Special Forces Headed Back to Iraq

According to Defense Secretary Ash Carter, the United States will be sending an undetermined number of special forces back into Iraq in the next few weeks. As part of a growing military strategy to defeat the Islamic State, the Obama administration has authorized somewhere between 100 and 200 special ops troops for a mission centered around intelligence-gathering, raids, and assassinations of top ISIS leaders.

Carter said it would also give the U.S. a better vantage point, allowing troops to move into Syria with ease.

“This is an important capability because it takes advantage of what we’re good at,” Carter said. “We’re good at intelligence, we’re good at mobility, we’re good at surprise. We have the long reach that no one else has. And it puts everybody on notice in Syria. You don’t know at night who’s going to be coming in the window. And that’s the sensation that we want all of ISIL’s leadership and followers to have.”

Critics, such as U.S. Senator John McCain, say this reeks of the administration’s usual nonchalant approach to war. “We don’t have a strategy. What we’re doing, what this administration is doing, is incrementally adding capabilities and in reaction to ISIS activities. Rather than taking the initiative and developing the overall strategy,” McCain said this week.

Unfortunately, the Republicans are as confused as the Democrats when it comes to outlining a real strategy. Because there isn’t a significant American appetite for Iraq War, Part III, very few politicians are willing to speak the truth. The truth being that, unless we want this problem to arrive explosively on U.S. soil, we need to destroy this group using the full force of the military.

With President Obama at the helm, that will never happen. Unless ISIS pulls off another attack on the scale of 9/11, he will not allow his presidency to be tarnished with another Middle Eastern war. He’s content to merely tread water and hand this problem off to the next administration.

There has also been a surprising amount of resistance from Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi. Upon hearing of the administration’s plans to send in special forces, Al-Abadi released a statement saying there “is no need for foreign ground combat troops” in his country. He instead asked for more weapons and training and warned Washington to “respect Iraqi sovereignty.”

Hey, how about this: To hell with your country’s sovereignty. If you can’t deal with the sectarian slaughter, then we will.

We’re running out of time here. According to a new report from George Washington University, there are currently thousands of ISIS sympathizers living in the United States. The FBI has over 900 active investigations open. Spurred on by propaganda and social media, these sympathizers are a tragedy waiting to happen.

Make no mistake about it: Troop withdrawal or no, the Iraq War never ended. This is still the very same insurgency that President Bush spent six years fighting in Baghdad, Fallujah, and across the Iraqi countryside. This is what happens when you pull out before the job is done. No one wants to see another ten years of war, but the alternatives – if any exist – are dwindling fast.

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    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      Generally I am the one speaking in the negative to posts here. However I am not one bit in agreement of small numbers of troops no matter the skill sets being put in harms way. We tried that sort of thing in Nam and failed miserably in a country we could have walked through with our superior forces.
      As for Tom P’s comment it is my considered opinion he needs to get a prescription for Valium. Hate hurts the hater much more than the hated and oh by the way President Obama will be leaving office soon enough

      • Michael Dennewitz

        No sir, I disagree with you!! The HTNIC IS NOT going anywhere! His lifelong ambition has ALWAYS been, to become the supreme ruler of a country, specifically OUR COUNTRY. He and geo soros are going to create the most horrible race riot and then the Velcro head will declare martial law… He’s NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!

        • Where is the one eyed, one armed man with the briefcase?
          Mossad, are you watching?

        • Right Michael! We now have terrorism, racists shooting cops, libTURD racists holding college admins. hostage while making demands…….it’s coming as patriotic Americans are waking up and getting FED UP!

      • Nam failed because they would not let the Generals,… General!! Political ass wipes will loose every War they put our young men in, until they learn to give the Generals a Task…. Then stand BACK! AND SHUT TFU!!

      • Absolutely will not be leaving the office soon enough…Demand his removal today..Demand Congress and the Senate act to force him to resign…Bring out all his garbage he keeps so secret and he will go as fast as he can to save his black butt.

  1. Our Country, under Obama, has never been more vulnerable. Expect to see more and more San Bernardino type events in the coming months. Be Ready,….& Be Prepared!!

