Socialist Teacher Assaults Child, Posts Video Online

Hawaii teacher Alden Bunag was arrested for having sex with a 13-year-old former student and sharing the pictures and video with a Pennsylvania teacher, according to federal prosecutors.

Bunag’s first court appearance was on Thursday, and he will remain in custody until his next hearing, according to local Honolulu news.

Bunag and the Philadelphia-based teacher sent each other more than 3,300 messages, including hundreds of video and image files. The Philadelphia teacher was arrested last year in October.

As KHON2 reported:

The documents added that “Bunag claimed to have sex with (the boy) at the school during lunch breaks… Described (the boy) as a former student and knew that he was a minor at the time.”

Records said, “he also admitted to distributing the video recording of his sexual contact… admitted to distributing child pornography involving other minor victims.”

Bunag is a self-described “socialist” teacher “fighting for a better society for [his] students to graduate into,” according to a Twitter profile that bears his name.

A screenshot from Bunag’s Twitter account reportedly showed him accusing conservatives of wanting to show children porn.

“You’re fu**ing acting like we want to show kids porn or something, but something I’ve learned through the years is that whenever right-wingers accuse others of something, it’s DEFINITELY because they’re projecting,” the screenshot read.

The tweet appears to have been deleted since being posted by the Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account.

Bunag is a first-time offender with no criminal history, which is typical of child pornography suspects, according to former Hawaii attorney general Doug Chin.

“Oftentimes, they have no other contact with a law enforcement system and that shock actually results in a pretty quick confession, which appears to be what happened here,” Chin said.

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  1. Child pornography?! So he’s not being charged with child molestation?!!! Every single day I read about another leftist teacher molesting a child and yet nobody seems to put the pieces together. When are we going to wake up to the fact that these sexually confused people are targeting and grooming our children for their own twisted desires? This has become a daily occurrence and it needs to be stopped. We’re being force fed this woke nonsense about hurting people’s feelings while these sick f–ks are doing real damage to innocent kids. Enough is enough. It’s time we reevaluate what’s being pushed in our children’s education and a real focus on sexually confused teachers and administrators.

  2. Just another sick Liberal who feel like they are better then everyone else where in reality they ALL are the scum of the earth. “HAVE FUN IN PRiSON AND TRY NOT TOO BEND OVER IN THE SHOWERS”

    • That is IF he and his teacher buddy ever go to prison – I would not bet money on it as long as the pedophile Democrats are in charge.

  3. Katheleen Genevieve Camp

    If these so called teachers are molesting children in school and think that it is ok to do so, they should be sent to prison so the prisoners can molest them also. People in prisons HATE CHILD MOLESTERS. They deserve what they get. The school system needs to do a thorough check on people they hire to instruct children in school. What ever happened to reading, writing and arithmetic Kids don’t even know how to write cursive any more. NO WONDER OUR SCHOOLS ARE THE LOWEST IN THE SESSPOOLS. I am glad I do not have children in school.

  4. frederick fetty jr

    I have said numerous times over the last 40 years that anyone abusing a minor should be thrown off a very tall building. Abusing = giving them drugs, sexually touching or penetrating, hurting them by beating or burning, locking them in a room and denying them food or heat, mentally abusing them by ignoring them when hurt or loud shouting at them to make them feel insignificant. A very wise Native American actor once said, A child does not criticize the sins of an adult against him/her, they just suffer them”. WHY IS THAT??? WHY DO WE ALLOW ADULTS TO HARM AND DESTROY OUR CHILDREN??? ALL CHILDREN ARE CREATURES OF ALL MEN/WOMEN. WE MAKE EXCUSES FOR THESE CRIMES AGAINST OUR CHILDREN. WE SAY, THEY MUST HAVE HAD A HARD LIFE AND ARE JUST STRIKING OUT. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO HURT OUR CHILDREN JUST BECAUSE THEY THEMSELVES HAVE BEEN HURT. THEY, OF ALL PEOPLE MUST UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE DOING. WE NEED TO STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THESE ANIMALS AND PUT THEM SOMEPLACE WHERE THEY CAN NOT HURT LITTLE DEFENSELESS CHILDREN.

  5. Maybe he’ll be found hung in his cell

  6. There all coming out from the wood work because they think they won’t pay for the consequences from these corrupted Judges and Democrats!!! I’ve said it before that Psychiatrist has proven that these are sick individuals and there is NO CURE OR REHABILITATION FOR THESE PARASITES!!!! L-INJ’s!!!!!

  7. This SICK libTURD/ socialist retard should get CASTRATED! Look at that horrific looking face! No wonder he had sex with a 13 year old! Who in their right mind, would even go out on a date with this quasimodo face? Makes me puke, not because of his repulsive face, but because of what he is!

  8. This guy is a gay Democrat, which gives him a get out of jail free card.

  9. I think that they should amputate his genitals at the NECK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a RUSTY KNIFE !!!!!!!!!

  10. Isn’t this scumbag’s neighborhood where Barry Soetoro came from?…

  11. The teaching profession puts pedophiles and LGBTQ groomers in a perfect position to assault children. The teachers union’s and the media support them and protect them.
    These people a very skilled at using words and definitions to shape the narrative and gain support from other left wing idiots. They want to re-name pedophiles M.A.P.’s or Minor Attracted Person. They are still pedophiles but it, sort of, sugar coats it to try and make it more tolerable. BLM killed people and destroyed property during their riots and they are called protests, the protest on January 6th is called an insurrection. They re-write history saying Abe Lincoln was a democrat and the Confederates were the conservatives. All of which is patently false.
    The pedophile teacher in this story says “whenever right-wingers are accuse others of something, it’s definitely because they’re projecting!”
    That is a statement right out of Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals which he has obviously read. “Always accuse your opponent of the exact thing you yourself are guilty of.”
    By stealing the 2020 election the democrats are in fact guilty of insurrection, they accuse conservatives of white supremacy when, in fact, they ARE the white supremacists.
    Everything they accuse us of IS exactly what they are guilty of.
    We’re not going to be able to just vote this out. We’ve let them get away with it for too long. No we’re going to have to remove it.

  12. firing squad for all child molesters, abusers, and killers, including doctors who murder pre-born or full-term babies

  13. Since he’s a socialist Obiden approved his crome.

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