Sorry, But Mike Pence’s Protest Was Worth Every Penny

When did Democrats become such dedicated stewards of American taxpayer dollars?

All of a sudden, the left is really, really concerned about any “publicly stunts” the Trump administration might be pulling at the expense of our treasury. Funny, because we were under the impression for the last…oh, hundred years or so…that Democrats were all in favor of wasting taxpayer money! It seems they only remember the rewards of fiscal responsibility when the money goes to something they despise – like a patriotic demonstration by the Vice President of the United States. Well, they can huff and puff all they want. As far as we’re concerned, Mike Pence’s protest was worth every penny.

“I left today’s Colts game because President Trump and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem,” Pence said after the game. “At a time when so many Americans are inspiring our nation with their courage, resolve, and resilience, now, more than ever, we should rally around our Flag and everything that unites us.

“While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I don’t think it’s too much to ask NFL players to respect the Flag and our National Anthem,” he continued. “I stand with President Trump, I stand with our soldiers, and I will always stand for our Flag and National Anthem.”

Every liberal Obama-lover who stayed silent while 44 gallivanted around the country going to basketball games on the taxpayer dime suddenly demand to know how much was spent on this stunt. Well, go dig it up and find out. But whether it was $200,000 or $2, it was worth it. Not because we enjoyed another round of liberal tears (although we certainly did), but because it is very much within the (vice) president’s purview to promote patriotism and respect for American institutions like the military, the national anthem, and the stars and stripes.

In fact, at a time when respect for those institutions appears to be at a staggering low point, we’d be hard pressed to come up with anything better Pence could have done with his day. Sure, this was probably a planned “stunt” from the get-go. So be it. It was well within the players’ ability to stand for the national anthem and thwart it! They didn’t. They had their protest and the vice president had his. Is not Mike Pence afforded the same First Amendment rights as the San Francisco 49ers? Has he not done (much) more for this country than any one of those players getting their knees dirty before the game?

We submit that he has.

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  1. God Bless The Vice President
    God Bless the President
    God bless our Military, and
    God Bless The USA 🇺🇸

  2. One Nation Under GOD…no exceptions!

  3. What Pence did was absolutely proper and every other fan in the stadium should have walked out, as well. If it wasn’t for this country and the opportunities it has afforded them, these jerks would all have to be out working real jobs and only earning a fraction of what they are being paid to play a stupid game. The real heroes of this great nation are the ones who shed their blood and gave their lives for the freedoms we all enjoy and these idiots have the nerve to disrespect them, our flag and this country? What a bunch of thankless morons. If the owners had any gonads they would fire them all.

    • Nobody’s gonna walk, buddy.

    • The real VILLAINS of this country are the old men in high places who pushed us into wars that we never should have engaged in! Many of those young American men who died or were maimed in those wars would be alive and well today if it had not been for the decisions to send them forth into battle on false premises.

      • George E. LeFebvre

        Another must be demonrat speaks like he knows something. If it weren’t for those old men in high places getting us into wars, there wouldn’t be any USA AT ALL. Its called self defense before we are ruined by an opposing force led by a louse like Odumbo. He wouldn’t prevent us from an invasion but would rather open the borders to complete the overrun of our borders. And then declare his Dictator of the World.

        • There was no self-defense justification for the “weapons of mass destruction” madness of the Iraq War. And, contrary to the “domino effect” fantasy that led us into Vietnam, no dominos fell even after we bailed out of that hell hole!

          • And PLEASE tell us all, exactly what branch of the Military, you served in, during the Vietnam War. I would love to check out your answer, to find out you are telling the truth, instead of the BS you are trying to get us to believe. Or, just state your name & state you were born in. That would also do just fine. If you refuse—-we will ALL know just how sick a SOB you really are. You really need to leave the USA—you are a disgrace:(:(:(

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            Well said. Probably another example of “Stolen Valor”!

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            Whoever told you that your head was on straight? The driver on your short bus?

          • Cambodia in the 70’s? Ever see the movie The Killing Fields? You don’t need to worry though, if that were ever to happen here the communists go after the educated!

          • Read the string, donS2. We are NOT discussing Cambodia. The subject is IRAQ and whether they had WOMD. Wake up, get sober, or do whatever else is necessary to improve your comprehension.

          • Sorry headupBackside, here is a quote directly from your post above, “And, contrary to the “domino effect” fantasy that led us into Vietnam, no dominos fell even after we bailed out of that hell hole!. Ridicule me next time lefty!

          • Guess you didn’t hear the part about the weapons of mass destruction being found after being declared there were none. Oh, that’s right. You just listen to the news programs that leave out inconvenient facts.

          • Hey, Care, would you CARE to submit some documentation substantiating that claim?
            Or are you too lazy to find any?

          • Golly gee, looks like you’re the lazy one. All one has to do is to type in “weapons of mass destruction found in Irag” and you’ll get a whole bunch of links. You’ll also get a message that reads that the left, meaning you, has created an entire fabrication about none being found. Now, why don’t you go and play somewhere else.

          • I got plenty of ilinks all right, including this one which gives facts:


        • Obama made a decision to ignore federal laws and our immigration program and opened the doors, an almost welcome sign, to illegal immigrants fro all over the world to take part in the greatest and most costly invasion of illegal immigrates into our country. He claimed our immigration laws and out immigration program was ineffective; but those laws and that program was the same that numerous presidents before him had successfully used to manage the nations immigration concerns; in doing so – those previous presidents honored their oath of office – – Obama ignored his!
          Obama stated our laws were ineffective in managing the immigration needs; BUT he did nothing to fix them. Through the efforts of people like Janet Napolitano and sever others to follow in her pattern, this nation basically hung a “Come One – Come All” sign out for the illegals and this nation will pay the price for the next fifty years as we dig our selves out of the mess the Obama Administration made of our country!

        • Yes and headonstraight would likely prefer dying on his knees to defending our country, Constitution, etc., and freedom for him to say stupid things.

      • dumb ass moron

        • Oh, PLEEEZE! Do not place me in the same category with the orange occupant of the Oval Office!