    • Of course we are vulnerable! Our “alphabet” agencies only watch veterans, grandmothers and White individuals.

    • That is exactly why he was implanted by the One World elitists! He is using ISIS to breakdown the old to bring in the new, as in the New World Order! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr==========================? !

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  2. Obama is not a leader, As Putin said ” Obama is a child” He should not be President of even a baseball team let alone a country. We need special forces here to protect us from Isis. we nee Trump now!

  3. What America is good at is allowing incompetent leadership in the Whitehouse. Until the Commander of Cowardess is replaced by a Commander In Chief, we will not have a foriegn policy nor be viewed once again with respect by other nations AND THE ENEMY, Islamists.

    • I disagree. What “Americans” have been good at is voting in an anti-American Muslim NON-citizen as president. What the hell else did they expect to get? On top of it all, he was re-elected by the same a-holoes. Gimme a break already.

  4. Michael Dennewitz

    ROFLMFAO !! 100 to 200 ????? For real? Is this asswipe serious? What, is this going to end up like Killary’s Benghazi?? That’s like sending the kindergarten class. What the hell’s wrong with this administration? If he’d said 100,000 or 200,000, they’d have half a chance! And the porch monkey in the white house will run in the back room, grab his “secure” phone and tell his people they’re coming, and how many?? Where the hell are all the expert snipers when you really need them??

  5. Obama had the utter gual at the beginning of this year to say “this country is the safest since i was elected” Is he kidding or what? Safer than 9/11? A few days ago Trump said on TV: ‘Something is wrong with this president, but we don’t know what it is”. #1 He’s still a Muslim #2 He’s a narcissist and he doesn’t give a crappola about what is happening here. He should be “IMPEACHED” or face charges of being a TRAITOR He thinks this is a big freakin joke, but the only one i see smiling is Obama.

    • Then his ignorant ass said that “global warming fraud science” is a bigger threat than terrorism! I wonder if the families of those killed by the libTURD terrorists in S.B. will vote democrat again? R.I.P. Obama victims!

      • Since there is so much talk as whether we should send a lot of troops over there rather than having the fight going on here, the decision should be “left up to the fighting men” The Generals say we should attack over there and wipe ISIS out for good, and i believe that’s how it should be handled. I believe that, if left up to our fighting men, they would rather go after the enemy “without restrictions”, then that’s what we should do, along with other member nations. They would rather fight like men than to be told “don’t fire until fired upon” Ridiculous.

        • We should forget all rules of engagement and go there to win and after we win we must stay there and govern and Israel would so welcome our being in their region and they need us there…Take mid east away from the savages born to die and loving it.

    • He wasn’t kidding, he was lying…

  6. I wonder if Obama also telephoned his Islamic brothers to tell them to leave town for a few weeks.

  7. We should pull those troop out until we can get a real leader in the white house. One that will release the politically correct “rules of engagement” that 0bama and his administration has hogtied the troops with.

    0bama has blood on his hands.

  8. I know the SF’s would love to go in there and clean up a bit, but I feel sorry for them being under a chain of command that will tie their hands, put them at risk, and charge them with war crimes, in reward for them risking their lives and serving their country.

  9. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    There was

    once an American General and a true fighting man whose motto was to never fight
    twice for the same real estate. It is said that he was assassinated for his aggressiveness
    towards Russia. What America needs right now is a real Commander in Chief, not
    a wanna-be collaborating with the enemy.

  10. This is all brought on by Obama. He must be removed and charged with his crimes…Surely Biden would appoint a General to save us all….

  11. I hate to say this, but it has come to a point in our country which we cannot allow to go any further. Remember what we did after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor? Out “smart president named Roosevelt” mhad the FBI go out and round up every single person of Japanese ancestry, whether they were citizens or not. They were then placed in “internment camps” throughout our country” for the SAFETY of the rest of us. They were released after the war was finished. It’s TIME to do it “AGAIN” only with the Muslim population.

  12. They do not count as boots on the ground?

  13. OMG, it’s too LATE, cause the wienies are all over the world’s which happened to be formerly known as the land of the free in a 180 turn around!!

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