Spending Bill Shows Republicans Still Don’t Know How to Fight

We really appreciate some of the things this Republican-controlled Congress has been able to get done over the last year+. They passed a beautiful package of tax cuts, they…


Well, we’re sure they did some other great things over the last fourteen months, because, well, surely they did, right? Yeah, of course they did. We just can’t come up with any right at the moment. But they were probably awesome and totally – Oh wait! They confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court! Yeah, see, things are running along like clockwork.

But whether they’ve been consistently disappointing to conservatives and the president or knocking it out of the ballpark (okay, yeah, they definitely haven’t been doing that), this latest atrocity known as the omnibus spending bill cannot be forgiven. This budget-busting $1.3 trillion spending bill is not just disgusting because of the taxpayer money it wastes but because it represents a complete and total cave-in to the liberal Democrats WHO DID NOT WIN THE DAMN ELECTION! What is the POINT of voting for these Republican turkeys if they’re just going to go in there and act like the minority party? Hell, we take that back – they showed MORE backbone as the minority party.

This is just ridiculous.

Funded in the bill: SANCTUARY CITIES. That’s right, despite the Justice Department filing suit against California to challenge their sanctuary laws. Despite the recent controversy where Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf deliberately obstructed justice by letting illegal immigrants know that a raid was coming. Despite the President of the United States specifically calling on Republicans to withdraw federal funds from cities refusing to cooperate with ICE. Despite all of this, they just went ahead with business as usual. Go ahead, have all your money. What’s the difference, right?

Funded in the bill: PLANNED PARENTHOOD. This doesn’t surprise us as much as the other thing, but honestly – how long are Republicans going to string conservative voters along with this sham of opposition to Planned Parenthood. Or abortion in general for that matter. Some liberals like to criticize the GOP as just pretending to oppose abortion so they can keep sucking up those evangelical votes, and boy, their actions in Washington make that narrative easier to believe than one might wish.

Okay, fine. If those two things are getting funded, then we know that Republicans HAD to demand something big from Democrats. And you know exactly what we’re talking about. It HAS to be in the bill, right? RIGHT??

Well, we’ll just let the Federation for Immigration Reform take it from here:

This omnibus was an appropriate vehicle to provide full funding for the construction of a border wall – an essential tool for regaining control of our borders and stopping illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and terrorism. Instead, it contains a paltry $1.6 billion for repairs, drones, and pedestrian fencing – no wall construction. Even worse, the measure explicitly restricts funding for any of President Trump’s border wall prototypes, only allowing spending for designs deployed before the prototypes were constructed. If Congressional leadership told the president he was getting money for his signature campaign promise, he was lied to.

Polls show that Republicans could be facing a disaster in November. And while we shudder to think what the Democrats will do when and if they take control of Congress, we can’t say the GOP has done much to inspire the base to come out and prevent that from happening. If they get thrown out en masse, it won’t be because of Trump; it will be because they never learned from him how to fight for the people.

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