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            You could not lick his boots!

          • Not to worry, ldiod (idiot on steroids) liberals like you are in a category lacking common sense, Trump’s in the category of common sense, which presupposes a common understanding of the world…..lack of common sense is destructive and dangerous….


            You mean the mulatto was better

          • Showing your racist self there, bv (bigoted varmint)?


            Not in the least,if one parent is white and the other is black the dictionary says you are a mulatto.He can call himself what ever he wants.Look it up

          • Don’t kid kid yoursel.f. bvaughn chose that term is a derogatory one, whether it is in fact derogatory. It is the usage, not the etymology, that is at work in bv’s racist mind.

      • Good God, is it you spouting bullshit again? Also, change your name besides what you call yourself now. May I suggest “Head Up Ass”?????

        • You may suggest anything you wish. There is freedom of expression in this nation, at least until and unless the accidental president finds some way to prevent it. He says the TV networks should lose their licenses for reporting “fake news.” First of all, the reports on the major networks about him and his bungling and his ignorance have been proven over and over to be correct and the Cheeto Head in the White House has been repeatedly shown to be a liar.

          There’s your guy–by far the most prolific liar ever to sitnin the Oval Office.
          You and other dupes and sheep will not accept the truth on this subject, usually damning the source without doing even a tiny bit of fact checking. That is because you are totally, irremediately brain-washed.

          • Wow, you read the New York Slimes. Go cry with Hilly please

          • Sorry. President Trump has been dangling “shiny things” (tweets) to confuse the media while he goes about the business of America which he was elected to do. He is regularly making judicial appointments which will change the judicial branch for the next 40 years.

          • It could be a beautiful thing!

          • As often as not, those tweets (“shiny things”) to deflect attention from things that embarrass the Tweeter-in-Chief. Often, his silly-ass ignorant tweets backfire on the bloviating ignoramus.

          • headonstraight = obama Kool Aid Drinking Moron . Talk about someone sitting in the Oval Office lying ! “You can keep your doctor and your health care ” RING ANY BELLS ! or that is my birth certificate April 27, 2011 . The US Congress and MSM let a fraud and usurper sit in the White House for eight long years covering his ass every chance they got . But the truth will come out about the Kenyan Fraud ! As the saying goes ” you can run but you cannot hide from the TRUTH “

          • Still tootin’ that birther horn, are you charles00000? And that “Kenyan Fraud” nonsense?! Kool-Aid ain’t strong enough to sustain such delusion. You must have
            dipped into that old stash of LSD you have saved from your brain-wasted youth!

          • There is a quote by Benjamin Franklin that describes you and those like you perfectly! He said, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

      • Tell that to George W. Bush.

    • Well said!

    • You don’t really think most of those NFL morons would actually work for a living, do you? 90% or more of them would be making babies and drawing welfare.

      • Selling crack on the corner? Or, are quite a few simply selling it out of those mansions they moved into right after one of those multi million dollar contracts?

        • while you are wasting your time on another “trump non issue” , this is going on-What is Trump doing about it? Zilch.

          • CNN?? Just the “fakes” needed to feed those fairies dancing around your head. BTW, “if” there is some issue with the Navy, those fairies should tell you that there is a “chain of command,” and at least two BIG dogs are ahead of Trump even being required to be advised! Go back to those delusional dreams of Nirvana.

          • You exemplify the definition of Idiot- one who takes a conversation about over paid thugs/felons who disrespect the only country in the world where they can become multi-millionaires for their job of doing nothing any more challenging that playing with a football. Then you double down in proving that you are indeed an idiot by making reference to a report by MSN, a well known source of lies, lies and more lies. My advice for you would be to come out of the basement, take a deep breath of fresh air, stand in the sunlight, which is known to act as a disinfectant, let it cleanse your brain of all the untruthful hype from the sources that want to destroy America and Americans.

          • Well done; I have to wonder who gives a Rat S— what the players think or believe; that is not what we pay to see, that is not what we believe and that is not what we are expected to accept, required or have an interest in. We pay to see professional athletics and what ANY of them want to believe on their own is up to them – just as what I believe is up t me. Personally though, I believe those who feel they have to make their statements on my dollar are out of line. Let them do it on their own time.
            I spent 27+ years in the service of this country and another 20 years serving the people of my area as a law enforcement officer and judge. I did not do it to let the Politicians ruin my country or far left extremists ruin my day with their radical efforts to further the media or Obama Agenda of destroying the values and integrity of this country.

          • I am honored that you read my comment and sent a kind reply. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made in serving and honoring America and each of us. Sometimes I get replies from Liberal trolls that get paid to try to intimidate by attacking those of us with common sense. I laugh it off since that behavior just proves the old adage that “Truth to a Liberal is like Sunshine to a Vampire”. May God Bless You Always!

          • Well, Gammi2, in reference to Rich, Benjamin Franklin said it best, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” I agree totally with your comments.

        • How do you know what they sell. Are you on the corner too? Remember Free Speech, Free Kneeling, and I am guessing you feel free racism.

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    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      AMEN! Where else could mostly uneducated freaks of nature and selective breeding on the slave plantations make millions for playing a game?

      • Um, almost all of them are college educated. Ever hear of the NCAA?

        • curmudgeon VN Veteran

          LOL! What the Hell does that mean? The NCAA is part of the problem Skippy. They turn a blind eye to any and all infractions. A stupid as powerful as yours is something to behold. Faggots are not in charge of the NCAA are they?

        • Um most had scholarships supported by TAXPAYERS who also watch and buy the products advertised during those games.

        • Sort of. Most of them WENT to a college of some sort but whether they were “educated” is another question altogether. The pay to play is being exposed at many colleges.

        • Educated ? Being the key word ! Many years ago a white paper was done on college basketball players who graduated from their schools , Half of them could not pass an eight grade test and some could not spell their own name . Turns out the degrees weren’t worth the paper they were written on because their coaches had other people taking their exams for them . The real sad thing was employers found out the hard way that degree or diploma did not represent the person standing in front of them until after they were hired .

