Soros Groups Paid Protesters to Interrupt Kavanaugh Hearings

In what may be the least-surprising news of the week, activists from the Women’s March, Housing Works, and the Center for Popular Democracy admitted that they paid cash to protesters to disrupt the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Thanks to reporters from the Daily Caller, who obtained the call-in code for a conference call the groups were holding this week, we now know that these protests – which the media covered as if they were grassroots in nature – were actually bought and paid for by George Soros and other top Democrat Party donors.

While the groups preferred that activists bring their own cash to Capitol Hill to pay their post-and-forfeit fees – which resolve their misdemeanor charges on the spot when they are inevitably arrested and led out of the building – they said they would be happy to provide protesters with the money if it was necessary.

From the Daily Caller:

Protesters only need a government-issued ID and “your cash for the post-and-forfeit,” CPD national field organizer Darius Gordon said on the call.

The left-wing organizations would provide cash for the post-and-forfeits to protesters who didn’t show up with their own money, Gordon and another organizer, Housing Works national advocacy coordinator Paul Davis, both said on Monday’s call.

“If you do not have access to your cash we will certainly be able to arrange to get it to you before the action,” Davis said, noting that they had done so at previous anti-Kavanaugh protests.

Women’s March co-president Bob Bland, who also helped lead Monday’s call, praised protesters for putting “our bodies on the line again and again and again.”


The activists plan to “shut down” Kavanaugh’s confirmation proceedings on Monday, Davis said. “Just because they’ve delayed something doesn’t mean we’re done. It’s actually going to get very very ugly.”

Disrupting the hearings were constantly described throughout the call as acts of “civil disobedience” by organizers.

This is reprehensible and a distortion of our democracy. It’s bad enough to believe there are pro-abortion individuals out there so lacking in ethics that they would try to disrupt one of the most important public hearings of the year, but it’s even worse to realize that this is all a charade being paid for and organized by cash-happy socialists who want to keep the Planned Parenthood train a-rolling. Like we said, we’re not even slightly surprised by this revelation, but it is even more disappointing than we originally thought.

We do just have one more question, though: How much cash did these groups set aside for Christine Blasey Ford?

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