Southern Border Crisis Drones On

In many regions, the gangs and drug lords control the Mexican side of the border – usurping the powers of local and even state governments.  They are operating a multi-billion-dollar annual crime business.  They are becoming so entrenched and sophisticated that they have an armada of drones to surveil the American side of the border – literally violating American airspace.

In response to requests from Judicial Watch, Homeland Security has reported that there were more than 9000 drone incursions into US airspace in the past year.  They are mostly spy-drones gathering intelligence on local law enforcement locations and activities.  It is reasonable to expect that in the future they will be delivering drugs and contraband over the border like an Amazon delivery.

Because of the Democrats’ open border policies, the crisis at America’s southern borders keeps getting worse.  And yes … no matter what Democrats claim, they have an open border policy.  

Why else would they reverse every Trump policy that reduced the number of those illegally crossing the border?  Why else would they push back against the enforcement effort of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – with the most radical democrats calling for the agency to be abolished?  Why is it Democrat policies include sanctuary cities, counties and states to put illegal aliens out of reach of law enforcement?  Why do Democrat administrations order the local police to NOT turn over illegal aliens who are taken into custody?  Why else would Democrats keep enhancing the special benefits and privileges for those crossing the border illegally?

It is true that the Biden administration has told potential border crossers that they should not come.  They should stay at home.  But that occasional whisper is nullified by all the benefits dangled before the caravan people.

The border has been open for so long that both the do-gooders and the criminals have developed infrastructure and a business model to accommodate would-be crossers.  The drug cartels literally control the border in key places.  And with the anticipated surge this summer – especially high numbers if Biden does not extent Title 42 – there will not be enough border patrol officers to guard the border.  That is called an open border.

The border situation is getting worse – not better.  The Biden administration has no policy to even slow down the illegal border crossings.  Only policies that encourage mass migration. The numbers of those arriving at the American border are expected to surge to record highs in the next few months.

Former Obama Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said that the border patrol is equipped to handle 3000 per day.  He said 6000 is a crisis and 8000 essentially collapses the ability to respond.  It currently exceeds the 8000 number, and if Title 42 is abandoned, Homeland Security estimates a surge of 18,000 per day.

Not only is Biden pursuing an open borders strategy, but the administration is proactively encouraging migrants to come to the border.  That is why you do not hear Biden giving one of his frequent addresses to the nation about immigration.  Not a word from Vice President Harris, who is supposed to be in charge on the immigration issue.  The administration has no plans to announce. — and unfortunately, the Democrat-controlled media remains largely silent on the subject under their policy of bad news is no news if it put Democrats in a bad light.

It will not be long before another American will be killed by an illegal alien with a criminal record who should not have been in the country – maybe even a person who had been deported in the past.  Thousands of other crimes and drug-related deaths will occur needlessly because of the bad actors Biden and the Democrats are welcoming to America.  

So, there ‘tis.

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