    • “The real heroes of this great nation….” Perzactilly so. I would only add, “First Responders,” as in, police/fire/rescue – and definite “heroes,” as I grow older, Dr.s and nurses of all kinds – like the dude that just took out half of my thyroid – talk about who/whom are overpaid and or underpaid – guess who I pick!

    • You’re right about who the real heroes are, but nobody’s going to walk out on a $1000 season ticket, and nobody’s shutting off the TV on game day. Trump has picked a losing fight this time.

  4. Pence’s “publicity stunt,” as the liberals called it, only served to give more attention to an issue that concerns many Americans, that is, true Americans! It is an issue that the liberals can not and will not win on, they just don’t know it yet!

    • No, we don’t know that at all, and guess what, in this matter of free speech, we are right as rain.

      • Ib the matter of free speech you are as right as rain??? Where is your concern of free speech on other subjects that you do not approve, Confederate flag and monuments, conservative speech upon campuses, the right of people to have their freedom of movement, the right of people to voice their thoughts, the right of people to not be assaulted and not to have their property to be destroyed. Liberals demand the freedom to speak, protest and violate other people’s freedoms.

        • Agreed, and with that I’d also mention prayer in public, or Tim Tebow praying before a game.
          Liberals are the biggest hypocrites!

      • There is no free speech in the workplace – o, sorry, guess you don’t have a job!

      • Thanks for commenting so many times here. Your position is noted and we appreciate a good laugh. As for free speech, sure, they players have the right just as we have the right to not give them another dime. I would be okay with the NFL and all of the teams going bankrupt because they are not too big to fail.

  5. And the Demwits and the NFL can take it and shove it🖕🏻Up their ASS if they don’t like it. Pence has the same rights as everyone else. If he stays or goes it is his choice, and he made the RIGHT ONE!!!

    • He pulled a publicity stunt at great public expense and no risk to himself. He went to that game for the purpose of leaving it, making it an empty gesture. I’ll bet he got comped, too.

      • I don’t think you and the other leftists have much to say. Mr. Obama was tearing up our country’s budget with his vacations, travels all over for games – many many times – and other frivolities. This wasn’t frivolous, this was to make a point and he made it well. In my eyes and many others; those who are true Patriots, this was money well spent. You have your right to your blind opinion and its expression. God bless you.

      • Publicity stunt? No he just got his point across & spoke for many Americans unlike you. “Great public expense”? Give me a friggin break. Do you realize how much money the government wastes on ludicrous spending? I am sure this really added to the trillions of dollars of debt. Pull your head out of where the sun does not shine before you suffocate. Well, maybe leave it in there.

      • Maybe but he got their attention didn’t it good for him

      • I certainly hope he got comped! That stadium probably belongs to the taxpayers–NOT THE SPOILED, LAZY BABIES WHO PLAY A GAME FOR A LIVING!

        • You’re right about that. That stupid Lucas stadium has been a source of contention for many taxpayers since inception.
          On that note, perhaps it served a greater purpose by being the venue where VP Pence made his rightful and correct “statement.” Too bad he had to miss his favorite team’s home game.

      • Idiot.
        Pence is from Indiana, born and raised, and the Colts are “his team”. He’s a big fan who has always attended games.

      • Dude you keep doubling down on stupid and don’t even realize it. The Vice President walking out on a bunch of disrespectful malcontents was in support of all of us who disapprove of the NFL.
        You will not find a more decent moral individual in Washington today than Vice President Pence.

      • smart move on his part, to bad he didn’t give them the bird also dummy.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        You are amusing for a twink, but so full of shiit that I doubt you can walk.

      • SAD? Stupid Ass Democrat!!! by Larifrog

    • So, barny, what you are saying is the football players are within their rights. I agree.

      • No they are MOT! They are on the job. Just like you and I if we did shit like that while we were on the payrole, I don’t know about you but I would be FIRED on the spot!!

        • Wasn’t Pence “on the job”? FIRE the bastard!

          As for being fired on the job for protesting I reckon that would depend on who the bos is. I don’t believe it is the government’s business now is it?

          • Bull Shit!!
            Pence did what is right!!
            If the dumb shits that are over paid and under worked for playing football can protest then by all means Pence can protest them!!

            And if you are working for me and you pull a stunt like not showing respect the this Country and it’s Flag guess what
            YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!


          • I didn’t say Pence didn’t have the right to protest. He has every right to make an ass out of hisself all he wants. I’m saying he was on the job and, using your logic, he should be FIRED! And he shouldn’t be wasting MY TAX MONEY for his little stunt. He is not paid to do publicity stunts.

            Oh, I’m not working for you so you can’t fire me regardless. I doubt that I would choose to work for you anyway. You have a bad attitude.

          • You are full of shit! You must be A Democrat and belong to the Union!!
            My attitude is just fine, I want what is best for this Country and am tired of these shit heads making A mockery of it! You don’t like it get the hell out!!

          • Oh Barney. I think you just proved that you want only what you perceive is best for only you and that you couldn’t really give a shit about anybody else or the “country”. That, sir, is a bad attitude. You, Pence, and others like you are making a mockery out of yourselves.

          • And you Dick Weed can come to Texas and kiss my ass!!

          • No thank you. Texass. humph. Figures.

          • Texas is the ONLY State that Does not NEED the other 49!! Or as Dumb Ass Obama says the other 56😂

            We are the only stand alone state!
            You must be A California queer
            Liberal! Good luck with your sanctuary state that is already run over by rapest and illegals doing nothing but putting you deeper in over your heads!!

          • Feel free to secede. And I don’t live in CA. Im in one of the mountain states. Tell your “friends” there to stay away from the mountain states. If Texass is so great I don’t know why so many are moving here.

          • They are not, just go stay aveeek or do in the cool. Weather. Texas is being run over by people from Washington state, Illinois and Indiana. We are connecting more houses with electricity for them than the locals. If they want to get away from the corrupt unions and learn the way of us here in Texas more power to them. The ones that are trying to bring the Demacrats crooked and corrupt policies down here we make it so hard on them they run back to where they came from!!

