Social Justice Warriors are About to Ruin Space Exploration

Apparently having decided they can’t limit their damage just to Earth, social justice warriors are now infecting our space program and, potentially, putting strict limits on the future of exploration into the stars. At a recent panel hosted by Gizmodo, two NASA-affiliated scientists spoke reverently and with great concern about humanity’s disturbing history of “colonization” and how awful it would be if the U.S. were to take that approach to the exploration of Mars.

On the panel were Lucianne Walkowicz, the NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology and Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, whose Wikipedia identifies her as “an American cosmologist, science writer and equality activist based at the University of Washington.”

And yeah, she was equality-activisting all over this panel.

“I can’t give you an example of what a decolonized Mars looks like, but it starts by having multidisciplinary conversations about the things that happen here on Earth,” said Walkowicz. “I often give examples of Standing Rock as an Earth-based example of interests colliding, where you have indigenous people opposing a large-scale project that, much like space exploration, features cooperation between private industry and the government.”

“What does decolonizing Mars mean to you?” asked Gizmodo.

“I’m trying to think carefully about what our relationship to Mars should be, and whether we can avoid reproducing deeply entrenched colonial behaviors as we seek to better understand our Solar System,” replied Prescod-Weinstein. “This includes thinking about why our language for developing understandings of environments that are new to us tends to still be colonial: ‘colonizing Mars’ and ‘exploring’ and ‘developing,’ for example. These are deeply fraught terms that have traditionally referred to problematic behaviors by imperialists with those that we would call ‘indigenous’ and ‘people of color’ often on the receiving end of violent activities.

“Decolonization in the Martian context requires asking questions about who is entitled to what land,” she continued. “Can we be trusted to be in balance with Mars if we refuse to be in balance with Earth? Can we be trusted to be equitable in our dealings with each other in a Martian context if the U.S. and Canadian governments continue to attack indigenous sovereignty, violate indigenous lands, and engage in genocidal activities against indigenous people? I think the answer is no. I think we need to clean up our mess before we start making a new mess somewhere else.”

Like, do these SJWs really believe the things they say, or do they just talk because they like to listen to words like “indigenous,” “balance,” “problematic,” and “people of color” come out of their mouths? What exactly are these women saying? That we’re going to rape and pillage the innocent tribal Martians and set them up in a reservation? Are they being serious, or are they just using space talk as another excuse to bash America?

We’re beyond understanding how these people think, but it’s distressing to realize that this nonsense is now creeping in on NASA.

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