Sociologist: That Big Youth March Didn’t Have Many…Youth

So you’ve probably hard a dozen left-wing outlets declare Saturday’s March For Our Lives protest the “biggest youth march since the days of Vietnam.” They’re so proud of this, they just can’t hide it. Just look at all of these kids in all of their “purity,” as Chris Matthews said on his show. These youngsters are going to change the world. They’ve had enough of those mean, nasty, old Republicans and the NRA. They’re going to DO SOMETHING about it, by gawd. Just sit back and watch them take on the MAN, dude!


Hey, you think if they had a huge youth march to end abortion, the media would cover it this way? Mmm, just wondering.

In any event, not everyone thinks this big youth march was exactly as advertised on the billing. In a visit to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, University of Maryland sociologist Dana Fisher said she took some preliminary surveys of the crowd this weekend and came back with some fascinating findings.

“While young people mobilized people to participate, less than 10 percent of the people in the crowd were actually under the age of 18,” she said.

How interesting! You mean, this “biggest youth march since Vietnam” was actually…nothing of the kind? You mean, this was actually a few kids and then a bunch of liberal activists taking advantage of the Parkland tragedy? You don’t say!

Of course, Fisher wasn’t saying that. She was trying to make it seem like the people out there in Washington can not only make a difference tomorrow, but right now. “90 percent of the people there can actually vote today,” she said.

Oooh, how scary.

Look, we don’t detract from the power of the media putting these Parkland kids and their little march on the air for weeks at a time. That moves the needle (even if it hasn’t, really, so far). And the left has been wanting to implement some heavy-duty gun control laws for so long…they are loving this neverending moment in the spotlight. They’re using these kids to their utmost potential, we can’t deny that.

But let’s stick to the facts, shall we. What happened this weekend was absolutely nothing special. It was yet another overhyped crowd, driven to the streets by the media. Just like the Black Lives Matter rallies, just like the Women’s March. These things ultimately don’t mean anything. And we see it again and again when the elections roll around. Liberal hippies love to go out and march, but when it comes time to vote, they stay home.

God willing, it will remain as such.

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