          • Ahhhh. A race to the bottom. Like Kansas. Let me know how that works out for you in the long run. No, nevermind. I need not hear from you ever again.

          • Promoting divisive politics, disrespect of God, country and the armed forces, using redundant misplaced racial tactics and other liberal means of chaos have allowed for more bad attitudes over the last 9 years than any other time in history. The mockery occurs at every protest in recent times.

          • My what a busy boy laboring over your electronic keyboard. You are the antithesis of the old saying “the idle mind is the devil’s playground”. It would seem to me it is the tRump/Pence team that is promoting the “divisive politics” by making such a tweetstorm and being a drama queen over a person exercising first amendment rights. You know, in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. You know, that piece of parchment that the reich wing just loves until it doesn’t fit their agenda. Athletes protesting goes back a long ways. 1968 Olympics. LBJ POTUS dead silence. 1972, 1973, 1996. Here’s what Obama said of Kaepernick’s protest during his term, “I don’t doubt [Kaepernick’s] sincerity, based on what I’ve heard. I think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that have to be talked about. And, if nothing else, what he’s done is he’s generated more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about. Sometimes it’s messy, but it’s the way democracy works.” And comments by the reich wing at that that time were that POTUS should stay out of it. From this side the “bad attitude” the last 9 years stems from a black man being in the white house. You are the ones with said “bad attitude Junior. Oh, y’all think you have some kind of patent on patriotism. Your brand of patriotism is wrapping yourselves in the flag and following blindly. That is the real mockery. The “misplaced racial tactics” are trump etal not being able to get it through thick heads that the protests are NOT in disrespect of God country of armed forces. What BTW does god have to do with the national anthem, country, or armed forces anyway.

          • Your entire reply might be considered appropriate, were it not for all the protests and ensuing riots that stopped conservative “FREE SPEECH” such as was scheduled at UC Berkeley.
            Much of TRUMP’s “tweetstorm” is probably very divisive, and childish too, but to be fair the MSM, Hollywood, late night comedy, and majority of celebrities haven’t been accommodating to his presidency in the least.
            Every PC or Social Justice scenario has been repeated ad-nauseam since 2008. If anything Kaepernick has become redundant as any other social justice warrior.
            We’ve talked of every PC “legitimate issue”.
            We’re EXAGGERATING every PC “legitimate issue” and we’re beyond irritating the other half of the country who quite frankly doesn’t care to listen to moaning from the overzealous liberal snowflake anymore.
            Oh, and another thing wether you care or not, God has to do with everything!

          • Some of your reply might be considered appropriate, were it not for examples such as the protests and ensuing riots that stopped conservative free speech from occurring at UC Berkeley.
            Much of Trump’s “tweetstorm” is very divisive, and childish too, but to be fair the MSM, Hollywood, late night comedy, and majority of celebrities haven’t been accommodating to his presidency in the least. The tit for tat arguments give no one the high road.
            Every PC or Social Justice scenario has been repeated ad-nauseam since 2008. Kaepernick is redundant as any other social justice warrior.
            You might consider Trump’s tactics with the NFL racially insensitive. You may even be correct, however I would hope his efforts if not genuine, were at least an effort to keep political protests out of what used to be fun for everyone.

          • Well, blaming the entire left or SJW’s for the riots caused by a handful of anarchists would be like me blaming the entire right for Dylann Roof or the moron who ran over the peaceful protesters killing one in Charlottesville, but we need not go there unless you insist. I will state, however, that right wing violence exceeds left wing violence, just to set the record straight, and I do not condone violence. I will also point out that the same class of radical right wingers were shut down in Boston, not by any government agency, therefore not a violation of the 1st amendment, rather by a massive common citizen turnout with no violence. I personally say let them talk, for their message will eventually will shut themselves down. I might peacefully protest against them but that is my right too. I would say that the issue of the “liberal snowflake” (Kaepernick) has been talked about redundantly, but I would say it goes back much further than 2008. More like the mid 1800’s. Talk is cheap. The issue has not been resolved rather just more subtle. Until it is resolved I suspect there will always be pushback. Perhaps it will never be totally resolved. I do not consider trump’s tactics racially insensitive, rather unnecessary, as well as “politicizing”, something the right is always accusing the left of doing, as well as, in your own words, “Promoting divisive politics”.

            You are correct, MSM has not been kind to trump after the election, but they sure were during the campaign. He played MSM like a fiddle and got tons of totally free airtime..way more than any other candidate. Furthermore, calling out lies may not be “fair” to trump, but it is being fair to the public, which is their job description. And to be fair, I will say that a particular part of MSM was never accommodating to Obama either.

            If a player peacefully protesting for a few moments ruins “what use to be fun for everyone” then I question who the “snowflakes” really are?

            BTW, in response to your other reply I don’t see here, believe it or not, God does paly an important role in my personal life but in my opinion God does not belong in government of politics.

          • Once again politics is Pence’s job.
            Leaving the game was a political statement.

          • OK if you insist that “politics is pence’s job” so be it. Here check out the definitions. From Merriam Webster, “”political activities characterized by artful and often dishonest practices”. Also from Webster for politician, “a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons” Here’s from dictionary .com for playing politics, “a. to engage in political intrigue, take advantage of a political situation or issue, resort to partisan politics, etc.; exploit a political system or political relationships.
            b. to deal with people in an opportunistic, manipulative, or devious way, as for job advancement.

            So there you have it. If politics is pence’s job I’d say he is doing a heck of a job Brownie!

            BTW, perhaps you were not aware that according to the Constitution, yeah that one, the one you proclaim to love as long as it doesn’t interfere with your agenda, the VPOTUS job description is to preside over the Senate and vote only if there is a tiebreaker, and to fulfil the POTUS duties if the POTUS is not able to. He should stick to his job

          • You dumb shit He Is The VICE PRESIDENT!!
            He has earned the right!!

          • Far as I’m concerned he hasn’t earned shit. Again, using your logic, then Obama earned the right to do everything he did. Besides, being President trumps being only vice president. No pun intended of course.

