRA so they can start chipping. It astounding to me the anti America organizations this Fascist is fronting and the sycophants in the media and others call him a Philanthropist, I would call BLM a terrorist organization that this so-called Philanthropist started and keeps it funded and there are others.

  42. So where’s freedom of speech, and freedom of the press which is supposed to be served by freedom of speech?

  43. Dimmercraps. Serving their god of force, lucifer. They despise Truth.

  44. I’ll bet this media outlet’s main headquarters is clearly defined as a “Gun Free Zone.” Yet in true hypocritical form, if their place of business were attacked by terrorists or some other threat causing great injury or harm, they’d be screaming for police armed to the teeth to be at the rescue.
    Just more of the Lame Stream media showing their ignorance and hate for the constitution.
    Let the 2nd Amendment survive into eternity.
    NRA Proud!!

  45. It’s pretty good when someone can talk up the acts of ISIS as true military acts, yet someone else talks up protecting ones property and family with firearms and is a member of the NRA gets ostracized for saying so. I am a life member of the NRA and will announce it from the roof and NO-ONE had better not try to stop me.

  46. Craig Vandertie

    She forgot the ISIS member that shot his mother in the head at point blank range, out of concern for her son’s life and being aware of the zero tolerance for terrorist acts by the current administration of the United States was pleading with her son to break away from ISIS.

  47. Craig Vandertie

    If you had asked me 4 1/2 years ago if there was under any circumstances if I thought any civilian had need for semi-automatic/automatic assault rifle I would have said no, but that was before I found out about the CAIR training compounds across the nation.

  48. Like millions of others I am an NRA member and damn proud of it! I will ignore or unsubscribe any media outlet that has a problem with that!

  49. It’s OK though if Leftist reporters are sycophants for obama or Hillary, or take money from Soros ,BLM.

  50. I suspect this “fired” lady will be offered several new jobs before the end of the week. I have been a Life Member of the NRA since 1968. Keep in mind the simple axiom, “If the citizen’s guns are taken, only criminals will have guns”. That was clearly documented in Australia, Great Britian and France when their guns were taken or seriously controlled—and, even if we could get the guns out of the hands of criminals, they would use other weapons—–and does anybody prefer to defend themselves with just a kitchen knife or baseball bat? Wake up people. I do believe, due to the danger of guns, that all users should be required to take a course in gun safety, with certain sensible safety guide lines, just as we do with automobiles—that means age limits and certified training and testing , And yes, there needs to be some sensible guide lines and laws. There are thousands of “brawls, fights and disagreements” every day and if everyone is armed, killings will skyrocket. For every wrongful use or threat of use by a drawn gun, there should be strong penalties and the loss of the right to carry. Guns should not be drawn in any event unless there is intent to shoot—-using them as a warning, invites retaliation.

  51. Just about every Commie so-called “journalist” knowingly campaigns for every anti-American organization while they’re supposed to present the news.

  52. Phyllis Schultz

    When did the news media start worrying about journalistic integrity? I must have missed that memo. If they did, why would they fire her for being honest? Talk about oxymoron s. The news and journalistic integrity, and firing an honest news writer just don’t go together.

  53. Lawyers to the rescue —- Post _dispatch to be dragged into fed court for civil rights and freedom of the press violations.

  54. We need some sort of fund established to use when Conservatives, pro-Trumpers, pro-GOPers, pro-gunners, pro-Constitutionalists, anti-illegals, anti-globalist free speechers are fired for expressing their opinions! Or is there already such a fund established? Anybody know?

  55. Cheryl Heberle

    This is freedom????????

  56. The NRA is considered a “hate” group by the left hates the NRA and the rights it stands for. However, ISIS is an innocent group of “misunderstood freedom fighters” that the left admires for the terrorism it commits.

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