Southern Border Violence Surges Under Biden

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is officially looking into an altercation between Border Patrol agents and two males, which took place in Southern California this past weekend.

A Republican congresswoman from Texas was the one to post the video to social media bringing attention to the incident. In the video one can see the fight between the two “suspected smugglers” and the Border Patrol Agents, which took place on Imperial Beach, a few dozen feet from the border fence.

According to Tekae Michael, a spokesman for San Diego’s Border Patrol has stated that whenever such an incident occurs the FBI is the primary agency that takes over the investigation. This is to ensure that the investigation will be unbiased towards any of the sides or agencies.

The review so far is trying to see how the assailants may have tried to attack the agents, rather than examining if the agents were conducting any wrongdoings.

Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) also took to Instagram to post the video of the attempted attack which showed several agents, trying to take down a man who is launching repeated attacks on them. A U.S. Customs and Border Protection statement issued about the incident specifies that the event took place around 5:10 p.m. on Aug 21, when the migrants were found trying to enter the United States illegally from the International Boundary Maritime primary fencing. When caught by the agents, the men were taken into custody where they tried to assault the agents. Two Mexican nationals, one 17 and one 20 were taken into custody for processing following the attacks.

In the background of the video a crowd in Tijuana, Mexico could also be seen cheering from behind the border. The agents tried to use less lethal weapons during the attack, but one of the agents can be seen with a police button after the suspect lunged at him.

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