          • Right again, an elected President can pretty much influence the political processes of our country even to the extent of malice Obama and Congress allowed during his terms.

          • So obviously you were not fond of Obama overstepping his bounds but you are just tickled pink that tRump is doing it. That, Junior, makes you a hypocrite.

          • How has Trump or Pence overstepped any boundaries for in effect just having an opinion opposed against the NFL players kneeling during the Anthem?
            I think better examples might include forced commerce, such as the individual mandate in Obamacare.
            No hypocrisy was implied.
            I only said the President could endorse policies, with the implied humor, that only malice was the result of Obama’s legislation. It was petty and partisan, and for that I apologize.

          • Apology accepted, thank you.

          • Oh yeah, going from the most unpopular Governor in these here United States to the most unpopular VP in recent times just doesn’t “earn” much in my book.

          • You’re right, certainly not as much money as an immature, liberal celebrity (or athlete) spouting f bombs over a lost election.

          • Actually he’s a politician that can make political statements or actions that would offend the opposition, or maybe even their own party. It comes with the job.
            Athletes, celebrities and entertainers should have consequences for becoming propaganda artists in politics, including fines and or severence from their professions. With the exception of their celebrity (and income) these people are at work and should keep politics off the field.

          • Pence’s job is politics!
            Football is not!
            I hope you see the error in your commentary.
            Try the political BS in sales, and see how long you’re employed.

    • fine…I just shouldn’t have to pay the tab…ass for a brain.

  6. I have seen no reports of how many other fans walked out with him so we can only conclude there were NONE. That is the score on this issue one to everyone else. That does not seem to be a winning score.

    • Perhaps not, but have you checked on the new weekly ticket sales to these expensive games? Have you googled facts about how TV viewing of the games have changed, remained the same, lowered or gotten higher, because those are the facts we need to know. After all, the owners of the teams that pay their salaries are the ones who will ultimately define whether the venue these highly paid spoiled children are using to make the point they “say” they want to make in turns out to be successful. Just sayin’.

  7. The Obama administration spent money like water now they are concerned about costs

  8. It’s too bad he didn’t walk out on that racist at the ‘Hamilton’ play? VP Pence did the right thing!

    M A G A !!!

  9. The damage is done. The left has managed again to take the shine off yet another American pleasure experience. The VPOTUS had no choice but to leave since he was already scheduled to attend and did not know for certain what was to take place at the opening ceremony.
    However, I do not recommend that the fans follow his lead. Walking out AFTER you already handed over your hard earned money is not hitting the NFL where it hurts. Simply do not attend in the first place. Of course if you are already there and it really offends you, by all means feel free to leave. But I suggest that in the meantime, until this silliness is resolved, stay away. The message is being received and I’m very surprised that the NFL took this long to hear it. Cut this crap, now!
    This situation is really one where you can make a difference.
    I get the protest thing. It’s drilled into the players’ heads that they are a team. It’s a “we all stick together mentality.” When POTUS called them on it, they responded with disastrous results.
    But there is a smarter way to make your point regarding this perception of injustice.
    They are highly compensate sports players. Football was considered at one time, THE American sport.
    Protesting during of all things, the National Anthem, is offensive to many fans.
    I’m not saying anything new. I’m just pointing out that staying out of the stadium saves you money and drives the point home. It’s a win-win.

    • YES—-:):):)

    • How about just staying away because it’s a stupid “game” of high paid players that are destroying the potential of a meaningful life by destroying their body and brains? Professionally football is stupid.

      • Rich – football is what some people find entertaining. We’re all individuals and have a universe of different interests. But football is just one of many targets singled out by those deliberately attempting to cause civil unrest. Pick a topic, symbol, or whatever area that we as Americans get along, and it’s fair game to the disrupters. Flag, Anthem, Football, History ( statues ) and Lord knows what else. The man in the White House has his hands filled. It’s looking more like planning D-Day with a handful of people rather than the backing of the entire government. It’s one thing to be a career government employee who serves our leader, whoever that may be in office. But career employees, not elected by the people, have no right in determining government policy. Especially idoligical driven policy. It has to stop.
        I have adopted the position that all good things take time. We need to clean up government in a Democratic way. Not tear it all down and start from scratch as others seem to believe is how it should be done .

  10. The Obama’s spent more of the people’s money on vacations and flying around the world for their “pleasure” than the Politicians were able to gain for the re-elections. No other President was ever allowed to do so, but then, no other President had the “special requirement” of doing so because he was a “victim”, Period!

  11. Remember dems, 1st amendment rights are for everybody.
    And when it’s time to speak out and called a spade a spade, it’s going to happen like it or not.
    Blacks will no longer be the only ones to speak out against preferential treatment.
    Since I’ve been born, blacks have been getting preferential treatment and still can’t get their heads out of their asses.
    It’s fundamentals and starts from home.
    Stop impregnating and making multiple children and then abandoning and blaming others.
    Burning cities, attacking whites and shooting cops is hate plain and simple.
    Stop your hate for others and look in the mirror.
    Enough of the blame game, you’ve been brainwashed by your own!!

    • You are absolutely correct. This country is in a cultural war. White Americans didn’t start it and don’t want it and have been late coming to the realization that the vast majority of black people don’t accept the culture that innovated and created to make this country great.

      These stupid protests complete with black power fist pumps just highlighted that this is war. Most people regardless of color are not racist, but the leftist/communists who want black against white are going to make us all racists. The definition of that term has been broadened so much that eating white rice is now racist.

    • They don’t want to admit that you are “SPOT ON”—-they would prefer to play the race card & blame all of us true Americans, that we owe them something. This reminds me of one of my all time best friends. A Black Man named George Gillory from Houston. We served together in Nam & he passed away at 28 years old to Sickle Cell. What a hero for the USA to be proud of. He would have HATED the way blacks, as in NFL players, are acting today. He would be one that would love to kick some serious ass off of these pieces of trash. “They are pieces of trash” as George would say. I would agree totally.

      • God rest his soul your friend.
        We as a civilization have to bark back at the environment which was created by that communist Obama with his identity politics.
        He wanted to abolish the constitution him and that power hungry bitch H.R.C.

