So? Joe Biden Says His Cabinet is Majority “People of Color”

One might have hoped that Joe Biden would work hard to make sure he’s surrounding himself with the best and brightest public servants available. One might have hoped that Biden would make sure that his Cabinet is filled with competent – even brilliant – people who can work to regain the public trust and ensure our government runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. At the very least, you would expect him to nominate people who can best execute his agenda, no matter how inappropriate or terrible that agenda might be.

Instead, it seems that Biden was just looking at demographics.

From CNS News:

In presenting today some of the people he will be nominating as Cabinet secretaries and to other high-level government positions in his administration, President-elect Joe Biden said that his Cabinet will “be the first Cabinet ever that is evenly composed with as many women as men,” the first “with a majority of people of color,” and will have “the first openly gay Cabinet member.”

“This is a Cabinet that I promised you—and I fulfilled that promise—that looks like America,” Biden said. “It taps into the full range of talent we have in our nation. We have immense talent. It is an historic cabinet.”

“This will be the first Cabinet ever that is evenly composed with as many women as men in the Cabinet,” said the president-elect.

“This will be the first Cabinet ever with a majority of people of color occupying this Cabinet,” he said.

Well, he certainly made liberal use of the word “talent” in those remarks, but his focus appeared to be less on the talent and more on the skin color. His focus seemed to be less on the talent and more on the gender. Why is this Cabinet make-up what’s best for his administration? Why is it what’s best for the country?

“It has more than a dozen history-making appointments, including the first woman secretary of Treasury, the first African-American Defense secretary, the first openly gay Cabinet member; and the first native American Cabinet secretary,” Biden said.

Great. Are you constructing an Executive Cabinet or reforming the Village People?

As loathsome as it’s been to see the Cult of Wokeness infect our colleges and our media, it is nothing less than terrifying to see it infect the incoming President of the United States. With all the handwringing headlines we’ve seen over the last week about what countries are thinking about the scenes at the Capitol on Wednesday, we’d like to know what they think about a president who puts “diversity” ahead of quality.

Russia, China, and Iran have to know, without a doubt, that America’s eye is officially off the ball.

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