So, They Spied On Trump; Media Left With Egg On Their Face

Remember the Durham Investigation? Remember how the lamestream media downplayed it, even calling it a hoax? 

We never forgot about the ongoing Durham probe, and the latest report proves that President Trump’s allegations were correct; Hillary Clinton and the Democrats did indeed spy on the ex-President’s campaign!

Special Counsel John Durham released in his latest filing that the Hillary Clinton campaign hired techs to “infiltrate” Trump Tower and White House servers to establish a “narrative” to link Trump to Russia. The new findings contradict various doubtful media coverage from programs like CBS’ “60 Minutes” and, of course, the now-disgraced former CNN’s Primetime anchor Chris Cuomo. 

But first, let’s get back to the once respected “60 Minutes.” In an October 2020 interview, Trump appeared on the newsmagazine to address the ongoing investigation and his claim his campaign was spied on. He was shot down by host Lesley Stahl, who insisted the president was spreading unverified information.

“There’s no real evidence,” she said. “This is ’60 Minutes.’ We can’t put on things we can’t verify.”

Now to CNN’s former darling. Former CNN dynamic duo Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo criticized John Durham and the Trump administration starting back in December 2019 for being adamant about uncovering the truth yet coming up “with nothing.”

“Nothing happens, and they just move on to the next conspiracy theory,” Lemon said to Cuomo during a handover. “It is never going to end, and guess what? People who want to believe that BS are going to believe it.”

In an October 2021 episode of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” host Rachel Maddow suggested the intention behind efforts to probe the investigation was always to re-route the investigation away from Trump himself.

“It’s a boomerang,” she said. “Because it’s apparently an ongoing, concerted Republican and pro-Trump project to try to turn the investigation of the Russia scandal into some kind of scandal itself.”

Since Durham’s bombshell report dropped, media pundits on the left have gone largely quiet. Publications like the Washington Post and The New York Times have failed to commission any coverage of the latest allegations as of Monday, nor has CNN.

What a surprise! But you can count on getting the truth here on these pages, Patriots!

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  1. What’s laughable is blow hole Joe’s spokes mouth, little red riding slut won’t answer any questions about it.

  2. Unless members of the propaganda machine R indicted along with the GLOBALSOCOMS the PRAVADA/ISVESTIA/DER SPEIGAL crowd will ignore

  3. This was TREASON. Treason, if convicted, is death by hanging or firing squad. Which will it be Hitlery? I like it also that Mark Elias from Perkins Coie is getting caught up in Durham’s investigation. He was that scum bag lawyer that sent hoards of attorneys to AZ to try to take down the audit. Hope he is arrested for Treason too.

    • I love your expression Hitlery, it’s well deserved and apt for her. Whenever she speaks, be it on tv, internet or whatever, she has such a look,of entitlement and smugness. I feel that both Clinton’s, both Obama’s and all the Obiden’s should be in jail, or a dark dungeon, never to be seen again. The CIA, FBI, DOJ and the Pentagon all working with the disgraceful Democraps. Oh and George Soros should be put in front of a firing squad!!!

  4. And that my friend is why the MSM will never return to the good graces of American citizens. They are afraid to tell the truth. Their owners forbid it! The liberal agenda is one big boys club and one never goes against ideology. Journalists once had some integrity and sought out news stories. The journalist hacks in MSM (60 Minutes, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, etc.) have no integrity and that is the reason for the so called “misinformation” on Covid 19, Biden, and everything political reported by patriots which always turns out to be the true story. All MSM knows to do is LIE, LIE and LIE some more. Apparently they do not know the truth or their owners refuse to let them print it. They are a true abomination!

  5. Stahl acting as if 60 minutes is a paragon of truth. It isn’t. It spreads as much propaganda as any other CNN program. I’m surprised that the president didn’t walk out of this farce. He has more patience than I do. Stahl can put her liberal nonsense on, but someone speaking the truth to her lie isn’t allowed (because it has to be verified)? When did that become a policy of CNN?

  6. Pissedbeyondbelief

    The entire Biden, Obama badministrations should be “fed their last meals” then led to the gallows for a PUBLIC HANGING.

  7. Proving that most of ignorant trumpanzees can’t read, the Durham report states that except for 1 guy allegedly lying to the FBI all else was to THE LETTER of the law. Period. You folk are pitiful!

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