  12. Dont go to NFL football games and NBA games plain and simple.
    These black athletes are racist and showing us all how they exactly feel about white America.
    They are giving us the big F.U. and we have more of the power then they do.
    Goodell , owners and coaches have no balls.
    Players quit, there’s always someone else to replace them.

  13. You’re working real hard to pretend the knee-taking has anything to do with the flag, the national Anthem, or the military. The players’ protest is about routine abuse and all-too-frequent murders of blacks by trigger-happy, racist cops. Because you are okay with these common homocides or you are addled, or both, you mischaracterize the protest entirely. Not surprisingly, most of your racist readership doesn’t get it, either, although in their case, we’re talking low intelligence, as you know, as your every column plays them for silly rubes.

    But what you really don’t get is that the protest is working. Donald Trump and Mike Pence have drawn so much more attention to it than if they’d stayed mum, it’s now one of the main topics of conversation in the country. Just a little bit of correction, and people will suddenly find themselves confronted by a whole slough of murders by cops, which, as you know but I will point out again anyway, is what they are protesting.

    Donald Trump, in yet another ploy to divide the country, doesn’t realize that a large majority of Americans are on to him now, and his tiny-but-oh-so-noisy base are the only ones buying his cheap charade. People have already bought their tickets and players contracts don’t say anything about banning political protests, so nobody’s going to “pull a Pence” and actually skip any games. They may bitch about it like most of your correspondents here, but they’re not going to miss a single play in counterprotest.

    • Taking the ‘knee’ during the National Anthem, in no way says anything about shootings. Saying something about that with words would go a lot further. Ride with the police/sheriffs/troopers sometime, see what they go through.

      • Ellen, OH NO—they would never do that???? Are you serious???? They are Pro NFL Football Players. NOT some lowlife Police Officer who stands a chance of getting killed everyday he/she goes to work:(:(:( NO, not these mental midgets:(:(:( It’s really sad isn’t it? I rest my case.

    • You are a real whacked out far left wing radical liberal. Your post is so full of BS it does not deserve a detailed response.

    • I know of at least ten people that have walked and will not watch the overpaid NFL players show disrespect for the people that have put them in their millionaire positions. 2016 there were 963 (233 black) people shot/killed by police, 48 (17 black) of those were unarmed, 26 (7 black) were not fleeing the police. There were 7 African-Americans or 17 if counting the ones fleeing, app.. Police have encounters with app.63 million people, in stops, investigations, etc. There are approximately 12 million arrests made by police per year. Where is your routine abuse and all too freguent murders of blacks? Of the 2,491 (2013) African -Americans mudered, 2,245 were murdered by an African -American, where is the kneeling protest or any protest of this all too freguent murder rate.

    • I didn’t see you mention blacks killing blacks. There are more murders in Chicago and other cities of that nature. If the so-called professional ball playing millionaires were so concerned then they should go into the ghettos and help the young people there. Fathers should be FATHERS and not just make babies and then leave them. If they want to protest that is fine, but not in the manner they are doing it. Insulting our country, our flag, our veterans and those actively serving this country – the military, the police, the first responders – fire fighters and EMS personnel. There has been more money spent on affirmative action and other programs for the black community since the 60s than most other programs combined. So quit whining and get out and do something for your community.

      • Mayor11—you have to understand, a lot of blacks think that if they get “married”, they wouldn’t be able to live off of the Government, as SO MANY DO TODAY—-illegally I may add. They might have to go out & get a JOB. “Oh Lordy me—-I have to go to WORK”????? It’s sad, but true. So folks, thanks to the ungrateful Not For Long players, you might just be screwed by their actions. REAL Americans have had it up to their necks with you trash. Leave the United States & do the rest of us a huge favor.

    • Mr. Dandy, you offend my sensibilities. I know what these “protests” are about and I think it sucks eggs. It started with Kaepernick protesting a police shooting. He wants to disband law enforcement. Such an outrageous view. If we didn’t have LE anarchy would spread across this country until nothing would be left but gangs staking out their territories. The police shootings occur when a criminal refuses to follow the officers direction. The criminals have not been taught to respect the law. Why is it white police officer shoots black suspect? Because there are to few black officers. Why are there so few black cops? Because they can’t pass the background check or psychological test. So of course white officers have to patrol black neighborhoods. It’s that or there’s no policing in the black neighborhoods, anarchy reigns and good citizens stay hidden in their homes terrified to come out, terrified of the gang retribution.
      So this whole “protest didn’t start over blacks being oppressed, it was because they were protesting law enforcement.
      These brave men and women who have chosen to run towards the gun shots instead of away, deserve all the respect and support we can given them. That starts by honoring our country and it’s pageantry.

  14. Thought the VP had tickets well in advance? Agreed with Pres. Trump to leave if players disrespected flag.

  15. The Mandingoes thought giving “White America” the middle finger was the PC thing to do; well. the NFL Owners are being hurt in the pocket book over the Mandingoes giving “White America” the middle finger.

  16. God bless VP Mike Pence, his wife & of course out President. Who cares if this was planned, it was a terrific show of unity w/ our administration!!!

  17. Is that all they’ve got, a waiste of taxpayer money?” Have they not seen their disgrace in office for the last eight years. Is that all they’ve got? Fools!!!


    • Steven Coy—I am also a Vietnam Vet. I am ALSO in total agreement of your post. It is TIME to shut out the haters of OUR Country, the United States of America. If all America haters, will just post their names, addresses, telephone numbers, the Veterans of OUR Country, will gladly show you the way OUT. Just don’t let the door hit you in the ass, on your way OUT.

  19. I’m a Vietnam vet and I may not be totally pleased with some of the things my country does, or the way they do it (They took away ALL of my disability), but by God, I and thousands of others fought for that flag and respect every inch of it. 46,000 of them DIED fighting for this country and that flag, and a lot of us just don’t give a rat’s ass what those “supposed” professionals think. As a matter of fact, ask ANY pro player how many red stripes and how many white stripes are making up our flag, and I bet there’s not a damned one that can answer it correctly!! . . . . . .
    N F L – NO FANS LEFT ! 😣😐

    • Thank you for your service, solder. I’m really sorry about your loss of disability. That is not what we the people want for our vets and we support whatever President Trump is doing to change that. I hope things change for the better for you,

    • Michael Dennewitz—I’m not sure on this number—but I think we lost around 58,220+ in Nam. I will see about finding the actual number. Just checked the figure & it is listed as “The Official Number Lost” is the number I said above.

      • I’m sure it was too. It’s just that the patch that I glued to the back of my 50cc scooter only reads 49,000+..😣

  20. A bunch of paid entertainers protested and the Vice President left in protest to the protest. That is all.

  21. President Trump and his administration have testicular fortitude. They stand for the United States, its freedom and liberty and opportunity embodied in its flag and National Anthem. For spoiled athletes playing a game and receiving an average of $2 million each are not slaves. They can quit that game, retire (as so many do) and go into a different profession. No matter who they work for, they will not be their boss’ equal. No more than I was when I worked for a boss. When I was working for a boss, I could not “protest” without losing my job.

    My grandson asked his boss if he or another employee took time from work to “protest” what would happen. The boss said, he would warn his employees the first time. If it happened again, he would suspend his employees. If after that they persisted to “protest” they would be fired. This anti-American, disrespectful “protest” has gone on for weeks now, the owners (except for Jerry Jones) have done nothing and neither has Goodell. Therefore patriots are boycotting the NFL games on TV, boycotting attending the games, boycotting purchase of any merchandise and the NFL is starting to suffer revenue drops.

  22. Last time, they don’t wanna stand, let’em sit – AT HOME, on the street corner, ANYWHERE except where it is done on my time or my dime….

  23. The NFL, BLM etc…. CAN KISS MY BLACK @$$!!!! : Veteran!!

  24. Worth every penny!!!!!!!!-And then some.

  25. My former Governor…gotta love the Pence family.

  26. Pence Scored the Second and TD in the Fourth Quater of the wIn by
    NFL, bone haeds players, Goodell Owners=0


  27. sandra lisella

  28. Damn Straight! Boooo Yahhhhh!

  29. When any business thinks it is OK to allow its employees to insult their customers a complete top down makeover is called for. Even though fans were expressing their dissatisfaction with the NFLs stance they continued to mistreat their customers until the ringing of the cash register went silent. That was the moment of the epiphany. The realization that there would not be enough money coming in to continue to pay these outrageous salaries!

  30. Great opinion piece. Agree 100%! Could not have said it better.

  31. Bravo to VP Pence and his wife for walking out on disgusting and disrespectful players who kneel during the national anthem. The Pences were in Indianapolis — the day after visiting Las Vegas to console victims and congratulate first responders — for the ceremony honoring the retirement of Colts legend Peyton Manning’s number. They both wore Colts attire, and the wife even had a No. 18 jersey. Of course, the left wingers and even one player called it “a stunt.” What morons!!!! Keep the great work, Mr. Pence.

  32. where VP Pence’s right to freedom?? oh that’s right the Right isn’t allowed to express themselves. bull s h i t

  33. I dont get it. This new generation of black folk seam to be professional victims.
    I went to school WITH an ishload of blacks. They had the same teachers i did. They even had better opportunitys in some t hings than i did.
    I remember two friends, Ripper and Cold Duck were able to get a better rate on a small buisness loan than i could just because they WERE black.
    I couldent afford the brand new matching Peterbuilts with matching East dump trailers they got. They got a much better rate on the money thsn i could get through the government’s minorities plan i was not privy to. They lived in the same neighnorhood as i and went to the same schools.
    Im gettin tired of the complaining.

  34. I want my money back. It was a cheap stunt by two fake humans.

  35. Good for VP Pence – he has every right as a citizen to protest these dumb thugs. nfl = no fans left

  36. Pence only did what the other “watchers” should have done but were too gutless to do. Probably a majority of gutless liberals that are both two faced and dumber than a rock.

  37. Why don’t whites complain about the majority of NFL being black ? Blacks certainly complain about whites when they are predominate in any other field. Can you imagine the uproar that would cause after all they are 14% of the population but 75% of NFL players. It certainly would cause problems if it were the other way around.

  38. What President Trump and VP Pence are doing regarding highlighting the anti-American behavior of the NFL players is bigger than just standing for the flag and the anthem. Trump and Pence are standing on the side of the American citizens, where the left is showing their true anti-American selves. This is why the people of America should not support the NFL(NoFansLeft) until they recognize that it’s the fans who pay their salaries, and without the fans, they do not exist. By helping to remind these anti-American traitors of this fact brings the power back to the American citizens. We have the power to decide who we want to watch and support. If Hollywood and the NFL want to side with the anti-American left, then let them do that. But, they also need to understand that consumers and taxpayers don’t have to side with them. That is freedom of choice. I stand with President Trump and VP Pence. #StandforAmerica. #BoycotttheNFL(NoFansLeft).

  39. Why does Patriot News play dumb? They know the Pence show was completely staged. HE HAD NO INTENTION OF STAYING AT THE GAME!! His security told reporters Pence would only be there for 10 (TEN) minutes, when they first arrived!!

  40. VICE president Pense did exactly what he should have done – leave that game before it even began.

    What do you bet he wasn’t the only one leaving that stadium at that time. There are others that left too – every time those bubbleheaded players start to act like children, more and more fans start an exodus from that sport.

    Unfortunately, if you added the IQ’s of that football team, you’d be lucky to reach 100. Yeah, stupid is as stupid does…even in football.

  41. The more those idiots carry on about the NFL the more I see the players point. Why does Trump, Pence etc think the players are protesting to disrespect the flag, the military, the national anthem? It’s about police brutality against young people of color. Trump just wants to get attention for himself by pretending to be offended and making his white nationalists core think he’s patriotic.

  42. Kudos to Pence!
    The players and owners just don’t get it. They are disrespecting the very people they depend on.

    Who wants to pay to be subjected to a protest? How many of us would pay to see a movie if theater employees felt entitled to lecture the audience before the movie? 

    For liberals – saying it makes it so, like ” I said it is not disrespect – so it’s not!” Doublespeak is part of their echo chamber. 

    What can you expect from people who do not understand when their own liberal heroes patronize and disrespect them? 
 In a speech to supporters who were small business owners, Obama dismissed their hard work – telling them if they had a small business, they did not build it – “someone else did that!” And the fools applauded!
 They probably never wondered where that “someone else” was when they were working long hours 7 days a week for years, struggling to pay bills, meet payroll, etc.
 Last spring, Obama gave a speech to a group of black college students. He said success is just a matter of luck, not hard work or perseverance. He classified hard work an perseverance as ‘lies’. Golly! Are they motivated now?

  43. I’m with VP Pence. I don’t watch games if players kneel, I don’t buy products endorsing these teams. Our anthem and flag have nothing to do with race. If you don’t like our country, go someplace else. We wont miss you.

  44. The fact that VP Pence and his wife wanted to attend a home football game is not surprising or unknown to have been done by previous Presidents and Vice Presidents. I do not believe this was a stunt. When the idiots on the field, who earn multi-million dollar salaries for doing nothing more than playing with a football decided to disrespect America and all Americans, VP Pence showed everyone watching that he is an American first and walked out of the stadium. It was not a stunt, planned out before the game ever started because it would be my belief that the team Owners would have told the players to stand up for the National Anthem. If they did not, then shame on them. VP Pence walked out, doing what I would do if I could afford tickets to a game. My husband and I had become avid fans of watching the NFL games that we could get on TV though, but we have stopped watching the games and do not support the advertisers by not buying their products. Even though Roger Goodell posted the letter he sent to the players and owners requiring them to stand during the opening ceremonies, his actions are too little, too late. We will not ever again watch or support NFL football until they clean up their own house. I just read a report last week that on average, a member of the NFL is arrested every 7 days. Crimes committed include spouse/child abuse, drug and alcohol use resulting in injuries to others, not paying court ordered child support payments, use of/brandishing/threatening with a gun, and repeat offenses for which they have been previously adjudicated, just to name a few. It is hypocritical of these morons to not respect the same country that allows them to live the lives they enjoy, being above the law and never having to take responsibility for their actions. How many of us would be allowed to live like the rich and famous football players?

  45. Thank you Mike Pence for being such a great VP and Patriot. It is past time that theses ridiculous Millionaires learn a lesson.
    They get there millions because we support them through there advertisers we stop supporting you money people and you will not only loose your jobs but your millions.
    Keep it up NFL and you just might be closed down, or at least I hope you will.

  46. Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    American patriotism knows no color, (2ndBat8thMarDiv 1969) but Blacks today are pushing racism everywhere and in taking down & removing some Old Historic Statues of our historic past. My God… but attacking our symbol of the freedoms we fought for, (Flag & National Anthem) to make a protest is pure ignorance. It weakens the whole USA in the eyes of youngsters. It’s a shame. I have stopped watching NFL completely, as the (NFL) could have fixed it before it became an issue… (even) with all the Liberal Cameras showing them!

  47. I would pay for Mr. Pence to make this statement and exercise his Right to free speech every week for the rest of the feetball season!

  48. Stand for the Flag, Kneel for the Cross…

  49. We need more Patriots like my neighbor who burned all his favorite team’s keepsakes and said he wasn’t watching them on TV or going to the games as long as they took a knee wile our National Anthem was being played . If the NFL starts losing money BIG TIME , you can bet the owners will start FIRING those on their knees Big Time !

  50. Welcome to pre-war Germany, Hitler, Brown Shirts, flag-waving and singing.

    I didn’t serve for twenty-plus years, for a Hitler-wannabe to spout bull-s**t about football players. I served to uphold the CONSTITUTION. The Constitution says these people have a perfect RIGHT to take a knee.

    So DAMN all you home-grown, dog-whistling, Trump-loving Pseudo-Nazis who say OTHERWISE.

  51. Mike Pence’s protest? Phony as a three-dollar bill.

  52. Did anyone get a count of how many fans walked out when he did? Local sources report that one fan in a packed stadium left but it was an old man who had to pee and he returned to his seat to enjoy the game. While you are bragging about the meaningless gesture, Trump/Pence are losing this issue.

  53. Q: “When did Democrats become such dedicated stewards of American taxpayer dollars?”

    A: When they discovered that the purse strings were slipping out of their greedy, money hungry, power grabbing fingers.

  54. If the NFL players…yeah, “players”…can exercise their First Amendment rights, then what’s the uproar about Vice President Pence exercising his First Amendment rights? And why is it that the BLM and fascists (they used to be “liberals,” but they aren’t anymore because they get ‘hurt’ and indignant by having to put up with opinions that differ from theirs) get their undies in a knot? I guess it’s because they can’t have it all their way. Now they’ll throw down the “racist” card and resort to name-calling because they’ve got no other argument.

  55. Its about time we have an Administration in Washington standing up for the American people and what we truly stand for. Liberty and Justice for all. All lives matter in this country. The Flag and Anthem stand for everything this country represents .God Bless America and our Flag and all of its people.

  56. Yesterday at the “Values Voter Summit,” Michelle Bachman spoke. Her speech was nothing less than a SERMON with a call at the end for the unsaved to repent and get themselves in God’s grace. Anyone examining a transcript of her remarks without knowing the source would conclude that it was a sermon by some evangelical conservative preacher–probably of the revivalist sector.

    Bachman and many other ultraconservatives subscribe to a fanatical and unconstitutional theocratic ideology called Christian Dominionism or Christian Reconstructionism. These zealots believe that in this “Christian nation,” Christians should control all major areas of society. Here are some links to ion this dangerous cultic belief system. Note that the first-listed link is to an evangelical publication.These enemies of our Constitution have largely been flying under the radar. Christians who actually want to defend this nation’s Constitution need to get themselves informed about this menace.,

    These people must be exposed and RESISTED!

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